The 10 Best Garden Sheds In The UK (2021)

Best Garden Shed Reviews

Last Updated on September 18, 2021

Garden sheds add character to your outdoor space and are ideal for storing your gardening and landscaping tools.

If you’re buying a shed for the first time or upgrading from an older one, read our buying guide for useful information on how to choose the best garden sheds. We reviewed only the best in market just for you.

Our Top 3 Garden Shed Picks
1. The Best Garden Shed By 2x4Basics
2. The Best Plastic Garden Shed By Duramax
3. The Best Vertical Garden Shed By Outsunny

The Best Garden Sheds Reviewed In 2021

1. Wooden Garden Shed By Waltons

Wooden Garden Shed By Waltons

The best garden shed is the Wooden Garden Shed By Waltons. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Have you been all out for a shed that looks nice? Then all you have been looking for is the Waltons windowless garden shed. Remember that beyond being a shed, a garden shed can either mar or add to the beauty of your home. So if you want high-quality small storage that can serve your storage purpose and also enhance the look of your home, then we think this is for you.

It has a manual guide included so that you won’t be at a loss on how to use it. It is well designed to allow for easy access and assembling. Made from a heavy duty reliable material, this traditional apex roof model will certainly guarantee the security of use. 

You will like the compactness and comprehensiveness of this shed making it possible for you to organise your items comfortably. It is user-friendly, and its modern construction is a reflection of the innovation and flexibility of the brand that produces it.


  • This rain resistant apex shed is simple to fully set up.
  • 8mm overlap cladding, 8mm solid sheet board roof and even 10mm solid sheet board floor.
  • Its dimensions with width and depth provide enough room for all your things.
  • Resistant to changes in weather and can last for a long time if maintained.


  • The price is on the expensive side especially considering its build.
  • Doesn’t have windows.

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2. Plastic Garden Storage Shed By Keter

Plastic Garden Storage Shed By Keter

Second best shed one can buy is the Plastic Storage Shed By Keter. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Keter is a garden shed brand that has been in the market for a while. In this while, it has enjoyed some positive reviews and really good ratings from top customers. Just like the brand, this garden shed is also very popular among buyers in the market. It is waterproof storage and offers some attachments that fasten the shed firmly to the ground making it very safe for storing all kinds of items.

It comes in an exclusive heavy duty material while its pieces have been cut and drilled for effortless installation. There is even an instruction manual so that won’t have issues understanding the shed. You will like the flexibility of this traditional apex roof model, and that is why it stands out among equals. 


  • Very durable and quite effortless to assemble
  • Appears attractive and stylish when mounted
  • Made from heavy duty materials, the shed base is very resistant to pressure.


  • The price to value ratio of this garden shed could be inferior.

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3. Factor Outdoor Garden Shed By Keter

Size of the Garden Shed

Third best buy option is the Factor Outdoor Garden Shed By Keter. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating. Feel free to open the Amazon website links below in order to check the price and see key details.

This storage shed is very portable that makes it very easy for you to move from one site to another if you have to change your home or gardens. The ease of movement, durability and affordability make it the best garden shed for anyone who is working with a minimal budget.

It is made from best plastic material and has a durable double-wall resin. It has handles that can lock so that you can experience a firm grip at all times. You will like the compactness and portability of this apex roof unit, and its low maintenance and treatment cost is a plus. Its fantastic price-to-quality ratio makes it one of the most sought-after storage buildings by shoppers.


  • Known to be an extra high-quality shed
  • This shed can be used for years if it is maintained
  • Usually suitable for virtually all garden types and any size of tools.


  • A lot can be done to improve the structural design of this apex shed.

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4. Plastic Garden Storage Shed By Keter

Plastic Garden Storage Shed By Keter

Fourth best shed you can buy is to the Plastic Garden Shed By Keter. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

This shed delivers excellently as much as it attracts. Made from the top material, you can be sure that you will be using this shed for years if you can stick to standard maintenance.

You will like its portability and compactness, which ensures that there is no consumption of too much space. It is easy to install, and very easy to maintain. Its rich, unique features, as well as good price-to-quality ratio, contribute to the effectiveness of this apex roof model.


  • Compactly built, single door, apex shed
  • This garden shed has all parts pre-drilled to allow for easy installation.
  • Provides enough interior space if you want to store all work tools.


  • This shed is quite costly to purchase and maintain considering its area size.
  • Design with no windows.

