10 Best Conservatory Heater Reviews For UK Homes (2021)

Best Conservatory Heater Reviews

Last Updated on May 6, 2021

The conservatory is the perfect room in summer. You soak in some sun, read a book or enjoy a quiet moment, but not so much in winter.

If yours feels like a spot in Antarctica, it’s time to turn up the heat with a conservatory heater. To help you choose an effective one we’ve come up with a list of the best conservatory heater appliances.

The Best Heaters For Your Conservatory In 2021

1. Low Profile Conservatory Heater By Dimplex

Low Profile Conservatory Heater By Dimplex

The best conservatory heater is the Low Profile Conservatory Heater By Dimplex. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

When it comes to slimline conservatory heaters, Dimplex can take the cake with this sleek, low-profile panel heater. The LPP100 design makes it the one of the best conservatory heaters to use in places with limited space. Its amazing features are reason enough to rate it best on our list.

The Saletto is well-known for versatility and high-quality heating, making it one of the best heaters available for conservatory use. The white steel finish combines with the simple, clean look to give your rooms a classy touch worthy of its price tag.

You will like the pre-set background temperature of this device. It comes with a programme of 5°C background temperature below the thermostat setting. This trait is used when the heater is connected to a programming unit supporting a setback feature.

Its advanced energy control panel is a plus, and that is why it is one of the most sought-after devices in the market. The thermostat is electronic with a range of 5-30°C. Still, you get an incredible temperature accuracy of +/- 0.3°C – an operation which makes it very ideal for electric conservatory heating.


  • Sophisticated electronic thermostat with the soft-touch power button and frost-protection settings
  • Optional plug-in electronic timer modules
  • This great unit can heat the room easily and keep the temperature constant
  • Stylish yet straightforward front panel design
  • This heater features virtually quiet operation
  • This conservatory heater IPX4 splashproof rated
  • Portability thanks to the detachable, hinged frame that is used for wall mounting


  • It does not come with a timer

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2. Mini Ceramic Fan Heater By Pro Breeze

Mini Ceramic Fan Heater By Pro Breeze

Second best conservatory heater you can get is the Mini Ceramic Fan Heater By Pro Breeze. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

A well-known name in domestic appliances, Pro Breeze, is our second addition to our review list. The Mini Ceramic heater employs the latest technology applicable to mini heaters – ceramic heating. Its compact size provides a high heating capacity at a faster yet safer rate.

The Pro Breeze Mini Ceramic fan heater delivers high-quality heating requirements, compared to traditional fan heaters. Perfect for use in a small room, it is the true definition of the quote, ‘small but mighty’. It provides the right amount of heating for a conservatory, especially those with small room areas.

It is very efficient in even distribution of hot air in a given space. It has an automatic oscillation operation of up to 60° on both sides. This operation delivers adequate warning through rotation to every corner of the room.

What’s more, you will like the state-of-the-art advanced ceramic heating elements of this device. This technology provides faster heating as well as ensures effectiveness in warmth delivery. Another outstanding trait is its adjustable thermostat, which is both easy-to-use and controlled.

The thermostat is embedded in the mini heater, ensuring optimum energy monitoring and effectiveness. Also, it boasts of built-in overheat protection, and anti-tip-over switch, both for safety functions.


  • Good power delivery for a small size
  • This heater features two heat settings and two power settings – 2KW (high) and 1.5KW (low)
  • The heater has a user-friendly, fully adjustable thermostat
  • This good heater features very portable size and weight with built-in carry handle
  • This great home unit can heat the cold room easily and keep the temperature constant


  • Not suitable to warm up a larger room area

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3. Oil Free Conservatory Radiator By Dimplex

Oil Free Conservatory Radiator By Dimplex

Third best heater is the Oil-Free Conservatory Radiator By Dimplex. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Our third best product happens to be one of the most impressive electric radiators on the market – The Cadiz Eco. This unit provides low energy operation advantages and super fast warm up, making it a perfect choice when looking for a conservatory electric radiator.

Its oil-free design makes it a highly portable conservatory electric radiator, plus it is justly priced and surprisingly user-friendly. Its BEAB approval and Intertek license prove the high-quality standard. If you’re having a tough time deciding between house conservatory radiators, then your search ends here.

An appealing electronic climate control system easily lures people to go for this product. The system enables you to adjust the temperature from 5°C to 35°C by 1°C differences. Users have found this system to be very energy-conserving, especially when considering conservatory climate management and applying frost settings.

