The 10 Best Cat Repellent Reviews For UK Homes (2021)

Best Cat Repellent Reviews

Last Updated on September 22, 2021

Whether you’re tired of your neighbour’s cat always showing up and making himself comfortable on the lawn seating, pests eating away your garden hose, or your furry friend ruining your favourite furniture, a cat repellent is always essential.

Providing some of the best products that were previously tested and deemed safe to use, we bring you the top-rated models of cat repellents that will ensure you can live a scratch-free life with (or without) your cat foes. 

Our Top 3 Cat Repellent Picks
1. The Best Cat Repellent By Roejuyy
2. The Best Natural Cat Repellent By Doff
3. The Best Cat Repellent With Motion Detection By Pestbye

The Best Cat Repellents Reviewed In 2021

1.  Ultrasonic Cat Repeller By INTEY

Ultrasonic Cat Repeller By INTEY

The best cat repellent of 2021 is INTEY’s Ultrasonic Cat Repellent. This cat deterrent works perfectly in your garden, as it is equipped with a fastened sealing ring and built with solid and durable material, so it can withstand normal rainfall. Thanks to its high-frequency ultrasonic waves emitted by two horns, this device can drive animals away very efficiently, thus being conned the best cat scarer available on the market.

This fantastic outdoor cat repellent has buttons that can adjust the frequency and sensitivity of the device in five modes for different animals so it can accurately identify the range and drive it out. You won’t ever have to worry about your device running out of batteries, because this cat garden repellent is equipped with solar panels which can be directly charged by the sun or you can use a USB power outlet instead.


  • It doesn’t only work on keeping cats away, as it can affect different animals as well. The irregular and variable frequency makes it more effective in deterring the most aggressive animals that may be adaptive and immune to specific frequency bands.
  • It keeps away unwanted cats, dogs, or wild animals, but it doesn’t affect birds. If you’re one of those people that enjoys staying out in the garden and hearing the birds chirp without having to worry about fur bits or cat poo, that’s an extra plus for you.
  • This outdoor cats repellent is especially suitable for farms, rice fields, nurseries, and orchards to better protect your garden as it won’t bother people.


  • If you have a large lawn, chances are that this device’s ultrasonic sound won’t reach your entire property’s distance that you would otherwise prefer to have covered.

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2.  Cat Scan Mat with Spikes By Kohree

Cat Scan Mat with Spikes

Another great cat deterrent for garden or indoor spaces includes this mat with spikes that will be excellent for you if you don’t want to deal with any aa batteries or ultrasonic devices. This is especially helpful for cat owners who like to plant in the garden since it can keep cats from digging by serving as fence wall spikes.

The Cat Scan Mat doesn’t hurt cats since the spikes are made of humane one-inch plastic. Being one of the best cat deterrents that work, this product is practical as much as it is helpful.

All you have to do is to put the mat into the ground and hook the mat edge to fix it. Strips can be cut to your preferred size by using scissors and hooked into multiple strips to extend the amount of protection.


  • It can easily be cut in any shape or form preferrable with your area. You can use it in the garden, floors, sofas, or even doors.
  • It’s a simple product that can be modified accordingly, thus being reusable if you change your mind about the location.
  • Considering how cats hate walking on prickly surfaces, this mat will serve as a perfect budget-friendly solution to keep the furry friends away.


  • Even though most consumers have given this product great reviews, some of them have indicated that their feisty cats have stood up to the challenge and even played with the mat. If you see your cat in that description, maybe you should reconsider a more subtle device.

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3.  Ultrasonic Battery Operated Motion Activated Cat Repellent By Pestbye

Ultrasonic Battery Operated Repellent

Being next in line on the best cat repellent UK has to offer, this product is one of the few aa batteries devices that is successful in keeping cats away and has good battery life. Its infrared PIR motion detector sensor discovers the movement and body heat (reducing fake activation and extending battery life) up to 7m away, activating the cat repeller to emit a high-frequency sound that’s irritating to the cat and almost inaudible to humans.

This cat repellent is coated with a ground stake and tab for fitting directly to a wall or fence wall spikes. Being a cat deterrent garden appropriate, this device is fully weatherproof, as you may leave it outside in all weathers. The highest advantage? If you’re not satisfied with the performance of this cat deterrent, you can return it within 45 days for a full refund.


  • The frequency dial adjusts the sound emitted to enable you to maximize the effectiveness of the device. All cats are different, as they have different hearing levels (depending on many factors including age or exposure to noise). The ability to find a frequency effective to your cat is what makes the PestBye device stand out from the competition.
  • It is very durable and long-lasting. Customers have reported that this device continues to stop cats from using the garden as a litter tray even after years of initial purchase.
  • It covers a 110-degree arc, to a distance of up to 32ft (10m), so the range of the scope is pretty favourable if you have a large garden.


  • Even though this cat repeller was said to work on wild animals as well, it was observed that foxes and squirrels seem to be getting used to the frequency emitted by the ultrasonic sound after some while.

