The 10 Best Head Torch Reviews In The UK (2021)

Best Head Torch Reviews

Last Updated on September 19, 2021

Everyone should own a torch. Whether you love night running, camping, heading out to the shed or work at night, a head torch allows you to see where you’re going and be seen too.

With every brand – known and unheard-of, bragging about how great their products are, it can be hard to find a truly reliable torch. What’s the best head torch for you? Find out here.

Our Top 3 Head Torch Picks
1. The Best Head Torch By Lighting Ever
2. The Best Head Torch For Night Vision By LED Lenser
3. The Best Unisex Head Torch By LED Lenser

The Best Head Torches Reviewed In 2021

1. Rechargable Led Head Torch By Petzl

Rechargable Led Head Torch By Petzl

The best head torch is the Rechargeable Led Head Torch By Petzl. We gave it 5/5 stars.

While spending time in the outdoors, you have a backup plan when it gets dark. A compact yet useful headlamp is most ideal in these situations. This Petzl headlamp from Reactik is the best option there is to give the required brightness depending on your needs. It is equipped with the most intelligent technology that provides necessary brightness according to your specific needs.

For instance, reactive lighting technology is responsible for automatically adjusting to the brightness you need at the time. This happens when the sensor gets the ambient light to analyze the brightness to emit depending on the surrounding in three light modes. These include Max power, standard and max autonomy. By doing this, it enables visual comfort as well as increasing the burn time.

What is more, you will have complete hands-free usage with the headlamp. Headlamps that work in intervals can be quite unreliable. However, this is not the case with Petzl Reactik because it uses the Reactive Lighting technology to keep it on for a long time. It is safe to say that Petzl is the best device to use, outdoors or indoors.

Using 220 lumen power, you can use it as a running head torch that will not fail you with its brightness. Also, it has sufficient beam to focus on both close and distant objects. This is useful to avoid possible accidents while working. In addition, you can set it to red mode for night vision.

This best head torch for running is  by a rechargeable 1800mAh Lithium-ion battery for longer brightness. This rechargeable device has the universal charging with Micro USB port to charge. Most importantly, it has a battery charge indicator to show when it reaches full charge. It takes about 4½ hours to achieve a full charge with USB cable.

What’s more, you have the option to replace with a standard battery pack to use in far off areas. The battery operated device is comfortable and when it gets dirty, it is washable for continued use. It is also adjustable with the two-part build to remain stuck on the head. The headband absorbs all the sweat from your head during the strenuous work. Additionally, it has an IPX4 water resistance certification.


  • It provides long hours of burn time with the Reactive Lighting technology
  • You get complete hands-free usage
  • The band is comfortable and can be adjusted to the users liking
  • USB charging compatibility for batteries and long battery life


  • This battery operated device is costly
  • It takes a long time to charge the batteries

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2. Advanced Focus Led Head Torch By Led lenser

Advanced Focus Led Head Torch By Led lenser

Second place goes to the Advanced Focus Led Head Torch By Led lenser. We gave it 4/5 stars.

It takes the brightest head torches to conveniently light your path in the darkest conditions. This head torch uses 220 lumens to burn brighter than most head torches in the UK.

This is because it combines German engineering with patented Advanced Focusing Optics. That is why you will find headtorches with the same number of lumens not burning as bright as this powerful head torch. Therefore, you are able to get a brighter beam even on the lowest light setting.

You can clearly see the objects that are focused near and far with the brightness from this LED head torch. This is thanks to the patented reflector and lens combination intense and flawless lighting services. In the nighttime, the headlamp torch produces a bright white light and is also a head torch with red light for night vision protection.

These head torches adopts smart technology in three settings including power, low power and signal light. On the basic settings which here are the energy modes, you can select either energy saving or constant current modes. Energy-saving, as the name suggests, will optimize the burning life to give you more energy for a long time.

