The 10 Best Halogen Oven Reviews For UK Cooks (2021)

Best Halogen Oven Reviews

Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Halogen ovens are gaining popularity and for a good reason too. The best halogen oven can cook or grill food faster than standard ovens. Plus, they are compact and can fit in tight spaces. 

The UK market is flooded with these magical cooking appliances and finding the appropriate one can be hard. Our review handles this for you by selecting only the best for you to choose from.

Our Top 3 Halogen Oven Picks
1. The Best Halogen Oven By Daewoo
2. The Best Family-Size Halogen Oven By Geepas
3. The Best User-Friendly Halogen Oven By Livivo

Discover the Best Halogen Ovens Reviewed In 2021

1. Premium Halogen Oven Cooker By Michael James Direct

Premium Halogen Oven Cooker By Michael James Direct

The best halogen oven is the Premium Halogen Oven Cooker By Michael James Direct. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Michael James Black Premium Halogen Convection Oven is one of a kind device that will redefine your culinary experience. You can stem, roast, fry, or grill with the appliance. If you love simple and dainty meals, then this oven is what you need.

Thanks to its clear tempered glass pan, when you fill the oven, you can see how the items spread evenly. This compact quality appliance space is 17 litres and only weighs 6kgs. It’s designed to fit into any kitchen. The selection of utensils of racks, tongs makes it a great kitchen appliance for any number of people.

This steamer type device features a powerful heating and convection system, which helps in circulating heated air evenly as the food cooks. It allows you to fry, steam, bake, and grill, and there is a 60 minutes timer that lets you cook while attending to other tasks. It has a stainless coated halogen bulb cover, which makes it one of the products with the best quality. 

Also, this oven features variable temperature control ranging between 65 and 250 Degree Celsius. It allows you to cook food according to its temperature needs. The halogen has a perfect seal which locks in flavours and moisture, retaining the nutritious quality of your food.

Also, this oven features variable temperature control ranging between 65 and 250 Degree Celsius. It allows you to cook food according to its temperature needs. The halogen has a perfect seal which locks in flavours and moisture, retaining the nutritious quality of your food.

You will be happy to see its safety switch which ensures that it is switched off when the handle is moved into a raised position. There is a mesh air frying feature which is great for things like chicken nuggets and an extender ring adds a 5 litres expansion of space to the device.  It has one high toast rack and one low rack with a clear pan that makes cooking an exciting event, especially for the children.

What’s more, the tongs are designed to help with lifting up the racks when they are hot. Its cable is heat-resistant on the first 250mm guaranteeing maximum protection of plastic material from melting if in contact with the glass. The manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty meaning that you can shop with confidence, knowing fully well that you will not lose your money.


  • Adequate capacity for the whole family
  • It is energy efficient and not expensive. The device saves energy as it heats up immediately.
  • With the timer, you can be able to set the length of your cooking time. It gives you a wide variety of recipe selection.
  • Cleaning the oven is a breeze.
  • It is well coated to keep off rust.
  • Extender ring adds extra 5 litres of capacity


  • The halogen device is relatively heavy. It is difficult to store it in kitchen cabinets when not in use.
  • The Michael James halogen doesn’t come with instructions manual or a recipe book. New halogen users may spend more time learning how to use the device.
  • A hinged version of the lid would be preferable.

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2. Turbo Halogen Oven Air Fryer By Geepas

Turbo Halogen Oven Air Fryer By Geepas

Second place goes to the Turbo Halogen Air Frying Oven By Geepas. We gave it a 5/5 star rating. Feel free to check the price and details on the links below.

The 12 Litre Geepas Turbo Halogen Oven is the perfect appliance for cooking a variety of foods. It will make perfectly crispy chips, onion rings, fish, roast chicken, rice, and much more.

Its temperature controls allow the user to set the desired temperature for a highly pleasing meal. It will save your bills while keeping your family in good health. These fryers heat up quickly and cook fast compared to conventional ovens.

It comes with a cyclone heating system and a fan so that fast cooking will be achieved while giving your food an even texture. The cyclone system produces heat in whirlwinds, and with the use of heat convention, the air within transfers the cyclic heat to the food resulting in an evenly cooked meal.

The appliance features an adjustable cooking temperature which can go up to 250 Degree Celsius. The far-infrared temperature gets circulated into the food, which in turn cooks fast. It will cook a meal 40% faster than standard conventional ovens and there is a 60 minutes timer as well as the far-infrared high temperature of up to 250 degrees.

