The 10 Best Ant Killer Reviews For UK Homes (2021)

Best Ant Killer Reviews

Last Updated on May 5, 2021

Ants are such a nuisance and when summer rolls around, they come in their hundreds and get into places they shouldn’t.

To save you the drama of going through different products looking for the best ant killer, we’ve rounded up effective products that will do the job. Check out our review and buying guide.

The Best Ant Killers Reviewed In 2021

1. Nippon Ant Killer Powder By Vitax Ltd

Nippon Ant Killer Powder By Vitax Ltd

The best ant killer is the Nippon Ant Killer Powder By Vitax Ltd. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Nippon Ant Killer is the perfect answer to an ant infestation in and around your home. The best ant killer powder possesses highly active ingredients that will not only get rid of ants but also cockroaches, earwigs, beetles, silverfish, woodlice and many other crawling insects.

Its long-lasting effect will make it a perfect ants killing solution for both indoors and around the outside. Nippon Home Ant Killer Powder contains permethrin; the best insecticidal compound that gives the product a long-lasting capacity. Once dusted into cracks, corners, crevices and crawlways, it creates an intolerant environment for ants and other insect pests that come to eat the food you leave and lasts up to 6 months.

Nippon Home Ant Killer Powder is safe for both children and pets. Once applied, there is no need to exclude your kids or your dogs and cats from the treated areas. The best Ant Killer Powder is also straightforward to use; just dust onto points of access, like window frames, doorsteps, cracks and crevices and the best ant killer powder will do the rest.


  • The best ant killer is easy to apply, others are not even close
  • Using the best ant solution is safe to use around pets and children
  • The best ant killer has long lasting effects
  • The best ant killer is suitable for both indoors and outdoors
  • Will probably work on carpenter ants, fire ants, and a lot of other ant species


  • Not greata for use on soft furnishings

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2. Defenders Ant And Insect Killer Powder By Stv International

Defenders Ant And Insect Killer Powder By Stv International

Second best product you will like is the Defenders Ants Killer Powder By Stv International. We gave our pick number two a 5/5 star rating.

Defenders Ants Powder give you all the exciting features you desire in an ant killing powder at a give away price. This highly effective ant killer doesn’t just stop at ants as it is also fully capable of eradicating cockroaches, woodlice, earwigs, silverfish, bedbugs and many other members of the crawling menace.

It is the best for use in homes and gardens and will provide all-around protection from ants that eat your food for an extended period. Defenders Ant and Insect Powder come in an easy to use puffer container that allows faster delivery of the chemical to the required area. 

This best puffer design will enable users to be able to deliver the powder in hard to reach cracks and crevices. It ensures maximum storage and prevents exposure of the dust to the elements when not in use. Defenders Ant and Insect Powder kills on contact.

Its highly-effective formula contains permethrin, which is highly toxic to ants and other insect pests who come for your food. Its best ant killing formula will make it ideal for use in kitchens, patios, garages, gardens, storage units, and general home surroundings.


  • The best formula that kills ants and other insect pests on contact, others actually work nowhere near as fast as this one
  • The best ant killing powder in a convenient, easy to use and store puffer bottle
  • Our pick number two is easy to apply in cracks and crevices
  • This pest control will make sure to kill carpenter ants, fire ants and other pests.
  • 1 bottle of this house ant powder treats near to 25m² of space


  • May not be suitable to work on wet areas
  • Very indiscriminate and kills every other insect

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3. Ant Stop! Granules By Home Defence

Ant Stop! Granules By Home Defence

Third best solution for ants is the Ant Stop! Granules By Home Defence. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Our number three product easily qualifies as one of the best ant stop granules in the UK. Home Defence Ant Stop! Pellets are specially formulated to exterminate ants by the nests! This advanced ant stops product functions as a gradual killer, so ants can take it back to their mounds, where what will follow is a complete annihilation of the entire ant colony.

The granules are made from incredibly alluring sugar-based carrier ants simply cannot resist. Home Defence Ant Stop! Granules can be applied by hand directly into open nests or mixed with water in a watering can for cracks and crevices. Its best formulation and guaranteed rate of success have Home Defence Ant Stop! Climbing fast to becoming the best outdoor ants killer in the UK market.

