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Best Cooker Hoods Reviews

Last Updated on October 25, 2021

The occasional aroma wafting from the kitchen is certainly welcome! But not a constant cloud of cooking odours and smoke! A cooker hood will keep your kitchen free of these nasties. Don’t know which one to pick? We reviewed the best hoods on the market today so that you can find the best one for your home.

Our Top 3 Cooker Hood Picks
1. The Best Cooker Hood By Cookology
2. The Best Cooker Hood With Adjustable Chimney Section By Cookology
3. The Best Cooker Hood With LED Lights By Cookology

The Best Cooker Hoods Reviewed In 2021

1. The Best Cooker Hood By Cookology

Angled Glass Cooker Hood By Cookology

We picked this cooker hood as the best of the bunch (although the rest are also pretty amazing!). But with this hood, you can expect lasting style and functionality. Let’s see the best features that made this appliance so popular.

You can look forward to a clean-smelling kitchen, that’s for sure. This hood removes all types of fumes and smells related to cooking. The washable filters also give you durable service and they are easy to replace when you need to install new ones.

Other great features include two led lights, a low noise level, and easy installation.


  • Stylish and minimalist.
  • Washable and replaceable filters.
  • Moderate noise level.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Good extraction rate.


  • Operation and maintenance requires a learning curve.

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2. The Best Cooker Hood With Adjustable Chimney By Cookology

Curved Glass Chimney Cooker Hood By Cookology

If you are looking for a wall-mounted hood that vents up the chimney of your home, then this is one of the best choices available. Not only is the outlet column of this hood adjustable but the appliance comes packed with useful features.

The dark colour and curved glass will make any kitchen stylish! But it’s also easy to use, coming with 3 speeds and user-friendly controls. Installation of this unit is also not complicated.

Other top features include carbon filters and a high extraction rate.


  • Telescopic design.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Great air extraction rate.
  • The filters are are easy to remove, clean or replace.
  • Comes in black, white and stainless steel colour.
  • Energy-efficient.


  • Can be a bit noisy.

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3. The Best Cooker Hood With LED Lights By Cookology

Wall Mounted Extractor Fan By Cookology

Are you looking for an adjustable and flexible top-rated home device? Then, this is for you. This high-quality model has been in the market for a while now. This device is known to stand out among other hoods in its class for first its affordability. This unit has a very qualitative price to value ratio, the type not provided for any other device.

This kitchen device is also known for its reliability and durability. It is also known for its security in that users can make use of this unit in any space as it can be adjusted to suit it. Strength in that it is made of stainless steel, thereby not subjected to wear and tear quickly. Provided this cooker hood is maintained, you can use it for as long as you desire to have it changed.

What more would you want in appliances than it being user-friendly? This device is explicitly known for its adjustable height. The user-friendliness is making it very comfortable for use by anyone regardless of their height. It is also suitable for all ceiling types irrespective of how high it is. All that is needed is to have it adjusted to the height you want.

The ease and speed of air extraction are also very notable because mining happens quickly and easily. The ease of speed allows for a serene cooking area where you can carry out every activity with all the comfort that is needed.


  • Easy to clean, highly adjustable kitchen device which allows for usage in small and large spaces
  • These air extraction hoods come with a ducting kit that allows for easy air extraction
  • Extraction rate of 450m3 per hour
  • The design of this cooking hood is not just peculiar to it but also able to improve your kitchen’s look


  • Gets quite messed up easily as its material makes it dirt-attractive
  • The noise level of this cooker hood is a significant challenge.

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4. Ceiling Wire Hung Cooker Hood By Cookology

Ceiling Wire Hung Cooker Hood By Cookology

Getting a versatile cooker hood is a significant challenge for buyers. This is because a number of these hoods come at a costly price. However, this is not the case for this high performing kitchen device. Beginning as a comprehensive unit, all the necessary parts that are needed to have this kitchen device function effectively has been included.

Users are also able to enjoy the maximum power, access control features and great light bulbs that have been made available for this device. Its excellent design has well complemented the versatility and reliability of this tool. All of these make it the perfect device pick for you. While maintenance might require a lot, it is needed for you to keep it working effectively.

Having enjoyed increased sales, this device stands itself out in quite several ways from many other hoods. First is its air extraction rate. This unit is not just top rated because of its style. But also because it has the best air extraction rate, any device of its kind can have. You are allowing for proper ventilation in the household.

