The 10 Best Log Splitting Axe Reviews In The UK (2021)

Best Log Splitting Axe Reviews

Last Updated on May 5, 2021

Splitting logs for your wood burning stove or fire pit requires a lot effort and without the right tool you’ll have little to show and your body will ache from the exertion.

Using the best log splitting axe will help you get through a pile of logs more easily, even if you’re a beginner. Check out our review for more insight into these great tools.

Discover The Best Log Splitting Axe Reviews Of 2021

1. Steel Log Splitting Axe By Fiskars

Steel Log Splitting Axe By Fiskars

The best log splitting axe is the Steel Log Splitting Axe By Fiskars. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Worthy of sitting at number one on our review list is Fiskars splitting axe. This beautifully crafted axe combines grace with power, making it the best wood splitting axe on the UK market. Its high-quality design and super strong blade put it second to none with any other axe. Fiskars is well-known for delivering the highest of quality, and this axe is no exception.

When you consider going for the best axe for splitting wood, you cannot go wrong with this one. Its key features ensure the best results in minimal effort when splitting wood. Fiskars splitting axe is very convenient for preparing wood or logs for campfires, barbecues, stoves and your home fireplace. Set a price worthy of its top-quality.

Fiskars splitting axe guarantees you the perfect swing with a head and handle that are fused together so that you can cut with a small effort. You can use it to split large wood and trunk as large as 12 inches for the most satisfactory result. You are going to like its durable blade made of double-hardened steel with non-stick properties for easier wood penetration.

Apart from that, it is easier to sharpen, keeping the edge primed for work at any time. The handle is made from a combination of glass fibre reinforced plastic and non-slip rubber. The glass fibre is going to make it both weather and impact-resistant. Its hook-shaped end enables a much comfortable and versatile use on different wood thickness.

What’s more, Fiskars splitting axe comes with its very own carrying and storage case. This way, you can take it to campsites, chopping spots or easily keep it in your personal equipment shed. The case also guarantees safekeeping, preventing the possibility of hazards. All these features may make this great axe the right one to get.


  • Powerful, double-hardened, non-stick steelhead with easy sharpening feature
  • Glass fibre reinforced non-slip rubber plastic handle with weather and impact resistance
  • Axehead moulded into a handle for maximum swing power at little effort
  • Easier to handle with its comfortable storage and good carrying case
  • Comes with safety and storage case


  • More massive logs may require extra effort

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2. Fibreglass Handle Chopping Axe By Fiskars

Fibreglass Handle Chopping Axe By Fiskars

Second best axe you can get is the Fibreglass Handle Chopping Axe By Fiskars. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Proving its superiority in the market, Fiskars Chopping Axe appears again as the third axe on our list. This Finnish axe is by far one of the best log splitting axes in the world. It is very convenient for splitting woods or logs for fireplaces, grills, campfires, stoves and barbecues. Carrying the signature features unique to the Fiskars name, this wood chopping axe makes a great addition to your personal tool shed.

Fiskars chopping axe is the ultimate universal wood hatchet. You will like its portable, yet sturdy build making it ideal for all manner of wood ripping tasks. You will find this versatility to be handy, especially for camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. Fiskars chopping axe carries the signature features that make every axe of the Finnish brand outstanding. 

It has a very sharp blade made from non-stick, double-hardened steel with top-quality coating. A perfect balance between the weight of the axe head and the axe handle gives you maximum swing efficiency. Its universal feature also allows you to split logs close to 2.8 inches in diameter easily, making it an ultimate kindling axe.

Its good, ergonomic handle rocked the signature fibreglass reinforced plastic design with both weather and impact-resistant properties. The handle is covered with a comfortable, non-slip rubber with flare guard for protecting your fingers when splitting wood. Safety doesn’t end there as the axe head is also moulded onto the handle for this reason. Also, Fiskars chopping axe also comes in storage and carrying case for safe transport and moving. All these great features will make it the right one for you to get.


