10 Reviews Of The Best Kettle For Hard Water In The UK (2021)

Best Kettle For Hard Water Reviews

Last Updated on May 7, 2021

Your cuppa doesn’t taste quite like it should? You can blame hard water for that. What you need is an anti-lime-scale kettle that will filter the water and make your drink more pleasant.

From minimalist designs to premium looks, extra safety features or budget friendly kettles, we’ve got you covered with our in-depth review of the best kettles for hard water.

The Best Hard Water Kettles Reviewed In 2021

1. Kettle For Hard Water By De’Longhi

Kettle For Hard Water By De'Longhi

The best kettle for hard water on the market is the Kettle For Hard Water By De’Longhi brand. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

The De’Longhi Brillante 1.7L KBJ3001BK Kettle has a very unique stylish plastic design. The shape has triangular-like dimensions that give it a stylish beaker look that goes well with your kitchen’s display. The outer surface has a plastic faceted material looking like a cut diamond while the inner base interior is made of tested food grade stainless steel.

Like all the rapid boil kettles discussed, this one also uses 3kW of electric power that makes the water heat up fast. The steel jug kettle has a three-level protection system that is responsible for automatically shutting off the kettle filter when the water reaches the boiling point and features a thermal cut-off and auto-shutoff when the body of the kettle is lifted off the base.

This 1.7L kettle with filter has a water gauge located under the handle on the side of the kettle. This indicates the level of water in the kettle for you to know the exact amount of water used. The kettle also has a removable filter that makes cleaning it easy to continue to enjoy the good taste of the soft water from the kettle filter.

De’Longhi thought of both the left and right-handed people and that’s why they made the swivel base rotate 360 degrees. The base can be detached for cord-free convenience. In addition, with a capacity of 1.7 litres, De’Longhi Brillante 1.7L Kettle is best used to serve 8 cups shared in your family.


  • Has a 3-level safety protection system
  • Has a concealed heating element that makes cleaning easy
  • One of the best kettles for hard water features rapid heat up
  • Made of anti-rust material for durability
  • This 1.7L water kettle has black colour design
  • Easy to use every day


  • Boils at high noise levels
  • A bit expensive

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2. Filter Maxtra Jug Kettle By Breville

Filter Maxtra Jug Kettle By Breville

The second best solution is the Filter Maxtra Kettle By Breville. We gave one of the best kettles for hard water on this list a 4.5/5 star rating.

When you put the two together, you get perfect results. Breville and Brita put their kitchen appliances expertise together to produce the Breville BRITA Filter Maxtra Kettle to provide the best results. The use of Brita knowledge of water filtration on the Breville appliance enables the user to have clean-tasting mineral water for your enjoyment for it has all the impurities removed.

A Maxtra cartridge comes with the kettle to maximize water filtration as it boils. The cartridge is to be changed frequently for efficient filtration. You do not require extra knowledge to use the kettle with the cartridge for it does not interfere with the normal kettle usage. When do you know when the cartridge needs changing? It features a Brita memory that indicates when the cartridge can be changed for better effectiveness.

Breville Brita Kettle with filter has a capacity of 1 litre that can serve up to 7 cups at once. This can be used even in families for different water-boiling purposes. It has a simple yet stylish design that complements your house. The material used in making this filter kettle is stainless steel with a plastic body and a silver finish.

It is ideally used in hard water houses areas since it minimizes the limescale deposits in kettle thanks to the extra filtration system. With measurements of 28.6cm x 21.6cm x 21.2cm, the kettle boasts a big water window which lights up a blue light when the heating process begins. The Brita kettle has a push button to release the lid and rotates on a 360 degrees base for easy operation. The electric kettle filters while heating to regularly give perfect and good tasting water.


  • One of the best kettles for hard water in the UK market is durable
  • Comes with an extra filtration system, ideal for tea aficionados
  • This stainless steel kettle rotates on 360 degrees so that way you have portability and reliability
  • These Brita kettles feature great value for the money
  • Features push button lid release to get rid of the steam
  • One of the best kettles for hard water features comfortable handle
  • Filter your drinks easily with the ideal type of Brita kettle
  • This stainless steel kettle illuminates a blue light when heating


  • This Brita kettle boils with much noise compared to others in our opinion
  • Filling the cartridge takes long time which is something anyone wouldn’t like
  • The extra cartridge occupies a lot of space in your room

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3. Impressions Electric Kettle By Breville

Impressions Electric Kettle By Breville

Third place goes to the Impressions Electric Kettle By Breville. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating. You can look for a good deal on the link below.

