10 Best Energy Efficient Washing Machines In The UK (2021)

Best Energy Efficient Washing Machines Reviews

Last Updated on September 22, 2021

Electrical appliances are notorious energy gluttons. Especially the large capacity washing machines. These days it’s a good idea to look for appliances with low energy consumption that delivers an excellent washing performance.

Take heart, because this combination is real and we’ve found the best energy-efficient washing machines for 2021. Here they are.

Our Top 3 Energy-Efficient Washing Machine Picks
1. The Best Energy-Efficient Washing Machine By Hoover
2. The Best Energy-Efficient Washing Machine For All Fabrics By Indesit
3. The Best Energy-Efficient Washing Machine With Remote Control By Candy

The Best Energy Efficient Washing Machines Of 2021

1. The A++ Energy Rating Front Loader By Cater-Wash

The A++ Energy Rating Front Loader By Cater-Wash

The best energy efficient washing machine is the A++ Energy Rating Front Loader by Cater-Wash. This classic beauty is perfect for anyone asking the question “Which washing machine best handles a big load of laundry without blowing up my electric bill?” Indeed, the wash load capacity is 16kg. That’s a monster bundle to put through any spin speed but you don’t have to worry about running costs. With an energy rating of A++, you can rest assured that energy consumption will never be high again.

If you love watching clothes tumble and wash, then there is also an LED display showing the remaining time left on the laundry show. This is also your guy if you’re wondering which washing machine is best for adding forgotten items in the middle of a wash. You can truly open the door at any time and add that missing sock without ruining the cycle.


  • The product measures 101 x 85.3 x 68.6 cm.
  • The energy rating of A++ will lower your energy consumption dramatically per year.
  • 1-Year guarantee.
  • Adjustable spin speed and temperatures.
  • End of cycle alert.


  • This isn’t a flaw but some consumers might prefer a top loader (this is a front loader).
  • Not a freestanding model.

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2. The Low Energy Consumption Washing Machine By Baumatic

The Low Energy Consumption Washing Machine By Baumatic

Are you perhaps considering which are the best washing machines with a good drum size, easy water consumption, and great energy savings per year? This model could be your prizefighter. As far as energy efficient washing machines are concerned, you cannot get a better energy rating than this one, which is A+++. You can truly wash your clothes without worrying about running costs up a mountain.

There are 12 programs to find the perfect quick wash, spin speed, and temperature for your clothes. The drum can also handle a capacity of 8kg per wash cycle, which is enough for the clothes of a medium family.


  • The product measures 54.5 x 59.6 x 82 cm.
  • The energy rating of A+++ will lower your energy consumption per year.
  • 1-Year guarantee.


  • Not a freestanding appliance.
  • The laundry capacity might also not suit larger families.

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3. The Multi-Program Energy Saving Washing Machine By Bosch

The Multi-Program Energy Saving Washing Machine By Bosch

When purchasing an appliance, it’s important to know what washing machine is best for you. This one might be what’s best. Washing machine perks include 15 programs, a fast spin speed, a low energy consumption per year, a low water consumption per year, and a quiet machine. You’ll get everything packed into this classy-looking washing machine but the only thing it cannot do is to give you wi fi!

This low energy consumption washing machine can keep a medium-sized family’s clothing fluffy and clean. While saving power and water consumption, another perk is also that the appliance is freestanding. You can easily move it when you need to. The washing device also comes with a great choice of variable speeds and temperatures to tweak your laundry to perfection.


  • The appliance measures 55 x 59.8 x 84.8 cm.
  • The energy rating of A+++ will lower your energy consumption per year.
  • A 2-year warranty.
  • Capacity washing of 7kg.


  • Best suited for medium families. Larger homes can use this machine but will have to wash more often due to its drum capacity.
  • Energy rating B spin class.

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4. The Smartphone Linked Washing Machine By Hoover

The Smartphone Linked Washing Machine By Hoover

These days, there’s an app for everything. But an app that tracks the activities of your washing machine? That’s right. You can now control the settings of a washing machine through your smartphone. But what else can you expect from this famous brand’s product?

Besides its great energy rating, this washing machine also weighs the laundry. Once the sensor has the weight, it automatically adjusts for the optimal capacity washing, spin speed, water consumption, and energy use. When one load is done, the large door makes the removal of the clothing easy and just as easy to load the next bunch into the machine. 


