10 Best Built In Double Oven Reviews For UK Kitchens (2021)

Best Built In Double Oven Reviews

Last Updated on September 19, 2021

We’ve all seen that dream kitchen with a built-in double oven. These appliances are fitted at eye level and offer two cavities for twice the cooking and baking volume. They are also easy to clean and use.

If you’re considering installing a double oven in your home, put your feet up and read all about this year’s best built in double oven reviews.

Our Top 3 Built-In Double Oven Picks
1. The Best Built-In Double Oven By Neff
2. The Best Built-In Double Oven With Catalytic Liners By Zanussi
3. The Best Energy-Friendly Built-In Double Oven By Bosch

The Best Built In Double Ovens Of 2021

1. The Multifunction Oven With Catalytic Cleaning By Bosch

The Multifunction Oven By Bosch

The best built in double oven is The Multifunction Oven With Catalytic Cleaning By Bosch. This smart black oven will boost the decor of any kitchen and offer any family enough cooking space to suit all their needs. Slotted into a cabinet at eye level, the dials and doors are easy to operate. Being at that level, one can also gaze at a baking cake’s progress without hunching down every time your curiosity takes over.

The main lower oven has five heating methods, including 3D hot air. With these methods and a temperature range of 50 to 275 degrees Celsius, cooking options are truly limitless. If you like fast pre-heating and a panel lock feature, you’ll get that too. The secondary oven at the top has three heating options and is a grilling specialist. With removable shelves and catalytic liners, this built in oven and grill is an easy clean. Just a few wipes and you’re done. 


  • The appliance measures 55 x 59.4 x 88.8 cm.
  • The main oven capacity is 71 liters.
  • The two ovens combined offer eight heating methods.
  • The LED display shows all the information that you need.
  • Energy Efficiency Rating A.


  • The oven doesn’t have a touch screen (if that’s what you like).
  • A few consumers found that sometimes markings inside the oven are difficult to remove.

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2. The Best Built-In Double Oven By Zanussi

The Best Built-In Double Oven By Zanussi

Have you always wanted a diamond-glazed built-in oven? Besides this precious-sounding enamel layer, you’ll also get catalytic liners to help make any mess an easy cleanup job. Great, this oven is not a headache when you have to wipe away the grime. But what can you expect from its cooking skils? Apart from looking professional with a black finish and white indicators, you will indeed get several cooking perks.

The fan oven quickly defrosts anything, even when it comes straight from the freezer. Both ovens can be used for conventional cooking as well as grilling. The doors are anti-tip, so you can rest assured that they won’t swing down and strike the area below them. This keeps both the doors and surfaces safe from damage. While the door glass is treated for strength, they are also removable to get them more easily cleaned. Interestingly, this is also one of the best built in double ovens for pizza baking. 


  • The appliance measures 54.8 x 59.4 x 88.8 cm.
  • Energy rating A.
  • LED display for information.
  • The removable doors and glass are easy to clean.
  • The anti-tip doors won’t smash down but halt at a certain point after opening.


  • The unit is delivered only to UK mainland homes.
  • No panel or child lock functions.

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3. The Best Inbuilt Oven With Easy To Use Features By Zanussi

Best Inbuilt Oven By Zanussi

The best cooking results come from eye level ovens that are easy to operate. Like this one. With this model, you’ll get a simple to use double oven without complicated frills – just great cooking. Made with stainless steel, quality turning dials, and double glazed doors, this in built oven will not only produce tasty meals but can also get great mileage for years to come. What’s there not to like? Interestingly, if you despise fingerprints with a passion, this next fact will make you very happy. The stainless steel bits are print proof.

