The 7 Best Decking Oil Reviews For UK Homes (2022)

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Last Updated on January 11, 2022

Decking oil protects your wooden decking from climate issues, foot traffic, stains and dirt. The right product can also restore and bring out the natural beauty of the wood. If your deck needs a good coat of oil, then you are certainly in the right place! We have reviewed the best oils of the year so you can find the most suitable offer for your next DIY project.

Our Top 3 Decking Oil Picks
1. The Best Decking Oil By Ronseal
2. The Best Clear 5 L Decking Oil By Liberon
3. The Best UV Decking Oil By Cuprinol

Product Testing & Comparing

There is perhaps nothing more beautiful than a garden decking feature. Especially one that displays rich tones that is scratch, rot and fungi-free. Our review team tracked down a large number of decking oil products and over the course of several weeks, tested and compared the oils until we nominated 10 products that reflect great quality and user satisfaction.

While we ranked them according to our favourites, we feel that each oil is truly remarkable. Take your time to read the pros and cons of each – and don’t forget the useful product specifications that also look at the following.

  1. The volume of the product.
  2. What wood or task the oil is most suited for.
  3. Appearance.

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Discover The Best Decking Oils Reviewed In 2022

1. Ronseal Ultimate Decking Oil Natural 37297

The Best Decking Oil

Ultimate Protection Decking Oil By RONSEAL

Product Specifications

  • Volume: 5 L.
  • Suitable for: Hard and soft wood.
  • Look: Natural.

This decking oil won the top spot for several reasons. You can expect great TLC for your decking after a coat or two of this oil. But let’s get into the specifics of what you expect with this wonder goop.

First off, the stuff is durable. The oil’s formula allows it to penetrate deeper into the wood. This makes the oil stay for longer and protect your decking even during the harsh summer and winter sting effects even though harsh winter months. Besides weatherproofing the wood, the oil also protects against foot traffic.

The final look is very organic and the oil’s protective qualities kick in within 1.5 hours of application. Overall, you get an oil that offers great benefits quickly, looks very natural, and lasts for a long time.

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  • Durable.
  • Suitable to protect both oak hardwood decking and softwood decking.
  • Easy to apply or clean.
  • Rain proof within 1.5 hours of application.


  • You need to wait 4 hours between coats.

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2. Liberon DOCL5L

The Best Clear Decking Oil

5L Clear Decking Oil By Liberon

Product Specifications

  • Volume: 5 L.
  • Suitable for: Fences, decking, greying wood, sheds, furniture.
  • Look: Clear.

Some oils are great but they come with one drawback that is a dealbreaker for many homeowners. They alter the look of the natural wood. If you want to keep the original beauty of your decking, then this is the best oil.

The oil is clear, meaning that it won’t change the colour of your wooden areas. Rather, it might just enhance and bring out the natural beauty even more. You can also rest assured that this is not an inactive decking oil, either – it feeds the wood, restores colour, and filters UV.

The oil is easy to apply and you can expect it to start working its magic within an hour of application. This is really beneficial if you need to treat your decking quickly for an upcoming event or hot season.


  • Excellent at bringing out the natural grain of wood.
  • Works quickly.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Filters UV.
  • Suitable for fences, garden sheds, gates, and wooden hot tubs.


  • It has a high VOC level (may produce strong odors that are dangerous to living things).

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3. Cuprinol 5122415

The Best UV Decking Oil

UV Guard Exterior Wood Care By Cuprinol

Product Specifications

  • Volume: 5 L.
  • Suitable for: High UV regions.
  • Look: Natural oak.

Is the sun particularly nasty in your neighbourhood? Then you need a great UV decking oil to keep your property looking fantastic for years to come. While a lot of decking oils have UV filters, we picked this as the best one – let’s find out why!

The oil offers advanced weather protection. It contains a formula that filters UV rays but it also protects your decking from the sun in another way. When wood fades, it’s usually due to its organic oils and resins that are lost through weathering – and this is what the oil continually replaces.

The oil is also easy to apply. You can coat the wood using a brush or a spraying device.


  • Nourishes wood.
  • Great UV filtering effect.
  • Provides a lightly tinted finish.
  • Easy to apply using a brush or sprayer.


  • Takes several hours to dry.

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4. Ronseal DPN5L Decking Protector

The Top Natural Decking Protector

Natural Decking Protector By RONSEAL

Product Specifications

  • Volume: 5 L.
  • Suitable for: Wet and rainy areas.
  • Look: Natural.

This oil is another worthy candidate if you are shopping for a product to maintain your decking. In particular, this oil is great against moisture. The latter can destroy wood very quickly with rot and fungus.

This oil makes your decking waterproof. You can stop worrying about rain and enjoy a beautiful deck all year round, no matter how misty or wet things get. Indeed, this oil not only blocks water but also blocks the development of fungi and mould.

You can apply the oil with a paintbrush, roller or a low-pressure sprayer. This decking oil dries within 90 minutes of application and by then, the wood becomes resistant to water and dries to a beautiful looking translucent finish. The oil is particularly suitable for ridged or smooth hardwood decking (like Balau decking) and softwood decking.