  • Designed to be versatile, portable and light weight
  • Ergonomic, non-slip, weather and impact-resistant fiberglass handle
  • The very sharp, long-lasting, sturdy blade splits wood better than others.
  • Impressive balance that will make sure of maximum swing power
  • Comes with good safe storage and great carrying case


  • Not suitable for a bit larger logs but light woods

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3. Splitting Versatile Axe By Gardena

Splitting Versatile Axe By Gardena

Third best unit to make use of is the Splitting Versatile Axe By Gardena. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Another fantastic axe, Gardena 2800S splitting axe, is an outstanding logging axe. Its overall design and top-quality sharp blade and handle material makes it one of the best and most effective splitting axes for wood around.

This axe combines strength with superb handling to give you an incredible woodcutting axe. Its double-function feature means you can also use it as a log splitting maul. Gardena offers you versatility and the right power at a giveaway price.

For its size, Gardena 2800S is an excellent wood splitting axe for tougher trunks. You will discover that sacrificing a few centimetres in length did not reflect in its use. It is fairly big and delivers excellent wood-cutting and splitting results. Customers have come to see this axe as a very convenient maul axe one that is also easy to manage and store.

While it may be the best axe available, Gardena 2800S still rocks some outstanding features. One of them is its portable, yet powerful, rectangular-shaped maul. At first glance, this looks like a regular good large axe, but when you take a closer look, you see the difference. The really good hammerhead is inconspicuously built, yet very useful for driving lodges. Aesthetically, this is one of the best and most attractive mauls.

Another great aspect of this axe is its axe head. The blade is hollow-ground for super sharpness. The axehead geometry is specifically designed to split more massive logs and trunks with ease successfully. It also balances perfectly with the handle to give an even weight distribution. The handle is also a unique feature as its shaft is protected with stainless steel, ensuring its long life.


  • Double function feature; axe and maul
  • Hollow-ground blade for an ultra-sharp edge
  • Designed to be durable and robust, yet it has light weight build
  • Non-stick coating on the blade for easy entry into logs
  • Hooked end for a safe, non-slip grip
  • Manufacturers add a 25 year warranty


  • Hammer is not recommended for use on steel wedges

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4. Expert Log Splitting Maul By Draper

Expert Log Splitting Maul By Draper

Fourth best wood axe you can get is the Expert Log Splitting Maul By Draper. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Everyone who appreciates the best quality knows to search for Draper tools, and we’re no different here. That is why we have the honour of featuring one of their best-quality designs on our list. Draper log splitting maul offers superb performance and results with every use. Its overall design and build make it the go-to wood splitting maul for both professionals and DIY’ers.

Draper is not a novice in the tool–making business. Its tools are manufactured to meet EU standards and are top contenders on every market. That is why this axe is gradually rising to become probably one of the best log splitting axes. It offers an outstanding result with convenience for any type of user. The handling and weight strike just the right balance required to cut logs with minimal effort. 

It is specifically designed for both professionals and amateurs. One outstanding function in this impressive splitting maul is its handle. The shaft is made from some of the high-quality fibreglass fitted at the end with a rubber handle. This gives the log maul a firm, ergonomic grip. The material also provides the handle with a light weight, allowing more comfortable swinging without stressing your back.

You will like its axehead, which is fashioned from a fine grain, high-quality tempered carbon steel, hardened and polished to perfection for maximum chopping power. The top-quality of the axehead material gives both the slashing blade and the maul superior performance power. The combination of the handle and the axehead guarantees users energy-saving effort when splitting or driving lodges through logs.


  • Dual-purpose axehead for both cutting and driving wedges through logs
  • Powerful, durable, fine grain, tempered, carbon based steel axehead
  • Sturdy fiberglass handle
  • Ergonomicly designed rubber grip and is fit for any height


  • Not suitable for kindling logs

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5. Steel Cutting Axe By Spear & Jackson

Steel Cutting Axe By Spear & Jackson

Fifth best log splitting axe you can get is the Steel Cutting Axe By Spear & Jackson. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

If you’re looking for a small hand axe that offers high-quality, time-saving performance, then this is your stop. Spear & Jackson cutting shaft combines both power and portability into what we consider the best hatchet for budget spenders. Blending exceptional craftsmanship with high-quality material, Spear & Jackson turns out an excellent wood-chopping tool at a shockingly affordable price.

