The 10 Best Electric Chainsaw Reviews For UK Woodcutters (2021)

Best Electric Chainsaw Reviews

Last Updated on September 19, 2021

Electric chainsaws are some of the most labour-intensive mechanical tools on the market. They are designed to provide unmatched results on cutting through rough timber, slicing challenging dice stumps or even breaking whole tree trunks in two.

Thanks to its incredible cutting performance, this power tool is one of the best budget-friendly, easy to use devices that if handled properly – will be an absolute lifesaver. To help you choose the best electric chainsaw (UK), we have put together a little chainsaw review of the most notable products of 2021, so you can purchase it and get to work as soon as possible.

Our Top 3 Electric Chainsaw Picks
1. The Best Electric Chainsaw By Einhell
2. The Best Lightweight Electric Chainsaw By Hyundai
3. The Best Mini Electric Chainsaw By WMLBK

Here Are The Best Electric Chainsaw Reviews Of 2021

1. The Distinguishable AKE 40 S Electric Chainsaw By Bosch

Distinguishable AKE 40 S Chainsaw By Bosch

The best electric chainsaw of 2021 is the AKE 40 S series by Bosch. Offering precise sawing with an 1800 W motor and quality chain, this universal electric chainsaw is most notable because it employs an SDS system for easy changing and tensioning of the chain. Moreover, the lightweight and handy design provided don’t shy away from the fact that the electric chainsaw is robustly designed to maintain its quality for a long lifetime. The electric chainsaw also contains a 40 cm bar length capacity that is incredibly profitable, in that you won’t have to deal with cutting the lodges several times to reach optimal results. 

Other features that make this electric chainsaw one of the best include its 9 m/s chain speed for optimum cutting performance and the quick stop function that triggers a rapid-reaction kick-back brake to completely stop the machine when you need it to. That means that you can continuously cut and fell trees, barks or timbers and rest assured that the Bosch chainsaw got your back. Furthermore, the steel tines included in that electric chainsaw offer a firm and secure grip for all your work, whereas the ergonomic handle promotes ease of use with both sawing and felling. And f you’ve got the stamina, then you can also work all day long because the 200 ml large oil reservoir will back you up all the way. 


  • Steel chain safety catch bolt greatly reduces health risks on the working environments.
  • The electric chain contains an efficient oil level indicator.
  • Lightweight and easy to use plus handle.
  • The chainsaw is simple to assemble and install.
  • Sturdy and robust quality that enhances its durability.


  • The chain tensioning has to be done manually.
  • The chain tends to jump off due to debris overload (typically with wide lodges).

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2. The Functional HYC1600E Corded Electric Chainsaw By Hyundai

Functional HYC1600E Chainsaw By Hyundai

Hyundai has a longstanding tradition of providing some of the best electric chainsaws on the market, a legacy of which is this HYC1600 model as well. With a prizewinning power strength of 1600 W and 240 V motor, this series of chain saws electric will surely earn their spot in your favourite power tools list in no time. This line of corded chainsaws will be up and running in no time, thanks to its easy assembly and detailed provided instructions. Moreover, the integrated Oregon guide bar is one of the highest predicaments of sturdiness and functionality, meaning that no amount of power use will damage the electric chainsaws.

It’s also important to note that the large 3-metre cable is perfectly sufficient to allow practical movement and easier motion within your workshop, attic, yard or basement. As for the additional features it employs, honourable mentions include the quick stop electric chain brake which provides maximum safety precautions while the automatic chain lubrication encourages an ongoing working force by ensuring that the chain brake doesn’t rust or slow its operation – no matter how rough the environmental conditions are. Lastly, the toughened steel spiked bumper in this electric chainsaw guarantees that the cutting is actively controlled and stable, while not being fiddly under any circumstances. All these features make the electric chainsaw an absolute must-have, so you should consider your options very carefully!


  • The electric chainsaw handle contains a power cord loop that folds the 3-metre cable in so you can use it as a cordless chainsaw.
  • Three year warranty period by Hyundai.
  • The chainsaw provides a 30 cm cutting bar length.
  • Includes a tool-less chain tension adjustment and an automatic lubrication system.
  • The chainsaw supports significantly low noise levels.


  • The electric chainsaws are most suitable for domestic use, not heavier workforces.
  • The bar and chain were noted to blunt when used with heavier timbers.

