10 Best Integrated Washer Dryer Reviews In The UK (2021)

Best Integrated Washer Dryers Reviews

Last Updated on May 9, 2021

Wearing freshly washed clothes and feeling their freshness is a feeling most of us love and crave. Several generations ahead of us had to go through certain waiting periods, bad weathers and mould spreading all around their clotheslines. Lucky for us, the technology advancements have provided us with a combination dryer washer that gives us that sacred feeling with a simple touch of a button. With that in mind, we have gathered the best washer machine and dryer reviews of 2021, so you can head over and order yours right away.

The Best Integrated Washer Dryers Of 2021

1. The Best Z716WT83BI Integrated Washer-Dryer By Zanussi

The Best Z716WT83BI Integrated Washer-Dryer By Zanussi

The best integrated washer dryer of 2021 is the Z716WT83BI model by Zanussi. This machine is devised to be very practical, easily fit into your preferred cupboard and clean a plentiful of garments while operating on the quietest mode. The washer dryer operates by using the AutoAdjust feature whose function is to weigh in the load of the clothes and adjust the washing cycle while ensuring it’s as agile as possible, by providing you with the most practical clean. On the other hand, the DuoSensor feature employs an adjustment of the cycles to the types of garment fabric you’re cleaning so that the clothes are washed and dried by using the most ideal settings.

The NonStop programme cleans and dries your clothes in just an hour, posing to be an excellent feature for those who are in a hurry and need their suits ASAP. With a washing capacity of 7 kg and a drying capacity of 4 kg, this machine uses a spin speed of 1600 RPM. According to the manufacturers, this machine has an annual washing and drying energy consumption rate of 940 kWh, and water consumption rate of 19000 litres. Having an energy rating of A, this product conned the best integrated washer dryer of 2021 offers you 21 different programmes to choose from, all the while ensuring maximum energy efficiency. 


  • The machine contains a Handwash feature that offers an extremely gentle programme where clothes are handled gently through the wash solution.
  • For extra dirty clothes, this line of washer dryers offers a pre-wash programme that releases the dirt and prepares the clothes for the main wash.
  • It includes a 20-hour delay timer so you can run the machine whenever it’s suitable for you.
  • It provides a one-year warranty period.


  • The settings might be too complex for some users.
  • Some consumers reported that the quick wash feature was too long.
  • The drying programme emits slightly more noise than your standard dryer.

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2. The Highly Energy Efficient BIWMIL71452 Integrated Washing Machine By Indesit

The Highly Energy Efficient BIWMIL71452 Integrated Washing Machine By Indesit

Another fantastic machine is the BIWMIL71452 model by Indesit. With a 7 kg drum capacity and a 1400 RPM spin speed, the machine helps to get more moisture out of your fabrics so they dry significantly faster. With 15 programmes that give you a variety of clothing types you can wash, this line of integrated washer dryers will ensure that you will be satisfied in an assortment of means. Moreover, what makes this machine one of the best integrated washer dryer products in the market is its incredibly efficient A++ rating, making it pleasant to the environment as well as your utility bills.

With that in mind, it’s worth noting that the manufacturers have generated an estimated annual energy cost of just £30.34. Furthermore, the washing dryer also has 6 programmes that take less than an hour to complete – so, whether you’re washing synthetics or cotton, you’ll have plenty of time to spare while the machine gives all your garments a thorough clean. Lastly, thanks to its push and go button, the machine automatically selects the best programme for washing most textiles, so all you’ll have to do is just click a button for two seconds and you’re good to go.


  • Indesit provides a one-year labour and ten-year parts warranty guarantee.
  • The machine has a 3, 6 or 9-hour delay timer.
  • It has hinges that attach to most cupboard doors, so it’s very easy to install.
  • The quick wash duration is just under 30 minutes, which is a very favourable feature amongst consumers.


  • The machine is noisy with certain programmers.
  • The washer dryer has a door handle design that’s not very practical with certain positions.
  • The water pipes behind the machine can be prone to damage.

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3. The Dependable CBWD8514D-80 Integrated Washer Dryer By Candy

The Dependable CBWD8514D-80 Integrated Washer Dryer By Candy

With a constellation of incredible features, this splendid washer dryer from Candy pleases any customer whenever it’s used. Its 8 kg washing capacity makes it ideal for getting rid of large laundry piles in most medium-sized households, whereas the 5 kg drying capacity comes as a huge plus considering how most washing machines don’t employ the same values. Additionally, the clever KG Detector in this line of washers dryers also uses smart sensors to weigh the load and automatically adjust the machine settings, while saving time, water and energy on the process.

