The 10 Best Log Splitting Axe Reviews In The UK (2021)

Best Log Splitting Axe Reviews

Last Updated on September 11, 2021

Splitting logs can be a pain if you don’t have the right axe. Let’s meet this year’s top choppers to find the right one for you. We’ve done the research so you can focus on stacking logs like a pro!

Our Top 3 Log Splitting Axe Picks
1. The Best Log Splitting Axe By Davaon
2. The Best Axe With A Fiberglass Handle By Fiskars
3. The Best Chopping Axe For Tougher Trunks By Gardena

Discover The Best Log Splitting Axe Reviews Of 2021

1. The Best Log Splitting Axe By Davaon

the best log splitting axe

We picked this keen guy as the top axe on our list. It’s a top-quality tool that is sturdy and performs like a dream. But let’s get into the specifics of what you can expect from this axe.

It’s designed to split large branches and logs. The balanced weight of the axe means that you can use it easily without risking being injured because of an unwieldy tool. The head is also made from high-grade carbon steel and securely fitted to the handle.

You can also look forward to an ergonomic handle, years of use, and a protective bag for when the axe is not in use.


  • Ergonomic and lightweight.
  • Durable blade.
  • Well-balanced.
  • Chops wood up to 30 cm in diameter.


  • Head is not permanently fixed to handle.

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2. The Best Axe With A Fiberglass Handle By Fiskars

Fibreglass Handle Chopping Axe By Fiskars

This Finnish axe is by far one of the best log splitting axes in the world. What makes it so convenient is the fibreglass handle. It’s tough, ergonomic, and lightweight – you can use this axe for a long period of time without unnecessarily tiring your wrists, arms or back.

The axe is the ultimate universal wood hatchet. The sharp blade is made from non-stick, double-hardened steel with top-quality coating. A perfect balance between the weight of the axe head and the axe handle gives you maximum swing efficiency.

The weatherproof handle is also covered with a comfortable, non-slip rubber with a flare guard for protecting your fingers when splitting wood. Safety doesn’t end there! The axe head is also moulded onto the handle to avoid it flying off at the worst possible time.


  • Versatile, portable and lightweight.
  • Ergonomic, non-slip, weather and impact-resistant fiberglass handle.
  • Sharp, long-lasting blade splits.
  • Impressive balance for maximum swing power.
  • Comes with storage and carrying case.


  • Only suitable for light wood and logs.

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3. The Best Chopping Axe For Tougher Trunks By Gardena

Splitting Versatile Axe By Gardena

Whereas the previous axe is a fantastic tool, it might not be suitable if you are chopping tougher and larger logs. This axe combines strength with superb handling to give you an incredible woodcutting ability. Its double-function feature means you can also use it as a log splitting maul.

The blade is hollow-ground for super sharpness. The axehead geometry is specifically designed to split more massive logs and trunks and with ease. It also balances perfectly with the handle to give an even weight distribution.


  • Double function feature; axe and maul.
  • Hollow-ground blade for an ultra-sharp edge.
  • Designed to be durable and robust, yet it has light weight build.
  • Non-stick coating on the blade.
  • Hooked end for a safe, non-slip grip.


  • Not recommended for use on steel wedges

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4. The Expert Log Splitting Maul By Draper

Expert Log Splitting Maul By Draper

This axe is suitable for both professionals and DIY’ers. The tool meets EU standards and offers outstanding results. The handling and weight strike just the right balance required to cut logs with minimal effort. 

The shaft is made from high-quality fibreglass fitted with a rubber handle. This gives the log maul a firm, ergonomic grip. The material also provides the handle with a lightweight feel, allowing for a more comfortable swing without stressing your back.

The head is also fashioned from a fine grain, high-quality tempered carbon steel, hardened and polished to perfection. The combination of the handle and the axehead guarantees users energy-saving effort when splitting or driving lodges through logs.


  • Dual-purpose axehead for both cutting and driving wedges through logs.
  • Powerful, durable, fine grain, tempered, carbon based steel axehead.
  • Sturdy fiberglass handle.
  • Ergonomicly designed rubber grip.


  • Not suitable for kindling logs.

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5. The Top Steel Cutting Axe By Spear & Jackson

Steel Cutting Axe By Spear & Jackson

If you’re looking for a small hand axe that offers high-quality, time-saving performance, then this is your stop. The hatchet blends exceptional craftsmanship with high-quality materials to bring you an excellent wood-chopping tool.

Its lightweight handle makes it easy to perform a long stretch of chopping tasks. Besides being easy to handle and ergonomic, you can also look forward to a durable tool – the head is forged from carbon steel, hardened and tempered for strength. For extra safety, the head is also permanently moulded to the handle.


  • Strong and durable.
  • Ergonomic fibreglass handle.
  • Portable and sturdy.
  • Head and handle moulded together for safety.


  • Not suitable for large trees.

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6. The Top Log Splitter By Agma

Swedish Log Splitter By Agma

This is another dependable choice if you are hunting for a tool that is safe and effortless to use. Splitting and kindling logs have never been more comfortable and more convenient. With only a few instructions to help you set up, you will discover an easier and almost unbelievably easy method of splitting posts and logs.

The splitter is also designed with safety in mind. The procedures required to split logs do not require you have full contact to complete the splitting process. You only need to lift the striking weight and throw it down onto the wedge.

It also features a guide rod, metal and rubber washers to securely hold the log in place.


  • Very safe and secure to use.
  • Easy to handle.
  • Effective wood splitting.
  • Great portable design and easy to store.