The primary reason why everyone loves the best Home Defence Ant Stop! Granules are its guaranteed complete eradication of an ant colony in singular application. Its best formula combines with the sugar base to ensure ants will take the pellets back to their nest. The formulation of the best ant killers works like a ticking time bomb, taking full effect once it has reached the nest and eliminating the ants and other pests away from the source itself, and all these are achieved through just a single spread!

Another outstanding feature of this effective outdoor ants killer is that it does not limit its use to solid granules alone. Besides applying the granules directly into the mound, you can also dissolve in water and apply to harder-to-reach nests with a watering can. Home Defence Ant Stop! Pellets contain Spinosad, an active natural component that is potent both in solid and liquid carriers.

It is supplied in a convenient shaker container for those who do not wish to come in direct contact with the granules for one reason or the other. The shaker container allows you to apply the pellets into the nests or measure out for dilution without stress.


  • These ant killers contain an amazing natural ingredient that kills colonies in single spread
  • A guaranteed, irresistible formula that is sure to lure ants
  • These ant killers are specially designed to allow ants to take back to nests for complete extermination
  • Can be used stable or diluted in water to keep the ants away for a long time
  • Comes in an easy to use shaker pack to fix your ant problem


  • May not be applicable to indoor use
  • Target group isn’t including small fire ants

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4. Ant Stop! Bait Station By Antstop

Ant Stop! Bait Station By Antstop

Fourth best solution if you have ants around is the Ant Stop! Bait Station By Antstop. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

This product from Home Defence is a favourite mention in numerous ant bait station reviews and with good reason. Ant Bait Station provides an effective solution for controlling ant infestation in homes and surroundings. This ant stop bait station is designed to not only attract ants but also have them take the bait back to their colonies using the same ant trails for complete destruction.

Ant Bait Station is an effective ant killer UK homeowners need to give a chance. The product is rightly priced, given its extremely potent feature. It can be applied both inside and outside so you can control ants invading your house, kitchen, garage, sheds, stores, gardens, lawns and patios.

It is easy to use, requires little instructions and guarantees that you will see the best outcome. Ant stop deserves an accolade for coming up with an impressive ant bait station like this one. Many people especially like how you do not need to get your hands messy when applying this ant bait station. Ant Bait stations are enclosed with a little opening at the sides small enough for ants to enter but not wide enough for your fingers.

All you have to do is buy, peel the plastic covering at the indicated entrance off and set at strategic locations. The bait station does the rest. Ant Bait Station can be used both inside and outside. A single station once positioned beside nests in the house or around the gardens is potent enough to exterminate one nest.

Ant Stop! Bait Station also contains fipronil, a slow-acting ant poison which gradually takes effect from the moment of contact up until the ant gets back to the Queen. This feature guarantees the elimination of the entire colony within 1-3 weeks, approx. 15 days. The effect of the liquid ant baits lasts up to three months after they are opened. Ant! Stop! Bait Station can also be used all year round.


  • Slow acting poison compound that will make sure the bait is carried back to the nest for maximum effect
  • Ready to use small pre-baited stations to keep the pests away for a long time
  • These great ant baits will work best to eliminate an entire colony of ants if you need
  • Sealed container that provides the bait is inaccessible to touch or pets
  • These ant killers are very suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Strong formula that lasts up to three months after opening


  • Breaking off the snaps may need extra effort

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5. Insectrol Insect Killer By Rentokil

Insectrol Insect Killer By Rentokil

Fifth best solution if you have ants around is the Insectrol Insect Killer By Rentokil. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Rentokil returns to our review list with a house ants killer formulated explicitly for indoor use. The insectrol house Killer spray is perfect to combat ants and other bothersome insects in your homes and small gardens. This insecticide spray effectively does away with ants, wasps, lice, cockroaches, fleas, bedbugs and most other crawling and flying insects in your home.

It offers long-lasting protection, making sure those nasty buggers never return for a very long while. Rentokil Insectrol is easy to use and guarantees you’ll see the best outcome making it an ideal indoor ant killer choice for ‘DIY’ers. It is fast-acting, very affordable and can be applied in cracks, bedroom areas, skirting boards, garages and many other areas.

Rentokil Insectrol comes in a very easy to use 240ml aerosol can, which will make the spread very stress free. Diy’ers find this to be especially handy, as all they have to do is pick up the box, shake well, point and spray to wherever they wish. It has a very persistent residual activity.