The visibility of the power settings is very outstanding, and this has been made possible by its sleek design. Not only are these power buttons visible, but they are also straightforward to operate by anyone as no professional assistance will be required.


  • Among the highest working hoods with a very high power
  • Really good kitchen exhaust system with good extraction rate of 650 m3 per hour
  • The best option for large kitchens, larger spaces and stoves
  • Has an easy to use and navigate power settings for the hood and the lighting
  • Amazingly bright lights provided for this hood


  • Users find this hood a little bit too noisy to use
  • The power buttons tend to wear off after a while of use

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5. Cooker Hood Extractor Fan By Cookology

Cooker Hood Extractor Fan By Cookology

This cookology chimney cooker hood is known to stand out among others majorly because of its adjustability. The design of this cooker hood has made provision for an adjustable height. The power to adjust means anyone can work effectively with this cooker hood. Another advantage of this cooker hood is that it enhances the regular look of the kitchen from a distance.

Users who have high ceilings no longer have to worry about getting a cooker hood that compliments with their kitchen type. While you might have to have a reasonable budget planned out to get this cooker hood, it is definitely worth the buy as it includes every tool needed. The weight of this cooker hood might pose a challenge, especially as it has to do installation and maintenance.

Being able to adjust this product to any height that is desired by a user is thereabouts one of the main features that stand it out. The adjustable height feature makes it friendly to all kitchen types and also very easy to use and clean.

A comprehensive warranty plan covers this unit, and every attachment that comes with it provided such defects are technical and caused by the manufacturer. Closely related to this is that this package is all complete and doesn’t require any other additional attachment to function effectively.


  • These cooking hoods have an adjustable height which makes them very easy to use and clean
  • Includes above or semi-rear venting giving users an option to choose from
  • Is quite tall making it suitable for really high ceilings
  • Good extraction rate of 450m3 per hour
  • No extra attachments are needed as these cooking hoods come comprehensively with a ducting kit


  • Users think this cooker hood is not worth the price it is being sold
  • It is a little too heavy which makes it difficult to install and maintain

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6. Glass Cooker Hood By Ciarra

Glass Cooker Hood By Ciarra

This chimney cooker hood is an island hood that has a sleek design, which enhances the aesthetics of wherever it is. The energy efficiency of this device cannot be overemphasized, especially when it has to do with air extraction.

Coming with three speed settings, this tool works on an average noise level, which is most likely not going to interfere with other activities. The price of this chimney cooker hood may seem quite expensive, but it is known to be among the top-rated kitchen hoods, with a great price to value ratio.

With this model, there are so many amazing features for you to love, which includes excellent lighting and easy controls, among others. The power settings of this device are a significant stand out feature mainly because of its design and location in this model. This power setting allows for a user to have easy control of the cooker hood while in use.

This is very important when cooking certain foods that require you to perceive the smell. Security of purchase is essential, especially when it has to do with appliances. The 1 year guarantee plan for this chimney cooker hood is great. Users can enjoy this warranty when any defects as regards the performance of this device are detected.


  • Has a comprehensive 1 year warranty plan on any defect not caused by buyer
  • Good maximum extraction rate
  • Works at a moderate noise level and able to extract up to 700 cubic metres per hour to the outside
  • The island design of this cooking hood enhances the aesthetics of your kitchen
  • These cooking hoods have excellent light bulbs to improve lightning in the kitchen


  • The weight of this hood can cause it to damage the ceiling
  • Installing this chimney cooker hood can seem to be a lot difficult

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7. Stainless Steel Chimney Cooker Hood By Cookology

Stainless Steel Chimney Cooker Hood By Cookology

This chimney cooker hood by one of the best brands is famous for its high-quality design, and its stainless steel makeup. It is not just reliable, but one that is very durable and can last for years and as long as it is adequately maintained. Amongst other good things, this model moderates noise level, which allows users to either enjoy soothing music or interact with friends and family while in the kitchen.

The downside of this stainless steel chimney cooker hood is that it is not suitable for all kinds of kitchens, especially those with high ceilings. Also, some parts of these hoods have not been available on purchase, so users need to spend some extra cost to have them purchased. The high point of this unit, which stands it out is its ease of installation. 

This stainless steel finish chimney cooker hood has a clear manual guide that provides step by step procedures on how to have it installed. These procedures are such that anyone can install this unit without any professional assistance. The good build of this chimney cooker hood is also well expressed in additional features that have been provided for it.

