The 10 Best DVD Player Reviews For UK Viewers (2022)

Best DVD Player Reviews

Last Updated on January 11, 2022

If you are looking for a great DVD player for your movie collection, then you are in the right place. Let’s see which device has the best features to give you a great viewing experience!

Our Top 3 DVD Player Picks

1. The Best DVD Player By Himap
2. The Best Multifunction DVD Player By Electcom
3. The Best Full HD DVD Player By Midwich

Product Testing & Comparing

When it comes to testing and comparing the top products on the market, our review team looks at all the pros and cons to bring our readers only the safest and most worthwhile buys. In choosing the top DVD players, we specifically looked for high-quality performance in these areas.

  1. Image and sound quality.
  2. Connectivity options.
  3. Media types.
  4. Region restrictions.

We ranked the best DVD players according to these guidelines (although they are all pretty amazing). You can find our favourite selections at the top of the list but if you are looking for specific features, then have a look below at the most popular options to jump to the players that offer you exactly what you want.

Region free DVD playing – I appreciate this feature so much that it played a big role in selecting our top 2 listed DVD players. Both are region-free, meaning that you can play DVDs from all regions without a hassle.

Media type – The best DVD players also support other media types like CDs and files from USB devices. Compared to each other, we listed the most useful players in the top 5 but nearly all the players support images and music. If you want the best player that supports Blu-Ray, hop on over to Nr 4.

User-friendly design – We also ranked the DVD players according to how user-friendly we found their installation, controls, and features.

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The Best DVD Players Reviewed In 2022

1. Himap DVD Player B08X71L9CC

The Best DVD Player

the best dvd player

Product Specifications

  • Media type: CD, DVD.
  • Connectivity: USB, HDMI.
  • Upscaling: 1080p.
  • Ports: Built-in USB and U disk port.
  • Region-free: Yes.

We selected this stylish DVD player as the best one on our list. Our reviewers loved, not just the amazing high-resolution HD viewing but also the fact that you can use this player to watch DVDs from all regions.

This player is also more versatile than older models. You can simply plug in your USB storage device and enjoy the image or music libraries on your phone or storage stick.


  • Compact.
  • Suitable for both DVDs, CDs and other formats.
  • Remote control.
  • HD viewing.


  • Only support USB 2.0 Flash Drive up to 16BG.

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2. Eletcom DVD Player DVD3621

The Best Multifunction DVD Player

best multifunctional dvd player

Product Specifications

  • Media type: CD, DVD.
  • Connectivity: RCA, USB, HDMI.
  • Region-free: Yes.
  • Special feature: Plays scratched disks.

If you love a multifunction DVD player then this could be the best box for you. It has everything you need to enjoy movies in HD without any issues. But besides its user-friendly buttons and remote control, our team of reviewers also loved the following benefits.

This is another great region-free player that supports a variety of disk types and even your collections that include DIVX, Kodak picture CD, MP3, and more. You can also use this player to view movies stored on a USB stick, and enjoy functions like zoom, slow motion, and skip. The DVD player can also perform a slideshow of all your favourite photos with background music of your choice.


  • Supports a variety of disk formats and media types.
  • Remote control.
  • Slide show feature.
  • Anti-shock.
  • Noise cancelling.


  • Some consumers found the remote a little flimsy.

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3. LG DP542H 1080p DVD Player

The Best Full HD DVD Player

Full HD 1080p DVD Player By Midwich

Product Specifications

  • Media type: CD, DVD.
  • Connectivity: HDMI, USB.
  • Remote control: Yes.
  • Upscaling: HD.
  • Special feature: Progressive scan.

It’s true what they say – once you view something in HD, there’s no going back! If you enjoy watching everything in high definition, then this DVD player will soothe that itch. Our reviewers enjoyed a great movie night thanks to its full HD upscaling and here’s the clincher – it allows you to play movies and TV episodes that are Standard Format and view them in HD.

We also found the box inviting for small spaces. Measuring only measures 20 x 36 x 4 cm, this is a perfect DVD player if you want to place it on a shelf in the living room, bedroom or caravan.

You also get access to the USB Direct recording feature, which allows you to play back files on your USB devices, and record audio CD music onto your USB while they are playing. With its Last Memory Function, you can also resume the movie where you left off (or it got interrupted by a power cut).


  • Upscales SD to HD.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Works quietly.
  • Straightforward to set up with any TV (it comes with an in-built HDMI port).
  • Comes with two AAA batteries for your remote control.


  • Not region-free (plays Region 2).
  • HDMI cable not included.

