The 10 Best All In One Printer Reviews For UK Offices (2022)

Best All In One Printer Reviews

Last Updated on January 20, 2022

With the growing requirements of office work and home-based businesses, it is essential to spend smartly on budget-friendly devices that reduce the workload. One of the best units for these purposes is an all in one printer, considering that you can use it as a scanner, fax machine, printer or even copier – all rolled out in one. To aid you with finding the best printer that offers a high print quality and keeps you up to date with its most-required features, we have put together a list containing the best-reviewed products of 2022. So, let’s get printing!

Our Top 3 All In One Printer Picks
1. The Best All In One Printer By HP
2. The Best All In One Printer With Auto Troubleshooting By HP
3. The Best Multi-Purpose All In One Printer By HP

The Best All In One Printers Reviewed In 2022

1. The Exquisite ENVY Pro All-in-One Printer By HP (Product #6430)

The Exquisite 6430 ENVY Pro All-in-One Printer By HP


  • Dimensions: 4.75 x 2.2 x 4.05 cm
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB
  • Special Features: Double-sided printing, Print. Copy. Scan., Print speed 10/7 ppm (black/colour), Contains more than 20% recycled plastic, Borderless printing

The best all in one printer of 2022 is the 6430 ENVY model by HP. With this high-quality printer, you can enhance your home office by printing, scanning and copying every day. The unit supplies a 35-page automatic document feeder so you can finish working multiple pages at a time without having to replace each one manually. The best printer all in one provides a duplex printing feature, maximising the productivity rate of all its users.

As for its print speed, you’ll be pleased to know that it uses a rate of 10 ppm (pages per minute) for blacks and 7 ppm for colours. The best home printer has an integrated Wi-Fi adapter that lets you connect to any compatible device, including its smartphone app (HP Smart app). Thanks to HP’s instant ink, running out will also be a thing of the past since ink will order automatically and be delivered to your door, granting you to pay 70% less.

Our reviewer loved this thing. It’s versatile, incredibly easy to use, and has a wide range of handy features. Its self-healing Wi-Fi feature is awesome, cutting out internet troubleshooting 9 times out of 10, as well. Though its paper feed tray is placed oddly, it’s a minor inconvenience in an otherwise near-perfect printer.


  • It includes 4 months of instant ink trial.
  • It’s installed by a simple setup that’s guided by its smartphone app.
  • It provides with borderless printing up to 216 x 297 mm (8.5’’ x 11.6’’).
  • It has a self-healing Wi-Fi feature that fixes its own connection.


  • Its paper feed tray is inconveniently positioned on the bottom as opposed to the top.

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2. The Renowned ENVY All-in-One Printer By HP (Product #6020)

The Renowned 6020 ENVY All-in-One Printer By HP


  • Dimensions: ‎36.11 x 43.25 x 13.21 cm
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB
  • Special Features: Double-sided printing, Print. Copy. Scan., Print speed 10/7 ppm (black/colour), Contains more than 20% recycled plastic, Borderless printing

Amazon also backed this other product by HP as being among the best printers all in one, partly for its functionality and partly for its ease of use. With this fantastic unit, you can get rich black text and vibrant graphics whether you’re printing papers, photos or other documents. You can connect your home office either by using its 2.0 USB socket or its dual-band Wi-Fi connection that’s suitable for all standard 802.11ac routers.

As with the best all in one printers, this device also has an easy setup that is entirely guided by its designated smartphone app. This app can also get high-quality scanning and sharing while receiving notifications about job completion, ink levels and much more. This device is a high contender for the best all in one printer position too, because of its Mopria certification and Apple AirPrint feature that guarantees seamless printing, scanning and copying – all within seconds.

Our reviewer loved this thing. It’s made from recycled plastic, is super simple to use thanks to its monochrome control panel, and can do a wide range of things to make your life easier. While it’s a bit of a pain to set up, it could be much worse.


  • It contains over 20% recycled plastic.
  • Contains a monochrome control panel that’s very easy to use.
  • Includes three months of instant ink trial.
  • It’s suitable for borderless and duplex printing.


