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About Dreamy Home:

My name is Dale Richardson and I started Dreamy Home not long after buying my first house. I wanted to buy a big house so that when myself and my wife started a family we didn’t need to move. However, our limited budget allowed us to either buy a small already renovated house, which we would struggle to fit a family into. Or we could buy a run down, very outdated, but larger house.

We opted for the larger one. It did need a lot of work, we’re talking an 1960’s, last renovated in 1980’s style house. So, as you can imagine there is a lot of work that needed doing. Including damp restoration, leaking toilet, outdated electrics where there is no earth wire to the lights (meaning you will get a shock if you tried to install chrome switches), the works.

This site was originally a way to document the renovation, but it has turned into so much more. Over the last few years Dreamy Homes readership has grown exponentially and in turn I decided to cover more topics that just the renovation happening to my own home. We now cover home renovation, home repair guides, product testing and reviews, gardening, cooking, growing your own food and so much more.

I intend Dreamy Home to be a one stop shop for anything and everything to do with the home. If we don’t cover a specific topic that you need help with, please reach out to us at contact@dreamyhome.co.uk

Our Team:

As mentioned above I started the site a while ago and as it grew, I decided to take on some help. The help is in the form of freelance writers, a developer and my wife.

Dale Richardson

Dale Richardson (this is me)

As you can probably guess from the above, I like doing DIY. I’ve learned so much whilst renovating my house and I will continue to learn because this has turned into a passion for me now. In my spare time (when I’m not actively working on this site or my house) I enjoy cooking, watching Leeds UTD (don’t judge me) and playing various computer games.

My role for the site is doing a bit of everything, along with managing the freelancers.

You can read more about me here.

Lisa Richardson (my wife) – Product Tester

Lisa is similar to me in that we both love playing computer games. However, she also loves arts and crafts. We have lots of boxes full of various supplies she creates things with, from perler beads to resin. When she isn’t playing on the computer or being crafty, she is designing tests for products reviewed on this site. There is a lot of time spent actually planning the tests and carrying them out before a review is written. This information is gathered mainly by Lisa, but a bit by myself as well.

Our Publishing Principles:

We only write about topics we either have hands-on experience or have a huge interest in. I’ve usually done lots of research on it too, so I can provide you with the best knowledge possible.

Along with having hands-on experience in the article we are writing (9 out of 10 times), we put in extra hours of countless research to add in other tips and tricks to ensure you are getting every bit of information you need.

There are product reviews on this website. Please note that these reviews are independent and based on research and product testing. If you visit links within the content, we may receive some commissions from your purchases. However, we never receive compensation for the content of the recommendations (no one can influence us to add their product to our review).

Contact Us

We just wanted to say thank you for taking your time to visit Dreamy Home!
For any questions, suggestions or any concerns, please send me a message to contact@dreamyhome.co.uk & I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

For press inquiries, email me at press@dreamyhome.co.uk

There are various forms of advertising available on Dreamy Home. If you are interested and have something specific in mind, or even if you are just curious, you can reach out to me at advertising@dreamyhome.co.uk