The 10 Best Coffee Pods For UK Coffee Fans (2022)

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Last Updated on January 18, 2022

Delicious coffee is a must in the morning. Some of the tastiest cups come from a pod coffee machine. These days, coffee fans can pick and choose between many different types of full-bodied capsules. But if you’re new to a coffee machine with pods or want to expand your current range of capsules, here are the best coffee pods on the market.

Our Top 3 Coffee Pod Picks
1. The Best Coffee Pods By Douwe Egberts Senseo
2. The Best Decaf Coffee Pods By Tassimo
3. The Best Caramel Coffee Pods By Tassimo

Product Testing & Comparison

Our reviewer used a specific set of guidelines to determine the best of the best for our list:

  1. Taste
  2. Compatibility
  3. Compostable/recyclable

Primarily, we focused on taste with these pods. You’re drinking them for weeks on end, so it’s vital that they’re tasty – right? The next most important factor is each device’s compatibility with other branded machines. If they’re not compatible with multiple brands, we docked the pod points in our list.

Finally, we looked at compostability or recyclability. Pods are incredibly bad for the environment, so we automatically gave any compostable or recyclable pods a 3-rank boost. We’re fighting for our lives when it comes to protecting the environment, so anything that doesn’t actively harm our world is a very, very good product in our eyes. Now – let’s see what’s best for you, shall we?

The Best Coffee Pods Reviewed In 2022

1. Roasted Coffee Beans Pods By Douwe Egberts Senseo (Product #SEN_DAR_5x18)

Roasted Coffee Beans Pods By Douwe Egberts


  • Caffeine Content: Caffeinated
  • Units: 18
  • Specialty: Vegetarian, compostable

The best coffee pods are Roasted Coffee Beans Pods by Douwe Egberts Senseo. Suitable for everyday use, these coffee capsules make it easy to produce the best java. Each one contains ground coffee that is a mix of roasted Arabica and robusta beans. This flavourful combination is not the only perk. As mentioned earlier, each pad is easy to use in any coffee pods machine.

What’s interesting about these capsules is how often they can be used. Fair enough, when you use a large mug, you’ll have to contend with one pod. But if you use cups, one pod is adequate to fill two servings. Whether you choose a mug or a cup of coffee, both come with an additional luxury. This pod coffee creates that sought-after layer of crema each time. Coffee moustache, here we come.

Our reviewer loved these things. They’re compostable (a BIG benefit), vegetarian, and can make two cups for every bag. While they need to be used relatively quickly (3 weeks max), there are only 18 pods, making this pretty easy to do. And don’t forget to preheat the milk, or you’ll be in for a less than ideal surprise.


  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • A crema layer.
  • One bag produces two cups of coffee.
  • Compostable


  • Once opened, the product must be used within 2-3 weeks.
  • The milk must be pre-heated.

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2. The Best Decaffeinated Coffee Pods By Tassimo (Product #4032125)

Best Decaffeinated Coffee Pods By Tassimo


  • Caffeine Content: Decaffeinated
  • Units: 16
  • Specialty: Vegetarian

If you love the taste of a full-bodied cup of coffee – but without the caffeine jitters – then this could be your dream match. Think authentic espresso or Nespresso all day long. Now that’s a sweet thought. Indeed, you can look forward to the sweet notes that espresso coffee is known for and particularly, lovers of black coffee will reap the most benefits. It just tastes better in this case.

But what else can you expect from these premium coffee cups? Well, they are suitable for vegetarians and also produce a lovely froth. The latter is just a must for anyone who wants the best experience with their black coffee. The taste is artfully bitter, to please the palate, but not so much so that the tang is too much. Overall, a perfectly blended product for black coffee lovers who want all the taste and quality but none of the caffeine. 

Our reviewer loved these. They’re vegetarian, taste fantastic, and are caffeine-free (if you’re into that). While the pods can’t be recycled, you’re buying pods – you’re not concerned with environmental friendliness, so I’m going to assume you don’t care about that. They only work properly with Tassimo coffee machines, so don’t try these if you don’t have one.