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5. Outdoor Plastic Garden Shed By Keter

Outdoor Plastic Garden Shed By Keter

Fifth best buy option is the Outdoor Plastic Shed By Keter. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

This is so because of its high performance, unusual appearance and great structural design. This is by far one of the best sheds anyone can purchase for their garden. Asides from being very affordable, being plastic shed, it is easy to assemble and can be maintained at a minimal cost.

It has vital accessories such as tool hangers included so that you can experience the highest level of flexibility. There are attachments that allow it to blend well with other tools, and it is made of a solid material. You won’t mind its ease of installation, and its features are very easy to understand. The durability of this double doors plastic shed cannot be disputed because of the materials of high quality used to produce it.


  • Has accessories that enhance the user-friendliness of the garden shed
  • The windows in these sheds are perfect if you want natural lighting.
  • Its size and beautiful look makes it feel more than a shed, but also a piece that beautifies the home
  • This plastic shed is the most durable enclosure shed coming with a moderate price in the market today.
  • The double doors design makes it look perfect and provides more space for all the work tools.


  • Installation and operation of this apex shed sometimes get difficult for users to understand.

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6. Metal Garden Shed By Duramax

Metal Garden Shed By Duramax

Sixth best shed one can buy is the Metal Shed By Duramax company. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Assembling this garden shed can be done by anyone without necessarily seeking the help of a professional. Asides from being easy to assemble, this storage is also effortless and less expensive to maintain. Coming at an affordable price, this model is perfect if you want a very durable and a suitable unit for virtually all weather conditions.

It has unparalleled engineering that makes it best for every season. Also, it is compactly designed and comprehensive so that you will be able to store all your gardening equipment items. There is a ventilation vent, which helps in boosting airflow in the best metal shed. You will like the high-quality of the galvanised steel used in making this apex roof model, and that is why it is very durable. It is resistant to rot, and its height is a plus.


  • Double wall extruded panels
  • This best buy shed has great size and also a floor panel with integral window.
  • Its frame is sturdy and well-designed making it very durable
  • This sliding double doors unit offers great size for all work tools.


  • Arranging your items in this metal shed sometimes poses a lot of difficulties.
  • The design has no windows.

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7. Manor Outdoor Plastic Shed By Keter

Manor Outdoor Plastic Shed By Keter

Seventh best shed you can buy is the Manor Outdoor Plastic Shed By Keter. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Offering features that are worth the price, this double doors shed is easy to install, and assemble one. If you have the money and can get this garden shed, what are you waiting for? It is specifically designed to fit any backyard or garden type. It includes nails, screws, and floor base so that you won’t have issues installing it.

Constructed using heavy duty materials, this apex roof model is your best bet if you cherish durability. The space it gives and the affordable price makes this shed stand out among the rest. You will like its stylish construction, which adds glamour to your garden.


  • Very compatible with any decor and lightning you intend to affix
  • Floor panel with integral windows.
  • This apex roof model offers one of the best prices to value ratio.
  • This best buy model has double doors and enough size for all tools.


  • The durability of this apex shed could be in question after a year of two of use.

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8. Double Door Wooden Shed By Billyoh

Double Door Wooden Shed By Billyoh

Eighth best unit on our list is the Double Door Wooden Log Bike Shed By Billyoh. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

This double doors pent shed is made from the best wooden piece to ensure that it can last. It offers such a fantastic finish that will make it look very attractive to buyers and everyone around where it is mounted.

It includes attachments which include shelvings and footings for adequate storage. It features a tongue and groove pent roof as well as tongue and groove floor. It is comprehensively packaged and consists of a manual guide for ease of use. With a one-year warranty plan, you can be confident that you are getting a good one. This double doors unit is affordable and offers enough space for all your garden items.


  • This double door timber unit has an excellent size and attractive look, 2 more reasons to buy it.
  • Constructed using a value boards overlap cladding.
  • Comes as double size storage allowing for more items in
  • Made from the best wooden material, it is very reliable and also affordable – one of the few best buy pent roof items available.
  • Features a tongue and groove roof, tongue and groove floor base as well as Green Mineral felt.


  • It has limited resistance to changes in the weather and the roof is pent type, not apex.
  • Users find the timber used is not one of the strongest.
  • No windows and pent roof design.

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9. Wooden Garden Storage Shed By Waltons

Wooden Garden Storage Shed By Waltons

Ninth best unit you can buy is the Wooden Garden Shed By Waltons. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating.

A well-known brand designs this garden shed, and they are known for their innovations and flexibility. As a timber shed, it comes in different sizes and designs giving users options to choose from. Very versatile in its operation, this double doors timber storage can be used to store garden materials, garden equipment or any other item that needs to be stored in the garden.