It contains permethrin and d-allethrin; a deadly combo for house ants and other small insect pests. Once applied, Rentokil Insectrol maintains a patrolling nature on the affected area as its effects can still be felt by ants and insects long afterwards.


  • Uses potent, long-lasting insect-killing compounds keep the small pests away
  • Residual activity in and around the house will last for a long time for the outcome you’ll like to see
  • These ants killers come in an easy to use spray can to solve your problems
  • These ants killers are effective against ants and a range of other insects


  • Strong, pungent unpleasant smell that people don’t like and it won’t go away easily

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6. 5L Ant Gone Ant Killer By Buysmart Products

5L Ant Gone Ant Killer By Buysmart Products

Sixth best solution for ants inside your home is the 5L Ant Gone Ant Killer By Buysmart Products. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

A positive response to bothersome ants in your vicinity, Buysmart Ant Gone lives up to its name and reputation. Its new formula will make it an almost unrivalled insect pest killer in the market. Buysmart Ant Gone is a fast-acting agent that eradicates ants, and a wide range of other insect pests that come for your food.

This superior insecticide eliminates crickets, cockroaches, ticks, bedbugs, booklice, silverfish, mosquitoes, moths, mites, beetles and centipedes in and around your house. Buysmart Ant Gone insecticide can be applied both inside and outside, on both porous and non-porous areas.

Fast, easy to use, very potent and offered at a high price, this product is a productive garden and lawn, ant killer. This extremely potent all-purpose ants insecticide comes in a unique ready to use 5-litre watering can and you can use it in your home or even around the house. Users ‘don’t need to transfer to a sprayer; just buy and apply to surfaces you desire, and all ants and other insect species that come for your food are history.

Buysmart Ants Gone comprises a new microemulsion formulation that contains Deltamethrin; which an extremely effective insect killing compound. This isn’t its only outstanding feature, as its 5-litre size is also enough to cover as much as 50ft². It is also extremely potent, with effects lasting up to 3 months after the spread.


  • Unique, fast-acting, micro-emulsion formula keeps the pests away for a long time
  • These ants killers come in a convenient ready to use watering can
  • Effective against an extensive range of ants and insect pests in and around your house
  • These ant killers work on both porous and non-porous surfaces
  • These great ant killers use an active agent that last up to 12 weeks


  • These ant killers produce strong smell that may linger for a while when used indoors

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7. 1L Ant And Crawling Insect Spray By Rentokil

1L Ant And Crawling Insect Spray By Rentokil

Seventh best product you can use for ants inside your home is the 1L Ant And Crawling Insect Spray By Rentokil. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

One of the most portable but effective insect pest control products, Decco Rentokil PS147, is a must-have ant spray. Sitting at number 7 on our review list, Decco Rentokil PS147 can be applied at any time of the year. Its reliable formula will make it one of the best indoor ant killer products available. Decco Rentokil PS147 eliminates not only ants but many other crawling and flying insects as well.

This fantastic ant killer can be used both indoors and outside, offering great value for your money. It is effortless to apply and leaves long-lasting effects that control and manage ants and pests in and around your home. Its impressive features make Decco Rentokil PS147 a very convenient ants killer for lawns and home gardens.

If you seek a convenient ant stop spray for that immediate response to ant activity, cockroaches, wasps, or any other critters, reach for this product! Decco Rentokil PS147 fast-acting and super powerful formula, it comes in a 1-litre ready to use spray bottle. This makes it one a very portable, yet quite a powerful ant killer spray. This way you get to enjoy the convenience when using the stuff with the utmost ease.

Decco Rentokil PS147 contains Cypermethrin, an extremely potent and quick effect, insect-killing compound. This makes it a very influential and versatile insecticide for both indoor and outdoor use. Its ready to use spray bottle also makes it stand out and attracts all insect pest controllers on the market.


  • Very potent, fast-acting ingredients act in very little time to keep the pests away
  • Using this great spray container is effortless and takes no time
  • These great ants killers are actually applicable to both indoor and outdoor use
  • This effective spray kills and controls not only ants but other insect pests as well
  • These ants killers are suitable for using in gardens and lawns


  • Appears as white patches that may be viewed as messy when sprayed on lawns. Some people don’t like that about these ant killers.