  • A vegetarian product.
  • It makes authentic-tasting espresso.
  • Also produces a frothy layer.
  • The coffee is Caffeine-free.


  • Cannot be recycled.
  • Works best with a Tassimo coffee machine for pods.

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3. The Best Caramel Coffee Pod By Tassimo (Product #TRTAZ11A)

Best Caramel Coffee Pod By Tassimo


  • Caffeine Content: Caffeinated
  • Units: 40
  • Specialty: Vegetarian *not vegan*

If you liked the previous product but want some caffeine, we’ve got something for you. Do you also have a caramel tooth? Then these coffee machine pods are a must. The ground coffee offers a rich and sweet caramel dream that will fill your senses with each sip. But before you rush out to get your favourite flavour fix, here are some more perks you can look forward to.

Each pod can be enjoyed on its own if you like black coffee. But if you like the traditional, frothy latte, then you can add one of the milk sachets and let the coffee pod machine do the rest. These single-origin coffee pods are made in Germany, where quality has long since been a prime tradition. You’ll find that these Tassimo coffee pods are no exception. 

Our reviewer loved these things. She’s a huge fan of caramel, and that’s this particular pod’s whole deal! They’re single-origin, high-quality, and just generally well-made. While they’re also limited to Tassimo machines, if you have one, they’re entirely worth it.


  • Caramel flavour.
  • Quality capsules.
  • Single-origin (Germany).
  • The milk sachets are included.


  • The pods, coffee machine, and milk sachets must all be a part of the Tassimo brand.
  • Some consumers feel that the milk sachets could be better designed.

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4. The Best Coffee Pods Americano By Tassimo (Product #UK1)

Best Coffee Pods Americano By Tassimo


  • Caffeine Content: Caffeinated
  • Units: 80
  • Specialty: Vegetarian

The best coffee pods have a strong aroma and flavour. If that is also your ultimate caffeine law, then these are the best coffee pods for you. The capsules are also well-made and easy to use. To be fair, the coffee machine does most of the work! But in any case, the end result is all that matters. You can expect a strong, well-brewed mug of coffee each time.

You can also enjoy your Americano without milk or add a sachet to make many types of coffee that are creamy, milky, and topped with froth. Either way, you’ll get that deep roasted taste from each coffee pod. Additionally, the coffee pods are vegetarian and come from Germany.

Another favourite of our reviewer from Tassimo, these also require a Tassimo machine. They’re also noncompostable, which is a massive bummer. But once again – you’re buying pods, so we’re going to assume that you don’t care about the environmental damage they wreak.


  • Brews strong coffee.
  • The milk capsules are included.
  • Easy to use.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • A quality German product.


  • The product is not suitable for the compost heap.
  • The coffee machine being used must be a Tassimo model.

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5. The Top Intense Flavour Capsules By Nescafé Dolce Gusto (Product #12128828)

Top Intense Flavour Capsules By Nescafé


  • Caffeine Content: Caffeinated
  • Units: 48
  • Specialty: Diabetic-friendly (sugar-free)

This is a top-notch pod. For coffee machine fans, there is often no better brand than this one. True enough, Nescafé brought us Nespresso machines and made the world of coffee a better place. These capsules are Americano Intenso, packed with all the zest, strength, and aroma you’d expect from this brand. Indeed, the coffee pods are loaded with premium Arabica beans, roasted for a fuller flavour and better quality. All these qualities can even be found in the coffee’s rich crema layer.

Just like Nespresso coffee, the capsules are easy to use. One coffee pod is enough to produce a satisfying serving in no time. That’s right. Just install the capsule and let the coffee pod machine do the rest. Besides producing notes that have been described as fruity, including black cherry, this coffee is also safe for diabetics and suitable for a vegetarian lifestyle.

Once again, these are noncompostable, so if you care about the environment, don’t buy these. If you don’t care, though, they’re quite solid. These pods are sugar-free and vegetarian, making them suitable for a wide range of diets.


  • Made with premium Arabica beans.
  • It is suitable for diabetics.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • A trusted brand.
  • Makes a frothy top.


