10 Best 5 Zone Induction Hob Reviews For UK Cooks (2021)

Best 5 Zone Induction Hob Reviews

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

If you are a busy bee in the kitchen, then a 5-zone induction hob is a must. You can cook anything from a simple breakfast to an entire feast for family gatherings. Let’s see which of these wonderful cooking appliances is the best one for you!

Our Top 3 5-Zone Induction Hob Picks
1. The Best 5-Zone Induction Hob By Singlehomie
2. The Best 5-Zone Induction Hob With Fast Cooking By Klarstein
3. The Best Induction Hob With Touch Controls By Cookology

Discover The Best 5 Zone Induction Hobs Of 2021

1. The Best 5-Zone Induction Hob By Singlehomie

best 5 zone induction hob

This sleek hob won the top spot for several reasons. First off, it looks modern and can enhance the decor of any kitchen. But more to the point, it has 5 induction zones and each one has its own power rating. In other words, you can cook ingredients that require different temperatures at the same time.

Besides allowing you to whip up a large meal in less time, you can also look forward to other useful features. Some of the best are quick heating and cooling, 9 power levels, and multiple protection features like a child lock and the zones also stop heating the moment you remove a pan from the hob.


  • Sleek and durable.
  • Fast heating.
  • Independent control of all 5 zones.
  • Safety features.
  • Energy class A+.


  • The guarantee is only for 1 year.

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2. The Best 5-Zone Induction Hob With Fast Cooking By Klarstein

best 5 zone induction hob fast cooking

If you love the taste of a homecooked meal but hate the slow speed it sometimes requires, then this is the best induction hob far. Designed to give you 5 quick-heat zones, you’ll be whipping up tasty meals without sacrificing your precious time. Let’s see what else you can expect from this appliance.

The two zones on the left give you a flex zone that recognizes the size of the pot – and uses just enough energy to heat the contents. That way, you will save on your power bill too. Other great features include independent control of all 5 zones, all zones can be used together, and a timer.


  • Timer.
  • Rapid heating.
  • A flex zone.
  • Intuitive energy usage.


  • No mention of a child lock.

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3. The Best Induction Hob With Touch Controls By Cookology

Electric Induction Hob 5 Zone By Cookology

This hob is unusual-looking but in a good way. The black glass is already stylish but the five zones, with their red glow, make this hob a stunner in any kitchen. The touch controls are also more unusual and some consumers find them better to work with – Instead of having to tap the control buttons repeatedly to get to the desired temperature, the heat settings can be operated with an easy slider.

The hob’s other features are also noteworthy. The middle zone has a dual function, similar to the other products that allow the cook to use it for different size pots and pans.

However, this zone is elongated for oddly shaped pans like a fish skillet. So if you adore fishy meals, this might be the best hob with 5 zones to buy. As expected, this model also comes with child-proof controls, a safety switch-off, a heat indicator, and a 99-minute timer.


  • The product measures 90 x 52 x 5.5 cm.
  • 1-Year guarantee.
  • Fuel type – electric.
  • Schott glass.
  • 9-Stage power setting.
  • Features include child and heat safety options.


  • The hob must be hardwired by an electrician and no power cord is provided.
  • Some consumers feel that the hob doesn’t heat water as fast as they would like.

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4. The Best Induction Hob With 5 Rings By Cookology

The Best Induction Hob 5 Rings By Cookology

This hob with 5 zones is the best buy for anyone looking for a more simple appearance (but still stylish) – and with all the perks.

The zones are clearly marked by 5 rings. They look more simplistic because they don’t have rings inside them for smaller pans. However, the delightful fact is that the outer zones together can be used as a large flexi-zone on each side. The large size of the hob also allows you to comfortably use several large pots at the same time.

The features also include a slider to control heat individually in each of the cooking zones. Each of the 5 plates also gets its own timer. You can look forward to a black glass top that is easy to clean with just a few wipes.

Junior can also not fiddle with the controls because the child lock button will prevent them from working the hob. Safety designs include a heat indicator to make sure you don’t clean a hot hob and burn your fingers and finally, there’s the auto-shutoff with its own timer.


  • The appliance measures 90 x 52 x 6 cm.
  • Fuel type – electric.
  • A flexi-zone on each side.
  • Individual temperature and timer control for each of the 5 zones.
  • Child lock, heat indicator, auto shut-off timer.


  • The On switched must be touched for at least three seconds before the hob activates.
  • This is not a plug-in hob. An electrician must install the appliance.

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5. The Top 5-Zone Induction Hob By Neff

best 5 zone induction hob flexi zone

This is a great choice if you are looking for a no-fuss induction hob. You can expect 5 zones with fast-heating and the entire surface of the hob is also very easy to clean and maintain.

You can work each zone independently or use the flexi-zone for larger or unusually shaped vessels. The touch controls make this hob easy to operate including activating the child lock, setting the timer, and choosing the best heat for a certain dish. The hob also offers you automatic pan recognition, a boost setting for all zones, and a keep warm function.


  • Flexi-zone.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Child lock.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Not suitable for smaller kitchens.

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6. The Best Induction Hob With 2 Flexi-Zones By Klarstein

best induction hob with 2 flexi zones

Do you love the versatility of a flexi-zone? This hob could be the best addition to your kitchen since it has dual flexi-zones located on either side of the hob. They can be used as four separate zones or a single large zone each.

The induction hob is also energy-friendly despite cooking at a rapid rate. This is another hob that only uses the necessary power by sensing the size of the pot or pan, therefore never wasting electricity. Apart from two flexi-zones, you also get a large central zone, a durable surface that’s easy to maintain, and a touch control panel that includes a child lock and individual zone control.