The Geepas Turbo oven has a power consumption of 1400W and voltage of between 220 and 240V 50/60Hz. It features a size of 12 Litres and made of a material that allows the convection mode of transferring heat. This is ideal for those types of food that should not get direct exposure to heat. It comes with a tray and broil rack with a heatproof basket that prevents you from accidental burns.

Also, these halogen ovens feature rubber pads on their bottom to prevent them from sliding. The temperature and timer control button are conveniently located at the top of the lid. The lid also has a guide on the ideal temperature for common food such as French fries and chicken. The product weighs 6.14 kg and has a dimension of 9.1 by 14.7 by 14.5 inches guaranteeing easy manoeuvre and storage.

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  • Multifunctional halogen ovens. They are convenient for steaming, roasting, baking, broiling, frying, and reheating.
  • This oven enables economical cooking. There is no need for pre eating. These halogen ovens heat up almost instantly. You will save on your electricity bills.
  • The halogen oven is one of the best cooking tools. It is easy to use due to its 60-minute timer and adjustable temperature.
  • These halogen ovens prepare food faster and healthier. You don’t have to add oils and fats to the food you are cooking.
  • This model is durable, providing you with value for your money.
  • This model has enough capacity to cook an adequate family meal in one round.
  • It is portable. You can carry it on your holiday camps or when caravanning.
  • These halogen ovens are easy to clean and maintain.


  • Geepas halogen oven does not come with racks that enable baking multiple foods at a go.
  • It has no instructional booklet or extender ring.

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3. Black Halogen Air Fryer Oven By VonShef

Black Halogen Air Fryer Oven By VonShef

Third place goes to the Black Halogen Air Frying Oven By VonShef. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating. Feel free to check the price and details on the links below.

If you need a quick, convenient and healthier frying machine, the Premium 12 Litre Black Halogen Air Fryer is a great choice. It’s a digital cooking device that is suitable for your grills, barbeques, bakes, roasts, and broiling. Every meal becomes healthier and tastier while your bills will become less.

These halogen ovens let you have the same delicious recipes as before, but with up to 80% less fat. You don’t have to worry about the constant need to check on your food. Its heating unit is specifically designed with controls and dials that allow the user to set the time and temperature. Its hinged lid feature ensures safety while baking.

Vonshef Premium halogen oven comes with a pack of accessories needed for cooking nutritious foods. They include a steamer that allows you to have tasty and healthier vegetables, a bread rack that can hold up to 8 slices of bread and a rice bowl that you can use to fluff up delicious rice.

Other accessories include skewers and set of tongs for removing and replacing the bowl or the oven tray, an extender ring with a silicone protector that increases the oven capacity by 5 litres and a high/low rack for cooking your ingredients evenly. It comes with an extra-large 12 litre capacity so that you can get the best result.

You can use the extender ring to increase this capacity to 17 litres. This makes it an ideal cooking appliance when hosting extended family gatherings, friend’s get-togethers or for feeding a large family. It uses halogen bulb heat to cook evenly and thoroughly.

It cooks quicker by up to 40% more than a conventional oven. The tight-fitting lid will retain the flavours of your meals and you do not need oil to make your recipes. It helps you adopt a healthy lifestyle without hating your food. Vonshelf premium halogen oven has a 60 minutes cooking timer and temperature knob that ranges from 125 to 50 Degrees Celsius guaranteeing convenient baking.

The power consumption of these halogen ovens ranges between 1200W and 1400W. It features a self-cleaning mechanism, allowing you to clean the appliance thoroughly without scratching the oven bowl. It comes with a two-year warranty, so you can invest your money with some peace of mind.


  • The halogen oven features a hinged hot lid for safety while you cook.
  • It performs better compared to conventional ovens.
  • These halogen ovens include numerous accessories and has multiple baking modes, this is a bonus.
  • The VonShef digital halogen oven features a transparent and heat resistant cooking bowl.
  • Vonshelf premium is easy to use with uncomplicated dial controls.
  • The appliance features a clear glass bowl that helps you keep an eye on what is being cooked.
  • Extender ring adds extra capacity


  • The package does not come with a set of instructions. If you are a newbie, you will take more time learning about the halogen ovens operations.
  • This model has analogue dials. Digital controls would be ideal.
  • The stiff power cord is a bit cumbersome.
  • The timer markings rub off easily.
  • It does not have an auto shutoff feature.

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4. Halogen Oven With Full Accessories Pack By VonShef

Halogen Oven With Full Accessories Pack By VonShef

Fourth place goes to the Halogen Oven With Full Accessories Pack By VonShef. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating. Feel free to check the price and details on the links below.