Constant current-controlled electronically, however, will provide continuous work. The light on the energy mode you select will not change until you choose a new selection. Secondly, there is a range of modes included: professional, easy and tactical defence. Here, you are able to get different functions on the head torchlight to help in certain situations.

In addition, you will get to know when this device is low on battery in due time with the low battery indicator function. You get complete usage convenience with this rechargeable LED head torch because you can use it for running in a bit darker alleys or caves. When you are all sweaty, the headband is bound to absorb the sweat and in turn, it gets dirty.

Fortunately, it is washable and replaceable to provide convenience. It is also anti-allergic to have a range of users. The casing on these battery operated headtorches for trail runner glows when you power it on. This enables you to see more in a bit darker surroundings. It is a light weight device that provides sufficient performance as seen on the rechargeable head torch review.


  • It is energized by batteries
  • It is easy to select the levels you want on the Smart Technology
  • You can see things clearly whether far or near
  • It is a waterproof device for use in extreme weather
  • The headband is washable and replaceable
  • Long battery life


  • Limited instructions especially how to enable and disable energy saving mode on the user manual

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3. Light Weight Head Torch By Led lenser

Light Weight Head Torch By Led lenser

Third place goes to the Light Weight Head Torch By Led lenser. We gave it 4.5/5 stars.

Ledlenser makes yet another appearance on the LED head torch review but this time it is a super bright head torch on the discussion. This device packs plenty of features that enable it to be the best head torch on the list. Whether you are hiking, fishing or running in the dark, this gadget will provide the perfect support.

First, the best head torch for running has superb illumination that you will not get anywhere else. The high setting has a brightness of 600 lumens to enable clear visuals in a 150-meter beam length for about 10 hours. The medium setting has 250 lumens that provide a beam length of 100 meters for 20 hours.

The lowest setting, however, provides 10 lumens in a 20m beam length and you will have 120 hours of continuous use. The head torch running comes packed with an interchangeable red and green filter cap for you to have different coloured options. You will see better with a green filter on especially when you are hunting in the wild.

With head torch red filter, you can easily see objects in great detail at nighttime. This high power device also has an adjustable beam whereby you can narrow the beam or widen it to see near and far objects. It is a good head torch to use for different outdoor actions since it has a tilting feature to adjust however you deem fit.

You can either lower or raise the headlamp to focus on a specific object or direction. This is the best LED head torch for trail runs, hikes or other strenuous actions since it has a robust build. The head strap is useful to distribute the weight around your head as the device comes attached with its battery.

There is a transport lock on the runners device to prevent powering it on by accident. This feature aids in preventing battery life drain. Unlike most standard LED head torches, this one has low battery and charge indicator. These features enable you to know when to charge the head torch as well as letting it achieve a full charge.

This way, you are well equipped with the right light for the jungle. Measuring only 158g with the battery on, it is extra safe to say that this is a light weight head torch for different needs. What’s more, it has an IPX4 water resistance rating that makes it usable during swimming and fishing.


  • It is the brightest head torch in the world with maximum power of 600 lumens
  • It is easy to use and adjust preferred brightness
  • Enables clear night vision with red and green filter cap
  • It doesn’t power on by accident with the transport lock feature
  • Indicates battery charge and when the battery life is low
  • It is lightweight
  • It is watertight


  • It is expensive
  • The lower settings provide minimal illumination
  • Not USB charge compatible

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4. Compact Head Lamp By Petzl

Compact Head Lamp By Petzl

Fourth place goes to the Head Lamp By Petzl. We gave it 4.5/5 stars.

If you are in search for a headlamp that will extend your day, then this Actik Core headlamp from Petzl is your perfect travel companion. It is the best head torch for trail running, mountain climbing, hiking and even camping. To begin with, this trail running head torch gives 350 lumens of power to bring brightness in great darkness.

When used together with their mixed beam, you can trust these running headtorches with the great outdoors and all the actions. There are two beam patterns which include the wide and mixed as well as several modes that bring high-end results in poorly lit areas or at nighttime.

