10 Reviews Of The Best Integrated Dishwasher For UK Homes (2022)

Best Integrated Dishwasher Reviews

Last Updated on January 12, 2022

Integrated dishwashers are discreetly hidden by cabinetry. These built-in dishwashers are only visible when you open their loading door and beyond that, nobody can tell that there is a machine bubbling your dishes clean! If you want one of these “invisible” washers in your stylish kitchen, here are the top models of the year.

Our Top 3 Integrated Dishwasher Picks
1. The Best Integrated Dishwasher By Hotpoint
2. The Best Energy-Efficient Integrated Dishwasher By Hoover
3. The Best Integrated Dishwasher With Rapid Cleaning By Indesit

Product Testing & Comparison

Our reviewer followed specific set of guidelines to determine the best of the best for our list:

  1. Ease of use
  2. Special features
  3. Energy efficiency

Our reviewer primarily focused on ease of use for each dishwasher. After all, it’s meant to make your life easier, not more confusing! Next, we focused on what made each device unique. If they lacked any special features to differentiate themselves from another device, they didn’t make the list.

Finally, we looked at each machine’s energy efficiency. While our #1 spot has very poor energy efficiency (D class), it’s so good that we still awarded it the top spot. Now – let’s see what’s best for you, shall we?

Meet The Best Integrated Dishwashers Of 2022

1. The Best Integrated Dishwasher By Hotpoint (Product #‎HIC 3C33 CWE UK)

the best integrated washing machine


  • Dimensions: 55.5 x 59.8 x 82 cm
  • Voltage: 240
  • Control Type: Electronic

We selected this stylish unit as the best integrated dishwasher. One of the best features that earned the washer the top spot is its ability to clean tough grime from dishes. Thanks to its 3D-Zone washing technology, the washing machine can remove baked-on goods 40 percent better than a regular appliance.

You can also look forward to perfectly dried dishes and cutlery. Its ActiveDry program naturally dries the items by slightly opening its door when a cycle ends. As unusual as that sounds, this dries plates and silverware 99 percent better than when the door remains shut.

Our reviewer absolutely loved this dishwasher. It’s incredibly efficient, wildly adaptable, and looks slick while remaining unobtrusive. Its big downside is its very low energy class rating (D), which means that it will cost you a bit more in the long run when the power bill shows up.


  • Fantastic washing and drying.
  • Can secure pans vertically to save space.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • Precision motor.
  • 14 place settings.


  • Energy class D.

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2. The Best Energy-Efficient Integrated Dishwasher By Hoover (Product #HRIN 4D620PB-80)

the best energy efficient integrated dishwasher


  • Dimensions: 55 x 60 x 82 cm
  • Voltage: 230
  • Control Type: Fully integrated electronic

Many dishwashers are not really easy on power. But if you want a dishwasher that saves energy, then you cannot get one better than this. With an energy rating of A+++, you can rest assured that your dishes will end up clean without costing you the earth.

The dishwasher, which comes with 16 place settings, can also be controlled from anywhere in the house. If you don’t feel like leaving your favourite show in the living room, you can activate or monitor the washer with a WiFi phone app.

This is the exact opposite of our #1, and our reviewer was quite happy with that. Specifically, we mean that this is an incredibly energy-efficient dishwasher, with the highest rating on our list. Beyond that, it’s quiet, extremely efficient, and looks very nice. Its downside lies in the app, which needs a bit of work at the time of publication.


  • A+++ power rating.
  • 16 place settings.
  • WiFi enabled.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • Low noise level.


  • The app can be glitchy.

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3. The Best Integrated Dishwasher With Rapid Cleaning By Indesit (Product #DSIE2B10UKN)

the best integrated washing machines with machine


  • Dimensions: 55.5 x 44.8 x 82 cm
  • Voltage: 240
  • Control Type: Electronic, fully integrated

This machine is the best choice if you love appliances that shorten chores! This particular dishwasher comes with something called the RAPID 40 program. This option can superbly clean a load of lightly soiled dishes within 40 minutes.