Amongst its numerous outstanding features, the most attractive is the heat direction. The Cadiz Eco electric radiator uses twin panel technology (TPT), allowing either side of the radiator to be turned off or on independently. It also has a superfast warm up capacity, heating 30% faster than a similar oil-filled radiator.


  • This radiator has configurable 24-hour timer with a backup battery for the timer
  • Durable, yet portable steel casing construction with wheels.
  • This unit provides super fast warm up and posibility to save energy
  • This electric radiator is 10% more efficient than an oil filled radiator
  • Manufacturers add a 5 year warranty to provide good value for money
  • Temperature memory which is used to back up settings
  • This great home unit can heat the cold room easily and keep the temperature constant
  • This electric radiator features heat direction control via TPT system


  • Short flex radiator
  • The radiator design looks bulky and obtrusive

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4. Low Energy Electric Wall Heater By Wärme

Low Energy Electric Wall Heater By Wärme

Fourth best conservatory heater you can get is the Low Energy Electric Wall Heater By Wärme. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Our 4th pick amongst the top electric conservatory heaters is none other than Wӓrme Designer Electric Wall Heater. This fantastic product comes with the level of quality, only a manufacturer of its calibre can guarantee. Boasting superb energy effectiveness and impressive modern design, it is a natural top choice.

Its patented state-of-the-art design and durable modelling make it fit for use in any space. The wall unit is also portable, making it easy to change the heater location to any part of your conservatory. Moreover, this wall heater comes in a price that is worth every penny, considering how outstanding its many features are. Put simply, this model from Wӓrme is, in our books, the best electric wall heater for the conservatory.

With its 2KW output capacity, this electric wall heater can easily warm up a cold space of up to 22 square meters. At average running costs of 7p/hour, it ensures you 100% energy-saving advantages. Moreover, this wall heater still performs at a temperature variation of 15-35°C.

Wӓrme Designer comes with an array of impressive features. One of these is its easy-to-use digital thermostat that gives you accurate temperature readings. It also allows you to switch between an ‘instant program’ and an easily programmable weekly cycle. With the latter, you can set up your preferred temperature to stay that way for up to seven days.

Another outstanding feature is its wall mountable design. The compact build also comes with a wall bracket, making it easy to mount in any location. Its IP22 waterproof specification, built-in overheat-detecting sensors and maintenance-free technology make this appliance the best heater for conservatory use.


  • The ultra-slim design allows you to mount on walls easily.
  • An easy-to-setup digital thermostat that can be programmed to automation.
  • Warranty plan of 24 months to start a great service
  • 100% energy efficiency and energy-saving operation.
  • This electric wall heater features waterproof compliance.
  • This electric wall heater has a great lock option on settings which is used to prevent interference from kids.
  • This great unit can heat the room easily and keep the conservatory warm


  • The controls and instruction of this wall mounted unit might seem confusing upon first use.

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5. Conservatory Safe Panel Heater By Futura

Conservatory Safe Panel Heater By Futura

Fifth best electric conservatory heater you can get is the Conservatory Safe Panel Heater By Futura. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Futura Eco digital electric panel heater is one modern, classy and stylish appliance that satisfies your heating requirements to the max. This heater provides you with all the requirements for top performance in a slim, lightweight build.

One of the best conservatory heaters, it runs on an impressive 1500W, delivering enough coverage for 17 m². It is 100% energy efficient, eco-friendly and adds an artistic touch to your space. For the price it is offered at, Futura Eco Digital Electric Wall Panel is a powerful electric conservatory heater.

This wall heater lives up to its eco-friendly trait via its Eco Auto Open Window Detection feature. This built-in function triggers a turn-off response in the heater upon detection of any sudden drop in room temperature. The feature kicks in upon reading a cold drop of 5°C or more. Many customers applaud the brand for this low enegry consumption and energy-saving operation.