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3. The Sturdy 2400 W Electric Chainsaw By Tacklife

Sturdy 2400 W Electric Chainsaw By Tacklife

Another machine to make it on the list of the best electric chainsaws of 2021, further prioritizing in strength and endurance is Tacklife’s 2400 W electric chainsaw. This machine operates with a unique longitudinal motor design that provides excellent balance while promoting a lightweight handle and grip. Thanks to its simple and free features regarding operation switching between left and right hands, this electric chainsaw allows you to cut the front or side timber more comfortably, in whichever position is most practical to you. With an Oregon 45 cm chain of professional quality and a chain speed of 15 m/s, this electric chainsaw assures that you’ll be able to cut through most (if not all) wood types under impressive timeframes.

The safety features in this electric chainsaw are also of incredible performance, thanks to the dual safety switch and manual mechanical brake push plate. This feature allows for the electric chainsaw to be immediately stopped in place when you don’t need to use it further. 

Moreover, the electric chainsaw won’t start unless you release the brake, thus minimizing problematic risks on the process. Since this series of electric chainsaws are fairly lightweight and specially manufactured for simple home use, they’re most suitable for tidying gardens, supplying firewood, providing lighting branches as well as wooden finishes.


  • The strong components make the electric chainsaw less prone to malfunction or damage.
  • The tool-less chain is elastic and can be quickly adjusted.
  • The chainsaw is supplied with a 140 ml chain oil tank, automatic oiling system and an oil control window.
  • The soft rubber grip on the chainsaw makes the handling more comfortable.
  • 24-month warranty by Tacklife.


  • Some customers reported that the bar and chain in this electric chainsaw became rather blunt after some use.
  • The manufacturers don’t provide a replacement for separate chains.

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4. The Renowned UC3541A/2 Electric Chainsaw By Makita

Renowned UC3541A/2 Chainsaw By Makita

If you prefer your electric chainsaws to be manufactured by more well-known brands, then this model by Makita is the best choice for you. With an 1800 W operating power and 240 V motor, this electric chainsaw is suitable for all variations of cutting work, starting from making little wood pieces for the fireplace or cutting a fully grown pine tree in half. The UC3541/2 series of electric chainsaws contain an adjustment system that promotes a tool-less saw chain and tension regulation, so you won’t have to bother with tiring assembly and replacement. On the other hand, the chainsaw itself delivers a chain speed of 14.5 m/s that not only ensures for faster cutting but also allows you to compartmentalize your time (and effort) in the workshop.

Moreover, the adjustable automatic chain oil pump further oils the chain to support continuous cutting and smoother running of the corded chainsaws. You’ll also have more control over your work, thanks to the oil level feature that lets you see if you need to refill the tank anytime soon. Additionally, to preserve more control, the large metal spike bumper firmly grips the workpiece so it doesn’t fiddle and cause any damage to the timber. This feature also helps with doing more precise work, as the electric chainsaw doesn’t allow for unnecessary vibrations. Lastly, by exceeding in variability, the Makita electric chainsaw contains an extra chain brake as well as a kickback brake that warrants the operator’s safety is provided at all times. 


  • Shipped with the main electric chainsaw, a saw chain, a guide bar cover and a 10-metre lead and a hook complete.
  • Great value for money.
  • The electric chainsaw makes significantly less noise than typical petrol chainsaws.
  • The chainsaw is easy to assemble and set up.


  • The Makita chainsaw is not suitable for daily or frequent use.
  • Some components in this chainsaw are made of plastic, which makes it more prone to damage.

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5. The Notable UC4051A Electric Chainsaw By Makita

The Notable UC4051A Electric Chainsaw By Makita

Another eminent series regarding the best electric chainsaws on the market is also provided by Makita and does fairly well on the electric chainsaw reviews globally. The 240 V motor in this electric chainsaw supports 2000 W of monster strength that offers a brilliant cutting performance. Promoting optimal manoeuvrability, the manufacturers of this electric chainsaw have integrated an adjustment lever that’s fitted with a tool-less chain tension adjustment system that’s peculiarly designed to provide ease of use. Compared to classic petrol chainsaws that hold a frustratingly complicated bar and chain replacement methods, you’ll surely enjoy how simple everything is with this profound Makita electrical chainsaw. 