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8. Nippon Ant Control System By Vitax Ltd

Nippon Ant Control System By Vitax Ltd

Eighth best solution for ants inside your home is the Nippon Ant Control System By Vitax Ltd. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Perhaps one of the most famous names in the insect pest control environment, Nippon makes number 8 on our review list, but that ‘doesn’t in any way indicate its level of potential. Virtually every home has at one time or the other employed this product to clear out ants in garden settings or indoors, and attested to its potency.

Nippon Ant Control System is built for one particular use; to end the reign of terror, the ants have established in your home surroundings! This exciting product comprises two plastic ant traps and a liquid ant bait, combined to ensure complete extermination of ants and their nests.

Set at a price very affordable to the vast majority, Nippon Ant Control System is undoubtedly the best thing to kill ants with if you’re on a budget. Nippon Ant Control System gains huge acclaim from users because its devices are refillable. The product gives you two plastic traps and the best liquid Ant Killer.

All you have to do is refill the pitfalls with the liquid ant killers bait once you notice they’re empty. Users realize they get great value for their money as they can keep reemploying the plastic traps when they need to. One outstanding feature about Nippon Ant Control System is the exclusive nature of the bait.

While the liquid ant killer bait contains a mixture of honey, sugar and Spinosad – the latter being very poisonous to ants – it is virtually harmless to most beneficial insects in the environment. Nippon Ant Control System can also be used both inside and outside. It also boasts an efficient rate that guarantees death to the colony with a period of 7 to 10 days!


  • Slow-acting liquid ant poison that ensures the bait reaches the colony
  • Easy to use, refillable, two small plastic bait devices with food for ants that kills them
  • Organic-based liquid ant bait that is safe to use and will not affect most beneficial insects
  • The two plastic trap devices are very convenient for using on both indoors and outdoors infestation


  • May need to place more than instructed quantity of liquid ant bait in some cases. Users said they don’t like that about these ant killers.

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9. Ant Killer Bait Station Traps By Max Force

Ant Killer Bait Station Traps By Max Force

Ninth best product you can use for ants inside your home is the Ant Killer Bait Station Traps By Max Force. We gave it a 4/5 star rating. You can see the details and price on the links below.

Sitting at number 9 in our list is a product from the top manufacturer of pest-control products in the industry. Maxforce LN Ant Killer is our number 9 pick for this review, and well-deserving too. From a brand well renowned among pest controllers in the UK, Maxstop LN Ant Killer is the ultimate ant station for black carpenter ant infestation.

This fantastic product is specially formulated to control and eradicate ants, especially at the next level. Maxforce LN is very convenient, easy to use, and guarantees superb effectiveness. This sugar and honey-based ant bait are sure to attract ants in the vicinity. Inviting them to come feast on their doom. Maxforce LN is very inconspicuous, making it perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Everything around this product makes it the best ant killer on the market, and it’s worth every penny. Say goodbye to those nasty critters because the champion black ant bane is here to kill! Maxforce LN is fashioned to be an effective ant nest killer that exterminate ants down to their very colony. It employs an alluring technique by combining sugar, and honey, to attract ants.

This sweet bait is mixed with imidacloprid, which lures ants to feed on it and take back to their colony. This can eradicate a colony of ants within 7-14 days. Maxforce LN comes in a set of 3 best ant baits, that can be positioned discreetly both indoors and outdoors. This outstanding feature allows users to place the extremely effective ant bait in commercial and industrial surroundings, patios, pathways.

Another notable feature is its eco safe content. Maxforce LN is safe for the environment, people and pets. Its ease of use is also another outstanding feature. Just place the ant bait station anywhere near foraging spots, or nests, and watch them take their last meal.


  • Extremely potent matrix specially fashioned for black carpenter ants
  • Guaranteed to wipe out ant colony in 14 days and prevent future infestation on your property
  • You can see best results within two weeks of the application
  • Discreet and very easy to set up and keep ants away
  • Convenient for both indoor and outdoor use to solve your ant problem easily
  • These ants killers have environmental safe ingredients


  • Reviews don’t like that it is not suitable for areas like lawns, soils and flowerbeds

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10. Insecticidal Lacquer Surface Spray By Stv International

Insecticidal Lacquer Surface Spray By Stv International

Tenth best soultion for ants inside your home is the Insecticidal Lacquer Surface Spray By Stv International. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

This is an ant spray product that has contributed immensely to the pest control industry. Dethlac is a trusted name with a guaranteed rate of success that has been known for over 5 decades. It’s no surprise ‘you’d find it on shelves in virtually every pest control shop in the UK. This highly efficient insecticidal lacquer creates a powerful defensive and offensive system against ants and other insect pests that come for the food in your home.

