The 10 Best Budget Washing Machine Reviews For UK Homes (2021)

Best Budget Washing Machine Reviews

Last Updated on September 21, 2021

Buying a washing machine may be an overriding experience, especially if you’re on the lookout for budget-friendly options that contain all the features that you need.

Finding cheap washing machines that are both easy to use and energy-efficient might be frustrating when you don’t exactly know what to look for in a product.

To help you find the best washing machine that ticks all the boxes, we have constructed a product review and buying guide, so you’ll have one less thing to worry about.

Our Top 3 Budget Washing Machine Picks
1. The Best Budget Washing Machine By Zerodis
2. The Best Budget Twin Tub Washing Machine By OneConcept
3. The Best Energy-Friendly Budget Washing Machine By Think Gizmos

The Best Budget Washing Machines Reviewed In 2021

1. The Greatest Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine and Spin Cycle By Display4Top

The Greatest Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine and Spin Cycle By Display4Top

The best budget washing machines are provided to us by Display4Top, supporting a compact-sized twin tub construction and efficiency with every wash. Constructed of durable material, this minute quick unit is the best washing machine that will get your outfit ready in less than 20 minutes. Specifically, the best washing machine has a 3.6 kg drum capacity for the machine washer and 2.2 kg for the spin cycle tub.

The 15-minute quick timer for the washer and 5-minute spin cycle duration support a fast and effortless cleaning that’s ideal for compact living, camping, and dormitories. As for its specifications, the unit supports a 1300 RPM motor with a 60 Hz max frequency that makes the machine run as smoothly as possible. Adding to that, the unit’s integration feature warrants that its built-in drum vibrates large waves while promoting a more substantial water flow that eliminates unnecessary creasing and twisting inside the machine. 


  • t features an inlet and attached hose for adding and draining water.
  • It comes with an energy-efficient feature for the quick wash cycle.
  • Great value for money.
  • It’s substantial and durable.


  • In case of overfilling the spin dryer, the machine was noted to rattle a lot.
  • To have an effective wash, you need to separate your clothes into fractions.

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2. The Smart DB003 Mini Camping Washing Machine By OneConcept

The Smart DB003 Mini Camping Washing Machine By OneConcept

Buying a compact sized unit my earn some frowns in disbelief since they’re usually smaller and less potent than the traditional best washing machines. That won’t be the case with this series since OneConcept has integrated a 220 W power motor for the washer and 120 W for the spin tub. Ideal for camping trips or smaller families, you can wash up to 2 kg of clothes under just 15 minutes.

Cutting down on running costs and taking as little space as possible, this budget-friendly washing machine is also straightforward to use and handle. With two grips on either side, you can quickly turn the unit into a portable device and use it wherever you please. Ruined clothes and sensitive materials won’t be a problem either because the DB003 employs both a regular and delicate spin speed, treating all your garments with the utmost respect. 


  • It is comparatively lightweight, levelling at 10 kg.
  • It prioritizes in energy-efficiency and low water consumption.
  • It’s built with a high-quality plastic material that’s very stable and breakproof.
  • It comes with a fixed drainage pipe and a transparent lid.


  • It doesn’t come with a lint filter.
  • Some customers reported that its draining process is too long.
  • It contains a rather short energy lead.

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3. The Practical TG23 Portable Washing Machine By Think Gizmos

The Practical TG23 Portable Washing Machine By Think Gizmos

This series of portable units by Think Gizmos are among the best cheap washing machines currently available online. The durable washing machine features two tubs; one of which is used for washing and has a load capacity of 3.6 kg. On the other hand, the second tub contains a centrifugal function that spins your damp clothes while operating with a capacity of 2 kg.

Only requiring access to water and a draining area, this easy to use washing machine is perfect for travelling purposes or locations where space is limited. Maintaining an ideal energy rating, the unit employs a 15-minute quick wash cycle and a 5-minute spin. Moreover, its integrated lint filter will gently float on the water surface and collect all textures’ residue so all your clothes will be cleaned to perfection. 


