The 10 Best Garment Steamer Reviews In The UK (2021)

Best Garment Steamer Reviews

Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Steam cleaners for clothes have been introduced to the market quite recently, but haven’t failed to raise our expectations about how an ironed shirt, dress or skirt should look like.

Garment steamers are very easy to use, ideal for delicate fabrics and textures, and more often than not – may earn a better rating on the overall ironing quality. Because of the conventionality of the regular iron, you may be sceptical at first, but once you go steam, you never come clean!

Our Top 3 Garment Steamer Picks
1. The Best Garment Steamer By Tefal
2. The Best Lightweight Garment Steamer By Swan
3. The Best Garment Steamer For Office, Travel, And Home By Messtoo

The Best Garment Steamers Reviewed In 2021

1. Heavy-Duty Garment Fabric Steamer By AICOK

Heavy-Duty Garment Fabric Steamer By AICOK

The best garment steamer of 2021 is produced by AICOK, and it includes the heavy-duty range of fabric cleaning. The full-size garments steamer is manufactured by high-grade materials while containing the necessary accessories for a perfect, creaseless, continuous steam on a good deal of fabric. The best steamer for clothes has an operating power of 1800 W and a 1.6-litre large water tank that heats within the first 60-seconds. And if you have filled the tank correctly, you can get up to 60 minutes of continuous steaming for each session.

The best clothes steamer features a robust base unit, a handy 1.7-metre steam hose, and a durable steam pipe. The AICOK garment steamer also serves as a multi-purpose device because you can get it to steam, remove wrinkles, and eliminate dust and other contaminants. To do that, you can use the unit’s pre-set steam settings suitable for all garment types, including blouses, sweaters, suits, beddings or even curtains. After you’re done with your magic, you can hang your wrinkle-free clothes on the steamers’ hangers that can be easily adjusted to suit your needs.


  • It has an integrated fuse protector that prevents overheating or water shortage.
  • It comes with a clothes hanger, hose, steam head clip and fabric brush.
  • Its heavy-knit steam pipe has an anti-hot design.
  • Its hanging rods can provide with four height-adjustment levels.


  • It doesn’t steam jeans as well as other garments.
  • Some customers found the clips for hanging the clothes too tight.

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2. SI12020N Handheld Garment Steamer By Swan

SI12020N Handheld Garment Steamer By Swan

The second product makes up the best handheld steamer, which operates with a continuous steam flow of 1100 W and an insanely fast heat-up time. The easy to hold garment steamer supports a double operation as it can either be applied for flat ironing or vertical steaming. The Swan clothing steamers are easily managed and put to use because all that’s required is pulling the base trigger and running the steamer through the fabric for a wrinkle-free result.

By using its incorporated fabric brush, you can seamlessly iron through sensitive garments including silk, velvet or delicate cotton. The iron steamer can also remove dust, kill bacteria, and get rid of foul odours from several fabric types. The best handheld steamer has a minimalistic design by hosting its control buttons on either side of the device. When the unit experiences a water shortage or overheats, it will instantly shut itself off to prevent any hazards or damage to its interface.


  • It is Amazon’s Choice for the best garment streamers.
  • It comes with a full two-year warranty by Swan.
  • It is compact-sized and very lightweight.
  • It has a stainless steel panel for controls.


  • It is noisy for a compact unit.
  • It doesn’t get all the creases out on the first try.

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3. Handheld Garment Steamer By SIMBR

Handheld Garment Steamer By SIMBR

The third one in line is SIMBR’s handheld steamer that has been recently upgraded to truly compete with larger products in terms of practicality and usefulness. The steamers iron has a power output of 1500 W that is generous for compact-sized steamers for clothes. Because of its monster strength, the easy-to-use clothes streamer has an 18-second heat-up time and an ultra-fast heating element that ensures swift and continuous steam. This is further supported by the steamer’s design that supplies 14 fog holes on the ironing head.

To promote a comfortable and constant steaming experience, the handheld clothes steamers have a 280 ml water tank that can sustain up to 11 minutes for each session. Even though the SIMBR products are best suited for light clothes, you can go through some trial and error to get creases and wrinkles out from nylon, polyester, cotton, linen and even jeans. Another one of SIMBR’s advantages includes its multi-functionality too because the unit steams clothes, cleans dust from garments, removes lint from all fabrics and ensures a wrinkle-free fold.


