6 Best 12kg Washing Machine Reviews UK 2021 – Top-Rated Models Compared

Best 12kg Washing Machine Reviews

Last Updated on May 2, 2021

Washing machines with this load capacity can make quick work of laundry. That’s right, they have the full rights reserved to revive monster heaps of clothing with a single wash cycle. The best 12kg washing machines also lowers the price of utilities, offer great features, and give a thorough cleaning performance. Don’t know where to start? No worries. Here are the top models with 12kg drum capacity in 2021.

Best 12kg Washing Machines On The UK Market Reviewed In 2021

1. The Wi Fi Connected Washing Machine By Hoover

The Wi Fi Connected Washing Machine By Hoover

The best 12kg washing machine is the Wi Fi Connected Washing Machine by Hoover. Why does this one get the crown? Because it’s loaded with useful features and perks. If you like apps, then you can quickly download the Hoover Wizard app. One of the things this app does is to send you an alert when your laundry is done. You can even activate a new wash through the app. The washing machine also spoils you with versatile wash programmes.

There is one mode that allows you to wash your whites and colours together, saving you the hassle of having to do two separate wash cycles. This doesn’t only save you time but also water and electricity. The washing machine also completes a wash in under an hour. This is quite a quick wash for a full laundry load of 12kg. Do you hate allergies? We all do. But with this washing machine, you will also get a special mode that kills nearly all the bacteria and deep cleans the fabric. Everything that goes through this cycle will be sterilized.


  • The product measures 56 x 60 x 85 cm.
  • Saves on the price of power with its A+++ energy rating.
  • A 12kg drum size.
  • The motor runs quietly.
  • A 1400 spin speed.


  • There is no guarantee.
  • Some consumers find the app more gimmicky than useful.

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2. The Best Freestanding Washing Machine By Hoover

The Best Freestanding Washing Machine By Hoover

If you like the brand of the previous product, then here is another one of their best washing machines. This one presents itself with a classy charcoal finish that will surely fit into any laundry room. Nobody appreciates a rattling wreck but this appliance is both modern-looking and very quiet. The designers were kind enough to design a special motor that makes almost no noise. We thank them.

But what can you expect from this washing machine’s programs? Energy-wise, they all run efficiently thanks to this appliance’s A+++ rating. But as far as the modes are concerned you can look forward to programs that are dedicated to mixed loads of whites and colours, a quick wash, there is a stain removal wash cycle, and an anti-allergy option. You can also manually adjust the temperature and spin speed to tweak the conditions for an even more perfect wash.


  • The product measures 66.5 x 60 x 85 cm.
  • Saves on the price of power with its A+++ energy rating.
  • A 12kg drum size.
  • Great laundry programs.
  • A 1400 spin speed.


  • The related app doesn’t work on all phones.
  • A full load of washing takes an hour.

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3. The Best Multi-Program Washing Machine By Cater-Wash

The Best Multi-Program Washing Machine By Cater-Wash

This classic washing machine not only adds style to the laundry room but it’s also full of useful programs. We’ve all had those days when there are so many chores and just too little time. Not with this washer. If you’re in a great hurry and need to wash something, you can just select the 15-minute quick wash option and go do something else on your To-Do list.

The other modes are just as helpful. The My Cycle option saves your favourite cycle’s spin speed and other features. This way, when you’re away from home and the laundry needs to get done, a family member can merely select the option with a single touch and get the same results without needing to program anything beforehand. The other features also include a 24-hour delay wash so that you can stop a wash that’s already in progress and select the time for it to restart. The washing machine also has a pre-wash mode and child lock to keep those tiny fingers from working the appliance.


  • The product measures 58.7 x 59.5 x 85 cm.
  • Saves on the price of power with its A+++ energy rating.
  • A 12kg drum size.
  • A 1400 spin speed.
  • A 1-year guarantee on parts and labour.
  • A child lock.


  • The appliance must not be kept in a room with too much condensation or coldness. It might affect the motherboard.
  • The product is delivered only to UK mainland homes.

