The 10 Best Bathroom Extractor Fans In The UK (2021)

Best Bathroom Extractor Fan Reviews

Last Updated on July 20, 2021

A bathroom extractor fan is perfect if you’re looking for a way to combat the moisture in your bathroom. Get rid of mould, shower fog, and towels that always feel damp! Let’s see which one of 2021’s top bathroom extractor fans suit your home the best.

Our Top 3 Bathroom Extractor Fan Picks
1. The Best Bathroom Extractor Fan By Airflow
2. The Best Quiet Bathroom Extractor Fan By Vents
3. The Best Compact Bathroom Extractor Fan By Envirovent

The Best Bathroom Extractor Fans Of 2021

1. The Best Bathroom Extractor Fan Outlet By Airflow

100mm Extractor Fan Outlet By Airflow

We picked this as the best fan because it’s powerful, discreet and decor-friendly. What do we mean by that last nugget? You may add different types of cover plates to match your bathroom’s style and colour!

The fan meets current building regulations and utilises 9.2 watts. Its high-quality iris shutter keeps air from blowing back into the bathroom and the basic unit works best by switch duct. You may add plug-in modules for the best additional features like pull cord operation, activating a timer, motion sensors, continuous running, delay start, and variable speed.

This bathroom extractor fan also includes an efficient motor located outside, and all the fixings needed for installation.

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  • It has a three-year warranty.
  • It has a low profile and coloured plates.
  • Powerful extractor.
  • Installation kit.


  • Additional features require additional purchase.
  • Appropriate for smaller spaces.

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2. The Best Quiet Bathroom Extractor Fan By Vents

Mixed Flow in Line Extractor Fan By VENTS

Nobody loves the sound of a harsh fan rattling away while they are showering. If you are noise sensitive, then this could be the best extractor for you. The fan has a sound level of 27 decibels which is the same grading given to rustling leaves or whispering.

You can expect other great features too. It effectively deals with hot and humid air in your house, office, or workspace. Because it regulates fresh air, you can also look forward to fewer unwanted odours in the house. The lightweight fan, which is suitable for solid or flexible ducting, has an airflow extraction rate of up to 187 cubic mph.

Need more perks? It can also be loft mounted, comes with two power settings, and a durable design..


  • High power.
  • Long life.
  • Different power settings.
  • Very low noise level.


  • Larger size.

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3. The Best Compact Bathroom Extractor Fan By Envirovent

Bathroom Extractor Fan By Envirovent

If you love quiet extractor fans that are also discreet, this could be your best choice. It has a quiet operation that whispers along at 26 decibels and the design is stylish and compact. It also uses an extremely low wattage of 8.

Operation is easy. The fan switches on and off with the light button. You can also look forward to a built-in back extractor fan humidistat shutter to help keep heat in the house, a great air extraction rate, and an over-run timer that can be set up to 30 minutes.


  • High extraction rate (26 litres per second).
  • Very quiet operation.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • A timer.


  • The timer function requires additional wiring.

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4. The Top Extractor Fan with Timer By Vectaire

Extractor Fan with Timer By Vectaire

If you were hooked by the previous fan’s timer feature but want to look at more options, then here’s another great choice. This fan comes with an over-run timer, works well, and is easy to install.

The fan also works in sync with the room’s main switch, turning on or off whenever you flick the bathroom’s light. Once the light is turned off, the fan continues to extract moisture (say, after a shower that left a lot of fog), running on the timer for a preselected amount of time.

Also, a notable point is that this product has an air extraction rate of 27 litres of water per second. Finally, it works with a wattage of 15 (which is quite high) and has a slightly higher noise level than many competitors (41 decibels).


  • Solid extraction-rate.
  • Timer allows the fan to extract moisture after room’s light is off.
  • Dependable.


  • Relatively higher energy consumption versus other highly-rated fans.
  • It may be too loud for some users.

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5. The Top Quiet Extractor Fan with Timer By Manrose

Quiet Extractor Fan with Timer By Manrose

This attractive extractor also has a timer. After you leave the bathroom, the overrun timer can be adjusted between one to thirty minutes. Another reason why you might like this sleek square is the fact that it operates at a quiet 27 decibels, which is 60% less than comparably-sized fans. 

Another notable point is that the extractor fan includes a backdraught shutter to help keep the heat in your kitchen and rooms. You can expect great water extraction, coming in at 21 litres per second. And finally, the fan also offers you a low energy design motor to help lower your electric bill.


  • Sleek appearance.
  • Very quiet.
  • Great extraction rate.
  • Backdraught shutter.


  • Not suitable for mounting on windows.

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6. The Ultra-Stylish Baroom Extractor By Expelair

the best stylish bathroom extractor fan

Do you hate the maintenance difficulties that come with fans and grilles? This sleek bathroom extractor will never gather dust in hard-to-reach places. Not only can you easily wipe it clean, but it looks amazingly modern in any room.

What can you expect beyond easy maintenance and looks? The installation is a breeze and the extractor fan also works quietly, making it perfect for cloakrooms, bathrooms, and showers. You can pick between 2 extraction speeds and mount this fan on the wall, ceiling or a panel.

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  • Very modern-looking.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Twist and click installation.
  • 2 Speeds.
  • Can be mounted on panels, ceilings, and walls.


  • Only quiet on the lowest speed setting.

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7. The Energy Saving and Quiet Bathroom Extractor By VENTS

Energy Saving and Quiet Bathroom Extractor By VENTS

This fan is another great choice if you are battling with wet areas around the home. You can avoid mould and musty air with this small powerhouse. Let’s see what you can expect.

