The 10 Best Ant Killer Reviews For UK Homes (2022)

Best Ant Killer Reviews

Last Updated on January 11, 2022

Ants are such a nuisance and when summer rolls around, they come in their hundreds and get into places they shouldn’t.

To save you the drama of going through different products looking for the best ant killer, we’ve rounded up effective products that will do the job. Don’t forget to check out our review and buying guide!

Our Top 3 Ant Killer Picks
1. The Best Ant Killer By Vitax
2. The Best Heavy-Duty Ant Killer By Defenders
3. The Best Ant Killer For Nests By Home Defense

Product Testing & Comparing

We reviewed the best pest control options for homes overrun by ants. Comparing them was tough but in the end, we selected the best and ranked them according to a strict set of guidelines.

  1. Versatility against ants and other bugs.
  2. How long applications remain active.
  3. Type.
  4. Safety features.

Undoubtedly, the effectiveness against ants is the most important aspect of these products. But safety and cost-effectiveness (mostly supported by long-lasting applications) are also important. We ranked the products with our favourite at the very top, although we found them all to be excellent products.

That being said, the top 3 are especially useful if you want a single product that offers you long-term solutions.

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The Best Ant Killers Reviewed In 2022

1. Vitax Ltd Nippon ‎B000TAP1IW

The Best Ant Killer

Nippon Ant Killer Powder By Vitax Ltd

Product Specifications

  • Targets: Ants, cockroaches, wasps, and more.
  • Type: Powder.
  • Special feature: Applications last up to 6 months.

Our team of reviewers voted this powder as the top choice to deal with an ant infestation in and around your home. It contains highly active ingredients which makes it a powerful agent against ants but also other bugs. Indeed, we found that the handy bottle also deals with pests like cockroaches, earwigs, beetles, silverfish, woodlice and many other crawling insects.

With a long-lasting effect, you can expect weeks of no ants both inside the home and outdoors. Despite containing permethrin (a durable insecticidal compound), the powder is safe for both children and pets. It’s also straightforward to use; just dust onto points of access, like window frames, doorsteps, cracks and crevices and the best ant killer powder will do the rest.


  • Easy to apply.
  • Safe to use around pets and children.
  • Long lasting effects.
  • Suitable for both indoors and outdoors.
  • Will probably work on carpenter ants, fire ants, and a lot of other ant species.


  • Toxic to aquatic life.

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2. Defenders Ant Killer Powder B00JF0TFYI

The Best Heavy Duty Ant Killer

Defenders Ant And Insect Killer Powder By Stv International

Product Specifications

  • Targets: Ants, cockroaches, earwigs and woodlice.
  • Type: Powder:
  • Special feature: Kills on contact.

Our team was so impressed by the powdery success of the first product that we decided to list another powder repellent at number 2. So, if this is also your preferred type, here’s what our reviewers liked about this shaker!

Defenders Ants Powder gives you a highly effective ant killer that eradicates more than ants. You can also control cockroaches, woodlice, earwigs, silverfish, and bedbugs. It comes in an easy to use puffer container that allows faster delivery to the required area. 

If your problem is severe, then there is hope. This powder kills pests on contact, preventing them from running away and multiplying. Its highly-effective formula contains permethrin, which is toxic to ants and other insects.

Our verdict? It’s a great powder to use around kitchens, patios, garages, gardens, and storage units.


  • Kills quickly.
  • Easy to use and store.
  • Suitable for applications in cracks and crevices.
  • 1 bottle treats up to 25m² of space.


  • Very indiscriminate. Can kill non-pest insect species.

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3. Home Defence Ant Stop! ‎B01CNEM3H8

The Best Ant Killer For Nests

Ant Stop! Granules By Home Defence

Product Specifications

  • Targets: Ant nests.
  • Type: Granules.
  • Special feature: Attracts ants with a sugar-based carrier.

We get it. Sometimes, destroying a line of ants marching across the window sill won’t stop the invasion. We looked for a product to deal with pretty severe problems where the entire colony needs to go. Our reviewers looked at several options but selected these granules as the top nest bomb.

Specially formulated with an attractive taste and long-lasting effect, ants take the poison back to their nests where the granules keep on working.

The granules can be applied by hand directly into open nests or mixed with water in a watering can for cracks and crevices. This product is so powerful that sometimes all it takes to exterminate a nest is a single application. It is supplied in a convenient shaker container for those who do not wish to come in direct contact with the granules.


  • Contains ingredients that kills colonies in a single application.
  • Irresistable to ants.
  • Designed to be carried back to ant nests.
  • Can be used as granules or diluted in water.