Designed to fit into any kitchen, either oven cavity of this appliance can defrost, bake, cook, and grill. An LED display will track time and temperature. The oven doors are also tip-safe. In addition, they are treated with heat-reflective glass to get more heat back into the action to speed up warming and save energy. The enamel interior also makes sure that you don’t start to hate your built-in oven because it’s a chore to clean. Indeed, this is another model with removable doors and windows for super-quick cleaning. Oh yes, we almost forgot. You’ll also get a diamond-glaze that not only sounds fancy but it also helps to cure cleaning time to a few wipes.


  • The appliance measures 54.8 x 59.4 x 71.5 cm.
  • Energy rating A.
  • Reinforced doors and glass.
  • The stainless steel is fingerprint-proof.
  • Diamond-glazed enamel interior for faster cleaning.


  • The appliance is only delivered to UK mainland addresses.
  • There is no guarantee.

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4. The Best Electric Double Oven By Baumatic

The Best Electric Double Oven By Baumatic

This is the best built-in double oven for anyone who loves stainless steel and value. The top panel, dials, and door bars all have a silver finish. The dark glass also looks discreet and strong at the same time. Besides adding a modern touch to the kitchen, you can indeed look forward to cooking like an expert. Without the mess. That’s right, this model also has an enameled interior that takes care of the spills and splats with just a few wipes from a damp cloth.

Besides effortless cleaning, both the built in ovens provide a great range of cooking programs for you to choose from and use. You’ll get perfect results for baking, grilling, or cooking, thanks to the different programs and a timer that prevents overcooking. Once done, the timer will let you know that your dish is served. The main oven cavity also has a capacity of 68 liters while the secondary oven is somewhat smaller.


  • The appliance measures 88.5 x 59.5 x 54.5 cm.
  • Energy rating A.
  • Enameled interior for easier maintenance.
  • A variety of cooking programs.
  • A timer.
  • A pizza function.


  • It doesn’t have a child lock or a panel lock.
  • There is no guarantee.

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5. The Best Under Kitchen Counter Double Oven By Cookology

Best Under Kitchen Oven By Cookology

Not all oven inbuilt designs are at eye level. Some of the best electric ovens fit under the kitchen counter. So if you don’t mind doubling over a bit, then this oven has all you need to spice up your cooking life. To boot, the entire surface is a glossy black that looks neat, clean, and very modern. But what makes this built in double electric oven easy to use?

Well, you might like the combination of rotary controls and a touch panel. You can use both to tweak the perfect temperature, functions, and timers. There are also two timers with this double oven. Both can track time and alert you when the recipe’s time is up and that your attention is required for the next step. The ovens also work as a grill and provide all the usual oven duties that you like. As a curious footnote, the top oven also allows for open-door grilling.

While the controls make sure that operating the oven is a breeze, other features make sure that you aren’t bogged down by hours of scrubbing the appliance. Nobody appreciates that, surely. You will get quick cleaning results with the enameled interior inside both the ovens and their removable glass, doors, and shelves. 


  • The appliance measures 72 x 59.4 x 54.8 cm.
  • It’s designed to fit under the counter.
  • You’ll get a 12-month guarantee.
  • The top oven has three shelf spaces, the bottom oven has five.
  • The oven capacity is 54 and 34 liters respectively.
  • Includes a key lock safety feature.
  • Many removable parts to help with easier maintenance.
  • Energy rating A.


  • There’s no grill pan handle included.
  • There must be adequate ventilation space around the oven or it might not function at its best.

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6. The Best Eye Level Built-In Double Oven By Cookology

The Best Eye Level Built-In Double Oven By Cookology

Perhaps you like the brand of the previous product but would rather get an eye-level built-in oven. If so, then this oven is a good choice to consider. It also has a black glass and stainless steel finish and several other features that you might recognize from the product we described earlier. First, there is the choice to use rotary and touch screen controls to adjust the settings for perfect cooking. You also get two timers and a dual oven cavity.

The top oven is a static oven and grill. You also get four heat options to use, including open door grilling. There are three shelve spaces for plenty of cooking space too.

