The 8 Best Gas Cooker Reviews For UK Kitchens (2021)

Best Gas Cookers Reviews

Last Updated on May 7, 2021

A cooker is arguably the most important part of a kitchen, seeing how it is essential in baking your grandma’s cookies or that deliciously-looking recipe you found on Pinterest that one time. Most cooker (gas) machines operate with certain features that emphasise on functionality and maintain energy efficiency, but it’s usually hard to decide on one that properly meets your requirements.

However, some features make a product be the best gas cooker on the market. With that in mind, whether you’re ready to part with your old oven or are simply looking for a better machine, read below to find the top oven reviews of 2021.

The Best Gas Cookers Reviewed In 2021

1. The Most Reliable 10732 Classic Type Gas Oven By Rangemaster

Most Reliable 10732 Classic Type

The best gas cooker of 2021 is the 10732 Classic Double Oven by Rangemaster. With the main oven of 41L capacity and 10 conventional cooking temperature settings, this machine is easy to use and very reliable on top of containing a lot of cool features. The top oven contains a 17L capacity with type gas grill, so you’ll be able to cook two meals at a time. Moreover, for a professional look and easy-clean finish, the single pressed gas enamelled hotplate can hold a 1-litre spill and features four type gas burners with cast iron pan supports. Ensuring maximum security, the hardwearing anodised handles on this gas oven come with a chrome-plated cover for a sleek look that’s also very durable. You can choose between the classic roll styles or long, linear bar handles depending on the model.

The all-gas collection also boasts a half smooth, half ribbed non-stick griddle for sizzling stir-fries, seared salmon, seafood and steaks or even a weekend fry-up. The overall dimensions of this gas oven are 595mm in width, 598mm depth and 895mm height; so you won’t have to worry if your turkey is too big or your cooking pan too wide. Thanks to its main energy type A rating, you’ll be able to cook your delicious meals and keep the energy bill within reasonable levels while doing it. If you’re not convinced yet, you might want to know that this machine by Rangemaster is the best gas cooker under £400 currently on the market, so head over to Amazon and get yours right away!


  • The 60cm oven range comes with catalytic liners in the top and bottom cavities, so cleaning the oven will be an easy task.
  • You can keep an eye on cooking times with the smart LED type display and minute minder.
  • The Rangemaster’s rotary control knobs ensure a professional finish that makes it easy to use.
  • Thanks to its distinctive door design with a rectangular or baker-style window, you will be prompted to check the progress of your dish as it cooks.


  • This line of gas ovens doesn’t include LPG type Jets.
  • The oven temperature dial numbers might be difficult to see since they are rather small in size.

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2.  The Fantastic HD5G00CCX Double Cavity Gas Cooker By Hotpoint

HD5G00CCX Double Cavity Gas Cooker

This freestanding double cavity gas cook promoting generous width and height; has a total of 69L of cooking space in the main oven cavity and an additional 32L in the grill cavity, making it perfect for the heavy cookers out there.

Built of stainless steel material type gas hob with four gas burners and enamel pan stands, this line of cookers ensures high endurance even after extensive use. Moreover, its catalytic liners are made of special panels that catch fat spits and grease, removing them naturally during the cooking process.

With a 900mm height, 500mm width and 600mm depth, this machine takes its second place in the best gas cookers of 2021, due to its inclination and durability. Furthermore, its automatic ignition feature, long-lasting glass type panes and interior lights design make the cooking process very pleasing for everyone involved. Subsequently, the excellent style and layout along with its free-standing feature make this gas cooker a top contender for overall functionality, making it pretty easy to use. 


  • The Hotpoint gas cookers contain a flame failure safety device that cuts off the supply if the flame goes out.
  • Both the main and top catalytic liners ensure maximum ease while cleaning.
  • The gas cooker operates with an energy rating type of class A, so it ensures maximum energy efficiency.


  • The grill pan might be difficult to remove while hot.

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3. The Great MDG600LK Double Oven Gas Cooker By Montpellier

MDG600LK Double Oven Gas Cooker

Another great line of cookers (gas operated) is the Montpellier’s MDG600LK double oven machine that includes an integrated type grill as well as the main oven shelf. The cooker also contains a double-glazed oven door serving as the perfect choice for those of you who prefer a more conventional oven look.