  • Not suitable for the compost heap.
  • While most consumers are satisfied with the taste, several people found the capsules too weak.

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6. Cappuccino Ice Pods For Coffee Machine By Nescafé Dolce Gusto (Product #12120395)

Cappuccino Ice Pods For Coffee Machine By Nescafé Dolce Gusto


  • Caffeine Content: Caffeinated
  • Units: 48
  • Specialty: Vegetarian *not vegan*; compostable

Owning a coffee pod machine comes with a weather-related drawback. You really feel like popping a pod into your Nespresso machine but it’s a hot day. Like, melt-your-face hot. The answer is an iced coffee. This isn’t simply a cold coffee. Nope. This is a classy drink with all the flavour and kicks you’d expect from this brand. The only difference between normal coffee and this espresso is that you add real ice as an ingredient.

Once the pod is used, the resulting coffee is a rich, smooth, and milky espresso. No matter the temperature, this iced coffee is refreshing and stylish. This chilled espresso is also a great serving suggestion at gatherings with friends and family when you want to serve something unusual with a coffee shop quality.

These are great for those who like iced coffee but don’t have the time to brew it themself. While they’re neither sugar-free nor low calorie, if you have no dietary restrictions these are tasty. As they’re made from tin, these are recyclable pods, making them environmentally friendlier than others on this list.


  • Perfect for hot days.
  • Produces flavourful and milky espresso.
  • The iced espresso is easy to make.
  • A classy serving espresso.
  • Quick to prepare.
  • Recyclable


  • The espresso pods are not suitable for diabetics.
  • Also not suitable for people on a calorie-restricted diet.

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7. The Best Cappuccino Coffee Pod By Nescafé Dolce Gusto (Product #12355109)

The Best Cappuccino Coffee Pod By Nescafé Dolce Gusto


  • Caffeine Content: Caffeinated
  • Units: 90
  • Specialty: Vegetarian *not vegan*

If you love lots of foam on your espresso, then this one is for you. These capsules produce the same amount of froth you’d get at a professional barista bar when you order a cappuccino. But frothiness, as much as we adore it, cannot be the only thing that makes a great espresso. Indeed, coffee must have a full-bodied flavour, richness and depth, a nose-hooking aroma, and must also look appealing. You’ll get all these attributes from this espresso pod.

Besides looking and tasting like it was made by a professional barista, it’s also quick and easy to make. Just fire up that pod machine, stick a pod inside and slide a cup in place, and the rest is espresso history. This is also the perfect coffee for those who love a little sweetness with the deep taste of the espresso.

Our reviewer quite liked these as a sweeter option. They’re quick to use, easy to prepare, and generally solid products. While these aren’t compostable, we’ve already established that you likely don’t care about that if you’re buying pods, so this is a great bulk option for the environmentally unconscious. Additionally, the sugar content in this renders it unfit for those on a sugar-free diet, including diabetics.


  • Produces an espresso with a thick crema.
  • Looks barista-style and professional.
  • A sweet taste.
  • The foam keeps the coffee warm.
  • Quick and easy to prepare.


  • The pods are not suitable for composting.
  • The sugar content might not be suitable for diabetics or those on a diet.

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8. The 50-Pack Espresso Pods By Nescafé Dolce Gusto (Prodcut #B004MJ1V44)

The 50-Pack Espresso Pods By Nescafé Dolce Gusto


  • Caffeine Content: Caffeinated
  • Units: 50
  • Specialty: Vegetarian & vegan

For those who use their Nespresso machine a lot, buying packs of pods can sometimes become pricy. As with all bulk buys, this 50-pack of espresso pods reduces the cost per cup. If you’re also addicted to a cappuccino (or seven) every day, then this pack might be a good way to save but also allow you to enjoy a good coffee as often as you want. Indeed, you can expect the deep richness of espresso with all the frothy goodness of cappuccino, while also keeping expenses low.

The pack doesn’t include milk sachets but this doesn’t scar the product’s benefits too much. Indeed, it adds a little flexibility. How? Coffee drinkers have their own tastes – and milk plays a big part in that. With prepackaged milk powder, the taste is the same across the board. But now you can choose the milk that you love, whether it’s skimmed or full cream, to brew your perfect espresso.