  • Some customers noted that it was harder to set up than other HP printers.
  • Its setup cartridges provided only last for about 10 photo paper prints.

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3. The Distinguished ENVY All-in-One Printer By HP (Product #5010)

The Distinguished 5010 ENVY All-in-One Printer By HP


  • Dimensions: ‎56.4 x 44.5 x 12.8 cm
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB
  • Special Features: Auto-Duplex, Network-Ready

The Envy series of HP’s best all in one printer also showcases its 5010 model that’s manufactured with a unique design that’s both comfortable and practical. Thanks to its high production rate, you can print, scan and copy at record-breaking speed rates. This printer also includes the HP trademarked instant ink feature that automatically orders the ink when it runs out so it delivers to your door.

The unit is one of the best home printers available as you can link it with your home devices either by its USB socket, dual-band Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. The inkjet printer is also compatible with more smartphones and tablets, which has dramatically improved its feasibility among customers. Speaking of usefulness, it’s also noteworthy that HP has designed the printer with a touchscreen control panel that kicks everything up a notch, both in terms of ease of use and stylish design.

Our reviewer was quite a fan of this particular printer. Its 2-month trial of instant ink is standard for HP (though nice nonetheless), and it’s able to do a massive swathe of tasks. While its Wi-Fi function can have issues occasionally, it’s overall a solid printer.


  • It comes with a two-month instant ink trial.
  • Can print and scan from the cloud, social media platforms or through your phone’s camera.
  • It has an automatic document feeder.
  • Supports duplex printing.


  • Several customers noted that they experienced connectivity issues with its Wi-Fi function.

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4. The Innovative Pixma Multifunctional Printer By Canon (Product #TS3150)

The Innovative TS3150 Pixma Multifunctional Printer By Canon


  • Dimensions: ‎31.6 x 14.5 x 43.5 cm
  • Connectivity: Wireless, USB, Ethernet, Pictbridge
  • Special Features: Network ready

Among the best all in one printers available is Canon’s TS3150 series of the Pixma range. The budget-friendly all in one printer will assuredly improve your home office by providing the ideal print quality and borderless photos. The inkjet printer has a standard wireless LAN adapter and a 2.0 USB socket, meaning that you can print page by page through any smart device, camera or cloud by using the Canon print app AirPrint or even Mopria.

With a durable surface that’s scratch-resistant, the all in one Pixma printer is very functional and simple to maintain. You can print, scan and copy with maximum ease by only using the intuitive 3.8 cm (1.4’’) LCD display. To match with the competitively lowest printer price, Canon has also manufactured cost-effective ink cartridges that save up to 30% as opposed to their standard equivalents.

Finally, a non-HP printer! Our reviewer quite liked this, though she noted that it has two downsides. First, it can only make 20 copies at once. Second, it’s incompatible with dual-band Wi-Fi, limiting who can use it. Nonetheless, it creates vivid, accurate prints of just about anything, and is super easy to use.


  • Its dye-based inks supply with vivid, borderless photos.
  • Contains an easy-to-use troubleshooting setting.
  • It supplies with fast photo-printing.
  • Affordable


  • Can only provide 20 copies at a time.
  • It’s not compatible with dual-band Wi-Fi.

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5. The Remarkable OfficeJet Pro All-in-One Printer By HP (Product #7740)

The Remarkable 7740 OfficeJet Pro All-in-One Printer By HP


  • Dimensions: ‎6.7 x 5.45 x 4.87 cm
  • Connectivity: 1 USB 2.0 with compatibility with USB 3.0 devices; 1 Host USB; 1 Ethernet; 1 Wireless 802.11b/g/n; 2 RJ-11 modem ports
  • Special Features: Distinctive ring, Fax delayed sending, Operating temperature range:5 – 40 °C, Touch sensitive screen, Maximum copy resolution:600 x 600 DPI

If your idea of the best all in one printer includes a heavy-duty workforce, then HP’s 7750 OfficeJet model is probably the best choice for you. This series of inkjet printers can print, scan and copy in unique colours and sizes of up to A3. According to the manufacturers, the print quality of the device raises while its expense reduces since it spends 50% fewer costs per page as opposed to laser printers or standard inkjet ones.