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4. LG BP250 DGBRLLK DVD Disc Player

The Best Blu-Ray And DVD Disc Player

Blu-Ray And DVD Disc Player By Lg Electronics

Product Specifications

  • Media type: Blu-ray, CD, DVD.
  • Connectivity: HDMI, USB (plug and play).
  • Special Feature: Supports Ethernet.
  • Upscaling: Full HD upscaling.

Have you ever had this annoying experience? You find the perfect DVD player but then realize it does not support Blu-Ray? This player doesn’t discriminate – it can handle both your DVD and Blu Ray collection.

It is compatible with all TVs and supports 3D, 4K video and Audio Return Channel (ARC), all geared to provide you with the best viewing and listening experience. You can also view files stored on your USB devices.

Other features include fast loading speed, a single HDMI output and a “last memory” function. Once again, the latter feature allows you to bookmark the last place where you stopped a DVD.


  • Plays all video types on a disc or USB drive.
  • It’s slick and aesthetically appealing.
  • Quickly loads music and videos.
  • Great music and video quality.
  • The Graphic User Interface (GUI) is simple and high quality.


  • The remote control is small.

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5. Sony DVPSR760H DVD Upgrade Player

The Best DVD Upgrade Player

DVD Upgrade Player By Sony

Product Specifications

  • Media type: CD, DVD.
  • Connectivity: HDMI, USB.
  • Remote control: Yes.
  • Special feature: Slideshow function.

Right off the bat, our reviewers noted that this DVD player is another great choice if you want a box that saves space, works with HDMI-compatible TVs, and USB support.

The box is small enough to slide into a small space while its sleek appearance will add some style to your entertainment system. Its HDMI output makes it easy to plug into all TVs and the USB port allows you to view your media files, including your personal libraries of movies and photos.

Another notable feature is that this DVD player will memorise your viewing footprints of up to six previously played discs. You can also enjoy a picture slideshow with personalized background music as the player can handle a wide range of media file formats including photos and songs.


  • Stylish and compact.
  • Easy to set up.
  • Great music and picture quality.
  • USB recording.


  • No SCART socket.
  • HDMI cable not included.
  • It’s a region-2-only DVD-player.

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6. Grouptronics GTDVD-1000 DVD Player

The Best Compact HDMI DVD Player

Compact HDMI DVD Player By Grouptronics

Product Specifications

  • Special feature: Karaoke player.
  • Ports: USB for movies, images and music.
  • Media type: CD, DVD.
  • Connectivity: HDMI.
  • Multi-region: Yes.

Looking for something that is plug and play? Our team found this DVD player is super easy to set up. Seriously, we just took it straight from the box, plugged it in and everything was set to go. Why struggle, right?

This is also another multi-region player that needs no adjustment to view DVDs from other areas. True to its user-friendly nature, you can simply pop in andy disk and hit play. The box is also small enough for tiny shelves or living arrangements, thus saving you space and clutter.

Are you also looking for HDMI upscaling? You’ll get that too. In other words, your Standard Format DVDs will be enhanced to near HD quality with crystal-clear audio.


  • Last memory function.
  • RCA cable included (you can connect to just about any TV).
  • Supports 2 karaoke microphones.
  • Digital clock.


  • It is not a DVD recorder.
  • HDMI cable not included.

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7. Gueray DVD Player B08R72C1CK

Top DVD Player For USB Devices

best dvd player for usb devices

Product Specifications

  • Media type: CD, SVCD, DVD, VCD, Blu-Ray Disc.
  • Connectivity: USB, HDMI.
  • Special feature: Karaoke player.
  • Region free: Yes.
  • Picture quality: HD.

This DVD player is also a great option if you have a ton of movies and episodes stored on USB devices. But we also found a star quality that cannot go unmentioned – the upscaling offered by this device can play an old TV series you stored 5 years ago with clear visuals and audio. But there’s so much more to this sleek device!

You can also insert all types of CDs and DVDs and relax with some HD entertainment. Our reviewers also gave a thumbs up to great features like region-free viewing and the player’s ability to smoothly run scratched disks.

Other features include the last memory function, user-friendly set-up, a remote control, anti-shock, and quick and noise-free disk reading.


  • Works with either HDMI or AV cables.
  • HD upscaling.
  • Plays DVDs, CDs, and USB devices.
  • Supports microphones.


  • Blu-Ray is not supported.

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8. Sony DVP-SR170 DVD Player

The Best Scart Only DVD Player

Scart Only DVD Player By Sony

Product Specifications

  • Connectivity: Scart.
  • Media type: DVD.
  • Remote control: Yes.