Displaying impressive build materials and incredible power, we consider it one of the best short axes used for chopping firewood. Spear & Jackson axe is perfect for one-hand use. Its light weight makes it possible for you to employ its surprisingly strong blade power on all ranges of smaller wood splitting and firewood chopping tasks. 

Its overall design and sturdiness make it easy to handle, utilize, and manage. As far as general use is concerned, it is the best hatchet your money can buy. The axe head is forged from carbon steel, hardened and tempered for strength and durability. Its handle is made from a strong, yet light weight combination of fibre and nylon.

The handle gives a non-slip, ergonomic feel that eases user comfort and guarantees a firm grip. The steelhead is also extensively moulded to the handle, ensuring maximum user safety.


  • Strong, drop forged hardened, and tempered carbon steel head that lasts for a long time.
  • Ergonomic fibreglass handle for longer one hand use
  • It is designed to be portable and sturdy, yet it has light weight
  • Extensively moulded handle to axe head for optimum safety
  • Great sharp blade is the right one for easier working


  • Only applicable to smaller tasks like splitting light firewood chunks and not for large tree.
  • Fairly large handle

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6. Swedish Log Splitter By Agma

Swedish Log Splitter By Agma

Sixth best log splitting axe you can get is the Swedish Log Splitter By Agma. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Sweden has been at the forefront of producing cutting tools of the best-quality, and this model is a testament to that fact. At number 6 on our review list, AGMA Smart Splitter offers a super convenient and ultra-easy option for splitting wood. It is super affordable, safe and effortless to use. In fact, this smart block splitter is already one of the best and most effective woods and kindling splitting axes.

With AGMA Swedish Log Splitter, a little effort goes a long way. Splitting and kindling logs have never been more comfortable and more convenient. It is very easy to set-up, use and also quite affordable. Looking for the smart way to split logs or kindle wood within a short time? Then, this is the model for you.

AGMA Swedish Smart Log Splitter is super easy to use. With only a few short instructions to set-up, you will discover an easier and almost unbelievably easy method of splitting posts and logs. All you need to do after setting the nice log splitter is repeatedly drop a striking weight on a wedge.

This Log Splitter is designed with both ease of use and safety in mind. The procedures required to split posts and logs do not require you have full contact to complete the splitting process. You only need to lift the striking weight and throw it down onto the wedge. It also features a guide rod, metal and rubber washers to securely hold the log in place.


  • Very safe and secure to use
  • Easy to handle and even slightly easier to set up compared to others
  • Effective wood splitting with little effort
  • Great portable design and easy to store
  • Designed really good to save manual energy


  • Not recommended for use on knotty wood

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7. Expert Yankee Pattern Axe By Draper

Expert Yankee Pattern Axe By Draper

Seventh best wood axe you can get is the Expert Yankee Pattern Axe By Draper. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Draper axe features as our number 7 item on this review list with its classicly designed wood handle axe. Displaying superior craftsmanship and first-rate standards, this model offers this powerful tool at a pocket-friendly price. This axe appeals to both professionals and avid DIY’ers who seek excellent performance in a product.

Draper Yankee Pattern felling axe is an impressive wooden axe ideal for different wood cutting tasks. This time-saving axe/splitting maul combines the classic original design with modern innovation, giving you one of the most excellent axes available. It may not qualify as the best axe for splitting wood and logs on our list, but it’s a fast-rising contender. Draper Yankee Pattern felling axe is the perfect combo of good traditional style with modern design.

Draper Yankee Pattern felling axe is by far the best traditional axe on the market. Customers love the feel of superior quality performance that comes with using an axe with the classic design and wooden handle. Many who trust the old ways more find it satisfying that this axe suits that requirement just fine.

