The Best Energy Efficient Kettle Reviews For UK Homes (2021)

Best Energy Efficient Kettle Reviews

Last Updated on May 7, 2021

You’ve woken up one beautiful morning and set the kettle on to make some delicious coffee or tea, to set the day right. You somehow stay patient throughout the loud noise and make your beverage, but see that your kettle is leaking and its lid is all sticky.

That’s it! It’s time for a new kettle.

If you’re unsure of what product best fits your needs, read below to find the best energy efficient kettle models of 2021 – that not only resolve your existing complaints but offer features that you never even knew you needed.

The Best Energy Efficient Kettles Reviewed In 2021

1. Best Energy Efficient Styline Collection Cordless Kettle By Bosch

Best Energy Efficient Kettle By Bosch

The best energy efficient kettle is Styline Collection Cordless Kettle by Bosch. This energy saving kettle contains fantastic temperature control within the base, with four different settings for different drinks. The overall amount of water this kettle can contain goes up to 1.5 liters.

Thanks to its keep-warm function, it can keep warm for up to 30 minutes. Its double-sided water level indicator offers a convenient measure to match the overall household decoration, as it can be placed anywhere and still serve its maximum purpose. This energy efficient kettle’s concealed heating element also provides less limescale build-up, so you won’t have to worry about cleaning and maintaining as much.


  • Bosch’s energy saving kettles offer several smart features that include pre-programmed temperature functions.
  • You can boil the water quickly, and you can set it to a few temperature presets like hot water bottles, or a cup of tea and coffee.
  • This kettle is easy to use. Even though it has several temperature options, it was reported that the features are easily manageable and incredibly functional.


  • As for the cons, it was noted that even though its heating element and temperature settings were fully functional, the kettle suffered some leaking between the joints.

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2. Light Weight Environmentally-Friendly Electric Kettle by Deik

Light Weight Electric Kettle by Deik

Second on the list is Deik’s Speedboil Electric Kettle, which constitutes one of the best energy efficiency kettle available on the market. Primarily used as an electric teapot with 220 V, 3000 watts, and 1.7-liter capacity, this kettle uses very little energy to boil water faster. The obvious advantages of using this incredibly efficient kettle are presented on the wide range of features it provides. Thanks to its temperature settings, you will be able to have a hot cup of tea, water, or coffee within 2-5 minutes. The fast boiling function also has an auto shut-off and boil-dry protection. Once the boiling water is provided, the switch will turn off by itself, which is both safe and convenient. You will have hot water in a short amount of time, maximum security features as well as energy efficient service – all for a very reasonable price!


  • This champion product’s strong points don’t lie solely on its incredible energy efficient features and functions, but on its consumer service as well. Deik offers 12 months of product warranty and lifetime support.
  • It is also really easy to use, because all it takes is for one button to be pressed and the water starts boiling immediately.
  • This kettle is very affordable considering that it’s one of the best energy saving kettles available.


  • Its simple build may be prone to problems in durability, which serves as a disadvantage. Some consumers reported that the lid came apart after a year of use, but was easy to be put back nonetheless.

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3. High Gloss Organic Electric Kettle By Breville

High Gloss Electric Kettle By Breville

Breville’s elegant, white, high gloss water kettle built with perforated metal design proves to be next in line on the best energy saving kettles from Argos. Forget boiling water for one cup, as Breville’s 1.7-liter water capacity allows you to brew up to 6-8 cups at a time.

Cleaning and limestone won’t be an issue since, after each fast boiling cycle, you can push the lid to subtract the removable & washable limescale filter. A good filter will improve the taste of your tea and coffee, hereby making you happier for the potential purchase. If you’re looking for a new energy efficient kettle that will fit perfectly with your beautiful kitchen, then this kettle is your best choice.


  • Breville kettles contain a blue illuminated switch in boil mode and rear water gauge that offers a convenient feature for observing the boiling process and knowing when it’s finished without the loud noise.
  • Thanks to its 360 degrees base, this energy efficient kettle will be most helpful for those left-handed folk out there who just can’t seem to find a kettle that adapts to their needs.
  • Moreover, this kettle will make sure to boil one cup of water in less than 43 seconds.


  • Due to its steel interior, you won’t be able to leave much water to stay to boil it later, because it will taste funny.

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4. Strata Eco-Friendly Electric Kettle By Breville

Strata Eco-Friendly Kettle By Breville

If you’ve followed along with Breville’s products, you would’ve noticed that they provide some of the best-designed energy efficient kettles, all the while containing incredible features. Such a product is the Strata Electric, built around a distinctive matt stainless steel finish with mirror chrome accents and crystal design.

