The 10 Best 7 KG Washing Machines In The UK (2021)

Best 7kg Washing Machines Reviews

Last Updated on June 15, 2021

Do you have a small to medium household? Then a 7 kg washing machine can handle your laundry needs. Here are the top machines with low running costs and great cleaning results.

Our Top 3 7-Kg Washing Machine Pick
1. The Best 7 Kg Washing Machine by Samsung
2. The Best 7 Kg Top Loader By Hotpoint
3. The Best Fully Automatic 7 Kg Washing Machine By Bosch

The Best 7 KG Washing Machines Reviewed In 2021

1. The Best 7 Kg Washing Machine By Samsung

The AddWash Washing Machine With Ecobubble By Samsung

We chose this as the top 7kg washing machine because, right off the bat, it comes with two perks. The AddWash feature allows you to open a special door to add clothing while the wash cycle is already in progress – which is perfect if you forgot an item that must go through the washing. Secondly, the Ecobubble feature uses bubbles for a deep cleaning performance on your washing.

The machine also runs quietly, thanks to the motor’s special design. Indeed, you can wash cotton, synthetics, and delicates without worrying about noise rattling throughout the home. If you need to do the laundry ASAP, just select the 15-minute quick wash option and you’re ready to go.


  • 55 x 60 x 85 cm.
  • Energy rating A+++ will reduce the price of electricity.
  • Intensive stain removal.


  • The bubble feature is 30 minutes long.

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2. The Best 7 Kg Top Loader By Hotpoint

best 7 kg washer top loader

If you prefer a top-loader, then this washer could be your best friend on laundry day. While we did scour plenty of other options, this top-loader came with several benefits and features that we found very useful. Let’s dive straight into this bubbly wonder to see what you can look forward to!

First off, this washer won’t demolish your electric bill. With an A++ power rating, you can rest assured that your laundry can be washed often without costing the earth. Besides the normal cycle, the washer also has a special program for delicates like baby clothes or underwear.

You also get other features like easy controls, extra rinse, low noise level, and a freestanding machine.


  • A clean look.
  • Several different washing options.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Freestanding washer.


  • The spinning noise level is more noticeable.

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3. The Best Fully Automatic 7 Kg Washing Machine By Bosch

fully automatic washing machine

Who has the time these days to supervise the laundry from start to finish? Even if you do have hours to spare, we’re sure that you’d like to spend it on something else other than operating the washer for lengthy periods of time. This 7 kg washing machine is fully automatic, giving you the freedom to do other things.

This white gem is packed with great features. The entire washer is also vibration-free so it runs quietly. The machine is very energy-efficient and comes with a lot of useful programs.

If you are in a hurry, one of the cycles can clean your clothes almost 67 percent quicker than normal! You can also add an item of clothing in the middle of a cycle and program the washing machine with a user-friendly LED display.


  • Child lock.
  • Can wash different colours together.
  • Wool-friendly.
  • Energy-saving.
  • Automatic adjustment to give each load perfect distribution.


  • The normal wash cycle tends to take a long time.

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4. The Best Portable 7 Kg Washing Machine By Tine

best portable washing machine

Portable appliances and machines are particularly useful. In the case of a washing machine, they can make your life on the road or on a camping trip so much easier. You can simply load the machine or move it around your campsite without a problem and know that your laundry is cared for.

But what perks can you expect with this washing machine?

The washer is durable. Made with ABS reinforced plastic, it is also corrosion-proof, safe to use for years, and also very environmentally friendly. You also get everything you need to easily and or drain water from the washer, there is a powerful motor that runs quietly and the washer also needs no installation.


  • Portable and effective.
  • Can take a full 7 kg load.
  • No installation required.
  • Suitable for caravans, camping, small flats.
  • Quiet operation.
  • Durable.


  • There is a slight learning curve to use the drainage pipes correctly.

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5. The Best Washing Machine For Allergies By Bosch

best washing machine for allergies

Did you know that the quality of washed laundry contribute to allergies? When washed in a certain way, clothing can actually reduce or eliminate allergies altogether. If you or someone in your family struggles with this, then getting a washing machine with allergy programs is essential.

This washing machine comes with AllergyPlus which was specifically designed for people with allergies. If you also have sensitive skin, then chin up. AllergyPlus is also designed to treat laundry to be gentle on such skin.

Other benefits include quick cycles, a freestanding machine, excellent stain removal, and energy-efficient programs.


  • Removes the four most common stains.
  • Great for allergies and sensitive skin.
  • Quick washing.
  • Can be connected to smart devices.


  • The machine can be a little noisy.

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6. The Top Economic Washing Machine By Bosch

The Top Economic Washing Machine By Bosch

If you love saving valuable resources like water, then this washer could be the best choice for your home. Indeed, you can rest assured that this model will considerably lower your utility consumption each year. But besides being eco-friendly and wallet-friendly, what else can you look forward to with this classic-looking washing machine?

You can add washing mid-cycle, program the machine with easy controls, and enjoy a smorgasbord of laundry options. There are dedicated programs for almost every washing need. But the most useful, without a doubt, are the cycles that make clothing allergy-free, washes a mixed load of different fabrics, the quick wash, and a drum clean.