Because the office printer uses both flatbed and sheetfed scanning, you will be able to either scan one page at a time or supply a batch of pages to its feeder. As for connectivity, the inkjet printer will suit your needs since it has a 2.0 USB socket, one host USB, an ethernet port and a dual-band Wireless adapter. Its high-quality attributes don’t stop there either, as HP has signed up with Planet Partners to create original cartridges that are recycled for free.

Our reviewer quite liked this. It’s versatile, easy to use, and boasts solid value for its cost. While it’s a bit larger, this isn’t a massive downside – assuming you have the space. The only other minor issue our reviewer reported was that A3 printing can’t be done through a smartphone, only your PC.


  • It quickly finishes duplex-prints at a size of up to 21.6 cm (8.5’’) x 35.6 cm (14’’).
  • Provides with water, smear and fade-resistant prints.
  • It has a 35-page automatic document feeder.
  • Good value for money.


  • It is slightly larger, so it will take up considerable space.
  • A3 printing is only possible through PCs, not other smart devices.

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6. The Exceptional OfficeJet All-in-One Printer By HP (Product #6950)

The Exceptional 6950 OfficeJet All-in-One Printer By HP


  • Dimensions: 5.05 x 2.84 x 4.65 cm
  • Connectivity: 1 Wireless 802.11b/g/n, 1 RJ-11 (Fax)
  • Special Features: Auto-Duplex

The best all in one printer that is efficient with heavy-duty tasks but doesn’t take up much space is the 6950 OfficeJet series from HP. Their professional all in one printer suitable for both office and home environments operate with an automatic document feeder that works at a rate of 35-pages at a time. This unit’s print quality doesn’t reduce, even though it uses a fantastically quick print speed of 16 ppm (black) and 7 ppm (colour).

This range of inkjet printers is straightforward to set up as it has a designated mobile app that maintains its entire process. Once you’re connected to the printer, you can easily use it to print, copy, scan and fax even when you no longer have a network. The connection is also made possible by its 2.0 USB port and dual-band Wireless adapter so that practicality won’t be an issue at all.

Our reviewer quite liked this. She noted that it lacks a low ink warning and that it jams quite often. However, it’s easy to use, versatile, and can print a wide range of things, from charts and reports to colour-true photos. Trust me, this thing is honestly quite nice, especially for the middling cost.


  • It’s best suited for printing charts and reports.
  • Comes with a three-month free trial of instant ink.
  • It contains both flatbed and sheetfed options for scanning.
  • It’s viable for duplex printing.


  • It doesn’t have a warning for ink running out.
  • Some customers have noted that the printer jams the papers often.

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7. The Fantastic ENVY Photo All-in-One Printer By HP (Product #7830)

The Fantastic 7830 ENVY Photo All-in-One Printer By HP


  • Dimensions: ‎5 x 2.4 x 4.85 cm
  • Connectivity: HDMI
  • Special Features: LCD Display, Print Functionality

Another option among the best all in one printers is the 7830 Envy model that “specialises” in creating true-to-life photos that are hard to find among standard printers. Print quality is not its only remarkable feature since the printer can offer a wide range of processes, including standard and photo printing, faxing, scanning and copying. The 7830 also has a print speed that is exceptional, covering about 15 ppm on black and white and 10 ppm on colour.

You can surely get this series of printers and it will fit both your home or office requirements since it uses a 35-page automatic document feeder that’s destined to make your life more pleasant. Besides the primary Wireless connection that is used from setup to printing to scanning – you can also take advantage of the included USB socket and Bluetooth 5.0 capabilities without having to worry about quality or time.

Our reviewer quite liked this. She noted that it’s heavy and struggles with connectivity on slower Wi-Fi connections, otherwise, she found it to be serviceable. It’s compatible with a few more modern features like Apple AirPrint, as well, which is a nice little bonus.


  • It’s shipped with a four-month free trial for instant ink.
  • It’s manufactured with an easily operable touchscreen panel.
  • Has a dedicated photo tray and an SD card slot.
  • Compatible with HP ePrint and Apple AirPrint.