You can also choose the half-load option, which can clean a smaller load. This allows you to clean your dishes every day, especially on the days when you don’t have a lot of dirty plates but you still want to sort them out.

Our reviewer quite liked this. It’s energy-efficient, ranking only slightly lower than #2, and saves a lot of water, too! This dishwasher also boasts light weight, compact design, and general high-quality work, it’s a great product. Its only downside is that it lacks a wide range of place settings, making what you can wash with it rather limited in comparison to #2 and #1.


  • Great programs.
  • Lightweight.
  • Space saving design.
  • Great water saving design.
  • Low noise level.
  • A+ energy rating.


  • 10 place setting.

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4. The Best 10-Place Integrated Dishwasher By Hotpoint (Product #HSIC3M19CUKN)

best 10 place integrated dishwasher


  • Dimensions: 55.5 x 44.8 x 82 cm
  • Voltage: 240
  • Control Type: Fully integrated electronic

This model is a good choice for smaller households. With a 10-place setting, a couple or a young family will have enough space to wash their plates, cutlery and other kitchenware. But let’s have a quick peek at its other great features.

This integrated dishwasher runs quietly, which is a bonus if you are noise sensitive. With an A+ energy rating, you can use the machine often without worrying about extra costs. With the Baby Care feature, this washer is also fantastic to sterilize your infant’s bottles, cups and spoons.

Our reviewer quite liked this dishwasher but noted that its low capacity is better suited to small families or individuals. Nonetheless, it’s a very fast and reasonably quiet dishwasher. Its sterilisation Baby Care feature also makes it great for those with small children who need to ensure everything is sterile.


  • Low noise level.
  • Rapid 30 minute cycle.
  • 12 hour delay timer.
  • Low noise.
  • Great to sterilize baby’s things.


  • Not suitable for large families.

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5. The Best Mini Integrated Dishwasher Machine By SND-A (Product #‎371-908-682)

the best mini integrated dishwasher



  • Dimensions: 42 x 43.5 x 43.5 cm
  • Voltage: 240
  • Control Type: Digital

This nifty appliance is perfect for smaller homes, caravans and flats. With a built-in water tank, the tiny washer powerfully cleans dishes and other kitchenware. It can act as an integrated washer by hiding it away or freestanding in plain sight.

Other great perks also include 5 programs, an energy-saving design, and a built-in fan that dries your plates and bowls effectively every time. This appliance also washes fruit and vegetables which is a great perk if you want to clean your produce to an exceptional degree.

This was our reviewer’s favourite in terms of its size. This was a fantastic product for those who want a portable and compact dishwasher. Its small size does have a downside, though – something this small can only wash so much.


  • Small and portable.
  • Powerful washing and drying.
  • Washes edible produce.
  • Integrated or freestanding.
  • Perfect for small living spaces.


  • Not suitable for large families.

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6. The Top Integrated Dishwasher With Intelligent Control Panel By Klarstein (Product #DSM-Amazonia-6-Secrec)

The Top Integrated Dishwasher With Intelligent Control Panel By Klarstein


  • Dimensions: 52 x 55 x 45 cm
  • Voltage: 230 Volts
  • Control Type: Integrated intelligent digital control

When it comes to intelligent control, this integrated dishwasher is powerful and easy to control. Indeed, the controls of this appliance are exceptionally intuitive. The images show exactly how to operate the features and this makes it a great choice for first-time dishwasher owners who want an effective machine.

The relatively quiet dishwasher is low on energy use, comes with six place settings, and six programs that clean from slight smears to oily disasters. When you add this integrated dishwasher to your kitchen, it will rarely use more than 1820 litres of water a year, making it a very eco-friendly dishwasher!

This was another favourite of our reviewer. It’s quiet, energy-efficient, and easy to use. It boasts a decent range of wash programs, which makes its use quite easy. The primary downside here is that the door tends to get stuck, making it entirely possible that you’ll be blocked from your dishes for a bit.


  • Noise level: 49 dB.
  • Energy rating A+.
  • Intuitive icons that are easy to read and use.
  • Removable cutlery tray.
  • There are 6 wash programs to choose from.