Breville VKJ755 Impressions Kettle has a rigid textured stylish design which makes it perfect to have in your kitchen or wherever else you want to have it. The ultra-glossy white finish on the handle which makes it outstanding with your other appliances. As you can see that in most electronic kettles reviews, the filter kettles with 3000 watts are fast.

With 3kW heating element power usage, you are sure of fast boiling results from this kettle with filter. The kettle has an easy to lift off lid which lets you fill and remove water at will. The level of the water can be seen from the back window. It deposits a 1.7 litre capacity that fills up 8 cup measurements which makes it ideal to use in large group or family.

Breville 1.7L Impressions Kettle turns on a 360-degree base that makes it possible to easily use with left-handed handlers. You get clean and clear mineral water from this 1.7L kettle because of the removable limescale filter in it. The non-slip feet nature makes the kettle not slip off the surface even if the surface is slippery.

The most interesting part is – the cord storage makes your house look tidy. In addition, you can use the kettle without the wrap-around cable storage base. The water boils to a certain temperature and it depends on you to know whether to shut it off or let it boil water some more for it lacks an auto-shutoff. When boiling, the rear clear window illuminates a blue light.


  • Boils fast for a cup of tea with 3kW heating element power usage
  • Eye-catching stylish design will make worktops in households look great, comes in a variety of colours
  • High quality non-slip basis matches highest criteria
  • Big enough for use in large numbers – 1.7 litre capacity
  • Has a cord storage
  • One of the best water kettles is durable, and features a great price
  • Removable Anti-limescale filter for an easy cleaning job
  • Has a strong comfortable handle


  • Lacks an auto shutoff feature
  • Operates noisily

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4. Filter Purity Kettle By Russell Hobbs

Filter Purity Kettle By Russell Hobbs

Fourth place goes to the Filter Purity Kettle By Russell Hobbs. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating. Feel free to check the Amazon website links below in order to see price range, deals and more information if you have any question.

Brita filter technology kettles have proven to have the latest purity technology in the kettle filters. This Russell Hobbs plastic kettle has this built-in Brita water filter system to have better performance for a better-tasting hot chocolate drinks, teas or coffees. The system works by reducing limescale and chlorine and absorbs any mineral content, copper and lead that may be trapped in the tap water to get the highest purity level in the water.

It uses 3000 watts power to boil fast. The kettle boils and filters simultaneously to save time. When heating begins, it illuminates a blue LED light. With a capacity of 1 litre, 0.5l hopper and a special feature that lets you boil 1 cup to save time, it enables energy saving mode.

The best part – this filter kettle has a built-in indicator that notifies you when it is time to change the cartridge filter to clean for safe consuming. The base rotates at 360 angle degrees that enables both the left-handed and right-handed to easily use it. When the kettle filter is empty, it automatically switches off thanks to the dry boil protection special feature. You open the lid with a pull backwards. These boiling water products have a cable storage for neatness and tidiness of the worktop. The filter kettle is transparent in nature.


  • Fast heating for a cup of tea or cooking food
  • Filters chlorine and other impurities which makes it one of the greatest in UK market
  • Provides excellent clean and very pure mineral water
  • Excellent Brita filters and concealed heating element.
  • Made of sturdy plastic quality for durability and safety
  • One of the best kettles for hard water in the UK market is easy to clean
  • Features great price and ability to boil a lot of water
  • These water boiling products feature a boil dry protection


  • Filters for the kettle are a bit expensive to replace

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5. Jug Kettle By Morphy Richards

Jug Kettle By Morphy Richards

Fifth place goes to the Jug Kettle By Morphy Richards. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating. Feel free to check the price and details on the link below.

Morphy Richards Dimensions Kettle 108262 has a trendy patterned plastic design that is eye-catching. The Morphy Richards filter kettle deposits a large capacity of 1.5 litres that makes it useful in a big family for it serves 6-7 cups. The anti-limescale filter kettle has a rapid boil element that makes water boiling a fast activity.

This Morphy Richards kettle features a removable filter for limescale that allows you to get clean quality water that is super-hot. The base can swivel at 360 degrees which makes it easy to be used by both the left and right-handed people. The internal cord storage ensures neatness and tidiness of the kitchen surface. The side has an easy-view water window that enables you to see the water level in the Morphy Richards kettle.


