10 Reviews Of The Best Kettle For Hard Water In The UK (2021)

Best Kettle For Hard Water Reviews

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

Your cuppa doesn’t taste quite like it should? You can blame hard water for that. What you need is an anti-lime-scale kettle that will filter the water and make your drink more pleasant.

From minimalist designs to premium looks, extra safety features and budget-friendly kettles, we’ve got you covered with our in-depth review of the best kettles for hard water.

Our Top 3 Hard Water Kettle Picks
1. The Best Kettle For Hard Water By De’Longhi
2. The Best Hard Water Kettle With Fast Boiling By Russell Hobbs
3. The Best User-Friendly Hard Water Kettle By Breville

The Best Kettles For Hard Water Areas In 2021

1. The Best Kettle For Hard Water By De’Longhi

Kettle For Hard Water By De'Longhi

We picked this handsome guy as the best kettle and it’s not hard to see why. First off, the kettle’s unusual triangular design and dark colour will add style to any kitchen. You can look forward to great features as well.

The kettle is a rapid-boiling model that comes with a three-level protection system. This safety design automatically shuts off the kettle filter when the water reaches the boiling point. Features include a thermal cut-off and auto-shutoff when the body of the kettle is lifted off the base.

You can easily read the water level on its 1.7 L water gauge and easily clean the filter. This removable filter plays a strong role in keeping hard water away from your teacup. It also doesn’t matter if you are left or right-handed – this kettle comes with a 360-degree swivel base.


  • Has a 3-level safety protection system.
  • Concealed heating element.
  • Made of anti-rust material for durability.
  • Easy to use every day


  • Can be a bit noisy.

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2. The Best Hard Water Kettle With Fast Boiling By Russell Hobbs

best quick boiling hard water kettle

Need a quick cuppa after a hard day? We’ve all been there. But don’t worry, you don’t have to stand around for a long time for this kettle to boil (nor will it pack up after a week from limescale). Let’s talk about speed, hard water features and other fun stuff.

We were not kidding about the quick cup of tea. This kettle can boil the water of one cup in 45 seconds. Not only does that save you time but also up to 66 percent of what you normally would pay for boiling a kettle full of water.

Other great features include a 1.7 L capacity to spoil the whole family with a hot brew, a drip-free spout, and of course, that removable filter that keeps your water safe against that horrible hard water taste! The concealed element also makes it easier to clean your kettle to keep the appliance limescale free.


  • Stylish appearance.
  • Filter and concealed element aids in limescale prevention.
  • 45-second boiling feature.
  • The spout pours without dripping.
  • 360-degree swivel base.


  • The kettle is plastic on the inside.

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3. The Best User-Friendly Hard Water Kettle By Breville

Impressions Electric Kettle By Breville

Let’s dive straight into why this glossy beauty is so user-friendly!

The lid can be removed. This allows you to easily fill or empty the kettle and the water also boils fast. You also don’t have to wonder about the 1.7 L capacity because the water level is clearly visible. The On switch is ergonomic and easy to push downwards, activating the kettle.

Near the top, you can expect the removable filter working to clean your water while at the bottom, non-slip feet keeps your kettle standing steady. The 360-degree base is also a welcome touch for left-handed individuals. The kettle can also be used without the wrap-around cable storage base.


  • Boils fast.
  • Non-slip base.
  • Has cord storage.
  • Removable anti-limescale filter.
  • Has a strong comfortable handle


  • Can be a bit noisy.

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4. The Filter Purity Kettle By Russell Hobbs

Filter Purity Kettle By Russell Hobbs

Brita filter technology kettles have proven to have the latest purity technology in kettle filters. This Russell Hobbs plastic kettle has a built-in Brita water filter system to give you better-tasting hot chocolate drinks, teas or coffees. The system works by reducing limescale and chlorine and it also absorbs any mineral content, copper and lead that may be trapped in the tap water.

