The Best 7 KG Vented Tumble Dryers In The UK (2022)

Best 7kg Vented Tumble Dryers Reviews

Last Updated on January 11, 2022

A vented tumble dryer expels the damp air from the drying process through a vent that usually snakes through a window or a wall outlet. If you’re scouring the market for a medium load dryer, then look no further. We’ve compiled a list of this year’s best 7kg vented tumble dryers.

Our Top 3 7 KG Vented Tumble Dryer Picks
1. The Best 7 KG Vented Tumble Dryer By Zanussi
2. The Best Time-Saving 7 KG Vented Tumble Dryer By Beko
3. The Best 7 KG Vented Tumble Dryer With a Timer By Bush

Product Testing & Comparing

Our review team followed a stringent set of guidelines to find the best shortlist of vented tumble dryers for our readers who requested the top 7 kg machines of the year. We ranked them according to the following important criteria.

  1. Number of programs.
  2. Power efficiency.
  3. Machine size.

Drying your laundry correctly can save a ton of time. For this reason, having the right programs is an essential part of choosing the right vented tumbler. Our reviewers also looked at power ratings, the ways that these tumblers make your life easier and we also whipped out that measuring tape. We don’t want you to buy something that might not fit inside the laundry room!

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The Best 7 KG Vented Tumble Dryers Reviewed In 2022

1. Zanussi ZTE7101PZ Vented Tumble Dryer

The Best 7 KG Vented Tumble Dryer

the best 7 kg vented tumbler

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: ‎60 x 60 x 85 cm.
  • Programs: 14.
  • Power rating: Energy class C.

After looking at our top 10, we selected this retro catch as the best dryer on our list. While its old-school charm is a bonus if you love history, our reviewers did not solely look at appearances. Let’s see why this vented dryer kicked dust in the eyes of all the rest!

For starters, you can choose between 14 drying programs. This is a wonderfully versatile machine if you have special drying needs for delicate fabrics, fewer creases, and hand-made items. The machine also comes with a cushioned design that absorbs vibrations and reduces noise.


  • The reversible door can be opened by both left and right-handed people.
  • Retro appearance.
  • Plenty of useful programs.
  • Quiet operation.


  • Energy class C.

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2. Beko DTLV70041W Tumble Dryer

The Best Time-Saving 7 KG Vented Tumble Dryer

The Energy Efficient 7kg Vented Tumble Dryer By Beko

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: ‎58.4 x 59.7 x 85.6 cm.
  • Programs: 16.
  • Power rating: Energy class C.

Life is a fast-paced game and laundry is a chore that just wastes our time, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, for the time being, this chore is still necessary but our review team had a look at several appliances to find one that saves you time.

We selected this stylish dryer because it shortens both drying and ironing times. With its 16 programs, it automatically reduces creases, intelligently dry your clothing (it stops when it senses the fabric is no longer moist), takes care of delicates and specific clothing types like denim. We also loved its Super Short drying program!


  • Avoids over-drying.
  • Reduces wrinkles.
  • Freestanding.
  • 34 cm porthole.


  • Energy class C.

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3. Bush DHB7VTDW Tumble Dryer White

The Best 7 KG Vented Tumble Dryer With a Timer

Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 85 x 60 x 56.5‎ cm.
  • Programs: 1.
  • Power rating: Energy class C.

While this tumble dryer only comes with a single program (thumbs up if you love simple designs that work!), our reviewers did love the timer. With 200 minutes on the clock, you can fine-tune the drying time for almost any fabric including delicates and toughies like jeans.

You can also look forward to a durable design, a fluff filter, a safety feature that prevents over-drying, and a 7 kg capacity that is perfect for the laundry needs of a medium to medium-large family.


  • Stylish appearance.
  • A versatile timer.
  • 7 kg capacity.
  • Colour coded dial control.


  • Only 1 drying program.

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4. Indesit Eco-Time IDV75W Tumble Dryer

The Best Energy B-Rated Tumble Dryer

 Product Specifications

  • Dimensions: 85 x 59.5 x 58.4 cm.
  • Programs: 12.
  • Power rating: Energy class B.