It comes with an instruction manual included to provide details that are required for assembling it in very little time. There are anchors for fastening, and it has attachments that make it easier for you to customize it. You will love its apex roof, excellent construction as well as strong frames. Its unique price-to-quality ratio means that you will get a good unit at an affordable price range. The storage strength of this double doors timber shed is unparalleled in the market today causing it to stand out among others.


  • The apex roof design comes with anchors that allows you to arrange garden tools stored in the shed easily
  • Offers ideal size, windows, great shelves, pegboards and other attachments that make it user-friendly
  • This double doors timber model is enduring and can be customised to a personal feel.
  • This large shed is pre treated and has 10 Year Anti-Rot Guarantee for the best customer experience.
  • 8mm overlap cladding, solid sheet floor base and shatterproof styrene windows are a great desing any time.


  • After a while of use, this larger double doors timber shed begins to rot.

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10. Windowless Wooden Storage Shed By Billyoh

Windowless Wooden Storage Shed By Billyoh

Tenth best shed you can buy is the Windowless Wooden Storage Shed By Billyoh. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating.

The BillyOh Overlap Wooden storage is a windowless tongue and groove roof shed of Overlap. Asides that, it is also known to have a structural design that ensures all tools kept in it are secured from effects changes in weather can have on them. If all you need is a small wooden shed that is high-quality, then you should search for this solution.

The structural apex roof design of this tongue and groove model will make it stand out. Also, the affordability, irrespective of the many features it offers, also contributes to its popularity in the market. It is windowless and designed in such a way to enhance proper front and back ventilation so that your tools can be stored at the right temperature. 


  • This shed is well designed to be very firm when placed and attractive when seen
  • It comes with all the practical attachments one would require to assemble it easily
  • It is constructed using 5mm overlap cladding, and even features perfect size for you to store tools
  • Tongue and groove floor design and apex roof offer perfect look.


  • The lack of windows had been a significant challenge of this tongue and groove roof shed

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Garden Shed Buying Guide

An easy way to declutter your outdoors is by using a wheelie bin storagegarden storage bench, and garden shed. Garden sheds are large compared to the rest. But they can fail in their function as safe storage when insects burrow through the wood, or when weathering creates holes in the shed.

To prevent this, you need to apply a layer of wood preserver on the shed and use fence paint or shed paint. While at it, apply a coat of decking oil to your decks.

But merely painting it is not enough, you need to have the best garden shed in the UK. We will show you how to make your choice.

The Garden Shed That Suits You Best

The first and most important when buying garden storage is to know what garden tool shed will suit whatever place it is to be put. In doing this, you have to ensure that such a place as a very firm and smooth base as this is the determinant factor upon which other elements are based.

When there is no firm or level based, not only does it get complicated to choose from the many storage sheds that are best, but assembling the structure also becomes very easy, and screw holes will be correctly lined up to fit, and the life span of your garden shed will be extended.

There are three main types of a garden shed, all of which it is possible for you to have, but preferably one at a time. These three types of garden sheds include the plastic garden sheds, the metal garden sheds and the wooden garden sheds.

1. The Wooden Plastic Sheds: 

The wooden plastic sheds have been able to establish themselves as the most popular and secure garden sheds in the market. This is because of how classic these wooden garden sheds have become causing a lot of people to trust them and buy them more.

Made from softwoods, these garden sheds are very qualitative and have high resistance to rot, and as such, they can go past for a while. The wooden garden sheds are it small tool shed or the large garden shed come in pine or cedar sheds. Due to the quality of the cedar sheds and ability to last for up to ten years, they are known to be much more expensive than the pine sheds.

The wooden plastic shed comes in various sizes and styles that are an attractive and impressive design that can be used to store bikes, furniture and many types of equipment as well. When buying or building a garden shed, it is best to go for wooden sheds because of the durability, and appealing visuals that it offers.

2. The Plastic Garden Sheds:

Just like the wooden sheds, the plastic garden sheds are also beginning to gain widespread popularity among buyers across the globe. The popularity of these garden sheds has been attributed to its high performance, durability ease of use and understanding, easy to disassemble and assemble as well as its being resistant to the effects changing weather has on large garden sheds.

These garden sheds are most preferred to the wooden sheds because on like the latter, they are very light in weight and do not need a lot of maintenance to keep them in the best working condition every day.

Plastic Garden Sheds

The ease of also fitting the plastic garden sheds together especially for the small plastic garden sheds makes a strong rival of the wooden sheds. Also, the ease of taking this plastic tool shed apart especially when moving house is a high point of it making it a perfect option for those individuals who want something simple and easy to maintain.

