The 10 Best Cordless Iron Reviews In The UK (2021)

Best Cordless Iron Reviews

Last Updated on May 8, 2021

There are so many reasons why you should switch to a cordless iron. No annoying knots to undo, no tripping over the cord, no worrying about younger children playing with a hot or plugged in iron and better yet, you can use the appliance anywhere in your home.

Does this sound like something you deal with? You can find a suitable replacement in our best cordless iron review below.

Discover The Best Cordless Irons Of 2021

1. Non Stick Cordless Iron By Tower

Non Stick Cordless Iron By Tower

The best cordless iron is the Non-Stick Cordless Iron By Tower. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Here is another winner from experienced manufacturers offering both the corded and cordless ironing experience. You can plug directly to a power outlet or charge on the base. The power output ensures adequate heat, steam output and easy ironing.

This cordless steam iron can be ready for use before thirty seconds and gets rid of both stubborn and light wrinkles with the 150g of steam boost and the 120 g of steam output every minute. With this cordless iron, maintenance is nearly irrelevant since it features self-cleaning, anti-calc as well as anti-drip feature. 

You can use the corded or cordless steam boost iron for many years without complaints. Also, the measuring cup helps to reduce re fill time and frequency. Being versatile, this Tower T22008 cordless iron can be used on any kind of fabric with the CeraGlide ceramic soleplate gliding easily across clothes without wrinkles.

The water tank of these irons is up to 360 ml meaning that it can hold much more water to handle more fabrics.


  • The best cordless irons are very long-lasting
  • Quick charging design makes it easy to use
  • Requires little maintenance which means you save money
  • The ceramic soleplate design of this steam iron prevents stains on clothes
  • This well built steam function iron delivers precision steaming every time you use steam boost feature
  • Amazing steam output is what you need
  • The best cordless steam iron is user-friendly with various safety features


  • Dark water tank
  • These best cordless irons have wobbly charging base.

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2. Powerful Cordless Steam Iron By Morphy Richards

Powerful Cordless Steam Iron By Morphy Richards

Second best cordless steam iron in this buying guide is the Powerful Cordless Steam Iron By Morphy Richards. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

If you are looking at the performance of a conventional steam iron in a cordless model, the Morphy Richards is the best pick. The company even offers a three-year product guarantee to emphasise its durability. The base delivers 2400 watts of power and stam boost function, ensuring a fast charge and quick re-heat.

This particular smart light iron delivers 30 grams of steady steam to handle stubborn wrinkles and can be used on all materials. With this smart light cordless iron, you can automatically adjust the steam rate by utilising the temperature setting function. Also, maintenance is an easy feat with the embedded self-clean function, which also ensures durability.

There is the sought-after soleplate for smooth pressing and the non-drip feature that protects the clothes on the ironing board. You can work with Morphy steam boost iron without fear since there are important user-friendly features available as well.


  • This steam boost iron is able to remove stubborn wrinkles on the fabric easily
  • Top quality large water tank makes it easy to use
  • Low energy consumption is definitely worth the money
  • Great design and light weight promotes smoothing speed
  • Smart light function makes it easy to use every time
  • Has steam boost function with excellent steam output
  • Lasts very long which means you save money
  • The design doesn’t allow drips which makes it great to use


  • Light weight design base moves every time you use the iron
  • Reviews don’t quite like the absence of a lockable capacity that prevents easy storage.

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3. Non Stick Steam Iron By Groundlevel.Co.Uk

Non Stick Steam Iron By Groundlevel.Co.Uk

Third best cordless steam iron is the Non-Stick Steam Iron By Groundlevel.Co.Uk. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Here is another one that can tackle your ironing with speed and tenacity. The wattage is as good as the others in this cordless irons review. You can appreciate the steam option available to handle all kinds of wrinkles. Maintenance is nearly irrelevant due to the systems inside the iron to ensure optimum performance.

The soleplate is durable and facilitates effortless as well as quick ironing with the quality tip. The steam ironing unit has a large water tank to help reduce the number of times you’ll halt to refill it. You can enjoy the iron for a very long time since it has the self-clean function to prevent material build-up. If you check prices on Amazon, you may be surprised at how affordable it is. All these features make it one of the best products around.