For an electric panel wall heater with as much high-quality delivery as this one, the Futura Eco is shockingly lightweight. All its exciting features are easily contained in a slim, ultra-lightweight build that weighs only 4kg. It is also splashproof with IP24 rating and a thermostat accurate to +/- 0.5°C. It’s incredibly effortless setup requirements seal all these. However, the ultra-lightweight of this wall heater gives it a somewhat fragile build


  • This panel heater features room coverage of up to 17 m²
  • 100% energy efficiency
  • Both wall mounting and freestanding floor setup options
  • This home panel heater is ultra lightweight to ensure portability
  • This great unit can heat the cold room easily and keep the warm temperature constant
  • Fitted with a setback timer and temp control unit


  • Ultra-lightweight of this wall heater gives it a somewhat fragile build

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6. Digital Electric Panel Heater By Devola

Digital Electric Panel Heater By Devola

Sixth best radiator heater you can get is the Digital Electric Panel Heater By Devola. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Our top conservatory heaters review will not be complete without mentioning Devola – a brand widely known for top-quality home appliances. Its 2KW electric panel heater is one of the many quality solutions the brand has presented to customers.

Versatile, efficient, easy-to-install and attractive, this slim model is a smart choice when picking out a heater for a conservatory. Devola panel heater is moderately priced; an advantage to those who wish to seek high-quality on a standard budget. This energy-efficient appliance is one of the most conventional conservatory heaters UK markets have to offer.

Besides, Devola products are easy to love at first sight, and this is no exception. One major reason, in this case, is the 24/7 timer and digital thermostat. This feature allows you to program different heat settings for every hour and day of the week. The feature is so flexible; it comes in three modes; Comfort Mode, Eco Mode and Frost Protection.

Like every other Davola appliance, the Lumi is attractive in many ways. A significant standout feature is its DIY setup. An IP20 rating also guarantees splashproof- another standout feature. Others include wall mounting brackets, an energy-saving thermostat and design compliant with the new Lot 20 of ERP’ Eco Design’ Directive.


  • This electric home heater is lot 20 compliant
  • A 4-week programmable thermostat and digital timer
  • Easy, DIY setup with simple plug & play operation
  • This panel heater features splashproof construction and design
  • The electric heater is wall mountable and can give a sleek style to your property
  • This electric unit can heat your home easily and have the warm temperature constant


  • The dimensions are big, compared to most panel heaters
  • Somewhat loud when operating

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7. Aluminium Electric Panel Heater By Mylek

Aluminium Electric Panel Heater By Mylek

Seventh best radiator heater you can get is the Aluminium Electric Panel Heater By Mylek. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

When looking for an ideal electric heater for conservatory use, it is good to consider panel heaters. Also, MYLEK is a great company to put in mind. The Lumi happens to be one of the best conservatory heaters they made. It is highly efficient and promises quality performance that justifies its price.

The compact design is sleek and classy, making it most suited for the heating conservatory. Everything about this panel heater screams high-quality: design, speed, control; all fashioned to please. It combines beauty with performance as its sleek, compact design packs an ultra-fast heating capacity. 

This electric conservatory heater is Eco Lot 20 ERP compliant, with an intelligent thermostat and aluminium heating elements for maximum heat delivery. Combined with the stylish exterior, you have an attractive panel heater with optimum effectiveness.

You will like its built-in Heat Safety Limiter that helps prevent excessive heat build-up. Its exterior is designed with safety in mind with aluminium front and back panels with HDPE sides. Also, it comes with long-range remote control capabilities, as well as a programmable, 3-mode temperature setting.


  • Low energy consumption and energy-efficient performance
  • Sleek, attractive, lightweight build with overheat protection
  • Ultra-fast heat up time with frost protection will keep you warm during winter
  • Intelligent thermostat controllable from long-range by remote control
  • This electric conservatory unit can heat the room easily and help to keep the warm temperature constant
  • This electric heater can be wall mounted or left free standing


  • Operating instructions seem difficult while using the first time

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8. Electric Over Door Heater By Mylek

Electric Over Door Heater By Mylek

Eighth best heater you can get is the Electric Over Door Heater By Mylek. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Undoubtedly one of the best conservatory heaters for low budget users, MYLEK electric oven door fan heater deserves mention. It’s no surprise that an applaudable product like this would come from a brand like MYLEK. Armed with a whole set of attractive features, this appliance will make one heck of a conservatory fan. It offers all these in an impressive stylish design and at a very affordable price.

Its oven door electric fan heater provides a variety of timer options. There’s a programmable 24/7 precision timer, a primary timer function and a countdown timer option. With all this, you enjoy full flexibility on heating preferences, even up to a week. You will even like its Open Windows Detection function, as well as oscillation function that allows even distribution of heat of air. 

Its Overheat Safety Cut out function is also a plus, and that is why it is very popular in many reviews. With an exceptional IPX2 splashproof rating and a Lot 20 ERP compliant heating fan, you may not be able to get a better deal elsewhere.