The modern cook is busy and faces time constraints every time he/she is in the kitchen. In such a situation, a multipurpose cooker would come in quite handy and the VonShef Premium halogen oven does exactly that. It combines the functionalities of a convection cooker with those of a halogen oven to give you the ultimate cooking experience in the kitchen.

This is more than your average digital kitchen appliance considering that it is both convenient and much faster than traditional ovens. Regardless of the meal you are preparing, the VonShef halogen oven has got you covered as it lets you prepare a wide range of recipes including chicken, fluffy rice, crispy fries, and deep pan pizza among others.

The powerful halogen bulb and light wave technology let you enjoy an evenly cooked dish within a very short time. The built-in high-performance fan helps to circulate hot air throughout thus eliminating the need to turn the food. This helps to reduce energy consumption while at the same time increasing the speed of cooking.

What is more, you will not have to worry about post-use cleanup. This halogen oven features a self-cleaning function. The VonShef oven’s hinged lid design makes it one of the exceptional ovens on the market as it eliminates the need for you to use your hands to remove the lid.

This digital oven includes a lot of accessories including a 5 Liter extender ring with a silicone protector, a rice bowl, steamer, frying pan and a bread rack. On top of that, it also includes a lid holder, a high and low rack, a pair of tongs and 4 skewers. Its power rating is 1200-1400W while its size is 48 by 34 by 32 cm. It is a black halogen oven whose appearance makes it easy to blend in with the rest of your kitchen appliances.


  • It is a combination halogen and convection heating technologies
  • It is a budget friendly kitchen countertop item that lets you save a lot of money in electricity and time
  • Your food is evenly cooked
  • Extender ring adds extra 5 litres of capacity
  • Features good cost to worth ratio


  • A significant number of people found issues with the hinged lid being dodgy

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5. 12L White Halogen Oven Cooker By Sentik

12L White Halogen Oven Cooker By Sentik

Fifth place on our list goes to the 12 Litre White Halogen Oven Cooker By Sentik. We gave it a 4/5 star rating. Feel free to check the price and details on the links below.

Sentik 12 litre Digital Halogen Oven is the perfect appliance to streamline your cooking process, thanks to its triple heating technology. You are assured of your food cooking fast and to perfection. These halogen ovens accelerate your cooking process by 50%. This is due to the high heating convection whirlwind and the infra-red waves.

Consequently, you save your time while roasting, grilling, steaming, frying, reheating, baking, and much more. With this halogen oven, you will definitely have a simplified and improved cooking experience. It features a size of 12L and can fry, steam, bake or grill with little to no use of oil. It will keep the calories away without compromising on the quality of your food.

It uses a halogen bulb to heat the food which is much more compact compared to other appliance bulbs. Also, halogen bulbs have a longer life span. These halogen ovens have a 60 minutes timer and a variety of temperature settings. with the possibility of setting the temperature between 125 and 250 Degree Celsius.

This digital model comes with tongs included which make it easy to lift the wire racks or baking mesh trays. The baking bowl is transparent, enabling you to monitor your food. It features a power voltage of 1300W, which is low compared to other models. The oven will not work with the handle of the lid in an up-position guaranteeing maximum safety.

Besides, this versatile appliance includes multi-level cooking racks – one high and one low rack. You can cook a variety of dishes at a go saving you energy and time. The halogen oven will save up to 75% of the energy you would use with the standard conventional oven.

It comes in white exterior colour which a great break from the basic black ovens. The bright colour will give some life to your kitchen. The halogen oven features an automatic cleaning cycle which ensures that it is always in a sanitary condition. The package comes with a high rack, low rack and rack tongs guaranteeing the most satisfactory result.


  • This revolutionary oven is convenient and easy to use and also not expensive.
  • The model is capable of defrosting food. You can cook food from a frozen state and make it palatable.
  • It is scratch-resistant.
  • These halogen ovens will cook a variety of healthy dishes fast, and in one round.
  • The oven does not produce a lot of heat. This makes it an ideal unit for baking in rooms with small spaces or in warm summer days.
  • It is easy to clean, with an automatic cleaning system.
  • It cooks 50% faster than the conventional oven.


  • Some people may find the light from the lamp too bright.
  • It does not come with an extender ring or replacement bulb.

