10 Best Garden Vacuum Reviews For UK Gardeners (2021)

Best Garden Vacuum Reviews

Last Updated on May 5, 2021

Raking leaves from your lawn every few days is no fun, especially if you live in a windy area or have large trees that shed leaves.

A garden vacuum can easily fix this problem for you by sucking debris from your lawn and leaving it all tidied up. Ditch the rake and back pain with one of the top models in our best garden vacuum review.

Meet The 10 Best Garden Vacuums Of 2021

1. Automatic Garden Vacuum By Vonhaus

Automatic Garden Vacuum By Vonhaus

The best garden vacuum is the Automatic Garden Vacuum By Vonhaus. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Occupying the 1st place in the best garden vacuum reviews of ours is a product from the very reputable VonHaus company. This time, it is the VonHaus Leaf blower Collection Anti-vibration. This leaf blower is not just quality, but it is very comprehensive. Coming as a lightweight leaf blower, this model is efficient and effective.

The high point of this leaf blower is that users can use it silently. No vibration of any sort will be recorded neither will you need a hearing aid. It has a bag capacity of 54 litres and powered by an engine of 3,000 watts. Its weight is just 4.4 kg, and that is why it is very easy to manipulate in your back yard. 

The quality of the VonHaus always shows on every model that is being provided for by the brand. This is because the company is one of the leading brands in the market, and as such it always ensures to introduce new features to its vacuums. The durability of this garden vacuum cleaner is one of the many features that look amazing.

This durability has been made possible first by the quality of material being used in designing this leaves blower vac. Also, there are sturdy and foam-based handles, which means it is very comfortable for you. The comprehensive warranty plan provided for this vacuum cleaner is unique and has been verified by many users across various online reviews and ratings on many platforms globally.


  • This simple, light weight, well-designed vacuum cleaner has an affordable price.
  • These powerful leaf blowers have amazing speed and power
  • No hearing aid is required for this anti-vibration leaf blower
  • Large collection bag with really good capacity
  • Sturdy handles and a comprehensive warranty plan is being provided for.
  • Features powerful motor and great price to value ratio.


  • This leaf blower after a while of use starts getting complicated to use.
  • Gardeners say that cable of this corded model is too short for a large garden because you have to be close to power mains.

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2. Leaf Blower Vacuum By Qgarden

Leaf Blower Vacuum By Qgarden

Second best leaves blower is the Leaf Blower Vacuum By Qgarden. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating. Take a close look at the details and check the price on the links below.

Coming 2nd on this best garden vacuum list of ours is the Garden QGBV2500 Leaf Blower Vacuum. This vacuum cleaner doubles both as a leaf blower and vacuum. Marking itself out as one of the best garden vacuums out there, this product is from a very reputable brand.

This Qgarden has been able to gain the trust and confidence of buyers in the market with a wide range of other garden leaf blowers. Do you need one of the best garden vacuums to get the jobs finished in the most effective yet less tasking way? Then this is the best leaf blower vacuum you need to buy for your garden.

It is powered by a 2500 watt motor and its weight is around 4.2 kilograms for easy manoeuvre. With a large collection bag capacity of 35 litres, you can be certain of optimum performance without frequent evacuations. You will love its versatility, which means it is possible for you to use it for lawns and other areas in the home that need vacuum cleaners to get the job finished.

Also, it has a timer feature, which helps you to keep track of your activities while making use of this garden blower vac. The durable handles that have been provided for this garden blower vac is also a feature that is worth commending. These handles make it very easy for you to make use of it safely.


  • This powerful garden vacuum helps users save time and money on the most challenging task
  • Great model with top features that are easy to use
  • Large capacity collection bag and high-quality tube provide great value
  • These vacuuming units have outstanding speed and power
  • Very durable, reliable and affordable leaf garden vacuum


  • Assembling and dissembling this small garden vac might seem a challenge as it gets complicated at times.

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3. 3 In 1 Automatic Leaf Blower By Surreal

3 In 1 Automatic Leaf Blower By Surreal

Third best leaves blower is the 3 In 1 Automatic Leaf Blower By Surreal. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Our third pick is the Surreal Electric Blower Mulcher which has made its way here as a model that users have trusted for a long while and still trust. Though with the introduction of new features and garden vacuums, users are beginning to lose touch of these vacuums, but there are users who still use this.

Though very portable, the lightweight garden blower mulcher is not the best for extensive gardens. However, if you’ve got a very small garden with less work to be finished, you have just a friend in this fantastic garden vac. Very much user-friendly, easy to maintain, and can be stored easily. Your garden can also look clear and more attractive when you introduce this well-designed piece into it.