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4. The Best Washing Machine With Steam Wash By LG

The Best Washing Machine With Steam Wash By LG

This washing machine is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to add a classy-looking machine to their home. Mind you, one that is also among the top washing machines on the market today. If so, then this could be your perfect match. Besides its sleek and clean look, this appliance has plenty to offer. But let’s start with one of its most interesting features – the very steam technology that makes it one of the best products for laundry.

Indeed, you can wash your clothing with three steam modes. Respectively, they deal with allergies, the softening of fabrics, and to refresh clothes. This is no gimmick. The steam technology is so good at invigorating the laundry that the washing machine received the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval.

Other perks include the fact that you can add a forgotten item during the middle of a wash cycle. Just open the special hatch and pop in that wayward t-shirt. The drum is also designed to move in multiple ways to deliver the cleanest and freshest clothing every time. Another technical point that is noteworthy is the motor, which runs quietly and was designed to last for years. It’s easy to see why this model could be the best washing machine for you.


  • The product measures 60 x 64 x 85 cm.
  • Lowers the price of electricity with its energy rating of A+++.
  • A 12kg drum size.
  • It has a child lock.
  • Awarded the British Allergy Foundation Seal of Approval.
  • A quiet and stable motor.


  • Not all programs have a pre-wash option.
  • There is no option for saving your own tailor-made program.

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5. The Best Washing Machine With Touch Controls By Whirlpool

The Best Washing Machine With Touch Controls By Whirlpool

This model is among the more classic-looking washing machines. But despite its retro look, the appliance will easily fit into a modern home thanks to its simple design and the digital touch control panel. Its energy consumption is also far cry from being prehistoric. On the contrary, this delightful design includes an energy rating of A+++. To put that into perspective, in the world of electrical appliances, there is no higher power-saving rating than A+++. You can wash that mountain of clothing and rest assured that the price on your utility bills won’t turn into a nightmare. Indeed, this appliance also saves a huge amount of water every year, compared to other washing machines.

You can also look forward to wash modes that treat your delicates, cotton, synthetics, hand wash, and stains. Picking the right program is also a breeze. Indeed, the touch screen makes this front loader very easy to operate.


  • The product measures 59.5 x 72 x 85 cm.
  • Lowers the price of electricity with its energy rating of A+++.
  • It has a spin speed of 1400.
  • Touch controls.
  • A classy white finish.
  • Saves on water and electricity.
  • The model is a front loader and a freestanding model.


  • Spin class B.
  • The noise level is 72 dB.

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6. The Top Portable Washer For Dorms And Camping By ELEXERT

The Top Portable Washer For Dorms And Camping By ELEXERT

This twin tub is one of the top washing machines for anyone who likes a mobile lifestyle. Besides being able to take the tub along for camping trips, you can also use it in smaller living situations like dorms. When space is at a premium, persistent noise is not exactly charming. But don’t worry, this appliance will wash your clothing inside the dorm room or caravan without disturbing anyone.

This machine is also made from high quality and durable parts. This makes it capable of weathering the mobile life’s bumps and knocks while also ensuring that this appliance is one of those washing machines that will work for years. Indeed, it’s designed to wash clothing clean with a great spin speed but also to sterilize any fabrics. But despite this deep cleaning action, your clothing won’t be damaged by the tough stain-removal process. Now that’s a win-win deal.

Those who live in dorms or go on camping trips rarely have time to do the laundry for hours. Never fear! This is also one of those machines that can give you a quick cycle that only lasts 15 minutes. That’s perfect for when the family wants to leave for a hike or you are tired of attending classes all day long. 


  • The product measures 60 x 35 x 72 cm.
  • A silent motor.
  • It deep cleans and sterilizes clothing.
  • The washing process is gentle on fabrics.
  • There is a fast 15-minute option for those who are in a hurry.
  • The machine saves water and power.
  • Easy to operate.


  • There is no LED display. While this is not a flaw, per se, this can be a little offputting for consumers who love the look and efficiency of digital controls.
  • Technically, the 12kg rating does not describe a single load of washing. The washing tub can take 6kg of clothing and the spinner can take 6kg of clothing.

