The 10 Best Ironing Board Reviews In The UK (2021)

Best Ironing Board Reviews

Last Updated on September 23, 2021

Ironing clothes is arduous enough without thinking about the ironing board. Yet a poor board can leave you with a pile of badly pressed clothes that will require even more time to straighten and on a different surface.

Our best ironing board review provides useful insights to help you purchase the pressing board that’s just right.

Our Top 3 Ironing Board Picks
1. The Best Ironing Board By Foppapedretti
2. The Best Ironing Board With Safety Features By Brabantia
3. The Best Ergonomic Ironing Board By Minky

The Best Ironing Boards Reviewed In 2021

1. Stable Folding Ironing Board By Foppapedretti

The best ironing board is the Stable Folding Ironing Board By Foppapedretti. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

The Foppapedretti Assai ironing board is carefully crafted and made with a beautiful body to perform its work to the maximum. The iron table can be adjusted to fold easily and stand upright when the ironing is done.

The board is made of a poplar ply with breathable holes that let the steam pass through and stands on a solid, lightweight wooden frame for support. It measures 150cm by 50cm with a shape to bring comfort in the ironing.

To hasten the ironing, the board is printed cotton covered with aluminium coating that is heat-resistant to reflect the heat hence making the process fast. This particular iron board has a large convenient laundry storage shelf floor that lets you put your ironed clothes. You can remove the shelf at will.

It can be adjusted to three positions to suit the height of the person performing the ironing works, even when you are sitting. The ironing board folds up with ease when no longer in use and stands upright to occupy very little space behind the door.

It weighs 10.7kg upon carrying and fitted with wheels for easy movement. It is so far the best ironing board in the market.

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  • It’s sturdy, practical and well designed
  • Handy storage shelf
  • Space saver
  • Adjustable to three levels
  • Makes the ironing fast with the aluminium heat reflecting coating
  • Compact board for easy ironing


  • It is very expensive

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2. Steam Control Cover Ironing Board By Brabantia

Steam Control Cover Ironing Board By Brabantia

Our second pick is the Steam Control Cover Ironing Board By Brabantia. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

The design of the Brabantia Ironing Board is eye-catching. Made to stand on a metallic support frame with 25mm thickness, the ironing board stays strong. It is made of a 124 x 45cm special 3D textile solid steam unit making it the best ironing board for steam generator use. The flow cover is made in a way to curb the steam dripping situation.

The layers are made of tested materials that absorb condensation and water-proofed to lock the steam inside to prevent dripping. The porous board ensures water evaporation while ironing is faster, thanks to the steam condensation feature.

What makes this particular ironing board top-notch is the fact that you can adjust it to 7 different levels to enable you to have the right height for your ironing. The levels range from 69 centimetres to 98 centimetres to choose the best that suits you. It also features a child safety lock which prevents collapsing when in use.

This iron board can be used with both right-handed and left-handed people with ease. The board folds away quick and easy upright when you are done using it to create space in the room. A locking clip enables the board to remain closed for safety.

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  • One of the best steam irons
  • Steam generator
  • Foldable ironing board
  • Has 7 adjustable levels
  • Non-drip ironing board cover
  • Helps save the ironing time


  • Evaporation takes long which leaves the ironing board soaking wet
  • Small ironing board with a small iron holder

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3. Ice Water Ironing Board By Brabantia

Ice Water Ironing Board By Brabantia

Third place goes to the Ice Water Ironing Board By Brabantia. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

The Brabantia Ice Water Ironing Board is the best ironing companion for it is fitted with a solid steam unit holder to use with both a steam generator and a regular iron box. The holder is robust enough to have a capacity of up to 7 kilograms placed on it without causing instability. For the left-handers handling the ironing board, it is adjustable to be used with ease.

The board has a large ironing surface area to enable large clothes-free ironing. This results in comfortable ironing since there is less re-positioning of the laundry hence speeding up the ironing process. It is in the size C category with dimensions of 124 x 45 cm.

The wide board top is made of cotton cover with an ice water pattern to ensure the ironing surface stays even for smooth ironing. The frame is made of ivory and has four sturdy legs that are stable to use on floors with carpets. It has a protective non slip caps on the board’s feet to curb wear and tear of the floor for moving is prevented.

The iron board can be adjusted to different height levels (77-96 cm) to suit your ironing position. It also features a child safety lock to prevent it from falling when being used. The fold-up ironing board has a transport lock on the frame to ensure the board stays folded when taking it to the storage space or putting it against a wall.


  • Large workstation
  • Has a sturdy iron holder
  • Has height adjustment options
  • Child and transport lock for safety
  • Speedy ironing


  • Not big enough for duvet cover ironing

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4. 4 Leg Design Ironing Board By Minky

4 Leg Design Ironing Board By Minky

Fourth place goes to the 4 Leg Ironing Board By Minky. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

No matter how powerful your iron box is, you will never enjoy its full benefits if your ironing board is of poor quality. The Minky Expert Ironing ensures that you have your iron box delivering its fullest potential.