To save time, the kettle boils and filters simultaneously. This appliance also automatically notifies you when it’s time to change the cartridge filter, so you’ll always have clean water. When it’s time to add some water, you can choose between 1 litre, 0.5l hopper and a special feature that lets you boil 1 cup if you are in a hurry.

The base rotates at 360 angle degrees, the kettle is enabled with boil-dry protection, and the cable can be neatly folded away.


  • Fast boiling.
  • Filters chlorine and other impurities.
  • Excellent Brita filters and concealed heating element.
  • Made of sturdy plastic for durability and safety.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Boil dry protection


  • The filters needs to be replaced after a while.

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5. The Best Jug Kettle By Morphy Richards

Jug Kettle By Morphy Richards

This fetching kettle will add a calm and modern touch to your kitchen. But besides good looks, what else can you expect from this anti-limescale kettle?

The appliance has enough space to boil 1.5 L, which can fill between 6 or 7 cups. The rapid boiling also makes teatime less preparation and more relaxation! Every now and again, you simply have to remove the limescale filter and clean it, ensuring that you always drink clean and quality water.

The base can swivel at 360 degrees, the internal storage prevents unsightly cord tangles, and the side has an easy-view water window that enables you to see the water level.


  • Fast heating.
  • Filters hard water.
  • Stylish appearance.
  • Swivel base.


  • Can be a bit noisy.

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6. The Best Stainless Steel Digital Kettle By Aeg

Stainless Steel Digital Kettle By Aeg

Do you love the futuristic glamour of stainless steel appliances? Then maybe this silver kettle is the best choice for you. Indeed, it’s packed with useful features if you love tea and hate hard water.

The kettle has a digital water temperature control function. It allows you to choose the perfect heat from 50 to 100 degrees Celsius. Another function lets you keep the water at a certain temperature even though the kettle is disconnected from the mains! Believe it or not, but this feature conserves a ton of energy.

The kettle can hold 1.7 litres. While it boils, you can rest assured that the appliance is still saving power and automatically shuts off when your water is ready. If you want the kettle to stop earlier, you can simply lift it off the base and the appliance will cease to boil.

You also get a 45-second boiling option for a single cup, three shut-off safety settings and three preset options for different types of teas (and one for coffee). Other features include an ergonomic handle, wide mouth, and removable filter.

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  • A digital display.
  • Adjustable temperature control function.
  • Hidden element.
  • A keep-warm function.
  • Coffee and tea preset functions.


  • Can be a bit noisy.

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7. The Best Pyramid Kettle With Limescale Filter By Daewoo

best pyramid kettle with filter

This kettle is a pleasing choice if you love old-school style and modern technological features. This pyramid kettle is reminiscent of stovetop kettles but it’s fully electric and can be used on any kitchen countertop. But let’s look at the actual functions that you can expect with this dark, shimmering appliance.

To make cleaning easier and battle limescale, the kettle has a concealed element and a filter that is easy to remove and rinse. You can also follow the external meter to see the water level of this 1.7 L kettle. An LED light shows when the water is boiling and you also get an automatic switch-off feature to prevent overboiling.

Other welcome features include a non-slip base, cord storage, a fully rotational base, and a lid that easily allows you to fill the kettle with water.

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  • Stylish look with a touch of glitter.
  • Safe handle.
  • Auto switch-off.
  • Removable filter.
  • Rubber feet.


  • The kettle takes a little while to start boiling.

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8. The Strata Electric Kettle By Breville

Strata Electric Kettle By Breville

Don’t really like glitter? Are you more of a stainless steel and matt finish type of person? Then let’s discuss some of the cool features that come with this classic-looking appliance!

Most of this kettle is stainless steel, which makes it easy to clean and also very durable. While the matt finish provides most of the colour, you can expect some luminous blue. Indeed, during the boiling process, the side window and power switch have a blue glow.