  • The door can sometimes be hard to open.

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7. The Best Integrated Dishwasher By Samsung (Product #‎DW60M6040BB)

best integrated dishwasher by samsung


  • Dimensions: 55 x 59.8 x 81.5 cm
  • Voltage: 230
  • Control Type: LED

This dishwasher is perfect if you’re looking for both a trusted brand and an energy-friendly dishwasher. This appliance comes with an A++ power rating, so you can give it a thumbs up already! But what else can you look forward to?

Some of its best features include a low noise level, an LED display screen that is easy to read, and 13 place settings. The latter is suitable for the dishwashing needs of a medium to large family.

Our reviewer was torn on this one. On one hand, it’s good looking, easy to install, and surprisingly efficient and quiet. On the other hand, the cutlery basket is located in a very hard-to-reach area, making this a bit of a puzzler in our rankings.


  • Fully integrated.
  • Stylish look.
  • Low noise level.
  • 13 place settings.
  • A+ energy class.


  • The cutlery basket is in the back, making it uncomfortable to reach.

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8. The Best Built-In Integrated Dishwasher By Beko (Product #DIN26410)

The Best Built-In Integrated Dishwasher By Beko


  • Dimensions: 55 x 59.8 x 81.8 cm
  • Voltage: 230
  • Control Type: Fully integrated manual

This fully integrated dishwasher is another winner. With its settings and features, you can look forward to a kitchen sink that remains uncluttered by dishes. To boot, the sleek white surface and silver control panel also add a touch of class to the kitchen.

You can achieve the sparkliest wash with 14 place settings, several programs that you can use, and a 30-minute wash option. The washing machine isn’t a noisy bother and you’ll know it’s on for as long as the indicator light is shining on the floor under the cabinet door. It will also automatically turn itself off once done. 

Our reviewer liked the low noise level and high energy efficiency of this dishwasher. The floor light makes it super simple to know when a cycle is active, but there is more to the story. The lack of a warranty and the tendency of the controls’ icons to fade are both pretty big downsides.


  • Energy rating A+.
  • A quiet machine.
  • 14 place settings.
  • Floor light indicator to show the cycle is active.


  • A few consumers have reported that the control icons fade too quickly.
  • No warranty.

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9. The Top Integrated Dishwasher By Hisense (Product #HV651D60UK)

best integrated dishwasher by hisense


  • Dimensions: 55.6 x 59.6 x 81.7 cm
  • Voltage: 230
  • Control Type: Fully integrated manual

This 13-place dishwasher is a great addition to the home, especially if you need to clean a lot of dishes and cutlery. The noise level is very low, so your machine’s operation won’t irritate you to tears, either! What makes this a great choice for the bigger household with higher washing needs is the washer’s A+++ energy rating.

You can also enjoy several programs, including a 15-minute quick cycle. The appliance also automatically dries every load so that you get your dishes back dry and hygienic.

Our reviewer quite liked the adaptability of this dishwasher. It’s energy-efficient, easy to change around as needed, and boasts a handy delay timer. Unfortunately, the trays are a bit easy to break, meaning you need to very carefully remove them.


  • Several programs.
  • A+++.
  • 13 places.
  • Adjustable baskets.
  • 24 hour delay timer.


  • The trays need to be pulled out carefully.

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10. The Best Built-in Slimline Dishwasher By Cookology

The Best Built-in Slimline Dishwasher By Cookology


  • Dimensions: 55 x 44.8 x 81.5 cm
  • Voltage: 230
  • Control Type: Fully integrated manual

This dishwasher is different, in an adorable kind of way. True to its name, the dishwasher is long and slim instead of the traditional box shape. Needless to say, this makes the appliance very suitable if you want to slot it into an area with limitless space.

Despite looking smaller than most other dishwashers, this dishwasher has a wonderful capacity of ten place settings. Even if the dishwasher turns out to be too small (because you’ve got a ton of stuff to wash), you can deal quickly with this problem by using the Half Load Button. You can choose between six washing programs, including an eco cycle and a 30-minute rapid rinse. There is even a special program just for glass.

