10 Best American Fridge Freezer Reviews For UK Homes (2021)

Best American Fridge Freezer Reviews

Last Updated on September 19, 2021

How many times have we watched American films and were left in awe of their fully-stacked fridges that lightened up the entire room? The answer is probably too many, and here’s why.

An American freezer fridge is relatively bigger than conventional ones in the UK, while also supporting a variability that is not commonly found in standard appliances. The double doors connected with the golden ratio, the water and ice dispenser attached to the front and the Narnia-like width of the internal drawers make for a must-have unit in our homes. But which is the best one?

Our Top 3 American Fridge Freezer Picks
1. The Best American Fridge Freezer By Montpellier
2. The Best 4-Door American Fridge Freezer By Samsung
3. The Best No Frost American Fridge Freezer By Hisense

The Best American Fridge Freezers Reviewed In 2021

1. RS52N3313SL Freestanding American Fridge Freezer By Samsung

American Fridge Freezer By Samsung

The best American fridge freezer is manufactured by Samsung, and it goes by the RS52N3313SL range that measures at the height of 178.9 cm, a weight of 67.2 cm and a depth of 91.2 cm. The 103 kg unit has a stainless steel finish that is maintained by the stylish, minimalist layout. The unit contains a digital inverter compressor that intelligently estimates the range of cooling required, and modifies the fridge’s power and running speed accordingly. This technology reduces the power consumption of the fridge freezer while also eliminating any excessive noise.

Another great feature of this fridge and freezer is the All-Around Cooling facility that guarantees all compartments of the unit are kept at the same temperature level. The ergonomic air vents ensure an equal cold air distribution that keeps the food fresh for longer. Moreover, the best American fridge freezer also has a Power Freeze function that lowers the freezer’s temperature instantly after new articles have been added or better sustainability. Once you have settled everything else, you can enjoy the non-plumbed water dispenser that’s granted to freshen up your day.


  • It comes with a five-year part and labour warranty by Samsung.
  • It comes with a ten-year warranty on the digital inverter compressor by Samsung.
  • It has a 341-litre capacity for the fridge and a 179-litre capacity for the freezer.
  • It has a frost-free freezer that maintains an even temperature.
  • It has an A+++ energy rating that supports its energy-efficiency.
  • It contains a handy wine rack that frees up space on the compartments.


  • Its interior light isn’t very bright.
  • Its bottom fridge door trays are relatively small and won’t fit two-litre bottles.
  • Its storage for the filtered water is hard to move around.

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2. PAS241MB Freestanding American Style Fridge Freezer By Leisure

American Style Fridge Freezer By Leisure

Among the best American fridge freezers is also Leisure’s PAS241MB model that features an exquisite design. With an energy rating of A+++ and an integrated-door minibar, you can reduce the annual power consumption levels and savour a waste-free life. To prevent an odour mix-up between the fridge and freezer, Leisure has integrated the Dual Cooling technology that optimises two separate cooling systems for each compartment. This feature is also helpful in maintaining ideal humidity levels while promoting a faster cooling time.

On the bottom of the fridge, you will find a nice little storage space labelled as the Blue Fresh Zone. The salad crisper drawer is coated with blue LED lights that retain the vitamin C levels on the conserved fruits and vegetables stored there. The LED lights don’t stop there, as the fridge freezer American is also glazed with a side wall lightning that makes our nightly cravings feel less wicked. After you’re done with the chocolate cake, you can freshen up from the plumbed water and ice dispenser that is conveniently installed on the exterior of the fridge.


  • It comes with a two-year warranty by Leisure.
  • It has a 368-litre fridge and a 176-litre freezer.
  • It is coated with a flame-retardant material for added safety.
  • Its ice and water dispenser can produce cubed or crushed ice.
  • Its annual energy consumption is estimated at 370 kWh.


  • Its water filters need frequent cleaning, or they get clogged.
  • Some customers encountered problems with its delivery.