Its no-nonsense formula is very persistent and will make it an excellent option for both indoor and outdoor applications. Best quality, efficient and very affordable, Dethlac Insecticidal Lacquer stands out as one of the most resilient ant killers on the market. Dethlac Insecticidal Lacquer requires minimal effort to see maximum results as it is a surface spray. 

Once applied to a non-porous surface, it creates a thick, super compelling film which eliminates ants and other insects within hours of coming in contact with it, maximum a day. The treated surface remains active for months after this, even after being washed by rain or with detergent. Dethlac Insecticidal Lacquer is very easy to use. You enjoy long-lasting protection from ants and other insect pests with just single spread across the affected area.

It is best applicable to a wide range of non-porous surfaces like doors, skirting boards, window frames and concrete patios. Another outstanding feature is through this fantastic ant solution is fatal to ants when dry; it has the direct opposite effect on children and pets.


  • Best easy spread formula that keeps killing ants for months
  • Applicable to a wide range of non-porous surfaces so you can clean them easily
  • Kills ants, woodlice, cockroaches and a host of other crawling bugs
  • Convenient for both indoor and outdoor use to solve your ant problem


  • What reviews don’t like is that it cannot be used as a knockdown spray
  • Not applicable to UPVC, fabrics, furniture and in or around drains which is not a feature people would like in the best ant spray.

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Ant Killer Buying Guide

One thing about us humans is that we hardly forget bad experiences. So if you and your friends are having a barbecue on your patio, the last thing you need are ants crawling all over the food and BBQ smoker.

If you have a problem with ants in your patio, lawn, or garden shed, an ant killer can help get rid of the problem. A patio cleaner can also be useful, while a moss killer for lawns and a weed killer will ensure that your lawn is purely grass.

However, not every ant killer will be effective in eliminating ants in your compound. Here is a guide to help you make the right choice.

The Type

Ant killers come in different forms, each perfect for a particular kind of ant problem. Granules, ant baits and ant killer gel are ideal type of ant killers for eliminating nests and colonies, but different brands have different time frames in order to see results. Granules, ant baits and gels are also very convenient, requiring you just to apply and get on with your business. Ants will carry posion back home to their colony and you’ll see great outcome within a few days. But, if you wish to enforce a more hands-on solution, liquid insecticides and aerosol can spray is the answer.

These types give you a higher sense of control- not to mention the satisfaction you get from watching those critters crawl in agony.

The Quantity

The size of the area to be treated will determine how much of the art killing product you purchase. Liquid insecticides tend to come in litres, ranging from 1 to 5, depending on the manufacturer. Granules and powders are usually sold in smaller containers, though the brands promise you will see tremendous results from little application.

Aerosol and are also small and are most suited for indoor use, specifically in bedrooms, kitchens and stores. If you’re treating a lawn or ample patio space, get an ant trap or bait station. These guarantee more results with little resources and are most effective for tackling ants nest in the lawn.

The Target

Not all ants can be eliminated in the same way as some are hardier than others. While common ants and meadow ants can be easily controlled with most of the products on the market, fire ants are much more difficult to control. If your target is a colony of fire ants, go for a product made explicitly for fire ant solutions.

Do not make the mistake of buying one that promises additional extermination functions. You stand a better chance of winning against red ants if you’re fighting them with a product that targets them alone.

User and Environmental Safety

Ant Killer Buying Guide

It is essential to search for the ant killer that is safe for general use. Some products are potent and sometimes emit a robust and invasive scent.

If that would be a problem for you, then perhaps you shouldn’t pick that. Also, many products are safe to use around pets and children, though, in the case of liquids and sprays, it is advised to wait until they’re completely dried.

If you have kids or pets at home, you may want to search for a product like those or, in sporadic cases, products that pose no threat whatsoever to users, pets and kids.

If you ask us – please, you need to consider the surrounding. Some products aren’t specific but try to employ a ‘Kill em all and let Nature sort em out’ approach. If environmental impact is a big deal to you (which you know it should be), then perhaps you need to make sure that’s not the kind of product you’re buying.

Ant baits and traps are environmental and user safe and pose no threat to kids and pets. Certain ant killer powders also promise this feature. However, most liquids and sprays do not.