  • Features light weight and amazing design
  • Delivers conventional ironing experience and fantastic steam output
  • Features a design with large water tank
  • This budget model features low energy consumption
  • This steam iron produces a large amount of steam which makes it easy to use


  • Cools faster on the cordless mode
  • Base button delays detach

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4. Wireless Portable Steam Iron By Yuanyuan520

Wireless Portable Steam Iron By Yuanyuan520

Fourth best cordless steam iron is the Wireless Portable Steam Iron By Yuanyuan520. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

This brand has great features to ensure a trouble-free ironing. This steam ironing unit is suitable for delicate and strong fabrics due to its wattage and soleplate. These capabilities facilitate quick heat, promote even distribution and allow for easier glide across all clothing items.

Also, maintenance is not tedious at all with all the systems preventing limescale, calcium and mineral build-up plus the self-clean system that prevents malfunctioning. So, if you are targeting a cordless steam iron to handle tough wrinkles with ease, go for this cordless steam iron. 

Don’t forget that it offers the chance to travel and look good always since it can easily fit into your bags. But you may need to purchase a carrying case for it. The ceramic soleplate is for facilitating easy work, and a power rating of 2400 watts ensures a quick heat-up.

An anti-drip system prevents water leakage at all temperature settings, while an anti-skidding handle ensures comfort as well as ease of operation. Its self-cleaning system, anti-mineral and anti-calcium system prevents malfunction.


  • This steam iron is easy to grip which means it is easy to use
  • The steam iron charges very fast
  • Low energy consumption and excellent steam output
  • Features five speed settings which means it can handle any fabric
  • Features self-maintenance systems


  • No mention of water tank which is a small problem

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5. Cordless Electric Steam Iron By Sonifer

Cordless Electric Steam Iron By Sonifer

Fifth best cordless steam iron to get is the Cordless Electric Steam Iron By Sonifer. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Here is another cordless iron to consider in your search for the best. This steam ironing unit delivers powerful steam boost to tackle all wrinkles and creases on clothes with ease. Iron performs perfectly on silk, wool, linen, cotton, jeans, and nylon.

The ceramic soleplate material is just what you need for that easy ironing. Cordless iron’s durability and reliability are further enhanced with self-clean functions to rid it of unwanted fabrics. With the good length power cord rotating at 360 degrees, usage becomes as easy as breathing.

Also, the steam boost iron comes with user-friendly features like an instruction manual, water measuring cup and a lifetime warranty to ensure durability. There’s also a full refund from the company after one month if the steam boost iron’s performance is not satisfactory.


  • This steam iron unit features longer lifespan and versatility
  • Really good water tank makes the steam boost function easy to use
  • These steam irons feature good size and effortless ironing on all types of clothes
  • The steam iron unit features reduced maintenance frequency and excellent steam output
  • Even features money back guarantee which makes it a safe buy for perfect customer convenience


  • Only one would be the absence of auto-shutoff feature support

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6. Porcelain Steam Iron By Russell Hobbs

Porcelain Steam Iron By Russell Hobbs

Sixth best cordless iron on our list is the Porcelain Steam Iron By Russell Hobbs. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

This is one of the best cordless irons that can deliver impressive results no matter the type of fabric placed on the ironing board. The power wattage is alright, and the steam tackles stubborn wrinkles with no mercy. There is the light ring on the cordless iron to indicate the heat level while sitting on the base station. This steam ironing device also shows the right time to start and also indicates when it’s recharging.

Russell iron enables speed with the ceramic soleplate and the five seconds reheating capacity. With the temperature control feature, users can select the right amount of heat for different kinds of fabrics. Other features such as the continuous steam shot function, steam boost and vertical steam function enable it to tackle creases on silk, cotton or other lighter fabrics.

This unit features a spray function as well to ensure that dry and wrinkled clothes look as good as new. With the anti-drip function, you can iron without worrying about stains. The light ring indicates heat level, readiness and recharge mode.

Its ceramic soleplate promotes flat pressing on all fabrics. Five seconds recharge, 25 seconds steam performance and anti-drip function facilitate quick ironing. Its spray function makes sure that creases and wrinkles are tackled with no stress.


  • This cordless steam iron protects fabrics from stain
  • Large water tank makes it effortless to use the iron and has a vertical steam function and steam shot
  • This cordless steam iron provides quality, power, fast ironing and excellent steam output
  • These steam irons handle tough creases and wrinkles on clothes on any ironing board
  • The cordless steam iron model features controllable temperature function


  • The reheating might take longer than you’d want
  • Leakage of water back into the charging base has been reported

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7. 2 In 1 Cordless Steam Iron By Beldray

2 In 1 Cordless Steam Iron By Beldray

Seventh best cordless iron to use is the 2 In 1 Cordless Steam Iron By Beldray. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating.

