The 10 Best Ceramic Hob Reviews In The UK (2021)

Best Ceramic Hob Reviews

Last Updated on May 7, 2021

Ceramic hobs are popular because they are easy to clean, quick to heat food, and add grandeur to any kitchen. They come in different fuel varieties too. You can pick between electric varieties, gas hobs, and induction hobs. If you’re hot on the trail of your first ceramic wonder but want to look at the hottest deals before you buy, we’ve done the research for you. Here are the top ten best ceramic hob reviews for this year.

The Best Ceramic Hobs Reviewed In 2021

1. The Touch Control Ceramic Hob By Russell Hobbs

Touch Control Ceramic Hob By Russell Hobbs

The best ceramic hob is the Touch Control Ceramic Hob By Russell Hobbs. The workspace has a finish that is made from a durable mix of glass and ceramic. Its smooth surface is perfect for easy cleaning as well. The sleek shape is also highly attractive due to its colour scheme. The top is black and slim, white rings mark the cooking zones.

The features of this cooking top are wholesome. There are five zones that can be controlled with individual heat controls and settings.

You can also program the hob to turn a burner off after a certain amount of time, giving you peace of mind that the food won’t burn while you’re busy doing something else. Two great safety features will keep you and your family safe from burns. A child lock prevents youngsters from operating the hob while a heat indicator will let you know when the surface has cooled down sufficiently enough to be safely wiped clean.


  • The hob measures 90 x 52 x 50 cm.
  • It is made by a well-known brand.
  • The Schott glass is durable.
  • The surface is easy to clean and stylish.
  • Electric induction hob type.
  • The features include a timer, a child lock, and a heat indicator.


  • The control panel is small.
  • No guarantee.

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2. The Universal Electric Ceramic Hob By Cookology

Electric Ceramic Hob By Cookology

This hot muffin is perfect for anyone who desires a hygienic, beautiful, and easy to use hob. But more importantly, this cooktop is going home with you if you’re specifically looking for the best ceramic hobs that can fit into a universal standard kitchen cut-out. This makes the cooker easy to install if you already have such a cut-out in the kitchen. As for the other points mentioned earlier, the flat surface is easy to sanitize, the black surface is gorgeous, and touch control bestows you with all the power that you need to whip up the best-tasting meals in no time.

What makes this a wonderful ceramic hob for cooking is that each of the four zones has its own timer. You can add a dish to each plate, use the settings to choose their boiling time, and just check on them now and again. While they bubble or simmer away, you can rest assured that it’s no longer impossible to cook a big meal very quickly or to provide different portions with their individually correct temperatures all at the same time.


  • The product measures 52 x 59 x 5.5 cm.
  • There are 9 power levels you can use.
  • The features include a child lock, a heat indicator, an auto switch-off, and a timer for each zone.
  • Fits into universal kitchen cut-outs.


  • The installation must be done by a qualified electrician.
  • Some consumers are annoyed because the Child Lock apparently sometimes activates when they wipe it to clean the surface.

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3. The Ceramic Hob With 2 Zones Electric Cooktop By GASLAND

The Best Knob Control Ceramic Hob By Cookology

Most hobs have four or five zones, which makes their worktop space large. But what if you live alone or you’re a student who needs a quality hob, with all the safety and operational trimmings, at half the size? If that’s what you desire, then this electric hob may be the best buy. Not only is the ceramic surface stylish and quick to clean but the two cooking zones indeed come with all the abilities and perks of larger hobs.

The touch control gives you a wonderland of nine heat settings, a timer, and a child lock. On its own, the hob also relies on infra-red energy to reduce that electric bill, you can stay safe with features like overheat protection, a heat indicator, and a pan sensor that senses when you remove cookware without turning off the hob. When that happens, the appliance will try and get your attention for a minute and when that fails, the feature will then switch the hob off automatically.


  • The product measures 52 x 28.8 x 5.2 cm.
  • There is a 1-year guarantee.
  • The appliance is suitable for the smaller home and single-person households.
  • The touch buttons work even when your fingers are wet or greasy.
  • Separate timers for the two zones.
  • Several safety features.
  • A scratch-resistant ceramic top.


  • The zones are not suitable for people who must use more than two pots or pans at the same time.
  • A few consumers noted that the top stains easily.

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4. The Best Induction Hob With Great Touch Controls By KKT KOLBE

Best Induction Hob By KKT KOLBE

Are you looking to add a stunning black square to your home – and one that allows you to cook like a fantastic chef? This buy may give you the most value if you also want four zones and two double zones. The latter can accommodate different sizes and shaped cookware, making this electric ceramic hob a great choice for the busier meal-makers out there.
The intuitive controls include both cooking and safety features. With a simple tap, you can quickly summon different levels and programs to prepare great dishes with the correct heat and cooking times. While your dinner bubbles away, sensors protect the hob from overheating by automatically switching the appliance off (if necessary). The timer function takes care of duration, zones switch themselves off when there is no cookware, and an LED light warns you when the surface is cool enough to clean. Overall, a neat package and reliable.