  • Harmful to aqualic life.

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4. Home Defense Antstop! ‎B01BJVDH3K

The Top Ant Bait Station

Ant Stop! Bait Station By Antstop

Product Specifications

  • Targets: Ants.
  • Type: Bait stations (4).
  • Special feature: Reduces ant activity within 3 to 6 days.

If you prefer something cleaner or more contained than powder and granules, then a bait station is a great alternative. With this offer, you get 4 stations that you can place throughout your home. The traps are designed to attract ants, so you don’t have to do anything else but place them near problem areas.

The traps contain contains fipronil, a slow-acting ant poison that gradually takes effect from the moment of contact up until the ant gets back to the nest. This feature guarantees the elimination of the entire colony within 1-3 weeks. Each bait station also lasts for up to 3 months.


  • Slow acting poison ensures the bait is carried back to the nest.
  • Ready to use.
  • Can eliminate an entire colony .
  • Sealed container protects pets.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Strong formula that lasts up to three months after opening.


  • Breaking off the snaps requires a little extra effort.

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5. Rentokil RKLPS136 Insectrol Insect Killer

The Best Ant Spray

Insectrol Insect Killer By Rentokil

Product Specifications

  • Targets: Fleas, ants, cockroaches, earwigs, bedbugs and flies.
  • Type: Aerosol.
  • Special feature: Effects last for days when sprayed on a surface.

If you prefer a spray, Rentokil offers something that is perfect for combatting ants and other bothersome insects in your home and garden. After our team took this home and put it through its paces, we are happy to say that it effectively gets rid of things like ants, wasps, lice, cockroaches, fleas, and bedbugs.

Offering you long-lasting protection, the spray is easy to use, fast-acting and can be applied in cracks, bedroom areas, skirting boards, garages and many other problem areas. The persistent residual activity, largely due to permethrin and d-allethrin, keeps your surfaces and other places free of insects.


  • Potent, long-lasting insect-killing compounds.
  • Easy to use.
  • Effective against a wide range of insects.


  • Must be handled carefully around pets.

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6. Buysmart Products 5L Ant Gone B00IN4HKKI

The Best Large Liquid Ant Killer

5L Ant Gone Ant Killer By Buysmart Products

Product Specifications

  • Targets: Ant nests, crickets, ticks, moths and more.
  • Type: Liquid.
  • Special features: Disinfects area for up to 3 months.

This product is a great choice if you have a big ant problem and you prefer a ready-to-use liquid solution. The can, which contains 5 litres of ant killer, acts as a watering can (a feature that our team found especially useful). You can simply pour the liquid without preparation or adding any attachments.

The fast-acting liquid eradicates entire ant nests but can also get rid of other insects around the home. You can use it against crickets, cockroaches, ticks, bedbugs, booklice, silverfish, mosquitoes, moths, mites, beetles and centipedes in and around your house. One bottle covers up to 50ft² and the effects last up to 3 months after application.


  • Fast acting.
  • Long lasting.
  • Fights wide array of species.
  • Suitable to use inside the home and garden.
  • Works on both porous and non-porous surfaces.
  • The active agent that last up to 12 weeks.


  • A strong smell.

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7. Vitax Nippon Ant & Crawling Insect Killer Spray ‎B000TAP1R8

The Best Hand Pump Ant Killer Spray

best ant killer spray

Product Specifications

  • Targets: Ants and other crawling insects.
  • Type: Liquid spray.
  • Special feature: Suitable for pet bedding.

Since some of our reviewers are pet lovers and owners, they had a valid concern. How safe are these ant killers around our pooches? After scouring the top options, we selected this ready-to-use liquid that can be safely used on pet beds to kill both ants and fleas.

The handy and ergonomic spray bottle contains 750 ml of fast-acting agents that kill on contact, a bonus if you want to get rid of fast critters like cockroaches and fleas. Besides pet bedding, you can also use this product on soft furnishings and in food preparation areas.


  • A handy spray bottle.
  • Ready to use.
  • Suitable for pet bedding.
  • Kills quickly.


  • Highly toxic to aquatic life.

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8. Vitax Nippon Ant Control System B000TAW31A

The Top Bait Stations with Refill Tubs

Nippon Ant Control System By Vitax Ltd

Product Specifications

  • Targets: Ants.
  • Type: Bait stations.
  • Special feature: Comes with refills.

