The 9 Best Lawn Edger Reviews For UK Gardeners (2021)

Best Lawn Edger Reviews

Last Updated on May 5, 2021

Overgrown lawns and grassy driveways or paths are an absolute no-no, whether you have a simple or even an elaborate garden. A lawn edger helps you deal with rowdy plants, shapes your lawn and gives it an even, crisp line.

To that end, we’ve have narrowed down the list of best lawn edger models to help you choose one that will give your lawn the perfect finish.

The Best Lawn Edger Reviews Of 2021

1. Heavy Duty Lawn Edger Shears By Carl Kammerling International Limited

Heavy Duty Lawn Edger Shears By Carl Kammerling International Limited

The best lawn edger is the Heavy Duty Lawn Edger Shears By Carl Kammerling International Limited. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Do you have a grass that needs to be trimmed and you need the best edger to get the job done effectively? Then your search is over as the Carl Kammerling International lawn edger tool is one of the best lawn edgers you can get. This edging worx comes with an edging knife that is not just sharp but effective for a perfect finish for your lawn edges.

This lawn edger UK is very versatile and can help keep your grass looking all perfect and attractive at all times. It comes with a power of 11 amp, and its HP motor has the capacity of producing 150 pounds of torque. Its cutting blade measures 7-1/2 inches, making it easier for you to get the best result.

You will like its right or left-handed handles, which enhances its flexibility, especially when you have to work in tight places. You can adjust its cutting blade without much hassle, and if you decide to change the blade when you edge through the meadow, it is as easy as ABC.


  • These tools are suitable and best for all yard and grass types
  • Lightweight and easy to use and comes as a multi-functional edger
  • This grass trimmer comes with both right and left handles that makes it comfortable to use


  • This grass trimmer can sometimes get very difficult to use on sharp curves

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2. Cordless Edging Shear Set By Bosch

Cordless Edging Shear Set By Bosch

Second place in our review goes to the Cordless Edging Shear Set By Bosch. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

The Bosch Cordless Edging Shrub Shear is a lawn grass trimmer from a manufacturer many customers have come to trust over the years. This well-designed grass trimmer, like the previous one, comes as a very affordable edge trimming tool with a right cutting action for an excellent finish.

Its fantastic ergonomic design makes it very easy to trim or cut grassland by both professionals and beginners. In a case where a mix up happens, a manual guide has been readily provided to help customers. Are you looking for the best lawn edging tool with an excellent price-to-quality ratio? Here you are, Bosch has one for you.

Great head has cutting blades that are about 3/15 inch thick, so you can rely on this grass trimmer for a perfect cut at all times. It has a 2-position adjustable cutting head so that you can handle the job accordingly. You will like its balancing feature, which is made possible by the inclusion of four solid wheels. Two of these wheels are placed at the rear and are larger than the ones in the front, making it easier for you to always achieve the right cutting depth.


  • The great cutting head has an impressive cutting action that works speedily, and there is a second head for more delicate things
  • Excellent ergonomic design makes this grass trimmer very easy and comfortable to use
  • Covered by a 3-year guarantee on performance and manufacturers default
  • This grass trimmer comes with and a manual guide to give an instant help to customers.
  • These tools come with four solid wheels for balancing


  • This grass trimmer is quite tasking when working with thick or heavy grass

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3. Half Moon Design Edging Knife By Bulldog

Half Moon Design Edging Knife By Bulldog

Third place goes to the Half Moon Design Edging Knife By Bulldog. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

The Bulldog Premier Edging Knife is the best lawn edging knife you can get. It comes with beautiful and amazing features. This edge cutter has been specifically designed to help trim or cut your grasses into any shape that is desired of you at all times.

To facilitate ease of use and storage, this edger has been provided with the best edging tools. Enjoy amazing features, robust construction and reliability when you purchase this weeds edger. It boasts of a 12 amp motor, and its steel blade is double-edged measuring 7.5 inches for optimum performance. The depth of the head blade is 1.5 inches, and that is why getting your most desired cut is a stroll in the park. 

It has a great extendable shaft, which makes it easier for you to adjust it to any height of your choice. There is also a secondary handle for a firm grip on the machine when you are moving it on surfaces so that your job will be faster. If you truly want to get value for your money, this is the perfect product to put your money on.


  • Comes as a suitable value edger for the money
  • Created with the best material construction
  • One of the most reliable lawn edgers you can get
  • Great extension shaft for easy adjustment of height.