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6. Deluxe Black & Glass Air Fryer By Schallen

Deluxe Black & Glass Air Fryer By Schallen

Sixth place goes to the Deluxe Black & Glass Air Fryer By Schallen. We gave it a 4/5 star rating. Feel free to check the price and details on the links below.

You will never grow tired of watching your food transform into a finger-licking dish through the transparent walls of this Schallen Deluxe halogen oven. These halogen ovens eliminate the need for oil in your cooking. It provides a healthier cooking alternative so that you and your family’s health remain in check. It will also make your baking quick and easy.

These digital halogen ovens use a combination of a carbon heating bulb and a built-in fan system that circulates the hot air. This mechanism results in perfectly cooked food. It features an extra-large size of 17 litres, with a 5 Litre capacity extender ring with a removable glass cooking bowl.

It has a power consumption of 1300 Watts with adjustable temperature control that ranges from 125℃ to 250℃. It ensures that your food is cooked correctly depending on its nature and the dish you are preparing. You can use the ideal temperature to cook, grill, bake or roast your food. If you are constantly on the move, do not fret about it. 

An inbuilt sixty-minute tlets you set the time that you would want your food to cook. The time will ensure that your food is made to perfection without overcooking. The time and temperature dial are located at the top of the device for easier operation.

These digital halogen ovens feature a self-clean function that enables you to clean them after every use safely and prevent food contamination. All you need to do is fill it with warm soapy water, set the self-clean function and watch it work its magic. It will be set and prepared to use for your next recipe in no time.

As a safety measure, you cannot use the oven if the handle is in an up position. You must put it down first. It ensures that no one picks up the lid when the unit is in use. This appliance comes with an oil bottle that allows you to spray your food for a healthier alternative to fried food. It keeps the calorie count in your food low.

With two mesh trays plus a high and low set of rack tongs, you can be cooking two different dishes at a go. It measures 30cms x 41cms x 31cm with a black glass finish that will look stylish in your kitchen.


  • It cooks quicker than regular ovens. This ensures that your kitchen does not heat up.
  • These halogen ovens eliminate the need for oil in your cooking.
  • This digital model features an adjustable temperature control and an inbuilt timer that makes it easy to operate.
  • It can cook food two dishes at a go, this is a time saver.
  • Extender ring adds extra 5 litres of capacity


  • The self-clean system does not effectively get rid of food that has stuck on the surface such as burnt-on meat fat and juices. You will need to wash the bowl on the sink manually.
  • The glass cooking bowl gets quite hot and will take time to cool.
  • These large halogen ovens will take up significant space in your kitchen.

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7. Low Fat Air Fryer Triple Power By Salter

Low Fat Air Fryer Triple Power By Salter

Seventh place goes to the Low Fat Air Fryer Triple Power By Salter. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Fats, especially trans fats, are known to cause cardiovascular disease and other health problems. This halogen air fryer oven uses little or no fat. But this does not affect the quality of food. It will produce a mouth-watering dish each time.

It has enough capacity to feed a family or prepare more than one dish at a go. The cooking bowl is clear, allowing you to look at the progress of your food. The Salter halogen oven will not just help you preserve time and energy, but it will guide you as you transition into healthy eating.

This steamer comes with a variety of recipes that guarantee that things will never get boring in the kitchen. It uses triple cooking power: halogen, convection, and infrared power to prepare a perfect dish. By using this triple power action, you can turn frozen food into a perfect dish without having to use a microwave. It allows you to roast, bake, grill or steam your food.

You will love its halogen power which will directly heat the surface of your food for the perfect browning and roasting while adding flavour to it. The convection function will evenly distribute the hot air, which leads to faster baking. The infrared heat will cook from the inside out, sealing the flavours and juices for an exotic taste.

With 1400 W power, these digital halogen ovens will cook food in very little time. It will work up to three times faster than regular ovens and ensures that your kitchen does not get too hot while your electricity bill remains low. It features a sixty-minute timer and a temperature control function so that you can cook different food according to their specific needs.

With a size of 12L, these halogen ovens will feed the average family or entertain guests. It comes with a high rack, low rack, and a mesh tray which enable you to cook food more than one dish at a go. It saves time and energy with rack tongs and a lid stand for the best result. This model has an oil sprayer that lets you add minimal oil to your food.

The package comes with fifty recipes that will undoubtedly improve your cooking. It comes with a glass dome, which makes it easy to monitor the progress of your food. The bowl is removable for easy cleaning and this goes a long way in preventing contamination of food.


  • This model is fast and convenient to use.
  • It comes with 50 recipes which will guide new users of halogen ovens.
  • The Salter halogen oven will cook three times faster than the regular oven.
  • It can prepare more than one dish at a time, making it an energy efficient baking method.