  • It is shipped with a water fill hose that makes the intake easier.
  • It’s incredibly easy to use while cutting down on the running costs.
  • Thanks to its efficient motor, it makes less noise than the traditional washing machines.
  • It comprises of durable drum materials and sturdy plastic that coats the unit.


  • Since the drainage is water led, the machine has to be placed above eye level.
  • The spin speed in the centrifugal tub may damage your clothes if the drum isn’t adequately filled.

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4. The Functional Twin Tub Washing Machine By FitnessClub

The Functional Twin Tub Washing Machine By FitnessClub

Besides being a washing machine cheap priced, this unit may earn its praise on the separate timer function it employs. Featuring a twin tub construction, the FitnessClub washing machine will allow you to use the wash drum and the spin tub instantaneously. Moreover, the machines’ load capacity is divided into two capacities, with 4 kg for the wash tank and 3 kg for the spin cycle.

The semi-automatic machine also highlights a powerful motor that runs at 1300 RMP with 50 Hz frequency, that will not only transform the quick wash feature but contribute to energy efficiency as well. The environmentally friendly unit simply requires you to load the clothes, add the detergent, and marvel away at the best washing experience if you’re not convinced yet, head over to the price section and place your order right away! 


  • It employs a 0-15 minute quick wash feature and 0-5 min spin cycle.
  • It favours a very efficient spin speed that will get your clothes ready in no time.
  • Its spin function ensures that the damp clothes will be nearly dried out.
  • It is effortless to use.


  • Some consumers reported that the pipe provided is weak and causes some leakage between cycles.
  • It doesn’t feature an integrated pump, so the hot water intake needs to be done manually.

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5. The Premium Care CK8512 Washing Machine By Cater-Wash

The Premium Care CK8512 Washing Machine By Cater-Wash

The best washing machine that has a front-loading construction and a large capacity drum is the CK8512 model by Cater-Wash. With 15 programmes to choose from, this unit also offers a quick machine washing which ensures that your clothes are taken out on a pristine condition. Furthermore, the machine contains five temperature settings (from 30°C to 90°C), to accommodate all your textiles’ needs.

With a spin speed of 1400 RPM and a load capacity of 7 kg, this machine can support shorter washing times and better quality cleaning – under a very reasonable price. As for its energy rating, the A+++ class will prove that you can use the unit as much as you want while cutting your energy bills in half. Further contributing to lower energy consumption, the Cater-Wash manufacturers have also integrated a delay timer function that will allow you to take advantage of the lower tariffs. 


  • It employs a customizable spin speed feature starting from 0-1400 RPM.
  • It contains a ‘My Cycle’ innovation that allows you to save your preferred programme.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty from Cater-Wash.
  • The integrated LED display screen allows for easier manoeuvrability and more accessible controls.


  • Several consumers reported that the shorter programmes made the washed clothes come out soaking wet.
  • It is not ideal for cold spaces where condensation can occur.

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6. The Innovative CVS1492D3B Freestanding Washing Machine By Candy

The Innovative CVS1492D3B Freestanding Washing Machine By Candy

If you’ve ever come across a candy product, you’ll know that they provide with some of the best washing machines that stand the trials of time. Supporting that legacy, the CVS1492D3B model supports a large 9 kg drum load that is granted to give excellent results with each wash. Moreover, its 1400 RPM spin speed will make sure that your clothes are softly cleaned, rather than ripped to shreds.

The second best washing machine that employs a front-load structure also has an A+++ energy rating, which was a fan favourite among consumers. That means that the device will use very little power to run, which will eventually reflect on its consumption price on your bills. And if you among the lazy folk who don’t look forward to checking on the washing process, you can take advantage of the integrated Wi-Fi feature that allows you to connect the machine with your Android device. 


  • It contains 16 washing programmes, including a prewash, cotton mix, eco wash, synthetics or delicate wash.
  • It is very easy to use because it employs smart features.
  • It’s shipped with a one-year labour and ten-year parts warranty from Candy.
  • It is exceptionally durable and sturdy.


  • Several customers reported that its noise levels while on the spinning cycle were rather high.
  • The filter inside the drum is somewhat flimsy.