  • It has an energy rating of class A+++.
  • It comes with two brushes ideal for light clothes.
  • It has an automatic shut-off feature that turns the unit off when not in use.
  • It has an easy buttoned switching mode.


  • Its horizontal steam use was noted to cause some leakage.
  • Its power lead is relatively short, which causes inconvenience for steaming larger fabrics.

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4. Portable Clothing Steamer By Beautural

Portable Clothing Steamer By Beautural

Beautural manufactures another handheld steamer that’s superb both in design and functionality. The easy to hold garment steamer has a functional strength of 1200 W while supplying a 260 ml water tank. You can readily get the unit to start under less than 30 seconds, for a power capacity that will last you for about 15 minutes. The clothes streamer is fit with steaming all fabric types, most notably focusing on linen, velvet, plush, sink, wool and nylon.

One of the best features that this garment steamer renders is the pump technology that uses a 110°C steam to thrust deeply into the fabric and remove all dirt and allergens. This technology also ensures that you can use the clothes steamers either horizontally or vertically, and you won’t experience any leakage. The packaging includes one garment steamer, a lint and fabric brush, one measuring cup for the water intake, and a helpful user guide.


  • It is Amazon’s Choice for the best handheld steamers clothes.
  • It comes with a two-year warranty by Beautural.
  • It has a de-odorising feature for removing excess smells from garments.
  • It has an auto shut-off function that turns the unit off after 8 minutes of inactivity.


  • It isn’t suitable for heavy-duty work.
  • Some customers reported that their water tank suffered from leakage.

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5. Hand-held Garment Steamers By Homeasy

Hand-held Garment Steamers By Homeasy

If you want to get one of the best clothes steamer products but don’t want to spend much doing it, we recommend Homeasy’s handheld easy-to-use device. The elegant clothes steamer works with a power of 1500 W while fulfilling a pre-heating time of just 25 seconds. The Homeasy garment steamers have been proven effective in not only ironing clothes and other fabrics but removing pests, viruses, dust and allergens from sofas, curtains or beddings.

The clothes steamer uses a temperature of 110°C to run through its 280 ml water tank for the best clothes steaming results. The water tank can be quickly filled because it applies a one-button pop-up design for added convenience. Homeasy products are also notable in their building components because they use a ceramic element to get a consistent temperature that blocks heat loss to a maximum. When you accompany its internal materials with the external stainless steel plate, you get undeniable results that make up an effortless streaming procedure.


  • It is Amazon’s choice for the best steamer clothes.
  • It includes a travel bag for easy storage and an anti-scalding glove.
  • It has a complete air guide that prevents water spots from forming.
  • It comes with an ironing helper accessory that is used for ironing collars and cuffs.


  • It is heavier than other handheld steamers.
  • Some buyers experienced issues with the power lock, meaning that they had to hold the button in place for all the steaming session.

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6. Handheld Travel Steamers By Cadrim

Handheld Travel Steamers By Cadrim

As with the best handheld steamers, this range of products by Cadrim uses the power of 1500 W to generate fast heating time of just under 20 seconds. The 280 ml water tank further ensures that you can steam iron your clothes for about 10 minutes before it needs a refill. One of the most crucial hallmarks within this garment steamer lies in its full steam output that assures an even temperature flow. This is most favourable since it penetrates materials and efficiently removes all bacteria, allergens, dust and odour.

Another feature that may earn a five-star review includes the steamer’s smart design that allows you to use the unit horizontally or vertically, without having to worry about water leakage or uneven heat flow. This handheld clothes streamer is also one of the best compact products for steaming large garments like beddings, sheets, curtains or lighter carpets because it is assisted by the 2-metre power cord that grants you plenty of movement. All in all, the Cadrim steamer guarantees that you can bask in the comfort of easy ironing, by giving a minimal time and effort.


  • Good value for money.
  • It has an auto cut-off feature that prevents hazards.
  • You can use it for ironing, sterilisation, humidifying and dusting.
  • It’s designed with a handy lock for continuous use.


  • It is more prone to scalding and limestone build-up.
  • It spits water droplets while steaming.