The lower oven might be smaller than the main space but you’ll get worthwhile treats from it as well. This guy offers five shelve spaces, three heat functions, and an oven tray. Across the two built-in ovens, you’ll get a temperature range of 50 to 250 degrees Celsius.

Who doesn’t like easy cleaning? You’ll get that too with this model. There is an enamel coating inside both ovens and you can also remove everything from the doors to the glass to make wash-up duty less despicable (totally not despicable, actually).


  • The appliance measures 88.5 x 59.4 x 54.8 cm.
  • There is a key lock feature.
  • Two timers.
  • Eight oven shelf spaces.
  • Energy rating A.
  • The doors and glass are removable for easy cleaning.


  • It must be installed by a qualified electrician.
  • No grill pan handle is included.

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7. The Black Glass Built-in Electric Double Oven & Timer By Cookology

The Black Glass Built-in Electric Double Oven & Timer By Cookology

This brand certainly has a lot to offer to those looking at built-in ovens. Here’s something else that’s designed to fit like a queen in the kitchen (as in built ovens must do of course!). The sleek and glossy black appliance with silver trimming will undoubtedly be the focal point of your cooking area. But let’s investigate the features that you can use for cooking.

Similar to the other double ovens by this brand, the heat is controlled by rotary buttons and a digital panel can be used for functions like picking the settings of the two timers. They control the electric ovens that are both easy to use. In the main oven cavity, you can do all the normal oven stuff for delicious cooking. In the single oven at the top, you can prepare smaller meals, heat, and grill. Between them, the ovens have seven heat functions and eight shelf positions. Now that’s a lot of space you can use.


  • The product measures 88.5 x 59.4 x 54.8 cm.
  • You get a 12-month guarantee.
  • It fits into a standard cut-out space for integral double ovens.
  • Oven capacity is respectively 72 and 34 liters.
  • A key lock.
  • Easy cleaning with features like an enameled interior and removable glass and doors.


  • No grill pan handle is included with this model.
  • This double oven cannot plug in and must be connected by an electrician.

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8. Best Built-In Double Oven With Gas Cooking Top By SIA

Best Built-In Double Oven With Gas Cooking Top By SIA

If you love to use a gas hob but also like the idea of built-in ovens, then here’s the perfect hybrid for you. The entire package is sleek and has a glossy black finish. Even better, this appliance gives high-performance in both value and use. A digital panel and rotary knobs control everything from the heat settings to the hob’s burners. The latter is also exceptionally stylish with features like cast-iron support pans and a dark glass surface. The hob’s fuel type is also suitable for gas, propane, and butane.

You can also program this built-in oven. Once you do, it can do things like turn itself on, cook for a certain time, and then switch itself off. This is perfect for people who love convenience and smart appliances. Do you like safety? Of course, you do. Well, this oven also has a leak-proof gas hob and oven doors that are tilt-proof and removable for quicker cleaning. With the use of glass for the hob’s surface and enamel coatings inside the ovens, any spills should also wipe away quickly. 


  • The product measures 59.5 x 55 x 88.8 cm.
  • Both the ovens have energy rating A.
  • It offers a gas hob in addition to the built-in ovens.
  • You get a 5-year guarantee on parts.
  • You also get a 2-year guarantee on services.
  • The built-in ovens are programmable.
  • The hob has a flame failure safety device.
  • Auto-ignition gas hob.


  • The gas hob doesn’t make it fully suitable for the traditional installation inside a cabinet.
  • The cable is not connected and the oven must be installed by an electric professional.

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9. The Best Built-In Double Oven By ElectriQ

The Best Built-In Double Oven By ElectriQ

If you’re tired of built-in ovens that never cook food evenly, then this oven might offer the best help. Since it’s fan-driven, it will cook food evenly no matter where you place the dish. This stylish black oven, with white LED display, has two fully functional and easy to use double oven cavities. Both serve as grills and conventional ovens, allowing your cooking to be done in no time – even when you like to make large spreads.