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7. The Fantastic Ecowash XL Washing Machine By OneConcept

The Fantastic Ecowash XL Washing Machine By OneConcept

Perfect for smaller households or tinier cabins, OneConcept’s XL model is one of the best washing machines for compact purposes. This energy-saving machine is also proper while camping or RV travelling, as it includes a wash capacity of 4.2 kg (300 W) and a spin chamber of 3 kg (110 W). As with the best cheap washing machines, the wash and spin tubs have separate timers, while residing on 0-15 and 0-5 minutes each.

Another highlight within this washing machines’ repertoire is its high energy-efficiency and low water consumption that is ideal within the price range it employs. The two combined programmes also ensure that your regular and delicate clothes don’t get mixed up while being washed with the charge they require. Lastly, its low noise levels promote a quieter wash at whichever time of day is most suitable for you.


  • It includes a transparent lid that allows you to oversee the washing.
  • It comes with a removable lint filter.
  • It’s constructed with the waterproof specifications provided within the IPX4 standards.
  • It contains a double-water connection that aids with clean water intake and dirty water outlet.


  • The draining hose provided is short, which means that the machine needs to be placed near a power socket.
  • The machine will cause leakage if overfilled.

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8. The Flexible 2 in 1 Portable Washing Machine By COSTWAY

The Flexible 2 in 1 Portable Washing Machine By COSTWAY

If you’re set on buying a portable washing machine, but you find the manual process too tiring, this is the best choice for you. The fully automatic machines’ capabilities grant you to quickly establish the wash, spin and water levels according to your clothing type. Moreover, the washing machine employs six integrated programmes for the wash and three other ones for the water intake, giving you diverse options with each load.

The washing machines’ power status and trouble warnings are ergonomically shown on the integrated LED display that makes everything easier for its costumers. With a spin speed of 750 RPM and a drum capacity of 3.4 kg, the machine is best suited for light to medium-duty work. Getting the machine to work won’t be an issue either since all the instructions are meticulously included within the manual. 


  • It is shipped with a built-in drain pump, an intake hose and a drainage tube.
  • You can change the programme or water intake levels while the machine is running.
  • It has a ‘time remaining until the end of cycle’ feature.


  • Several people remarked that the customer service with this product wasn’t outstanding.
  • The provided lint filter with this machine was reported not to pick up residue correctly.

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9. The Amusing Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine By FOBUY

The Amusing Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine By FOBUY

Another compact-sized unit making it on the list for the best washing machine is also this twin tub model by FOBUY. Its patented technology for cabinet integration gives you the opportunity to both wash and spin dry at the same time, saving more energy and water on the process. To aid with that, the 3.6 kg washing drum capacity and the 2 kg spin drum further allow you to wash away your daily needs.

Moreover, its separate time control gives you a total of 15 minutes for the wash cycle and 5 minutes for the spin dry. The powerful 1300 RPM spin speed within the motor turns this unit into one of the best washing machines that are smaller in their build but higher on their performance. As you can imagine, the lightweight construct within the device will give you the freedom to carry it around wherever and whenever it fits your needs! 


  • The smooth operation provided means that less energy, time, water and detergent is used within each cycle.
  • It comes with a drainage tube that allows you to get rid of the dirty water.
  • Its transparent style will ensure that you won’t ever get bored while looking at the washing.
  • Its eco-friendly design supports a bubble soak feature that carefully washes the clothes and doesn’t twist them.


  • The draining process is gravity led, which means that you need to elevate the machine to get all the dirty water out.

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10. The Great B014HI8GME Mini Washing Machine By Adler

The Great B014HI8GME Mini Washing Machine By Adler

If you’ve powered through this list to find the lowest product price, then you’ll be pleased to know that this model by Adler is the cheapest washing machine currently on the market. Thanks to the quiet and comfortable operation it employs, this washing machine is ideal for collective buildings, caravans, RVs, camping trips or other travelling means. All you need is a drainage area since the provided drainage pipe will quickly pour out the dirty water anywhere.

