The 10 Best 32 Inch TV Reviews In The UK (2021)

Best 32 Inch TV Reviews

Last Updated on May 9, 2021

If you’re buying a tv screen for the first time, upgrading, or need to add a second one, check out our best 32-inch tv reviews for an impressive collection that deliver quality images and sound.

The Best 32 Inch TV’s Reviewed In 2021

1. 720p HD Ready Smart 32″ HDR LED TV By Panasonic

720p HD Ready Smart 32" HDR LED TV By Panasonic

The best 32 inch tv is the 720p HD-Ready Smart 32″ HDR LED TV By Panasonic. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Panasonic is a company widely known for the production of best electronic TVs and has been the best on the market for a long time. You are going to be amazed just how a bit smaller model on the series of smart TVs from Panasonic can have the same features found on the bigger models.

The Panasonic HDR 32-Inch exhibits the best features that take your amusement experience to another level. Although you may have bigger models for the living room and other larger spaces, having this small HD smart LED flatscreen TV in your bedroom is ideal.

You get to enjoy best picture quality on this HDR 32 inch full HD TV from Panasonic. Don’t worry about missing a thing in the darker black or brighter scenes in your films. The best Backlight dimming ensures that you get more from each scene.

This is achieved by analyzing incoming pictures to continually adjust the light output to provide you with better picture resolution for clear viewing. Therefore, you get to enjoy films and playing games with this Panasonic’s best 32 inch smart TV.

After all, the main purpose of a television set is viewing and for this reason, you get the best viewing experience with this particular model. Never miss a TV show when you have this HDR TV because of the USB HDD recording functionality. Here, you get to store the list of your best programmes for later.

These programmes can be recorded onto an exterior device like a hard disk drive by pressing the ‘REC’ button on the remote control. For the storage process to happen, you have to have a USB hard drive or flash drive with a minimum capacity of 160GB.

There is the myHome Screen system that allows you to get personalized screens with links to your apps and contents. Having to go through the struggle of finding the links every time can be exhausting. That is why this best smart TV has everything simplified for individual liking.

This way, every member of your household gets the freedom to also set their own home screen on the TV. Having this HDR 32-Inch TV, you get access to Freeview play catch-up, on-demand services and live television in one place at no cost.

Programmes like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, Demand 5 and UKTV Play sitting together with 70 TV channels and 15 HD channels, you have the freedom to watch them at zero pounds subscription fee. When you have connected your TV recorder to the internet, you can see the shows you missed from the last seven days.

You have a TV guide to help you know which shows to watch. The only fee that you’re required to pay here is the subscription and broadband connection.


  • The best TVs offer great picture quality for their size
  • These smart TVs are easy to set up
  • It is simple to navigate through apps and channels of these TVs


  • The price tag on these smart TVs is not the best for its size

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2400 Hz 32 Inch TV By Sony

400 Hz 32 Inch TV By Sony

Second best TV is the 400 Hz 32 Inch TV By Sony. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Sony KDL-32WD756 is so far the best 32 inch TV UK right now. This is because of the excellent features that make it digital. First, you get to view images in their most real form because of the 1920×1080 display resolution of this digital TV. With X-Reality Pro, the image displayed comes out sharp and clear to let you get the best out of your entertainment.

You get every single detail from your shows or gaming with the great picture quality of the TV. It combines noise reduction technologies to eliminate unnecessary noise in every scene to bring out gleaming pictures with clear detail. Most films and games have that fast-moving sequences that you end up missing the action. 

Equipped with Motionflow XR, you get to experience smooth and sharp detail in every fast-moving scene. This technology creates and inserts extra frames in between the original one to deliver the exact detail. When this is happening, you don’t get to realize what has happened.

This is achieved by comparing key visual factors on uninterrupted frames to calculate the split second of missing action automatically in every sequence. You will never miss an action when there are scenes that are fast-moving on this WD756 series. This Sony’s new Slimline design blends in with every environment of the house.