For a wooden handle axe, Draper Yankee Pattern is pretty impressive. Its wooden handle is made of straight grained hickory wood, known for its dependable durability and comfortable, non-slip grip. A lacquer finish gives the longer handle a long-lasting, protective shine. Its hardened and tempered forged carbon steel axe head. The edges are ground with top precision to give you a sharp, ready-to-use blade upon purchase.

Also, this wooden axe also includes a cover for safe storage and protection when moving the axe. The hickory wood shaft is also secured to the axe head with a timber wedge and steel ring. This ensures safety when in use, so the axe head doesn’t come off during swing. The wooden handle and axe head are nicely balanced, making it great for felling trees, splitting and kindling logs and firewood.


  • Tough, hardened, fine grain and tempered forged carbon steel axe head
  • Really good light weight wood is used to make this great axe
  • Sturdy and long-lasting hickory handle with lacquer finish
  • Sharp, ready-to-use edge upon purchase
  • This felling axe includes an edge cover for safe storage and carrying
  • Designed with great balance for easier and longer working


  • The side needs extra grinding for maximum wood splitting results
  • More massive wood or logs might require extra effort to split

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8. 2 In 1 Axe And Hammer By Fiskars

2 In 1 Axe And Hammer By Fiskars

Our eighth pick for splitting wood is the 2 In 1 Axe And Hammer By Fiskars. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

If you’re looking for the right splitting axe for more substantial, harder logs, then this is the ideal axe for you. Fiskars Maza Seguridad splitting axe combines the highest of safety with high performance in this axe. Robust, sharp, sturdy and ergonomic, this axe is the right answer for more difficult log and wood splitting assignments. Years of craftsmanship are combined into one efficient axe guaranteed to give fantastic results for a long time.

Fiskars Maza Seguridad splitting axe doesn’t just give you the option to cut wood with a blade alone. It comes in a two-for-one unique design; axe for splitting, and hammer for driving a lodge or splitter into tougher trunks. The combination of these two important features makes this axe one of the most powerful and rightly priced log splitting axes available.

It offers the most ideal maul tool for tackling wood and trunks of much tougher densities. While the sharp blade itself is both lasting and powerful enough, a hammerhead is also available, just in case. You will love the versatility associated with this product as you can switch from an axe to a wood maul whenever either is needed. This two-in-one function makes it the best and a highly sought-after log axe in the UK.

Its lasting, tempered steel blade has a concave curve that boosts impact force. Its hammer side is of heavy-duty polymer with side dents to prevent jamming of the slashing edge. A metal ring on the axehead helps to reduce vibration and splintering when in use. The axehead is also specially coated with high-quality material for longevity.

The handle of this good splitting axe is also made in the signature Fiskars style fibreglass reinforced plastic handle to make using easier. It is robust, with anti-vibration and anti-slip features to ensure a safe, yet ergonomic grip. A unique cantilever is fused between the axehead and the handle to absorb the shock. The perfect balance struck between the head, and the handle ensures maximum swing efficiency with little effort.


  • Two-in-one splitting axe for both log splitting and wedge-driving tasks
  • Sturdy, durable tempered steel head that boosts hit force
  • Shock-absorbent rubber cantilever between the axehead and handle
  • Ergonomic, anti-vibration handle is what you need to boost the force
  • Good design helps longer and easier working
  • Designed to be suitable for both heavy and light logging


  • Hammer may not be ideal to use on metal wedges

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9. Razorsharp Log Splitting Maul By Spear & Jackson

Razorsharp Log Splitting Maul By Spear & Jackson

Our ninth pick for splitting wood is the Razorsharp Log Splitting Maul By Spear & Jackson. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Another major contender in the tool-manufacturing industry, Spear & Jackson has been putting out beautiful axes since the 1760s. Showcasing at number 9 on our list, this log splitting piece is an excellent logging tool. Combining top-quality manufacturing with an ergonomic design, Spear & Jackson presents a unique hammer for chopping wood. This good axe is manufactured to DIN standards, as is any tool offered by the renowned brand.