One of the best features that this corded electric chainsaw provides is the soft-start function that’s built to make sure the electric chainsaw doesn’t flabbergast its handlers or cause unnecessary issues with use. All you need to do is simply press the easily accessible button, and the chainsaw will slowly start by increasing its power. The improved oil pump is also a one of a kind function by starring an automatic oiling system that keeps the delivery of chain oil constant, regardless of temperature and the oil viscosity. Lastly, if you want the positive features of a cordless chainsaw but you prefer the sturdiness and trustworthiness that a corded one provides, then the power cord loop innovation in this electric chainsaw will surely allow you to have the best of both worlds. 


  • The tool-less blade and automatic chain adjustments in this electric chainsaw promote a convenient operation and easy maintenance.
  • The chainsaw includes an integrated current limiter that prevents burnout by reducing power to the motor when the chainsaw is overloaded.
  • The heavy-duty functions provided with this chainsaw enable fast and efficient cutting, zero emissions and reduced maintenance.
  • The electric chainsaw can withstand a chain speed of 14.5 m/s.


  • The chain tension component in this chainsaw is rather fiddly, which makes it hard to put its cover on.
  • The packaging doesn’t include the accessories showcased in the chainsaw review.

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6. The Brilliant CS1400 Electric Chainsaw By Oregon

The Brilliant CS1400 Electric Chainsaw By Oregon

Oregon is one of the best manufacturers that stock with easy to use power tools by highlighting safety hallmarks and promoting better working experience. Such a tool is the CS1400 corded electric chainsaw that operates with a 2400 W power motor and contains features to die for. Optimising a chain speed of 14.7 m/s, a long and helpful 6-metre electric cord and a tool-free chain tensioning function, this machine has received some of the best electric chainsaw reviews on Amazon. Most customers seem to be fairly pleased with the diverse features that this electric chainsaw provides, and the budget-friendly price it employs. One of those features includes an easy to use lubrication system, that keeps the blades running smoothly and prevents unnecessary damage due to overuse.

The electric chainsaw also employs an oil level indicator to make sure that you’ve got enough petrol to operate with and let you know when you need a refill. Another distinguishing feature from Oregon chainsaws lies in its DuraCut chainsaw that efficiently cuts three times longer than a standard chain in rough environments. This is especially profitable if you have to deal with hardwood or difficult timbers. Moreover, the CS1400 electric chainsaws series also features an advanced plating process that places layers of heavy-duty chrome for increased chainsaw strength and durability. Staying loyal to its safety features, the electric chainsaw integrates an additional chain brake that’s efficient in preventing accidents or safety risks. Ultimately, being lightweight and easy to use, this electric chainsaw surely remains as one of the best budget-friendly machines on the market.


  • The chainsaws have an ergonomic design that keeps the power machine under low vibration levels.
  • Over-mould comfortable handle included in the chainsaw is helpful and efficient with gripping.
  • The electric chainsaw includes an integrated front handguard that protects the user from flying debris.
  • Supports a three-year warranty period by Oregon.
  • The chainsaw is easy to use and maintain.


  • You have to purchase the oil and maintenance accessories separately.
  • The blades in the chainsaw don’t stay sharp for too long.

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7. The Powerful HYC2400E Electric Corded Chainsaws By Hyundai

The Powerful HYC2400E Electric Corded Chainsaws By Hyundai

Powered by a 2400 W and 230 V twin speed motor, the HYC2400E series of electric chainsaws is one of the best power tools for homeowners that are focused on felling trees and cutting logs for their personal use. The electric chainsaw features a chain guide bar and a 40 cm sturdy metallic chain that can make sure you finish all your cutting tasks within an ideal timeframe, without the risk of damaging the blades or lowering the production rate of the chainsaw. The electric chainsaw is also supplied with a mechanical chain brake that is instantly activated in the event of a kick-back by pushing the brake handle forward. Promoting a soft grip rear handle and lightweight plastic and alloy on the front, this chainsaw will continuously make sure you’re comfortable during extended periods of use.

To make using this electric chainsaw as smooth as possible, Hyundai has provided with some favourable features, that not only promote ease of use but give this electric chainsaw reviews that can only be enticing. The most prominent features include the chain tensioning and automatic chain lubrication, that is upgraded from their previous versions. These features enable you to quickly assemble the new chain, as well as adjust the chainsaws’ tension without any tools required. Advantageous to petrol chainsaws in several features like the lack of highly flammable petrol, lower noise levels and easily-adjusted bar and chain; this machine unmistakably provides everything you could ask for – and more! 