You can place it in your living room, bedroom or any other place and it will still fit perfectly. Also, you get the most out of the screen thanks to the narrow bezel frame with a slim aluminium strip. You don’t have to worry about messy cables making the area look untidy, this 32’’ TV has great cable management.

The cables can be arranged neatly from the back and fit nicely into the stand to keep everything organized and tidy. In addition, the Sony KDL-32WD756 easily mounts on the wall.


  • These TVs have a beautiful thin design
  • These TVs produce great sound and picture quality
  • These TVs have Motionflow XR for fast-moving scenes


  • These TVs comes at a high price

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3. 32″ LED TV By JVC


The third best solution is the 32″ LED TV By JVC. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

What an affordable way to see your shows and films than with this JVC LT-32C365 32″ LED TV? This 32 inch HD TV has numerous and exciting features that let you enjoy your entertainment experience. Watching films on many TVs with fewer inches means that the picture quality is rather decent. This changes when you use this TV 32 inch. The HD Ready LED screen enables you to savour your viewing in a bright and clear picture quality.

You will not miss a single detail from the image portrayed on the screen. With two of the best 8W speakers and DTS TruSurround HD, audio is also enhanced to enable you to get more from the sound. This way, you get the immersive feel when gaming or watching. 

Equipped with a built-in DVD player, you just to insert a disc directly in thess JVC LED TVs for a movie, fast without much hassle. This feature is useful in that, you also save space used to occupy a DVD player. The player is compatible with Region 2 DVDs to save you the trouble of often changing the discs.

Therefore, if you have limited space and you are obsessed with maintaining a great yet simple TV DVD combi setup, do not hesitate to go for this 32 inch TV sale as it the perfect solution. Remain connected with JVC LT-32C365 32″ LED TV as it has the best Freeview tuner to get access to a wide range of digital TV channels for free.

Also on Freeview, there are over 25 radio stations available to listen indirectly on the TV. The smart TV has multiple connectors which include 3 HDMI ports and an SVGA to connect your electronic items. Pair your Blu-ray player, games consoles, laptop and so much more for a great view.

Media files on a USB can also be projected when you plug it in for a big view. Installation is done effortlessly to start you off immediately.


  • These LED TVs provide great picture resolution and sound quality
  • Using these smart TVs is made simple
  • These TVs come at a great value for their size
  • This LED TV has an integrated tuner


  • Some find operating the DVD player with the remote complicating

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4. 32-Inch SMART Full HD TV By Samsung

32-Inch SMART Full HD TV By Samsung

Fourth place goes to the 32-Inch SMART Full HD TV By Samsung. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

When other big brands won’t cut it, Samsung comes in with plenty of equally great features in 32 inch TVs. Samsung M5500 32-Inch SMART Full HD TV offers you impressive smart resolution with unlimited potential. Although it’s a small size TV, it has features that compare with bigger models in the series, the only difference being the size.

You can place it in your bathroom, guestroom, and lounge or even in the kitchen. But if you prefer smaller TVs in your living room, this Samsung TV is the best option to go for. You get crisp and clear Full HD picture quality with this Samsung M5500 32-Inch smart TV as it has Ultra clean view. 

Regardless of the quality of the content this feature will improve the images to attain a much clearer visual. Images that are usually blurry, when viewed on this great device, the Ultra Clean View enhances them for an interesting view. There is the contrast enhancer feature to bring back to life to all the dull and flat images on the screen.

You won’t have to miss a scene because the image depth is well portrayed in different areas of the screen. To add to it, there is also a micro Dimming Pro technology that divides the screen into small zones to adjust colour, brightness and sharpness. Consequently, you get a perfect image with just the right amount of colour.

The M5500 32’’ TV comes in a beautiful and refined design that enables you to place it anywhere. This compliments the display and it becomes interesting to use. You get to share content to and from your TV through a USB connection. There is one remote control, you get to control content and all devices compatible with the TVs.

Also, with the Smart View technology, you can easily browse through content and control the TV with android engine from your phone. Samsung’s intuitive 2017 Smart Hub enables easy access to your content and connected devices all from one place.


