4 Best Eye Level Grill Gas Cooker Reviews For UK Cooks (2022)

Best Eye Level Grill Gas Cookers Reviews

Last Updated on January 11, 2022

No kitchen is complete without a cooker. But if you specifically love the nom-nom meals made by an eye-level grill, then we have found the best gas cookers for you!

Our Top 3 Eye Level Grill Gas Cooker Picks
1. The Best Eye Level Grill (Argos) By Beko
2. The Best Eye Level Grill Gas Cooker (50 cm) By Montpellier
3. The Best Eye Level Grill Gas Cooker (Black) By Beko

Product Testing & Review

Our reviewer used a set of specific guides to determine the best of the best here:

  1. Consistency
  2. Easy of use
  3. Quality of life features

Our reviewer’s biggest priority here was consistency. While none of the devices we tested performed anything less than perfectly, if reviewers noted issues with consistency elsewhere online, we took note. Additional important things include ease of use, including freestanding devices, easy ignition, and easy to use dials.

Our reviewer’s last specific guideline was that each device had to have good quality of life features, such as auto safe shutoff, glass oven doors, oven lights, and various types of hob burners. We cut a few devices out of the list because they couldn’t offer anything special, unlike each thing on this list. Now let’s see what works best for you.

The Best Eye Level Grill Gas Cookers Of 2022

1. The HLG Single Oven Gas Cooker – White By Beko/Argos (Product #KA52NEW HLG)

Great KA52NEW Gas Cooker By Beko


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 60 x 50 x 146 cm
  • Energy Efficiency: A
  • Capacity: 62 litres
  • Special Features: 4 burners – 1 simmer burner, 1 rapid burner, 2x regular high-efficiency burners; push button ignition, easy clean enamel, easy clean interior

Argos has plenty of treasures to rifle through but grill and gas lovers, in particular, can enjoy a wide range of products. One of the best eye-level grills from Argos is this Beko model. Let’s dive into everything that makes this oven/stove/grill triple threat so appealing.

Beko is known for appliances that last and work well. You can expect to easily prepare meals every day, whether you use the four-burner gas hob, the eye-level grill or the oven. Despite having all these cooking options, the cooker does not waste space in your kitchen – it’s tall and lean!

The gas hob has three different burner sizes while the oven is a large capacity single oven. Whatever you use, rest assured that the designers had safety on the brain. The hob, specifically, automatically snips the gas supply when the flame goes out.

Thanks to glass windows, removable parts, and enamel oven lining, this cooker is also quick and easy to wipe down. Now you can enjoy your cooking without fearing a tough mess!

Our reviewer loved this cooker. It’s extremely user-friendly, versatile, and easy to use. It’s energy-efficient (which is a big bonus), and is quite easy to clean, as well. The two downsides our reviewer found aren’t massive – it’s a rather shallow grill with oddly slow-starting hobs. Otherwise, this will serve you very well. You can find an Amazon listing up above, and a listing on the main website down below.


  • Energy-efficient (rated A).
  • User-friendly rotary dials.
  • Large storage compartment.
  • Easy to set up and lightweight.


  • The gas hobs delay the ignition of the flames, causing it to start slower.
  • The grill is rather shallow.

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2. The White Single Cavity 50cm Eye Level Gas Cooker By Montpellier (Product #MEL50W)

Great MEL50W Gas Cooker By Montpellier


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 60 x 50 x 146 cm
  • Energy Efficiency: A
  • Capacity: 62 litres
  • Special Features: 4 burners, freestanding installation, wire shelf in oven, wire grid and handle, storage drawer, gas jets to convert from natural gas to LPG

Featuring a spacious oven, separate grill and gas hob, this cooker ought to please even the pickiest cook.

The oven offers 61L of space for big and tasty dinners! The wire shelf is large and can be adjusted between different height levels. This allows you to arrange several dishes on the rack or cook ingredients in a large dish. But whether you make a toastie or Christmas dinner, neither will cost the earth because the cooker has an A energy rating.

The gas hob has four spacious burners. You can prepare sauces and sides on the hob while keeping an eye on another delicious treat in the top grill. Indeed, you can use the oven, hob, and eye-level grill at the same time.

Our reviewer loved this device. Its one major downfall that kept it from the number 1 spot on our list is that its oven can shut off due to a manufacturing fault. While this fault is unfortunate, it’s also covered under the 2-year warranty, giving a bit of ease of mind. It’s easy to use, easy to clean, and quite lightweight and simple to move around. Overall, this is a great device with an unfortunate fault that Montpellier is more than willing to deal with, should you encounter it.


  • Easy to clean.
  • The cooker is lightweight and easy to move.
  • Contains an oven light.
  • A two-year guarantee.


  • The oven can shut off unexpectantly due to a faulty flame protection feature.