  • Not so powerful tools for heavy duty jobs

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4. Multi-Change Iron Lawn Edger By Wolf-Garten

Multi-Change Iron Lawn Edger By Wolf-Garten

Fourth place goes to the Multi-Change Iron Lawn Edger By Wolf-Garten. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Wolf-Garten is a multifunctional brand, and one of its best garden products one can get is this Multi-Change Iron Lawn Edger. Well made from top-grade iron material, the construction of this garden edger are the features that make it the best option for a large-sized garden. Coming at a very available price range, it is one of the best lawn edgers you can buy for the money.

Maintenance of this machine is not so expensive, and you can be sure of using this tool for a long time. It is powered by a 9 amp HP motor, which has the capacity of producing 100 lbs of torque. With a sharp cutting blade as long as 7.5 inches, you can get tough tasks done without much hassle. 

The blade is adjustable and easily replaceable, and you can easily store it when you are not using it. Also, this machine has extendable handles well designed for enhance safety when you are using it to trim your garden or lawn.


  • With this product you get a very powerful and multi-fictional grass trimmer
  • Amazing edger coming with a floret guard
  • Solid construction means it is one of the most reliable lawn edgers you can get


  • There are many challenges with the power of this grass trimmer

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5. Stainless Steel Edging Knife By Spear & Jackson

Stainless Steel Edging Knife By Spear & Jackson

Fifth place goes to the Stainless Steel Edging Knife By Spear & Jackson. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

This edger has been well designed to handle the toughest jobs. Coming at very affordable prices, this is one edger pretty much every garden should have. The structure of this product not only makes it comfortable and easy to use and control but also very easy to maintain. Add some elegant flair to your garden with this modern-day edger.

This device has a 2-horsepower engine, and that is why high performance can be guaranteed at all times. It has a three-gross torque to power its motor, and its blade is about 8 inches long and 3 inches deep. Its control feature is a plus, which makes it easier for you to power, operate and turn it off.

This not only makes this device user-friendly, but it also means it is safe for use. A safety cord lock feature is also included, which helps to prevent the device from automatically coming up on its own. This is important as it makes it safe for children or pets around and prevents any accident whatsoever that may arise.


  • With this machine you get a trustworthy and very reliable edger that will get the job done.
  • This grass trimmer will help you get your garden to look amazing.
  • The grass trimmer is easy to use.
  • Well designed with plenty of power to cut tough grasses and soil and get the work done effectively
  • Solid construction and ease of control means it is user-friendly


  • People found out that the throttle cable that comes with this grass trimmer can pull off at any time while in use

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6. Neverbend Stainless Edging Knife By Spear & Jackson

Neverbend Stainless Edging Knife By Spear & Jackson

Sixth place on our edger tools guide goes to the Neverbend Stainless Edging Knife By Spear & Jackson. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Spear Jackson has dominated the lawn edging UK market for a while now, and this is no mistake. As a professional name, it has been able to provide us with the best edging tools. One of these many products is the Spear Jackson Neverbend Stainless Edging tool. With this grass trimmer, edging turfs feels a lot more comfortable, fast, and practical to gardeners.

People have found this as their best lawn edger among the many edge cutters one can get. It is powered by a 3-horsepower engine, which can produce a torque of about three gross. Its great carbon blade measures about 8 inches long and 2 inches deep, making it possible for you to get your most desired cut.

The horsepower engine of this lawn edger feels like it has been made for this product alone. This fully powered engine enables this tool to work effectively when at full charge. It also helps to keep the device very stable in the face of strong grasses or uneven terrain.


  • The best option to get when working on a small sized meadow
  • This grass trimmer can make your garden look perfect.
  • Has very strong and powerful handle
  • Simple and light weight design means it is very easy to control and manoeuvre on the meadow
  • With this unit you get a quality, very affordable and reliable edger


  • Not a perfect edger for cutting overgrown tough grasses

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7. Manual Lawn Edger By Yard Butler

Manual Lawn Edger By Yard Butler

Seventh best unit you can get is the Manual Lawn Edger By Yard Butler. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The Yard Butler Edge 180 is a powerful manual lawn edger with an extendable shaft that can be used in adjusting the tool. This adjustable feature is the reason this product is perfect and best for natural grass edging, especially for little meadows. This edge cutter is well-designed to allow for easy manoeuvring through the grass.

It also has a floret guard that provides for safety while working with this edging spade. This is no doubt one of the best lawn edgers you can get for the price. It has a 9-inch adjustable edging blade, which works at 100-degree rotation at a 4-position cutting mechanism. With a 7-inch carbon steel blade and a firm handle, this is the right product to get if you want to get the best performance.