  • The UI (user interface) has a lot of useful apps
  • These TVs have great balanced picture and good resolution for their size
  • These TVs have the best motion


  • These prime TVs have a high price tag which is not the best feature
    The TVs are not 4k 32 inch TVs

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5. Smart 32″ LED TV By JVC

Smart 32" LED TV By JVC

Fifth place goes to the Smart 32″ LED TV By JVC. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Although there are other newer models on the JVC series, the JVC LT-32C671 Smart 32″ LED TV remains to be popular for the great features it exhibits. This model offers great value on the 32 smart TV deals in the market today. You get a clear and colourful picture quality on this 720p screen.

Whether you are following your favourite movie or a Netflix series or even gaming, everything happens in great clarity. The LED technology incorporated allows pictures to come out colourful and vibrant. There is also the DTS HD audio to enhance the sound production. 

You get to hear more detail to enable you to get wrapped up in whatever. The reason why this particular television set is still the best-selling on 32 TV deals today is the picture quality and great deals it offers. You can get it to put in your children’s room as their amusement device because it comes with parental lock settings.

It is a 32 inch smart TV with built-in WiFi that allows continuous internet access. Featuring 1 SCART port, a USB and two HDMI ports (ARC-compatible port for home theatre systems and soundbars), you get to pair other devices to expand your options. The USB port allows you to record, pause and playback live TV.

Who said you can’t get great resolution even on the cheaper 32 inch TV sets? There is plenty of amusement on this smart 32 inch TV. You get to enjoy a range of Freeview channels with its integrated Freeview HD tuner. This includes 70 standard digital channels with over 25 radio stations all subscription-free.


  • This popular TV provides clear and colorful picture quality and resolution
  • You get plenty of amusement options
  • The quality of the sound is also very good
  • It is easily wall-mounted
  • The best integrated tuner for its size


  • Some people don’t like how clunky menus and control functions are in operation

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6. 32-inch Widescreen HD TV By Cello

32-inch Widescreen HD TV By Cello

Sixth place goes to the 32-inch Widescreen HD TV By Cello. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

This ready-to-view TV is what you need to keep you and your family entertained. It comes with modern features, enabling you to pair devices, record live TV and play DVDs with its integrated player. The Cello HD TV can handle a high definition signal, providing you with high-quality pictures every time.

This is an energy-efficient device that is sure worth your money. It comes with digital broadcast signals and Freeview play T2 capabilities. You can view digital TV including HD content and it has an integrated player. This TV comes with a USB port that enables you to plug in a hard drive and record live televisions to watch later or pause live broadcasting. 

You can also get to view your contents such as photos or videos downloaded through your laptop. It has three HDMI inputs that enable you to hook up your laptop, gaming platform or any other device with no need for cable swapping. One remote will control all its features, making it a convenient and uncomplicated machine.

In addition, this device has a ‘class A’ energy efficiency rating which will surely save your electricity bills. It has mpeg4 tuner technology and 720p image resolution. You can watch digital channels with DVB-T2 and it enables broadcast transmissions over terrestrial channels. Manufactured in the UK, by an UK brand, this TV system is specially tailored to meet the needs of UK users.

What’s more, its rear cabinets are compatible with VESA brackets enabling you to mount your TV. It weighs 7.5 Kgs making its lifting as easy as ABC. If mounting is not an option for you, the TV comes with a stable stand. You can set it up on a table or any flat surface so that you can have fun without any hindrance.


  • It has a single remote that controls the numerous TV functions, including connectivity.
  • The built in DVD eliminates the extra boxes and cables that would come with an external DVD.
  • It has high picture quality, 720p resolution and mpeg4 tuner.
  • The TV has low energy consumption.
  • This popular TV model is easy to set up.


  • There may be sound distortion because of the flat panel, which is not the best feature.
  • The DVD quality is not as high as that from a separate DVD box.

