Harry Thompson

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Harry has always been involved in the building industry, growing up with a father who is a plaster by trade. He started going along and working with his dad on weekends whilst still at college to earn a little bit of money on the side. One of the best bits about working with his dad was seeing old run down rooms turn into really nice looking places to live.

After realising that he could make good money by renovating houses he decided to complete a degree in building/ property maintenance.

Soon after completing the degree making him a qualified property developer, he started renovating his first property with his dad. This has then led onto renovating more properties on his own and learning so much about each aspect of the trade such as decorating, tiling, installing kitchens and bathrooms to landscape gardening.

All this experience is brought to you in article form on this website. He truly is an expert at making a house a home and will help you every way he can.

You can reach out to him personally at harrythompson@dreamyhome.co.uk

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