Arranged with an elegant design promoting maximum width, this gas cooker is available in black, silver or white, so matching your kitchen shan’t be a problem. Thanks to its four burners with enamel pan type supports, this gas cooker takes the required safety measures to ensure hazard-free cooking at all times.

The main oven has a 63L capacity, while the top one operates with 36L. The dimensions specified in this model are 900mm height, 600mm width and 600mm depth. Additionally, its side opening oven door feature guarantees higher functionality rates, so getting arm strains while trying to lift the hot pans from the oven won’t be a problem anymore.

This gas cooker also comes with a flame failure device and warrants a two-year guarantee, all under a very reasonable price!


  • The Montpellier cooker comes with accessories included.
  • LPG Jets are also incorporated with the package – the main advantage that only a few manufacturers provide.
  • Rotary controls and its 12300W power ensure great cooking speed.


  • Due to its B type rating, this gas cooker doesn’t have energy efficiency as its main priority.
  • The ignition button might become faulty over time.

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4. The Exemplary KDG653S Double Oven By Beko

The Exemplary KDG653S Double Oven By Beko

Perfect for big, busy families, this gas cooker comes with two ovens and an integrated grill in the top cavity, accommodating you to cook lots of food in one go. Making it on the list as the best gas cooker, this product contains a flexible four-burner gas hob that contains three different burner type sizes to choose from. With a rapid burner large enough to boil pasta, a simmer burner for gently cooking soup and two regular sized burners for everything in between, you’ll be able to cook whatever you want. With a main oven containing a 72L capacity as well as an extra oven and grill, you’ll be able to fulfil all your batch baking needs.

Quick and easy to use and wipe down, the oven’s doors are also fitted with a glass type panel, whereas the smooth enamel oven lining ensures easier cleaning procedure. Moreover, you can easily keep an eye on your cookies as they’re baking thanks to the interior oven light. Giving you one less thing to worry about, the hob’s built-in flame safety device will automatically cut off the gas supply if the flame goes out.


  • The glass in the top cavity can be completely removed for even simpler cleaning.
  • The conventional main oven width type allows for zone cooking.
  • Thanks to its LED Timer and integrated clock, you can keep track of cooking times.


  • The control knobs don’t have a protective heating feature, so they might get too hot due to overuse.
  • The main oven doesn’t have a lid, so that might serve as an inconvenience.

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5. The Durable MEL50W Single Oven By Montpellier

MEL50W Single Oven By Montpellier

Offering the best gas cookers on the market, Montpellier presents its MEL50W model that emphasises on convenience and performance, that’s perfect for any kitchen. Featuring a spacious oven promoting profuse width, separate grill and gas type hob, this simple cooker affords all the features that make a great oven. The main oven offers 61L capacity, so you’ll have no issues when it comes to preparing a large dinner for your family and friends.

A single wire shelf gives you the perfect place to spread your dishes out and, as its level can be changed, you’ll be able to accommodate larger dishes. The hob features four spacious burners, ideal for preparing sauces and sides.

Another great advantage to this cooker is that the grill is at eye-level on this cooker, which makes it extremely easy to access and keep an eye on your food. Separate from the oven and hob, you can easily cook using all three methods at the same time. Moreover, being A-rated for energy efficiency, this cooker is also low cost to run, so you won’t have to worry about the bill at the end of the month. As with the best gas cookers, each burner in this machine is fitted with a flame failure safety device that cuts off the gas if the flame becomes extinguished, so safety won’t be an issue. 


  • The enamel pan supports and enamel oven interior ensure that it’s fairly easy to keep this cooker clean.
  • The type gas cooker is very lightweight, so you can fit it wherever you place with full dexterity.


  • The gas cooker doesn’t contain a storage compartment.
  • The flame safety feature might be too sensitive at times, causing the oven to turn off unexpectedly.

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6. The Renowned RMC61GOC Mini Range Double Cooker By Montpellier

The Renowned RMC61GOC Mini Range Double Cooker By Montpellier

The Montpellier RMC61GOC is an essential cooker if you’re after a mini range that offers the perfect balance of function and style. Not only is it compact and eye-catching, but it gives you the look and feel of more traditional full-size ranges that exhaust their width.