Users do not have to spend extra cost purchasing any other parts as they are already included when you buy. The great lighting and power hobs make this stainless steel unit amazing.


  • The best budget and highly effective device for medium-sized kitchens
  • Beginners and professionals can install this unit easily
  • High-quality light bulbs providing for great light supplied for use
  • These stainless steel hoods moderate noise level and have good extraction rate of 450m3 per hour
  • The 1-year warranty offered for this device is comprehensive and secured


  • Kitchens with really high ceilings can’t make use of this hood
  • The tubing size of this stainless steel device calls for an additional adapter not provided for

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8. Integrated Cooker Hood By Cookology

Integrated Cooker Hood By Cookology

This integrated cooker hood has been designed to fit in firmly between existing walls with clips provided. Also, doorknobs have been provided to help users pull and push through when looking to allow for ventilation. This cooker hood is peculiar among others because of its simple design and features similar to that of washing machines.

This simple design is making it very easy to make use of this cooker hood. The flexibility of this device gives users total control of it at all times as they can access all the buttons needed to operate it. Unless you are someone who doesn’t want to multitask your activities in the kitchen, the high noise level of the cooker hood can be distracting. 

Installation is also another major downside of this device. Installing this unit is almost tricky without the help of a professional who has the technical knowledge of installing cooker hoods. The firmness of this unit is making it very safe to use and clean. When installed and ducted, users do not have to worry about it falling off.

Stability is most valuable when you have kids or people who are not so familiar with the device come into the kitchen from time to time. Once correctly installed, it remains firm and in place until you remove it. The ease of control is also another notable feature that makes up for the heavyweight of this unit. It also includes washing machines that help to tidy up utensils used while cooking food.


  • Easy installation, really good performance and a long power cord
  • Comprehensively packaged with a ducting kit and power controls
  • Secured warranty plan and easy to access buttons
  • Good extraction rate of 330 metres cubed per hour
  • The filters of this cooker hood are dishwasher tested and safe


  • Buyers find it difficult to install without the help of a professional
  • It is a little bit weighty and noisy as well
  • The noise level of these hoods can be distracting

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9. Black Stainless Steel Cooker Hood By Russell Hobbs

Black Stainless Steel Cooker Hood By Russell Hobbs

This fantastic double mechanism hood is one of the most sorted in the market by buyers. It is designed to switch between air extraction and air recirculation hood and work effectively across both mechanisms. The extractor hood of this device is designed with stainless steel making it high-quality. The noise level this machine operates at is great.

Provided is a push button that allows users to switch to any of the mechanisms that they desire quickly. These stainless steel extraction hoods come with two bright lights units and a power switch that allows for users to turn on and turn off these lights. The flip side to this device is that it is not comprehensive on purchase. Users need extra cost to buy additional parts that have not been included. 

These parts, among others, include the duck kit and the filters. The extractor hood of this product is second none to none, which helps to record effective air extraction rate. With this unit, fumes, steam and odours go away completely. With a wide range of extractor hood that the company gives, the speed of air extraction, ventilation improves well in the home.

Do you need more lights when cooking because the one provided for your kitchen is not bright enough? Then the two led lights supplied for this device offers bright lights that make your kitchen look beautiful from a distance while cooking in it.


  • These hoods have a two-way mechanism which includes the air extraction and recirculation hood
  • Operates at a moderate noise level, one of the best values for the money
  • Will extract the smells and have the air recirculated around so it will quickly clear the air in the kitchen
  • Provides good lighting for you with bright light bulbs
  • One of the best budget hoods for small kitchens with good extraction rate of 440 m³ per hour


  • This device doesn’t come with filters or ducting unit
  • It is not the best for large kitchens because of its style

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10. Wide Visor Cooker Hood By Russell Hobbs

Wide Visor Cooker Hood By Russell Hobbs

The Russell Hobbs is a notable brand as much as each of its cooking products. The cooking kitchen unit does not fall short of the excellence that the brand is known for overtime. Users who have had to make use of this cooker hand have found the relatively moderate noise level and performance of this product convenient. The fantastic style has made it among the most suitable options for your kitchen to enhance effectiveness.

Its construct is from high-quality material which not only assures its durability but is also making maintaining it very easy to effect. The challenges users of this cooker hood face relate to the length of the cord and the unreliability of the warranty plan.

The high-quality of the brand making this device not just stands it out, but speaks loudly across several reviews. Users find this brand outstanding one because of the innovative ideas in this device. This innovation is making this product very versatile, very useful and highly durable provided it is adequately and expertly maintained.