  • The appliance measures 52 x 60 x 85 cm.
  • The energy rating of A+++ will lower your energy bills per year.
  • You can check on the machine’s activities with a smartphone app.
  • A 10-year warranty on parts and 1-year on labour.
  • Sensors automatically adjust settings for an energy-saving wash.
  • A classy black finish.
  • Capacity washing of 9kg.


  • You must register with the company within 28 days after purchase to qualify for the two warranties.
  • This is certainly not the worst thing but the black colour might not suit every laundry room (should the decor matter).

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5. The 9kg Wash Capacity Washing Machine By Bosch

The 9kg Wash Capacity Washing Machine By Bosch

If you’re looking to purchase a machine with a bigger capacity washing cycle, while still giving you low water consumption as well as saving energy, then this one ranks among the top washing machines. The 9kg capacity is perfect for a medium to large family. But the silver beauty has more to offer.

You can look forward to perfect laundry every time, thanks to the machine’s 13-plus programs. These include a fast spin speed, a quick wash option, a mode that makes clothes easy to iron, and a mixed load that can wash different materials together. Water consumption is also lower per year than most other washing appliances. 


  • The appliance measures 59 x 59.8 x 84.8 cm.
  • Energy rating A+++.
  • A 2-year warranty.
  • Reduced water and electricity usage per year.
  • Wash capacity of 9kg.


  • B spin class.
  • Some consumers find the digital controls a little annoying.

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6. The Bubble Wash High Capacity Washing Machine By Samsung

The Bubble Wash High Capacity Washing Machine By Samsung

The what? No, really. This washer uses technology that sends bubbles throughout the washing. This rinses the clothing with more water and detergent. Needless to say, such a feature gives the machine a greater capacity to remove tough stains and even to wash large loads without sacrificing cleanliness. The spin speed and quick wash settings can also work with delicates, while the washing machine is also safe to open in mid-wash – in case you want to add more softener or shirts.

The option to Bubble Soak not only deep-cleans your laundry but it also picks the correct heat for your washing every time. For this reason, you can look forward to less water and energy usage per year. Speaking of years, the machine is also designed to run quietly and efficiently to ensure less noise and longer life. Finally, the washer’s purchase price includes a system that automatically scans the machine for errors and problems. Should it find one, you’ll receive an alert and an app that provides solutions. This could potentially save you the call-out fee of a technician.


  • The appliance measures 55 x 60 x 85 cm.
  • Energy rating A+++.
  • Wash capacity of 8kg.
  • An app provides solutions to common problems.


  • A small door.
  • The Bubble Soak option is 30 minutes long.

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7. Freestanding Washing Machine With 9kg Wash Capacity By Bosch

Freestanding Washing Machine With 9kg Wash Capacity By Bosch

This washing appliance could be your new favourite if you like a classic look, a quiet machine, and a basket full of perks. What are those perks? Besides washing your laundry without noise, you can expect a range of wonderful programs. For starters, there is a system that automatically measures the exact amount of water and detergent you need for each wash. This ensures that you don’t waste anything. The capacity for savings is bolstered by its energy rating of A+++.

The clothing is also cleaned thoroughly with a quick spin speed but gently so, thanks to the drum’s special design. You can also add extra laundry or detergent in the middle of washing without disturbing the program that you chose. Speaking of which, if you love cotton then this washing machine has two programs especially for this material. Other settings can deal with those dirty sportswear, allergies, duvets, wool, and delicates.


  • The appliance measures 59 x 59.8 x 84.8 cm.
  • Energy rating A+++.
  • Wash capacity of 9kg.
  • A 5-year warranty.
  • Different programs for specific materials and laundry types.
  • Automatic detergent and water sensor.


  • You must register within 28 days after paying the purchase price in order to qualify for the warranty.
  • The 9kg drum capacity might not be suitable for small families.

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8. The Fully Integrated 8kg Capacity Washer By Hoover

The Fully Integrated 8kg Capacity Washer By Hoover

This appliance is perfect for anyone looking for a fully integrated washing machine with a great energy rating. You can neatly hide this washer away in your kitchen or laundry room and no one will know it’s there. With the energy consumption grading of A+++, you also have peace of mind that your laundry won’t destroy your power bill each month. On the contrary, you’ll save more per year.

The drum’s capacity is big enough to hold around 40 shirts or 8 towels. Washing them is easy with a choice of 17 washing programs. Do you hate ironing? Just choose the Easy Iron program and your laundry will come out with fewer wrinkles. Stains also don’t stand a chance with the settings that adjust wash intensity and the length of the cycle. If you need to clean something quickly, then the machine offers three rapid wash options that last between 14 and 44 minutes. This model also automatically adjusts water and detergent to the laundry’s weight for a cost-saving cycle every time.