When faced with problems, plastic sheds can stand firm in the face of these problems which is many times, unlike the wooden and metal sheds. The large plastic sheds are known to be very resistant to moisture, change in climate and rot as much as the small garden sheds are.

3. The Metal Garden Sheds: 

Although not having gained as much popularity as the wooden and plastic sheds, the metal garden sheds are an excellent alternative to both the wood and the plastic garden sheds. The metal garden sheds are not just a very different option; they have been underestimated for a while.

The strength, durability and security of the metal sheds are top notches for any garden. They have been referred to by some people as a more modern garden shed, unlike the wooden and plastic ones. The metal garden shed especially the large metal sheds are resistant to rot, and burns and only get to rust after a while in contact with water. The only down point to the metal garden sheds large duty sheds is the difficulty in disassembling and assembling them.

Due to the material build of the metal storage sheds, they are most of the time very heavy and not so easy to move from one place to another. The cheap storage made of metal gets to rust easily which brings to question its durability after a while of use.

Size of the Garden Shed

The Size of the Garden Shed

The size of the garden shed to be used, matters as much as the type of garden shed that chooses not. You have to be sure about the size of the garden shed you want before going all out to pick the best garden shed for you.

When choosing the best size of the garden shed for you, you have to be able to answer some questions.

Questions like ‘how much space do you have to accommodate the garden shed?’, ‘how often and how well do you plan on using the garden shed?’, ‘for what storage purpose are you getting the garden shed?’ and a lot of other questions among others.

When you can have an idea of how much space you have to accommodate the garden shed, you will be able to know whether to go for a big garden sheds or to go for the heavy duty garden sheds. Alternatively, if all you have is a little space, then you will have no option than to go for the small garden sheds.

Also, if you can decide as to how often you will be using the shed, you will be able to know if you should go for waterproof storage for outdoor purposes or corner garden sheds for inside purposes. Choosing the best shed sizes can only be possible when you have a good idea of the space you have and the object you need the shed for.

The Design of the Garden Shed

Garden sheds, especially outdoor sheds, come in various designs and taking into consideration these designs is very important. First because, asides from being a tool that is used for storage, it can also be some fashion piece. Regardless of the type of outdoor garden sheds you remember going for. There is a link between the appearance of your shed and the overall look of your home.

So a stylish and beautiful looking garden shed is most likely going to enhance the aesthetics of your property. On the other hand, a poorly looking garden shed is also going to affect the look of your property. This is why it is always best to go for outdoor sheds with qualitative design and also make sure that it is in line with the style of your house be it formal or informal.

The Price of the Garden Shed as Against Its Quality

In choosing the best garden sheds taking into consideration its price, there are two significant factors to take note of. One is that a garden shed is very expensive does not always mean it is quality and best for you. The second is that it is still imperative that you don’t get carried away but the price that all you look out for are the cheap garden storage, closing your eyes to other alternatives that offer much more amazing features. In addition to ensure you don’t get carried away by the price, that is why we have provided for, and encourage that you go through our top pick above when buying the best garden shed.

What are the different features?

Asides from the buying guide, we were able to read through many reviews from customers, manufacturers and experts on what they find handy about garden sheds. While a number of them gave various features and some advice, we were able to pick some features that most users find handy. These features include the basic security of the garden shed, how much of a waterproof shed it is, and the user-friendly nature of the elements, and attachments that come with it.

Structural Security of the Garden Shed

Not every garden shed has insurance that covers it and whatever it is that is stored in it. This is why many users always love to go for quality garden sheds that are structurally secured. This way, there is an assurance to some extent that whatever it is that is stored in the shed is safe.

User-Friendly Features and Attachments

When we consider how many people find it difficult to understand the operation of some features of garden sheds, as well as attachments people, opt for those that are user-friendly. Garden sheds with user-friendly features and attachments are easy to use, assemble and maintain at all times.

Garden Shed Buying FAQs

Q: Can the Keter Factor Outdoor Plastic Storage be easily assembled and maintained and what is the cost of its maintenance

A: The Keter Factor Outdoor Plastic Garden storage has established itself to users as a very easy to use the garden shed. Assembling this garden shed is very easy and can be carried out efficiently by anyone. The cost of maintaining this particular plastic garden storage is also very minimal.

Q: How long can the Waltons EST 1878 Construction Windowless Garden Shed last?

A: This particular garden shed doesn’t have a fixed life span. However, taking note of its material construction, it is very durable and can last for as long as 6 – 8 years if it is adequately maintained.

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