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7. 32 Inch HD Ready HDR Smart TV By Sony

32 Inch HD Ready HDR Smart TV By Sony

Seventh place goes to the 32 Inch HD Ready HDR Smart TV By Sony. We gave it a 4/5 star rating. Feel free to check the price and details on the link below.

Sony is one of the leading and trusted television producing brands that never gets old. Intense technology is used in this Sony Bravia HDR TV to improve convenience. The first thing that will draw you to this 32 inch smart TV is the design.

Built with the user in mind, it has fewer cables to avoid any type of distraction brought about by messy wires. The cables can be well hidden within a stand to avoid distractions. In addition, the frame is made slim and narrow with an aluminium finish that allows you to see more on your screen. 

The wider frames on most TV screens take up too much picture space that you end up seeing so little, hence shifting your attention. This 32 smart TV keeps you focused on the screen. Featuring extraordinary highlights with enhanced textures, you get to enjoy your TV shows or gaming with this television set.

When engrossed in your gaming, for instance, some scenes tend to appear darker or too bright that you end up missing the real picture with most models. But with this particular one, HDR (High Dynamic Range) retains the original and dynamic look of the picture.

Most of the time the view is blocked by very shiny objects that reflect light to tamper with the real image. This set allows you to take in all the brilliant highlights with beautiful textures. The main purpose of this Sony Bravia HDR TV is to bring your enjoyment a notch better than its counterparts with similar sizes.

For this reason, the X-Reality Pro picture processing allows you to rediscover every scene to the last detail. The pixels have exceptional clarity that enhances image from every scene and also reduces background noise that may be destructive and annoying. This way, you have a chance to see more.

It offers extra detail in every scene which is perfect not to miss a thing. Listening to music and audio with this Sony HDR TV is as good as watching. You get ClearAudio with fine-tunes to enable immersive connection with it.

Whatever you are seeing, you get to hear it with great clarity and separation which is a lot more fun. Streaming videos from YouTube is made easier and faster with a single button on the remote control. Sony has included a YouTube button on the remote control to enable fast browsing.

You get to go straight to YouTube and start streaming your videos immediately. And with the Freeview play aspect, you get to watch most programmes for free. It is safe to say that this is the best 32 inch TV on the market right now.


  • These HDR TVs have excellent smart features for their size
  • These 32-inch TVs are easy to set up
  • It is easy to operate with the remote control
  • It has a slim and narrow frame to stay focused on the TV


  • These HDR TVs are expensive for their size range

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8. 32″ Freeview Ready HD TV By Blaupunkt

32" Freeview Ready HD TV By Blaupunkt

Eighth place goes to the 32″ Freeview Ready HD TV By Blaupunkt. We gave it a 4/5 star rating. You can check the price and details on the link below.

TVs with smaller screen size are rarely used in houses considering there are larger ones in the living room. This is because the image is often seen as small with a lesser definition. The good news is that with this latest model from Blaupunkt, you get to enjoy great resolution.

The picture quality on this smart TV 32 inch is superb. Images appear in their most real form with this TV thanks to the LED backlighting used on the screen. This ensures that the light is directed where it is required most especially in the darker sceneries. By doing this, contrast and colours are greatly enhanced to pop clearly. 

With a 1366×738 resolution, you are sure to enjoy the great quality of every scene of the film. It becomes very annoying when seeing your favourite TV show with distorted sound. Blaupunkt 32 inch LED TV has incorporated the market-leading Dolby Digital audio processing to bring out great quality sound without any distortion.

This way, sound is rich and free from possible straining. The built-in Freeview tuner enables you to browse through HD channels, TV channels and other digital radio stations all for free. Featuring three HDMI sockets, you get to hook up all your media devices, DVD players, Freesat TV boxes the Blaupunkt smart LED TV.

These devices like the HD game consoles and digital media devices enable easy connectivity to further amusement options where you get subscription and catch-up TV services, more games and applications. There is also a USB port included for playback of videos, audios and photo files.

Missing your favourite show is a thing of the past because, with this television, you get to record the shows live from the built-in Freeview. From the seven-day program guide, you know exactly when your show will be airing and you get to plan your recordings so that you never miss any whenever you are away.