The fan also switches on and off with the room’s wall switch but you can use the timer to run the fan after you switch off the light. This is useful when the room is full of shower steam or tends to be a humid area in the home. The timer can be set between 2 and 30 minutes.

This duct ventilation fan’s grille is built to optimise airflow and to control the noise of the blades. While this is not a silent model, the sound level is low enough to be acceptable.


  • Powerful extractor.
  • Low noise level.
  • A timer.
  • It has an efficiency-boosting fan grille.


  • Not a silent fan.

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8. The Extractor Fan with Timer and Humidistat By Awenta

Modern Extractor Fan with Timer and Humidistat By Awenta

If you are looking for more choices, then this fan offers you dependable service and all the usual perks you’d expect by now. The extractor fan can be easily cleaned and also adds a touch of style to the room with its sleek design. Indeed, the silver satin colour is not something that you see every day.

As far as features are concerned, the fan has an over-run timer and humidity sensor. The external plate is removable for easy maintenance and you can expect a wattage use of 14. The extractor fan is also compact, making it suitable for the smaller bathroom and even a caravan.


  • The humidistat activates automatically (but it’s sensitivity is adjusted by the user).
  • Compact.
  • Timer.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Lovely silvery finish.


  • Relatively higher energy consumption versus other fans.
  • No anti-draught shutter.

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9. The Bathroom Extractor with Timer By DOMUS

Bathroom Extractor with Timer By DOMUS

This bathroom extractor fan is known for removing humidity in the bathroom in an efficient and powerful way. The square, low noise unit can also be easily fitted to walls or the ceiling. Window mounting is also an option but you need to get the additional hardware kit from Silavent.

As you’ve probably guessed by now, most extractor fans switch on and off with the light of the room and this one is no different. But what about extraction rates and energy usage? Well, the fan has a decent extraction rate of 20 litres/second using only 12 watts of power.

It also has a timer and abides by 2010 Building Regulation standards.


  • Timer.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Great extraction rate.


  • Basic operations.

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10. The Silent Contour Extractor Fan By Xpelair

Silent Contour Extractor Fan By Xpelair

This bathroom extractor fan is available in plenty of versions but the standard type is pretty amazing. It offers you a built-in humidistat fan and a timer with a pull cord. The external casing is easy to clean without the need for extra chemicals, equipment, and work – just take a damp cloth and give it a good wipe!

The extractor fan has two adjustable speed settings: 15 litres per second and 32 litres per second. As a plus, you get customer safety with a BEAB certification and a two years warranty. Finally, the fan also works quietly.


  • Can be mounted in multiple areas.
  • Works quietly.
  • 2 Speed settings.
  • Easy to clean.


  • A low-noise fan but it’s not completely silent.

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Your Buyer’s Guide To Bathroom Extractor Fans

With so much steam flowing from an electric shower, using your bathroom scale can be next to impossible. The steam fogs the screen on your bathroom scale as well as your bathroom mirror. Even if you don’t have these things, an excess level of moisture can cause mould to ruin your towels and even your health. Our guide offers you all the essential things to keep in mind when you are shopping for the best bathroom extractor fan.

What To Consider Before Buying Your New Bathroom Fan

Bathroom Extractor Fans Buying Guide

Capacity Based On Room Size

Pick a unit that has the capacity to work with the size of your bathroom. This is measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM rating). CFM rating ranges from 50 to 110 and on average, most bathrooms require one cubic foot per minute of air movement per square foot.

50 CFM rating is the minimum ventilation level required in a standard bathroom, including those with less square footage

Extraction Rate Of Your Bathroom Fan

This refers to how much moisture the extractor fan can extract and is by far the most important feature of all. It is measured in Metres Cubed per Hour (m3/hr) or Litres per Second (L/s). Building regulations require all domestic fans to remove 15L/s in an average bathroom.

Size Of The Bathroom Fans

Domestic bathroom extractor fans typically come in two sizes: 4 inches/100mm and 6 inches/150mm. A 4-inch bathroom extractor fan will suit your average bathroom while the 6-inch models are best suited for bathrooms that are bigger than nine metres squared, or if you have a large household and everyone uses the shower or bath in quick succession. Bathrooms with no natural ventilation or those that feel cold can make use of a 6-inch product.

Noise level

Quiet extractor fans are simply more comfortable and preferable. Aim for a product that produces no more than 30 dB.

Specific Fan Efficiency (SPF)

SPF (Specific Fan Efficiency) is a parameter that checks the amount of electricity required to power an extractor fan while considering how much air is being driven out. A product with Low SFP efficiency reduces the power consumption which translates to lower power bills for you.

Energy Efficiency Rating

An energy-efficient bathroom extractor fan is eco-friendly and reduces power consumption, which is good for your pocket, right? Contrary to popular opinion, a large fan doesn’t necessarily consume more energy than a smaller unit, so don’t overlook a unit because of its size. Check the rating on the manufacturer’s specifications first.

Humidity Sensor

Bathroom extractor fans that feature built-in humidistat sensors detect moisture in the air. Once the humidity level in the bathroom reaches a certain threshold, the extractor fan automatically turns on or off, leaving the room free of condensation and odour. It saves you from manually flicking the switch and is suitable for households where family members forget to turn on the fan.

Back Draught Shutters (Needed In Windy Locations)

A back draught shutter helps prevent random gusts of cold wind from blowing back through the fan and into the bathroom. If the unit you bought doesn’t have a shutter, simply buy one separately and have it installed in the ventilation duct.

Over-run Timer

The over-run timer keeps the fan running long after you have turned it off to ensure all the damp air is eliminated. The settings for the over-run timer are usually configured during installation, and the time can range from 30 seconds to 30 minutes. Power consumption is low and on average the fan is likely to make use of around 8 watts.

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