Looking at the wattage of the charging base, if you need quick results, you may consider this iron. With 2600 W of power, charging and reheating should be very quick to help you tackle mountainous laundry.

Also, given the corded and cordless options, you can get the traditional feel and the modernised ironing. We love the vertical and continuous steaming that promotes ease of use. The variable steam and temp settings mean that you can tackle every kind of fabric with the right level of temperature.

Consider the ceramic soleplate that provides easy ironing and the 300 ml water tank to shorten overall usage time. When faced with heavy fabrics and stubborn creases, the water spray and steam burst are all you need to tackle it. Iron your hanging garments and curtains right where they are with the vertical steaming of this iron.


  • This corded or cordless steam iron is well built and can be used for power vertical steaming
  • Great water tank makes it great to use
  • Speed is guaranteed either with corded or cordless options
  • This steam function iron requires little or no maintenance
  • Corded function makes it very versatile
  • These cordless irons feature light weigth and deliver a crease-free fabric
  • This steam function iron is great for stubborn creases.
  • Features great base, 300 ml water tank capacity and excellent steam output.


  • These cordless irons may lock in the base after few time you place the iron on it.
  • These steam irons have occasional water drips
  • Cools too fast on cordless mode.

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8. Large Capacity Cordless Steam Iron By Prolectrix

Large Capacity Cordless Steam Iron By Prolectrix

Eighth best cordless steam iron to get is the Large Cordless Steam Iron By Prolectrix. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating.

Do you wish to enjoy another feel of the traditional corded irons, this company offers such an opportunity? It allows for corded or cordless ironing.

The power is higher than many brands here, and the recharge time is short. With that level of power, short heating and reheat time, you can tackle any heap of laundry speedily.

Another feature is the water tank capacity that shortens refill time and frequency. Also, maintenance is easy, and the corded or cordless iron lasts very long since it has advanced features to ensure it. The ceramic soleplate is made to facilitate a sticking-free ironing. With the Prolectrix corded or cordless iron, every user works smart without fear of water stains.


  • This steam iron allows for smooth glide which means it can tackle almost any fabric
  • Great water tank capacity is convenient when used.
  • This cordless steam iron features light weight, great design and power
  • Corded function makes it easy to use as a dry iron
  • Little maintenance required because this steam function iron is well built
  • These cordless irons give amazing ironing speed


  • These cordless irons are not hot enough to be used on jeans, not something that users want
  • The coating peels faster than you’d want.

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9. Powerful Ceramic Steam Iron By Easy Steam

Powerful Ceramic Steam Iron By Easy Steam

Ninth best cordless iron to make use of is the Powerful Ceramic Steam Iron By Easy Steam. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating. You can check the Amazon website links below in order to see the prices and details.

Some users who complain about the wobbly charging base can consider this unit for its sturdy base with quick charge capacity. With around 2400W of power, the iron heats and recharges faster to speed up the ironing process.

The light weight of this product enables users to tackle any quantity of laundry at home without stress. The soleplate is made with ceramic materials to prevent snagging around and sticking but promotes easy pressing around different fabrics.

Also, the steam regulator and temperature control function ensure versatility since you can choose the appropriate level for any fabric. With the water spray feature and steam jets, you can steam garments and tackle tough wrinkles with ease.

The Easy Steam cordless iron requires minimal maintenance since it features an inbuilt self-clean function. But you can still use a soft material to clean the ceramic soleplate. All these features with design make it one of the best cordless irons around.


  • This steam iron is easy to make use of for almost any fabric
  • Little maintenance required because of the smart design
  • This steam iron is well made which menas it lasts long even when used frequently
  • Available in black and purple design with 305ml water tank capacity
  • Smart design is used so it quickly transforms into a power garment steamer
  • This top quality steam iron is easy to store on base and has light weigth
  • These cordless irons feature properly-positioned spray buttons


  • The temperature dial function of these cordless irons is hard to read
  • Ceramic soleplate loses heat too quickly, so if you need to take a break you’ll waste much more energy than you want
  • Water leaks back and around onto the base on high temp

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10. Self Cleaning Cordless Iron By Jml

Self Cleaning Cordless Iron By Jml

Tenth best cordless iron is the Self Cleaning Cordless Iron By Jml. We gave it a 3/5 star rating.

