10 Best Burr Coffee Grinder Reviews For UK Coffee Fans (2021)

Burr Coffee Grinder Reviews

Last Updated on September 22, 2021

Coffee preferences differ widely between people, and everyone seems to have an opinion that’s as strong as the cup they’re having. But whether you take your cup black, with cream or even sugar, there’s one thing that we can all agree on: a freshly ground coffee is an absolute gift from above. If you’re looking to experience that delightful feeling as often as possible, we’ll help you find the best coffee grinders of 2021. Read below and marvel away at the exquisite world of coffee-making, followed by a helpful guide to answer all your curious inquiries.

Our Top 3 Burr Coffee Grinder Picks
1. The Best Burr Coffee Grinder By Vevouk
2. The Best Burr Coffee Grinder With Large Bean Hopper By Krups
3. The Best Burr Coffee Grinder For Nuts And Spices By Anpro

The Best Burr Coffee Grinders Of 2021

1. The Superb Stainless Steel Manual Coffee Grinder By VevoUK

Manual Coffee Grinder By VevoUK

The best burr coffee grinder of 2021 is brought to us by VevoUK. The fantastic coffee grinder is made of a stainless steel burr core, which makes it more effective and faster than its regular ceramic counterparts. Due to that, the burr grinder only takes about 45 seconds for a one time grind, which is ideal for those who don’t want to spend too much time with the device. The burr grinder also has a very compact and portable design, measuring at 0.44 kg in overall weight. One of the most significant advantages of its lightweight build is the ability to use the burr grinder as a portable device, which is ideal when travelling or directly heading to your neighbours’.

The easy to refill hopper in this range of coffee bean grinders can fill approximately 20 gr at a time, which is perfect for giving oneself a nice cup of coffee. Moreover, the blade grinders within this machine come with six precise grind settings that you can manually choose, ranging from coarse to fine. Its 1-2 sizes are ideal for an espresso grind, the 2-3 best suit the Moka pot, the 3-4 are entirely made for pour-over and Chemex, the 4-5 for French press and the 5-6 grades for cold brew coffee. The smooth and thorough grind of this stainless steel device combined with the noiseless procedure of each session is undoubtedly destined to make everything ideal – and that is why it remains the best product. 


  • Its stainless steel conical burr serves a rapid grinding rate.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty by VevoUK.
  • Its diverse grind settings promote more variability with your coffee drinking habits.
  • It has an easy to use crank lever that can be effortlessly removed when needed.
  • Its glass bottle lets you see the ground beans during the session.
  • Good value for money.


  • Its compact size is ideal for travelling, but not very productive with daily use.
  • If you want to get its glass container, you have to pay extra.
  • The gap between the grinding settings is too big.

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2. The Exquisite Manual Coffee Grinder By Silberthal

Exquisite Manual Coffee Grinder By Silberthal

Another excellent product for fresh coffee is the handheld coffee mill made by Siberthal. The grinder coffee machine is built with an adjustable conical burr that’s padded with sharp Japanese stainless steel blades. The burr grinder also carries a long crank arm that can grind about 17 grams of coffee beans at a time – thus making the grinding process both simple and economical. Moreover, its stainless steel coating and sturdy glass housing don’t only give this coffee grinder a great sophisticated appearance, but they also make it easier to clean by hand.

Perhaps the most significant feature that makes this burr grinder one of the best lies in its diverse grind settings that are specially designed to accommodate the most excellent coffee enjoyment. Precisely, the smart grinder consists of six grind settings, suited for different types of beans and coffee, varying from espresso, filter coffee, French press, cold brew or even Turkish coffee. The combined advantages of its amazing features and compact-size (measuring at 19 cm and weighing 448 gram) make the Silberthal coffee grinder one of the best options for coffee lovers who enjoy a freshly ground cup of coffee with their daily outdoor activities. 


  • Its Japanese stainless steel blades make it very sustainable.
  • Its crank arm’s narrow design is ideal for a firm grip and more natural rotation.
  • It is small, fast and easy to clean.
  • Several customers were delighted with its packaging upon delivery, so it is an excellent idea for a gift.
  • Its different grinding settings are easy to distinguish from one another while providing with consistent, diverse coffee grinds.