This is a solid vegetarian and vegan option for those who want to buy in bulk. While they don’t include milk sachets, that actually makes it vegan, which is a nice little bonus. They’re tasty, easy to use, and affordable, making them a great choice if you’re on a budget.


  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Perfect for those who buy in bulk to save costs.
  • Makes cappuccino coffee.
  • A rich taste and froth.


  • The batch does not include milk sachets.
  • A few consumers have found a pod missing.
  • Not compostable

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9. The Best Italian Espresso Machine Paper Pods By Illy (Product #7737)

The Best Italian Espresso Machine Paper Pods By Illy


  • Caffeine Content: Caffeinated
  • Units: 36
  • Specialty: Vegetarian, compostable

This product should be high on the list of any coffee lover who enjoys different notes. This brew reflects a distinct blend of aromas, including toast, caramel, floral, and chocolate. Needless to say, this is a great-tasting espresso. Another great perk of these pods is the fact that they don’t restrict you to one machine. They work with most ESE pod machines.

The espresso pods contain only the best Arabica coffee beans while the paper wraps are also more compost-friendly. It’s also kind to those who must watch their diet and vegetarians can also enjoy this espresso without guilt. Overall, you can expect a balanced, professional coffee that won’t add to your trash or calories.

Our reviewer quite liked these. While they’re not compatible with Moka or Nespresso machines, they’re great for other devices. These pods are compostable, making them environmentally friendly, and just overall taste fantastic.


  • Suitable for ESE Pod machines.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • Premium Arabica coffee beans.
  • Environmentally friendly pods.
  • A distinctive blend of aromas that include chocolate and caramel.


  • Do not use for Moka.
  • The pods do not work with Nespresso machines.

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10. The Best Mixed Selection Coffee Pack By PUREGUSTO (Product #‎ESEMIX2-100-AWARDWIN)

The Best Mixed Selection Coffee Pack By PUREGUSTO


  • Caffeine Content: Caffeinated
  • Units: 100
  • Specialty: Mixed selection, compostable

If you like choice, then we’ve got something special for you. This mixed pack contains 100 pods. In batches of 25, they offer four of PUREGUSTO’s bestselling lines. They include Signature, Continental, Arabica, and Blue Mountain pods. While they might not work with your favourite Nespresso coffee maker, all the pods are compatible with an ESE coffee machine. So pick one that suits your mood and enjoy.

A variety of award-winning pods is just the start. These pods are prepared with care. The beans are air roasted for the best quality and flavour. Within an hour of being roasted, they are processed and packed into the pods to seal in the taste. Each pod is also individually wrapped to keep them fresher for longer. 

These are fantastic pods. They’re compostable, easy to use, and come with a massive variety, giving you a bit of choice. And for the low cost of £22.99 at the time of publication, these are a steal. One thing to note – the pods are measured by weight, meaning that you may have fewer than 100 pods, you’ll get 800 grams one way or another, though. Our reviewer highly recommends these.


  • Includes four different groups of bestselling machine pods.
  • Individually wrapped for lasting freshness.
  • Air roasted beans.
  • They work with any ESE machine.


  • The pack’s content is calculated on weight. For this reason, the number of capsules is sometimes short of the advertised 100.
  • Not compatible with a Nespresso machine.

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Coffee Pods Buying Guide

The arrival of the coffee pod certainly changed things. No longer are coffee fans tied to their local coffee bar. They can make and enjoy their own high-grade java at home without ever taking off their slippers. Machine brands like Nespresso, Tassimo, and Illy upped the game by manufacturing a range of espresso, Nespresso drinks, iced coffees, and more – all inside a pod. If you want to be the next Nespresso maestro, here are the best guidelines to find your own perfect coffee capsules.

Coffee Pods Brands

If You Love Starbucks, Consider A Nespresso Maker

The name Nespresso keeps popping up for a reason. It produces some of the best coffee one can make at home.