  • The chainsaw includes efficient LED lights that indicate when the power is on, in use and overloading.
  • The chainsaw operation doesn’t emit any fumes, so it can be also used indoors.
  • The transparent chain oil tank can regularly be checked and topped up before running out of oil.
  • The cable loop provided with the chainsaw prevents excessive tension on the cable.


  • The oil required isn’t provided with the electric chainsaw.
  • The safety guard in this chainsaw is rather small, which can cause your arms to get hit by debris.

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8. The Excellent Aluminum Electric Chainsaw By Durhand

The Excellent Aluminum Electric Chainsaw By Durhand

If one of your conditions for buying an electric chainsaw includes a market price of less than £100, while containing the best power features, then the aluminium electric chainsaw by Durhand is possibly your best choice. Suitable for forest cutting, professional use or family logging, this electric chainsaw features a well to do 2000 W motor for splendid cutting performance, followed by a flexible operation and strong cutting capacity. The chain speed provided in this machine levels up to 13 m/s, ensuring that you won’t waste any minute that could be used for cutting. Moreover, the low kickback chain that’s equipped with a chaincase is ideal for fast and smooth cutting through dry wood and live logs, that would otherwise be coined as ‘rough materials’.

Among the added safety features within this chainsaw, one distinguishing hallmark in the machine includes the double chain brake system that warrants maximum protection from both sides. Moreover, the handguard system protects your hands from accidental slipping or touching the chain during use, so you won’t have to worry about cutting your fingers along with the bar. To promote a higher level of cutting efficiency, this electric chainsaw also provides an integrated oiling system that lubricates the chain continuously and doesn’t allow the operation to be interrupted. The oil tank has a large capacity of 340 ml, so refilling won’t have to be as frequent. Finally, thanks to its CE certification, this series of electric chainsaws have been approved to be on par with health, safety, and environmental protection.


  • The chain tensioning and replacing tool required with this chainsaw is supplied.
  • The electric chainsaws are easily assembled, with all the instructions provided
  • Fairly lightweight components that make the chainsaw easy to operate.
  • The chainsaw operates with ideal low noise levels.


  • Due to its double brakes on either side, the Durhand chainsaws can only cut vertically.
  • The chain replacement requires tools and is rather complicated.

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9. The Practical 18 V Cordless Chainsaw with 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery By Black & Decker

The Practical 18 V Cordless Chainsaw with 2.0 Ah Lithium-Ion Battery By Black & Decker

The best cordless electric chainsaw reviews are obtained by this 18 V cordless chainsaw by Black & Decker that promotes a lightweight power use which is ideal for logging, pruning, preparing firewood, reducing windfall and other DIY maintenance tasks. The electric battery chainsaw weighs just about 3.1 kg, with its weight being evenly balanced between the handle and the cutting bar in the chainsaw. The secondary bale handle contains a cover offer that promotes better handling and control during the application, whereas the handle cover offers additional protection to prevent any imminent hazards. The chain on this line of cordless chainsaws also has a lock-off safety switch that is especially helpful for more carefree folk. To start the cordless chainsaw, one must press two switches at the same time to remove any chance of accidental start and potential damage. The safety features don’t stop there since the chainsaw is also fitted with an anti-kickback chain for added safety and ease of use.

For a quick chain fitting and adjustment, this series of cordless chainsaws are equipped with a tool-free tensioning function that kicks everything up a notch. Powered with a 2.0 Ah lithium-ion battery, this cordless electric chainsaw can handle approximately 220 x 3.5 cm cuts per battery charge, which is ideal for serial woodwork under conditions where a power cable won’t do the work. As for the oil distribution, this cordless chainsaws’ semi-automatic oil system is comfortable to operate, because all you need to do is simply press a button to oil the chain and you’re good to go. The cordless electric chain employs a system that is leak-free while containing a small window that allows you to see clearly when the oil needs a refill. 


  • The cordless chainsaws come with a detachable battery and a separate charger.
  • Contains a longlasting battery life that isn’t prone to overheating.
  • The Black & Decker electric cordless chainsaw is one of the best budget-friendly options on the market.
  • Promotes an easy assembly with all the instructions and cautionary information provided.
  • The cordless chainsaws emit as little noise as possible.


  • The battery in this cordless electric chainsaw requires quite some time to be fully charged.
  • The chainsaw is not dependable for cutting thick logs or prolonged use.