  • It can only make about three cups of coffee in one filling.
  • You have to maintain a firm grip on its base as you can accidentally change its grinding settings.
  • Its second provided jar doesn’t come with a lid, so you can’t use it for storage.

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3. The Fantastic Electric Coffee Grinder By Anpro

Fantastic Electric Coffee Grinder By Anpro

If you prefer the comfort and ease that comes with electric grinders, then you might find that the multi-functional Anpro signifies one of the best options on the market. With an incredible spin-speed of 22000 RPM and a powerful 350 W motor, the burr grinder does not only grind coffee; but herbs, pepper and spices as well. The Anpro burr grinders are ideal for larger families or commercial purposes, as their grinding cup’s (100 gr) capacity can fill up to 14 cups of coffee. Moreover, its stainless steel cup is designed with internal measuring marks that will help you to use just the right amount of coffee beans with each session. When you’re done with the grinding, you can easily remove the cup and wash it under the tap for the next use.

The Anpro burr coffee grinders employ three grinding settings to suit different needs. The 1 and 2 settings work by applying an automatic function that grinds the coffee beans while the P function switches the blade grinder into a manual mode. To gain more variability with the coffee grinds, all you have to do is to simply hold down the grinding button until the burr grinder produces a satisfying powder. And lastly, by distinguishing widely from the regular electric grinders, the Anpro device operates with just 90 dB sound levels, thus optimizing the grinding experience to a maximum.


  • It is easy to use and clean.
  • Good value for money.
  • It comes with a coffee spoon and a cleaning brush.
  • It’s shipped with a one-year warranty by Anpro.
  • It employs a safety lock, a safety buckle and a lid to lock the grinding cup.
  • It grinds remarkably fast, with 1-10 seconds for coarse texture, 10-20 seconds for medium texture and 20-30 seconds for extra fine texture.


  • Even though it can serve as a blender for most dry ingredients, you can’t use it to grind for more than a minute.
  • Only the grinding cup is waterproof, so you can’t wash the rest of the machine.
  • It doesn’t have a storage cable area on its base, so its power cable won’t stay tidily. 

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4. The Splendid CG61B Electric Grinder for Grain Coffee By Shardor

Splendid CG61B Electric Grinder By Shardor

Another smart grinder that’s ideal for rapid grinding and multi-purpose procedures is Shardor’s electric range of stainless steel burrs; that was also Amazon’s no. 1 bestseller in that department. The budget-friendly burr grinders employ a powerful spin-speed of 24000 RPM that allows you to grind your coffee beans within 8-15 seconds. Its integrated blade grinders are not only ideal for grinding beans or pre-ground coffee but seeds, nuts, peppers or other dry ingredients as well.

The Shardor coffee grinder contains a food-grade stainless steel bowl that can easily be removed from the base, making it very convenient for both cleaning and maintenance. The maximum capacity supported by the smart grinder pro is 70 gr, which can generate about 12 cups of coffee. Operating with the principles of manual burr grinders, the Shardor device works by locking the grinding bowl and pressing onto the lid to start the grind. Even though the blade grinder doesn’t include specific buttons for different grind settings, you can manually adjust the grinding time to match the level of coarseness by merely holding down the lid for the desired time. 


  • It’s equipped with a 2 in 1 coffee spoon and brush.
  • It supports fast grinding times.
  • The inside of its bowl is designed with handy measuring marks.
  • Its 105 cm power cord can be store inside its base.
  • It is very robust and reliable.


  • It makes quite some noise while operating.
  • Some customers reported that it spills some beans while grinding.
  • It works best with pre-ground coffee beans, so it might not provide with the best results on its fine grind settings.

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5. The Preeminent Molino Electric Burr Grinded By Melitta

Molino Electric Burr Grinded By Melitta

Whether you want finely ground coffee for a strong espresso or a slightly coarse texture for a french press, the Molino electric burr grinder will surely provide with the best results. The Melitta smart grinder pro is designed with 17 different grind settings to please even the pickiest coffee lovers out there. The easy to use rotating knob is accompanied by a simple coffee making guide that groups the coarseness levels of each value. For example, to brew a pleasant espresso, you need to set the conical burr grinder from 1 to 3, depending on your preferred coarseness levels. The remaining settings are represented by filter coffee (2-13) and french press (12-17).