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Buying Guide

These large-capacity machines are wonderful tools for the medium to a large household. One can truly wash a large amount of laundry in one go and with the programs these days, it needn’t take hours either. But there comes a time when you want to buy your first washer or need a replacement for a broken appliance (and you can no longer stand trying to hand wash everything). Then one must take into consideration a few factors. Otherwise, a purchase can swing from happy expectations to wasted time and finances. Here are the best tips for you to consider before making your final choice.

12kg Washing Machine Buying Guide

Look For Washing Machines With An Economical Energy Rating

In the home, the washing machine is often one of the most active appliances. A lot of people use their machines every day, especially when they have allergy needs or children. Baby clothes often need washing several times a day.

The best thing you can do, for your own peace of mind, is to find a product with a rating of A, A+, or the best of them all – the rating of A++. As a bonus, such highly rated washing machines are often designed to save water as well.

This way you will truly save more every year on your utility bills while also enjoying the luxury of a fresh supply of clothing.

Look For Quality-Made Washing Machines

There are several things that flag quality in a large appliance. Price is only one of them. True, there are huge failures on the market being sold for a high price but this is why one must look at everything that determines quality. Besides a proper financial tag, the brand might also indicate quality. However, some well-known brands have produced both good and bad washing machines. What to do?

Look for manufacturer confidence. When a manufacturer trusts their own product, they tend to sell it with guarantees that cover parts and labour. This protects you in the event that something goes wrong and you need a replacement machine. Another way is to read reviews on the product. Authentic reviews are invaluable to dig up real information about a product.

Look For The Best Washing Programs For Your Family

12kg Washing Machine Buying Guide

A lot of washers only come with standard programs for cotton, synthetics, and wool items. Don’t settle for less when there’s so much more. Indeed, many manufacturers are going the extra mile to make laundry day less of a drag. There are washers with as many as 16 or 17 different washing options.

If you have active kids or infants, then there are special programs that tackle dirt, household stains, baby clothes, grass stains, and sweat. If a family member suffers from allergies, then there are cycles that not only remove impurities but they sterilize fabrics and kill up to 99 percent of bacteria. If you hate separating different types of fabric – like colours and whites – then you can look for washers that offer a mixed load program. Presto, your days of separating stuff are over!

A Short Summary

Today’s market offers fantastic deals on laundry washers. However, when perusing what’s on offer one must be savvy to separate the great deals from the lemons. There’s no lemonade to be made here. When a washing machine doesn’t meet expectations, then troubles can range from as mild as a disappointment to as bad as having to replace the appliance at your own expense.

To pick the best buy, simply look for a trusted brand that produces quality products. Listen to what other consumers have experienced – and listen to their tales of woe as well as satisfied customers. Once you find a washing machine that’s well-made and works well, make sure that it’s not going to guzzle water or electricity. Finally, make sure that the washing machine also has all the programs that you need to make your laundry day easier.


Q: What Brand Of Washing Machine Is The Most Reliable?

A: The most reliable brand of washing machine is not a matter of price or even the machine’s brand. When it comes to reliability, there are several factors that must be present. The materials must be the best quality, including stainless steel and high-grade plastic. The controls must be user-friendly and not flimsy, or in the case of digital controls, they mustn’t glitch or freeze.

While a high price can be an indicator of a quality product, price alone cannot be the deciding factor. You must also ensure that the product has guarantees that can cover you in the case that the washing machine needs new parts or a servicing. Another way to find reliable washing machines is to hear what other people have to say. Find verified purchase reviews on the models that you have shortlisted. You’ll quickly see which washing machines are considered as reliable in the real world.

Q: What Is The Best Washing Machine To Buy In 2021?

A: The best washing machine to buy in 2021 is a matter of personal choice. However, that being said, everyone has the same needs that they look for in the best washing machine. The top models must be quality-made, have guarantees, and be able to effectively do your laundry with the right drum size and programs.

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