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10. The Multi-function OCS1830 Bar ONE + Cordless Brushless Chainsaw By Ryobi

The Multi-function OCS1830 Bar ONE + Cordless Brushless Chainsaw By Ryobi

Among the best cordless electric chainsaws is also this high-performance power tool by Ryobi that has continuously proven its value with cutting, trimming, felling or other light to medium DIY tasks. The brushless motor that this cordless electric chainsaw contains offers longer run-times and greater durability than standard brushed motors. On the other hand, the electric chainsaw battery operates with a lithium-ion build that promotes 20% more power and 40% more run-time per charge. This is a fantastic quota that supports the ultimate cutting experience whether you plan to use it for simple maintenance or heavy-duty tasks. Receiving some of the best electric chainsaws reviews for manoeuvrability, this power tool is certainly one of the most useful and practical cordless chainsaws on the market. 

Featuring a 30 cm Oregon bar and chain, this series of cordless electric chainsaws also includes a full wrap-around handle with over mould that’s designed to offer comfortable use in any orientation you wish to operate on. Further impressive features that this power tool promotes include an automatic oiling system that aims to satisfy user convenience, a tool-less chain tensioning that’s destined to create easy adjustments, and a mechanical chain brake that’s specially integrated to promote extra safety. It’s important to note that the OCS1830 cordless electric chainsaws are sold as a ‘bare’ tool (without a battery or charger) but they’re compatible with all batteries and chargers across the 18 V ONE+ system.


  • Shipped with a three-year warranty period by Ryobi.
  • The lithium batteries that are compatible with these electric chainsaws take less than an hour to fully charge.
  • The power tool is easy to assemble and use
  • The chain speed within these electric chainsaws is impressive, considering that they run with batteries.


  • These electric chainsaws are sold as a zero tool without a battery or charger, so they have to be purchased separately.
  • The bar and chain must be maintained and sharpened frequently.

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Buying Guide

Electric chainsaws are growing to be one of the most required tools on the sheds of thousands of workers that want to cut, trim, fell or spruce without the hassles of petrol chainsaws. Easy to run, lightweight to use and practical to operate, an electric chainsaw is ideal for light to medium duties, that generally include DIY or household work that can be done by a low-cost power machine such as an electric chainsaw. To equip you with the best information regarding the hallmarks you need to consider when purchasing such a tool, we have put together a little buying guide that covers the most important aspects of an electric chainsaw.

Corded or Cordless?

Electric Chainsaw Buying Guide

One of the first things that will catch your eyes when searching for an electric chainsaw will undoubtedly be its power source. There are advantages to both categorizations, but they normally depend on the frequency that you plan to use the chainsaw for.

Specifically, a corded chainsaw is more powerful and potent, because it uses a direct power source to operate with. These machines are typically shipped with a power cord that’s around 8 metres and promotes higher manoeuvrability with using the chainsaw outdoors. This feature is also its biggest disadvantage since the mains plug restricts your movement to where the cable can reach. However, a corded chainsaw normally contains a firm bar & chain that allows you to continuously use the machine, as long as you have electricity. 

Corded chainsaws are especially favourable with medium to high-duty work and serial cutting labour, as well as rough materials that would ordinarily be hard to cut with a cordless machine.

On the other hand, a cordless chainsaw is the best option for people who require more practicality with their cutting work. They’re helpful for remote use and light to medium duty work that usually includes trimming timber, cutting branches and logs for the fireplace and felling wood for DIY use. These machines normally contain lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable with a separate adapter. This means that your chainsaw operates in the likes of a portable machine, promoting higher practicality and easier maintenance.


As with all power machines, performance is an incredibly important hallmark to consider when buying an electric chainsaw. According to most manufacturers and the best online reviewers, there are three important things to note regarding chainsaw performance.

