The 10 Best Bathroom Heater Reviews In The UK (2021)

Best Bathroom Heaters Reviews UK

Last Updated on May 5, 2021

Every bathroom should have one. Why? These heaters are luxurious, safe, and make those cold mornings in the bathroom but a distant memory. Don’t worry if you’ve never heard of bathroom heaters or don’t know which ones are the best on the market; we’ve got you covered. Sit back and find out which model suits your space, pocket, and personal needs. Ready? Here are the ten best bathroom heaters in 2021.

Enjoy The Best Bathroom Heater Reviews Of 2021!

1.  Electric Heater With Advanced Thermostat Control By FUTURA

Electric Heater With Advanced Thermostat Control By FUTURA

The best bathroom heater is the Electric Heater With Advanced Thermostat Control By FUTURA. This heater is perfect for anyone who’s looking to add a safe and minimalist heater to their bathroom. This is also the best electric heater for customers who want the power-saving intelligence of an appliance that turns itself off when it detects an open window – and the option to either mount it on the wall or keep it as a portable heater with attachable feet.

The lightweight heater comes with a temperature range of – 5°C to 35°C. The splash-proof design definitely makes it a suitable choice for the bathroom but there’s no reason why it cannot be used in other areas of the home where moisture is present. Like the kitchen, for instance. The low energy heater won’t kill your power bill, either. It automatically switches on and off to maintain the temperature you have chosen, spreading coziness in areas as large as 23 square meters.


  • 2000 Watts power usage.
  • Splash-proof design that is easy to mount on any wall in the home.
  • Eco Auto Open Window Detection.
  • A temperature range of – 5°C to 35°C that is accurate to half a degree.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Light enough for anyone to install or move.
  • You can use it as a wall-mounted heater or a free-standing heater.
  • The heater has a neat and modern look.


  • The heater might not reach the desired temperature in a room with poor insulation.
  • The heater will also struggle to maintain the correct temperature if used in a room larger than 23 square meters.

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2.  Wall Mounted Fan Heater By Dimplex

Wall Mounted Fan Heater By Dimplex

If you are looking for the best bathroom fan heater, then this one should be on your list. The remarkably light appliance weighs no more than 1.1 kilograms, making it a breeze to handle during installation. The heater’s small also makes it easy to hang anywhere on your bathroom wall. The appliance has a retro look that will please those who miss the good old days or do not want to use an ultra-modern bathroom heater.

The heater saves power as well. While it doesn’t have an auto shut off feature, there is an overheat protection system that switches the maximum 2000 wattage down to 1000 once the desired temperature is reached.

The heater is reportedly also very quiet, which is perfect for those days you just want to soak in the tub and enjoy the silence and tranquility of a warm bathroom. The heater is also made from pliable but durable materials.


  • Small and light.
  • It comes with easy-to-use instructions.
  • Automatic power-saving feature, switching usage to a lower wattage if needed.
  • It operates quietly.
  • Works with a simple pull cord feature.


  • No auto shut off.
  • The temperature settings are reportedly troublesome when switched to 2 kW.

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3.  Electric Bathroom Fan Heater By Glen

Electric Bathroom Fan Heater By Glen

If you’re looking for a bathroom heater that is similar to the previous one but comes with a different look – then this could be a great choice. This mounted bathroom heater also works with a pull cord and saves power by turning the wattage down from 2000 to 1000.

But this particular fan heater has another savings feature that makes the appliance very appealing. An auto shut off option cuts the heater off after thirty minutes. That way, you won’t waste electricity in the event that you go away for the weekend and forgot to switch it off!

The mounted bathroom heater has fixing holes that make it easy to install where your old bathroom heating device used to hang on the wall. During installation, you can also set the thermostat to choose which wattage best suits your needs (the two choices are 1000 and 2000 watts).


  • 2-year guarantee.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Not as noisy as most other fan heaters.
  • There are slots that make installation easy if you use the previous heater’s wall screws.
  • The unit doesn’t send hot air down the wall but more towards the room itself, making the heater safer to use than most.


  • The wattage settings must be chosen before installation and the front of the heater must be removed to complete this action.
  • The pull cord doesn’t click to indicate the heater is switched off.