The burr grinder is perhaps the best choice for commercial use or larger groups because it supports a 200 gr compartment that can quickly fill 14 large mugs in one go. As for the grinding quality, you can rest assured that its ceramic conical burrs will not only crush the beans consistently but apply the required pressure to grind them to absolute perfection as well. And to support an energy-efficient performance, Melitta’s conical burr grinder supports an incredibly low power consumption and an auto-shutoff feature that successfully prevents the machine from absorbing energy while it’s on idle mode. 


  • It is elegantly designed and doesn’t take too much space on countertops.
  • It comes with a one-year warranty by Melitta.
  • It supports a large bean capacity compartment.
  • Its removable container is dishwasher-safe and easy to wash by hand.
  • It promotes a full range of grinding settings.


  • A few costumers noted that its coarse settings tend to go more on the fine side.
  • Its noise levels while operating are quite loud.

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6. The Grand Encore Electric Burr Coffee Grinder By Baratza

The Grand Encore Electric Burr Coffee Grinder By Baratza

The Encore conical burr grinder by Baratza will surely provide with consistent ground beans that range from espresso to French press – as well as including everything in between. Its straightforward controls make getting that cup of coffee as comfortable as ever. All you need to do is simply load the hopper with your favourite grinders coffee beans, turn it to your preferred grind setting and let the magic begin. The smart grinder pro supports 40 individual grind settings, so it’s going to be pretty much impossible for you not to be satisfied.

The stainless steel conical burr grinder can hold about 220 gr of whole beans, while its pre-ground bin is composed of fill lines that will help you indicate how much coffee you need to grind with each session. As for its specifications, you’ll be pleased to know that its European manufactured 40 mm conical burrs work exceptionally for providing consistently ground coffee with each grind. Furthermore, its high-performance motor can support a spin-speed of 550 RPM which will ensure with the best coffee grind in less than 15 seconds (for the avg. setting). 


  • It minimizes the coffee waste on the bin.
  • It is the best coffee grinder for specific brewing methods like pour-over, Aeropress, Siphon and Chemex.
  • Its efficient DC motor keeps the beans cool even on more extended grind settings.
  • Its 450 RPM speed reduces noise, heat and static buildup.
  • Its front-mounted pulse button makes choosing its grind settings easier.


  • Some consumers reported that their machine died unexpectedly after some months of use.
  • It was also noted that its manufacturer’s customer service was not ideal.

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7. The Elegant Skerton Medium Glass Hand Coffee Grinder By Hario

The Elegant Skerton Medium Glass Hand Coffee Grinder By Hario

Enduring. Practical. Versatile. Those are the most frequent epithets given to the well-known Hario grinder that has become one of the most trusted coffee grinders to date. The Skerton burr grinder allows you to effortlessly set the grind size from a coarser texture for a cold brew or a fine grind for a lovely espresso. The durable coffee grinders are renowned for their use of ceramic burrs that not only give a precise and consistent grind but are also destined to sustain their longevity for years to come.

The Hario coffee grinder also includes a silicone lid for the grinder compartment, so the beans don’t scatter around your kitchen while you maintain the grinding process. Moreover, its ergonomic design allows you to adjust the grind coffee size by simply loosening or tightening its central screw on the top of the grinder. Because the Skerton coffee grinders are made of heatproof glass, ceramic burrs, stainless steel crank handle and polypropylene components – you can rest assured that they will be there to accompany you for years-long times. 


  • It is very sturdy and durable.
  • It’s the best burr grinder for keeping the freshness and flavour of the coffee.
  • It is straightforward to use and maintain.
  • Its crank handle promotes a very smooth and comfortable turn.
  • It comes with a spare lid to store your grind.


  • It can’t be used for grinding spices that are larger than coffee beans.
  • Its full design makes it harder to be held, so it must be used while positioning it on a surface.
  • Some consumers reported that harder beans cause it to get jammed, which makes the grind difficult.

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8. The Superior 6766579 Calibra Grinder By Melitta

The Superior 6766579 Calibra Grinder By Melitta

Another smart grinder pro by Melitta is the stainless steel Calibra range that has undoubtedly made a lot of its users very happy. The Calibra model is Melitta’s first electric burr grinder, thus containing a lot of premium features that made it one of the best-selling machines in Amazon. One of the most innovative hallmarks of this burr grinder is its integrated weighing scale that measures your beans precisely to the gram. And besides being a unique machine, the Calibra burr grinder is also one of the most productive options out there as well.