  • A capacity of 12 Litres is small size compared to other conventional ovens, and you cannot increase it.
  • These halogen ovens do not come with an auto shutoff feature.
  • These halogen ovens are heavy. Since they do not come with a self-clean feature, cleaning poses a risk of dropping and breaking.

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8. Triple Power Halogen Oven By Elitezotec

Triple Power Halogen Oven By Elitezotec

Eighth place on our list goes to the Triple Power Halogen Oven By Elitezotec. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The Elitezotec Halogen Air Frying Oven will eliminate your need for the numerous greasy takeouts that increase your waistline. This kitchen appliance will not just cook fast, but ensure that your dinner is yummy with guaranteed reduction of electricity bill.

You can grill, bake, or roast a variety of dishes, and your family will always look forward to your meals. Investing in this oven is not just good for your health, but it will be good for your finances too. It comes with triple cooking power including halogen convection, and infrared methods of cooking that will brown, roast and enhance the flavour of your meat.

You can be sure to get the nutrients out of every ingredient and there is no need to use oil in your baking. This appliance is a healthy alternative of cooking that will keep the calories off while ensuring that your recipes are delicious each time. You will have food with 80% less fat than food from a conventional frying machine.

This model comes with variable temperature control function that lets you cook different dishes according to their temperature needs. The temperature ranges between 65 and 250 degrees while you will get access to a timer function that allows you to set the cooking time between 0 and 60 minutes. This ensures that every food cooks to perfection.

The timer and temperature controls are conveniently located at the top of the lid for simple operation. The manufacturer put your safety into consideration when making this product. The oven will not work if the handle is in the up position. It eliminates the risk that occurs from lifting the lid while the device is in use.

It features a capacity of 5 litres and the glass bowl is transparent, enabling you to monitor your food. It comes with an extender ring, a mesh tray, a set of high and low rack tongs, and a lid stand. It is easy to clean and maintain as proper maintenance will prolong the life of the device, ensuring that you get value for your money.

These popular devices are sure to make a difference on your energy bills. It cooks three times faster than the regular oven. Reduced cooking time means you will have less heat in your kitchen to deal with. The package measures 36.4 x 36.2 x 23.4 cm and weighs 7Kg.


  • These halogen ovens will make cooking simple. They will cook three times faster than the regular or a gas oven.
  • It is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring that it lasts long and keeps your food uncontaminated.
  • These halogen ovens come with a safety feature that keeps you safe when cooking your favourite recipe.
  • It will cut your monthly energy bills.
  • These halogen ovens will promote healthy eating in your home. Food made with them will have significantly less fat than using other modes of cooking.
  • Extender ring adds extra capacity


  • This model does not come with an auto-shutoff function.
  • A 5-litre capacity is a bit smaller size compared to other models.

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9. Heat Resistant Glass Oven By Elgento

Heat Resistant Glass Oven By Elgento

Ninth place on our list goes to the Heat Resistant Glass Oven By Elgento. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating.

This brand has always maintained that quality is the first thing that should draw a customer to a brand. It has succeeded over the years in getting its customers to enjoy top-of-the-class kitchen appliances that offer a great deal of convenience every day.

These halogen ovens are top ovens manufactured by these renowned designers of kitchen appliances. Comparing it with other top ovens, you will realize that these halogen ovens have superior design features that include fast cooking, large capacity space and cutting-edge technology.

With this oven, you can do almost all the cooking exercises that you do with a traditional oven. For instance, you can grill, bake, boil, roast, and defrost your meals at a rate that is 40% faster than ordinary ovens.

Just like most of the other halogen ovens on the market, the E14020 model is quite simple to use. All you need to do is add your ingredients and adjust the temperature according to the requirements of the recipe then set the timer. The rest of the tasks are handled by the oven.

Once the food is prepared, you are notified via a signal. What is more, this oven comes with a defrost setting which makes it even more perfect for those with busy lifestyles. Since oil is not required to cook in this oven, it allows you to prepare healthy meals.

You are not going to believe how fast this oven gets your meals ready. For instance, a full chicken is going to be ready between 25 to 30 minutes whereas pizza will be ready within 10 to 12 minutes.


  • The excellent halogen cooking element facilitates faster cooking since the heat is evenly distributed
  • It features a generous space container that is larger than most of its competitors
  • Most of the halogen cookers reviews show that the halogen grill produces amazing results.
  • Even though it is not a hinged halogen oven, the E14020 is quite safe to use


  • The halogen cooking pot in the E14020 cannot be extended with an extender ring like most small size halogen ovens.