With this energy efficient kettle, you will be able to boil all the water you need due to its 1.7-liter capacity that makes up six to seven cups. This kettle’s high tech features include a lift-off lid feature, non-slip feet, and cord storage as well as a removable, cleanable limescale filter that serves perfectly for easy cleaning. Not convinced yet? Take a look at its gorgeous design and reconsider.


  • Strata Electric Kettles have an oversized handle and non-drip spout that makes accurate filling and pouring water easy, so that’s a huge pro.
  • The crystal design touch points deliver a distinct element to the range. Besides that, this kettle’s illuminated water window adds a soft white glow each time you boil water.
  • It is durable and functional even after years of use.


  • This kettle was reported to be loud upon finishing boiling the water, so that’s a disadvantage some consumers might find problematic.

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5. Textures Fuel-Efficient Plastic Kettle By Russell Hobbs

Textures Fuel-Efficient Kettle By Russell Hobbs

If you’re well-acquainted with Russell Hobbs products, you’ll know that they provide the best energy saving kettles that are properly equipped with easy to use functions for making your morning cup of tea (or coffee). The features offered within this product include a rapid boil zone marker, illuminating off/on switch as well as a 360 degree base with cord.

Due to its incredible coated interior, this model of kettles can boil all the water you need without leaving any limestone residue or aftertaste. If you’re one of those people that prefers a more classic style kettle, equipped with energy efficiency functions this will be the perfect choice for you!


  • An obvious advantage that’s not commonly found in kettles, is that this product promotes boiling hard water perfectly, without you having to deal with its aftermath.
  • One of the most favorable features that this line of kettles provides is the fact that it contains a one-cup option, proving to be one of the best electric kettles that properly serves the purpose of efficiency.


  • One disadvantage is the sprouting function. If you’re an impatient person, you will find that it will take some time for your cup to fill up.

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6. Mode Eco Kettle 21400 By Russell Hobbs

Mode Eco Kettle 21400 By Russell Hobbs

Another incredibly fine product by Russel Hobbs is the Mode Kettle 21400 that has some additional features differing from the previous models of kettles, thus making the list of the best energy efficient products on the market. Its stylish black design with stainless steel highlights makes for a classic addition to your kitchen that will more likely go well with your appliances. With functionality being its highest priority, this energy efficient kettle provides a ‘push to open’ hinged lid, 360° base with integrated cord storage. This line of kettles can contain up to 1.7 liters of water, that account for six to sever total cups. Whether you want to boil a nice cup of tea, or you need to keep your coffee warm then this is just right.


  • The kettle offers a removable, washable filter to keep your kettle and water clean and free from ‘bits’.
  • The most positively agreed function of all the features sits inside the easy pour spout that can be easily taken out, rinsed under the tap, and replaced.
  • Besides being functional in its internal capacities, this energy efficient kettle also sits on a swivel base so can it point out to either left or right positioning to fit in with your kitchen requirements.


  • Some consumers have reported that the kettle either broke down or fractions of it had to be replaced over time.

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7. 20460 Fuel-Saving Quiet Boil Kettle By Russel Hobbs

20460 Fuel-Saving Quiet Boil Kettle By Russel Hobbs

With a brushed, stainless steel finish, this energy efficient, quiet boil kettle is as every bit functional, as it is elegant. The quiet water boil technology makes this the ideal choice for smaller households and homes with open plan living areas.

An added fast-boil function will also heat a small amount of water in just 45 seconds, meaning less time spent waiting around, and less energy wasted away. With a 1.7-liter capacity jug, it’s big enough to make up to seven cups, making it ideal for larger family homes. Also, to make sure that the working counters are clutter-free, the base has integrated cord storage so it can be tidied away when it’s not in use.


  • This product is considered at large to be very energy efficient, due to its heating element functions as well as cup choice option.
  • It has an incredibly low level of noise, it’s easy to hold and easy to clean.
  • Thanks to its keep-warm function, the water can stay warm for longer periods.


  • Some consumers have reported trouble with the design and durability of the kettle. After some months, it was noted that the kettle started showing lid leakage problems, or the power button broke completely.