This model also has a Hygiene wash cycle that can wash as high as 90 degrees, to help kill germs and remove all allergens from your clothes. With a spin speed of 1400 RPM, this Candy machine provides 15 programmes to choose from, which feature ideal conditions for baby clothes, dry wool or delicates. With an A energy rating, this incredible washer dryer doesn’t only ensure functionality and durability, but efficiency as well.


  • The machine employs a delay start up to 24 hours, so you can do the washing at a time convenient for taking advantage of the energy tariffs.
  • Thanks to its three sensor drying options, the washer dryer prevents over-drying, providing a more energy efficient performance.
  • Candy offers a one year labour and ten-year parts warranty, guaranteeing performance and quality.
  • The timed drying option in this machine engages up to 120 minutes.


  • It was reported to be rather noisy, especially on its Spin Cycle programme.
  • The detergent compartment in the washing machine is a bit flimsy thus being prone to ‘spilling accidents’.
  • The touch screen buttons might take some getting used to since their sensitivity levels are not exactly ideal.

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4. The Reliable HBWD7514DA-80 Integrated Washer Dryer By Hoover

The Reliable HBWD7514DA-80 Integrated Washer Dryer By Hoover

This Hoover washer dryer maintains a 7 kg washing capacity and 5 kg drying capacity wash drum with 1400 RPM spin speed that, according to the manufacturers, will allow you to wash the equivalent of 35 shirts or 7 towels. This model is equipped with 14 wash programmes and 3 drying programmes, that’s ideal for those who prefer more options with their washing machines. The wash programmes in this device include a handwash & silk feature that allows a soft washing cycle for clothes that are labelled as “hand wash only” as well as clothing items made from silk.

On the other hand, the stain level button allows you to select up to three levels of wash intensity while giving you the freedom to modify the duration of the wash to match the amount of ‘dirt’ in your clothes. In addition to the wash programmes, this washing machine bears a clever KG mode feature which uses a smart sensor to weigh the load ahead in each cycle. This then adjusts the time, water and energy to suit you, so you will get an effective cleaning experience preserving as much energy as possible.


  • The annual water consumptions level for washing, spinning and drying estimate a total of 20600 litres, which is a huge plus for eliminating unnecessary water waste.
  • Operating with an A-class energy rating, this line of washer dryers spends as little energy as possible.
  • Hoover warrants a one year guarantee for all their washing and drying machines.
  • It’s a great value for money.


  • If you live in hard water areas, you might notice that the detergent compartment might be filled with extensive water at the end of each wash cycle.
  • The load sensor system in this machine tends to only allow a cycle of 1000 RPM. To have the full 1400 RPM power, you need to employ a longer (+3 hrs) washing cycle.

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5. The Splendid BWDI1485D-80 Integrated Washer Dryer By Baumatic

The Splendid BWDI1485D-80 Integrated Washer Dryer By Baumatic

The Baumatic white line of integrated washer dryers has a washing capacity of 8 kg and a drying capacity of 5 kg, that’s perfect for the everyday washing and drying requirements of any family. Besides that, the 15 wash programmes and 2 drying programmes make it very easy to use, while promoting maximum functionality on the process. The expert design also enables a maximum spin speed of 1400 RPM and a digital countdown indicator, that will let you know of the exact time the washing and drying are done.

The modern LED display and controls make this machine’s wash and dry process very elegant as well as productive. In a quest to help the customers save energy and money, the Baumatic washer dryers are all equipped with Delay Start Timers, which enable the user to set the machine on at a time that is suitable for them. These features are incredibly useful, as they will give you a chance to take advantage of the lower energy tariffs that are usually placed somewhere around the evening.


  • With an A-class energy rating, this Bauman machine ensures the best energy efficiency levels.
  • The Bauman integrated washer dryers also employ an A-rating for efficiency with which they can spin clothing (how much water will remain in the garments after the spin cycle has completed).
  • The machines also provide a Safety Lock feature that’s designed to ensure that the control panel of an appliance cannot be accidentally changed during operation.


  • Some washing programmes that employ higher spin speed cycles emit larger noise levels while operating.
  • Several customers found the hinged door and touch panels rather flimsy.

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6. The Fantastic AWDT814S Integrated Washer-Dryer By Amica

The Fantastic AWDT814S Integrated Washer-Dryer By Amica

Among the best integrated washer dryers currently on the market is also the AWDT814S model by Amica. With a spin speed of 1400 RPM, this machine has a washing capacity of 8 kg, whereas its drying capacity handles a total of 6 kg. Its stainless steel drum ensures maximum durability on both the wash and dry processes. Moreover, thanks to its A-class energy rating, this line of washing machines can provide you with the thorough wash you expect without a drop of water wasted.

