The 10 Best Built In Ovens In The UK (2021)

Best Built In Oven Reviews

Last Updated on September 15, 2021

Built-in ovens are becoming increasingly popular. They are stylish, compact, and blend seamlessly with your kitchen cabinets. We reviewed the best models of the year to find the right oven for your home!  

Our Top 3 Built-In Oven Picks
1. The Best Built-In Oven By Cookology
2. The Best Self-Cleaning Oven By Cookology
3. The Best Entry-Level In-Built Oven By Candy

The Best Built In Ovens Reviewed In 2021

1. The Best Built-in Oven By Cookology

Built-in Electric Fan Oven By Cookology

We picked this stylish oven as the top appliance on our list – and you’ll soon see why. It’s safe, effective, and versatile. Let’s have a look at the top highlights of this oven.

This CE certified single oven is easy to install. You can add it inside a single counter or an eye-level cavity. Either way, the stylish appearance of this oven will certainly look good inside your home.

The oven has a maximum temperature of 250°C and a capacity of 51 Litres. You can also rest assured that you save power (thanks to its A+ energy rating) whenever you use the oven’s three functions. The latter include defrosting, the convection function which heats the oven evenly, and you also get a grill, rotisserie, and roasting functions.

Cleaning is also a breeze. The oven is coated with materials that are easy to wipe down. The door is also removable to make the bigger cleaning jobs just a little easier.

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  • Easy to install and use.
  • Different functions.
  • You can fit a plug into the oven with no need to hardwire it.
  • It preheats quickly and evenly.


  • Plug has to be bought separately.
  • Only comes with one wire rack.

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2. The Best Self-Cleaning Oven By Cookology

Self-Cleaning Pyrolytic Wall Oven By Cookology

Tired of cleaning the oven yourself? We get it. That is why we hunted far and wide to find an oven that cleans itself and this is by far the best one we’ve come across.

So, how does an oven clean itself? Well, in this case, the oven has a pyrolytic cleaning mode. When engaged, this mode heats the single unit oven up to temperatures of 450°C. This cleans off all the grease and dirt.

You can also look forward to other features. These include functions like double defrost, double grilling, and roasting. The oven also has a capacity of 65 litres and is also CE certified.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Self-cleaning function.
  • Useful cooking and baking features.
  • Classy look.


  • Does not come with all accessories needed for grilling and roasting.

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3. The Best Entry-Level In Built Oven By Candy

best in built entry level oven

If you are looking for a great basic in-built oven, then this appliance could be your best choice. It’s easy to install and comes with all the normal functions to help you cook up a storm.

The rotary controls make this oven very user-friendly. The interior is also lined with materials that are quick to wipe down, so cleaning won’t be a backbreaking chore – should something bubble over! It also comes with a glass door, two shelves, and functions for baking, cooking, roasting, and more.

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  • Great basic oven.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Rated A for energy usage.
  • Volume of 65 liters.


  • Hard to see the buttons in the dark.

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4. The Best Multi-Functional In-Built Oven By Neff

best multipurpose in built oven

This is a fantastic oven if you want something that is super-stylish, comes with a large glass door and offers professional functions and materials for durability. But let’s have a look at the specifics that makes this in-built oven so popular.

This premium oven offers a large capacity of 71 litres and with an A-graded energy rating, you can cook for a big family without having to worry about the utility bill too much! Once you are done baking or roasting, the catalytic liners inside make cleaning as easy as wiping the interior down with a damp cloth.

Other features include easy controls, different programmes, dual fuel design, and a timer.


  • Exceptionally stylish appearance.
  • Large capacity.
  • Different cooking programmes.
  • Easy to clean and operate.


  • No child lock.

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5. The Best A+ Energy Rated Built-In Oven By Bosch

best A+ energy rated built in oven

Are you looking for a larger oven with all the frills? This double unit has a large oven with a capacity of 71 litres and a grill that can handle enough portions for a medium-sized family. Once again, if you make big dinners or cook often, this oven’s A+ energy rating is also good news.

One of the top perks is the 3D Hotair feature. Once activated, it can evenly distribute the heat on three different levels to ensure even cooking and better-tasting meals. The interior of the oven is also lined with EcoClean Direct, a coating that absorbs grime during cooking and this makes cleaning very easy.

Other features include an LED display, different programmes, a child lock, easy controls, and safe door handles.


  • Large capacity.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Different programmes.
  • Evenly distributes heat for top-notch cooking.
  • Child lock.


  • Not suitable for smaller kitchens.

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6. The Best Freestanding Electric Wall Cooker By Hotpoint

Freestanding Electric Wall Cooker By Hotpoint

This is a great choice if you have a nook where you want to add an “in-built” oven but one that remains freestanding. The stylish appliance is the combination of four electric cooking stoves and a double oven. This gives you all the cooking options that you need to cook, grill, and roast all your favourite recipes.

The oven features glass doors that allow you to follow the progress of your baking or roasting. It also includes a circular fan cooking that cooks the meat evenly and in the shortest time possible. This freestanding electric oven also comes with easy rotary controls and a timer.


  • Combines 4 cooking stoves and two cavities.
  • Variable grill for evenly cooked meat.
  • Free 10 years parts & 1 year labour warranty.
  • Telescopic shelves.


  • Works only with electric power.