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7. 7-in-1 Portable Clothes Steamer By Dodocool

7-in-1 Portable Clothes Steamer By Dodocool

This next product is best suited for those who want to get a multi-purpose steamer at a budget-friendly price. The superb unit by Dodocool supports seven different features that make it remain as one of the best compact-sized steamers on the market. Thanks to its increasing spray volume layout, this steamer will effectively remove the most stubborn creases and wrinkles from several fabric types, including personal clothing and home garments. The easy-to-use garment steamer can heat in just under a minute and supply with a 10 to 12 minute ironing time.

The lightweight garment steamer is ideal for travelling, as it doesn’t take much space and is a real lifesaver for quickly ironing that sundress or fancy shirt. Its ergonomic handle ensures a firm grip that makes the device easy to use for everyone involved. And in case you forget to refill the tank with water, the Dodocool steamer will identify the shortage and automatically turn off the unit to prevent any accidents or damage.


  • It is Amazon’s choice for the best clothes steamer.
  • It has an energy class rating of A+++.
  • It has an ergonomic water tank that can fill up to 180 ml.
  • It has a deflector design that prevents water from spitting out of the iron plate.


  • It spills water if the steamer is tilted for over 45 degrees.
  • Some buyers reported that its nozzle falls off mid-steam.

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8. Steam and Go Plus Handheld Steamer By Philips

Steam and Go Plus Handheld Steamer By Philips

We might not like to admit it, but one of the best indicators for a reliable product is the manufacturer’s brand. By following that line of thought, one can never go wrong with Philips. The latest garment steamer by this titan brand has a power output of 1300 W that can ensure the device is ready for use within the initial 45 seconds. Even though the steamer has a small water tank of just 70 ml, it makes up on fantastic wrinkle removal that’s provided by the high-grade heating plate and continuous steam feature.

Whatever type of fabric you want to steam Philips will take good care of it. The heating plate on this device has a Smart Flow function that efficiently kills up to 100% of bacteria latched onto the fabric. With that in mind, you can also use the steamer for removing germs, dust and even odour. The garment steamer will effortlessly operate both horizontally and vertically, emitting powerful but safe steam on your delicates.


  • It comes with a two-year manufacturers warranty by Philips.
  • It comes with a storage bag, a glove for extra protection and a fabric brush.
  • It has a buttoned trigger for easy de-wrinkling.
  • It emits a temperature of 100°C, which effortlessly eliminates wrinkles.


  • It has a relatively large build, so it’s not very suitable for travelling.
  • The water tank has to be refilled after each garment.

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9. 42320 Upright Garment and Fabric Steamer By Quest

42320 Upright Garment and Fabric Steamer By Quest

If we go back to the larger garment steamers, we can’t help but mention Quest’s fantastic 42320 model that is designed with an upright layout. Being one of the most functional products on the market, this garment steamer uses the power of 1800 W to remove creases and wrinkles from all fabric types. Quest has manufactured the steamer with a large water tank that can fill about 1.8 litres for continuous steam. This is especially helpful when you’re going through spring cleaning and taking care of all the house’s curtains, blankets, beddings, cushions or even sofas.

Because of the powerful motor and efficient heating elements, the Quest garment steamer can heat in under 45 seconds and be used for up to 50 minutes of ongoing work. For relatively larger clothes, you can use the included hanger and clamp duo that will hold your trousers, dresses or pantsuits in place while you give them the steam treatment. Its telescopic pole is easily adjustable to fit different heights, comfort and flexibility are prioritised.


  • It has an automatic power-off button that stops the device’s operation if not in use.
  • It has a 1.7-metre power cord that generates more ease of movement.
  • It comes with a folding hanger, trouser and glove clamp and a telescopic pole.
  • It has an ironing board that can be used for collars and other hard-to-reach edges.


  • It is very prone to scalding so you may need to use distilled water.
  • Its trouser clips are rather flimsy.

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10. DR8085 Access Steam Handheld Garment Steamer By Tefal

DR8085 Access Steam Handheld Garment Steamer By Tefal

Another fantastic brand that deserves all the praise it gets is Tefal, and this time, they have brought us one of the best compact-sized steamers in the market. The easy-to-use device has a reliable motor of 1500 W, which is relatively high for handheld steamers. With outstanding speed and consistency, the clothes steamer will be ready for you in less than 45 seconds. The water tank is designed with a convenient layout that makes refilling as simple as possible. With 200 ml you will be able to go through all the clothes you want, without having to replace the water.