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3. The Best Eye Level Grill Gas Cooker (Black) By Beko (Product #KA52NES)

Splendid FS506090 Gas Cooker By Beko


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 74 x 56 x 158 cm
  • Energy Efficiency: A+
  • Capacity: 62 litres
  • Special Features: Glass oven door, internal light, electric ignition

Alright, creatures of the night. This midnight flavoured gas cooker is for you.

The single oven has a capacity of 62L, the grill is at a convenient eye level, and you can have dinner on the table up to 25% faster thanks to the four high-efficiency gas burners. With the speedy burners and the cooker’s A+ rating, you will lose neither time nor money every time you have to prepare a meal.
Cleaning is a breeze with the enamel surfaces while adjustable oven shelves give you better cooking options. The oven door is also double glazed for better cleaning, viewing, and damage resistance. Easy dials make the settings very user-friendly and you can watch your delicious recipe rise in the oven due to the in-built light.

The grill is also relatively easy to work with and can be removed for easy cleaning.

Our reviewer found that this was a serviceable device, though not as good as numbers 1 or 2. Her biggest gripe is that it requires professional installation, making it impossible to move around easily. Its burners can be inconsistent according to some reviews, but our reviewer didn’t have this issue. The device is easy to use, though, and offers a number of nice quality-of-life features that make it quite simple to get used to.


  • Includes a storage compartment.
  • Protected by a flame safety device.
  • Easy to use
  • Stylish silver appearance
  • Glass oven door
  • Oven light
  • Electric ignition


  • Some consumers reported that the coil in this cooker was somewhat hard to reach.
  • Requires installation
  • Burners can be inconsistent according to some reviews

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4. The Best Eye Level Grill Gas Cooker (Silver) By Beko (Product #KA52NES)

Premium BA52NES Gas Cooker By Beko


  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 60 x 50 x 146 cm
  • Energy Efficiency: A
  • Capacity: 62 litres
  • Special Features: 1-year warranty, auto safety shutoff, double-glazed glass oven door, grill pan/drip tray, electric push ignition

Silver can boost the sense of style in any room – but it’s specifically effective in the kitchen. If you love the brand but the previous cooker was too, well NOT silver, then this might soothe your metallic soul.

Like all great gas cookers, it also offers you three methods to whip up tasty meals and snacks. The eye-level grill is perfect for toasting and grilling smaller items, while the gas hob is versatile enough to cook plenty of of different types of food. The 62L oven contains two mobile racks that are perfect for traditional cooking.

How energy efficient is this silvery wonder? You’ll be happy to know that its power rating of A means that you can spoil the whole family with a large meal without paying for it later (in regret and a big power bill). Indeed, the cooker does not waste energy and the hob also works fast.

Our reviewer found that this was a well-performing device. It’s simple and easy to use, comes with a warranty, and the storage compartment is quite convenient. The reason it’s at the bottom of the list is that some reviews online (though not our reviewer) found a few issues. These include sharp edges on the metal that cut at least one reviewer during installation and inconsistent oven and hob temperatures.


  • Easy rotary dials.
  • A storage compartment.
  • Four burners.
  • 1-year warranty


  • Some reviewers found the oven and hobs to be inconsistent
  • One reviewer was cut by sharp metal edges on the device.

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Your Buying Guide To Eye Level Cookers

Intrigued by these eye-level grillers (and oven-hob things)? Maybe you still don’t know which one to pick. Our guide will help you to determine what exactly you are looking for.


How much oven capacity do you need? Gas cookers are available with single ovens, twin or double ovens. They have different capacities that range between 45L up to 100L (60L being sufficient for an average family).

Functionality and Durability


Avoid cookers with plastic materials as these are not very durable. Stainless steel and enamel coating are better because they are tough, long-lasting, and hygienic. Always make sure that the grill extensions are easy to operate and easy to clean as well.

Hob Types

When it comes to gas cookers, most have compatible gas hobs – but that is not always the case. Apart from gas, you also get sealed plates, induction hob type or ceramic hob types. It’s essential to ensure that the gas cooker and hobs are a match and that they work well together.  

Cookers with an eye-level grill should be ergonomic and not pose a danger when you use the grill and the hob at the same time. Finally, always choose user-friendly cookers that are protected by flame safety devices.


Q: What is an eye-level grill?

A: An eye-level grill is an accessory feature that comes with some cookers. The grill is attached near the top of the cooker at eye level. This feature helps you to keep an eye on the grill while using both the grill and the hob.

Q: How does the grill temperature work?

A: The grilling process depends on the cooker type. A simple grill will stay at a set temperature and you control the heat by moving the dish closer to the grill. On the other hand, a cooker with a separate grill cavity (such as eye-level grills), you can set the temperature depending on what you’re cooking.

Q: What can I use a cooker grill for?

A: You can use a cooker grill to prepare delicious meals, BBQ or just a simple toastie. The possibilities are endless.

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