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3. RQ560N4WC1 American Style Fridge Freezer By Hisense

American Style Fridge Freezer By Hisense

The best fridge freezers American-style are also represented by Hisense that features a multi-door design that’s divided into four equal sections. The stainless steel model measures at the height of 181.2 cm, a width of 79 cm and a depth of 70 cm. By revolutionising smart living, Hisense has also integrated an electronic touch control that can adjust the temperature levels of each compartment while showing the fridge’s status on the easy-to-read LCD display.

Employing advanced frost-free technology, the Hisense model prevents ice crystals from forming by circulating a balanced, cold air-flow through the fridge’s compartments. The unit also has a “My Fresh Choice” storage space that lets you adjust the temperature between -5 and -18 degrees, without altering the rest of the freezers’. Thanks to its A+++ energy rating, this frost-free range of fridge freezers can be modified in a way that each ingredient type gets the high-class treatment it needs. You can further organise your food by using the fridge’s Triple Zone system that implements three storage spaces with different temperature levels. That way, you won’t have to worry about half-cold beers or soft cheese ever again. 


  • It comes with a two-year warranty by Hisense.
  • It has a capacity of 315 litres for the fridge and 289 litres for the freezer.
  • It integrates a non-plumbed water dispenser.
  • It has two salad crisper compartments and three extra fridge shelves.
  • It has a fast freeze function with a capacity of freezing 142 litres.
  • Its noise levels don’t surpass 43 dBs.


  • It is quite large, so it suffers a chance of not fitting through your door.
  • It doesn’t have reversible doors. 

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4. HRF-522IG6 Freestanding American Fridge Freezer By Haier

HRF-522IG6 American Fridge Freezer By Haier

A sleek and modern American fridge freezer is also showcased within Haier’s side-by-side range, and it is gorgeous. The stainless steel fridge has a storage space of ten shelves, four wide drawers and several compartments on the side doors that, according to the manufacturers, can fit about 28 shopping bags in total. The 522 American style fridge freezers’ dimensions cover a height of 179 cm, width of 90.8 cm and a depth of 65.5 cm. Promoting a more efficient utilisation, Haier has separated the fridge and freezer by devising their components on either side of the unit. The vast right side is exclusively used for cooling, whereas the more narrow left side functions as a freezer.

When it comes to combining beauty and brawl, the side by side Haier machine is the best American style fridge freezer because it has a built-in door handle that reduces space waste and simply looks beautiful in any kitchen. The door interior contains a touch-screen control panel that allows you to control the fridge freezer’s temperature levels and adjust its settings according to your needs. As with the best American fridge freezers, the Haier unit also maintains a multi-flow technology that circulates the cold air evenly on the entirety of the fridge freezer, keeping the ingredients fresh and tastier for longer. 


  • It comes with a two-year warranty by Haier.
  • It satisfies a 333 litre capacity for the fridge and 177 litres for the freezer.
  • It has special cabinets for fruits and vegetables.
  • It supports a full frost-free function that keeps the food in great condition.
  • It is coated with high-grade, flame-retardant material.
  • It contains a non-plumbing water dispenser and an automatic ice-maker.


  • The water dispenser is prone to spilling water while filling.
  • It is not the best energy-efficient choice on the market.

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5. MQ79394FFB American Style Fridge Freezer By Fridgemaster

American Style Fridge Freezer By Fridgemaster

The best American style fridge freezers are designed with ideas of spaciousness and functionality, a duo that is fully applied to Fridgemaster’s multi-door model. The freestanding fridge freezer has an energy rating of A+++ and measures at the height of 181 cm, a width of 79 cm, and a depth of 64 cm. The four-door openings supply a storage space of 378 litres in total, that is further divided into 249 litres for the fridge and 129 litres for the freezer. According to Fridgemaster, the freestanding model can hold about 21 shopping bags which is more than enough for middle to large-sized families.

By supporting a multi-flow technology, the stainless steel fridge and freezer advance an even spread of temperature that results in crispy fresh food. The frost-free freezer also has an inverter compressor that is notorious for maintaining the unit in good shape for years on end. The inverter does not only sustain its longevity for extended periods but also helps the multi-door model to run more efficiently, cutting back on energy waste and noise production levels. You can also cut back the cost of a mechanic because the American fridge freezer supports a hassle-free installation that can be effortlessly achieved with a little trial and error.