Each oven cavity is also coated with enamel. This means that you won’t get stuck with a terrifying clean-up job after even the biggest meal. Speaking of which, the main single oven is perfect for baking a cake or preparing a large roast dinner. The smaller single oven can get the smaller jobs done, like breakfast or a toasted snack.


  • The product measures 57.5 x 59.5 x 89 cm.
  • Even cooking.
  • Easy to use with simple controls and LED display.
  • Oven capacity respectively is 73 and 37 liters.
  • Both ovens have energy rating A.


  • Only one wire rack is included.
  • No guarantee.

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10. The Best Built-In Double Oven With Programmable Use By Belling

The Best Built-In Double Oven With Programmable Use By Belling

Here’s another best choice if you’re looking for fan ovens that get that desirable even cooking every time. You will get a great-looking double oven and all the best features, like an enamel interior for swift cleaning, a programmable timer, and triple-glazed glass for safety. While most built-in ovens have perks like these, you can look forward to a few extras with this double oven.

Each single oven has an oven cavity of 72 and 44 liters respectively. With space like this, you can get any meal done with all the trimmings. The double oven also has a variable temperature grill, consistent cooking in each oven cavity, and soft-close doors. The grill particularly is useful if you like to make everything from toasted sandwiches to steaks. And with five temperature settings in both ovens, you can’t go wrong.


  • 57.5 x 59.5 x 88.5 cm.
  • Both ovens have Energy Rating A.
  • Soft-close doors to protect the doors and ovens.
  • A versatile grill.
  • The LED display shows temperature and time for both ovens.


  • It’s only delivered to UK mainland homes.
  • No warranty.

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Buying Guide

After reading our built-in double ovens reviews, one might wonder about the next step. How do you buy built-in ovens and get the appliance that you like? Fret not, fellow cooks. Here are the top suggestions to help you find the most suitable built-in ovens for you.

Double Ovens Buying Guide

Double Ovens Must Serve Your Needs

Built-in ovens have great features but things like oven size, the capacity of each oven cavity, and cooking features must apply to your cooking needs. Consider the reasons you want to use the cooker.

For example, if you’d like to keep your gas hob options open too, take heart. There are built-in ovens with a gas hob. The good news is that built-in ovens are pretty universal and cater to most baking, roasting, grilling, and cooking needs.

Double Ovens Need Kitchen Space

You don’t need to get the sledgehammer and maul half your kitchen to death. Double ovens are designed to fit inside a cabinet space and there are homes that actually already have the space available (from a previous owner’s double oven). But if you want to install one from scratch, it’s as simple as looking at its specifications and finding the measurements. You can get the cut-out done professionally or do it yourself. But while we’re on the subjects of qualified individuals, always remember that built-in ovens must be installed by electricians.

Get The Opinion Of Consumers Who Have Used The Double Oven

Built-in appliances can get hairy when things go wrong. A factory fault or description mistake is circulated among consumers but missed by those who skip reviews. Rather play it safe and get the opinion of people who actually purchased the built-in models you’re after and shared their ups and downs. It can save you a lot of trouble or help you find your soulmate-cooker. Of course, at the end of the day, the final choice remains yours. However, reading reviews is a good way to protect yourself from a bad purchase.


Q: Which Double Ovens Are Best?

A: Which double ovens are best depends on your needs. There are well-known brands and new manufacturers alike that offer great deals. The best double ovens are energy efficient, come with safety features, are easy to use, clean, and it won’t hurt if you like the way it looks, either! So in a nutshell, your top choice should include a safe oven with a modern appearance that also delivers dependable cooking.

Q: How Do I Choose An Oven?

A: How you choose an oven will either result in disappointment or a very satisfying buy. To get the double oven you like, all you have to do is follow a few guidelines. For your convenience, we’ve included a Buying Guide in this article, so hop on over there and have a look!

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