More specifically, with 16 programmes to engage with, the Amica washer dryer is incredibly convenient for all your garment choices. The Cotton program is specially designed to handle a mix of white and colourful kinds of cotton, keeping your whites white and your colours bright. If you don’t have enough clothes or time to do separate washes for different colours and materials, you can use the Mix program that will provide exemplary results at an incredible spin speed. One of the best features this machine employs lies on the Hand Washing program, which uses water that is cooler than 30°C.


  • Thanks to its Prewash programme, you can soak the laundry in detergent before the main program starts – so the mud and stains will be loosened before the proper washing begins.
  • Due to its auto-sensor feature, the machine ensures that energy and water use are automatically adjusted to match your washing needs.
  • The washing and drying machine also contains extra features such as the allergy-safe function, extra rinse feature and anti-flooding safety settings – that further make the Amica product a great choice.


  • The Quick Wash feature (15 mins) is not very ideal in thoroughly cleaning the dirty clothes.
  • The door hinges are very specifically compatible with certain dimensions, so they might not match your cupboard perfectly.

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7. The Renowned WDIY854310F Integrated Washer-Dryer By Beko

The Renowned WDIY854310F Integrated Washer-Dryer By Beko

The long legacy of durability and functionality that Beko provides is further proven on the WDIY854310F washer dryer that employes a spin speed of 1400 RPM, further draining wet clothes with significantly shorter drying time. Employing an 8 kg washing capacity as well as 5 kg drying capacity, the machine is ideal for any productive household that keeps clean clothing a high priority. Thanks to its Quiet Washing feature that makes the machine run at just 47dB noise levels, this washer dryer is perfect for open plan homes or young families that hate noisy appliances.

Additionally, you no longer have to wait hours for your daily wash to be ready, thanks to its Daily Quick programme that ensures you wash an 8 kg load of clothes that are lightly soiled in just under 28 minutes. Furthermore, the sensor drying programmes intelligently identify the moisture levels on the drum while automatically stopping when the ideal dryness level is achieved. Overall, the machine provides 16 different washing programmes that include Cotton Eco/ Daily Quick/ Delicates/ Woollens and Synthetic Dry – making sure to match all your garments.


  • Beko offers a two-year warranty for guaranteed performance and quality.
  • The digital display employed in the machine correctly shows the time remaining until the end of each programme, which is incredibly practical.
  • The anti-allergy wash and dry cycle help to reduce the number of allergens as well as bacteria and fungi away from your clothes.


  • If you use the drying programmes often, you might encounter some issues with ‘fluff residue’ on the external filters.
  • The drying features either work on 30 minutes or 90 minutes, which might be frustrating for some who would prefer a middle drying time.
  • The choosing of the programmes was reported to be complicated for some consumers, as they are grouped with confusing categories (wash only, wash and dry as well as dry only).

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8. The Prime MWDI7555 Integrated Washer Dryer By Montpellier

The Prime MWDI7555 Integrated Washer Dryer By Montpellier

The Montpellier MWDI7555 model makes the list of the best washer dryers on the market by giving you a 7.5 kg of wash capacity, a 1400 RPM spin cycle as well as 5 kg drying capacity. Equipped with 14 wash programmes, 2 drying programmes and an AAA energy rating, this machine will deliver outstanding wash and dry performance whilst promoting the highest levels of energy efficiency. Moreover, the annual water consumptions levels of this machine are 20600L, which is on par with the standard efficiency levels.

Specifically, the programmes employed in this machine feature the Whites, Cotton + Prewash Cotton, Colours, Synthetics, Eco 200, Mixed, Delicates, Rinse, Spin, Shirts, Wool, Handwash, Synthetic Dry as well as Cotton Dry. As for the Rapid Wash feature, you can have three different programmes that operate within 15, 30 or 45 minutes of washing speed. The Start Delay feature also offers you more control within your machine, as you can preset your programmes at your desired time – thus saving time and effort on the process.


  • Montpellier offers two-year parts and labour guarantee for all its products.
  • This machine uses a cold water supply, so you won’t worry about hot water being wasted from your boilers.


  • The noise levels on certain spin cycles tend to be above the standard.

