10 Best Cordless Strimmer Reviews For UK Gardeners (2021)

Best Cordless Strimmer Reviews

Last Updated on May 5, 2021

As the summer heat starts to reign down on your garden, you know that it’s time to start mowing the grass again. But if you are looking for crisp lines that will impress even that nosy neighbour who scythes his lawn every day, you need a strimmer.

Cutting swathe, line feed system and battery capacity are just some of the buzzwords you may see when you go to purchase a new strimmer; what does it all mean? Find out with us now, as we show you the best cordless strimmer for your garden.

Meet The Best Cordless Strimmers Reviewed In 2021

1. 18V, 2Ah Cordless 28 cm Grass Trimmer By Black+Decker

18V, 2Ah Cordless 28 cm Grass Trimmer By Black+Decker

The best grass strimmer is this 18v grass timer from Black+Decker. Designed for light trimming around trees, shrubs, lawn edge, and awkward corners in your garden. If you are looking for a well balanced and lightweight strimmer, then this may be for you. Forget cumbersome petrol strimmers; this e-drive technology enabled lawn trimmer can even handle long grass.

This small Black+Decker strimmer will happily sit in your shed trickle charging until you need it. With a run time of around 30 good minutes performing medium to heavy-duty tasks, this cordless hero will need about 2 hours charging time. Also, tilting the rotary head up to 90 degrees allows you to focus the strimmer’s power onto a hard to reach edge on the vertical plane; however the supporting little plastic wheel, does not seem up to much.

Do not be fooled into thinking this easy to use cordless Black+Decker strimmer is powered by an inferior battery. We suspect that it is the charge device that is to blame for the relatively slow recharging of the lithium-ion battery. On a positive note though, the charge device has charge protection built-in, so the battery can be left on the charge device when not in use, and it will switch to trickle charging when fully charged.

Our main gripe with this cordless grass strimmer is its build quality. The Black+Decker grass trimmer is built from a lot of plastic that does not feel as if it could survive commercial or heavy use. It is one of the greatest cordless strimmers you can buy for little jobs around many domestic gardens. This Black and Decker cordless strimmer comes with a two-year warranty as standard


  • The powerful Black+Decker lawn trimming machine is lightweight type
  • The Black+Decker grass trimmer features plenty of power and rotating cutting head
  • Top notch gear system
  • Decent battery life to keep your garden looking amazing.
  • The Black+Decker grass trimmer features 2 Year Warranty


  • Slow to recharge, and bad battery – 30 decent minutes run time
  • Build of the Black+Decker grass trimmer might need improving

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2. OLT1832 ONE+ 18V Cordless Grass Trimmer By Ryobi

OLT1832 ONE+ 18V Cordless Grass Trimmer By Ryobi

This cordless strimmer from Ryobi is an absolute bargain and exactly what you look for. The cordless strimmer forms part of Ryobi’s ONE+ system of over 70 power tools; these models all use the same batteries and allows you to run all your garden and DIY devices off the same set of lithium-ion batteries.

Sturdy enough for the toughest of weeds, its 30cm cutting swathe will make it suitable for more extensive gardens that you wouldn’t usually be able to use a cordless strimmer in. One 4AH Lithium-ion battery will give you about 1 hour of tough strimming before you need to swap out the battery; this is undoubtedly not as power-hungry as some other models we reviewed. Also, the adjustable handle and adaptable cutting diameter mean that you can use this cordless strimmer comfortably on long grass without fatiguing. It has a large length of line already fitted on the line cassette.

Larger 5AH Lithium-ion batteries are available for an increased price; this may be a wise investment if you have a large garden with thick grass. The only negative from this contender for being the best cordless strimmer is that, since the base model does not include a battery and charge device, it must be bought separately.


