The 10 Best Energy Efficient Kettle Reviews For UK Homes (2021)

Best Energy Efficient Kettle Reviews

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

These days, we all need to conserve electricity. But one of the most used appliances in our homes – the kettle – is often a heavy consumer of electricity. Luckily, there are amazing electric kettles available that will never spike your power bill! Let’s view this year’s top energy-saving kettles to see which will suit your family the best.

Our Top 3 Energy Efficient Kettle Picks
1. The Best Energy Efficient Kettle By Bosch
2. The Best Energy Saving Kettle With Variable Temperature Control By Duronic
3. The Best Cool Touch Energy Efficient Kettle By Arendo

The Best Energy Efficient Kettles Reviewed In 2021

1. The Best Energy Efficient Kettle By Bosch

Best Energy Efficient Kettle By Bosch

This kettle grabbed the top spot! You can expect a stylish appliance that is user-friendly, easy on the electricity, and more. Let’s view some of its most noteworthy features.

The cordless kettle offers fantastic temperature control. Using the base panel, you can pick between four different settings for different drinks like coffee and speciality teas. Whatever you feel like brewing, the kettle can hold 1.5 litres and after boiling the keep-warm function can keep your water hot for up to 30 minutes.

The heating element is also concealed to avoid limescale build-up, the water boils quickly, and a double-sided water level indicator offers you a convenient way to check the volume from both sides.


  • Energy-friendly.
  • Pre-programmed temperature functions.
  • Water boils quickly.
  • Keep-warm function.
  • Easy to use.


  • Consumers who want more temperature options might not be satisfied with this kettle’s 4 choices.

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2. The Best Energy Saving Kettle With Variable Temperature Control By Duronic

best energy efficient kettle

This ultra-stylish kettle is not just energy-friendly but also specifically caters to those who make different types of tea. If that’s you, then you know that you only get the best results for a type of tea if the temperature is perfect. Let’s see what this kettle offers in that regard.

It also has 4 temperature settings. The 40°C is perfect for hot water bottles and Lemsips while the 60°C is the best choice for coffees. The 80°C can be chosen for average teas and coffees while the 100°C button brews the most delectable black tea and herbal teas.

Other great features include a swivel base, fast boiling, a 30-minute keep-warm function, and a clear water level indicator.


  • Specific temperature options.
  • Swivel base.
  • 1.5 L.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not a quiet kettle.

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3. The Best Cool Touch Energy Efficient Kettle By Arendo

best cold touch energy saving kettle

Among the most common accidents in the kitchen are burns caused by a kettle. Unfortunately, a lot of kettles have a hot body that can burn you when you brush up against it or worse, when your toddler grabs it. This kettle, however, will never grow hot thanks to its double-walled cool touch technology.

We also picked it as the best cool kettle because of its other features. You can select different temperatures, enjoy a keep-warm function, and chemical-free parts. The swivel base makes this suitable for left and right-handed people while you also get a non-slip base that keeps the kettle in place.


  • Cool touch design.
  • Easy to use.
  • Swivel base.
  • Keep warm function.
  • Food-grade plastic and stainless steel.


  • The water capacity is 0.5 L.

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4. The Best Quiet Eco-Friendly Kettle By Hommak

the best quiet energy saving kettle

Do you hate the steaming and bubbling noises of your current kettle? Why not zap two birds with one stone? This kettle saves power and also boils water so quietly, you’ll never regret its presence in the kitchen.

As a bonus, the kettle is also incredibly stylish with its tough glass body, ergonomic handle, and easy-pour spout. The entire kettle is BPA and plastic free so you also know that every cup you brew is very safe. The 45-second fast boiling feature can also prepare enough water for a single cup if you are in a hurry!


  • Fast boil option.
  • Chemical and plastic free.
  • Stylish look.
  • Boils quietly.
  • 1.7 L.


  • The glass body gets very hot.

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5. The Top Energy-Efficient Plastic Kettle By Russell Hobbs

Textures Fuel-Efficient Kettle By Russell Hobbs

This is another quality choice if you want an entry-level kettle that saves energy – and comes from a well-known brand. This may be a more basic kettle but it’s quite capable of brewing tea for the whole family without ruining your electric bill. The kettle includes a rapid boil zone marker, an illuminated off/on switch as well as a 360-degree swivel base with a cord.

The kettle is also resistant against limescale build-up. This is a bonus if you suffer from bad-tasting water due to living in a hard water area.


  • Boils quickly.
  • Saves energy.
  • Swivel base.
  • One-cup option.


  • For some reason, the kettle pours water slowly.

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6. The Top Eco Kettle By Russell Hobbs

Mode Eco Kettle 21400 By Russell Hobbs

This stylish kettle is perfect if you want a dark-and-silver addition to your kitchen. Its simple design is also very modern but don’t let the simplicity fool you. This appliance is great at conserving energy and keeping water quality high.