  • Good value for money.
  • It is relatively lightweight compared to the other models.
  • It has a multi-cooling and freezing function that starts instantly.
  • It comes with adjustable front-feet for a comfortable arrangement.
  • Its annual energy consumption levels circle 383 kWh.


  • It doesn’t have a water and ice dispenser.
  • Its exterior coating is prone to storing fingerprint marks.
  • Its doors are a little stiff, which requires some force for them to close properly.

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6. MS91515DFF Freestanding American Fridge Freezer By Fridgemaster

MS91515DFF Freestanding American Fridge Freezer By Fridgemaster

Another model from Fridgemaster is rightfully labelled as one of the best American fridge freezers because it offers a great range of features at the best price. With an exceptional capacity of 337 litres for the fridge and 177 litres for the freezer, the freestanding side-by-side model will surely give you all the space you need and then some more. This range of American fridge freezers maintains a height of 178 cm, a width of 91 cm and a depth of 64 cm that will fit into most traditional kitchens with a little help from willpower.

The Fridgemaster model includes a fully frost-free freezer that reduces the time for cleaning ice and substitutes it with a reliable freezing production that keeps the food fresh at all times. You can also take advantage of the pre-programmed super cool and super freeze functions that automatically lower the unit’s temperature levels to match with the needs of each ingredient. Lastly, the energy rating of A+++ and the multi air-flow technology that reduces the power consumption levels of cooling, guarantee that you are investing in an American fridge freezer that will pay you back in the long run. 


  • It is the best budget-friendly model on the market.
  • It has a non-plumbed water dispenser.
  • It’s designed with a handy LED display with easy touch buttons.
  • It has a child-lock feature that prevents hazards and accidents.
  • It has a Fresh Zone drawer that optimises the humidity levels for fruits and vegetables.


  • Its compartments are more narrow than other models’.
  • Its freezer doesn’t have a compelling freezing capacity.
  • It emits detectable noise levels while operating.

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7. RS68N8941SL American Style Fridge Freezer By Samsung

RS68N8941SL American Style Fridge Freezer By Samsung

If you’re looking to get an American fridge freezer that is manufactured by a well-known brand, then this model by Samsung is the best choice for you. The fantastic 613 model takes smart living to a whole new level by introducing some of the most incredible features that you never thought you could find in a fridge freezer. Thanks to its Twin Cooling Plus feature, the unit will seamlessly allocate the cooling levels separately between the fridge and the freezer. This will not only promote an even distribution of temperature, but it will also eliminate the need to defrost.

The main reason why Samsung’s products are among the most reliable American fridge freezers is that they integrate a digital inverter compressor that secures an efficient operation while minimising noise production. The unit measures at 178 cm for height, 91.2 cm for width and 71.6 depth, making it very useful for larger families. Staying loyal to Samsung’s excellence, this American fridge freezer incorporates a touch-screen exterior that packs a lot of incredible features within its system. You can use the control panel to plan your schedule, shop virtually, listen to music or even watch films as you cook. And if you’re unsure if you have all the ingredients for the family dinner, you can simply head over your phone and watch the inside of the fridge, in real-time. 


  • It comes with a five-year warranty by Samsung.
  • Its digital inverter compressor is guaranteed for ten years.
  • It supplies with 383 litres capacity for the fridge and 210 litres for the freezer.
  • It has a plumbed in water and ice dispenser that’s capable of producing crushed or cubed ice.
  • It has a Vacation Mode that keeps it running on low settings to preserve energy.


  • The bottom shelves are dimly lit, which is problematic when using its camera.
  • Some customers encountered problems with it playing radio.
  • There’s no dripping tray for the ice machine.