  • A great waterproof oil.
  • Leaves decking looking amazing.
  • Suitable for both hardwood decking boards and softwood boards.
  • Resists mould and algae growth.
  • Dries within 90 minutes.
  • Protects against sun damage.
  • Easy to apply.


  • Several coats are needed to reach the desired effect.

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5. Everbuild Triple Action B006SZXN1E

The Best Triple Action Wood Treatment

Tripple Action Wood Treatment By Everbuild

Product Specifications

  • Volume: 5 L.
  • Suitable for: Treatment against fungi and algae, wet wood.
  • Look: Clear.

This decking oil is for the homeowner that wants all the frills. If that’s you, then step closer. This oil offers plenty of benefits for your wooden structures.

The clear oil preserves natural colours and is also a low solvent and low odour product. You can also expect the oil’s easy-penetrating formula to zap fungi and algae. It also combats stains, wood rot, and wood-boring insects/larvae.

The deck treatment dries fast and is non-flammable. This clear decking oil can easily be used on wet timber as well. Because it is designed to penetrate deeply into any type of wood and joinery, you get long-lasting protection on all the boards you use it on.


  • Protects all kinds of wood and their colours against stains, wet and dry rot, decay, fungi and insects.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Low smell.
  • Restores the natural look of wood.


  • The decking oil is watery, so be prepared for a more messy project.

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6. Ronseal Ultimate Decking Oil 37297

The Best Oil For Pretreated Decks

best decking oil for pretreated decks

Product Specifications

  • Volume: 5 L.
  • Suitable for: Pretreated decks.
  • Look: Natural.

This oil has a lot to offer you but it works best with a pretreated deck. If you already pretreated the wood and now require a top-notch decking oil, then this could be one of the best choices for you. Let’s dive straight into what makes this a great decking oil.

The oil penetrates deeply into the wood, providing a natural-looking finish but also protects against all the things that damage the wood. With this oil, you can expect reduced sun damage, foot traffic scuffing, and wet weather nasties like rotting and mould.

Other benefits include easy application, 90-minute drying, and long-lasting protection.


  • Easy to apply.
  • Quick to dry.
  • Weather proof.
  • Brings out the wood’s natural beauty.


  • Need to wait 4 hours between coats.

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7. Osmo Anti-Slip 430C

The Best Anti-Slip Decking Oil

Anti-Slip Decking Oil By Osmo

Product Specifications

  • Volume: 0.75 L.
  • Suitable for: Decking, fighting fungi and algae.
  • Look: Clear.

If you are safety-conscious, you probably do not need to be told that anti-slip decking paint is a great idea. This particular oil reduces the chance that you or your family will slip and fall (a risk when wooden decking is wet). You also get more benefits than slip resistance.

The oil gives protection against staining, algae and fungal buildup. It produces a satin finish that is extremely water-resistant and dirt-repellent to give it a great look. The use of organic vegetable oils provides a microporous finish to allow the wood to breathe and it also helps to regulate the moisture content to reduce swelling and shrinkage.


  • Clear oil.
  • Offers slip resistance to the surface of decking.
  • Fights fungal decay, staining and damage.
  • The oil is water and dirt resistant.


  • Takes a while to dry.

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Your Buying Guide To Decking Oils

A good decking oil will give you decking that looks great for years. It will also save you money in the long run because you’ll face fewer repairs due to water damage. Our guide gives you the essential tips to remember before you make that final choice.

What You Need To Know

Decking Oil Buying Guide


Since the decking is meant to be exposed to the outdoor environment, the decking oil should offer long-lasting effects to reduce the maintenance price.

Moisture Proof

Wood is prone to moisture-related damage. You’re looking at swelling, splitting, rot, fungi, and mould. A good waterproof decking oil can prevent all that.

Tinted Or Clear

Clear decking oil is better if you want to enhance the natural grain of your decking. A tinted oil is more suitable if you want to add a richer, golden look to your wood (when the wood naturally lacks this richness).


You need to make sure that the oil you choose will not adversely affect the health of you, your family, pets or your garden. Products that have high VOCs are linked to a couple of pollution, smog and respiratory problems that would lead to headaches and dizziness. Go for the brand that produces decking oils or deck sealant with a lower VOC value.

Wood Type

Double-check to see if the oil you like is suitable for the type of wood that makes up your decking. There are some coloured decking oils that would be used on both softwood boards and hardwood decking boards whereas others are best used on hardwood decking.


Q: What is better, decking oil or stain?

A: There is no much difference between a stain and oil. They both build a plastic-like layer over the deck surface that will seal and protect the timbers from weathering and foot traffic. However, a deck stain will improve the appearance of the deck by changing the colour of the timber, whereas a deck oil will just enhance the natural colour of the wood.

Q: What is the difference between decking oil and decking protection?

A: There is no difference between the two. Decking oil acts as a protection of the timber from different weather elements and against foot traffic and natural environmental elements.

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