  • This cordless trimming unit features long Telescopic Boom Handle which is ideal for bigger areas
  • 25cm to 30cm cutting swathe can offer great cut every time
  • It has a length of line already fitted on the line cassette.
  • We also find the available cutting head amazing.
  • Powerful lithium ion batteries can power over 70 other Ryobi models
  • This power motor tool features long time running that is suitable for large gardens


  • No lithium-ion battery or charging device provided as standard

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3. G40LT String Trimmer, 40VBy Greenworks Tools

G40LT String Trimmer, 40V By Greenworks Tools

ThisPerhaps the best cordless strimmer for extensive gardens. The 40V lithium-ion battery will power through even the toughest of weeds and leave a clean and precision single line around your garden area. The Greenworks G40LT cordless Line trimmer has a variable speed controller which allows you to prioritise power consumption for the battery minded. The strimmer can also be comfortably adjusted to suit the height of the user with its adjustable telescopic handle. Forget your old noisy petrol strimmer; the Greenworks cordless garden strimmer marries beautiful precision lines with near-silent operation; all without giving off any direct emissions or dangerous fumes.

This strimmer has everything you would expect, including a 30cm cutting head with a built-in line feed and telescopic handle. Also, anyone can use this easy for use strimmer. No more excuses for not having sharp lines around your garden, sorry.

Whilst this electric lawn trimmer can cut through small bushes, we found that this severely drains the battery. Like the Ryobi, this trimmers battery can also be used to power other Greenworks Tools models; however a battery and charge device are once again not provided for. The build is one of the best available out of all the cordless strimmers you can get. The strimmer is made from a two-piece aluminium rod with a robust steel connection that provides effective results and stability without a backache.

Greenworks is not well known, however this is about to change.


  • Superior power with 40V Lithium-ion battery for long run time you need
  • Lightweight design, variable speeds, good motor for big areas, definitely worth the money.
  • 30cm cutting head with a nice built-in nylon line feed
  • This cordless trimming unit has aluminium & Steel construction
  • This cordless grass trimmer features telescopic handle which is a nice touch
  • Also suitable to make larger gardens look amazing


  • Manufacturer doesn’t add a lithium-ion battery or charging device as standard, giving you a bad time
  • Does not have enough power to trim small bushes in gardens as claimed effectively

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4. WG157E 18V Cordless Grass Trimmer By WORX

WG157E 18V Cordless Grass Trimmer By WORX

Whilst a slightly older model, this WORX WG157E is one of the most affordable all-round grass trimmers you can get. It cuts great and manoeuvres well. It features a longer extended handle than many with a comfortable grip fixed handle and adjustable auxiliary handle.

The electric cordless strimmer has a 25cm cutting width which is not adjustable, but this will not be an issue for small or even more significant garden spaces and large areas. The strimmer has two power settings, ECO mode and TURBO mode. The eco mode will undoubtedly extend the battery life, but the power suffers drastically. This mode is only really suitable for simple grass work; as soon as you hit any weeds, it will become bogged down. There is no point in having a long run time if you can’t trim any grass!

The battery life is heavily dependent on the moistness of the ground and the length of the grass. It also has a handy display which shows you the lithium-ion battery level, but this is quite rudimentary and may not accurately display battery status. For instance, you can use your strimmer and have it showing 80% remaining, then you hit a thick bit, and it drops to 20% remaining straight away; the cordless strimmers software assumes leaves something to be desired.

As with many the strimmers on our list so far, it does not come with a battery or charge device. A standard battery is available as well as a larger 4 AH battery that will nearly double your run time.

Line feed, foldable, ergonomic, very easy for use and store. Probably among best cordless strimmers you can buy for basic work in small garden areas.


  • With this electric garden trimmer you get large foldable flower guard
  • Feed system for ideal cut every time
  • ECO mode and TURBO mode
  • This lightweight edging trimmer is good to cut almost all small gardens
  • This edging trimmer features 180 degrees edger head


  • Just decent battery life – 20 minutes to 30 minutes of run time
  • This power tool has no adjustable cutting width

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5. WG163E 18V Cordless Grass Trimmer with Command Feed By WORKX

WG163E 18V Cordless Grass Trimmer with Command Feed By WORKX

No, you are not seeing double, it’s yet another entry from WORKX. This newer model has some significant improvements compared to the older strimmer. This Worx Strimmer has enough power to sail through overgrown nettles, and neatly trim any flower bed edge. This lawn trimmer includes not just one but two batteries! This means you can have a battery on and one charging at all times, this effectively doubles your run time, and all at a somewhat competitive price.