This amazing product comes with a superior foam backed cover that provides a smooth ironing surface. The ironing surface measures 122 x 38cm so that you can have enough space for proper ironing. For added safety, this ironing board comes with a steam safe angled rest that provides a safe area to store your ironing box when not in use.

Its steam flow mesh system enables fast removal of creases while it has four legs that give it a solid build and steadiness as you work on your clothes. The board weighs 4.8 Kg, making it easy to carry around. Its universal height mechanism enables you to position it to a height of up to 96cm making it perfect for tall people.


  • It has a sufficient and smooth ironing space.
  • This ironing board is stable.
  • The model comes with a steam safe angled rest.


  • The cover begins wearing thin after some time.
  • The cover is not heat resistant. It could burn if left in direct contact with the hot ironing box.

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5. Ironing Board With Steam Iron Rest By Brabantia

Ironing Board With Steam Iron Rest By Brabantia

Fifth place goes to the Ironing Board With Steam Iron Rest By Brabantia. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Brabantia Butterflies Ironing Board is designed to be used every day thanks to the compact size (124 x 38cm) in the construction. The Iron board has a solid steam iron rest that is made with tested heat-resistant material and non slip strips that make it safe for use on a daily basis. It has a beautiful butterfly cover that sits perfectly in the ironing room.

The board is covered with a pure cotton cover, underneath is a durable foam padding that provides comfortable crease removal. Featured with a cord binder and stretch system, the cover of the compact ironing board is made tight to achieve a flat level.

Brabantia Butterflies ironing board can be adjusted to seven different height levels (69-96 cm) to make the ironing process a comfortable task and fits all height sizes. The board is fitted with four robust legs capped with non slip feet for stability.

A child lock safety is also a feature in this ironing board to make sure it stays locked when handling it to avoid accidents. It is suitable for steam generators.


  • Can be used every day
  • Provides comfort when handling it
  • Has a super flat worktop
  • Has seven adjustable heights
  • The material is heat resistant
  • Non slip feet for stability
  • Child lock safety


  • It is small in nature
  • A bit heavy and clumsy
  • When used with steam generator, the steam drips on the floor underneath

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6. Adjustable Iron Rest Ironing Board By Brabantia

Adjustable Iron Rest Ironing Board By Brabantia

Sixth place goes to the Adjustable Iron Rest Ironing Board By Brabantia. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Brabantia Standard Size B Ironing Board is equipped with a steam iron rest on the side of the board. The iron rest is made of tested stainless steel which is good to hold both the steam and regular iron boxes for a very long time. 

It is made in a way that the board can be used with both the left-handed and the right-handed with a lot of ease. With 7 adjustable height positions (69-96cm), you can choose the height you need for easier working. The working surface is made wide for ideal everyday use.

The board’s feet are capped with non slip rubber feet for greater stability and protection of different floor types. It features a transport lock to close it and keep the board in the folded position while moving it to and from the storage space. The cover of this Brabantia Basic, Size B Ironing Board is made of pure cotton with a cord binder and stretch system working on the surface to maintain levelness for smooth ironing.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Non slip feet for greater stability
  • 7 adjustable heights
  • Item that can be stored with ease


  • The legs tend to be uneven

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7. Extra Large Surface Iron Station By Addis

Extra Large Surface Iron Station By Addis

Seventh place goes to the Extra Large Surface Iron Station By Addis. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

This Addis iron board is known to have a large surface area of 135cm by 46cm dimensions. It is made of a tested surface covered with 100% cotton. When ironing, the board is made to adjust to your personal height position in 10 different heights up to 94cm. 

People want this in their homes because it features a rest that is made of heat-resistant fabric pad that is used to place the iron during the process of ironing. The ironing surface features an iron design that offers encouragement when ironing. The feet have wheels to enable easy movement. You can use a soft cloth to wipe out any dirt on the surface of the board.


  • Large working surface
  • Adjustable to 10 height position
  • Sturdy surface
  • It has wheels for easier movement


  • Difficult to set up
  • The fabric used for the iron rest tears around
  • Low-quality material used on the board cover
  • Can’t go low enough to operate when sitting

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8. Extra Wide Iron Station By Minky

Extra Wide Iron Station By Minky

Eighth place goes to the Extra Wide Iron Station By Minky. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Minky HH40705108V Pro Iron Station has a large surface for ironing that measures 122cm by 43cm. The periphery of the board is designed to hold a steam generator iron when in the process of ironing. The surface is covered by thinly striped cotton underneath a cushion foam to provide a smooth ironing area.

The Loop legs are made sturdy to hold up steadily. However, they lack non slip feet that is responsible for total stability, hence, they can move on great impact while ironing. With this extra wide ironing board, you can adjust the height level from 0cm to 92cm! There is a rack below the Minky Pro iron station that you can store your folded, ironed linen.