With a duct provided for and other necessary features provided for, users find this device very easy to use, clean and install. The quietness of this product is also very impressive as it works without having to make any noise.


  • This cooking hood is a perfect option for a small kitchen as it extracts steams, fumes and odour quickly at a touch of a button
  • These extraction hoods come all comprehensive in one package with no extra pieces needed
  • These cooking hoods come with a duct and can making them easy to use and clean
  • These cooker hoods work effectively with good extraction rate of 180 m³ per hour and quietly with low noise level.


  • The power cord for this cooker hood is very short in length
  • These cooking air extractors are a bit heavy, and the warranty plan is not so reliable

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Cooker Hoods Buying Guide

Cooker hoods are an excellent way to add some eye appeal to your kitchen. In addition, they will keep the air in your house clean and fresh from all the steam and odours. Whether you are using a halogen oven, a portable induction hob with induction panscombination microwave or built in oven; you will benefit from the cooker hood.

We will hold your hand as you consider the best cooker hood to purchase so that you purchase the best model available.

What You Need To Know

1. Chimney cooker hoods:

The chimney hood is being named based on it shaped in the manner of a chimney. This cooker hood is designed in the canopy manner shielding the hob and keeping it in place. There is an extended duct connected to the wall of the hat. This allows for the passage of air. This cooker hood type is prevalent, and one of the best your kitchen can have.

2. Integrated cooker hoods: 

This cooker hood types are referred to as integrated because they can into two different walls mounted designs and placed just above the hob. These cooker hoods have a door that has been designed to be opened quickly when opened air is being allowed to enter the canopy. Due to the style of this cooker hood, it fits in well into the kitchen of that is either medium or small.

3. Island cooker hoods:

Island hoods are easily attachable in the kitchen. In most kitchens, they are always attached to the ceiling directly, and not wall-mounted like other cooker hoods. It can be used in large kitchens because of its style and is well known for its high-quality air extraction fan.

4. Built in cooker hoods:

These types of cooker hoods are not always fitted directly to anywhere or independently. The built-in hoods are integrated and installed either in between walls or inside a cabinet. This type of cooker hoods usually comes in two forms. The first is making use of the air extraction mechanism while the other is making use of the recirculation device. There is no doubt this is one of the best cooker hoods your kitchen can have. 

5. Downdraft extractor cooker hoods:

The downdraft extract is usually placed on a cabinet or fitted well in between walls. The high point of this cooker hood is that it is in concealment while not in use, making it last longer. The downside to it is that it comes at a high price. There is an opening right behind this cooker hood that allows for the passage of air down into the shade. If you think value when it comes to cooker hoods, then you should be considering this.

6. Canopy cooker hoods:

The canopy hood is known among users to be one of the most compacts. It is designed to be able to fit in well into any kitchen size. This cooker hood, among other things, is famous for its option settings, user-friendliness and impressive technology. It is not just one of the best cooker hoods out there, but one that can be easily used by anyone.

7. Visor cooker hood:

The Visor cooker hood is not typical among users but is not just high-quality but is quite affordable. This cooker hood is easy to set up, especially that they come in standard designs. The cooker hood design has the duct placed on top, which allows for the passage of air upwards into the shade.

Cooker Hoods Buying Guide

Difference between Extracting hoods & Recirculating hoods

Cooker hood differ based on models, designs and sizes. Irrespective of these differences, cooker hoods either make use of the extracting mechanism or the recirculating mechanisms. This division is making it very important to understand the two to let you know which is best for your pantry and why.

The extracting hood helps in extracting all sort of odour, fumes or steam in the kitchen through a duct and disposes of it. Extraction is more effective in that it allows for better ventilation.

The Recirculating hood, on the other hand, does not dispose of odours and fumes from the pantry. It instead recirculates in the kitchen instead of condensing it in an area.

Cooker Hoods Buying Guides

Critical features of high-quality cooker hoods

1. Rate of Extraction:

One of the reasons why buyers get the cooker hood is to reduce fumes in the kitchen. Fumes that result from increases heat in the kitchen and make it stuffy. Depending on the size of your kitchen, you have to consider the extraction rate of the cooker hood you are getting when you go to buy. To be sure that whatever percentage of extraction you are getting is best for your kitchen, you have to take into consideration the volume of air in your kitchen. This measurement should be done against the width and breadth of the room and recorded in metres cubed per hour.