Our reviewer was torn on this dishwasher’s place in the list. If it weren’t for the lack of a door lock and the drying cycle’s lower energy efficiency. this would be in the top 5 of our list. Nonetheless, this slim, quiet, and efficient dishwasher shouldn’t be ignored – the #10 spot still beat out several other products.


  • Noise level: 49 dB.
  • Power level A++.
  • Slim, space-saving shape.
  • 6 Washing programs.
  • 10 Place settings.
  • Several safety features to prevent water damage.


  • The drying feature’s power level is still excellent but not as high as the wash cycle’s – grade A.
  • The door doesn’t have a lock to keep it down once opened.

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Your Integrated Dishwasher Buying Guide

Integrated dishwashers are wonderful additions to the home. But the search for the perfect appliance doesn’t have to be a migraine. For the best results, we’ve gathered the best tips to help you find your dream integrated dishwasher.

All Integrated Dishwashers Require The Right Space

Most dishwashers have roughly the same measurements, ranging between 50 and 80 cm. This includes all their dimensions.

Assess your kitchen to see if you have space or if there’s already a place left by a previous dishwasher. You’ll have to come back to this area once you find the model you want and know its measurements.

Make sure that the dishwasher fits, or make the necessary adjustments, and you’re ready to have the dishwasher installed.

Integrated Dishwashers’ Internal Space

Most integrated dishwashers reviews will mention something called “place settings.” This can range from between 6 to 15, depending on the dishwashers’ capacity. To clarify, a setting of 6 means that the dishwasher can hold enough plates, cups, cutlery, and other items for 6 people. This makes it easy to match to the number of people in your family.

The Power Rating Of Dishwashers Matter A Lot

The good news is that most dishwashers these days are designed to save both water and electricity. However, some are still better than most, and considering how much we use dishwashers, it’s best to get the most power-friendly model that you can. The ratings are usually A or A+, both of which are excellent. However, the best dishwashers have a rating of A++.

The Best Dishwashers Have A Variety of Wash Programs

Gone are the days when there was only a single washing program for dishwashers. These days you get several options from the same appliance.

However, you must choose a washing machine with a good combination that will make your life easier. Care about the environment and your municipal bill? There are eco cycles that won’t drain your water and power. If you want the dishes done quickly or tomorrow at noon – when you’re not at home – then look for the best dishwashers that come with Quick Wash or a delayed timer that will activate your dishwasher to start itself at the desired time.

A Short Summary

At the end of the day, all you must keep in mind is the dishwasher’s measurements, internal space capacity, the power rating, and the variety of programs that best suit your needs. But one must also look for quality. Look for high-quality materials, designs, guarantees, and reviews from consumers who had already purchased and experienced the washing machine’s ups and downs.


Q: What Is An Integrated Dishwasher?

A: An integrated dishwasher is a built-in appliance. But its trademark is the fact that it can be hidden discreetly behind a door, usually one that looks like a cabinet that fits with the rest of your kitchen. The best integrated dishwashers are not only fully functional but also completely hidden.

Q: What Does Semi-integrated Dishwasher Mean?

A: Semi-Integrated dishwasher means that only the controls of the appliance are visible. The rest is usually tucked away behind a door that seamlessly fits with the kitchen’s cabinet decor. A fully integrated dishwasher is completely covered and out of sight.

Q: What Is The Best Integrated Dishwasher?

A: The best integrated dishwasher is a model that suits your need. It should fit the space you have available in the kitchen, have the right capacity to deal with your family’s dishes, and also save on water and electricity. The best integrated dishwashers will never leave you with a high municipal bill.

Q: What Is The Best Brand Of Dishwasher?

A: The best brand of dishwasher is a matter of preference. There are several trustworthy names like Bosch and Hisense that are in the game but that doesn’t mean that they dominate the field. Other manufacturers, some lesser-known, also provide the market with dishwashers that are the best appliances for different homes, depending on the needs of the families or individuals who use them.

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