  • These LED TV’s offer the best sound quality and picture resolution
  • The three HDMI ports allow you to hook up all your media devices
  • It comes at a reasonable price for its size and performance


  • It is difficult to understand the languages used on the manual as none of them is in English, not the best feature

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9. HD Ready 32 Inch Smart TV By Toshiba

HD Ready 32 Inch Smart TV By Toshiba

Ninth place goes to the HD Ready 32 Inch Smart TV By Toshiba. We gave it a 4/5 star rating. Feel free to check the prices and details on the link below.

Great things can also be found in smaller screen size and come at a practical price. Toshiba 32D3863DB 32-Inch HD Ready Smart TV best fits in this category because it comes with excellent features.

Being the latest model on the Toshiba series, you are guaranteed of advanced features and functions. First off, this is a 32 inch smart platform TV with DVD to save space and also enjoy movies with just a tap on the TV remote. 

This feature eliminates bulky and messy wires connecting external DVD devices, therefore letting you switch from TV to movies instantly. Your favourite TV shows or films are made clear so that you don’t miss any single detail with this 32’’ smart TV.

With HD Ready picture resolution, image is clearer to bring out every detail on the films and shows. That way, you are able to enjoy your amusement in fantastic viewing quality. And with LED and FHD screen, you get to view image in its original form and catch additional detail in every scene.

If you are in search to find a television with a great display and that which will not render you broke when on a budget, then this 32 inch smart TV with DVD player will do you a lot of good. Stay connected with the Freeview play catch-up services that this Toshiba HD ready TV has.

With built-in Freeview HD, you get up to 70 channels for free, 15 of which are offered in HD. For extra entertainment, there are 3 HDMI ports and 2 USB where you get to connect your consoles and hard drives.

You can display your photos on the screen from your media devices and also play your favourite music and videos from the exterior connectivity. You don’t have to just rely on TV shows and other films, the flexibility this smart TV exudes allows you to explore your amusement horizon.

There is plenty of music content, video, TV and social media apps with this new Toshiba model on the smart portal. While watching your favourite shows, you can browse through other entertainment options on the bottom row of the TV screen. With services such as Netflix and YouTube, you can easily access them by clicking the dedicated buttons on the TV.

Do more with this HD ready LED TV model because it is compatible with Amazon Alexa. You can change channels, adjust the volume and have more control using your voice via an Amazon Echo or Echo dot. In addition, this HDTV is amazon dash replenishment enabled to reorder batteries when they are running low.


  • This HD ready TV has the best and latest features
  • It portrays great HD resolution image
  • You get to have full voice control with Amazon Alexa
  • It has numerous ports to expand your enjoyment


  • Some people find it difficult to set up

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10. 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV By Sharp

32 Inch HD Ready LED TV By Sharp

Tenth place goes to the 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV By Sharp. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating. Feel free to check the prices and details on the link below.

For great viewing experience at a reasonable price, Sharp LC-32HI3221KW 32 Inch HD Ready LED TV will give you just that and much more. Sharp cooperation is widely known for innovative creation of technology and design to fit all lifestyles. This model is a smaller dimensions version of larger models that take your enjoyment to the skies.

For originality in your viewing, it has HD Ready resolution to view content in 720p definition. You get great clarity in the image displayed on the TVs monitor. This applies to all the images from the internal and external devices connected on the TV. 

ACE PRO technology is used in image optimization to analyze and enhance incoming video signals to create great colour, improve sharpness and reduce noise from scenes. This results in more natural and excellent picture quality.

Equipped with a multitude of features, the Sharp HD ready 32 Inch TV will surely deliver a great resolution. Features such as DTS TruSurround is useful in bringing cinematic sound from the two speakers complete with rich bass, high-frequency detail and clear dialogue.

Sound is well separated to get the most from the audio. Also, it has built-in Freeview play where you get almost all your favourite shows in HD. With it, you get over 60 Freeview channels, 12 Freeview HD channels and you can also listen to 25 radio stations with the Freeview HD tuner.