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4. Solar Cats Garden Repellent By ARESAT

Solar Cats Garden Repellent

This cat repeller is built with a powerful ultrasound motion sensor matched with a strong flash that drives away unwelcome wild animals whilst protecting your garden from being disturbed.

No chemical components on this device threaten human health since the passive infrared sensor works as a motion detector and triggers itself, while the ultrasonic speaker emits a tone that people cannot hear. This tone chases away common outdoor pests such as cats, dogs, foxes, or other animals. Thanks to its IPX4 waterproof grade protection, it works perfectly under any weather conditions.


  • This cat scarer is very eco-friendly. Sufficient sunlight can continuously charge the device by meeting the daily consumption of the device. When solar charging is not enough to provide excessive animal activity, you can use the battery activation function.


  • As with some similar devices, this repellent has a default ultrasonic sound mode, that may prove to be futile for some cats.

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5.  Ultrasonic Pest Repeller By HINMAY

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller By HINMAY

This innovative cat repellent for garden environments is a very simple device that can prevent cats from ruining your plants while looking like an outdoor decoration. Using the best motion sensor, this repellent can emit powerful ultrasonic solar sounds and flash LED lights to scare dogs, cats, mice, and other unwanted animals away from your garden. With five different frequencies that you can choose from, you can adjust this device accordingly with your needs.

The repellent can be automatically charged by solar energy under direct sunlight with a solar concentrator, and thanks to its polysilicon interior, it can also extend battery life. When exposed to rain, snow, or ice, its waterproof function can protect from wetting, thus preserving your garden and farm all year round.


  • The repellent contains no messy chemicals or pesticides, no traps, or dead animals. You won’t have to worry that said ultrasonic devices will harm any humans or animals in the area.
  • One extra advantage of this device is the range it encompasses. Consumers have reported that this repellent works up to 10 meters in length.


  • For the device to deter cats completely from your garden, it needs up to two weeks – so that might be a downside for those of you who are more on the impatient side.

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6.  Waterproof Cat Repellent By Pestbye

Waterproof Cat Repellent By Pestbye

If you’ve followed through our article, you would have noticed that Pestbye makes some of the best cat repellent products on the market. Following a more simple approach, this line of cat deterrents for gardens works by placing the ground spike of the device into the soil of your yard so its motion sensor can spread through the entire area.

The cat repellent is designed so that you can alter the frequency of the device to target the specific animal that’s causing you distress. The frequency dial adjusts the sound emitted to enable you to maximize the effectiveness of the device, so you can finally say goodbye to cat faeces on your tomatoes and lilies. 


  • This cat repellent is equipped with a descriptive manual of the frequencies required for each animal, so you won’t have to worry about turning the device too high or too low.
  • It is extremely durable as it can keep cats away for months up to years, regardless of excessive heat, rain or snow.


  • Some consumers have reported that young children can hear the noise emitted from the device, so you might have to be careful if you have kids living in your area.

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7.  Cat and Dog Scatter Granules By Defenders

Cat and Dog Scatter Granules By Defenders

If you prefer keeping cats away using a more traditional method while looking for a cat repellent that works, this Defenders product is just what you need. These biodegradable deterrent granules coated with effective natural active ingredients to humanely repel cats and dogs from gardens are very efficient and long-lasting.

Serving as the best granules currently on the market, these products treat up to 150 sq m of the outdoor area including patios, lawns, flower beds, and seedbeds, working effortlessly to prevent cats and dogs from digging, scratching and fouling in your garden.


  • The integrated shaker cap makes scattering the granules easy and a no-hassle activity.
  • The bottle contains 0.5 per cent natural aromatic plant oils on an inert clay base, so it won’t harm animals or humans upon coming to contact with it.


  • This cat deterrent for gardens has to be used every 48 hours until the animals move to a new habitat, so it might take some time until it takes the cats away.

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8.  Ultrasonic Cat Repellent By Volador

Ultrasonic Cat Repellent By Volador

Being a cat repellent garden fitting, this Volador product can be installed in your home or any place in the courtyard so it will make way for cats running from it.

Thanks to its motion detector, when the cats enter your garden, the infrared sensor is triggered and the product emits ultrasound waves to make the animal feel uncomfortable and escape from the area. 

When the frequency of the waves is set at four or five, the device emits led lights as well, so it can stop cats from abusing your property more efficiently. 


  • This product contains a rechargeable battery that can be charged using a USB adapter. At the same time, there is a solar panel on the top of the repellent, which can absorb solar energy to power the product. This is very cost-effective, as it will help you save time and money on the batteries.
  • The infrared sensing angle of the product is 110 degrees, the vertical angle is 45 degrees, and the effective sensing distance of a straight line is 10 meters. This will ensure a wide scope area for your local cats.


  • Sometimes humans can perceive some ultrasonic waves, so it’s best advisable that you keep the product away from living areas. You shouldn’t place the product in areas where babies and children are active.