The Worx strimmer features one of the best line feed systems you can get, the patented Command line feed. This allows you to automatically unspool more line at the push of a button whilst you use your strimmer. Its telescopic handle and sizeable 30cm cutting swathe mean you are going to have the best of everything, or so it seems.

With most of the cordless strimmers, we read one of the main drawbacks have been their sub-optimal battery, but this is not an issue with the WORKX WG163E, the charge device, however, is a different story. The manual also states that it takes between 3 to 8 hours to charge the battery; on average, it took us five hours. Now you can get a fast charging device, but surely it’d make more sense to up the price a bit and include a much better battery charging unit?

The second issue is that you can only turn the strimmer to one side when using as an edger, this may not seem like much, but it is not as efficient as being able to tilt the string head either side.

The power it has when the battery is fresh is excellent; the telescopic handle is one of a kind, the command feed is perfect; all in this is WORKX’s best cordless strimmer.


  • Supplied with two batteries for ideal run time
  • This Worx lawn mower has affordable price
  • This lightweight edging trimmer features WORKX Command Feed system
  • You get a 30cm cutting swathe with this edging trimmer
  • To use this edging trimmer is easy for a good cut every time
  • This garden trimmer features telescopic handle


  • Slow battery charge device coming with this edging trimmer

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6. DUR181Z 18V Line TrimmerBy Makita

DUR181Z 18V Line TrimmerBy Makita

You’d be forgiven for mistaking this 18V cordless strimmer for one of its more potent cousins the 40V. Mikita has a reputation for delivering affordable and pro-level tools, and this is what will make the DUR181Z one of the best 18V cordless strimmers you can get for under £100. This is a bare tool item which is ideal if you have other Makita tools; otherwise, you will need to buy batteries and a charge unit separate.

Being an 18V strimmer, it slices through grass and some less stringy weeds but does not have enough power for thick bushes or stubborn plants. The freedom this unit affords is a joy, while not as powerful as the corded variety; this strimmer is at its best on a warm summers day with the kids playing in the garden. A sturdy and lightweight strimmer that is surprisingly well balanced with the battery in place.

Standard 5 AH batteries will give you around 30 minutes run time. Perhaps one of the best features of this offering from Makita is that you can change the strimmer line to square instead of round. It also features 260mm cutting width and great cutting speed. While a tiny bit more expensive, the square line offers an even closer cut.

Providing you have a Makita charging device and batteries then this cordless strimmer will not disappoint. It is probably the most durable strimmer you can get; you can throw it around your garden like no tomorrow, however we don’t recommend that.


  • This lightweight edging trimmer can use either square line or round line system
  • Bump and Feed line feeding system (Single cord cutting)
  • Reputable name with full customer service
  • This lawn edging mower features 260mm cutting width and great cutting speed.
  • This garden grass trimmer features decent battery – 30 minutes of run time


  • This gardens trimmer is shorter than many other strimmers

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7. TDLT01G, 28V 2.0Ah, Strimmer By TECCPO

TDLT01G, 28V 2.0Ah, Strimmer By TECCPO

TECCPO is a fairly new company that is making waves in the cordless power tool world. The TDLT01G is certainly one of the destinctive products available on the market. It features a whopping 28V battery that allows it to make easy work of both grass and weeds alike. This performance and lack of a variable setting coupled with a slightly pithy 2AH li-ion battery mean that running times are drastically affected. This is designed for a small to a medium garden that wants precision and speed.

Another unique feature is that it has an adjustable cutting width of either 28cm or 33cm. This is one of the only products you can get that has this strange cutting swathe. If safety is your priority, then this may just be the best strimmer for you. This lawn trimmer also has a double safety switch and a foldable plant guard making it potentially the safest option you can get.

It has all the standard and key features you’d expect of a cordless grass trimmer: a single line feed system, a 90° adjustable head and auxiliary wheel, telescopic shaft, rubber grip and extra handle.