  • These popular Morphy Richards kettles have large capacity
  • Boils super-fast for a cup of tea at all times
  • Rapid water boil heating element
  • Large 1.5 litre water capacity
  • These Morphy Richards kettles feature an affordable price and large capacity
  • Great design by Morphy Richards brand name
  • These best kettles for hard water feature long life, top quality and hands protection


  • These Morphy Richards kettles lack auto shutoff feature

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6. Stainless Steel Digital Kettle By Aeg

Stainless Steel Digital Kettle By Aeg

Sixth place goes to the Stainless Steel Digital Kettle By Aeg. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The smart kettle that does more than just boil the water is known as the AEG EWA7800-U 7 Series Digital Kettle. This stainless steel digital kettle has been made with the newest advanced technology in how it functions thus giving the best results for using. The AEG series has a digital water temperature control function with variable settings to set the temperature you want your water heating to reach from 50 to 100 degrees Celsius.

In addition, the AEG 7 stainless steel kettle has a function that lets you retain the water at certain degrees even when it’s not connected to the mains. This feature makes it the best kettle that conserves energy. The kettle is made purely of tested stainless steel and measures 12 by 23.8 by 16 centimetres. This particular one has the capacity to hold up to 1.7 litres of water with a volume of 13 litres.

When empty, the stainless steel kettle weighs 1.45kg in total. It requires 2400 watts of electric power and 230 volts to run for 1 minute. Unlike the other heating kettles that have a coiled element that enables heating, this anti-scale kettle has its heating element hidden. When the maximum hot point is reached, the kettle automatically shuts off.

When you lift the 1.7L kettle from its station while boiling, it shuts off and thirdly when you accidentally start it without water. These three shut-off settings make this kettle safe to use at home or office. The hard water stainless steel kettle has three tea type preset options displayed in high contrast LCD display and a coffee temperature preset function.

The 1.7L kettle also has a one Cup turbo function to enable you to boil 200ml water fast (45 seconds). To open the kettle, just touch with your hand on the ergonomic handle to open up the wide mouth of the stainless steel kettle. This is made wide to enable easy cleaning, you know, you’ve got to keep the vessels that hold things you consume clean.

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  • These stainless steel products feature digital display
  • Adjustable temperature control function
  • Hidden coiled heating element
  • Retailers add a 2 year manufacturer warranty on anything, including parts
  • Has a keep warm function and large capacity
  • This item features water level gauge markers on the side for water level indication
  • These best kettles for hard water feature good price, best results, hand protection-functions and amazing appearance
  • This stainless steel kettle features coffee and tea preset functions
  • The greatest stainless steel kettle for hard water


  • Operates noisily which nobody wants

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7. 1.7 Liter Electric Kettle By Breville

1.7 Liter Electric Kettle By Breville

Seventh place goes to the 1.7 Liter Electric Kettle By Breville. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Do you want to introduce style to your kitchen? The Breville Crystal Clear Glass Kettle is one of the best choices for you to achieve this. When the boiling process begins, the kettle illuminates a blue light on both the body and the switch. This, in turn, brightens up your home at once. You are able to see this since the kettle body is made of crystal clear glass.

It is equipped with 3kW fast boil hidden heating element so as not to conceal the view of the blue lighting as your water bubbles to the boiling point. The limescale filter is fitted floating on the spout and does not interfere with the clear glass design and can be removed. The Breville VKT071 filter kettle weighs 1.66kg and measures 24.4 by 21 by 28 centimetres dimensions.

It has a big capacity to hold up to 1.7 litres of water to serve 8 cups to be used in a family setting. The base rotates to 360 degrees making it easily usable for both left and right-handed users. On the base, there’s a cable storage that lets you keep things tidy on the worktop. The glass body has an easy to grip ergonomic handle and a lid that lifts off easily to make its use easy. In case you want a good looking yet best-performing kettle for your kitchen, the Breville VKT071 is the best kettle to buy.