For example, you get proximity/distance focus vision and rapid movement when you put the headlamp to work at nighttime. At maximum power, which is at 350 lumens, the beam is up long to 95 meters for 2 hours. You get a beam length of 50 metres at medium power (100 lumen) for 7 hours and 10 metres at 5 lumens for 160 hours.

There is also red glow on the head torch Amazon that is responsible for preserving nighttime vision to prevent blinding your travelling buddies. When using the red lighting for night vision, the proximity mode provides 2 lumens of power at a 6m beam distance for 40 hours. The strobe feature ensures visibility for up to 700m.

The Petzl head torch review reveals that this is the best head torch for hiking and camping in the dark since it packs all the key features for use in the darker surroundings. The Actik Core is the best rechargeable device as it is a HYBRID headlamp with a CORE rechargeable battery.

In addition, it is compatible with three AAA batteries to ensure you get great convenience. What’s more, battery compatibility extends to alkaline, lithium and Ni-MH battery types. You can charge it via a USB charger through the dedicated USB port on the camping device.

If you are planning on spending a long time in the woods or outside, emergencies are bound to occur. Therefore, you need to have all your emergency gear at all times. For this reason, the runners head torch kit has a reflective headband that is visible when you are wearing it and shine a light on it.

Also, there is an emergency whistle for use when you are lost. With an IPX4 watertight rating, you are able to use it on the beach or at the river.


  • It provides a high quality beam for hours
  • Flexible power and brightness options
  • It is weather resistant with long battery life
  • Easy to use, operated by batteries with USB ports for charging


  • There is only one switch control instead of two for both the red and white options

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5. Waterproof Head Lamp By Black diamond

Waterproof Head Lamp By Black diamond

Fifth place goes to the Head Lamp By Black diamond. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

It is a well-known fact that adventure and fun activities start at dusk. Knowing this, the lack of natural light should not hinder you from having the time of your life outside. Therefore, the Storm headlamp from Black Diamond is everything you need and more.

In the first place, it has a brightness of up to 350 lumens for bright emission. You also get a variety of modes where you can have personalized customization for various events. These features make this device one of the best head torches for actions like mountain climbing, nighttime training, jogging and even skiing in the winter at night.

It is quite a relief to have a head torch that provides convenience in operation. The Storm has a memory mode that keeps track of the previous brightness setting for use on the next switch-on. This feature provides hands-free operation and you can rely on the torch to bring the needed light boost all on its own.

You can use the headlamp when cooking in the day or nighttime and it provides the required reading light and is operated by rechargeable batteries. Utilizing the PowerTap technology, you are able to easily switch from full power to dimmed mode with a single tap. A versatile head torch like the Storm is ideal for every outdoor activity.

This means that you can use it in a wide range of actions including swimming, boating and fishing. This gadget has a dustproof and an IP67 waterproof rating design that enables you to use in the aforementioned situations.

An all-serious camper camping in extreme weather can take this lightweight device along for the tent to have great travel adventures. You will get a high level of light in bad weather for an extended period of time. At maximum power (350lm), you get to see up to 85m away with 120 hours of burning time. It uses AAA batteries to power all the 8 modes.


  • Versatile unit with long battery life
  • Easy to use
  • Long hours of burn time with rechargeable batteries
  • Dust and waterproof headtorch


  • Requires regular battery pack replacement unlike its USB rechargeable counterpart

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6. Running Head Torch By Led lenser

Running Head Torch By Led lenser

Sixth place goes to the Running Head Torch By Led lenser. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

If you are a cycler looking for the perfect headtorch to light up your path, then turn to this SO5 head torch from Ledlenser. It is bright enough and also has an ergonomic design to enable it to sit perfectly on to your head. Providing 180 lumens of power, this is surely the best cycling head torch operated by rechargeable batteries.

You get up to 120m powerful and long-range beam distance and flood beam. There is also a focusing lens that is easy to use to go from very narrow beam light to wide beam. Here, it uses the advanced rapid focus system to enable these adjustments. The tilting head on the lens allows it to adjust up and down freely.

