The 10 Best Integrated Washing Machines In The UK (2021)

Best Integrated Washing Machine Reviews

Last Updated on September 19, 2021

Washing machines can be a decor eyesore. If you’re wondering which washing machine best battles this problem, the answer is an integrated washing machine. They pummel your laundry into cleanliness while discreetly hidden behind a door.

This door is usually a matching type to your room’s cabinetry. If this seamless look appeals to you, then we’ve gathered the top ten best integrated washing machine reviews just for you.

Our Top 3 Integrated Washing Machine Picks
1. The Best Integrated Washing Machine By Indesit
2. The Best Energy-Friendly Integrated Washing Machine By Hotpoint
3. The Best 7 Kg Integrated Washing Machine By Beko

The Best Integrated Washing Machines Reviewed In 2021

1. The Top Stain Removing Integrated Washing Machine By HOTPOINT

The Top Stain Removing Integrated Washing Machine By HOTPOINT

The best integrated washing machine is the Top Stain Removing Integrated Washing Machine by HOTPOINT. This tough nut is suitable for families and active individuals with a lot of stained laundry. It can remove 100 of the most common stains, which makes it quite useful. Understatements aside, what else can you expect from this product?

The 7kg load capacity makes short work of a medium-sized household’s laundry. You can rest assured that your wool items are safe because Woolmark gave the thumbs up for this machine. Additionally, while the spin speed mows down those stains, the energy consumption remains low. Overall, with several great programs, one of the top spin speeds, and being energy-friendly, this is undoubtedly one of the best integrated washing machines. 


  • The product measures 54.5 x 59.5 x 82 cm.
  • Energy efficiency rating A+++.
  • Removes 100 of the most common stains.
  • A delay timer.
  • A digital display.


  • The spin cycle has a noise level of 73dB.
  • No child lock.

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2. The Best Washing Machine Integrated And 8kg Drum Size By Baumatic

The Best Washing Machine Integrated And 8kg Drum Size By Baumatic

One of the best integrated washing machines is this humble-looking Joe. The wash cycle can process a load of clothes, weighing up to 8kg, through washing machines integrated heaven.

This sizable bundle won’t cost the earth, either. The washer belongs to a class of built in washing machines that have an energy efficiency rating of A+++. Which is great because there’s no higher grade than that.

Besides being able to knuckle big loads of laundry, you can look forward to other perks. The spin speed is fast, the machine saves power, there’s a half-load option, and 12 programs that include a quick wash feature. 


  • The product measures 54.5 x 59.6 x 82 cm.
  • An energy rating of A+++.
  • 12 Programs.
  • Half load option.
  • 1-Year guarantee.


  • No allergy-free cycle.
  • The retro look might not suit those who are looking for more modern appliances.

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3. The Best Integrated Washing Machine With Multiple Programs By Beko

The Best Integrated Washing Machine With Multiple Programs By Beko

This integrated washing machine has a program for almost any laundry needs of the average family. Efficiency and savings are high priorities, it would seem. That’s wonderful news for anyone with plenty of stuff to wash. Indeed, most cycles take a while to complete but if you’re in a hurry, one cycle delivers a quick wash that cleans a 7kg load in 28 minutes.

The other programs are great too. Here are some of the most useful that you can expect from this integrated washing machine. There is a cycle dedicated to synthetics, several cycles for cotton, and another for mixed loads of clothes. You also get the best spin speed for baby clothes, dark items, hand-wash only laundry, and delicates. 


  • 82 x 60 x 54 cm.
  • Energy rating A+++.
  • A quick wash feature.
  • Child lock.
  • A time delay.
  • 12 Programs.


  • The spin cycle has a noise level of 73dB.
  • No alarm bell to announce the end of a cycle.

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4. The Best Integrated Washing Machine With Automatic Laundry Adjustment By Candy

The Best Integrated Washing Machine With Automatic Laundry Adjustment By Candy

This built in washing wonder won’t fleece your wallet or your time, With an energy rating of A+, you can enjoy the 12 programs and other features without guilt, knowing that the price on your power bill won’t skyrocket. But what about saving water? You’ll find that this washing machine never wastes a drop. Indeed, once you add the clothes, the appliance automatically weighs them. Then it adds just the right amount of water to produce an efficient cycle.

Besides 12 programs for washing, there are also 3 quick wash options. Depending on the crisis or hurry, you can select a cycle that lasts 14, 30, or 44 minutes. If you don’t want to make use of the full 8kg capacity, then you can pick the half-load option to reduce the water usage and if you need to restart a cycle sometime in the future, just program the 23-hour delay timer and you’re good to go.