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4.  Infrared Electric Heater For Bathroom By Stiebel Eltron

Infrared Electric Heater For Bathroom By Stiebel Eltron

This heater is a great choice for anyone who cannot wait for the heat to spread at a lazy pace throughout the room. The electric heater is instantly warm the moment you switch it on. The infrared heating element spreads warmth quickly through the bathroom, small rooms, enclosed patios, and conservatories. The heater might also suit consumers who need more heating modes, those who love a silver finish, or a quality product from Germany.

The specifications of this bathroom heater are impressive. The casing is made from high-grade metal and with quartz rods as the heating element, you can look forward to years of toasty times instead of a cold bathroom.

A pull switch turns the appliance on and off and as one would expect from something this fine, the heater is also splash-proof. Additionally, the wall mounting can swivel to direct the heat into the direction that you desire.


  • Instant heat.
  • Three heating modes (0.4/0.8/1.2 kW).
  • The design is attractive as well as technologically advanced.
  • Easy to operate.
  • The parts are of high quality.
  • Swivels to direct heat.


  • The mains lead is not included.
  • The wall mounting can be hard to install.

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5.  Easy Wall Mounted Bathroom Heater By Winterwarm

Easy Wall Mounted Bathroom Heater By Winterwarm

The best bathroom heating appliance should be easy to operate and install. Both are true for this wall-mounted heater. There is no need to worry about fussy parts or heating modes.

This heater has a neutral look as well and should blend perfectly into any bathroom. As a bonus, the small wonder is said to warm a room quickly and efficiently. In other words, this heater is perfect for anyone who wants a safe to use, light, and power-saving tool to banish that cold bathroom forever.

The features of this heater also includes overheat protection with an auto shut-off after 30 minutes. There is no need to worry about wet hands and shocks – a pull cord lets you safely flip the heater on and off. Similar to other heaters with this design, it also has two settings for heating; 1000 and 2000 watts. Even when you choose the lowest setting, you can expect the wall heater to do its job well. Overall, a neat electric heater that gets a gold star for dependability. 


  • 2-year guarantee
  • No plug.
  • Weighs 1.1 kilograms.
  • The wall mounting fits easily onto existing wall fixings (in case you had a similar-sized wall heater prior to this one).


  • It can be noisier than some people might like.
  • The pull cord also doesn’t click when the heater is switched off, which could cause confusion about whether the action was successful.

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6.  Electric Heater Bathroom Unit By Devola

Electric Heater Bathroom Unit By Devola

This wall mounted bathroom heater might be your favourite. But only if you are looking for a lightweight, sleek-looking heater that is also great at heating the bathroom. How about a few extra perks thrown in for good measure? This wall heater’s warmth is sufficient to heat en suite units and the kitchen. A pull cord makes it easy to choose between the thermostat’s two settings of 1000 and 2000 watts – and there is a safety cut out.

The heater works best when it’s installed 1.8 meters from the ground. Of course, like most other bathroom heaters, it’s also a dependable little worker when you use it in suitable spaces and not in areas that are too large.

As a bonus, the heater includes a thermostat that regulates the room’s temperature. Such an energy-saving feature is a must for any heater for your bathroom. When heating, the appliance releases a downward flow of hot air and for some people, this is the most popular way to heat a bathroom.


  • 1-year warranty.
  • Automatic turn off feature.
  • Weighs 1.65 kilograms.
  • Two power options; 1000 and 2000 watts.


  • A few customers have experienced fan vibrations but this is not a common complaint.
  • The fan isn’t silent and some people might find that annoying.

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7.  Digital Timer Panel Heater By Devola

Digital Timer Panel Heater By Devola

If you are looking for a panel heater that can be programmed for a week in advance – and weather the kids – then look no further. The digital timer allows you to program your temperatures for the day or week, while a child lock function prevents Junior’s curiosity from burning the house down. The heater is also best for anyone who loves a modern-looking panel heater or wants an appliance that can intelligently heat a room. Indeed, this heater will sense the temperature in the bathroom and automatically shut on or off to stay within the limits that you chose.

The panel heater is splash-proof, energy-saving, and easy to install. However, if you also like a portable bathroom heater, then here’s the good news. The packaging includes free feet to turn it into a portable heater for your bathroom – or to allow you to temporarily use it that way until you have the time to mount the heater on the wall. Additional safety designs also include frost protection and stable heating regulations. As far as performance goes, the heater brings warmth to the bathroom with pleasing speed.


