The 10 Best Cat Repellent Reviews For UK Homes (2022)

Best Cat Repellent Reviews

Last Updated on January 16, 2022

Hey, we love cats but sometimes, they can be a nuisance. A repellant can help when feline marauders stalk the birds in your garden or keep getting into the trash. But don’t worry fellow animal lovers, we have only selected products that will never harm any critters – cat burglars included!

Our Top 3 Cat Repellent Picks
1. The Best Cat Repellent By Flan
2. The Best Natural Cat Repellent By Doff
3. The Best Gel Repellent By Get Off

Product Testing & Comparing

There are so many cat repellents available these days, that it is easy to choose something that does not work or doesn’t suit your particular needs. Our review team tested and compared, and also ranked the top 10 cat repellants of the year to bring our readers products that are effective and safe.

We also highlighted the following features for each product:

  1. Target species.
  2. Power source.
  3. Installation/usage information.

This way you can, at a glance, see which repellents work with additional species, if they require any power and how to install or use them.

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The Best Cat Repellents Reviewed In 2022

1. Flan Ultrasonic Animal Repellent

The Best Cat Repellent

best cat repellent

Product Specifications

  • Target species: Cats, mouse, raccoon, squirrel, fox.
  • Power source: Solar powered.
  • Installation/Use: Can be spiked into the ground or hung on branches.

We chose this as the top repellent on our list due to its versatile nature. It is particularly suited if you are troubled by cats and other animals like foxes, squirrels and more. Installation is as simple as sticking it into the ground or hanging it on a branch and the power of the sun will give this repellent enough juice to stay operational.

The weatherproof item will never harm the animals. Offering you 5 different sensitivity modes, it uses ultrasound and strong flashes to scare off invaders without physical pain.


  • Wide working range.
  • Works with multiple species.
  • No chemicals involved.


  • Lowest sensitivity setting can fail to deter cats.

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2. Doff 700g Super Cat & Dog Repellent

The Best Natural Cat Repellent

best natural cat repellent

Product Specifications

  • Target species: Dogs and cats.
  • Power source: NA.
  • Installation/Use: Shaker.

Our review team loved this product mainly for two reasons – it’s super animal-friendly and you can just grab it off a shelf, shake the granules over the area where you need to banish cats from and put it away again. No complicated setup or electricity is required.

This non-toxic and chemical-free product works mainly with a garlic extract that can be used at any time of the year – and everywhere in the garden or home.


  • Safe around pets and kids.
  • Easy shaker design.
  • Natural and non-toxic.


  • Harmful to aquatic life.

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3. Get Off 2044405

Best Gel Repellent

the best gel cat repellent

Product Specifications

  • Target species: Dogs and cats.
  • Power source: NA.
  • Installation/Use: Application at affected areas.

This product is particularly useful around areas that have hard surfaces like patios, window sills, sidewalks and more. You can also safely use this gel on flowerbeds and your lawn. Slowly releasing an odour that is unpleasant to cats and dogs, animals learn to stay away from the application areas.

The gel is easy to squeeze from the bottle and a little goes a long way. This is a good option if you want to treat a small area and not the entire property.


  • Handy squeeze bottle.
  • Great for harder areas.
  • Repels cats and dogs.


  • Can cause allergic reactions.

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4. KinderPet Cat Repellent B08W2BJPDV

Best Cat Spray Repellent

best cat spray repellent

Product Specifications

  • Target species: Cats.
  • Power source: Hand-powered.
  • Installation/Use: Spray on affected areas.

This easy-application spray bottle helps to deter all the usual cat activities that drive you up the wall. This includes digging, scratching and fouling up the garden. The formula is wonderfully safe for cats but they hate it because the smell is incredibly bitter to them. You can even use it indoors to gently train your cat not to pee in certain places.

Safe to use indoors and outdoors, the 100 % natural product is safe for your own pets, children and plants. It’s fruit and plant-based and completely free of additives, alcohol and parabens.


  • Human and ethical product.
  • 100 % natural.
  • Suitable for house training.
  • Won’t harm plants.


  • Economical when you use it for small areas but not if you need to cover the entire garden.

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5. Hinmay Cat Repellent ‎B085HL1Y7X

Repellent With Motion Sensor

Ultrasonic Pest Repeller By HINMAY

Product Specifications

  • Target species: Cats, dogs, rodents.
  • Power source: USB rechargeable, solar power.
  • Installation/Use: Ground spike.

This innovative cat repellent for garden environments is a very simple device that can prevent cats from ruining your plants. Using a motion sensor, this repellent can emit powerful ultrasonic solar sounds and flash LED lights to scare dogs, cats, mice, and other unwanted animals away from your garden. With five different frequencies you can choose from, you can adjust this device according to your needs.

The repellent can be automatically charged by solar energy under direct sunlight with a solar concentrator, and thanks to its polysilicon interior, the battery life can also be extended. The device is also fully weatherproof.


  • No chemicals or pesticides, no traps.
  • Works up to 10 meters away.
  • Solar powered.
  • Easy to install.


  • The lower frequencies can fail to deter cats.

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6. Divchi Black Cat Silhouette

Best Decorative Repellent

best decorative cat repellent

Product Specifications

  • Target species: Cats, foxes.
  • Power source: None required.
  • Installation/Use: Insert into soil or hang from a tree.