It comes with a 45-litre collection bag so that you have enough time to get your job you want finished without going for frequent emptying. This machine’s weight is just 5.2 kg, and that is why it is one of the easy-to-manoeuvre machines you can find in the market. You will like the portability and simplicity of this machine while its affordability price and low cost of maintenance will blow your mind.

Its comprehensive but straightforward design means this machine is exceptional. This build is not as complex as the range of others in the market, and as such, there is little or no problem with understanding how the power machine works. Also, the portable construction of this shredder has drastically allowed for secure storage which prevents it from being exposed to changing climatic conditions.


  • Affordability and simplicity are two attractive attributes of this blower that would want
  • Well designed and light weight for natural movement and quick storage
  • Really good collection bag on these powerful black and orange units
  • Speed and power of these leaf blowers is something that you’ll like


  • Not so reliable if you want to handle the tough cleaning tasks.

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4. Leaf Blower Vacuum Shredder By Garden Gear

Leaf Blower Vacuum Shredder By Garden Gear

Fourth best leaves blowing and vacuuming machine is the Leaf Blower Vacuum Shredder By Garden Gear. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

The Garden Gear Shredder Electric With Collection Bag is our 4th pick. Though gradually losing space on a wide range of reviews, we have still considered this one of the best vacuum being made available in the market. This is because it is the best budget leaf blower that is easy to use and maintain any time any day.

No professional help or prior understanding of how the power tool works are needed to make use of this leaf blower. Its simple design and features make using it very easy for all. While you might need to step up your maintenance game to keep this garden cleaner in optimal condition, doing so costs less.

You can use it as a mulcher or leaf blower at the same time, and it has a bag capacity of 54 litres. You will like its impressive price to value ratio, and the simplicity in terms of its structuring is a plus. That is why it is one of the most sought-after products in the market right now.


  • Affordable mulching device with simple-to-use-features
  • 10m cable length provides great value for this blower/garden mulcher
  • Installation of various parts has been made easy with a comprehensive manual
  • Amazing speed and power and a good collection bag
  • Two year warranty on performance is being provided for this garden cleaner.


  • Maintenance sometimes gets difficult and takes a whole lot of time. Not the feature everyone would want from a powerful leaves blowing machine

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5. Variable Speed Leaf Blower By Black+Decker

Variable Speed Leaf Blower By Black+Decker

Fifth best machine for blowing leaves is the Variable Speed Leaf Blower By Black Decker. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Black Decker as a brand is not just known to produce garden leaf blowers alone but has been reputable across several other products in the market. This is why the Black Decker GW3050 GB Blower is making it as our fifth pick on this ranking. This garden vacuum blower is known for its relative affordability, reasonable price to value ratio, and long-lasting nature.

Asides all of these, this garden blower and vacuum, comes with all the significant parts needed for it to function. This way, you can save some cost trying to buy any of the parts from anywhere. Why not buy yourself this garden vacuuming blower?

Powered by a motor of 2500 watts, you can rely on the optimum performance of this machine. Its lightweight is a plus making it an ideal product for convenient manoeuvre. It is a 2-in-1 model that can be used as a blower and vacuum. The flexible and user-friendly design of this garden vacuum cleaner is possible because of its innovative build and speed modes. Thanks to the esteemed working team of this brand.

This flexible build makes this garden vac very easy to use, maintain and also store. The comprehensive manual provided for this garden cleaner is also amazing. It provides diagrams and sketches a guide on how to make use of this cleaner, assemble, disassemble, store and maintain it as well.


  • Compact and comprehensive parts provided for this leaf hoover
  • This Black Decker garden vacuum requires a low cost to maintain and has a price you will like
  • Really good collection bag so you can suck dirt and debris without any hassle.
  • One of the best garden vacuums if you want a budget garden vacuum
  • These powerful vacuuming units have amazing speed and power


  • Users say the Black Decker warranty plan is not as comprehensive as it is being provided for
  • Newer versions with backpack style already seem to be more popular

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6. 3 In 1 Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulcher By Vonhaus

3 In 1 Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulcher By Vonhaus

Sixth most powerful machine for blowing fallen wet leaves is the Three In One Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulcher By Vonhaus. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Our 6th blower is the VonHaus Leaf Blower. This well-designed leaf blower comes with innovative features and has been pre-installed. This makes not only the installation of this leaf blower very easy but also its use. With the matter design of this garden leaf vacuum, one can tell that it can last for a long while.

No garden vac can stand this in areas of durability and efficiency. There is no need to worry as this leaf vacuum comes at a very affordable price and users don’t need to spend money on maintenance. It has a bag capacity of 17.5 litres with a dimension of 27 x 52 x 21 cm, which is compact enough to take care of your garden. 

You won’t mind the modern side design of this machine, which makes it easy to operate. Also, it makes it far easier for you to move it. The firm and stylish handles that this vacuum cleaner also provides are unusual and quite very rare in the market. These handles make it very easy for you to safely grip it while making use of it for whatever work it is being needed for. However, this device proved to be heavier than expected for some users.


