10 Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmer Reviews For UK Gardens (2021)

Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmer Reviews

Last Updated on July 8, 2021

When summer arrives, your hedges need to look their best. But are you facing a tall perimeter? There is no need to risk your safety with a ladder and a regular trimmer. This year’s long reach hedge trimmers are here to make your life easier (and your garden neat and professional-looking)!

Our Top Long Reach Hedge Trimmer Picks
1. The Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmer By Bosch
2. The Best Long Trimmer With Adjustable Head By Netta
3. The Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmer For Tough Branches By Garden Gear

Meet The Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmers Of 2021

1. The Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmer By Bosch

Cordless Telescopic Hedgecutter By Bosch

We chose this as the best trimmer because it’s packed with features that will make your hedge-related chores feel like less of a, well, like a chore. Let’s dive in!

The trimmer is lightweight and has a body harness, both ensuring that you can handle this tool with ease. It’s also cordless, so you don’t have to worry about cord restrictions or tangles. The trimmer features a telescopic pole and pivoting head so that you can reach tall heights and cut at odd angles.

Unlike most other trimmers that jam, this tool has a sturdy design that includes a powerful and continuous 4m/s cutting speed. Even better, you can expect an anti-blocking system and a double sharp blade with 2200 SPM blade speed. The trimmer is also powered by a lithium-ion battery with 18V power for maximum performance.


  • Suitable for hard branches.
  • Features great pivoting handle.
  • Lightweight frame.
  • High battery life with quick and easy charging system.
  • Fast cutting results with double sharp blade head.


  • Needs long recharging time.

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2. The Best Long Trimmer With Adjustable Head By Netta

best long reach hedge trimmer

If you are specifically looking for a trimmer that can reach difficult places, then this could be the best cutter for you. The head is incredibly flexible when it comes to adjustment. You can expect positions across a -45 – 90° for smooth vertical and horizontal cutting.

This is another great trimmer that is easy to handle due to its 3.7 kg weight and shoulder strap. It’s also very safe, featuring a two-way safety trigger and a hand shield. Other great features include a 45 cm blade, a pole that can extend 2.7 meters and a blade that is crafted from diamond-ground steel and laser cut.


  • Flexible head adjustments.
  • Lightweight.
  • Several safety features.
  • Quality blade.


  • Some assembly is required.

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3. The Best Long Reach Hedge Trimmer For Tough Branches By Garden Gear

18V Telescopic Cordless Hedge Cutter By Garden Gear

This trimmer is a double whammy. If you struggle to reach high places that often consists of hedges with tough branches, then this cordless tool is the top choice for you. With its versatile 18V telescopic pole and excellent blade, this hedge trimmer enables you to easily cut the tall hedges and prune standard trees with minimal effort.

The powerful motor unit is lightweight, comes with an adjustable pivoting head and the trimmer, being rustproof, will give you years of service.

Speaking of service, the lithium-ion battery normally lasts for an hour and the shoulder strap ensures that the time goes by as comfortable for you as possible. It has an oil tank with a capacity of 85ml that also automatically lubricates the chain.


  • You can effortlessly reach high.
  • High performance.
  • Lightweight.
  • Suitable for tough hedges and trees.


  • Reaching the power button while holding the trimmers takes getting used to.

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4. The 500 W Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer By Einhell

500 W Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer By Einhell

You can have your garden in the best shape in no time with this trimmer. Not only can it trim thick hedges, but it can also be used on bushes, shrubs and the pruning of small tree branches. This multi-purpose ability is due to the powerful 500W motor.

The laser-cut diamond ground blade teeth are designed to give you the best results. The blade measures 585 mm and is crafted from long-lasting metal.

The telescopic handle can extend up to 2.4 meters. Whichever height setting you prefer, the adjustable shoulder strap keeps you from experiencing fatigue. The shoulder strap also has a quick release lock for convenience.


  • Shoulder strap.
  • Extra sharp laser cut blade.
  • Cutting head is able to rotate in different angles.
  • Durable metal gearing.


  • Not as lightweight as other trimmers.

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5. The Top Hedge Trimmer with Extension Pole By Ryobi

Ryobi RPT4545M Pole Hedge Trimmer with Extension Pole

You can effortlessly maintain your long hedge and high trees with this trimmer. Sure enough, it can extend between short and long to raze anything from shrubs to tall branches, while the powerful 450 W motor ensures that you’ll get a high cutting performance.

The pole provides a reach of up to 4 meters. Once you reach your desired extension, you can also adjust the angle of the head to suit the cutting task. The 45 cm blade provides clean-cut results every time. The handle also has a soft grip to prevent injury or soreness of the hands after a long day of trimming.

You can also look forward to quick trimming, safety features and a shoulder strap.


  • Resilient design.
  • Suitable for shrubs, hedges, and trees.
  • Sharp blade.
  • Rapid cutting.
  • Variable head angles.
  • Safe to use.