  • Energy rating A+++.
  • A drum capacity of 8kg.
  • A 1-year guarantee.
  • 17 Programs.


  • This is not a freestanding appliance.
  • No child lock.

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9. The Fully Automatic Energy Saving Washing Machine By Bosch

The Fully Automatic Energy Saving Washing Machine By Bosch

This model is a good fit for anyone who desires a classic look but with modern touches. Indeed, the silver drum and white finish with an LED control panel ticks both boxes. But enough about the looks. What can this washing machine do to make your laundry day less of a chore?

Well, the load capacity is large and can do roughly 40 shirts at a time. As the title also suggests, this appliance is fully automatic. This independence gives you more freedom to do the things you love while the washing machine automatically adjusts everything, from the laundry soap to the water, to suit your load’s perfect needs. This saves you time and energy. This appliance will even automatically adjust to deal with different fabrics and degrees of soiling. You can also program the washer to start a cycle at any time in the future that suits you.


  • The appliance measures 59 x 59.8 x 84.8 cm.
  • Energy rating A+++.
  • A load capacity of 8kg.
  • A 2-year warranty.


  • The classic look might not suit ultra-modern rooms.
  • Not integrated, if this is something that you’re looking for.

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10. The Top Multi-Function Washing Machine By Bosch

The Top Multi-Function Washing Machine By Bosch

This is another great choice for anyone in love with classic washers that offer modern finishes. The sleek white exterior is easy to clean while the machine’s abilities are designed to be efficient and cost-saving. This is another appliance that can deal with large loads of laundry but still manage to cut the municipal bills per year. The appliance also runs quietly, which is a boon for anyone who hates repetitive noise. Let’s have a quick peek at the programs and perks.

There are options to make your ironing easier, to load something you forgot mid-wash, mixed materials, sportswear, dark clothing, hygiene-treated cycles for allergies, super quick, and even for wool items that must be hand-washed. Indeed, these are just some of the options that this machine has to offer. The LED display also gives you all the information about water, power, and time usage.


  • 59 x 59.8 x 84.8 cm.
  • Energy rating A+++.
  • A drum capacity of 9kg.
  • A quiet motor.
  • 24 Hour time delay.


  • B spin class.
  • This is not a flaw but for those who love modern looks, the machine might appear too old school.

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Buying Guide

It’s a smart choice to buy an energy-saving washing machine. These appliances are notoriously heavy on electricity but thanks to modern manufacturers, we now have a great selection of washers that work hard but without destroying your energy bill. For this reason, the purchase price might not be the biggest investment you make. Instead, you’ll save more costs per year than using a regular machine. Let’s look at the top tips to consider before buying a power-friendly washer.

Look For An A+++ Rating

This is the royalty among power-saving ratings. A+++ truly means that your capacity for energy consumption will remain low. Also acceptable is A++ but if you have a large family or need to do washing regularly, it’s prudent to go for the highest rating that you can.

Energy Efficient Washing Machines Buying Guide

The Washing Machine Must Suit Your Other Needs

Once you find your A+++ appliance, the washer must also suit your other needs. If looks are important, then the appearance must be modern, white, silver, or whatever you prefer. Also, look for drum capacity to ensure that the washing machine can handle the frequency and amount of times you do your laundry.

Don’t Forget About Quality And Service

Any large appliance is a financial and even emotional investment. A lot can go wrong if you choose a model that is badly made, breaks, or gives so many problems that laundry day is worse than ever. Looking for quality is the first step to avoiding a lot of heartache and frustration. Go for trusted brands or models that received authentic reviews online that specifically mentioned fine quality. Another safety net is service. Does the manufacturer offer some kind of guarantee that covers the engine, parts, or call-outs? If so, then you’ve got protection in case something goes wrong.


Q: How Efficient Are Washing Machines When It Comes To Saving Energy?

A: Washing machines are efficient at saving energy when they’re designed to lower energy and water consumption per year. The top energy savers will have an energy rating of A to A++.

Q: Which Is The Most Energy Efficient Washing Machine?

A: The most energy efficient washing machine is one that is marked with an energy rating of A to A+++.

Q: Are New Washing Machines More Energy Efficient?

A: Yes, new washing machines are more energy efficient because manufacturers are aware that consumers want one thing – lower household bills. One big offender is the appliance that doesn’t use energy wisely. Most new washing machines are designed to function with a lower energy capacity to please the modern market.

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