The kettle has a 1.7 L water capacity and boils rapidly. You can easily lift the lid, clean the filter, view the water gauge, and know that the non-slip feet will keep your kettle from going for a walk across the counter. The 360-degree base will also work with all the right and left-handed people in your family.


  • Comfortable handle.
  • Rapid heating.
  • Easy to clean.
  • A removable and washable hard water filter.
  • Can operate cordlessly.


  • Can be a bit noisy.
  • Difficult to completely empty the kettle.

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9. The BRITA Filter Glass Kettle By Russell Hobbs

BRITA Filter Purity Glass Kettle By Russell Hobbs

If you liked the first Russell Hobbs kettle with a Brita filter on our list, then you might be interested in this bubbly guy as well. These kettles are known for turning hard, impure water into crystal clear, fresh and tasty soft water. Indeed, you can wave goodbye to unpleasant smells and limescale.

The 1.5 L kettle also offer you different boiling choices, like the 1 L and 0. 5 L hopper capacity. Whatever volume you choose, rest assured that the Brita filter is hard at work to remove other things as well, including chlorine, lead and copper. The kettle will also let you know when to replace the filter cartridge.

You also get a 360-degree swivel base, discreet cord storage and a dribble-free spout.


  • Excellent water filter.
  • Lid release button.
  • Rapid boiling.
  • The 360-degree base makes it convenient for both left-handed and right-handed users.


  • The 1.5 L capacity is not suitable for large gatherings (if you want to make tea for everyone at once).

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10. The Best Quiet Boil Kettle By Russell Hobbs

Quiet Boil Kettle By Russell Hobbs

Some people don’t mind the whistling or rumbling noises of a boiling kettle. But if you prefer a quiet appliance, there are plenty of kettles that won’t rattle your nerves. We picked the best we could find from a trusted brand.

The kettle was designed with quiet boil technology. Moreover, a diffuser ring breaks the bubbles into smaller sizes and this makes the water boil silently.

The kettle’s stainless steel body is quick and easy to clean, offers a water level indicator (1.7 L) and a blue glow to show that the water is boiling. Like all the best kettles today, the bottom is also designed to swivel for right-handed as well as left-handed people.

The filter itself removes limescale from hard water and can be removed and washed. This is perfect if you don’t want to purchase filter cartridges. You can expect a 45-second quick boil option, boil-dry protection, cord storage and a push-button flip lid release.


  • Easy to use.
  • Has a boil dry protect function and hands protection.
  • Boils super-fast for a quick tea or coffee.
  • Quiet boiling.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Removable, washable filter.


  • Some users have reported problems with the lid not popping open.

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Your Guide To Hard Water Kettles

Hard water areas suffer a lot of damage to water-related appliances, including kettles, boilers, and plumbing. Choosing a kettle that is designed to deal with limescale will save you from buying more kettles in the long run and also provide you with healthier drinking water.

Our quick guide shows you all the top points to consider before buying a hard water kettle.

Factors to Consider

Best Kettle For Hard Water Reviews

Regardless of your budget, the truth is that kettles last longer and work better when they cost more. Consider getting one in the higher price range than regretting a cheaper model when it underperforms or breaks after a few months.

Make sure you get the right water capacity to suit your family size!

Some kettles offer rapid boiling and special settings for different teas and coffee. Does that sound appealing? Then make sure your chosen kettle have those features.

Finally, do you want a removable filter or a cartridge filter? Both have their good and negative sides and it’s up to you which one you prefer.

Don’t forget to look at power consumption, safety features, and positive reviews!


Q: Do Filter Kettles Have Thermometers to Display the Temperature Reached?

A: No. Most just reach a boiling point or offer set temperature ranges.

Q: Are These Kettles Always Illuminated?

A: No. Kettles with illumination only light up during the boiling process. Once done, the light is switched off.

Q: Are the Walls of These Kettles Insulated?

A: This is something you need to check before buying your chosen kettle as not all appliances have insulated walls.

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