Spear & Jackson never waivers when it comes to durability and longevity. This maul is proof that they went to great lengths, as it is made from the finest materials. This, combined with the good overall design, gives you an excellent quality axe at a very affordable price.

The Spear & Jackson Razor-sharp log splitting maul is a potent tool. It performs more as a maul than an axe, offering great cutting power with every swing. You will love the specific functionality of this. Its sturdy build allows it to be used effortlessly to cut through trunks of different sizes and thickness- as a proper maul should.

The heavy-duty axe head of this tool is a plus. The tempered, drop forged carbon steel axehead is hardened, giving it high strength. The blade is razor-sharp, as the name implies with a hooked end. These combine to grant you easy penetration of wood with every swing.

Also, its wooden handle will make it stand out. It is made of quality hickory, for a sturdy build. It allows a comfortable yet firm grip. The sturdy wooden handle combines with the powerful axehead in perfect union, giving the axe an impressive log splitting advantage.


  • Tough, drop forged, hardened and tempered carbon steel axe head that lasts a long time.
  • Razor-sharp, hooked blade helps create force
  • Sturdy hickory handle makes it easier to use with force
  • A delicate balance between axe head and wooden shaft


  • Somewhat bulky and heavy

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10. 6Lb Splitting Maul By Roughneck

6Lb Splitting Maul By Roughneck

Tenth best axe you can get for splitting wood is the 6Lb Splitting Maul By Roughneck. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Sitting at the number 10 position on our review list is an axe from a well-known brand. Roughneck is a top contender in the making of tools, and this splitting axe is no exception. The Roughneck is a high quality, top performance splitting maul that employs minimal effort to deliver maximum efficiency. It guarantees faster and convenient wood splitting with its dual-purpose steel head and comfortable handle.

Roughneck offers this beautifully crafted masterpiece at an almost irresistible price. It blends effective performance with ergonomic features in one mighty long-handled axe. No longer do you need to worry about not getting top quality axes for your budget. Roughneck 65660 can make that dream a reality!

The Roughneck 65660 splitting maul is shockingly light weight for what it’s designed to do. For a tool with both chopping and driving features on one head, it is quite easy to lift and handle. Loggers love to be able to perform both tasks with an axe that is very easy to manoeuvre.

Its axehead is made from hardened and tempered drop forged steel, it is super durable. The blade is anti-stick, allowing minimal friction and maximum splitting capacity. The striking face is also polished with chambered edges for higher strike power. All these great features make the axe head super durable and sturdy.

You will like its handle made from some of the most exceptional quality solid core fibreglass, covered with polypropylene. The grip is covered with double-injected TPR for a soft, ergonomic feel. The handle also comes with an essential overstrike protection for safety. The bond between the handle and axehead is made with super-strong, industrial-grade epoxy.


  • Ultra-strong alloy steel head
  • Dual-purpose axe head for both splitting wood and hammering wedge
  • Impressively designed with light weight build, weighs 6 pounds
  • Superior quality fiberglass handle with overstrike protection that last for a long time
  • Soft, ergonomic grip is the right one for longer cutting


  • Might require extra effort for harder wood
  • Reviews found that it may blunt quickly when used on harder wood, needs often sharpening

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Log Splitting Axe Buying Guide

Since your garden shears can only work on hedges, logs require a different treatment to keeping them neat – splitting. To avoid injury, splitting logs requires the use of a carefully chosen log splitting axe.

Due to the thick nature of the pieces that fall around as you split your logs, you cannot dispose of them using a garden shredder or garden incinerator. But you can collect and store them in your garden storage bench or garden shed alongside the rest of the split logs for use in the future.

Here is how you can make sure that the log splitting axe you purchase will provide you with value for your money.

The Type

Before you make the final choice, you must know precisely what you have chosen, as there are different types of axes. When it comes to log splitting, you have four general options; splitting axe, maul, chopping axe and log splitters. Your choice will need to depend on the kind of task you wish to employ it for.