In conclusion, this an affordable and feature-packed lightweight cordless strimmer from TECCPO. If safety, power and value are your focus, this is the strimmer for you, and it even includes a standard battery and charge device!


  • This large garden trimming unit features 28V Power that always gets the job done
  • You get an easy to use powerful trimmer for all gardens
  • Automatic line feed system
  • Double safety switch design for great cutting every time
  • This powerful edging lawnmower has 28cm or 33cm cutting width


  • You get a low 2AH capacity with this gardens trimmer

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8. Cordless 20V Telescopic Handle Strimmer By VonHaus

Cordless 20V Telescopic Handle Strimmer By VonHaus

Another review entry from VonHaus, I know what you are thinking, how can it be any different? Two words, plastic blades. Unlike all the other strimmers on this list, this one uses a smaller plastic blade, 12 of which are added for free, instead of spool. This innovative blade mechanism is designed to be sharper, more reliable and more efficient at cutting. In our testing, we found that this offered a clean finish, but they seemed to wear out at a much higher rate compared to using a more traditional spool based product.

This 20V strimmer has an impressive 180° rotating cutting head and speed of 8,500rpm, which allows it to achieve accurate border edge and neatly trimmed corners fuss-free. However, it does have a non-adjustable cutting width of just 25cm.

The lawn trimming unit comes complete with everything you want – a safety guard, plus a plant guard to protect your flowers and plants as you’re trimming the grass.

The high quality telescopic adjustable handle has a good amount of adjustment stretching from 92cm to 127.5cm. This meant that during our testing, everyone who used it, regardless of height or stature, reported a comfortable and balanced experience. A pleasant surprise was its soft grip rubber handles 2.7kg weight and its surprisingly low noise and vibration emissions.

This cordless strimmer represents some great battery technology and the best of both worlds in terms of compatibility and included accessories. This cordless lawn trimmer runs on Von Haus’ 20V Lithium-ion G Range batteries which are also used in a number of its other gardens tools. This machine comes with a battery and charging device included, so there is no need to get anything extra. This is usually the point where we point out that that the charge device is slow and pathetic, but not with this strimmer. It also features a rapid charger that can have the battery fully charged in just 1 hour. The battery will give you up to 50 minutes of cutting power.


  • Long running time – 50 minutes of battery power.
  • Good cutting speed is exactly what you want every time you cut grass.
  • This lawn edging trimmer has rotating cutting head
  • You get blades with this product for a great cut
  • This lightweight grass trimmer is easy to use
  • The powerful grass trimmer features a fast charger


  • Reviews don’t like that blades used are not very durable
  • You get non-adjustable cutting width

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9. EX36CGT 36V 30cm Cordless Grass Trimmer By XCEED

EX36CGT 36V 30cm Cordless Grass Trimmer By XCEED

This is one of the best cordless strimmers from XCEED we have seen. This product comes with a battery Pack equivalent to a nuclear power station in the strimming sphere. A powerful 36 V 2.0AH Samsung battery allows this strimmer to make light work of almost any task. Its wide cutting width of 30cm and rapid 8,500rpm means this strimmer will do what it says on the box.

This product has two comfortable handles and a telescopic shaft which means almost anyone can find their most ergonomic setup. Weighing in at just 2.55kg, backache is a thing of the past. Even tricky working conditions such as vertical surfaces are mastered effortlessly and comfortably.

The XCEED EX36CGT easily converts from a trimmer to walk behind edger to lawn mower in seconds, without the need for garden tools. The 36V 2.0AH cordless strimmer comes with two wheels to increase stability and control whilst trimming and edging. Also, a 90 degrees adjustable cutting head will make quick work of even those awkward to reach parts of your garden areas. You can cut without fear; grandmas flowers are safe thanks to a built-in flower guard that protects your plants, flowers, furniture and garden ornaments from damage.

Like all the other strimmers on our list, it has an automatic spool system. Unique to this strimmer though is its easy storage on the reverse of the shaft, which allows you to store a spare spool with your trimmer whilst you power through grass and weeds.