  • These powerful leaf blowers come at a very affordable price
  • All parts being pre-installed makes it very easy to assemble and use
  • These leaves blowers have amazing speed and power
  • These large garden vacuums have a great collection bag so you can suck wet/dry leaves, waste, and debris without making a mess
  • Long lasting efficiency and durability help to save time and cost.


  • Sometimes gets too heavy and uncomfortable to use these power units

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7. Powervac Electric Blower By Flymo

Powervac Electric Blower By Flymo

Seventh most powerful machine for blowing leaves is the Powervac Electric Blower By Flymo. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The Flymo 9676581 Power Vac is an electric garden vacuum cleaner and our 7th pick. This vacuuming machine is in this top pick of ours for two main reasons. First is the high-quality of the brand, and then the high-quality of the vacuums itself. The brand high-quality of Flymo is not one that is being expressed in garden vacuums alone but in many other products being sold in the market today.

This model, being used by a range of users globally, has been validated as a very reliable cleaner that can help you in getting rid of dirt and leaves from your back yard. A neat, well cultured and attractive garden is very much possible with this corded leaf blower. It has a 2700-watt motor and has an average weight of about 4.3 kg.

A 40-litre collection bag is included so that you won’t have issues with the collection of clippings, wet leaves and debris. The bag is easy-to-use and effective for getting rid of dirt, debris, as well as leaves in your garden. Safety is one of the significant things to consider when buying a garden cleaner. If well located in the garden, you do not have to worry about your kids or pet going around the small area where it is being kept.

Also, the inclusion of hearing aid in this package makes up for what would have been a significant defect of this garden vacuum. So with the aids on, you can vacuum your garden conveniently without any fear that the power tool would hurt your ears.


  • A good budget garden cleaner coming at a very affordable price
  • User-friendly model making it one of the best leaf blowers for beginners who want to easily suck wet leaves and garden debris
  • These powerful blowers have a great collection bag
  • Good safety design you can turn motor on without nozzle in place
  • Your large back yard will be free of wet/damp leaves and debris with this powerful vacuuming machine
  • Very reliable model with extended lasting features


  • The maintenance cost of this back yard vac is very high and difficult to effect.

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8. Electric Garden Blower And Vacuum By Bosch

Electric Garden Blower And Vacuum By Bosch

Eighth most powerful machine for blowing leaves is the Electric Garden Blower And Vacuum By Bosch. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Our eighth pick is the Bosch Electric Blower Vacuum. Reading through leaf vacuum reviews, you will find how much positive reviews and ratings this leaf collection bag enjoys. This garden leaf vacuum is not just the best leaf blower for your garden, but also one that can cover an area regardless of how large or small it is. Designed with top materials, this leaves blower vac can stand all sorts of wear and tear.

While you might need to spend a whole lot on maintaining this garden, the comprehensive features, excellent design and top-quality all makeup for that in no small ways. It has a 2500-watt motor, which guarantees optimum effectiveness at all times. 

With weight of just 7 kg, and with a collection bag capacity of 45 litres, you can’t do wrong with this model. You will like the V-shaped handles of this leaf blower, which is easier to operate.


  • Works effectively and quickly, and is powerful enough for any small or large area you want
  • Fantastic features and excellent design characterize this powerful vacuum
  • Really good speed and blowing power vacuum mode.
  • You will like the look and strength of the hand and shoulder strap.
  • Be free of wet leaves and debris with this power machine
  • Using this powerful leaves blowing machine will help you eliminate the leaves and debris easily.
  • The brand producing this leaf collection bag is very reputable


  • Requires more cost to maintain than is being required to purchase.

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9. 3000W Trivac Garden Blower By Worx

3000W Trivac Garden Blower By Worx

Ninth best machine for blowing leaves is the 3000W Trivac Garden Blower By Worx. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The larger your garden is, the more effective and powerful leaves vac you want. While the Worx WG505E Triviac Garden Mulcher has not enjoyed a place under a range of leaf vacuums reviews. However, a careful look at the specifications and features of this electric leaf blower, you will find out it is among the most sophisticated vacuums.

While there have been a wide range of speculations around the price of these vacuums, beyond price, everyone sure wants leaf collectors that can get the job done in the manner they want it to be finished. Coming with a strong motor of 300 watts, and a 7 speed modes, you may not find a better machine even if you want it. Its weight is just 6 kilograms, and that is why it is very easy-to-manoeuvre in your garden.

Its excellent design, versatility and high-end efficiency keep lifting its ranking among other vacuums on garden vacuums reviews. You can install this machine with ease since there is an installation manual that is very easy to understand. There are no tubes to switch so you can easily control the change of tasks with a flick of a switch. The ease of assembling and subsequently disassembling this power tool makes it very easy for you to be able to maintain and clean its various parts as well as taking off stored dirt.