  • It’s slightly heavier than usual compact-sized printers.
  • Some customers have encountered connectivity issues with it.

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8. The Excellent InkJet Pixma 4-In-1 Printer By Canon (Product #TR4550)

The Excellent TS5050 InkJet Pixma All-in-One Printer By Canon


  • Dimensions: 31.5 x 13.9 x 37.2 cm
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth
  • Special Features: Network-Ready

If you want to undergo an efficient printing experience at the comfort of your own home, then the TR4550 Pixma printer by Canon is your best deal. Whether you plan on using USB, Wi-Fi or SD, your pictures will look as beautiful as possible with minimal effort. The all in one inkjet printer uses a five single-ink technology that promises perfection within each page, but it also prints, scans and copies effortlessly and swiftly.

Taking up all office space will also be a thing of the past because the Canon printer is 40% smaller than its previous models, so it is best suited for a compact-sized office or home. Perhaps the best hallmark of this printer lies in its dual-band Wireless adapter that lets you use Mopria for Android, Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Windows 10 Mobile or the Canon PRINT app to share documents with an ability that’s never been seen before.

Our reviewer was torn on this one. On one hand, it’s the larger brother to our #4 choice, making it a bit heavier and larger. It also is a bit less capable (only able to scan 10 pages at a time, needing additional drivers for modern PCs). However, Canon knows what they’re doing – they made a solid entry-level printer for those on a budget.


  • It has an ergonomic 7.5 cm (3’’) LCD display with a simple interface.
  • It allows you to download and upload from several cloud servers.
  • Has five ink cartridges that take more time to run out.
  • Print speed of 12.6 ipm (black) and 9 ipm (colour).


  • It requires additional drivers to be suitable for [some] PCs.
  • It can only scan 10 pages at a time.

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9. The Supreme MG5750 Pixma All-in-One Printer By Canon (Product #MG 5750)

The Supreme MG5750 Pixma All-in-One Printer By Canon


  • Dimensions:
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB
  • Special Features: Copy increase / decrease, Ethernet DMZ ports quantity (25 – 400%), Card reader integrated, ISO standard size – B5

Cannon remains on this list once more and this time thanks to its MG5750 Pixma model. You can easily connect the affordable office printer to any smart device from which it can print, copy and scan, ensuring that each page is taken care of properly. The creative freedom of cloud printing and scanning has never been as apparent as with this device since it’s based on the enhanced Pixma cloud link that allows you to control the printer easily.

The cost-effectiveness of the printer doesn’t stop with its first purchase, as Canon has built it with five ink cartridges that are budget-friendly and minimise the replacement rate. This printer also allows you to print on both pages of a paper, in which it maintains a high-quality resolution. As for alternative connection gateways, you can always use the WiFi-based Canon Print and WiFi direct along with its USB socket.

Our reviewer quite liked this, despite its low ranking. The reason she ranked it so lowly is that its printing resolution isn’t as good as the others in this list – Canon or HP. However, it’s good value, easy to use and set up, and is quite versatile in terms of use and connectivity.


  • It has a 6.2 cm (2.4’’) colour display that’s easy to use.
  • Has five different cartridges for different colours of ink.
  • It can print and scan from any cloud, camera roll or other compatible devices.
  • Good value for money.


  • It has a relatively lower printing resolution than its predecessors.

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10. The Amazing DeskJet All-in-One Printer By HP (Product #2710)

The Amazing 2710 DeskJet All-in-One Printer By HP


  • Dimensions: ‎4.68 x 1.92 x 3.52 cm
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi, USB
  • Special Features: Print speed 7.5/5.5 ppm (black/colour), Reliable connectivity with Dual Band Wi-Fi with self-reset + Bluetooth 4.2

We started this list with HP, and we intend to end it as such because it fully compliments the capabilities of this fantastic brand. The 2710 DeskJet is designed with an elegant white coating that is sure to fit any office space or home environment. This inkjet printer can print, scan and copy while saving as much as 70% on ink thanks to the HP cartridges that can be delivered to your door as soon as they run out.