  • Extra wide surface
  • Steam generator rest
  • Linen rack store
  • Infinite height adjustments
  • 10 year guarantee for premium services of the manufacturer


  • Lacks non slip feet for stronger stability on laminated or hardwood floors
  • No flex guide

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9. Super Lite Blue Ironing Board By Addis

Super Lite Blue Ironing Board By Addis

Ninth place goes to the Super Lite Blue Ironing Board By Addis. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Addis Cirrus Super-Lite Ironing board receives praise for its lightweight when carrying. It measures 4.6kg upon carrying meaning, a twelve-year-old can move it around with so much ease. The board has a large ironing surface area of 123 x 43cm.

This way you can have all types of laundry ironed, even the large items. The cover of the ironing board is made of aluminium material which underneath is a deep layer of cushion cover that enables you to have the levelled surface to work on. You get the most comfort when using this Addis Cirrus Super-Lite Ironing Board for it is easy to use.

The legs on this lightweight ironing board are made extra to open extra wide and have large rubber and non-slip feet for stability. The safety locks feature is the one responsible for height adjustments. You can adjust the board to 7 height positions to 95cm and goes low enough to operate on it when seated.

The nice surface is heat reflective so that the time spent on the ironing board reduces by a certain percentage because the process speeds up. With this type of iron board, you can use it with all sorts of iron boxes, steam generators included.


  • Sturdy and light option
  • Adjustable height
  • Stylish board
  • Folds up with ease
  • Accelerated ironing time


  • A bit limited – lacks iron rest

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10. Black Metal Large Ironing Board By Russell Hobbs

Black Metal Large Ironing Board By Russell Hobbs

Tenth place goes to the Black Metal Large Ironing Board By Russell Hobbs. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating. Feel free to search for a deal and details on the links below.

Russell Hobbs LA038692BLK has a lightweight aluminium construction with the top covered in pure cotton sleek and 8mm felt pad to provide a perfect surface for ironing. When opened, the ironing board measures 126 x 45 x 90cm which makes it a wide ironing board to use with your large items.

It comes with an iron rest on the side where you place the iron box in the process of ironing. There is a laundry lack just below the board where you can hang your shirts or place your ironed linen. You can be assured of an excellent ironing job devoid of any wobbling effect.

The Russell Hobbs LA038692BLK Ironing Board has 7 adjustable height settings which make it perfect to use. It features non-slip plastic feet to ensure steadiness and stability on the floor it is on.  The Russell Hobbs weighs 7.42kg when lifted.


  • Beautiful popular board
  • Has a shirt holder for hanging
  • Has a large surface, perfect for big sheets or a shirt sleeve
  • The material on the ironing board has long durability
  • Has a removable iron holder
  • Has wheels
  • Does not wobble


  • The laundry rack gets flimsy with time

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Ironing Board Buying Guide

To avoid getting late to work or meetings as you iron your clothes for the day, always take your laundry from the retractable washing line or heated clothes airer and straight to the ironing board. Use a steam generator iron or cordless iron to ensure that they are properly ironed.

An ironing board that is smooth ensures that you do not repeatedly reach for your sewing machine to mend tears on your clothes caused by sharp edges. Let’s look at how you can choose the best model of ironing board.

Benefits of having an Ironing board

Having an ironing board aids in making the ironing task an easy one. Imagine you are late to attend an event and the clothes you had set side are badly wrinkled. With the help of an ironing board, the process of crease removal will be fast thus enabling you to get your clothes, perfectly ironed and ready to complete your look.

Most of these ironing boards reviewed are designed to accelerate the time spent to iron. You can have your ironing done at any given place of your desire when you have one of these products in your possession. The ironing boards easily move to enable you to achieve this.

The special heat-resistant material used on these ironing boards makes using them easy. As you have read in the reviews, most of these ironing boards can be adjusted to a comfortable height you need for ironing. This makes it all an easy task to handle and fold for storage.

The best ironing boards have an iron rest to help hold the iron box as you adjust your linen on the board. This feature comes in handy for use in clothing businesses for you are sure of not burning the linen and great support for the iron box. This is commonly seen on the large ironing boards and a little on few small ironing boards.

Factors to consider when buying an iron board

The prices of the ironing boards should always be the first thing on your mind when you want to search for the perfect one. There are those ironing boards that are considerably high-priced whereas there are some that are medium and low-priced.

Depending on your budget, you should search for the one that can fit your budget. We advise you to search for the small ironing boards as they are recommended to save some money.

You can also get the medium ironing board sizes to use for your laundry ironing chores. If not on a budget, you can go for the Foppapedretti Assai Ironing Board. Not only is it big enough, but it also has perfect ironing features for a higher price. Secondly, you should know if the ironing board is inbuilt or portable.

Ironing Board Buying FAQs

Q: How stable is the iron rest on the boards to hold a bigger volume of an iron box?

A: Most of these ironing boards with iron rest discussed are made to hold the weight of iron to a certain weight. We have not seen an iron size big enough to collapse the ironing board yet for they are made sturdy.

Q: Can the iron boards be cleaned when dirty? If yes, how?

A: Yes. You can clean the ironing board surface when dirty. The material used in the construction will determine how you clean it. For the reviewed ironing boards above, you can clean effortlessly with a soft wet cloth.

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