The gas cooker contains two oven cavities – the main unit with a 67L capacity and the top one with a 30L capacity, allowing you to cook multiple items at once. Most notably, the four gas hobs including a type wok burner have cast iron supports to ensure durability and to give better stability to your pans.

The gas cooker also comes complete with three wire shelves and a digital timer which allows you to program your oven to start or stop cooking when you are not at home. When it comes to cleaning, the enamel oven lining and removable inner glass door help to make it as quick and hassle-free as possible. Matching your kitchen colours won’t be a problem either since this cooker is also available in Black (GOK), Steel (GOX) or as a ceramic.


  • The gas cooker has telescopic runners allowing you to safely and easily access all areas of your oven as well as to turn or stir your food.
  • Its auto-ignition feature ensures great productivity and energy efficiency.


  • The cooker doesn’t have a glass lid.
  • Its rear legs were reported to not be very stable at full adjustment.

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7. The Striking HD5G00KCB Twin Cavity Gas Cooker By Hotpoint

The Striking HD5G00KCB Twin Cavity Gas Cooker By Hotpoint

The HD5G00KCB freestanding single gas cooker by Hotpoint contains a 50cm width in a stylish and sleek black finish. The 67L conventional oven provides ample room for all your family meals.

The top cavity contains a 32L variable grill, so you can bake, roast and grill your food, according to your needs. This cooker is topped off by a type gas hob, extending four burners. Moreover, the automatic ignition feature allows a spark to ignite through the simple turn of a knob, protecting both you and your patience on the process.

With its front-mounted controls and double glazed window, baking cookies has never been easier and more pleasing. Thanks to the fact that both cavities contain an interior light, you won’t have to take the pans out every five minutes or worry about your meals burning while you’re not looking. Lastly, due to its energy efficiency rating A, you will also save up a few pounds while cooking. 


  • The click and clean inner glass door can be removed with one simple ‘click’ gesture, making the cleaning process quick and effortless.
  • This model also comes with a flame failure device to prevent safety hazards.


  • Even though this product is FSD compliant, the gas flow stop feature might wear out after some time.

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8. The Notable AFG5100WH Double Cavity Gas Cooker By Amica

The Notable AFG5100WH Double Cavity Gas Cooker By Amica

Last but not least, a big adversary for the best gas cooker title is also the AFG5100WH double cavity oven by Amica. The gas cooker contains double glazed doors with removable inner door glass, an interior light in both cavities and enamel type interior, ensuring ease while cleaning.

As for the hob, it is important to note that it consists of four burners – two semi-rapid, one auxiliary and one rapid type, to meet different cooking needs. It also has an impressive A/A energy rating, which makes it kind to the environment as well as your utility bills/A energy rating, which makes it kind to the environment as well as your utility bills/A energy rating, which makes it kind to the environment as well as your utility bills.

Furthermore, the hob also has enamel pan supports, automatic ignition and a flame failure safety device which cuts off the gas when the flames are extinguished. The main oven has a capacity of 44L, while the top oven exhausts 22L with combined gas grill. The Amica cooker’s dimensions are constrained of 600mm depth, 900mm height and 500mm width. Most importantly, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly product, you’ll be happy to know that this machine is the best gas cooker under £300.


  • The cooker can easily be converted to LPG for a caravan.
  • It serves a two year warranty period.


  • The flame failure safety feature might incite false errors prompting the oven to shut down unexpectedly.

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Buying Guide

When it comes to preparing food, whether you’re cooking for the entire family or simply baking cookies for yourself, a cooker is undoubtedly the centrepiece of the kitchen. As people are shifting from electrical appliances to gas ovens, there is a wide range of products available that accustom several different cooking needs. Having that in mind, finding the best gas cooker to match your needs can sometimes be a confusing and frustrating task. There are so many things to consider, starting from energy rating, catalytic liners (uhm…what?), hob types, ease of use and numerous extra features that make the buying process tiring even to the most acquainted shopper. While aiming to make this process easier for you, we have gathered the most important characteristics to look for, so you can get out there and look for the best gas ovens right away.