If you want to get a device that can print and scan from virtually anywhere, then the 2710 printer is your best bid. The all in one unit is suitable for printing documents and photos from the cloud, social media or even phone camera, supplying you with an unmatched range and versatility. And that’s not all, because the dual-band WiFi also uses a self-resetting feature that will literally take care of itself and never leave you disappointed again.

Our reviewer was torn on this. On one hand, it’s hard to connect with a smartphone (despite its smartphone compatibility claims), and it lacks an automatic double-sided print. However, it’s compact, lightweight, and super easy to use, so it’s really up to what you find the most important. Despite our complaints, it’s still quite a solid printer from HP.


  • Includes a two-month free trial on instant ink.
  • It has an easy-to-use control panel that’s at the top of it.
  • It’s compact-sized and lightweight, meaning that it will fit just about anywhere.
  • It uses a print speed of 7.5 ppm (black) and 5.5. ppm (colour).


  • It doesn’t have an automatic double-sided print.
  • Some people had issues with connecting it through its smartphone app.

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All In One Printer Buying Guide

Whether you need to print a sequence of your favourite ebook, scan a quick document or copy a few pages – a multi-purpose printer has got your back. Not only does it maximise functionality, but it also reduces clutter and the hassles that come with maintaining several devices at once – either at your office or back home. But what exactly makes all in one printers worth their while?

Print Speed

All In One Printer Buying Guide

The print speed refers to the number of pages being printed within a minute, and usually, the more pages printed result in higher efficiency rates within the device. However, some manufacturers use ppm (page per minute), and some others use IPM (image per minute) which typically matches the printer’s main course of operation. A further distinction is also made between black and colour prints, whereas some companies also use dpi (dots per inch).

This specification highly depends on the machine’s type, size and motor, so a rough estimate is hard to make. Nevertheless, it can be argued that compact-sized printers usually use a print speed of 10 ppm for black prints and about 7 ppm for colours. Larger sized printers can apply a rate of as much as 15-20 ppm on either category, which is more intended to suit offices and similar industrial environments.


How you connect your external devices with your printer is very important. Traditional printers usually supply a USB socket that directly links to a PC where the material is subtracted. However, new devices have used alternative means of connection, such as WiFi and Bluetooth. Generally, the more means it has, the more convenient it will be. Just be careful to find up-to-date adapters like dual-band WiFi and 5.0 Bluetooth. WiFi Direct and NFC are also growing to be a fan-favourite among users, primarily since they use third-party apps like Apple AirPrint and Google Cloud Print that are found on most smartphones.

Inkjet vs Laser Printers

All In One Printer Buying Guide

A massive dilemma between tech lovers worldwide is whether to get a laser printer or an inkjet one. Typically, a laser printer uses a toner cartridge instead of ink, which in the general sense is more economical because it lasts longer. A laser printer toner is made of a powdery material that doesn’t dry or clogs into the cartridge as it is the case with inkjet printers. With that in mind, a laser printer is more budget-conscious but is also pricier within the first purchase. In that case, laser printers are ideal for office use but not so suitable for home purposes.

On the other hand, inkjet printers are operated by spraying microscopic droplets of ink into the paper – so they are relatively cheaper and smaller. An inkjet printer usually does everything from printing to faxing and is more affordable in the long run. 

Replacing the cartridges is done more often and can be problematic, but it is usually worth the while. With that in mind, these printers are most suited to home use and light to medium office work.


Q: Which printer brand is most reliable?

A: The most reliable printer is the 6430 ENVY range by HP because it is made of durable materials, it supplies with a wide range of features, and it applies customer support that’s willing to help through any difficulty.

Q: Which printer is best for home use?

A: The best printer for home use is the TS3150 Pixma series by Canon because it is suitable for medium to heavy-duty work, is easy to use and most importantly – is the cheapest printer within its range.

Q: What is an all in one printer?

A: All in one printers are multi-functional devices that take up the capabilities of several office units and stack them into one. Usually, an all in one machine can print, copy and scan while sometimes it favours a faxing operation too.

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