  • This good electric heater is energy efficient and energy-saving that will keep you warm during winter
  • Intelligent thermostat with long-range remote control
  • This electric heater features built-in safety cool down function
  • This conservatory heater features a really good, stylish LCD
  • This electric unit can heat the room easily and help to keep the warm temperature constant
  • Easy installation instructions and requirements


  • The beeper of this electric heater is somewhat loud
  • The fan may be considered noisy

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9. Intelligent Timer Panel Heater By Purus

Intelligent Timer Panel Heater By Purus

Ninth best conservatory heater you can get is the Intelligent Timer Panel Heater By Purus. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

If you seek a portable conservatory heater that will deliver top-quality radiance in  a small room, then look no further. Purus Panel heater comes to the rescue where the needed heating requirements are minor.

This wall mounted beauty boldly stands as the most user-friendly electric conservatory radiator on the market. It packs a ton of high-quality features in a small, light weight build and at a very affordable price. With a heating capacity of up to 6m², it is, in fact, the ideal choice for heating a conservatory of smaller size.

Portability is certainly what sells this conservatory heater. Its easily adjustable stylish frame appeals to those who detest bulkiness. Also, its ultra-lightweight makes it possible for you to change your room location with the utmost ease.

You will like the 24/7 timer of this conservatory panel heater. For an electric radiator with the only 400w of power, the thermostat is very consistent, keeping temperature stable all week long. It is also splashproof with IP24 rating and an incredulous temperature of -5°C to 50°C.

What’s more, it can even be wall mounted or left freestanding, depending on your preference. It undoubtedly provides a lot for a small heater, and that is why you can put your money on it.


  • Temperature variety of -5°C to 50°C
  • EU Regulation compliant
  • This wall mounted panel heater features sleek, portable, modern design
  • Aesthetic panel build that fits with its surrounding space
  • Digital temperature control to keep you warm during winter


  • Users find this wall mounted heater not suitable for a larger room

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10. Deluxe Over Door Heater By Futura

Deluxe Over Door Heater By Futura

Tenth best heater you can get is the Deluxe Over Door Heater By Futura. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating.

Futura covers a variety of heating requirements, including the less pricey options. This deluxe oven door heating is guaranteed to meet the heating needs in any conservatory. Its slim and curved design allows it to sit perfectly on any doorway, preventing heat loss.

The air curtain heater is attractive, durable, sturdy and robust. It is a fact not only able to heat in the winter but also cool in the summer. These features make it one of the most versatile conservatories fans UK users need to try.

The heating fan of this heater is extremely user-friendly. Coupled with its trusted effectiveness, the appliance gives you the preferred comfort at just the touch of a few buttons. With lesser operational stress, every customer will be more satisfied using it at all times.

This device is using a ceramic PTC heating technology and that is why it heats up at a much faster rate. It is energy-saving, reducing heat costs by trapping in warm air. It is helpful to know it is remote controlled, letting you make adjustments from any part of the room. With an overheat protection and a timer, you can’t get it wrong with this product.


  • Double mode- Fan mode for summer and heating mode for winter
  • Oscillating angle allowing generous distribution of heat
  • Durable build
  • Easy-to-use remote control for user convenience


  • Users find the fan noisy

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Heaters for Your Conservatory Buying Guide

If you are looking for a heating solution for your conservatory, there are many options in the market. They range from baseboard heaters to oil filled radiatorsplinth heaters and electric log burners. A fan heater could also heat the space while a wireless thermostat provides you with control from whichever location.

There are important factors you should put into consideration when choosing the best conservatory heater. And we will guide you through each one of them. We will show you how to select the best device.

The Size

Larger units are more potent than smaller ones and are therefore most suited for more wide spaces. They also tend to take upa little bit more room and are bulkier. Smaller ones, though not as powerful, can easily be positioned inconspicuously. They’re much easier to move around if you plan on continually changing the position.

However, smaller models are the best way to heat a conservatory with smaller space. It is usually advised to use two smaller sized heaters positioned in opposition than one large heater. The latter tends to make one part of the conservatory hotter than the other.

The Type

Heaters for Your Conservatory Buying Guide

Generally, there are three basic types you can choose from;

  • Radiators– which are powered by electricity. They produce heat by heating an element, either water, oil or some other substance.

  • Convection Heaters– which channel air currents through the heater into the room.