Oven Capacity

Gas Cooker Buying Guides

Gas cookers usually come in different sizes depending on height, width and depth, but more importantly, you should always check the cavities capacity. There are three major types of capacities, and they’re differentiated by the functions they provide. The first type is the single oven, that’s built for simpler use and labours with a simple purpose. With this type of cookers, oven cooking and grilling is usually done within a single cavity, so you should always look for ovens that promote larger capacities.

The second type comprises of twin cavities, that normally function with the main oven that serves for cooking purposes and a top oven fit for grilling. This usually means that you’ll have less space for cooking but an obvious advantage lies in the fact that you can cook and grill at the same time.

Lastly, the third and most efficient (also costly) type is the double oven. As you might predict, these gas cookers consist of two medium to large capacity cavities, giving you the best of both worlds. You can use the main oven for cooking more lavish meals while using the top oven for baking cookies at the same time. With this type of cookers, you can use the top oven either for cooking or grilling, so you’ll save both time and energy while doing so. The features most applicable to you should reside on the type of cooking you do. If you’re more of a heavy cooker who has frequent gatherings, you might consider a twin or double cooker that will properly fit your multitasking goals. On the other hand, if your cooking habits lie more on the now-and-then dynamics, a single cavity cooker should be just fine.

Hob Types

A hob is the upper part of the cooker on which the pots and pans reside while heating. They’re usually made of similar materials, but some distinctions are important to keep in mind while purchasing. The most common variety of a hob is the sealed plates type. Even though they are robust, they tend to be slower while heating up. The second type and probably most relevant to gas cookers consist of the gas hob. With a visible flame, a gas hob promotes instant heat, precise control and generally delivers faster cooking results – serving as a favourite among chefs. Another type is the induction hob, that normally heats the pan directly and not the hob surface itself. These hobs are safer while promoting energy efficiency. Finally, a ceramic hob has a smooth surface that’s easy to use and wipe clean. They heat up faster than sealed plate hobs but not as fast as gas or induction hobs. Gas cookers usually use gas hobs as well, but you can replace them according to your own needs.

Energy Rating

One of the main features to look for in gas cookers lies in its energy rating, considering how we’re constantly moving towards an eco-friendly lifestyle. Moreover, old cookers usually waste a lot of energy in the simplest tasks, bulking up the eventual bills and creating unnecessary waste on the process. Luckily, energy efficiency is becoming a top priority among manufacturers, and it takes up an essential part of most user manuals. The best gas cookers have an A or A+ rating, which indicates that they operate with 92-100% overall energy efficiency promoting very little waste. This means that your gas cooker is prompted to use very little energy while taking up less power to heat up and function. Other acceptable standards operate with an 81-91% efficiency, with an energy rating B. This is also acceptable and considered suitable, but you shouldn’t settle for lower scales, because a C or D energy rating has significantly higher running costs that will become very evident on the long run.

The Ergonomics of Cleaning

Gas Cooker Buying Guide

As you might already know, cleaning a cooker is oftentimes full of hassles, that is both time-consuming and doesn’t give the favoured results. Whether the width of the cooker is too small, or the door handle is badly positioned, a lot of consumers report this to be their biggest worry while buying a cooker.

The good news is that most newly manufactured cookers have some sort of lining to aid with cleaning. Some may have pyrolytic cleaning features, which burn off grease and grime at 500°C, leaving you to simply wipe away ash. Others will function with a main catalytic liner that absorbs spillages and splatters that are then burnt away when cooking on temperatures over 200°C. Others have smooth enamel coated interiors, making it easier to wipe away dirt.

Interestingly, some cookers also use multiple features to ensure more efficient cleaning and/or eliminate the process. The main thing to keep in mind here is to look for cookers that highlight the cleaning features, as they are normally equipped with several favourable options. 


Q: What is the best gas cooker brand?

A: The best gas cooker brand is relative because each manufacturer offers different features that are subjective to what buyers require. For this review, Rangemaster was crowned with the best gas cooker product due to the multiple features it promotes, the durability it ensures and the good customer reviews it warrants.

Q: What is a range cooker?

A: A range cooker is a kitchen apparatus that combines both an oven and a hob into the same machine, in the form of a freestanding appliance. Typically, range cookers contain the main oven and a top one that serves either as an oven or a grill (or both). The distinctive use of range cookers lies in the fact that it promotes both cooking and frying features, often at the same time.

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