But it doesn’t end with the superb Nespresso brand variety that’s on offer. Starbucks produces its own capsules and here’s the good news – they are compatible with a Nespresso machine.

So if you’re a true Starbucks junkie but the constant visits and standing in line are starting to wear thin, then a Nespresso maker could be your best choice. Just keep in mind, it’s only the espresso capsules that work with Nespresso units.

If You Don’t Want Nespresso, Just Stick To Quality

There are plenty of quality capsules besides those that are produced for Nespresso. Made by various brands, the top products are usually Italian, popular, and made from the best beans. One dead giveaway is when the description includes anything about high-quality or premium Arabica coffee beans. Then you know you’re on the right path. Also, check to see if you can learn anything about the beans’ production process. The top capsules contain beans that have been quickly roasted and packaged to seal in the flavour.

Choose Between Paper And Plastic

Coffee Pods Buying Guides

The coffee pod has come a long way since the first metal Nespresso cups. But these days, and with Nespresso included, there are only two materials that dominate the market – paper and plastic. While paper is more environmentally friendly and less messy, it has limitations. For example, it cannot hold liquid like plastic. For this reason, you’ll often find the best variety being offered by plastic cups. But while plastic wins in the flavour department, it’s not bio-degradable. If a sustainable lifestyle is important to you then you can still purchase the plastic cups. Just dunk them in the recycle bin and not the trash can.

Check The Caffeine Crowd’s View

People who prefer a coffee pod to instant are, needless to say, very serious about their beverage. You can rest assured that you’ll get the unvarnished truth in online reviews, good and bad. Once you find a couple of products with the right flavour, price, and number of servings, it’s time to see what verified buyers have to say. Indeed, these coffee fans can save you the time, money, and disappointment that comes with a bad buy. If the coffee was weak or the pod exploded in someone’s nostril, you’ll get the warning before you hit that buy button. Your nostril will thank you. Similarly, when reviews cannot praise a product enough, then the chances of buying a lemon are pretty slim.

Stay On Top Of Any Health Concerns

Coffee Pods Buying Guide

These cups hover in the premium range of things. As such, they often have a lot of sugar and other sweetening ingredients to heighten the experience that you’re consuming something very sophisticated. But drinking too much of certain things is not the kindest thing for one’s health.

Before settling on your coffee brand, make sure that it’s diabetic-friendly and not a diet-killer (if these things are a priority in your case). Look for allergens like milk and soya. Stay within your caffeine tolerance level as well. The good news is that there are plenty of products that are to consume. They are without sugar, allergens, or a dynamite amount of calories. You just have to find them.

A Short Summary

Few people regret switching from instant coffee to the wonders of the capsule. But the experience can quickly turn sour if expectations are thwarted by things like poor quality containers and bad coffee. For this reason, it is important to consider beforehand what types of coffee you love, then do the research to find the top machine and capsule brands. Have a quick look at the ones that hit the sweet spot with other users and the ones that crashed like lead balloons. Before long, you will be enjoying barista-style coffee at home.


Q: Do All Coffee Pods Fit In All Machines?

A: No, all coffee pods do not fit in all machines. While some pod machines, like Nespresso machines, do accept both Nespresso pods as well as other types of coffee, there are brands that only work with their own kind. One notable example is Tassimo.

Q: What Are The Cheapest Coffee Pods To Buy?

A: The cheapest coffee pods to buy depends on a few factors. Mostly, the price for machine capsules is determined by quantity and brand. Naturally, Nespresso coffee will be more pricy but often, they are sold in low quantities or single units that make this premium brand affordable. But overall, several brands sell their capsules at a low rate and that’s why there isn’t really a single, cheapest coffee pod on the market.

Q: Are Coffee Pods Better Than Instant?

A: Yes, coffee pods are better than instant. Why? Coffee pods simply taste better. They are usually made with premium ground coffee beans and not a chicory-coffee mix, which is often the trademark of instant coffee. One of the best coffee treats available can only be Nespresso pods. Nespresso pods are among the best coffee drinkers can hope for and stands as one reason why a tin of instant coffee looks pale against pod machines.

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