The previous model in our comparison shows that this model has a doubled light output with an improved burn time. The headlamp is powered by three AAA batteries which are rechargeable and sit at the rear of the device. At the front, there is a white LED and a red LED spot for different night options.

You can use the red light to hunt, read maps in the dark or fishing at night. This battery operated device boasts Smart Light Technology combined with Advanced system that easily conforms to your surroundings. In addition, it features a transport locking function that prevents it from turning on and off accidentally. This feature is useful to prevent battery life drain.

It is lightweight (measuring only 90g) to give portability. There is no need to keep adjusting the light after switching it on, thanks to the stage less dim/ memory function on the head torch. This remembers the previous light settings that were set before switching it off.


  • It is comfortable on the head
  • It provides powerful performances for hours
  • It is easy to use and has long battery life
  • This handy device is lightweight


  • Focus lens goes out and the tilting head becomes loose with time
  • Plastic casing in the battery compartment is flimsy

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7. Rechargeable Head Lamp By Petzl

Rechargeable Head Lamp By Petzl

Seventh place goes to the Rechargeable Head Lamp By Petzl. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Your outdoor activities shouldn’t be cut off because of lack of light. The SS19 Actik Headlamp by Petzl will bring sufficient light for all your outdoor actions. First off, it projects 300 lumens brightness power to give enough light for your path. If you are a hiker, mountain explorer, runner or backpacking camper, then this best head torch for hiking is useful for all of the outdoor actions.

This battery operated device provides two beam patterns (wide and mixed) together with several modes to give excellent performances for hours. It is useful to concentrate on objects that are near you as well as improving vision over a faraway distance even with rapid movements. Red light ensures that you see clearly in the night as well as preventing blinding other people in your group.

The 300 lumens rechargeable device is great for outside use since it has a long burn time. At maximum power output, you get up to 90m beam distance for 60 hours. The standard output of 100 lumens can light up your path up to 45 meters. If you put it on the lowest setting, then it will bring 5 lumens and will have a beam distance of 10 metres.

At proximity setting on the red light, the headlamp provides 2 lumens with a beam distance of 5 meters. The reflective headband aids in identification when a light is shown on it. What’s more, it is equipped with an emergency whistle for use in rescue missions. It comes with three AAA batteries and compatible with the Core rechargeable battery.


  • Long battery life
  • It has strong and wide beam that can shine for hours
  • Fits pretty comfortably around your head
  • This battery operated device has many hours of burn time
  • There is a red lighting for night vision


  • The red lighting function simply stops to function with time and when batteries are low

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8. Light Weight Head Lamp By Petzl

Light Weight Head Lamp By Petzl

Eighth place goes to the Light Weight Head Lamp By Petzl. We gave it 4.5/5 stars.

If you prefer engaging in your outdoor actions at night, the Petzl Actik headlamp provides the required lighting. This battery operated device projects 300 lumens of brightness to the surrounding. This also features a wide or mixed beam that is ideal for all your outdoor endeavours.

In addition, there are various modes on the headlamp that enables it to be used seamlessly in the outdoors. For instance, you would want to focus on the objects near and far from you for you to make a discerning move. This unit provides proximity and distance vision as well as rapid movement.

While outside, the last thing you will want is a head torch with limited burn time. For this reason, this is the best running head torch that will burn continuously for a long time. It is powered by three AAA/LR03 batteries or used with the CORE rechargeable battery.

Moreover, it is compatible with Ni-MH or lithium battery for the most satisfactory result. There is a USB charge port that enables you to recharge the unit via USB charger. There is also an on and off button to use with the device on your head.

What’s more, there is the red lighting function that preserves night vision to prevent blinding your friends while walking in the woods. This battery operated gadget is known as the best running device because of how comfortable it fits on the head. No matter what activity you engage in, the headlamp will remain fixed on your head, unless of course, you remove it.