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9.  Cat And Dog Repellent Granules By Critter

Cat And Dog Repellent Granules By Critter

This product is among the best cat deterrent in the form of granules that uses blend citronella oils & other specially formulated active ingredients to keep you safe from cat faeces or dog fur in your garden. The critter granules are designed to blend in with the garden, so they protect without distracting from the natural beauty of outdoor spaces.

The 650g bottle can treat an area of 216m², and if you keep treating the same space over some time cats should start to avoid it in favour of an area with a smell they prefer.


  • These granules are weather-resistant since they do not dissolve over rain or snowfall. Your garden will be safe from cats even if the weather conditions are not favourable.
  • The citrus smell is very pleasant, so you won’t have to deal with the hard odour some cat repellent products usually use.


  • While the granules will still smell of citronella for several weeks after use, they will only be potent for 7 to 10 days and may need replacing after then.

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10. Cat And Dog Repellent Crystal By Get Off

Cat And Dog Repellent Crystal By Get Off

This crystal-like jelly product is one of the few cat repellents that can be used directly into plants and flowerbeds. It is effective in all weather conditions, and it makes its way by slowly releasing a strong odour that confuses cats and dogs’ sense of smell.

Over a while, the jell will prevent cats from digging and ruining your produce. It is more effective than cat deterrent spray and less intense than an ultrasound emitting device. Not only will you deter cats with this device, but dogs, foxes, mice, and other pests as well. 


  • It’s more economical than other products at the same price. You can use a single bottle on several occasions without needing to reapply the crystals.


  • The cat deterrent contains some chemicals that may make people prone to allergic reactions.

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Buying Guide

Because cats are one of the most territorial animals in the animal kingdom, they will make sure to make their way into your garden, planting field, patio, or even indoors. Even if you’re a cat person who just admires said feisty felines, there will be occasions in which you will want to deter cats from some spaces. If you’re still unsure about what product best fits your needs, you can read the following guide that was developed according to the customers’ most common inquiries regarding the best cat repellent on the market in 2021. 

Range over intensity

Cat Repellent Buying Guide

Oftentimes people incorrectly seek products or devices that produce the highest frequent ultrasound waves or the stinkiest odour, because they believe that intensity equals quality.

And sometimes they’re not wrong. Cats get repulsed by heavy smells and they’re frequently scared of the loud noise emitted by motion sensor devices.

However, such products only work in a confined environment or small garden, because it’s not very helpful to use these devices on large lawns or yards. Not only will the device not cover several areas of your space, but it will be very expensive to buy extra devices to reach the entire range of the garden.

So, one of the best ideas in such cases is to look for products that cover a wide space, so your garden will be fully covered. 


One of the most common mistakes people make while choosing for a cats’ deterrent is that they pick aesthetical pleasing models instead of durable ones. It is important to read the manufacturer’s website, especially if you’re planning on buying ultrasonic devices, and see what characteristics the product has. Most common devices make way for six months up to a year in durability, but if you’re willing to invest more, you can find more sustaining products.

Harmful or harmless?

Cat Repellent Buying Guides

Unfortunately for all, the way some products are assembled is not always harmless to humans or the animals involved. Some companies use chemicals that are toxic and dangerous, by inducing allergies or similar reactions that could put lives in danger. You should always read the instructions very carefully, especially if you’re using sprays, gels, or granules; since you or the people around you could be prone to falling ill from the chemicals used in the product.Even with garden ultrasonic devices that promise the waves emitted are harmless to animals and unlikely to be heard by humans, you should be very careful since that’s not always the case. Several consumers have reported that young children can sometimes hear such noises and were made uncomfortable by them.


Q: How to keep neighbours cats out of my garden?

A: The most effective way to keep your neighbour’s cats out of your garden is to use a cats repellent. Cats are very independent animals, so they’ll most likely keep out of your garden if they choose to themselves. By using deterrents that make the cats repulsed by odour, noise or flashing lights, they will deem your garden uninteresting and/or unsafe and will choose to leave.

Q: What smells do cats hate?

A: According to science, cats hate the smell of thyme, rue, lavender, and citrus – smells that are most pleasant to humans. If you make sure to plant them in your garden, it’ll most definitely make cats aggravated and disinterested in your location. Moreover, cats hate the strong smell of coffee as well. You could sprinkle brewed coffee grounds in your garden or your favourite sofa, desk, or couch so you could ensure that the cats don’t sit, scratch, or dig in those areas.

Q: How do you stop cats from peeing or pooping in your garden?

A: Cats are predators who love to mark their territory wherever they please. They do so by peeing or pooping on areas that they feel are theirs to choose, including your garden. A traditional way of fixing this is using other animal’s faeces to let the cats know that the territory is already marked. If you prefer a more subtle approach, you can buy a garden based cats repellent that imitates the smell of predator urine and keeps cats away from your place.

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