Most of the dryers on our list are rated as Energy class C. We know that our readers are always looking for energy-efficient appliances, so we end our collection with a dryer that is B-rated. Over time, this feature will shave extra expenses off your power bill, something we all appreciate!

This dryer also comes with 12 versatile programs to give you the best results every time. Our reviewers also appreciated the motor’s quiet operation, user-friendly controls, and aluminised vent hose.


  • Rated Energy class B.
  • 12 programs.
  • Timer.
  • Fluff filter.


  • Does not have a delicates cycle.

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Your 7 Kg Vented Tumbler Buying Guide

Buying a large appliance can be nerve-wracking. The wrong choice can cost you time, repairs, and unexpected expenses. But fear not, our quick guide brings you the best tips to find your dream tumbler.

Freestanding Tumble Dryers Are More Flexible (For Some)

The best tumble dryer is the type that suits your needs. If you are a tenant or don’t want to connect an appliance permanently to your home, then a freestanding tumble dryer is the answer.

However, that being said, if you find the perfect spot but don’t like the way the appliance stands out, there are integrated dryers available on the market. They are usually built-in models but come with a door that resembles the room’s cabinets, which smoothly hides it away.

Pick The Dryer’s Spot Before You Purchase

Be sure about where to place your dryer before you buy it. Is there a suitable window that can be left open when you do your laundry on bad weather days? Or, if you’re going with a permanent vent, carefully choose the right wall to drill. Choose the wrong one and you’ll sit with damages and extra repairs.

Also, make sure that the dryer can fit comfortably into its chosen location. It’s a simple game of looking at the model’s measurements and then finding a place where it fits.

Sensor Technology Saves Money And Time

The best type of dryers has sensor technology that monitors the humidity inside the dryer. As soon as the clothing is dry, the feature automatically stops the cycle even if there is still time on the clock. This prevents laundry from wasting energy unnecessary.

The Reality Of Energy Use

In the world of electric appliances, an energy rating of A is excellent. That means that the product is not heavy on your power supply or wallet. However, tumble dryers are the one type of appliance that is universally heavy on power.

The best one can look for is a model with an energy rating of B but there are plenty of excellent dryers that are also rated as C. At the end of the day, this is a very personal choice but as a buyer, one must be aware that tumble dryers consume their fair share of electricity.

Choose Programs That Suit Your Needs

A tumble dryer offers several programs. Depending on the type of model, you can pick between dryers with as few as three programs to as many as fifteen programs. Which type you pick depends on your laundry needs.

Most dryers come with a basic choice of programs to care for your synthetics and cotton. They might also, at the most basic, offer drying settings that either make the item easier to iron or eliminate the need to iron completely. Other models, with more programs, have specific settings for wool, delicates, really dirty clothing, a cycle that offers a more hygienic drying time, and even programs just for jeans.

The most useful setting to look for is “mixed.” This allows you to dry a load of laundry that consists of different materials. Incredibly, some dryers even come with a rack for shoes. So if you hate damp shoes, then this is definitely something to search for!

Pick The Right Drum Size

The 7kg drum discussed in this article is suitable for a small family. A medium family might look for a capacity of 8kg while larger families will better cope with a dryer that has a drum capacity of between 9 and 10kg.


Q: Which Is The Best Vented Or Condenser Dryer?

A: The best vented or condenser dryer is not determined by the brand alone. The best vented or condenser tumble dryers are the ones that are designed for energy efficiency, a suitable drum size, and those that are capable of dealing with any type of laundry.

Q: Which Tumble Dryer Dries The Quickest?

A: The tumble dryer that dries the quickest is any dryer that has a quick cycle program. If quick drying is a must for you, then look specifically for this program before you purchase the dryer. The feature is usually listed with the other programs.

Q: What Is The Safest Tumble Dryer To Buy?

A: The safest tumble dryer to buy is any model that complies with the following two things – manufacturing quality and a design that includes safety features. The type of safety features you are looking for usually includes a child lock, energy-saving auto switch-off, and a well-designed drum.

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