Weighing at just about 6 kg, these machines’ drum ensures that you can wash about 3 kg of laundry wherever you choose. That is because the smartly designed machine is easy to pick up and pace on counters, soaking tubs, cabinets or any other surfaces. Furthermore, with a maximum energy rating of 580 W, you can rest assured that its running costs are ideal for matching its initial price. 


  • It includes an integrated spinning function that leaves the clothes almost dry.
  • The robust quality of the coating and sturdy construction of the drum ensures more extended durability.
  • It’s handy and practical.
  • It’s the best washing machine under £100.


  • The machine needs to cool down between the cycles, or it will overheat.
  • These washing machines’ spinning cycle was noted to leave the clothes soaking wet.

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Buying Guide

Buying a washing machine is not an easy ordeal, especially when the goal is to find a budget-friendly unit that contains all the features required. Another setback is the sturdiness attached to the available washing machines that’s not always ideal and makes the low price simply not worth it. To make the buying process a little easier for you, we have put together a simple guide that prompts the most important things to look for to find the best washing machine.

Budget Washing Machine Buying Guide

Energy Rating

Finding a washing machine that has a low price is only profitable if it’s got the energy consumption levels to match for it.

That means that you can get a unit with a price tag of just £100, which will have a high annual consumption rate – making the initial cost worthless. The best wash machines have an energy rating of A or higher (estimated with +), presenting the least power consumption levels within a wash.

Generally, compact-sized washing machines have an annual consumption rate of 20-30£, whereas a full-sized machine can circle at £40.

Spin Speed

One of the most important hallmarks of a washing machine is undoubtedly its spin speed. Conceptually, the spin speed term in washing machines points to the number of rotations that the unit’s motor performs within a minute. A faster-running engine does mean faster wash cycles, but it’s not limited to that. Usually, speedier wash cycles require less energy and water to be powered through, which is ideal for those who are looking to save money in the long term.

Larger front-loading units typically manage a motor containing a 1400 RPM spin speed, while compact-sized machines can do reasonably well with levels lower than 1000 RPM as well. However, you should always check if the spin-speed within a device is modifiable with each programme, and doesn’t employ the same levels with all cycles. This is because a fully-performing motor can harm some textiles, causing more damage than good. 

Cost-Effective Features to Look for

The secret to having and maintaining a budget-friendly washing machine is to match with the required features that promote the cost-effectiveness in the long term. There are a few hallmarks that are guaranteed to make your device use less power, water and effort to run.

  • Drum Material – As you might’ve noticed, most products introduced within this article either had plastic-coated drums or stainless steel material layering. However, some machines also have enamel or porcelain drums that typically rust or chip away due to the excess water. Plastic is generally cheaper and more effective but is not very durable unless it’s made of ABS plastic that’s very sturdy. Stainless steel drums are more costly, but they remain the choice since they can sustain their longevity for years.
  • Modifiable Programmes – Unfortunately, cheaper washing machines contain just a few integrated programmes that are not always ideal and fitting for all clothing types. This will render them almost unusable, causing you to ‘waste’ unnecessary money. If the machine you’re interested in doesn’t have a lot of programmes, make sure that it has a control feature that lets you customize your water intake, temperature levels and spinning speed. 
  • Delay Timer – One of the most wanted features with washing machines is the delay timer function that lets you set the device on at the desired time on the future. The timer range usually goes from 1 – 24 hours, providing you with more leeway between cycles. This feature allows you to take advantage of the cheaper tariffs during the nighttime so that you won’t spend as much on the energy bill.


Q: Which is the best value washing machine?

A: The best value washing machine is the Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine by Display4Top, as showcased in the highest spot of this article’s list.

Q: What brand of a washing machine is the most reliable?

A: If we’re talking about its build and energy rating, the most reliable washing machine brand is Candy. As for the quality of wash, spinning cycle and programme variability – this review places OneConcept as the best choice.

Q: How to choose a washing machine?

A: The most important things to note when looking for budget-friendly washing machines include the features that preserve the low running costs. Usually, this means focusing on its energy rating, spin speed and other cost-effective features. For a more detailed explanation of these characteristics, head over to the buying guide.

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