  • 59.8 x 55 x 84.8 cm.
  • Saves on the price of electricity with its A+++ rating.
  • Spin speed of 1200.
  • Several programs dedicated to different laundry types.


  • The noise level is 74dB.
  • B spin class.

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7. The Best Semi-Automatic Portable Washing Machine By Tine

best portable washing machine

If you want more choices for a portable washing machine, we have also found this useful guy. Similar to the first portable washer on this list, the washing machine can also handle a 7 kg load and can be used in a caravan, campsite, dorm or small apartment. It does not require installation – which is a plus.

The semi-automatic machine is also very durable. The plastic and metal parts are rugged, designed to last and can weather both corrosion and wear-and-tear. The machine is also user-friendly and environmentally friendly, treating both you and nature with kindness!

This model also has a dehydration cycle to help you drain your laundry as much as possible before you hang them out to dry. You can also look forward to low noise levels, easy water pipes, and a space-saving design.


  • Suitable for small spaces.
  • Easy to use.
  • Very durable.
  • Requires no installation.


  • The machine cannot dry clothing.

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8. The Best Silver Washing Machine By Beko

best silver washing machine

If you appreciate a silver or muted look in the laundry room, we have a gem for you. This washer not only adds class to your home but also comes with a slew of benefits. Let’s see if your clothing will love this machine!

For starters, the A+++ energy rating is excellent, saving you electricity with every load. Are you wondering how long each load might take? Well, a full 7 kg bundle takes roughly 28 minutes but if you want to speed things along, a 2 kg bundle takes just 14 minutes.

If you want the washer to start at a time when you are not at home, then simply pick a 3, 6 or 9 hour time delay and the machine will start at the chosen time! The washer is also exceptionally easy to install and comes with an LED panel and buttons for easy control.


  • Stylish appearance.
  • Delay timer.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Speedy cycles for smaller loads.


  • Some of the more complex programs require a learning curve.

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9. The Best Cold Fill 7 Kg Washing Machine By Indesit

best cold fill washing machine

In case you prefer a cold-fill washing machine, we picked this stylish and practical washer. As one of the best on the market, its energy usage is low (rated A++) and offer different programs for your colours, delicates, cotton and more.

The rotary dials are clearly marked, making this washing machine easy to program and control. All the information about the cycles and programs are also clearly displayed. This washer is particularly useful if you have sporty kids because there are special cycles for extra muddy clothing and shoes.

At the end of the day, you get a traditional-looking washer that is energy-friendly and tough on stains and odours.


  • Energy-efficient.
  • Controls and programs are clear.
  • Cycles for extra dirty items.
  • Freestanding.


  • The spinning cycle is a bit noisy.

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10. The Best 7 Kg Washing Machine With 16 Programs By Indesit

best washing machine 16 programs

This washer is perfect for anyone who needs more programs to deal with specific types of laundry. In this case, you can look forward to 16 programs and so much more.

Some programs deal with everyday cottons, synthetics, and mixed loads. Additionally, there are special programs to deal with your kids’ sport shoes, the baby’s messy clothing and any laundry that needs extra rinsing. Some of the more dedicated programs deal with duvets, curtains, and wool.

The washer is also power friendly (A++ rated), has a timer, easy controls, clearly marked dials and programs, and a child lock.


  • Power-friendly.
  • 16 programs.
  • Child lock.
  • Easy to read the controls.
  • Classic appearance.


  • Can be noisier than other washing machines.

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Your Buying Guide To 7 Kg Washing Machines

Before buying a washer, there are several things to keep in mind. No matter the brand or price, the appliance must tick several boxes to avoid turning into a disappointing purchase. Here are the top tips to remember before making your final choice.

Best 7kg Washing Machines Buying Guide

Consider The Washer’s Location

Freestanding or integrated, a washer must fit snugly into its chosen location. True, most designated areas work with standard measurements which means that you can just slot an appliance into place.

However, one cannot buy with these assumptions. Measure the space of your chosen location beforehand to see what size washing machines can fit.

Consider Your Needs

Most machines have standard programs. But if you have special laundry needs, like clothes that need a wash every day or you have sweaty gym clothes, then look for models that have special daily programs and gym programs. Also, a washer must be power and water-friendly to keep your utility bills tame, have a large enough drum size, and safety features like a child lock if you have children in the home.

Quality Is A Must

Best 7kg Washing Machines Buying Guide

It’s never easy to assess quality if you cannot see a product in person. But this is the reality for the growing online shopping market.

Consumers help each other by leaving authentic reviews. Besides reading reviews, you can purchase from brands that are known for quality items or only buy a washing machine that comes with a guarantee.


Q: Is A 7Kg Washing Machine Enough?

A: A 7kg washing machine is suitable for small to medium households. For example, a family of four will benefit from this drum size.

Q: What Brand Of Washing Machine Is The Most Reliable?

A: The most reliable brand is any manufacturer that consistently receives the best reviews. These are the best washing machines that have been tried and tested by real consumers. It’s not truly an issue of a brand but quality parts, an enduring design, and being energy efficient that makes a washing machine the best.

Q: How Many Clothes Can Go In A 7Kg Washer?

A: Very often, drum size is measured in t-shirts. A 7kg washer can roughly cope with a load of 35 t-shirts.

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