Indeed, the kettle comes with a filter that removes impurities so that you can enjoy a tasty cup of tea. These filtred kettles are essential if you live in a hard water area. The filter is also removable and washable so you don’t have to spend extra funds on getting replacement filters.

You can also look forward to a ‘push to open’ hinged lid, 360° base, and 1.7 L water capacity.


  • Removable, washable filter.
  • Easy pour spout.
  • Energy-saving.
  • Swivel base.


  • The kettle is reportedly not very durable.

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7. The Top Quiet Boil Kettle By Russel Hobbs

20460 Fuel-Saving Quiet Boil Kettle By Russel Hobbs

With a brushed, stainless steel finish, this energy-efficient, quiet boil kettle is as every bit functional as it is elegant. The quiet water boil technology makes this the ideal choice for households that appreciate less noise in the home.

This is another kettle that will spoil you with a fast-boil function. If you want a quick cup for yourself, just add enough water for a single mug and the water will be ready to use in just 45 seconds. The kettle’s full 1.7-litre capacity is big enough to fill seven cups to treat the whole family or your guests.


  • Energy-efficient.
  • 45-Second boil option.
  • Low level of noise.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Keep-warm function.


  • Not suitable for heavy use.

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8. The Blue Light Glass Kettle By Russell Hobbs

Illuminating Affordable Glass Kettle By Russell Hobbs

If you love blue LED lights and bubbles, then this showy kettle might just be the right choice for your home. While boiling, the LED lights light up the bubbles as they energetically swirl around the kettle, providing a display that is sure to catch attention from friends and family alike.

Besides its elegant (and entertaining) appearance, you can also look forward to a body that’s forged from premium glass. The appliance also has brushed stainless steel accents and an ergonomic handle.

The kettle can save up to 66 percent more energy if you boil just enough water for the number of people you are serving. For example, most people boil a full kettle for a single cup and wastes energy that way. But if you need a full kettle, this 1.7 L appliance can boil enough water for 7 cups of tea.


  • Beautiful appearance.
  • LED lights activate when boiling.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Tough glass.
  • Easy to clean.


  • No limescale filter.

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9. The Best Blue Light Kettle By Hommak

best energy saving LED kettle

If you loved the concept of the previous kettle but would rather look at a different brand, this kettle offers similar features that you might love. Indeed, you will get the lovely blue display of LED-lit bubbles every time you switch on the kettle. But what other perks can you expect?

The entire kettle is made with healthy materials. From stainless steel to borosilicate glass, you’ll know that no chemicals will leach into your tea water. Besides being safe, you can also enjoy a low-noise appliance that boils fast and saves energy.


  • Ergonomic design.
  • Low on power.
  • LED lights.
  • 1.7 L.
  • Safe and sturdy.


  • No mesh filter.

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10. The Best Flask Kettle By Vektra

best kettle flask energy saving appliance

This innovative kettle is a smash hit and it’s not hard to understand why. Most energy-saving kettles conserve power by using less electricity or by giving you clear cup measurements to use (for example, boil only a certain amount of water for two cups, no more). But this kettle almost doubles as a flask, keeping your water hot for up to 4 hours after boiling – meaning that you can pour more tea during that time without having to switch the kettle on again.

Other great features include a limescale filter, non-drip spout, swivel base, and a cool-touch body.


  • Keeps water warm 4 hours after boiling.
  • Can be used around the house as a flask.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • The kettle stays cool to the touch.


  • 1.5 L capacity.

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Your Buying Guide

Our quick guide provides all the best tips to keep in mind when you are hunting for a new kettle. Keep these in mind and you’ll find something you’ll love and hopefully never regret!

  1. Speed – Do you want a kettle that chugs along at the usual pace or do you want one that offers a 45-second boiling option?
  2. Quality – Quality is a must. If reviews are bad, look for another kettle. You can usually guage good quality by either looking at the brand’s track record, a higher price range, and autentic positive reviews.
  3. Features – Make sure that your chosen kettle has all the features you want. These can include safety features and things like temperature variable control, hard water filtering, saving on power, and more.


Q: How can I make my kettle more energy efficient?

A: Most kettles will conserve energy if you boil only the water that you need. In other words, don’t boil a full kettle if you’re making one cup of tea.

Q: Are kettles energy efficient?

A: Generally, they are. However, some companies offer more efficient products, so you should look at the specifications of each manufacturer.

Q: Is it cheaper to boil water by gas or electricity?

A: Thanks to the development of technology, the difference between the two methods is really small. Gas is a little cheaper (.02 cents) but slower; whereas electric boiling is faster.

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