Regarding design and functionality, it can be said that the Tefal hand steamer was carefully manufactured to be one of the best user-friendly units out there. The non-slip handle and comfortable grip make handling of the unit very simple, while the 3-metre power cord remains ideal for going through all your wardrobe. After you’re done with the steaming, you can use the provided door hook to hang your fresh outfit until you choose to wear it.


  • It is safe to be used on all fabric types, including silk.
  • It has a firm base and a flexible counter rest.
  • It can provide with 10 minutes of continuous steaming.
  • It comes with a handy fabric brush and a steam cover protector.


  • It is prone to water spilling out of its tank.
  • It only has one steam setting.

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Garment Steamer Buying Guide

It has been settled; a garment steamer is a lifesaver. The concept is the same: You pour water, it turns to steam, and it relaxes the fibres of your clothes – thus promoting a wrinkle-free, gorgeous look. Whether you choose a heavy-duty, upstanding, compact-sized or handheld steamer is all a matter of preference. However, some things are essential for purchasing the right unit.

Garment Steamer Buying Guide


It refers to the steamer’s operating strength that’s fueled by its motor and is measured with Watts. This value differs between standard and handheld models.

Still, the general rule of thumb is to go for a unit that can support at least 1200 W. Anything below will be ineffective and a waste of resources. The best steam devices can promote up to 2000 W, which affects heat-up time, quality of steam and its duration.

Water Tank

All steaming devices need water to operate, and the bigger its intake, the more productive the steaming is. A large water tank ensures that you can have an uninterrupted steaming session while also enhancing the pressure of the steam. Generally, a handheld steamer should host around 200 ml, while a full-sized one would need about 1.5-litres.

Additional Features

Garment Steamer Buying Guide

Even though most steaming units are pretty straightforward in their build, design and function, you can always find variability that might suit you better.

A garment steamer can be manufactured either by a uniform steaming mode or different settings. More sophisticated devices also incorporate safety measures like an auto shut-off feature or a safety lock, that prevent hazards and ensure a longer life for the device.

Water filters are also favourable because they reduce limescale build-up and avoid damage to the steamer.


Q: Do garment steamers really work?

A: Yes, garment steamers are excellent devices and very efficient at straightening out creases and removing wrinkles. Because these units work by only releasing steam and not touching the fabric, they are ideal for clothing that’s more on the delicate side and require sensitive care. As long as you get a steamer that has a sound power output, you can rest assured that the unit will achieve the best results.

Q: Is it better to iron or steam clothes?

A: Irons provide with reliable straightening results but are usually limited to specific fabrics and features. On the other hand, a steamer usually is suitable with all fabric types, can provide with different steam settings, can be used without a board or surface and is ideal for travelling. A steamer also has more health benefits, as it can be used as a sanitiser, bacterial removal, dust eliminator or humidifier.

Q: How to use a steamer for clothes?

A: Each garment steamer is manufactured differently, so there isn’t a uniform method that works on all products. However, most steam devices are usually operated within the same logic, that includes these three steps.

  1. Preparation – Begins with getting the steamer ready to start by plugging it into the mains power and filling its reservoir with water. One important thing to note here is that tap water will work just fine, but using distilled water prevents plaque build-up, thus ensuring that your steam unit lives longer.
  2. Steaming – Includes placing your garments into a comfortable position for steaming. If you’re using an upright steamer, you should set your clothes on the included hanger. For handheld units, you can use a simple coat hanger from your wardrobe. You can also do this process with fabrics lying down, but this usually blocks the airflow and doesn’t let the wrinkles straighten out properly. Continue with running the nozzle downwards by applying slow motions. The nozzle doesn’t have to touch the fabric but merely run through it.
  3. Aftermath – Normally, when steaming is done, you might see some water spots or damp lesions. If you want to continue steaming other garments, gently remove the steamed clothes and place them somewhere else, they can hang. Let them dry for about 10 minutes before you decide to wear them or put them in the dresser.

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