  • 2-year guarantee.
  • Weighs roughly 4 kilograms.
  • Auto open window detection.
  • Available in 1kW, 1.5kW, 2kW and 2.4kW versions.
  • Multiple safety features.
  • It can be used as a portable bathroom heater or wall mounted.
  • Comes with easy to use mounting brackets.
  • It comes with a clear instructions manual.


  • The batteries for the digital timer is not included.
  • The digital program can take some time to master.

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8.  Electric Panel Heater With Heating Control By NETTA

Electric Panel Heater With Heating Control By NETTA

This could be the best heater for bathroom decor with a minimalist look. The heater is stylishly flat and white, making it suitable to use in any bathroom, kitchen, or study. This would even add a touch of class in the office. But since we’re looking for bathroom heaters that look their best, are safe to use, and functional, let’s have a look at this panel heater and the goodies it has to offer.

First off, this electric heater can be wall mounted or used as a portable panel. It’s strong enough, with 1000 watts, to heat most rooms in your home. For the use in one’s bathroom, it complies with safety regulations and such features include a child lock, splash-proof surface, and heating that doesn’t climb into the danger zone. If you need a heater with a daily and weekly heating program, then this guy also qualifies. The program is set via a digital display that is visible in the dark and enclosed in a capsule-like panel that adds to the heater’s modern look.


  • It comes with a remote control.
  • Weighs 4.58 kilograms.
  • A stylish heater that looks good anywhere in the home.
  • All fittings and fixtures are included.


  • The digital panel isn’t always user-friendly.
  • This is one of the heavier bathroom heaters on the market and requires proper installation for the wall mounted version.

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9.  Electric Bathroom Heater With Three Heating Modes By Purus

Electric Bathroom Heater With Three Heating Modes By Purus

This heating appliance is a treat. If you need different temperatures every hour or a few times a day, then this panel heater is an excellent choice. The temperature range is – 5°C to 50°C and you can choose between three heating modes – comfort, economy, and frost-free. The lovely bathroom heater is also worth considering if you want to schedule your heat options a week in advance. Do you also need a child lock and open window detector built into your heater? That’s right, you’ll get that too.

The panel is light and weighs only 3.5 kilograms. Easy to handle and move around, it can be mounted anywhere on the wall or kept as a portable bathroom heater. Either way, the radiator can banish cold in any area no bigger than 6 square meters. This makes it a versatile option for the office, hobby room, or kitchen. The settings are user-friendly and splash-proof. Additionally, you can pick between 1000 and 500 watts to save money on your electric bill. Finally, to work, this heater just plugs into a wall socket. There is no need to wrangle with complicated connections or an electrician to swing by your house. 


  • Wall brackets and portable feet included.
  • Three temperature modes.
  • Unobtrusive appearance with a modern touch.
  • 2-Year guarantee.
  • It comes with a power cable.
  • It automatically switches the heat on and off to maintain temperature and save on power bills.
  • User-friendly buttons and installation.


  • The wattage might be too low for consumers who like something stronger, although the heater easily warms a room within the given limits.
  • It takes a while to learn how to program the bathroom heater.

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10. Energy Efficient Electric Bathroom Heater By Purus

Energy Efficient Electric Bathroom Heater By Purus

If you’re looking for more plug-in heaters with great features, here’s another product with value. As far as appearance is concerned, the panel is entirely white without any obvious buttons or markings. Apart from this stylish look, the heater is also splash-proof, lightweight, and warms any room that is 7.5 square meters or smaller.

Alright, so it’s easy to move or blend into the decor. But what else does this heater have to offer? There are the usual but great power-saving features, including an automatic open window detector, a thermostat that keeps the room’s temperature at the setting you chose, and the heater switches itself off after a certain amount of time.

The thermostat is very accurate and stays within half a degree of your desired temperature. So if you need a certain amount of warmth in the morning but an increase at night, just program the heater and don’t worry about it further. 


  • Power cable and all fittings included
  • You can just plug the heater in.
  • 2-Year guarantee.
  • Great safety features.
  • Temperature range of – 5°C to 35°C.
  • Weighs 3.7 kilograms.


  • The heater might struggle to control temperature in a room with poor insulation.
  • Similar to other heaters with digital panels and programs, some consumers might not consider the learning curve too user-friendly.