  • Power – The power specifications within electric chainsaws refer to the strength of the motor to operate and finish its cutting tasks. This is usually measured in Watts and Volts, and the general rule of thumb is that the higher the percentage, the more functional and powerful the chainsaw is. The wattage of electric chainsaws usually starts from 1500 W and go up to 2500 W. A close estimate of 2000 W is perfectly suitable for most necessities, but you should consider a higher level if you plan to use your chainsaw on more demanding cutting work that borders on heavy-duty.
  • Bar – The bar components of a chainsaw include the outer coating protrusion that houses the chain. Usually, these bars have a length of 15 cm to 45 cm, that serve different purposes for different logs. If you plan to cut wider timbers or wood, then a longer bar is greatly necessary. Bars also need to be of robust quality so they don’t rust or get damaged over time. The best-manufactured bars usually come from brands like Oregon, while including a sturdy and qualitative build that will last the trails of time.
  • Chain – Apart from the bar, you need to be quite selective on your chain as well. There are generally three categories of chains, including chisel, semi-chisel, and kickback chains. As with all tools, these chain types have different pros and cons that usually level over safety and efficiency. A kickback chain is the most common, and while being amazingly safe, is more prone to damage and wear-out. A chisel chain is incredibly functional and durable but poses more hazard risks while operating. On the other hand, a semi-chisel chain contains the best features of both types but is generally more expensive and less frequent.
  • Chain Speed – Another distinctive feature regarding the chain links in the electric chainsaw is its ability to cut large capacities of wood under short amounts of time. This function is usually measured on an m/s ratio, and the higher the levels, the more productive it is. A chainsaw that can cut with an estimated speed of around 15 m/s is ideal. The chain speed doesn’t only refer to the duration of cutting but also has major advantages like energy efficiency, ease of cut and overall working performance within the machine.

Additional Features

With the robust development of technology, electric machines are fortunately equipped with extra features that not only enhance the machine’s performance but provide easier maintenance as well. These features are mostly concerning automatization of procedures that were otherwise manually operated, and include the following:

  • Tool-Free Chain Adjustment – As you may have noticed, a lot of the chainsaws showcased within this article included a chain adjustment feature that was usually labelled as easy, simple and tool-free. Petrol or gas chainsaws normally need to be adjusted manually, with a process that requires extensive labour and extra tools that are mostly not provided within the original shipment. To have a productive experience and a no-hassle adjustment, you should aim for machines that pinpoint the ease of application in their specifications.
  • Automatic Oiling – Because your chainsaw normally cuts through rough materials, it needs to be frequently lubricated to run more smoothly. Also, different operating conditions require various lubrication levels which need to be carefully observed to not create problems with the functionality of the chainsaw. Classic machines require you to oil the chain manually, which is annoying and time-consuming. The good news about electric chainsaws is that they operate with an automatic system that lubricates the machine continuously until the oil dries up from the tank, so you should always aim for those included features.
  • Oil Tank Capacity and See-Through Level – To promote a smoother lubrication process and fewer refill times, an oil tank with a large capacity is of the highest importance. Generally, if you plan to cut through large amounts of wood and your working practices revolve around heavy-duty operations, then an oil tank capacity of 150 ml is ideal for you. Of course, lower levels are also suitable, but you should only ‘settle’ with them if you use the chainsaw for DIY work and household management. Another important hallmark that’s increasingly helpful and productive is the clear tanks that provide a see-through level point. This is especially favourable if you dread checking the oil tank every other operation, by promoting a productive interruption-free cutting performance.
  • Safety Features – If you’re generally accustomed to chainsaw work, then you probably know dangerous such a machine can be. Luckily, electric chainsaws usually come with certified features that promote optimal safety and protection with your cutting work. The most notable feature includes a kickback brake and anti-kickback chains that reduce the power of the kickback and stop the machine instantly when the chain engages a resistance somewhere along with the cut. These are the most common features and should be treated as absolute necessities when purchasing a chainsaw. Other features that are rather uncommon and more pricey include a current limiter that stops the machine when it’s overload and prevents overheat or burnout and a safety throttle that temporarily locks the chain eliminating out the risk of injuries from accidental acceleration.


Q: Who makes the best electric cordless chainsaw?

A: The best electric chainsaw that is cordless is the 18 V model manufactured by Black & Decker, due to its incredible features and good value for money.

Q: Are electric chainsaws any good?

A: Yes, electric chainsaws are one of the best power tools in the market and they are worth it. Electric chainsaws offer several helpful features that enhance the working experience and make it simpler, more efficient and extremely practical to operate around. These features include (but are not limited to) a lightweight and compact build that’s user friendly, a quieter run and operation compared to petrol or gas chainsaws as well as more manoeuvrability and functionality. One of the hallmarks of the electric chainsaws is the safety functions that they promote, including protective handles, kick-back mechanisms and switch off features that prevent health hazards and careless practices. Moreover, the arguably best electric chainsaw feature includes the usual automatic oiling system that promotes a smooth bar and chain operation, without having to worry about gas and petrol being mixed up within the machine.

Q: What is the best electric chainsaw in the UK?

A: The best electric chainsaws (UK) include the AKE 40 S series by Bosch because they’re distinguishable in their cutting performance, multi-function features and ergonomic build.

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