The Versatility

You can search for an exclusive ants killer or a product that will take out their neighbours infestation. Depending on your original reason, you can choose to go for a product that targets ants alone. In cases like those, bait stations and traps are your best bet. But if you wish to take out every critter that has ever crossed your kitchen floor, search for a product that kills not just ants but other insects as well.

Powders are very indiscriminate in this aspect, as a spray as well. Insecticides, as the name implies, are perfect for this option.

The Price

Do not believe the saying that expensive is better. Big lie. The price does not often indicate the quality of a product. Yes, some of the highly effective products are on the steep price end, but many moderately priced ant killers are also of top quality. Make sure you check the features of any product you find attractive before bothering about the price.

Also, consider customer suggestions as many have used these products and can tell you if it’s a top performer or just a tough-smelling bottle of impotence.

Understanding the Jargons

Imidacloprid – an insect neurotoxin.

Deltamethrin – a strong synthetic insecticide compound that is very toxic to aquatic life. It is also neurotoxic to humans.

Cypermethrin – a synthetic compound used as an insecticide. It is neurotoxic to insects but easily degraded in soil.

Spinosad – an organic compound derived from a bacterium. It is used as a pesticide but is virtually harmless to the environment.

Fipronil – a chemical compound commonly used as an active ingredient in many agricultural pesticides. It is moderately hazardous to larger animals and humans.

Permethrin – a chemical compound used in making agricultural pesticides. It kills insect pests upon contact.

D-allethrin – a synthetic chemical compound derived from copying the original version found in the Chrysanthemum flower. It is used in ultra-low volumes in insecticides.

What are the Different Features?

Ant Killer Buying Guide

To start – one main feature many users find handy in most ant killers is the speed of delivery. Most insecticides tend to provide results in the space of a few hours, and maximum a day.

However, in the case of ant baits and granules, this may take days. So, while some users go for products that offer you quick relief, others prefer to take the days lasting approach by taking the fight back to their nests.

Another feature many users find handy is the ease of application. Generally, users prefer to go for products that require the least effort in using and application. Ant baits, granules and poison traps tend to get more considerable attention in this aspect.

Others still consider whether the product is safe for the environment. Users find it handy when a product does not require them to vacate the premises of application due to possible toxicity. Powders and ant baits are ideal in this situation and attract customers of such preferences.

Ant Killer Buying FAQs

Q: What kills ants instantly?

A: Insecticides are a sure way to kill Ants instantly, like the same day. You can be using an equal mixture of white vinegar and water to likely kill them in a day or two days.

Q: How to get rid of ants UK?

A: You can use liquid baits and traps, placed at strategic locations or close to their nests. You can also use direct insecticides, ant granules or sprays to repel Ants. Ant Killer powders are also useful for getting rid of ants. Natural remedies include making a DIY ant trap out of sugar and borax, sprinkling food grade diatomaceous earth to dry them out, sprinkling cornmeal grit on infested areas, using essential oils or vinegar or sprinkling cinnamon powder.

Q: Ant bait stations how do they work?

A: Ant bait stations usually comprise of a container that houses the bait. The bait is typically a mixture of the deadly but slow-acting chemical with an irresistible sweet base-usually sugar and honey. The Ants are lured to the bait you put, where they carry these mixtures back to the colony and feed on it and feed the Queen that will die. After a stipulated time, the poison takes effect, killing every member of the army.

Q: Is ant killing powder harmful to humans?

A: This depends on the composition of the powder. While some ant powders tend to cause irritations an itching upon getting in contact with skin, the effects aren’t exactly lethal. However, it is ill-advised to ingest ant killing powder. To be safe, read the safety instructions on the pack and be sure to stick to it.

Most ant killing powders give you detailed information regarding the consequences of the chemicals gaining entry into your eyes, on your skin and down your gut as well as emergency measures to be taken if such occurs.

Q: How to get rid of ants in the garden patio?

A: You can use ant baits or ant traps to get rid of ants and their colonies. Direct application of insecticides on and around their nests will also do the trick. And stop granules are also useful as they also eliminate the threat down to the nest. Ant killing powders can work too, when placed in a perimeter around the patio but be make sure you buy one that is selective to Ants.

The consequence of not doing this is watching earthworms, ladybugs, Tiger beetles and every other ‘innocent’ insect getting caught in the crossfire.

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