You will like the sturdiness of this machine, which enhances easy manoeuvrability. This sturdiness is being aided by a strong steel frame and replaceable wheel which allows for natural movement. The stable base is also a great feature that balances this tool on the lawn.


  • Works best on small and medium sized meadow to get a perfect finish.
  • Reasonable price-to-quality ratio means it is a best budget edger you can get
  • This telescopic edger has with an automatic start and stop feature.


  • Comes with some sets of instruction that beginners many times find it challenging to understand

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8. Multicolored Stainless Edging Blade By Wilkinson Sword

Multicolored Stainless Edging Blade By Wilkinson Sword

Eighth place goes to the Multicolored Stainless Edging Blade By Wilkinson Sword. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

The Wilkinson Sword Stainless Steel Edging is a corded electric lawn edger that has been specially designed for large-sized meadows and gardens. Well made from top-quality stainless steel material, this power Worx is very durable. To ensure that customers are confident and comfortable in purchasing this corded electric lawn trimmer, a 3-year warranty has been provided. 

Think amazing features, heavy-duty, high performance and very little care, we recommend you to consider this power Worx from Wilkinson first. Not only will this good edger help you get a bright and attractive garden, but it is also designed to enhance the look of your garden. You will like its 8-inch edging blade, which can get adjusted according to the type of job at hand. It works at 90-degree rotation at a 43-position cutting system so that you can get the perfect outcome.

With its good spring-assisted wheel, the smooth movement of this machine is facilitated. Also, it helps in guiding the lawn edger while in use to maintain the actual depth that is required on every cut. Also, it prevents the delicate foliage from getting damaged in the process. All these features make this model one of the best you can get.


  • Comes with a good, potent yet quiet engine that will require very little maintenance
  • This wheeled edger is ideal for all types of yards and lawns ranging from the small to the large-sized lawns
  • Very easy to use and manoeuvre through the meadow – thanks to its wheel.


  • This edger has a low price-to-quality ratio which can make it a bit expensive

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9. Carbon Steel Edging Knife By Spear & Jackson

Carbon Steel Edging Knife By Spear & Jackson

Ninth place goes to the Carbon Steel Edging Knife By Spear & Jackson. We gave it a 3.5/5 star rating.

The Spear Jackson 4164NB Elements Edging might not have all the features you need for a large-sized garden or lawn, but it sure can best handle small-sized yard effectively. With its alterable cutting blade, this equipment can carry out quick and accurate cuts and remains the best device for circular lawn edging. No much cost is required to purchase and maintain this lawn edger.

It comes with strong 10 amp motor power, and an adjustable cutting blade, which measures about 7-1/4 inches and 1.5 inches deep. You will like the versatility of this lawn edger on a small-sized lawn, and it is your perfect choice for trimming and trenching. It is easy to install since its parts have been pre-installed. Within a few minutes, you can put it together for use. These features make it one of the most popular units one can get.


  • Comes as a great versatile gardening tool that can be used for edging and trimming
  • A very affordable and powerful lawn edger, and also comfortable to use
  • With it you can get small-sized yards, garden or lawns to look perfect.


  • Takes a long while to get it powered for a task

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Lawn Edger Buying Guide

Using a weed killer and lawn scarifier gets rid of weed and moss growing in your lawn, but it does not affect overgrown grass. You will need a petrol lawn mower and cordless trimmer to trim or cut the grass to a perfect and appealing level. If the grass is too damaged, it might be easier to use your garden rotavator to prepare the ground and plant new grass.

A lawn edger trims the lawn edges, giving your grass some neat edges. It will get rid of strands of grass straying to the footpath or driveway. But you need the right lawn edger to achieve excellent results. We will show you how to go about choosing the right model.

The Size of the Garden/Lawn

Gardens and lawns come in different sizes and shapes, and so does whatever tool is required to handle them. Over time, people tend to neglect this and end up buying a costly, heavy-duty, and high performing tool only to find out that it doesn’t suit their garden type. So, when purchasing, it is essential that you buy one, taking into consideration the size of your garden. To do this, you have to ask yourself specific questions before purchasing. Some of these questions include how big or small is the garden? How easy or otherwise is it to maintain it? What is the shape of a garden-like – regular or irregular?

The Power Source Desired

Lawn Edger Buying Guides

The power source is also another major factor to consider when buying lawn edgers. Generally speaking, edgers are classified differently based on their power sources. The prominent classifications include the cordless or corded electric edgers, the battery-powered ones, and the gas and petrol ones.