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Buying Guide

If this is your first time buying bathroom heater, then you’re welcome to browse our buying guide. Why do you need a buying guide? Taking a bathroom heater home is a decision that can waste time and money if the product fails to meet your expectations. With these tips, you can assess your needs and purchase the right bathroom heater for you and your family. Well then, without further ado, here are our top suggestions.

Safety First

The best fan heater for bathroom safety (or any other kind of heater for that matter) is the triple threat – the one that is at least child-proof, water-proof, and overheat resistant. Ceiling heaters, especially, must be safe to use in the bathroom as well as any heaters that require connections to electric outlets. If you need to search far and wide to find a bathroom heater’s safety features, then it might not be a good choice. That information should be easily available on the box or product web site.

Size And Space Must Match

Bathroom Heaters Buying Guide

Here’s the sad truth. You might love that bathroom ceiling heater but it will be of no use if it’s bigger than your car and the room is smaller than a postage stamp. Okay, a total exaggeration but you get the idea. The following rule holds true for any electric appliance, from ceiling heaters to waffle toasters. The size of your product must fit comfortably at the chosen location.

It’s a good idea to eyeball your bathroom first. Where would you like to put your new appliance? Consider the practical issues. Ceiling heaters need a professional to install them. Wall mounted appliances often need an unobstructed space beneath them. If you want a free-standing heater, it might cut out all the bathroom ceiling worries, but it’s going to need its own space too. You must assess what size appliance can stand in a given location with no interference to their heating nor too much water. 

Keep your electric heater away from towels, enclosed spaces like under the sink, or too close to the shower. While these things won’t bother a ceiling heater, it’s best for a portable device to stand in a dry, out-of-the-way place of its own.

Finally, the size of your bathroom must determine the strength of the heater. Most manufacturers clearly state what size room their heater can warm. Use a heater within its limits and you’ll have a snug atmosphere in no time.

Professional Installation Or Plug-In?

Another important consideration is to decide what kind of installation mood you are in. If you want to buy your heater and use it without having to do extra things, then you should look for models with plugs. Just keep in mind that few bathrooms have power sockets. You might need an extension cable to use a socket from a nearby room.

Other appliances, like a ceiling heater, are best installed by a qualified electrician. This, of course, is an extra cost. However, if your heater comes with an external thermostat and other things that make you scratch your head, then it’s always great to have an experienced person who can ensure that they are properly used or installed.

Permanent Or Temporary?

When buying a bathroom heater, you might want to choose between temporary and permanent products. The latter is fine if you’re a tenant and the owner gave permission for new holes to be drilled into the bathroom, or when you own the property. If you’d rather not risk your landlord’s wrath or you want to move the heater around the house, then a portable type might be better.

Budget Considerations

Bathroom Heaters Buying Guide

The price of heaters varies from cheap to expensive. Unfortunately, in the world of electrical technology, the cheaper brands are often the products that disappoint consumers the most.

That doesn’t mean that you must shell out cash you cannot truly afford. It just means that you can sometimes find a gem if you do your research.

Go online and find heaters within your price range, perhaps on Amazon, and then read a review or ten. Every now and again, a cheaper product is actually great.

That being said, do your research with every heater, no matter the price. At the end of the day, it’s not so much what it costs but its safety features, heating abilities, and dependability that must take priority in your final choice.


Q: What Heaters Can Be Used In A Bathroom?

A: Bathroom heaters can be used in the bathroom. They are designed to be splash-proof and conform to high safety standards ordinary heaters might not have. Bathroom heaters can be mobile but they are usually wall mounted. There are ceiling mounted heaters for bathrooms too.  Additionally, you can choose between panel devices and fan heaters that are specifically designed for use in the bathroom.

Q: How Can I Heat My Bathroom In The Winter?

A: You can heat your bathroom in the winter by using bathroom heaters. One is usually enough for a normal-sized bathroom and there are electric models that can be programmed to heat the bathroom at specific times. Some of the best bathroom heaters come with a daily or weekly schedule for heating the room. That way, you’ll step into a cozy bathroom without the need to fear those cold mornings. 

Q: How Can I Heat My Bathroom Without Central Heating?

A: You can heat your bathroom without central heating by choosing the best bathroom heaters. These electric appliances are usually small enough to install on any bathroom wall (or even the bathroom ceiling) and are more than capable to heat the room within a few minutes. They are also among the most cost-effective type of heaters today.

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