  • This edging trimmer has a powerful 36V 2.0 AH Samsung battery
  • This lightweight edging trimmer has two stabilising wheels
  • Wide cutting width and good cutting speed
  • Brand used non-heavy materials so it weighs just 2.55kg
  • Buyers say it is way easier to use than others


  • Batteries are not compatible with other gardening tools, not something everyone would want.

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10. GT3.0 Grass Trimmer By Gtech

GT3.0 Grass Trimmer By Gtech

Hands down, our 10th pick is of the best cordless strimmers you can buy right now if not the best. Weighing in at just 1.85kg, this is the lightest strimmer we tested, and yet the build still seems pretty decent. It won’t hold up in a commercial setting but will hold its own amongst domestic grass trimmers

The 18V Lithium-ion battery can be charged either on or off this cordless hedge cutter which means you can bring the battery inside if the temperature plummets to help prolong its life. It is also interchangeable with the Hedge Trimmer HT20, giving you double the runtime if you have already used or own that product.

This is how blades need to be. Forget the days of tangled trimming lines and spools, this cordless grass trimmer includes 20 clip-on blades, and a replacement pack of 50 blades has a price under £5, bargain!

To prevent accidental starting, Gtech has added a double safety switch to this cordless grass trimmer, meaning it can be used around children without too much concern.

If you are in search for a strimmer that will put less strain on your shoulders, neck and back, then this is the system for you; however we wish it had an adaptable cutting width.


  • Massive amount of included blades
  • Battery usable throughout Gtech range
  • Good cutting speed all the time
  • Gardeners say it is easy to use
  • Just 1.85kg will make it easily movable every time
  • This product has great safety switch


  • Struggles with weeds or thick grass, which people in reviews find bad
  • No adaptable cutting width, something users wouldn’t want

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Buying Guide

When considering buying a cordless strimmer, our advice is to consider the below points:

What is the battery life?

Many manufactures tell you a batterie’s Voltage and Amp Hour rating. The Voltage tells you how powerful and robust the strimmer will be with most models at 18v suitable for non-heavy work. The AH rating, usually from around 2 to 6, tells you how long it will last between charges.

cordless strimmer buying guide

How long does the battery take to charge? 

As you can see from our reviews, cordless grass strimmers can take between 30 minutes and more than four hours and 30 minutes to recharge. If you can’t manage all your strimming on one battery, you’ll need to either wait for it to recharge, or purchase a second battery.

How much will the battery and charger cost?

Many strimmers do not come with a battery and charge device as they form part of a brand’s broader collection of cordless tools that all use similar or the same batteries. Be sure to check whether your unit comes with them, or at least ensure you know the price of purchasing one. Avoid ones that don’t have interchangeable batteries.

Bear in mind that rechargeable batteries don’t last forever, and they may start to develop problems such as not holding their charge. If this happens and you’re no longer under limited warranty, you’ll need to pay to replace it yourself.

How much does it weigh?

While most strimmers all weigh within 1.5kg of each other; this seemingly small amount can make a massive difference on your back, neck and shoulders after several hours. If the product listing does not mention something about ergonomics, then go hunting for the weight.


Q: Are cordless grass trimmers any good?

A: As you probably noticed from our reviews, this depends mainly on battery. When you are buying a cordless strimmer, you must figure out what kind of tasks you need your strimmer for. Are you fed up with thick grass, weeds and hedges or just have some grass to trim around the edge of your property? Anything more than light work and we recommended you choosing a 28v to 40v system. The main advantage compared to corded or even petrol strimmers is that a cordless strimmer offers superior manoeuvrability and are often much lighter than there petrol cousins meaning backache on large gardens is not a problem anymore.

Q: How to use a strimmer?

A: As we’ve realised from many articles read, every grass trimmer is different. But many will feature either a spool, a fancy word for saying a long coil of square or round plastic, or plastic blades to slice through your grass. Almost all the strimmers you can get also feature an edging tool with some having stabiliser wheels, so it is as simple and pushing it along your properties boundary.

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