  • The appliance measures 52 x 59 x 5 cm.
  • Two of the four zones are double zones.
  • A slider easily adjusts the temperature.
  • High-quality SUPERKERAMIK glass-ceramic surface.
  • There is a 2-year warranty.
  • The zones switch off when you remove the cookware.
  • Heat protection features for the hob and your family.


  • The appliance comes with a cable but no plug.
  • Although it’s not a common complaint, there is sometimes trouble with the zones’ functions.

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5. The Best Electric Cooker Hob By GIONIEN

The Best Electric Cooker Hob By GIONIEN

This is one of those ceramic hobs that pleases on all accounts. The appearance, which is black and crystal-like, is adorned with half-circles that succeed as a pleasing and modern design for the kitchen. There is also enough space for all your cookware and this hob takes any kind of metal or glass pots and pans. The glass-ceramic top is also simple to keep spotless with a few wipes and also comes with easy touch controls that make cooking a delight.

The four cooking zones are spaciously apart, preventing pots from clanking together. The nine heat levels and a timer also make sure that your recipes receive the royal treatment that brings out the best in taste and flavour. Just like other trusted ceramic electric hobs for kitchen-safety conscious individuals, you can trust this appliance’s safety features. There is the child lock, overheating auto shut-off, and heat indicator.


  • The appliance measures 59 x 52 x 5.2 cm.
  • There is a 1-year warranty.
  • A spacious design keeps the cookware safely spaced and apart.
  • Each zone has a timer.
  • Intelligent controls.


  • The hob might have a shortened lifespan if it’s used at the highest available temperatures all the time.
  • It’s best installed by a professional.

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6. Best Ceramic Hob With Induction Touch Controls By Cookology

Best Ceramic Hob With Induction Touch Controls By Cookology

This may be a great pick if you’re looking to add induction hobs to a kitchen with a black-and-white theme. The ceramic top is black while the zones are shown as white circles. The touch controls are also stylishly black and white to compliment the appearance of this hob. But besides a simple, yet striking, look, what can you expect of this home appliance and its features?

Let’s have a look first at the zones and their control options. Similar to the other reviews, the four zones are different sizes to suit all pots and pans. Timer and heat features allow you to use all the zones at once but cook them at different speeds and duration. This helps when you must prepare a large meal very quickly. You also get all the safety trimmings one may expect by now – a childproof workspace, heat indicator, and auto shut-off.


  • The appliance measures 59 x 51 x 5 cm.
  • The surface is easy to keep clean with a damp cloth.
  • The features include precision control over safety and cooking.
  • A beautiful black-and-white theme.


  • The product is not suitable for a plug socket.
  • It needs an electrician to connect but it’s apparently easy and requires just three wires to be installed.

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7. The Best Hob For Limited Home Space Use By NOXTON

The Best Hob For Limited Home Space Use By NOXTON

If you love dominoes and your kitchen can only accommodate a smaller electric hob, then this may be the best buy for you. With its smooth black surface, small size, and a pair of white circles, this 2-zone hob almost looks like a domino. Very cute. But don’t underestimate this dynamite package. You can get all the great features listed in the reviews of the larger best ceramic hobs on the market.

You get precision control with the touch screen. This panel allows you to use the zones independently, even when you need them both at the same time. With the convenience of nine power settings, you may simmer, stir-fry, or boil at the touch of a switch. Besides the normal safety features (a child lock, heat indicator, and auto shut-off), there are extra perks to appreciate. There’s no radiation or sharp corners. Heck, there’s no noise.


  • The product measures 29 x 52 x 5.2 cm.
  • There is a 1-year guarantee.
  • It’s perfect for a small kitchen, student, or a single person.
  • There are 9 cooking settings.
  • Suitable for all cookware.
  • There are rounded corners for extra safety.


  • While suitable for all cookware, it’s advisable not to use glassware at high temperatures as they may break.
  • It cannot take more than two pots at once.

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8. The Best Ceramic Hob With 5-Zone Use By KKT KOLBE

The Best Ceramic Hob With 5-Zone Use By KKT KOLBE

You may want to take this buy home if you’re after the best ceramic hobs with five zones. These are not your usual five rings, either. The center zone can accommodate a normal pot or pan, as well as elongated cookware like a fish skillet. Mind you, this isn’t the only dual area on the glossy black surface. The bottom left zone also consists of three rings nestled inside each other. You can cook on the smallest ring in the center, using a small pot, without activating the two outer rings and wasting energy that way.

Like all the best ceramic hobs, this model also has a touch screen as well as an LED display so that you can follow the information as it changes.

You can also look forward to great home cooking with nine heat settings, from low to high, encompassing most of the cooking techniques that you may need. You can also expect all the safety features mentioned in the earlier reviews, including the rounded corners.


  • The product measures 52 x 77 x 4.6 cm.
  • There is a 2-year warranty.
  • High-quality SUPERKERAMIK glass-ceramic.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Five zones and two are multi-purpose.


  • Not suitable for a small kitchen.
  • The hob is only suitable for a 3-phase connection.