The electric tools are usually always very easy to start and have been the ideal choice in the market. However, when buying the best corded electric lawn edger, make sure you take note of portability.

The battery-powered lawn edgers, on the other hand, always come portable and are usually always environmentally friendly. With this, there’s no need to worry about a cord or having to fuel the lawn edger. All you need is to invest in good batteries.

The issue with this type of edgers is that the battery size is always relative to the garden size. However, manual guides would also indicate the sizes of batteries.

The gas edgers are the best option for precise and useful edges trimming. So, if you want precision. Choose the gas-powered ones. More so, of all these three types, the gas edger is the most quality and sturdy edging tool. However, the gas edger is also known to be the most expensive option.

The Adjustment and Depth of Blade

The general idea of edges trimming and edging your lawns is to have it maintained. The outcome is what determines whether or not that has been achieved. This is why it is vital that when buying an edger, you take note of the height adjustment feature. Always make sure to go for a trimmer that has an adjustable cutting blade. This way, you can easily change the blade mechanism to suit your height and depth at any point. It would be best if you also took note of the extent of the cut when buying a lawn edger. Turf edging requires that the edge be deep enough to facilitate easy edges trimming job. With the depth of cut comes the need for a floret guard to ensure foliage is well protected.

Ease of Installation and Use

Every user’s understanding of how an edger works is different, and this is why you have to go for a tool you understand. Nothing is more amazing than getting a power tool that you can work with from time to time. After considering all of the factors that have been provided above, make sure you think about your comfort too. Read through the specifications of products before you buy and be sure that whatever product you purchase, you can relate with. Check the installation, usage and maintenance requirements and be sure you can work with all of them.

Other Attachments Provided

Lawn Edger Buying Guides

Lawn edgers come in various types, some of which are multi-functional. What this means is that some power tools have more tools than others.

It is necessary that you pay attention to these other attachments when purchasing an edger. With these accessories, you can make your lawn edger a versatile tool. So asides from edging lawns, it can be used as a trimmer, trencher or for any other purpose. Sometimes, brands in a bit to be innovative, tend to introduce amazing features to ensure their product stands out. Make sure to put an eye on any of such products when purchasing.

What are The Different Features?

There are several features that we find handy when considering lawn edgers. Reading through several reviews, we found that two features users find convenient the most is the construction quality and structure of the tools.

The Construction Quality of the Edger

By construction, what we mean is the material make-up of the edger. Users generally find handy edgers that are constructed from carbon steel or other top materials. This is because these type of tools are usually more reliable and durable than many others in the market.

The Design of the Lawn Edger

Design is one feature that buyers don’t tend to overlook even when purchasing tools. This is because there is a general belief that if it is used in the garden, then it should also enhance the look of the garden it is being used on. The ability of the trimmer edger to handle turfs also depends on the design of the edger.

Lawn Edger Buying FAQs

Q: What is the best way to edge a lawn?

A: The best way to edge a lawn is:

  1. Following existing lawn layout, use your string trimmer to edge the borders of your yard
  2. Focus on turf that you see has overgrown onto the sidewalk or driveway
  3. Use a reduced pace around curved areas, near flower beds or stone pavers

Q: Do I need to edge my lawn?

A: You need to edge your lawn frequently when it begins to grow faster to maintain a clean look.

Q: How do I edge the sidewalk of my lawn?

A: You edge the sidewalk of your lawn by rolling the trimmer edger back and forth along the edge of the sidewalk to cut the turf in a clean line.

Q: Should the sidewalk be higher than lawn?

A: Our advice – the sidewalk should be higher than the lawn to allow for grass growth and prevent the turf from growing over the top of the sidewalk.

Q: How do I edge my lawn with manual lawn edgers?

A: You edge your lawn with manual lawn edgers by following these steps:

  1. Hold your manual edger along the edge of the lawn
  2. Rock edger back and forth, applying force to cut the remaining ground cover
  3. The last step involves using a spade to remove the grasses when you reach the end of a row

Q: How often should you edge your lawn?

A: You should edge your lawn once or many times in a year depending on how much time you want to put into your lawn.

Q: What’s better straight or curved trimmer?

A: The curved trimmer is better for a small to medium yard. It is not designed for commercial use and is has lightweight with a better balance to get the job done.

Q: Are edgers and trimmers the same?

A: Edgers and trimmers are the same. Both do the same job and are typically used to cut through turf, therefore eliminating messy borders.

Q: What is the best type of landscape trimming?

A: The best type of landscape trimming is strip edging. In strip edging, the top part of the edging is visible to set the bed and lawn apart.

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