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8. RS50N3513SA EU & American Style Fridge Freezer By Samsung

RS50N3513SA EU & American Style Fridge Freezer By Samsung

If you’re determined to get a Samsung model but aren’t willing to spend a fortune, then you might find the RS3000 series very agreeable. With overall dimensions of 178 cm of height, 91.2 cm of width and 73.4 cm of depth, this American fridge freezer can contain a whopping 500 litres of food categorised into smart compartments. The unit incorporates an All-Around Cooling feature that evenly scatters the cold air throughout the fridge, resulting in fresher, crisper and healthier foods. The metal graphite exterior and the energy-efficient interior make this Samsung American fridge freezer a must-have for those who want to get elegance along with functionality.

The incredible machine also supports a frost-free operation that ensures you don’t have to worry about defrosting ever again. Whenever you’re done with the grocery shopping, you can assuredly get home and start stacking up the vegetables on the special drawer that preserves its nutrients for as long as can be. Samsung’s Power Freeze feature will drop down the temperature at your desired levels instantly, so you can rest at knowing your food is in good care. Once you’re done with all the stacking, you can activate the fridge’s Vacation mode that lowers the energy consumption levels and ensures that you get the memorable trips you’ve been planning since forever.


  • It comes with a five-year warranty by Samsung.
  • It has an energy rating class of A+++.
  • It hosts a handy wine rack that can be used for storing bottles.
  • It has built-in water and ice dispenser (that requires plumbing).
  • It operates with the digital inverter compressor that is warranted for ten years.


  • Some customers encountered problems with ice and water dispenser.
  • The integrated drawers don’t open up all the way, which may be an inconvenience.
  • It doesn’t have a quiet operation.

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9. RH90FF176SS American Style Fridge Freezer By Russell Hobbs

RH90FF176SS American Style Fridge Freezer By Russell Hobbs

For those of you that are familiar with kitchen appliances, you’ll know that Russell Hobbs is one of the most dependable manufacturers on the market. That is why this series of American fridge freezers are making customers worldwide as happy as they can be. With a gorgeous black design and a large capacity of 510 litres, this fridge freezer measures at the height of 178.8 cm, a width of 89.5 cm and a height of 74.5 cm. To make sure that you get all the storage you need, Russell Hobbs has included ten door racks, seven shelves and four drawers divided almost evenly between the fridge and the freezer.

Following the example of the most useful American fridge freezers, this model by Russel Hobbs also features a frost-free operation that reduces ice build-up and deems defrosting unnecessary. If you want to get friendly with the environment and save some pounds while you’re at it, the fridge’s energy-efficiency will come to your aid. Its energy rating of A++ and the multi air-flow feature ensures that the unit only consumes the required amount of power to run, and further uses that power with the highest appreciation of cost-effectiveness. 


  • It has a high fridge capacity of 345 litres and a freezer capacity of 192 litres.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty by Russell Hobbs.
  • It is designed with a four-bottle wine rack for added convenience.
  • It has a four-star freezer rating.
  • It has a built-in water dispenser unit.


  • It emits a loud noise while running.
  • Some customers experienced problems with its interface showing false errors.

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10. RQ560N4WB1 American Style Fridge Freezer By Hisense

RQ560N4WB1 American Style Fridge Freezer By Hisense

The last American fridge freezer in this list is provided to us by Hisense, and it has a gorgeous black matte design. Mapping an overall body of 181 cm in height, 79.4 cm in width and 70 cm in depth, this American fridge freezer is best suited for those who want to get around their machines with as much ease as possible. Designed with four individual doors, the Hisense American fridge has a handy LCD control panel and a convenient touch-screen display that makes customisation approachable for all the members of the family.

Equipped with a frost-free technology that’s more advanced than its competitors’, the 509-litre American fridge assures that manual defrosting will be a thing of the past. This range of American fridge freezers also hosts a Super Freeze function that intelligently stabilises the temperature levels of the freezer, making it ready to contain all the succulents into your fruit and vegetables. Another feature showcased within Hisense’s range of American fridge freezers is also the integrated water dispenser that is carefully crafted to provide with fresh, cold water every time without having to be plumbed in beforehand. 