The box is compatible with multiple media formats and it’s also very easy to control from afar. Indeed, our review team spoiled their lazy bones with a user-friendly remote control that can adjust the settings on both the player and on your TV (including power settings, channel, and volume).

You can also enjoy other features like fast or slow playback with sound, a musical slideshow of your favourite photos (our reviewers had a little too much fun with that feature!), and region-free playing. If you also hate DVD players that make scratching and humming noises, then you’ll love its quiet operation as much as we did.


  • Excellent picture and sound quality.
  • Easy to set up and use.
  • Multi-region DVD player.
  • The remote control is sturdy, user-friendly and comes with batteries
  • It remembers the last played position of up to six different discs


  • SCART plug needed. No HDMI outputs.

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9. LG DP132 Slim DVD Player

The Top Slim Black DVD Player

Slim Black DVD Player By Lg Electronics

Product Specifications

  • Media type: DVD, CD, MP3, WMA.
  • Connectivity: USB, HDMI.
  • Ports: Plays content directly from USB devices.
  • Special feature: Compact.
  • Remote control: Yes.

Do you want to add a dash of dark style to your entertainment area? This sleek DVD player looks futuristic, simplistic, and also offers a design that is built to last and give you a user-friendly experience. Measuring 20.3 x 25 x 3.8 cm, it will add a subtle and yet powerful decor touch to your room.

But let’s look beyond style for a moment. Our review team love a handsome product but we also feel that a good DVD player must also offer you great features. Here are the best that you can expect from this device.

You can play DVDs and also USB devices. The picture quality is high, the player features DivX playback and comes with a simple and durable remote control. It also loads fast and smoothly plays disks and images, videos and music files from USB memory sticks.


  • Sleek and basic.
  • Last memory function
  • Great image and music quality.
  • Compact and lightweight.


  • Not a multi-region DVD player.

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10. Amazon Basics DVD Player B08BPD9MTF

The Best Mini DVD Player

best mini dvd player

Product Specifications

  • Media type: CD, DVD.
  • Outputs: YUV, video, L + R, and coaxial outputs.
  • Special feature: Multi-angle viewing.
  • Remote control: Infra-red remote control.

Finally, this tiny wonder is exceptionally suited for those who need a DVD player but is pressed for space. You can even get this for your child’s room, dorm room or take it along camping to keep the kids busy.

You can expect crystal clear definitions for all your movies, regardless of whether they are on CD or DVD. It also comes with text-to-speech technology, and multi-angle viewing if you want to see the same scene from different sides! You also get a remote control and AC/DC adaptor.


  • User-friendly controls.
  • HD viewing.
  • Small size makes it suitable for caravans and kids’ rooms.
  • Text-to-speech technology.


  • Does not support USB devices.

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Your DVD Player Buying Guide

A decent DVD player can provide countless hours of entertainment. It’s important to buy a device that is durable and one that performs well. Our guide shows you all the quick tips you need to choose a DVD player you’ll be happy with!

DVD Players dvd's

Sound And Picture Quality

Without good audio and video, a DVD player is next to useless. Invest in the best player you can; one that specifically offers HD or HD upscaling and excellent sound.


If you like a user-friendly device then look for the following – plug and play systems, a remote control and DVD players that work with any TV. You can also consider a portable DVD player as these often come with the most user-friendly features.


Speaking of portable, if size is an issue then the good news is that DVD players are no longer big and clunky. Most are slim and easy to place in small spaces. Just make sure that the dimensions of the DVD player you have your sights on are perfect for the shelf or surface where it needs to go.


It’s better to get an all-region DVD player, even if you do not take your device with you when you travel. Perhaps you’ll move in a year or two, or the kids want to watch movies when they visit their grandparents in another place. Then your all-region device will continue to work!

Must-Have Features

These are different for everyone but the wisest to pick are the players that come with an HDMI cable (and it must definitely have an HDMI port at least), USB support, and multimedia and different disk type support.


Q: How can I know the best DVD player for a home?

A: The best DVD player for your home is relative to your needs. Do you have teens who love music and sound effects? Then multi-disk player with surround sound is best. Younger children can get more basic devices while adults can get more complex players that support disks, USB devices, and more.

Q: Do some DVD players have an inbuilt battery?

A: Yes. Portable DVD players come with inbuilt, rechargeable batteries. They can be charged through an electrical outlet or a car charger.

Q: Can I use my phone as a DVD player remote control?

A: Yes, you can. If you own an Android phone with an infrared (IR) blaster, then your phone has the potential to interact with any other device that receives commands via IR light beams. To activate this, though, you will need to get an app that will enable your phone to issue the IR commands to your DVD player or whatever electronic device.

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