  • Fan Heaters– which blow air across a heating element, directing the heat produced towards the room.

While each one is unique in its way, they all have pros and cons you need to consider. Radiators are of varying sizes but are all very good at keeping the heat constant. Most electric radiators have the advantage of being programmable. Oil-filled radiators are more massive than their water counterparts but are usually more efficient.

Fan heaters are ideal for quick, direct delivery of heat. They are also the cheapest way to heat a conservatory, but this is lost once the appliance is turned off. Convector heaters are very silent but take a longer time to heat the room. However, they are great for even distribution of heat.

The Output Power

The higher the output power, the more influential the heater. A 0.6KW heater or mini heater is suitable in a small conservatory or one that needs supplementary heating. However, if your space is vast, go for a model at the range of 1.5KW to 2 kilo watts. The output power still depends on the effectiveness of the heater, as some, though powerful, is very wasteful.

The Purpose of Use

Any type of heater would be ideal for your conservatory if you only need periodic heat temperature boosts. However, if you wish to maintain a specific temperature range, get one with a timer. Models with a frost protection setting make sure your conservatory temperature never falls below 0°C. For long periods of use, you should get a model with an adjustable thermostat as they’re more energy efficient. These models also offer you more flexibility and control.

The Energy Efficiency Level

Some heaters are more energy efficient than others and as such, must be analyzed. Those with higher effectiveness will help reduce costs on energy bills. Usually, radiant and convection heaters are very efficient. The former uses less power, though they run best in a smaller room. The latter, however, can perform with utmost effectiveness, especially when they don’t use a fan for circulation. Most times, energy efficient heater is hinted on the package. The Eco type heater and the radiator offer this function.

The Mode of Setup and Installation

Heaters for Your Conservatory Buying Guide

Our advice – you also need to consider the ease of setup. The instructions for installation should not be complicated. Also, if you’re considering how much space the heater will take, purchase wall mounted units.

Freestanding units are also high but not advisable if you have children or pets around. Also, consider if there’s a child lock to prevent tamper with the settings from your kids. Ease of use is also essential.

Models with fewer functions tend to be very user-friendly. Others come with remote so that you can access your preferred temperature with ease from a distance.

The Cost

In the end, the number one factor that usually determines what you go home with is the price. Generally, most high-quality units, i.e. panel and wall heaters, are very costly. Other models with moderate prices often offer excellent quality as well. Also, some mini heater which offers at least half the same type of top-quality as their larger, more expensive counterparts. However, the high price doesn’t always mean high-quality performance. So, always look out for the earlier features before considering the price.

Understanding the Jargons

IP – International Protection code rating degrees of protection for the intrusion of dust, water, etc.

BEAB – British Electrochemical Approvals Board

Intertek – a multinational assurance inspection, product testing and certification body

Lot 20 – A legislative standard in the EU which compels all local space heaters to comply with a set of minimum effectiveness standard.

What are the Different Features?

To most users purchasing conservatory heaters, there are certain features they tend to look out for. These features though different from person to person, usually determine the appeal of these units to users. However, a significant feature most user consider interesting is the design. Many users look out for this because, above all else, they want a heater that blends aesthetically with their conservatory.

Also, users tend to consider energy-efficiency because above all else; they want a heater that won’t rake in massive energy bills. For this reason, they tend to go for Eco-friendly heaters that promise high levels of effectiveness.

Heaters for Your Conservatory Buying FAQs

Q: Do I need planning permission for a conservatory with the radiator?

A: Not necessarily. Conservatories are usually independently heated and as such are free from building regulations. However, if you’re planning to connect the radiator to the central heating system that supplies the main building, then your plan will be subject to building regulations.

Q: How to heat a conservatory?

A: You can employ electric heaters for quick and easy heat delivery. You can also use trench heating, though those can be expensive. There’s also conservatory underfloor heating, which is usually hard to regulate and even harder to set up in already-laid floors. Another option is using a low-level column radiator which can take less space but supply high heat. Then there’s connecting your conservatory to the conventional building radiator and gas central heating. This would require building regulations approval.

Q: What is the best way to heat a conservatory in winter?

A: Programmable units are the best options for the winter. You can set up a constant temperature preference that will be set for some time, usually a day or a week.

Q: Why can I not install a radiator in a conservatory?

A: Radiators are very energy wasteful. They swirl warm air up the roof instead of evenly distributing the heat, leaving you cold at ankle level. They are not ideal for conservatories.

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