Our review team selected this set of adorable – and scary – fake cats as the best decorative option for your garden. If you like garden ornaments and have a problem with critters like cats, rodents, foxes and more, then these life-size boards might help.

Made from durable metal bodies, the eyes are also reflective marbles that glow and flash light, depending on how the intruder views it. Needless to say, this is a safe option that will never harm intruders.


  • Beautiful addition to any garden.
  • Reflective eyes.
  • Durable bodies.


  • Regular visitors might realize that the silhouettes pose no danger.

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7. Defenders Cat and Dog Scatter Granules

Cat and Dog Scatter Granules

Cat and Dog Scatter Granules By Defenders

Product Specifications

  • Target species: Cats and dogs.
  • Power source: None required.
  • Installation/Use: Scatter around affected areas.

If you prefer keeping cats away using a more traditional method, this shaker could be the best choice for you. The biodegradable deterrent consists of granules coated with effective natural active ingredients to humanely repel cats and dogs from gardens in an efficient and long-lasting way.

Serving as the best granules currently on the market, these products treat up to 150 sq m of the outdoor area including patios, lawns, flower beds, and seedbeds, working effortlessly to prevent cats and dogs from digging, scratching and fouling in your garden.


  • Easy to use.
  • Won’t harm any animals.


  • This deterrent has to be used every 48 hours until the animals move to a new habitat.

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8. Shabi Cat Repellent ‎B091DKKPYC

Ultrasonic Cat Repellent

best ultra sonic cat repellent

Product Specifications

  • Target species: Cats and dogs.
  • Power source: Solar power supply.
  • Installation/Use: Ground stake, wall-mounted option.

This repellent device can be staked into the ground or mounted on a wall. Neither is difficult and your device will be up and running in a few moments. Yes, this is also a safe and eco-friendly option to scare cats away – and this happens via ultrasound and strong flashes.

The device contains a powerful battery that can be charged with solar power. It is also weatherproof against all conditions and climates.


  • Easy to install and use.
  • Also repels wildlife.
  • Solar powered.


  • Lower frequencies might not work.

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9. Critter Cat And Dog Repellent B01KFQRSYE

Top Twin Pack

Cat And Dog Repellent Granules By Critter

Product Specifications

  • Target species: Cats and dogs.
  • Power source: NA.
  • Installation/Use: Scatter around affected area.

This product is among the best cat deterrent in the form of granules that uses blend citronella oils & other specially formulated active ingredients to keep you safe from cat faeces or dog fur in your garden. The critter granules are designed to blend in with the garden, so they protect without distracting from the natural beauty of outdoor spaces.

The 650g bottle can treat an area of 216m², and if you keep treating the same space over some time cats should start to avoid it in favour of an area with a smell they prefer.


  • These granules are weather-resistant.
  • Easy to use.
  • Discreet.
  • Pleasant citrus smell.


  • Needs to be replaced every 10 days.

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10. Defenders Pepper Dust STV614

Anti-Fouling Powder

best natural cat repellent powder

Product Specifications

  • Target species: Cats and dogs.
  • Power source: NA.
  • Installation/Use: Scatter around affected areas.

This shaker uses a human formal of pepper dust to discourage unwanted cats, dogs and wildlife from visiting your garden. Indeed, you can stop worrying about fouling, scratching and digging where you don’t want this type of damage.

You can it anywhere and one shaker treats an area up to 10 sq m. You can treat dustbins, paths, drives and patios. The design ensures a simple and even distribution of the powder.


  • Humane treatment.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Effective against wide range of animals.


  • Needs re-application after strong winds or rain.

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Buying Guide

If you cannot decide which product is the best for you, don’t hesitate to read our quick guide. It is packed with great tips to help you choose the best cat repellent for your needs.

Range over intensity

Oftentimes people incorrectly seek products that produce the highest frequent ultrasound waves or the stinkiest odour, because they believe that intensity equals quality. And sometimes they’re not wrong. Cats get repulsed by heavy smells and they’re frequently scared of the loud noise emitted by motion sensor devices.

However, such products only work in a confined environment or small garden, because it’s not very helpful to use these devices on large lawns or yards. So, one of the best ideas in such cases is to look for products that cover a wide space, so your garden will be fully covered. 


One of the most common mistakes people make is to pick aesthetical pleasing models instead of durable ones. It is important to assess how durable the product is, something you can easily pick up on when reading authentic reviews.

Harmful or harmless?

Never choose something that is toxic to animals. Not only does this endanger your own pets and children but it can land you in serious legal trouble if you poison a neighbour’s cat or dog – even on your own property. Needless to say, with so many effective animal-friendly products available these days, cruelty is never acceptable.


Q: How to keep neighbours cats out of my garden?

A: The most effective way to keep your neighbour’s cats out of your garden is to use repellents.

Q: What smells do cats hate?

A: According to science, cats hate the smell of thyme, rue, lavender, and citrus.

Q: How do you stop cats from peeing or pooping in your garden?

A: A traditional way of fixing this is using other animals’ faeces to let the cats know that the territory is already marked. If you prefer a more subtle approach, you can buy a garden-based cats repellent that imitates the smell of predator urine and keeps cats away from your place.

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