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9. The Best Energy-Saving Ceramic Hob By Bosch

The Best Energy-Saving Ceramic Hob By Bosch

If you’re looking for the best ceramic hobs from known brands, then this is among the best choices for your home. The best features are all there. The ceramic surface is a beautiful glossy black and covered only with the rings of four zones and the touch panel. The overall appearance will enhance any location with flair and function.

You also get one of the best deals with this buy. There are 17 variable temperature settings for each zone. This provides anyone with a truly remarkable level of control over what they do with the hob. While cooking on this hob, you can also rest assured that you’re enjoying energy-saving meals as reviews gave it an Energy Efficiency Class A rating.

It’s also grouped with the best ceramic hobs due to several features that protect children, like the panel lock, and auto shut-off, and a temperature gauge that keep adults safe during cooking and cleaning.


  • 59.2 x 52.2 x 5.1 cm.
  • Energy class A.
  • Safety features like the panel lock, auto shut-off, and a heat indicator.
  • 17 Variable temperature settings.


  • Some consumer reviews have reported that the control panel sometimes needs repeated touching to activate a function.
  • The hob’s main switch chime cannot be disabled and might annoy those who like silent appliances.

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10. The Best Knob Control Ceramic Hob By Cookology

The Best Knob Control Ceramic Hob By Cookology

But what if you’re not truly a touch screen fan? Hey, not everyone likes such controls but instead appreciate the old-school turning knobs that used to be on every kitchen appliance. The good news is that you can buy some of the best ceramic hobs that come with these features. Let’s have a good look at this one.

The knobs are on the right side for easy access. When they activate the four zones, the latter glow a dreamy red, making the black top a gorgeous appliance but one that also performs well.

Indeed, this hob is uncomplicated to operate and trustworthy. You simply turn the dial to switch on a zone and choose the temperature that you desire. There are eleven heat levels, so this hob can coddle any dish no matter what temperature it requires. 


  • 69.4 x 65.4 x 11.8 cm.
  • The size fits into a standard cut-out area.
  • The ceramic-glass cleans easily.
  • A beautiful black-and-red look.
  • 11 Heat levels.


  • This hob is not plug-friendly. It must be installed by an electrician (without an electrician’s installation certificate, your guarantee is void).
  • No child lock safety feature.

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Buying Guide

The best ceramic hobs are priceless when it comes to cooking. They make preparing meals easy, fast, flavourful, and the flat tops are simple to clean. No wonder that these hobs have infiltrated kitchens everywhere, from family homes to top restaurants. If you don’t know where to start, take off your worry hat. We’ve gathered the top tips to consider before making that final purchase.

ceramic hobs buying guide

What Fuel Type Works Best For Your Hob?

Ceramic hobs are fueled by either gas or electricity. This is a good starting point. Ask yourself which type of fuel is more convenient for you and then look at hobs that use your chosen fuel type.

A gas hob looks no different from one that runs on mains power, but both – the gas hob and electric hob – must be installed professionally to provide the safest experience.

Can Your Counter Space Accommodate A Ceramic Hob?

The good news is that these hobs are versatile. They are flat enough to erase depth as a problem. You can also choose the size (the length and width) according to the space available in your kitchen. If you’re really squeezed into a small apartment, there are 2-zone hobs that might suit you perfectly. Otherwise, have a look at the ceramic hobs with four to five zones.

Here’s Why Reviews Of Ceramic Hobs Matter

Product reviews serve a useful purpose. They protect consumers from repeating others’ mistakes. Positive reviews can highlight the best points of a product. This holds true when it comes to large appliances like ceramic hobs. This is one of those purchases that must carry its weight in the home for years. That’s the promise the manufacturers make but not always keep. Read as many reviews as you can on the hobs that you fancy. It doesn’t matter if they’re good or bad reviews, just try to get the whole picture. What did people love? What did they hate?

Take Your Time To Decide

ceramic hobs buying guides

Sometimes, you find your perfect match within a few hours. However, whether it takes an hour or three days, when you finally find a hob that satisfies you, make a hundred percent certain that this is what you want.

Double-check the guarantees, the installation requirements, how it will be mailed, its abilities, and user-friendliness. If you’re still convinced that this is your perfect ceramic hob, then go for it.

However, if there’s some doubt, then don’t hesitate to look around again. There are countless hobs available and one of them is just right for you.


Q: Which Is Better; An Induction Or Ceramic Hob?

A: Which hob, induction or ceramic hob, is better depends on what you need it for. Both are excellent workhorses and good-looking too. But if you want to cook with any cookware, then a ceramic hob might be best. It can generate heat with most materials and metals. However, an induction hob needs special cookware with a high iron content (it works with magnetism).

Q: What Are The Advantages Of A Ceramic Hob?

A: The advantages of a ceramic hob include being able to use all your cookware, regardless of what metal they are. Also, a ceramic hob’s flat surface is very stabilizing for pots, stylish, and easy to keep clean.

Q: Can A Ceramic Hob Just Crack?

A: A ceramic hob cannot just crack. When it does, the damage is usually the result of improper use. Ceramic hobs, which are treated with glass to strengthen the material, will rarely fracture on its own accord.

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