It is ideally placed in the kitchen, bedroom, lounge or any room given the size. When it comes to connectivity, be glad that this Sharp LED model has numerous connectors to expand your enjoyment. There are three HDMI and SCART ports, two USB ports, and component, composite and digital audio ports.

These are useful because you get to connect an array of media devices on the 32 inch smart TV. The USB 2.0 port is super-fast to allow playback of compatible video, music and photo files.

When a memory stick is connected, you have the freedom to pause, rewind and fast forward up to live TV. Exhibiting a slim and lightweight design with a stunning white finish, you can mount this 32 smart TV on the wall or place it on a tabletop or stand depending on what you prefer.


  • This HD ready LED TV produces clear pictures and sound with a good refresh rate
  • You get to connect multiple devices on the 32 inch smart TV DVD combi
  • It has a beautiful and smart design
  • It comes at a reasonable price
  • This high tech TV is easy to set up


  • It lacks a power off switch

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32 Inch TV Buying Guide

A quality 32 inch TV is the ideal size for the average home. An indoor TV ariel will provide you with a variety of channels, but a Freeview recorder saves money. It will provide quality entertainment, especially when coupled with a DVD player and a soundbar under £100.

A 32 inch screen on a TV wall mount will make playing games while relaxing on a budget gaming chair a fun experience. Let’s look at the things you should keep in mind when making your purchase.

What You Need To Know

32 Inch TV Buying Guide

The first factor to consider when purchasing a 32’’ television is the screen resolution. Resolution is best described as being the number of pixels that make up the picture on a display. The more the number of pixels, the sharper the picture and the finer the details. There are 4k and HD resolution.

Finding a 32 inch 4k TV is very rare because the screens are too small to display an UHD image. With this in mind, manufacturers are making the smaller inched TVs with just the right amount of pixel for image to appear as it should with extra detail. 4k in comparison with HD, the pictures portrayed on the former are way clearer and sharper

Secondly, there is also a screen display factor. The TV can either be LCD, LED or OLED. Most HD and UHD sets use light-emitting diodes to illuminate the LCD screen. This explains why when watching, some scenes are brighter in certain areas whereas others are dimmed. LCD sets rely on LEDs to manipulate light along the edge of the screen. The OLED technology is best used in larger or curved screens

Another factor to consider is the TV is smart or not. Most TVs flocking the market are smart TVs. This means that they support internet connectivity. Some of the TVs come with built-in Wi-Fi for connecting internet-based services instantly.

The latest models of these smart TVs offer extra services like searching for content across streaming services and live programming on cable or satellite. Most of the above discussed come with Free Freeview play subscription to eliminate chances of requiring a set-top box. These smart features improve the value and utility of TVs.

Another very important factor to consider is the number of ports the TV has. This will determine the devices to connect on the TV. HDMI ins are very useful in connecting devices like PS4, DVD/Blu-ray players and Nintendo switch. Game consoles require component or composite video input. If you want to connect your PCs, the DVI or VGA inputs are necessary.

And for cable set-top boxes, an additional HDMI port is required. Having this in mind, you should go for the TV set with enough inputs to enable you to expand your enjoyment with ease.

As for sound, most flat-screen TVs don’t have the best sound. This is attributed to the design of the flat panels. For speakers to produce full, rich sound, they should be large enough. You can get a soundbar to enhance the sound or a surround system to do the trick.

Otherwise, our advice is to pick a TV with in-built sound enhancers for great quality of the sound. Also, TV and DVD combo reduce bulky display. They offer fast and efficient service to the user. Even the cheapest 32 inch TV can exhibit this feature.

32 Inch TV Buying FAQs

Q: What is the best resolution for a 32 LED TV?

A: As seen above that the more the pixels, the sharper the image quality. Therefore, the higher resolution is always ideal. For a 32 inch TV, the most preferred resolution is 1080p. Although it comes at a higher price, having one makes the viewing experience worthwhile. 720p is also good but it is among the cheapest options available.

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