The incorporated beans container is neatly positioned at the top of the machine, and it supports an incredibly large capacity of 375 gr. Whether you fancy a strong espresso or a delicious Turkish coffee, Calibra’s 39 preset grind settings will surely come to the aid. Specifically, the 1-5 grind levels provide with a finer result that’s perfect for espresso machines while 6-26 levels produce a medium-coarse texture that’s ideal for most filter coffee units. As for the 27-39 levels, they’re most fitting for cafetieres or French presses. 


  • It runs significantly quieter than other electric blade grinders.
  • It functions with steel conical burrs that grind precisely and evenly.
  • It has a user-friendly operating panel with an LCD display.
  • Its silicone ring on the grinding outlet ensures that the coffee is dispensed in a controlled manner.
  • Its beans and coffee containers are both removable, washable, and easily assemblable.


  • Its coffee container is plastic, so it is very prone to static.
  • Some customers reported that they had some issues with the delivery of grinder.

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9. The Professional Coffee Grinder By Gourmeo

The Professional Coffee Grinder By Gourmeo

Another classic range of hand-operable burr grinders is provided to us by Gourmeo while being one of the most reliable products on the market. With this manual grinding machine, you can fill up to four cups of delicious coffee, or have one for yourself and store the rest for later. Gourmeo’s line of ceramic burr grinders weighs just about 520 gr, so it will not only decrease the storage space taken on your countertops – but it will be a handy tool for taking it with you wherever you go. Besides being one of the most dependable grinder types for coffee, the machine is also suitable for grinding seeds, peppers, spices and other tiny ingredients.

To adjust the grind settings according to your needs, you can simply loosen up the screw at the top of the lid. Whether you want an espresso or a french press, the Gourmeo grinders have got your back. Thanks to its ceramic burrs that don’t allow for corrosion or rust to form, you can rest assured that you’ll always have a fresh, tasty coffee from the grinder to the brewing machine. Besides being efficient, flexible and sturdy, the hand grinder will also reduce your time spent in the kitchen significantly – because the cleaning and the maintenance of the grinder are kept to a minimum. 


  • It is one of the best hand grinders for seeds and spices.
  • It comes with an extra glass container that can be used for storing the coffee.
  • It includes a durable silicone ring that will prevent the beans from falling off while grinding.
  • It comes with a handy cleaning brush that can be used for maintenance.


  • It was noted that its grind settings are somewhat confusing.
  • Some customers reported that its crank handle was prone to getting loose or stuck frequently, causing the grind to be more difficult.

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10. The Notable KG79 Electric 12-Cub Burr Grinder By DeLonghi

The Notable KG79 Electric 12-Cub Burr Grinder By DeLonghi

Last but not least, we have DeLonghi’s modern range grinding machines that are not only sleek to look at but practical to be used as well. Thanks to its dual burr grinders, the machine is will efficiently preserve the flavour of the coffee while offering a nice and consistent grind. The overall beans container capacity within the grinder is 120 gr that can be roughly translated to 12 cups. It’s important to note that DeLonghi has made sure to design the machine while keeping user-friendliness a priority. That can be best seen with its fineness selector and cup-quantity function that is granted to make head-scratching operations a thing of the past.

Correctly, you can choose one of the preset grind levels that include the fine, medium or coarse. On the other hand, the cup selector lets you select between 2 to 12 cups, while automatically stopping the grinding session once the specified amount has been reached. Its removable coffee container has a transparent build, so you can evaluate if the machine is grinding the beans as per your demand. And to make everything more comfortable for you, DeLonghi has also included a cleaning brush that will help preserve the burr grinders’ good condition through time. 


  • It is compact-sized and suitable for all kitchen types.
  • It maintains a fantastic grind speed.
  • It has a dual safety system that shuts off the grinder automatically if either of the containers is removed.
  • It has firm-grip knobs that are easy to use.
  • It is designed with self-contained cord storage to save up space.


  • The containers are somewhat hard to take out.
  • It is slightly noisier than regular grinders.