  • It has an A+ energy rating.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty by Hisense.
  • It can sustain about 315 litres in the fridge and 194 litres in the freezer.
  • It has three customisable compartments that can use different temperature levels.
  • It supports a Multi Air-flow feature for an even cooling circulation.


  • It is only delivered to your doorstep or garage.
  • Its lack of door handles makes it more prone to fingerprint marks.

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American Fridge Freezer Buying Guide

If you want to get an appliance that intelligently stores all the grocery shopping with much ease, then an American style freezer is the best way to go. Because they are usually larger, divided into compartments and packed with essential features that keep the food cold, frozen, nutritious and tasty. These fridge freezers are all too good to ignore. After you’ve taken the meter ruler out and measured the dimensions of your kitchen, the next big step is looking for the best product that perfectly matches your needs.


American Fridge Freezer Buying Guides

American fridge freezers are large, but not all models employ a uniform design. The basic layout for these fridges includes a double compartment build that is divided into a fridge and another freezer section.

Most American fridges have a height that’s above 170 cm, but they do differ in width. Based on the requirements of your kitchen, you can assess if you need a narrow (<85 cm), standard (<95 cm) or wide fridge type (+95 cm).

Another thing to note about the exterior design of these fridges is that they are usually designed with different door styles. The unit can either have double doors (left and right), or multiple doors that typically come in the shape of four.

Even though more sophisticated designs do cost more, they are more efficient in the long run because they reduce the energy-consumption levels by only opening sections of the fridge and not its entirety. 


A regular American style fridge freezer has a capacity of 500 litres, which can get higher as its price does too. If you spend a little more time surfing online, you will be able to find fridges with as much as 800 litres, capable of storing about 50 bags of grocery at a time. However, the most important thing you need to know about a fridge’s capacity is that it doesn’t matter how big it is, but rather, how good its space utilisation is. With that in mind, you should look to get fridges that have a lot of shelves, compartments, drawers, and preferably, wine racks. Poorly designed units usually have a high capacity that goes to waste because you can’t fit anything in the excessive space between the drawers, so you should do your best to find a clutter-free product that matches your needs.

Temperature Regulation

American Fridge Freezer Buying Guide

To keep food looking and tasting as good as it does when first purchased, you need a fridge that promotes an even distribution of cold air throughout its entire space.

Most updated fridges use unique technologies that provide general air circulation or specific temperature markings for separated compartments.

This is most favourable when you want to get your ice cream to be crispy but can’t risk the cheese freezing off. As for maintenance, you should know that there are a lot of handy options available that remove the process of defrosting altogether – so you can enjoy a hassle-free life.

Water and Ice Dispenser

One of the most fan-favourite features of American style fridges is the water and ice function that’s integrated within the unit. These dispensers are capable of producing cold water on demand, and sometimes even create different textures of ice such as crushed or cubed. Before you get too excited, you should be aware of the model you’re purchasing since not all dispensers are plumbed in. If you get a plumbed-in dispenser that means that your unit will need to be refilled now and then for it to produce water and ice. On the other instance, all you must do is connect it straight to your power supply and enjoy the freshness of a nice, cold drink.


Q: Which is the best American style fridge freezer?

A: The best American style fridge freezer is manufactured by Samsung, and it includes the RS52N3313SL freestanding model. This range of American fridge freezers is the best because it is effortless to install, it has a large fridge and freezer capacity, and it is packed with a lot of smart features that make its operation and maintenance easy.

Q: How long should an Americal style fridge freezer last?

A: On average, American fridge freezers are built to last for about 15 years on continuous use. Good maintenance, higher energy rating and sturdier materials all contribute to this duration, with some of them even making it up to 20 years. Ultimately, all that matters is how much you care for your unit.

Q: Do American fridge freezers need plumbing in?

A: No, most American fridge freezers don’t require to be plumbed in, as that is one of the most crucial features that their customers are most interested in. However, for fridge freezers that have an ice and water dispenser, plumbing in may sometimes be necessary. For sophisticated units that integrate water and ice dispensers in their plumbed-in systems, all you need to do is get water frequently and refill the tank.

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