  • Not suitable for knotty wood.

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7. The Best Classic Axe By Draper

Expert Yankee Pattern Axe By Draper

If you love a classic-looking axe, then this one should suffice. It’s also packed with features that make it durable and effective. Let’s dive into the highlights.

The handle is made of straight-grained hickory wood, known for its durability, comfort, and non-slip grip. A lacquer finish gives the handle a long-lasting, protective shine. The head is tempered forged carbon steel with ground edges for precision cutting.

The shaft is also secured to the axe head with a timber wedge and steel ring. This ensures safety when in use. The wooden handle and axe head are nicely balanced, making it great for felling trees, splitting and kindling logs and firewood.


  • Fine grain and tempered forged carbon steel axe head.
  • Sturdy and long-lasting hickory handle with lacquer finish
  • Sharp, ready-to-use edge.
  • Designed with great balance for easier and longer working.


  • More massive wood or logs might require extra effort to split

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8. 2 In 1 Axe And Hammer By Fiskars

2 In 1 Axe And Hammer By Fiskars

If you’re looking for the right splitting axe for more substantial, harder logs, then this could be the ideal axe for you. The tool combines safety with high performance as well. Robust, sharp, sturdy and ergonomic, this axe is perfect for tougher wood or longer chopping sessions.

It offers you a two-for-one unique design; axe for splitting, and hammer for driving a lodge or splitter into tougher trunks.

The tempered steel blade has a concave curve that boosts impact force. Its hammer side is of heavy-duty polymer with side dents to prevent jamming of the slashing edge. A metal ring on the axehead helps to reduce vibration and splintering when in use. The axehead is also specially coated with high-quality material for longevity.

The handle of this axe is also made from reinforced plastic and offer an anti-vibration and anti-slip grip. A unique cantilever is fused between the axehead and the handle to absorb the shock. The perfect balance between the head and the handle ensures maximum swinging efficiency that works with little effort.


  • Two-in-one splitting axe for both log splitting and wedge-driving tasks.
  • Sturdy, durable tempered steel head.
  • Shock-absorbent rubber cantilever between the axehead and handle.
  • Ergonomic, anti-vibration handle.
  • Suitable for both heavy and light logging.


  • Hammer may not be ideal to use on metal wedges.

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9. The Best Log Splitting Maul By Spear & Jackson

Razorsharp Log Splitting Maul By Spear & Jackson

This is a great axe if you want to view more options that are durable, sharp, and powerful. This potent axe is sturdy and can effortlessly deal with different kinds of hammering and axing tasks. The head is heavy-duty and made from tempered, drop forged carbon steel, edged with a razor-sharp blade.

Also, its wooden handle is made of quality hickory that comes with a comfortable, firm grip. Combined with the powerful axehead, the ergonomic handle will definitely give you greater results for less effort.


  • Tough, drop forged, hardened and tempered carbon steel axe head that lasts a long time.
  • Razor-sharp, hooked blade helps create force.
  • Sturdy hickory handle.


  • Somewhat bulky and heavy.

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10. The Best Splitting Maul By Roughneck

6Lb Splitting Maul By Roughneck

This tool is a high quality, top performance splitting maul that employs minimal effort to deliver maximum efficiency. It guarantees faster and convenient wood splitting with its dual-purpose steel head and comfortable handle.

The maul is lightweight, making it easy to lift and handle. The axehead is made from hardened and tempered drop forged steel, making it super durable. The blade is anti-stick, allowing minimal friction and maximum splitting capacity.

The handle is made from solid core fibreglass and covered with polypropylene. The grip is covered with double-injected TPR to give you a soft, ergonomic feel. The handle also comes with essential overstrike protection for safety.


  • Ultra-strong alloy steel head.
  • Dual-purpose axe head for both splitting wood and hammering wedge.
  • Superior quality fiberglass handle.
  • Overstrike protection.
  • Soft, ergonomic grip.


  • Might require extra effort for harder wood.

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Your Log Splitting Axe Buying Guide

The right axe can make a potentially painful chore a breeze. Our guide offers you all the essential tips to help you find the best chopper for your lifestyle!

The Type

When it comes to log splitting, you have four general options; splitting axe, maul, chopping axe and log splitters. Pick the one that best suit the task.

The Size

Log Splitting Axe Buying Guide

Size can be an issue. Or not at all. When you pick an axe, make sure that it’s a hatchet if you want to take it along camping or a long heavy-duty axe but with a light and ergonomic handle to protect your arms and back.

The Material

The power of an axe lies in its parent material, and this applies to both head and handle. Steel is generally the material from which axe heads are forged from. But the strength differs; double hardened steel is more durable while carbon steel is less durable but lighter.

Also, fibreglass handles are more flexible and comfortable to grip, compared to wood.

Safety Designs

Most high-quality axes have the axe head moulded with the handle for safety purposes. Ergonomic features are also part of the design of most splitting axes. Many handles employ rubber coverings for a more comfortable grip, especially those with plastic or fibreglass handles.


Q: What is a maul?

A: A maul is a heavy hammer with a long handle. It is used for splitting logs by driving a wedge through it.

Q: How to split logs?

A: There are many methods of splitting logs. You could employ a standard splitting axe for medium and relatively large, fine-grained trunks. Mauls are best for cutting more massive trunks and those with knots.

Cutting axes and short hand axes are best for smaller log splitting purposes. And log splitters work for most sizes of wood, but require minimal, though repeated efforts. They are, however, a much smarter and modern approach.

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