  • 52 x 60 x 85 cm.
  • A spin speed of 1600 rpm.
  • Energy rating A+.
  • Also saves water.
  • 8Kg capacity.


  • No guarantee.
  • This is not a problem, per se, but its energy rating of A+ is not the highest. Although it’s still considered excellent.

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5. The Top Integrated Washing Machine With Washing Features By INDESIT

The Top Integrated Washing Machine With Washing Features By INDESIT

If you love a ton of features, then here’s another great choice. Indeed, this integrated washing machine has 15 programs to spoil your clothes. You can even look forward to safe washing for those items that need a slosh every day. Two of the programs offer a special cycle for cotton and synthetics that needs daily care. Struggling with those duvets? There’s a special program just for these snug but hard-to-wash items too.

Besides also expertly washing your woollies and mixed loads of laundry, you can look forward to more perks. This integrated washing machine is also designed to remove odours from clothing, wash 7kg at once, to automatically select the best settings for each load, and save energy with its A++ technology.


  • 54.5 x 59.5 x 82 cm.
  • The energy efficiency of A++ keeps the price of electricity low.
  • 1-Year guarantee that covers the price of labour and parts.
  • Washes most fabrics.
  • A delay timer.
  • 15 Programs.


  • Cold fill only.
  • The machine is only delivered to UK mainland homes. 

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6. The Top Fully Integrated Washing Machine By Hoover

The Top Fully Integrated Washing Machine By Hoover

This is one of the top choices for anyone looking for a large capacity integrated washing machine. This one deals with clothes weighing up to 8kg. To put that into perspective, that’s roughly 8 big towels or 40 shirts. But besides its great washing capacity, the washing machine also has 17 programs. Among them are specialist programs for stains and to make it easier to iron your clothing.

If you loved the rapid wash options of 14, 30, or 44 minutes, and the automatic water and electricity adjustment, that we’ve covered in the previous products, you’ll get all those features with this model too. Overall, this is an exceptionally versatile washing machine with great programs and utility saving options.


  • Energy class A+++.
  • A capacity of 8kg.
  • 17 Programs.
  • Removes stains and creases.
  • Saves water and power.


  • No guarantee.
  • No child lock.

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7. The Top Integrated 8Kg Washing Machine By Candy

The Top Integrated 8Kg Washing Machine By Candy

Looking for another 8kg option? How about this washing machine? Similar to the previous model, you can also enjoy an A+++ energy-friendly machine with 17 programs. Some of the most useful are the programs dedicated to baby clothing, hand wash items, silk, wool, and an option for laundry that needs daily care.

This integrated machine also adds flair to the room (when the cabin door is open, of course!). Many appliances these days hark back to the good old retro days but if you’re looking for something white, sleek, and with some silver thrown in, then this pretty washer is perfect for you. And in case your kids like it too much, you can activate the child lock to keep them and your new integrated machine safe.


  • 82 x 59.6 x 55 cm.
  • 8Kg capacity.
  • A child lock.
  • A modern look.
  • 17 Programs.


  • No guarantee.
  • The spinning speed of 1400 rpm is acceptable but not the fastest on the market.

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8. The Top 9Kg Integrated Washing Machine By Hoover

The Top 9Kg Integrated Washing Machine By Hoover

What, 8kg not enough? Hey, we understand. Large families or those who fall behind with their laundry due to busy schedule needs a bigger hero. Indeed, with this machine’s ability to banish stains and dirt from up to 9kg each cycle, you can expect to slay mountains of clothing quickly and easily. Despite this heavy-duty job, the washer maintains your utility bills’ good health by keeping the water usage low. It’s A+++ rating also ensures that electricity is spent wisely.

There is a half-load option if you just want to throw in a few items. Other features include several quick wash options, a 23-hour delay timer, automatic load adjustment, and 17 programs to knuckle any laundry situation into submission. 


  • 83 x 60 x 54.5 cm.
  • 9Kg capacity.
  • Energy class A+++.
  • 17 Programs.
  • Half-load option.


  • The spinning noise level is 77 dB.
  • No guarantee.

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9. The Energy-Saving Washing Machine By Hoover

The Energy-Saving Washing Machine By Hoover

This model will fit into any home that loves appliances with a white-and-silver finish. The classy look might be a great point but it’s not the best that you can expect from this machine. The interior design can wash a load weighing up to 8kg, which makes it perfect for the average medium-sized household. This capacity can even do wonders for a couple with a busy lifestyle.