Chopping axes are great for smaller trunks and kindling. Splitting axes do well with both small and medium-sized trunks, and mauls are best for larger, more robust wood. Log splitters work on virtually all kinds of wood, except knotty ones. The drawback is you’ll need more effort to use it on more robust wood or logs.

The Size

Log Splitting Axe Buying Guide

When choosing the size, you need to learn whether portability is an issue with you or not. We recommend you to ask yourself if a large splitting axe is necessary for the wood chopping task. If you find a somewhat smaller one that will do well for the same time frame, choose it.

If you only need to do small-scale general logging, get portable, one hand splitting axes. If you prefer a wood or log splitting axe, be sure you have enough storage space for the thing.

It pays you to get an axe whose size will not hinder your work progress or make you spend unnecessary time. Buy a fibreglass or hickory shaft that you’re comfortable swinging and is not too heavy for you.

The Material

The power of an axe lies in its parent material, and this applies to both head and handle. Steel is the general material from which axe heads are forged from. But the strength differs; double hardened steel is more durable while carbon steel is less durable but lighter. Also, fibreglass handles are more flexible and comfortable to grip, compared to wood, though the latter is cheaper.

The Design

The overall design has to display an obvious consideration for safety and comfort. If it doesn’t, it’s not the best axe for chopping wood. Most high-quality axes have the axe head moulded with the handle for safety purposes.

Others employ epoxy bonding while the traditional wood axes for sale use a wooden wedge between the handle and head. Ergonomic features are also part of the design of most splitting axes. Many handles employ rubber coverings for a more comfortable grip, especially those with plastic or fibreglass handles. Wood handles, however, do not, so it is advised considering gloves if getting one.

Understanding the Jargons.

TPR – Thermoplastic Rubber.

DIN – Deutsches Institute (German Institute of Standardization).

What are The Different Features?

Log Splitting Axe Buying Guide

There are certain features on wood log splitting axes that many people find handy, but some are most sought-after than others. One popular feature is versatility. Many users are attracted to log splitting axes that can cover a wide range of tasks. This, they tend to believe, offers the best value for money. So, axes that promise to alternate between splitting medium-sized wood and kindling logs become enticing.

Another handy feature customers look out for is the swing requirement. Axes that use little effort to split wood are easily considered by lumberjacks. No one actually enjoys back-breaking tasks, so they usually find between easy-to-swing maul or more massive axe and easy-to-setup wood or log splitter that would achieve the task within a short time.

The weight of the axe is also a handy feature. If it’s too heavy, you cannot use it efficiently and you would waste more time. Therefore, many users just look for what they can swing comfortably. In some cases, they don’t bother if it’s not the appropriate axe for the job- which they should. But some users compromise by finding a means of adapting the axe to a task it wasn’t initially meant for just to cut time and for convenience.

Log Splitting Axe Buying FAQs

Q: What is a maul?

A: A maul is a heavy hammer with a long handle. It is used for splitting logs by driving a wedge through it. Sometimes, a long-handled axe with a hammerhead is also considered a maul. This is because it combines the wedge splitting technology with the driving power to split wood.

Q: Splitting axe vs Maul

A: A splitting axe is a mighty wood or log-splitting axe with a thick handle and very sharp blade edge. A maul, on the other hand, is a long-handled hammer. Splitting axes employ a broad, intense and powerful axe head to cut and split logs in one or multiple swings. Mauls, on the other hand, are used to drive a wedge through the wood to break it.

Mauls use less effort to split wood than splitting axes. Some splitting mauls are a combination of a splitting axe and a hammer. These types are usually more extensive, with a curved edge that allows a leisurely drive through the wood. The massive axe head will also make splitting easier. But splitting axes are generally smaller and are more versatile.

Q: How to split logs

A: There are many methods of splitting logs. You could employ a standard splitting axe for medium and relatively large, fine-grained trunks. Mauls are best for cutting more massive trunks and those with knots. Cutting axes and short hand axes are best for smaller log splitting purposes. And log splitters work for most sizes of wood, but require minimal, though repeated efforts. They are, however, a much smarter and modern approach.

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