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8. Illuminating Affordable Glass Kettle By Russell Hobbs

Illuminating Affordable Glass Kettle By Russell Hobbs

Being the newest addition to energy efficient kettles, Russell Hobbs’ Sleek and stylish Illuminating Glass Kettle with a clear housing and brushed stainless steel accents, will look quietly elegant on any work or household surface. Made with premium glass, this fantastic kettle illuminates blue as it heats the water so you will be able to watch the water as it boils.

Being one of the most energy efficient kettles on the market, this product can provide up to 66 percent energy saving by boiling one cup of water (235 ml), but higher amounts of water are also supported (1.7 liters in total). The properties and special composition of borosilicate glass achieve minimal thermal expansion, and therefore, provides maximum resistance to thermal shock.


  • Most of the customers were happy with this kettle, due to its ability to save energy and keep warm.
  • This energy efficient kettle was also considered easy to use, easy to clean, and incredibly stylish.


  • A disadvantage presents itself in the design, since impact damage may cause flaws or micro-cracks in the glass that will propagate and thermally expand on when boiling water leading to elongated cracks and fracture points.

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9. Stainless Steel Economizing Electric Water Kettle By IKICH

Stainless Steel Economizing Electric Water Kettle By IKICH

IKICH’s energy-efficient kettle is made of food-grade 304 stainless steel and has lots of features. An obvious advantage besides the heating element is the fact that no plastic touches the hot water.

This model of energy efficient kettles is constructed with double walls which not only prevents your hands from being scaled while touching, but also keeps water warm for much longer. The exterior matte finish layer is for heat insulation and offers a more stylish look. The advanced auto shut off and boil dry protecting function ensures 100% electrical safety while saving more energy than a microwave, stove, or a different home appliance.


  • This product has a wide opening for easy cleaning and filling, making it preferable to consumers worldwide.
  • To ensure maximum safety, the design also includes a stay-cool ergonomic handle.
  • Due to its build, it is also extremely durable, so it will be around for longer amounts of time.


  • The only con that the consumers were able to point out was the fact that this kettle is too loud whilst boiling the hot water.

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10. Cordless Parsimonious Kettle By LIVIVO

Cordless Parsimonious Kettle By LIVIVO

The compact 1-liter kettle by LIVIVO is just perfect for your traveling needs. It contains some features that make it very preferable among those who require water, tea, coffee, or hot chocolate.

This product comes with a convenient water level indicator window that ensures you can fill just the right amount of water, saving time and energy on the process. With its 900 W power, removable jug for pouring, and energy efficient element, along with its smaller form factor, this kettle is ideal for travel, caravan, or secondary kettle for wherever you please.


  • The safety features this kettle provides are an automatic safety cut-off, that ensures the product does not reach unsafe temperatures, while a sensor ensures that the kettle must be filled and cannot boil dry.
  • It is also really practical and does not require much energy.
  • It is a great tool for the disabled and the elderly, as it’s light.


  • It won’t provide many cups, as it can’t contain much water. The water boiling process is also significantly slower than your standard kettles.

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Buying Guide

Generally, when you plan to buy a kettle, you must have in mind some factors that are generally required for the ideal usage of said product. Some of those factors depend on preference; you set out a group of requirements and see which product fulfills them. But if you’re lost and don’t know what to look for, you can always focus on the most essential factors that include:

  1. Speed – If you want your beverage ready in no time, you should pay attention to what the manufacturer claims as his product speed. On average, kettles will require two to three minutes to boil water, so you should have that in mind if you want an above the average product.
  2. Cost – As with every product, it is necessary to know if the benefit is higher than the cost; or in our case, if the product lives up to its price tag. Kettles’ price range starts from 15-100, with lower-priced products to high sustainable models. If you just need a traditional kettle and don’t care for durability, you can find a good product in a very reasonable price range.
  3. Features – This factor usually boils down to what your dynamics are. If you are someone who just needs a cup of coffee or tea to go, then you look for kettles that are simpler and fulfill your daily needs. If you prefer more sophisticated appliances, then there are features that would interest you like filters, boil dry protection, water level markings, multi-temperature settings, or keep warm functions.


Q:How can I make my kettle more energy efficient?

A: That highly depends on your model, but the most common solution includes using the cup option rather than a full kettle fill. You’re gonna have to look after your kettle and make sure it’s turned off after use.

Q: Are kettles energy efficient?

A: Generally, they are. However, some companies offer more efficient products, so you should look after the specifications under each manufacturer.

Q: Is it cheaper to boil water by gas or electric?

A: Thanks to the development of technology, the difference between the two methods is really small. Gas is a little cheaper (.02 cents) but slower; whereas electric is faster.

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