The programs include all the tried and trusted favourites. There is the Fuzzy Logic feature which weighs the clothing and then selects the best amounts of water and electricity. The fast cycles run between 14, 30, and 44 minutes. There is a half-load option and a 23-hour delay timer. Of course, there are plenty of programs, 17 in total, and the power rating of this trusty washing machine is the expected rating of A+++.


  • 52 x 60 x 85 cm.
  • Energy rating: A+++.
  • A capacity of 8kg.
  • Half-load option.
  • Delay timer.
  • Several quick cycles.
  • 17 Programs.


  • Only delivered to UK mainland homes.
  • Some consumers found the washer a little too noisy for open-plan homes.

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10. The Top All-Fabric Washing Machine By CDA

The Top All-Fabric Washing Machine By CDA

This front loader offers a little extra. Not only can it clean any fabric but its delay timer is longer than most. With 24 hours at your disposal, you can choose any time in the future that best suits you to activate a washing cycle. While the load capacity is smaller than most (7kg), it’s still enough to clean the equivalent of 35 t-shirts at once.

The 11 programs are easily selected from an LED panel and controlled with a rotary dial. Besides washing a sufficient amount of clothing, handling all fabrics safely, and being easy to use, this washing machine saves energy – even during the most intensive quick wash cycles. 


  • 52 x 59.6 x 83 cm.
  • An energy class A+++.
  • A 2-year warranty for labour and 5-year warranty for parts.
  • All fabrics.
  • A 24-hour delay timer.


  • The 11 programs are fewer than other washing machines.
  • No child lock.

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Buying Guide

Buying your first integrated washer is the first step towards a more classy washing room. Perhaps you’re looking for a replacement because your old model finally gave up the ghost. Either way, the purchase of a large appliance is a big step. You can quickly slide down Disappointment Hill when you realize that the washer is not what you wanted or even a quality product. Here are the top tips to get your perfect integrated appliance.

An Integrated Washer Must Be A Quality Product

The alternative? A short lifespan, a flooded floor, heck, take your pick of poor-quality washing machine disasters. Nobody has the time nor the patience for such moments. In all honesty, prevention is the best policy. Spending an extra few days to ferret out good washers can save you weeks’ worth of trouble. Just follow the two best signposts of quality – a trusted brand and reviews from verified buyers.

Pick Your Capacity And Programs

Integrated Washing Machine Buying Guide

Integrated washing machines have different capacities and programs. The most common capacity types range between 7kg and 9kg. The lower end is best for a medium-sized household and the 9kg can suit a big family or those with intensive cleaning needs.

Most washers have standard programs but often, there are special cycles for quickly doing your washing, removing particularly tough stains, or cleaning silk, wool, and hand-wash items. Once you know the best capacity and programs for your home, you’re one step closer to a satisfying purchase. Bottom line – any appliance must meet your personal needs.

Check The Measurements And Issues With Integration

Integrated Washing Machine Buying Guide

Integrated appliances need some special attention as far as their location is concerned. If they don’t already have a pre-made stand, then one must be built. If the latter happens to be your case, make sure to follow the correct building and installation guidelines for a safe experience.

Finally, some consumers are disappointed when they buy an integrated washer and the door fittings are not standard. This prevents the cabin door from being easily fitted. Some people have such trouble with it that they abandon the door completely. This kills the very concept of integration. So before you buy a product, make sure that the door of your old washer will fit the new appliance.

A Short Summary

An integrated washer can be a joy to own if you keep a few things in mind. The most important is to patiently search for a quality product until you find one. Once you have a few candidates, pick the washer with the capacity and programs that will make your washing quicker, cleaner, and more cost-effective. Finally, make sure that the appliance’s location and cabinetry are taken care of before you buy the washer.


Q: Can You Get Integrated Washing Machines?

A: Yes, you can get integrated washing machines. Similar to other integrated appliances, they are also designed to accommodate a door that seamlessly hides the washing machine within the room’s cabinetry.

Q: What Is The Best Integrated Washing Machine To Buy?

A: The best integrated washing machine to buy is one that is designed to lower the price of utilities, clean clothes well without causing damage, and a machine that is made with such quality, that you can expect years of service or assistance from the manufacturer.

Q: Are All Integrated Washing Machines The Same Size?

A: No, integrated washing machines are not all the same size. For this reason, it’s prudent to take note of the dimensions of an integrated model before you purchase it. That being said, most pre-made cavities that are designed to hold an integrated appliance are a standard size that can accommodate most sizes of washing machines.

Q: What Brand Of Washing Machine Is The Most Reliable?

A: The most reliable brand of washing machine is made with quality parts, receive great reviews that prove it’s excellence in the “field” and also comes with a guarantee that covers the price of labour and parts. These models tend to last and consistently give a good performance over the years.

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