2. Noise Levels:

Cooker hoods made available differ based on their noise levels. Some cooker hoods are louder than others and depending on your preference; you might want to consider that when buying. If you are the type that doesn’t like disturbances because you always like to share your cooking time with friends and family, then you need a quiet cooker hood.

3. Grease Filter:

To avoid a messy kitchen, you have to search for a high-quality grease filter that would help check deposition. The overall value of the cooker hood will be enhanced if it comes with a quality grease filter. When you want to buy, you can go for any of the grease filter type – metal, fleece or charcoal filters. Just make sure that it is good, easily accessible and can fully cover the cooker hood.

4. Control:

Buyers don’t pay attention to the controls of the kitchen hoods they are buying. The effect of this is that accessing these controls after purchase then becomes very difficult at times. Sometimes users can access the control panel, but they get difficult to press or turn. This reason is why it is essential to go for models with the power that can be easily accessed. Close to this is the user-friendliness of the cooker in terms of ability to operate available commands.

5. Power Settings:

Cooker hoods helps to absorb the odour in the kitchen. However, certain foods like liver or fish might need you to pay attention to the smell. This means you need control over the working of the kitchen device. This is made possible by the power setting that is made available. With a good power setting, you can turn off and turn on the cooker hood easily.

6. Lights:

Some cooker hoods come with views while others don’t. Some have their light brighter than others. So if you have a kitchen with dim or weak lightning, you can go for a kitchen device with high-quality flash to help supplement the lights made available for your kitchen. On the other hand, if you do not like too many views in the kitchen, then you should take note of the opinions made available. Always make sure that the rays of the kitchen device suit your preference at all times.

7. Size:

Considering the volume of the cooker hood, your getting is quite critical mainly because it determines the effectiveness or otherwise of the hood. The size of the kitchen device you are getting has to be proportionate to the stovetop you are using in the kitchen. Also, when choosing the size of the home care product you want to get, you have to consider the size of the kitchen.

8. Ventilation:

Ventilation depends on the type of cooker hood you are getting. If you are getting a home unit with an extraction, then odour and fumes obtained from the kitchen are extracted by the hood and disposed of allowing for better ventilation. Alternatively, if you are going for a recirculating shade, odour, fumes and steam from the kitchen are re-circled, which is making it less effective.

9. Advanced Features:

When buying cooker hoods, you mustn’t just restrain yourself to features that are known. Go for models with other advanced features like a smart sensor and filter indicator. This will make the home device more comfortable to use, clean and work more effectively.

Cooker Hoods Buying FAQs

Q: Where should the cooker hood be placed?

A: The cooker hood placement depends on the type of home device that is purchased and your kitchen type. While some home device requires to be placed independently, others don’t.

Q: How far away should the hob be placed from the hood?

A: The hob shouldn’t be far away from the hood in home products. While some is being placed a little above, others are just a few below.

Q: What is the extraction rate needed?

A: The air extraction rate that is needed for the kitchen depends on the volume of air in it. To measure this volume, you have to measure the width and breadth of the room first and match it against the amount of air in it.

Q: What is the best choice of filter: A grease filter or a carbon filter?

A: Cooker hoods differ in terms of a filter. Some come with a grease filter and others a carbon filter. Over time from the views of users, the grease filter has proven to be more effective in its operation than the carbon filter.

Q: What is the best way to clean the cooker hood?

A: Cleaning the filters on a timely basis, making it free from dirt that accumulates is still the best way to have the cooker hood cleaned. Following the steps provided for the manual guide, users can be able to disassemble the home device to clean its parts.

Q: What is the best way to clean grease filters?

A: The best way to clean grease filters is to have them removed and replaced. Using a particular grease filter for a long while can hurt the cooker hood as a whole.

Q: How often should the filters get cleaned?

A: Cleaning the filters of the cooker hood depends mostly on how often they are in use. The more often you use your kitchen, the more often you should have the filters cleaned.

Q: How often should the grease filters get changed?

A: The grease filters are usually always more accessible, and as such, they can be changed from time to time depending on your kitchen use.

Q: How often should the carbon filters get changed?

A: Carbon filters are usually always challenging to change, so changing them frequently wouldn’t be an great decision.

Q: How should the bulbs get changed?

A: The steps required in changing the light bulbs of cooker hoods differ from one device to another. To ensure you have this done correctly, refer to the manual guide provided for your unit.

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