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Halogen Oven Buying Guide

There are numerous cooking appliances in the market. Your choice will depend on your method of cooking. You can deep fry with a deep fat fryer, grill and bake with a mini oven, or use a combination microwave.  But to get all the hot and spicy taste from you spice grinder or salt and pepper grinders into your food, use the halogen oven.

Choosing the best halogen oven from the market is not an easy task. You need the right information on what to look for, and that is what we are here to offer you.

The Benefits of Having a Halogen Oven

Halogen Oven Buying Guides

The economy of space has become a major issue of concern for most people over the last couple of days. Everyone is all of a sudden conscious about the amount of space they have at home. This has led to most people inclining towards gadgets and appliances that are economical on space utilization.

The Halogen oven is one of these appliances. It offers a wide range of benefits to the user and they include the following. First and foremost, halogen ovens are great energy-efficient appliances that save a great deal of electricity.

Secondly, they are simple to clean given that most of them come with self-cleaning functions. This eliminates the worry of post-use cleanup which most people are always concerned about. The third benefit of using halogen cookers is that they do not radiate a vast amount of heat.

Benefits of Having a Halogen Oven

This makes them ideal for use in a bit smaller spaces such as studio apartments and student flats. If you have the best halogen cooker, you can as well use it as an alternative (not primary) source of heat during the summer days. Halogen oven cooking is much healthier than the other cooking methods for two main reasons.

One, they do not require the use of oil to fry or grill. Secondly, the method promotes the retention of the food’s natural juice, therefore, maintaining its flavour. Both a small and large halogen oven can help you economize and create kitchen space without compromising on food capacity. This is because most of them come with an extender ring.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Halogen Oven

Before you embark on buying a halogen oven, there are some considerations that you need to put into account. The first consideration should be the controls of the oven you intend to buy. Whereas most halogen ovens come with manual controls that consist of rotary dials, some have digital controls that consist of a touch-panel.

Secondly, you need to consider the cord length of the halogen oven you intend to buy. Getting a halogen oven with a shorter cord would force you to purchase an extension cable which is an additional expense altogether. You can compare different models to find out about the cord lengths by reading our halogen cooker reviews.

The other consideration you need to make is whether the halogen oven you are buying comes with extension rings. These are very important accessories especially if you are buying a small halogen cooker because they allow you to extend the space of the oven from around 12 litres to 17 litres.

Also, consider if the halogen cooker is a hinged lid halogen oven or not. If it is not a hinged lid oven, then find out about the lid stand and its ease of use. Last but not least, you should inquire about the number of functions the halogen oven can perform. It is always economical to get an oven that can grill, roast, bake, steam, boil, and BBQ all in one.

Safety Precautions

Halogen Oven Buying Guide

A halogen oven is an electric appliance that should be handled with lots of care to prevent any kind of accidents from occurring. Here are some of the safety precautions that one needs to observe when using a halogen oven.

First, always make sure the power is switched off before removing the plug from the mains outlet. Secondly, it is important to make sure that kids/children do not play around this appliance. Alternatively, you should ensure close supervision when using this appliance around kids. You should not operate this appliance if it has a broken plug or cable. Only use the halogen oven cooker on a flat surface to prevent toppling.

If you are using a halogen oven hinged lid, ensure the timer is off before opening it. Also, avoid opening the lid before disconnecting the power cord. Make sure you exercise extreme caution when moving the halogen oven containing hot oil or other hot liquids. Needless to say, you should not use the halogen oven for purposes other than the intended use. Also, using a halogen oven outdoors is not advisable because it is only designed for indoor use.

Halogen Oven Buying FAQs

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions regarding a halogen oven.

Q: Can a halogen oven replace my normal oven in the kitchen?

A: Despite being portable and faster than a traditional built-in oven, a halogen oven lacks the capacity and flexibility to replace your normal oven in the kitchen. It, however, can be a great alternative or complement to the normal oven thanks to its portability.

Q: Which one is better between the hinged lid halogen oven and the one with a lid stand?

A: A hinged lid halogen oven is safer to use compared to one with a lid stand. This is because most of the time the lid stand would require some getting used to before you can master how to position it safely on the stand.

Q: Are the extender rings important if I have only a small family?

A: Yes, the extender rings come in handy when you are faced with a situation which requires you to prepare a large portion in one go.

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