Furthermore, it is lightweight with effective functions for fast and easy operation. The headband is reflective whereby it enables visibility when a light is shone upon it. In times of emergency, there is a safety whistle to use when the situation arises.


  • It is bright enough
  • It fits ergonomically on your head
  • Its weight is light
  • The best batteries with USB charging compatibility offer long lasting performance and battery life
  • It comes at an affordable pocket friendly price


  • You can’t switch it on/off without cycling through the brightness modes

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9. Climbing Head Torch By Black diamond

Climbing Head Torch By Black diamond

Ninth place goes to the Climbing Head Torch By Black diamond. We gave it 4/5 stars.

To have the perfect outdoor experience, you need a fully equipped headlamp to bring the light that extends your day. Black Diamond spot headlamp fits the description of this best battery powered device.

It is an ultra-bright 300 lumen headlamp powered by batteries. It provides generous brightness in the darkest of places. Also, there is a white double power LED to expand usage. When set at the highest power, the light illuminates in 80m maximum distance for 25 hours. 

On dimmed mode, you get up to 175 hours of continuous use. There are several options that enable you to choose the best brightness you are comfortable with. A dimming function enables you to use the battery operated headlight in areas that don’t require a lot of light.

Also, there is maximum power function for proximity and distance vision focus, flashing mode to use as a distress signal in emergency situations. A red nighttime vision preserves night vision. Having to reset the brightness on a head torch once you turn it on again is tedious as it is.

That is why this Black Diamond battery operated device features a memory mode that retains the settings of the previous brightness to save time and energy. This unit uses the innovative PowerTap technology that enables easy switching between full and dimmed mode by tapping the function with a finger. Having this feature enables effortless operation.

You can use this Black Diamond headlamp even when it starts raining or in extreme weather since it has an IPX8 waterproof rating. Also, it is tested for use up to 1.1 meters underwater for 30 minutes. To prevent battery drain, it features a transport lock design that doesn’t switch it on/off by mistake.


  • It has powerful performance in the darkest places
  • It is easy to use with the PowerTap feature
  • This Black Diamond torch has long battery life
  • It is waterproof to use in harsh conditions and operates by using batteries
  • This battery charged device is light weight


  • There is a yellow hue at the center when at maximum power
  • Limited instructions on how to use it

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10. Budget Head Torch By Petzl

Budget Head Torch By Petzl

Tenth place goes to the Budget Head Torch By Petzl. We gave it 4/5 stars.

Sometimes you need an averagely lit headlamp at night to enable you to see well. Petzl Tikkina Headlamp comes at the lowest price on these head torches reviews. It is not the most powerful battery energized device in the world but is surely provides the right brightness when needed. You are able to see clearly in poorly lit areas as it projects a brightness of 150 lumens.

Also, you get a best beam to use at proximity range, distance mode to direct it on far end objects as well as rapid movement feature. When at full power, it lights up to 55 meters away from the source. There is a single button that enables you to quickly select the preferred mode.

Using this single function makes it easy to navigate through the modes when selecting the right option. Having too much weight on your head makes the experience uncomfortable each time. Therefore, this Tikkina headlamp is among the lightweight running head torches to use for your various strenuous activities.

To be precise, it measures 85g for portability convenience. This battery energized device comes equipped with three standard batteries. In addition, it is compatible with the best core rechargeable battery for long usage. With it, you get a long burn time especially when you set it on low power. The headband fits comfortably on the head and is adjustable for different head sizes and brilliant colours.


  • It has a simple, compact and light weight design to fit in any bag
  • It offers a variety of impressive options and is energized by batteries
  • It is simple to operate with a single button
  • This battery operated device is cheap
  • Long battery life


  • It is not the most powerful head torch to use in extreme darkness

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Head Torch Buying Guide

Every budget-conscious individual understands the importance of every coin saved. Caravan solar panels save on electricity bills. It can charge your hoverboard, allowing you to move around with your betron earphones on, without worrying about running out of battery.