  • These blowers are among the most effective in the market
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble which means maintenance will become much easier
  • No tubes to switch between tasks
  • These vacuuming units have amazing weight, speed and power.
  • Using this powerful machine means you can easily dispose of wet leaves and even debris
  • You will like the strong shoulder strap included which enables you to handle the unit easily.
  • These air tools come from a reputable brand which serves as some security for buyers


  • The price to value ratio of these vacuums is very high and a bit discouraging.

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10. Garden Vacuum Hoover Shredder By Marko Gardening

Garden Vacuum Hoover Shredder By Marko Gardening

Tenth most powerful machine for blowing leaves is the Garden Vacuum Hoover Shredder By Marko Gardening. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating.

Our 10th pick is an electric leaf blower vacuum, and it is the Marko Gardening Electric Mulching Shredder. This electric shredding machine has a handy timing feature which helps you keep a tab on work and allows you to know how fast or how slow you are getting such work finished. These tools come with an attractive design and are very portable.

This not only means it is very easy-to-use, but it also facilitates natural movement. Even storing this handheld mulching unit is very easy because of its size. These types of vacuums not only come at a very affordable price, but they are also straightforward to maintain at a low cost.

It has a collection bag capacity of 150 litres and measures 6.5 x 68.6 x 157.5 cm. It is a 4-stroke vacuum cleaner with a sturdy trunk that makes it stand out. You will like its outstanding firm sturdy grip, and that is why you don’t have to worry about your hands getting hurt even if you have to be using this vacuum cleaner for a very long while.


  • This electric garden vac is quite affordable in price and maintenance
  • Shredding ratio, speed and power of these really good blowers is perfect.
  • Simple but good looking design and comprehensive features
  • Get rid of wet or dry leaves and debris in minutes with this leaves blowing machine.
  • Strong shoulder strap included to enable you to handle the unit easily.
  • Very portable which allows for secure storage and full control


  • The durability of this garden vac could come to question after a while of use

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Garden Vacuum Buying Guide

After a thorough clearing of the bushes and hedges in your compound, leaving the cuttings lying around makes your outdoor space more untidy. Whichever tool you are using, whether a long reach hedge trimmercordless hedge trimmergarden shears, or garden shredder. You can use the cuttings as mulch or dispose of it through a garden incinerator.

But our focus is on the garden vacuum. You need to invest in the right model to experience the numerous benefits, and we will guide you through making the right purchase.

The Material of the Garden Vacuum

Garden vacuums vary in material from one cleaner to another. Always ensure to go for a garden cleaner that is made from quality materials and are not subject to wear and tear this way, you will be able to handle vacuum cleaner for a long while

The Warranty Plan Provided for the Garden Cleaners

Garden Vacuum Buying Guide

Users many times face challenges with the garden vacuum cleaner after purchase. This challenge can only be rectified without you suffering any loss if a comprehensive warranty plan has been put in place. Look beyond whatever is written on the product to being sure that the brand honours such a warranty plan.

The Size of the Garden Cleaner

Garden cleaners also vary in size and your choice of vacuum cleaner needs to be based on the size of your garden or the type of task that you need such for. This will help you to get a power tool that you can work effectively with.

What are the Different Features?

When buying garden vacuums, there are certain features users find handy that makes them search for one model over another or that makes them prefer one brand over another. While there are a number of these features, we read through a range of leaf blower reviews and leaf vacuum reviews, and we have been able to select those key features that are most important.

The Colour of the Garden Cleaner

Users over time have found vacuums with cool and calm colours much handier than those with really dull or lousy colours. This is because beyond being a power cleaning unit, this vacuum cleaner can establish a fashion statement in the garden. Asides that, units with attractive colours also enhance the aesthetics of your garden while being used as a power tool to get rid of dirt from your leaves and garden as a whole.

The Ease of Use of the Garden Vacuum

Garden Vacuum Buying Guide

Garden vacuums differ from one another based on how easy they are to use or otherwise.

While some due to the many features they possess are quite complicated to use, others are straightforward to use. 

Make no mistake to quickly conclude that the more features a garden vacuum cleaner possess, the more complicated it gets to use.

It is possible for you to get garden leaf blowers with comprehensive features that are quite very easy-to-use. They exist in the market and users find such unit handy.

Garden Vacuum Buying FAQs

Q: How often is one expected to clean a garden vacuum cleaner?

A: Garden vacuums need regular maintenance to keep effective at all time. However, the rate of cleaning differs from one garden vacuum cleaner to another, and it is essential for you as a user to know this. It is necessary for you to know the maintenance requirements of whatever garden blower vac you are going for before going for it.

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