The 10th pick in our buying guide is amazing. When it comes featuring the essential parts of a cordless iron, this company has high points. This steam ironing appliance offers a high-watts ability, features some user-friendly functions, and also delivers the most sought-after steam capacity.

No matter the material you have put onto the ironing board, this particular cordless iron delivers above expectations. The 30 seconds charging steam ironing unit straightens clothes, bedding, curtains and other kinds of fabrics which makes it one of the best cordless steam irons you can get with those features.

The ceramic soleplate will facilitate a smooth glide free from sticking and snagging. You can remove wrinkles with the steam type it produces. This steam function  ironing unit bursts and blasts vertically and continuously for a much better ironing.

Moreover, JML Cordless 30 seconds charging iron is very durable. You can make use of this one as long as you need with little or no breakdown. This steam function ironing unit delivers up to 2400 wattage to facilitate a quick charge. With a ceramic soleplate, this cordless steam iron provides a smooth glide across different materials without sticking or snagging.


  • This cordless steam iron features super-fast charging in 30 seconds
  • It takes only 5 seconds to quickly recharge this steam function iron
  • Great build value provides prolonged useful years which means you save money
  • These irons even feature amazing design, water tank, stable base and vertical water steam function
  • This steam iron has a function that is used to protect users from burns
  • These power irons can be used for vertical steaming
  • This vertical steam iron features self-maintenance function


  • Steam doesn’t last quite as long as you’d want
  • This steam function iron requires continuous charging while it’s used

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Cordless Iron Buying Guide

A washer dryer will properly take care of your clothes, keeping them clean and fresh without inflating your bills. With an efficient washer dryer, you will need an equally efficient rotary washing lineironing board, and steam generator iron.

But to avoid the inconvenience that comes with wires, get a cordless iron. It is especially helpful and less tiresome when you are constantly using a sewing machine and need to iron the stitches you make.

Which Cordless Iron is the Best to Go for

If you have been disappointed in your search for cordless iron, read this review carefully and select the best one in the buying guide. We selected them based on durability, performance and versatility. You can also consider the iron we recommended since it has all the important parts.

How Does a Cordless Iron Work

Cordless Iron Buying Guide

A cordless iron depends on the heating elements inside the rechargeable batteries to preserve its heat for ironing. These elements in the battery charge and generate an adequate amount of heat to straighten wrinkled clothes.

You can liken the process to what‘s available in the telephones with power tool batteries. But cordless irons are used with higher ampere-hour ability.

Once the cordless iron sits on the charging base, the batteries will be powered and retain heat in your iron until you’re done with ironing. Some available brands retain heat and create steam with boiling water. Various cordless irons also feature an auto shut-off function to initiate shut down automatically when a user leaves it idle for some minutes.

What is a Cordless Iron

A cordless iron is simply a model that doesn’t have a cord attached for connecting a power outlet. All you have is the iron itself and a charging base where the iron sits to power it’s a rechargeable battery.

Some of the available brands feature an indicator light to notify users when there’s enough heat to use. Once you’re through with your ironing, the charging base can double as a storage pouch for your iron.

Cordless models are very light-weighted compared to the corded irons. There’re lots of them with auto shut-off function, adjustable temp settings and steam option. A lot of people call them wireless irons, and that’s understandable because they’ve eliminated the inconveniences that occur when you use the iron that is corded. For instance, users enjoy unhindered movement and the ability to tackle their task from every angle with cordless steam irons

The Benefits of a Cordless Iron

Many benefits of having a codeless iron includes:

1. They Promote Safety

Making use of a wireless iron eliminates the risk of electric shock. Since the charging base is detached from the iron itself, users can work without fear. Also, cordless irons prevent painful burns that result from accidental tripping.

2. Simplifies Processes 

The main benefit of having a cordless iron is the freedom of movement. You can move without having to avoid the iron’s cord. This flexibility enables you to work on the wrinkled clothes from any angle that provides good results. Also, the absence of wire eliminates the time you wastes on detangling a knotted cord.

3. Increases Productivity 

It’s possible to tackle a mountain of wrinkled clothes with a cordless iron given that they’re not as heavy as corded irons. Also, the water reservoir is awesomely larger, thereby reducing the time you waste on a refill. Some brands comes with removable water tank as well. Finally, users can place ironing board right where they want it and not too close to a power outlet.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Cordless Iron

Cordless Iron Buying Guide

Choosing the best cordless iron can be an arduous task if you don’t know the crucial things to check. But if you get the following factors right, you’re going home a happy shopper.