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Buying Guide

Coffee making is generally assumed to be a small and easy task. You get the coffee, you find the machine, and you start brewing. But for those of us who want to taste a little bit of heaven with every sip, it’s not always as simple. To make the best espresso that ignites all our tastebuds, the coffee needs to be fresh, flavourful and strong. The only condition where that spectacle is genuinely achieved is when you grind the beans right before you get to brewing. Thanks to the advancement of technology and the help of capitalism, we now have hundreds of grinding machines who do that task for us. But how to choose the best one?

Conical vs Flat Burrs

Burr Coffee Grinder Buying Guide

The most crucial element that makes a proper grind is within a machine’s burr type. Essentially, a burr constitutes the internal component of a grinding machine’s core that is tasked with the function of grinding the beans. Some grinding units will employ a bladed core that works similarly to a blender, but that’s not ideal. A good machine will apply either a conical or flat burr. They both operate with the same principles, but they differ slightly in their build.

The conical burrs have two cone-shaped bladed plates, one of which is solid and the other is hollow. The beans usually go in between the plates in a vertical manner, in which they’re crushed and pressured into a powder form. On the other hand, flat burrs are comprised of two horizontal blades. One of the burrs faces upward, while the other faces downward. The beans are funnelled into the burrs by making two 90 degree turns. The more movement the burrs have between each other; the higher is their grind size. 

Automatic vs Manual

As with any other household machine, we want our coffee grinders to grind efficiently, quickly and effortlessly. That is achievable, but it usually comes with a downside. Automatic grinders are ideal for people who don’t want to spend too much time and labour with their grind, but rather – get right onto making an excellent, hot espresso for the go. These machines are usually preset into different programmes, and all you have to do to initiate them is choose your grind size and press the power button. However, because they need an intense spin-speed to provide with quick results, their internal blades tend to heat-up. The heat then damages the coffee by losing its flavour and freshness.

Manual grinders, on the other hand, are very efficient at keeping all the coffee’s characteristics even after the grind. Because these machines need to be operated by hand, they usually use ceramic burrs that have beneficial grind components which don’t interfere with the coffee’s flavour. Moreover, because a handheld operation is much slower than an electrical one, the heat generated within the burrs is optimal for richening the coffee’s overall taste and smell. However, with manual grinding machines, you must grind at slower rates and smaller rations, which is not always ideal. 

How much is too much?

Whether you have an espresso machine, a french-press or a filter coffee-maker, you know that they each require different coffee grind sizes. The three main textures of coffee include the coarse, medium and fine grind. However, certain coffee types, like Turkish coffee, require an extra-fine grind to be appropriately made. That is why you should always aim for machines that have a wide range of grind settings that can accustom all your needs.

Most manufacturers build machines that can be distinguished between a stepped grind setting and a step-less grind setting. Stepped grinders usually promote a number of preset programmes that you can choose from, and typically are broader within their range. Stepped settings generally are found in automatic machines. Moreover, they are ideal for making specific coffee types that range in both extremes of coarseness, like espresso or cold brew.

On the other hand, step-less machines allow for more variability on your part, because they don’t provide with pre-installed options for you to choose from. They let you choose from a broader range, and they’re mostly found on manual grinder machines. Ultimately, the best choice depends on your preference and drinking habits. 


Q: What is the best Burr coffee grinder to buy?

A: The best burr coffee machine of 2021 has been awarded to VevoUK’s portable grinder due to its superiority in flavour, ease of use and grind variability.

Q: Are Burr coffee grinders better?

A: Burr grinders are generally believed to be better than bladed ones because they use a more systematic approach to grinding the beans. With a blade grinder, the beans are merely cut and sliced, so they’re not always consistent with their grind size or texture. On the other hand, burr grinders are more precise, because they crush the beans and turn them into the much-loved form that we call ground coffee. Because of the intense operation involved, the results of burr grinders are much better in both density and flavour.

Q: Are coffee grinders worth it?

A: Yes, a coffee grinding machine is worth it. The first things you notice when drinking a cup of coffee are its impeccable taste, smell and texture, right? Well, as with any other ingredient, coffee also loses its enchanting abilities once it’s stored out for too long. A freshly ground pack of coffee mixes perfectly with the coffee machine, giving you an enhanced quality of the drink – whether it is an espresso, Turkish, french press or cold brew.

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