We loved this baiting system because it comes with two handy and well-designed stations and also 2 tubes of bait to refill the traps. Together, they offer you a long-lasting solution to reduce the number of ants in your home and other problem areas. At its most effective, you can expect this liquid ant bait to completely exterminate a nest within 10 days.

Our team also appreciated the thought and cleverness that went into the creation of the bait, which contains a mixture of honey, sugar and Spinosad – the latter being very poisonous to ants while being virtually harmless to most beneficial insects in the environment.


  • Slow-acting liquid ant poison ensures the bait reaches the colony.
  • Easy to use.
  • Refillable,
  • Organic-based liquid ant bait.
  • Will not affect most beneficial insects.


  • For optimal results, you may need to use more than suggested quantity of baid.

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9. Zero In Dual Action Gel Ant Bait B007EAH7AU

The Best Gel Ant Bait

best gel ant bait

Product Specifications

  • Targets: Ants.
  • Type: Bait stations.
  • Special feature: Child and pet safe.

If you’re worried about using ant killer products around your kids and pets, it’s essential to get something that is safe. Our safety-conscious reviewers hunted down this useful 2-pack ant station and decided that this was a perfect way to deal with those worries. The system comes with a highly-effective gel bait to deal with your ant problem while it’s specifically designed to give access only to tiny ants.

The bait stations are also ready to use. Each covers a large area, up to 8 sq m, and also helps to eliminate or reduce the size of ant nests. They also last long, offering you an affordable way to control your pest problem.


  • Two stations.
  • Safe for pets and kids.
  • Safe for other types of insects.
  • Long lasting.
  • Covers a big area.


  • Toxic to aquatic life.

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10. Quqoo Ultra-Strong Ant Killer B0977L19J3

The Best Ultra-Strong Ant Killer Spray

the best ultra strong ant killer spray

Product Specifications

  • Targets: Ants, woodlice, earwigs, cockroaches, and fleas.
  • Type: Liquid spray.
  • Special feature: Kills black, Argentine and pharaoh ants.

Nobody likes ants to suffer but when they are being a serious pest around the home, the best one can do is to get a product that kills on contact. This extra-strong spray instantly kills several species of ants and other insects. Our reviewers also loved the fact that after an area is treated, an application or two can effectively prevent reinfestation.

The bottle is easy to handle and ready to use. You can spray surfaces as well as hard-to-reach places like cracks and behind furniture.


  • Comes with a safety nozzle.
  • Kills on contact.
  • Ready to use.
  • Stops ants from coming back.


  • Not suitable for outdoors.

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Your Ant Killer Buying Guide

If you have a problem with ants and want to resort to using pest control, our guide will help you to choose the best one for your home and situation.

The Type

Ant killers come in different forms, each perfect for a particular kind of ant problem. Granules, ant baits and ant killer gel are ideal for eliminating nests and colonies. Granules, ant baits and gels are also very convenient, requiring you just to apply and get on with your business. But, if you wish to enforce a more hands-on solution, liquid insecticides and aerosol can spray is the answer.

The Target

Not all ants can be eliminated in the same way as some are harder than others. While common ants and meadow ants can be easily controlled with most of the products on the market, fire ants are much more difficult to control. If your target is a colony of fire ants, go for a product made explicitly for fire ant solutions.

User and Environmental Safety

It is essential to search for an ant killer that is safe for general use. Also, many products are safe to use around pets and children, though, in the case of liquids and sprays, it is advised to wait until they’re completely dried. If environmental impact is a big deal to you (which you know it should be), then perhaps you need to make sure that’s not the kind of product you’re buying.


Q: What kills ants instantly?

A: Insecticides are a sure way to kill ants instantly.

Q: How to get rid of ants UK?

A: You can use liquid baits and traps, placed at strategic locations or close to their nests. You can also use direct insecticides, ant granules or sprays. Natural remedies include making a DIY ant trap out of sugar and borax, sprinkling food grade diatomaceous earth to dry them out, sprinkling cornmeal grit on infested areas, using essential oils or vinegar or sprinkling cinnamon powder.

Q: Ant bait stations how do they work?

A: Ant bait stations usually comprise of containers that house the bait. The bait is typically a mixture of the deadly but slow-acting chemical with an irresistible sweet base-usually sugar and honey. Ants are lured to the bait and carry these mixtures back to the colony.

Q: Is ant killing powder harmful to humans?

A: This depends on the composition of the powder. While some ant powders tend to cause skin irritations, the effects aren’t exactly lethal. However, it is ill-advised to ingest ant killing powder. To be safe, read the safety instructions on the pack.

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