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  • Super-sleek glass design and 3kW fast boil hidden heating element
  • Large 1.7 litre capacity gives a good value for money
  • Has a removable washable limescale filter
  • This Brita filter glass jug kettle has comfortable to hold handle
  • Illuminates visible blue light
  • Pretty fast heating for a quick cup of tea, coffee, or other hot drinks
  • This Brita filter glass kettle features durable filters
  • This glass kettle has non-slip feet, great boiling element, handle and capacity


  • The spout is made small and the steel filter on it makes pouring the boiled water slow
  • A person in review had and issue that the kettle lacks an auto shutoff when the max hot point is reached

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8. Strata Electric Kettle By Breville

Strata Electric Kettle By Breville

For the eighth place we recommend the Strata Electric Kettle By Breville. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Strata Kettle jug always makes a statement in your home. The only big difference it has on the Breville Glass Jug Kettle VKT071 is with the material and modern design. The body of the kettle is made of stainless steel and has a unique matt finish. The side of this kettle with filter has a window that illuminates a blue light when the water starts the boiling process.

The power switch also glows blue. For rapid heating, the electric kettle has a hidden 3kW heating element that offers rapid boiling results. The touchpoints are made of glass crystal elements to add style to the kettle. The kettle weighs 1.7 litres and has a capacity of 1.7 litres which can serve up to 8 cups. These electric kettles use 3000 watts of power to boil water in a minute.

The lid of this filtered kettle lifts off easily on the grip to expose the large and easy to view water window. The basis is made to rotate at 360 degrees to make it easy to use with both left and right-handed people. Has a non-slip basis for the kettle’s stableness when being used.

The cord storage on the basis will make sure of the neatness of your worktop. The limescale filter in the kettle can be removed for cleaning. The comfortable to hold handle is placed facing the fill water indicator. These products can also operate when removed from the cord.


  • These glass jug kettles feature comfortable handle
  • These electric kettles feature large capacity which means they can boil much water
  • This stainless steel kettle has matt finish that will enhance your kitchens countertop spaces
  • Pretty rapid heat up for making a cup of tea
  • Easy to clean with vinegar and water mix or citric acid like lemon juice thanks to the concealed heating element
  • This boiling water machine features removable and washable hard water filter
  • These electric kettles can operate cordless


  • Operates noisily compared to other electric ones
  • Difficult to completely empty the kettle
  • No markings for water level may create problems
  • Lacks auto shut-off feature when the max hot point is reached

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9. BRITA Filter Purity Glass Kettle By Russell Hobbs

BRITA Filter Purity Glass Kettle By Russell Hobbs

Ninth place goes to the BRITA Filter Purity Glass Kettle By Russell Hobbs. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

If you are yet to try the wonder that is the Russell Hobbs Purity Glass kettle with Brita filter, it’s about time you did. Coming from one of the most notable brands, the device will turn hard, impure water into crystal clear, fresh and tasty hot soft water. It will take the unpleasant taste or smell from your brew or cooking while keeping the device clear off calcium deposits and build-up.

The Russell Hobbs kettle is a 3000 Watts device with a 1.5 Litre capacity – One Litre boil capacity and a 0.5 Litre hopper capacity. The device is of a high-quality glass body build with polished accents. These 1.5L products will illuminate blue as you heat the hard water guaranteeing the best result. Its filter uses the Brita MAXTRA+ advanced filtration technology to reduce hardness, build-up of lime scale and chlorine.

In addition, It eliminates copper, lead, chlorine and any other minerals bad for your health in the water. That keeps the kettle clear of build-ups and prolongs its life. This product has a Brita filter and boil technology that provides speed as well as efficiency. It comes with a built-in Brita filter cartridge replacement reminder (memo indicator) which will alert you when it’s time to change the cartridge, ensuring that you have a constant supply of fresh water.

What’s more, this device has a 360 Degree bottom base with integrated cord storage. Its practically designed spot allows you to pour the content without spilling. This glass kettle will look good in your home and it comes with a three-year guarantee.


  • It provides a better taste of water and brews due to the absence of bad substance or impurities.
  • The glass kettle remains clear throughout its life.
  • 1.5 Litre capacity, lid release buttons and great equipment
  • It will boil water rapidly, saving you time in making tea or coffee.
  • The Brita filter is removable and washable.
  • These glass kettles feature good price, nice push button lid release and can boil water with great speed and capacity
  • This Brita filter glass kettle has instructions manual for everything you need to know.
  • The 360 Degree basis makes it convenient for both left-handed and right-handed users.


  • You can only make a rough capacity of two cups at a time with these 1.5L Russell Hobbs kettles.
  • The area between the glass and plastic may leak water, forming a mess on your counter top.