1. Wattage & Voltage:

A cordless iron with higher watts ensures a faster and much more efficient result. The soleplate heats up very fast and enables you to complete tasks as quickly as possible. Many brands offer power of 1200W while there’re others with 2400W of power. The only drawback is that high wattages mean costlier option while the lowers ones seem much more affordable. So it all depends on the frequency of use or the purpose it’ll serve. The next thing is the voltage which varies from one country to another. Check the standard so you don’t buy an American standard to use in the U.K. It can not be used except with a voltage and an outlet adapter.

2. Steam Output:

This is very important since it affects your process with a particular iron. A high steam output shortens ironing time and removes wrinkles efficiently. So, compare different brands based on steam grams per minute. Target higher grams of steams via burst shots and not a continuous stream.

3. Iron’s Soleplate

Many soleplate materials exist in the industry, but you must choose depending on your preference. For instance, you can find soleplates made with ceramic, stainless steel, titanium, anodised aluminium and nonstick fabric. The popular ones are ceramic and curved stainless steel soleplate but you can check price to know if they’re affordable. Both the ceramic and stainless steel are good and can last long too. But they can melt light-weighted materials or silk. So, you must be careful while ironing with stainless steel ones.

4. Weight and Water Tank Capacity

Heavy irons can enhance your ironing results but reduce productivity. You won’t need to exert much pressure, but painful arms can slow you down. So, consider both your comfort and the possible outcome. Also, a large water tank can increase your productivity because it will eliminate the time wasted on frequent refills. Some brands even come with a detachable water tank to ensure a much more compact design

Why You Should Buy a Cordless Iron

There’re many reasons why we recommend to buy a cordless iron of which one is convenience. With this model, you can keep your clothes anywhere and straighten it. Also, instead of struggling with cords while ironing, you can move freely without encumbrances to complete tasks quickly.

One other reason is the lightweight nature of cordless irons. Most of the available brands weigh little, and with such piece, it’ll be easy work all day. Challenges such as pains in the arms and shoulders can become a thing of the past.

Cordless Iron Buying FAQs

Q: What safety rules do I need to follow when using my cordless iron?

A: The Safety rules you need to follow when making use of a cordless iron are::

  1. 1Avoid burns by directing the steam on your clothes and not your body
  2. 2Don’t store the cordless iron when it’s still hot, allow it to cool down
  3. 3Always supervise children or disabled people when they’re making use of the iron.

Q: How long should a charging base stay plugged in?

A: The charging base will need stay plugged in until the iron is completely charged and no longer.

Q: Are cordless irons the same as portable ones?

A: Portable irons are different from cordless iron. The former is lighter and much more compact than the latter. Also, portable irons are designed as travel companions with a carrying case dual voltage option that makes them compatible with every country. Cordless irons, on the other hand, are the same a corded iron except for the absence of cords.

Q: Cordless sounds less powerful than corded. Won’t there be problems with reaching high temperatures or continuous steam when an iron isn’t in the base?

A: Nothing will prevent you from getting your desired outcome with a cordless iron. The model works very well, just like a corded iron and even offer much more advanced functionalities than the corded one. Moreover, some brands deliver higher wattage, just like we discussed above. So, you can choose any of such brands and enjoy the powerful heat. The only thing to consider is the price because higher wattage means faster heat but also represent higher costs.

Q: What are the main troubles I can face when using a cordless iron?

A: There’s never a guarantee with steam irons. The only assurance is that some troubles can be prevented or managed. Some issues to expect are:

a) Leakage

The first trouble that may likely occur is leakage due to improper storage. But the best way to prevent it is by ensuring that the water tank is empty of water after each ironing session.

b) Stains

Two places to expect brown stains are the soleplate and steam holes. The reason for this is applying high temperature on materials and causing slight burns. To prevent it, use the right temperature and always clean the iron’s soleplate after use.

c) Malfunction

Two places to expect brown stains are the soleplate and steam holes. The reason for this is applying high temperature on materials and causing slight burns. To prevent it, use the right temperature and always clean the iron’s soleplate after use.

Q: If I choose a cordless steam iron, does it mean that steam option will always be on?

A: No, you can activate and deactivate at will via a switch located on the iron’s handle. Also, you can find some models with a spray function to make use of instead of steam.

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