  • Two flexi-zones.
  • Large central zone.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • Fast cooking.


  • Not suitable for those who dislike flexi-zones.

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7. The Top A+ Energy Rated Hob By IsEasy

best energy efficient induction hob

There is nothing more discouraging than being an avid home chef but having to limit your cooking because of the electricity bill. The answer is to look for A+ rated appliances. In this case, you can enjoy cooking large meals on an A+ rated hob with 5 zones – without worrying about power usage.

Besides being energy-efficient, the induction hob offers fast heating, individual control over the zones, and an elongated zone for oblong frying pans or skittles. You can also look forward to 9 levels of power, a 99-minute timer, touch controls and safety features like a child lock.


  • High power zones but energy-friendly.
  • Oblong center zone.
  • Individual zone control.
  • Safety features.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • Might need professional installation.

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8. The Best Slim 5 Zone Electric Hob By IsEasy

best 5 zone induction hob slim

Induction hobs are already kitchen marvels but what if you want a slim appliance? While these hobs are slender to begin with, you might want something that is really thin to fit a pre-carved station or to make your installation easier. Well, this hob measures just 900 mm x 520 mm x 69 mm.

You also get 5 zones with 9 heating levels and quick cooking times. If you need to step away for a while, you can set the timer to switch the zones off at the right time. If you happen to spill something, the strong and durable glass surface can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

Other features include a child lock, touch panel, automatic shutdown function, and overheat protection.


  • A slim design.
  • 5 Independent zones.
  • Quick heating.
  • Safety features.
  • Durable and strong surface.


  • No flexi-zone.

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9. The Best Hob With Triple And Oval Zones By Gasland Chef

best induction hob triple rings

This hob is a great choice if you want two things in the same appliance – an oval zone and a triple zone. The oval zone can hold elongated pans or skittles while the triple zone can accomodate the specific heating requirements of small to large pots. In other words, you get 5 zones but these two, in particular, make the hob even more versatile.

If safetly is also a concern, then you’ll love all the safety features. It comes with over heating protection, auto shut-off protection, residual heat indicator and a child lock function. You also get a timer to shut a zone off to prevent the pot from overboiling or burning in your absence.


  • Oveal and triple zone.
  • Multiple safety features.
  • Easy to clean and use.
  • 9 Power levels.


  • No flexi-zone.

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10. The Best Electric 5-Zone Hob By Montpellier

The Best Electric 5-Zone Hob By Montpellier

Here’s another great option with all the trimmings. The electric hob brings style into your home with the black ceramic surface and touch panel. The rings come in different sizes to accommodate any pan and you can choose between nine heat settings to whip up a scrumptious meal.

The temperature stays under your control with a heat indicator light and overheat protection that comes with an auto shut-off feature. Other features also include a heat booster, pan sensor, child lock, and timer. You can also appreciate this modern-looking hob for years, as it’s made from high-quality materials and looks good enough to suit any kitchen’s decor.

Unlike other hobs, this model also produces less residual heat so the cooktop stays cooler and safer. Even so, a heat tracker will make sure that you stay aware of the temperatures of all the zones.


  • 52 x 75 x 7.7 cm.
  • A guarantee of 2 years.
  • The mains lead is included.
  • 9 heat settings.
  • Produces less residual heat.


  • The mains lead might be too short in some cases (1 meter).
  • Like all induction hobs, it won’t work with cookware that doesn’t have high iron content.

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Your Buying Guide

Buying a 5-ring induction hobs needn’t be a headache. If you’re on the hunt for one of these cooking tops, have a peek at our shopper’s guide. We’ve gathered the best tips to keep in mind when hunting for a good induction hob.

5 Zone Induction Hob Buying Guide

Choose Your Space

Some of these 5 zone hobs are large. You need to choose and prepare an area that is suitable for the size of your new hob but also out of the way from other appliances. Treat your hob like you would a stove – it needs its own personal space.

Look For Suitable Hobs That Fit Into Your Kitchen

Once you know the centimeters available in your kitchen, you can look for induction hobs that fit easily. Width, length, and depth-wise. The good news is that hobs come in all sizes and there should be something out there that’s perfect for you.

Create A Shortlist To Pick A Winner

Once you match several models with your kitchen space, now’s the time to consider your needs, price range, and which model’s appearance complements the room the best (if that’s important to you). Since induction hobs can last for years, take your time to consider everything that’s on offer. Then pick a few that you are happy with and make your ultimate choice based on the research you gathered from performance reviews, manufacturer’s guarantees, and your personal instinct.


Q: What Are Induction Hobs?

A: Induction hobs are cooking tops that work with magnets. Instead of using gas or electricity, a special magnetic pot completes the hob’s own magnetic circuit and the cookware starts to heat. With induction hobs, the zones or glass never become hot, only the bottom of induction cookware. You switch the hob off simply by removing the vessel and thus interrupting the magnetic field.

Q: Are Induction Hobs Safe?

A: Yes, induction hobs are safe because, unlike gas hobs, they don’t leak dangerous fumes. The glass panel also keeps the zones safe from spills and is less likely to cause burns like a gas hob or traditional stovetop plate might. Also, a gas hob also has supports for pans but sometimes pans can topple off whereas an induction hob, with its flat surface, provides a more stable stand for pans.

Q: Do Professional Chefs Use Induction Hobs?

A: Yes, professional chefs use induction hobs because they work quickly, safely, and deliver professional results. For busy kitchens, like those in a restaurant, the flat top of an induction hob is not only desirable because it can take pan after pan but also because the flat top is easy to use and clean.

Q: How Do I Choose An Induction Hob?

A: You choose an induction hob according to certain guidelines. Please see our buying guide included in this article.

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