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7. Stainless Steel Electric Built In Double Oven By Hotpoint

Stainless Steel Electric Built In Double Oven By Hotpoint

This oven is another good pick if you are looking for a blend of modern style and efficiency. With its high steel finish, black edges and minimalist panel, the oven will present well in any kitchen regardless of the decor. As far as efficiency goes, let’s cover the highlights.

All the cooking functions are controlled by the rotary dials that are easy to move and clearly marked. The digital display also shows you everything you need to know about the meal that you are preparing. You can also keep an eye on the progress thanks to the oven’s two glass doors.

The larger oven can hold up to 74 litres and the second oven can hold up to 42 litres. The larger one comes with a dual grill while the secondary only has a single grill. Both ovens have lighting as well.


  • High food processing capacity with multiple functions.
  • Lighting for both ovens.
  • Class A energy rating.
  • Enamel interior is easy to clean.


  • Program temperature numbers on display can be a bit hard to read

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8. The Best Built-In Gas Oven By Stoves

best gas in built oven

Do you prefer to cook with natural gas? Then we might just have found the best oven for your kitchen. Apart from being easy to install and also being a stylish addition to your home, you can also look forward to several great features that will help you to prepare delicious meals every day.

The oven offers two cavities, a grill and a convection oven. Both are rated as Class A for energy efficiency, so you know that preparing dinner won’t be another extra cost to worry about.

You can also look forward to telescopic shelves, an enamel interior that is easy to clean, a penchant for producing traditional roasts, and a cook-to-off feature that prevents food from overcooking or burning. You can also rest assured that this gas oven is safe because as soon as the flame goes out, the oven automatically switches off the gas supply.


  • Great gas oven.
  • Dual cavities.
  • Both cavities are A graded for electricity.
  • Gas cut-off safety feature.


  • No electric fuel option.

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9. The Top Single Oven By Bosch

best single oven built in

If you need a single oven from a trusted brand, then this model is worth a look. The oven is readily installed without effort and also looks modern and minimalist with its white finish. You can also expect useful features and durability from this oven.

The design is user-friendly and includes pull-out dials and a drop-down door, both of which operates smoothly. Inside this 71-litre oven, the back wall is coated with EcoClean Direct. This nifty material absorbs nearly all the grime during the cooing process, leaving you with little clean-up work afterwards.

You can also look forward to its 3D Hotair feature that heats food at three levels for even cooking and great taste. The timer and LED display are also clear to read.


  • Great for those who need a single oven.
  • 3D heating feature.
  • Self-cleaning oven.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • Easy to install and use.


  • The plastic brackets seem a bit brittle.

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10. The Top Multi-Function Wall Oven By Sia

Multi Function Electric Wall Oven By SIA

Here’s one more single oven that is sure to add more elegance and less effort to your cooking regime. The appliance has a minimalist design, making it suitable for any kitchen while also leaving the controls uncluttered. The latter is easy to operate and their functions are clearly marked as well.

This powerful electric fan oven comes with a mechanical timer, an oven light and the appliance won’t become another heavy cleaning chore. Thanks to the slick interior, removable door and glass panels, maintenance is a quick affair.


  • A+ Class Energy Category.
  • True fan oven with multiple functions.
  • Mechanical timer.
  • 5 years parts & 2 years labour warranty.


  • All the power comes from the fan.

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Your Quick Buying Guide To Built In Ovens

The right built-in oven can show you what you’ve been missing! Your meals will go faster, look better, and taste like a slice of heaven. But the wrong purchase could lead to unwieldy returns, frustrations, and possibly even a financial setback. Our quick guide offers you all the crucial tips to keep in mind when looking for a new in-built oven so that you get your dream appliance as soon as possible!

Factors to Consider

Fuel Type

Your choice here depends entirely on what you need or prefer to work with. Built-in ovens come in three fuel types. They include electricity-only, gas-only, and then an oven that is dual-fuel (electric and gas options are both available in the same appliance).

Consider The Oven’s Dimensions

Make sure that your kitchen has the space for a new oven. A good manufacturer will provide the measurements of the oven including its width, length, height, and weight. Ensure that you have a nook that can comfortably hold the oven or hire a professional to create the right space for your new appliance.

The Size Of The Oven

In-built ovens come in different sizes. Mostly, they are “measured” in the litre capacity of the oven’s interior. Besides checking to find the right capacity oven, you must also decide beforehand whether you need a single oven, double oven or an oven with an additional grill cavity.


Only consider an oven that offers you a wide choice of great features. These could include different cooking programmes, self-cleaning coatings, catalytic liners, a timer, a child lock, and a safety switch-off device for gas ovens.

A Positive Energy Rating

It’s essential to only purchase energy-friendly ovens. Those who are not can seriously damage your budget. You can recognize a great oven by its A rating. The best in this group is A+, A++, and the ultimate is A+++.


Q: How Does an Oven Differ From a Cooker?

A: Whereas a cooker has hobs/hot plates at the top, ovens are simply the enclosed cavity used for cooking. The two words are often used interchangeably.

Q: Do Ovens Differ in Sizes?

A: Ovens come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and designs. The dimensions are in millimeters or centimeters and the internal capacity is given in liters.

Q: Which One Is Good For Baking?

A: Electric ovens are better than gas ovens for baking because their heat distribution capability is more uniform.

Q: What Causes an Oven to Malfunction?

A: The three fundamental causes of oven malfunction are poor installation, inappropriate heat use and wear and tear.

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