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9. The Great HBWD8514DC Integrated Washer Dryer By Hoover

The Great HBWD8514DC Integrated Washer Dryer By Hoover

With its 8 kg drum washing capacity and 5 kg drying capacity; this Hoover machine is a great choice for any household that prioritizes practicality above all. It’s also rated A for energy efficiency, making it very efficient to run. Thanks to its wide range programmes that use the quick wash features, you can have an outfit ready under just 14, 30 or 59 minutes, depending on what cycle you choose from. This model also uses smart sensor drying features that properly weigh your load and automatically adjust the settings required.

Moreover, thanks to its Hygiene+ programme and its 90-degree wash feature, the machine is ideal if you want to remove the pesky germs and allergens away from your garments, by giving them a more precise wash. It is also important to note that the dryer washer operates with a 1400 RPM spin cycle, so the waiting times between each cycle are greatly reduced. Besides, with the spin noise levels at 77dB, emitted noise won’t be an issue with this machine since it runs as quietly as possible.


  • Thanks to its Fuzzy logic KG Mode, the machine can estimate just how much energy, time and water it needs to use throughout the cycle to get your garments cleaned properly.
  • Smart sensors in the washer-dryer also detect when your clothes are dried at the desired level where it switches the machine to a cool tumble rather than a hot operation.
  • Hoover provides one-year manufactures guarantee, as well as a 100-day return policy if the product fails to meet your expectations.


  • If you haven’t had a previous Hoover product, you might encounter some problems with the installation.
  • The door latch was reported to not be very durable.
  • The machine door lining and knobs are made of silver plastic, thus being more prone to flaking and damage.

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10. The Eminent BIWDHL7128 Integrated Washer Dryer By Hotpoint

The Eminent BIWDHL7128 Integrated Washer Dryer By Hotpoint

If you live in a household that makes a hobby of changing outfits very often, you’ll have no problems with getting rid of those huge laundry loads in the 7 kg drum in this machine (5 kg drying capacity). With a B efficiency rating and an estimated annual energy cost of £174.64, this washer-dryer will take care of your bills above the standard levels. Another great feature that this machine employs is the Anti Stain option that utilises the perfect mix of water and cleanser to effortlessly remove stains at just 20 degrees.

With a 1200 RPM spin speed, this washer-dryer employs a variable temperature feature as well as a quick wash programme, so you won’t have to bear through hours to get your favourite dress out of the machine. Operating at under 46dB wash, 71 dB spin and 61 dB drying levels, this Hotpoint device ensures that you can have clean and dried garments ready with as little noise as possible.


  • Hotpoint offers a one-year warranty.
  • The drying programmes ensure that the garments aren’t filled with creases.
  • It is very durable in the long term.


  • Except for the quick washing feature, the programmes in this machine tend to be longer than the standard.
  • Unless you put certain bars under the machine, it tends to be fiddly.

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Buying Guide

As you might’ve noticed, choosing a washer-dryer isn’t always an easy task. Matters of brand, style, design and compatibility are all subjective and relative to your taste. Besides spin speed, washing & drying time as well as drum capacity, there are a couple of other factors to note as well.

Energy Efficiency

All home appliances need to get approved by a licensing company with regards to the amount of power they use to operate the machine with. The best washing-drying machines have an energy rating of A or B. This means that they need very little power to work with, which will become evident on your monthly bills. Some manufacturers also provide an annual energy consumption value, which you can estimate if it matches your needs.

Programmes variability

Best Integrated Washer Dryers Buying Guide

Most washing-dryers nowadays have +10 different programmes to choose from, that vary on time spent washing and drying as well as garment types.

A general rule is to always aim for machines that provide versatility with their programmes, and have several time ranges for each programme.

You should always look out for manufacturers that mask the same programmes (usually distinctive of duration) with different labels.

Helpful Features

Another great plus encompassing the actual washing machines is the different features they provide. One of the most helpful features to date includes the delay timer option, that allows you to set a timer on your washing/drying procedure at a preferred time (usually when energy tariffs are lower). Other great features such as anti-flood or auto sensory detection are great options for those of you who prioritise safety and efficiency above all others.


Q: What is a washer dryer?

A: A washer-dryer is a home appliance that combines a washing machine and a clothes dryer in a single cabinet, by completing both functions.

Q: Which washer dryer is best?

A: The best washer-dryers are usually measured by the features they provide. In this case, Zanussi’s Z716WT83BI model was identified as the best washer dryer of 2021.

Q: Are washer dryers any good?

A: Yes, washer dryers are a great addition to any household because they’re more energy & water efficient than separate washers or dryers, while also being more cost-effective.

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