You can also use it to fully charge your budget action camerarechargeable torch, and head torch for all your outdoor adventures. Head torches are especially vital in any outdoor activities because they provide hands-free usage. The best model, among other things, will provide long hours of burning time. We will guide you on the best features to look at and how to choose the best head torch.

What to Look for in a Head Torch

Head Torch Buying Guide

Whether you are hiking, mountaineering, camping, trail running or walking your dog until it gets dark, it is recommended that a you keep a head torch with you always. The powerful head torches are slowly replacing the handheld counterparts as they bring hands free lighting. Choosing one for your needs might seem quite a hassle. You will have adequate information concerning a head torch after reading this buying guide.

1. Brightness

How bright the device is will determine how much you see when you put it to use. Emitting strength is measured in lumens. The more the lumens a head torch has, the brighter it is in poorly lit rooms or outdoors.

More often than not, lumens power ranging from 10-100 is sufficient for various activities. For instance, 10 lumens is great for close up visuals like reading, 60 lumens are ideal when walking in a dark alley. Running head torches reviews show that 100 lumens will enable you to run on the road as it provides clear visual in rapid movement.

However, if you want to have a daylight experience in the dark, lumens power above 350 will provide this. The more the lumens, the brighter the device will be

2. Beam patterns

The best head torches on these headtorch reviews come with three main beam patterns including the proximity lighting and rapid movement. Each of the beam patterns is useful in different ways. Proximity lighting, for instance, will distribute wide illumination for near objects.

The best head torches for running work with both distance and rapid movement beam to see your feet as well as what’s ahead of you. Some head torches may have a way to vary the beam either using LEDs or a diffuser.

3. Battery life

The battery life of a head torch is determined by how bright you use it. When you set it on maximum power (highest lumens setting), the battery will drain faster compared to when it is in dimmed mode. For the battery life to last long, minimizing the output is most ideal.

On these headtorch reviews, the batteries available for the headlamps are mainly the standard AAA alkaline batteries. With these, you can use the headtorch occasionally. For regular use, a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery will provide uninterrupted light for longer. These also have a standard charging system that enables you to recharge wherever and however you desire.

These days, the LED head torches are the best for short-range use and they enable the longest burn time and are built for durability. The more the LEDs, the brighter and wider the beam will be. Hybrid head torches bring an option between low level and maximum output. With a hybrid headlamp, you can easily switch between lighting options. This, in turn, saves a great deal of battery life.

Head Torch Buying Guide

4. Weatherproofing

Head torches are best used in the outdoors and the outside environment is unpredictable. You can trip and fall into a pool of water or it may suddenly begin to rain, or you are fishing as well as skiing. The last thing you’ll want is the headtorch to stop working. Therefore, look for a headlamp with a high IPX rating to withstand these conditions for continued use.

5. Weight, size and type of head strap

The weight and size will determine how the head torches sit on the head. Most of the head torches have the battery compartment fitted on the head strap which is somehow heavy. Others, however, like running head torches, have separate battery packs to be placed elsewhere on the body.

These distribute weight across the body to minimize the weight on the head. The head strap should be able to adjust securely on the head. It should also fit comfortably to minimize movement and bounce during vigorous activities.

6. Functionality

How you are going to operate the head torches really matters. You should be able to use it easily even in the dark or when you are wearing gloves. Larger buttons and switches are easily accessible to cycle through the lighting modes.

Head Torch Buying FAQs

Q: What does rapid movement mode responsible for?

A: This is the option that enables you to see objects when you are in motion. This ensures that you get clear visuals when in motion.

Q: Is there a children’s head torch?

A: Yes. You can purchase one with features that are suitable for child use like the Petzl Tikkid head torch. Your kids head torches contain a lower amount of lumens. This is enough to prevent damaging the little one’s eyesight. Most of these head torches are light weight and compact to fit comfortably on their little heads.

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