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10. Quiet Boil Kettle By Russell Hobbs

Quiet Boil Kettle By Russell Hobbs

Tenth best option is the Quiet Boil Kettle By Russell Hobbs. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

In electric kettle reviews, plenty of people prefer an idea of quiet operators. This is perfectly demonstrated when you use this Russell Hobbs Buckingham kettle. Noisy appliances seem to be a turn off to many. The use of quiet boil technology on this one makes it the ideal kettle to buy in a busy household because a special coating is applied on the plate to work hand in hand with a diffuser ring to break the bubbles into smaller sizes which in turn boils silently.

This particular kettle has a brushed stainless steel body and the same material is used on the concealed heating element which makes the heating process so super-fast and easy to clean. The side has the water level indicator made of plastic that enables you to see and know how much water you have put in the kettle and ensures that you do not exceed the required amount.

The filter kettle has a capacity of 1.7L and boils at 3000W in a minute. This water softener features a removable and washable filter for limescale or calcium carbonate which does all the filtration your water needs. The 360-degree rotation base makes it easy to use with both the right-handed and the left-handed. You can also boil one cup of water and this process will be super-fast, taking about 45 seconds for making tea or coffee. It has push button flip lid release.

When it contains no water, the electric kettle has a boil dry protection which shuts off when turned on to avoid damaging of the kettle. You can also detach it from the cord and be able to use it cordless. However, the push button stops functioning.


  • Easy to use kettles with push button lid release
  • Has a boil dry protect function and hands protection
  • Has a water levels indicator
  • Boils super-fast for a quick tea or coffee
  • These quietest kettles are made of durable material for long life
  • Has a concealed heating element for easier cleaning
  • These items are in A+ energy efficiency class
  • Has a removable, washable filter for limescale in the spout
  • Very silent in operation
  • It has a big capacity


  • A problem – lid pops open on boiling
  • After some time, the lid stops functioning with the pop button you open manually

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A Guide To Hard Water Kettles

Whether you are using a stove top kettlehot water dispenserbean to cup coffee machine, or cafetiere, hard water can turn your anticipated beverage into an unappetizing drink. If you do not have a water softener, a kettle for hard water will work perfectly.

But not every kettle for hard water will work efficiently. We will show you how to choose the best model.

Benefits of Having Hard Water Kettles

In hard water areas, having a hard water kettle is ideal to provide clean and pure water. The boiling is fast for people who want to have a quick hot water drink saving you time to continue with your chores, unlike the traditional classic tea pot kettles that take forever to have a cup of hot water. In the hard water kettle reviews, we have seen that these kinds of hot water kettles are made of brilliant designs to make the kitchen display look good.

Factors to Consider

Best Kettle For Hard Water Reviews

The cost of the kettle determines what hard water kettle you can buy. Many expensive filter kettles prove to have better and advanced features and the cheaper kettles have limited features. The cost also determines the size of the hard water kettle you get. In the best kettle article, the kettles have an average capacity ranging from one to two litres to choose the size that suits you.

The top 10 kettles discussed, the time the kettle takes for fully heating the hard water really matters. In the kettle filter reviews above, it takes about 1 minute to fully boil the water. 

It even takes a shorter time for heating smaller amounts of water. With time, the kettle tends to form a scale build-up and slows down the boiling process. You have to get the best kettle descaler to continue getting the rapid results you need.

Our advice – get yourself the best kettle for your safety and energy conservation. The kettle that has auto-shutoff and boil-dry protection is safest to use around children and has low risk of burns or damage. Most of the time you are not there to monitor the boiling activity, the kettles with these features are ideal to perform the safety shut off to prevent any injuries. The minimum amount of hard water you can boil in the kettle should be another factor to consider so that you will know how fast you can have your hot small amount of water.

Hard Water Kettles FAQs

Q: Does the Filter Kettles have Thermometers to Display the Temperature Reached?

A: No. The smart kettle like the AEG EWA7800-U 7 Series Digital Kettle only has the temperature ranges for you to choose the temperature you need for boiling and it is the best filter kettle discussed.

Q: For the Lightning Illumination, is the Light Always Illuminated?

A: No. the illumination is seen when the boiling process begins.

Q: Are the Walls of the Kettle Insulated?

A: I believe that the AEG EWA7800-U 7 Series Digital Kettle is the only insulated kettle for it has the ability to retain the temperatures at a certain temperature on request. In electric kettle reviews, some of the kettles are made to retain the warmth of the water for like 30 minutes, depends of the metals the inside is made of.

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