  • It has a heavy cutting head, but it provides great cutting capacity.
  • Not cordless.

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6. The Top Electric Long Reach Trimmer By Terratek

top electric long reach hedge trimmer

Here’s another dependable long trimmer if you are shopping for more choices. You can look forward to safe and easy cutting as well as a durable trimmer to keep your garden looking neat for years to come.

With an extensive reach of up to 2.4 m, you can keep your tallest hedges under control. The blade is also strong enough to remove branches up to 14 mm thick. The motor has a powerful 20 V grading and the battery gives you roughly 45 minutes of cutting time.

You can also expect extras like a pivoting head, safety features, a lightweight design, and an aluminium blade.


  • Suitable for hedges, shrubs, and trees.
  • Safety features.
  • Easy to use.
  • Powerful trimming.


  • No shoulder harness.

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7. Corded Telescopic Hedge Trimmer By Flymo

Corded Telescopic Hedge Trimmer By Flymo

This trimmer is known for its powerful cutting and professional results. This could be the best choice if you also run your own gardening business and need the trimming results to look extra neat. Let’s look at more great features included in this deal.

It offers an 18V NiMH interchangeable battery that delivers professional work. When fully charged, you get up to 50 minutes of uninterrupted cutting. Also, it has a tilting cutting articulating head with 15 different positions that you can easily adjust to a suitable working height of up to 3 meters.

The 42 cm blade allows you to effortlessly cover a wide area without missing a spot. The precision blades are fitted with a tip protector for maximum sharpness and longer durability.


  • Powerful performance.
  • Power cable length: 4 m.
  • The tilting head provides convenience when reaching corners.
  • 42cm blade length.
  • Easy to assemble.


  • Not lightweight.

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8. The Top 46 cm Blade Hedge Cutter By Charles Bentley

top electric hedge trimmer long reach

This hedge trimmer is uncomplicated and effective. So if you just want an entry-level cutter to start trimming your own hedges, then this is a good way to begin. You can expect clean cutting, a good motor and a lightweight frame that won’t strain your back or arms.

The blade length is 46 cm which covers good ground with every sweep. The cord extends 10 m which is suitable if you have a power point close to the hedge but otherwise, an extra extension cable will also keep this dependable trimmer running for as long as you need it.

Other benefits include swift trimming, a durable frame, and a shoulder strap.


  • A good entry-level trimmer.
  • Power cord is included.
  • Durable design.
  • Lightweight.
  • Covers a large cutting area.


  • Some assembly is required.

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9. The 18 V Lithium Cordless Hedge Trimmer By Einhell

18 V Lithium Cordless Extendable Hedge Trimmer By Einhell

In case you are struggling with tall hedges and thicker branches in your garden, then this could be your perfect solution. It’s a powerful tool that trims overgrown hedges, branches and twigs. It is a cordless model trimmer that allows effortless work.

The trimmer is powered by an 18 V rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 3.0 Ah. Notably, the battery system reduces energy consumption and pollution by 25%. You also long-lasting service, thanks to the metal gearbox that provides protection to the whole unit as well as the engine lubrication system.

There is a 90-degree angle swinging extension to make sure you have effortless results when standing horizontally. The motorhead features seven settings where you can tilt it to any angle that works for you. Also, the main handle features 4 settings that allow you to adjust the height for your needs.


  • The chain enables continuous cutting and trimming.
  • Uniform results.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cuts thicker tall hedges effectively with its top-quality blades.
  • Durable.
  • Comes with an extra adjustable handle.


  • Not lightweight.
  • The power button is located low on the shaft.

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10. The Top Ergonomic Long Hedge Trimmer By Ikra

long reach hedge trimmer with recharger

Let’s face it. Trimming hedges can put a strain on your whole body, specifically the arms, back, and hands. For this reason, you might want to consider a long trimmer with features that are ergonomic. Let’s see what this tool has to offer to keep your hedges neat and your muscles pain-free!

The hardened precision blades and counter-rotating both make for ergonomic cutting. Other features that make this a body-friendly trimmer include a soft-grip handle, laser-cut blades, and a rotating handle for horizontal and vertical cutting.

You can also expect a cutting sweep zone of 40 cm, 10 cutting angle adjustments, a shoulder strap, and a 55-minute battery.


  • Ergonomic.
  • Battery-driven.
  • Several cutting angles.
  • Wide cutting zone.
  • Cuts up to 4 m high.


  • The shoulder strap is not always comfortable.

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Your Guide To Long Reach Hedge Trimmers

A good hedge trimmer can save you costs on gardening services and make your property look well-groomed. It’s essential to pick the best one that you can. Our guide offers the top tips to keep in mind before you make that final decision.

What to Consider When Looking for a Long Hedge Trimmer

Types of long-reach hedges

There are three main types of long reach hedge trimmers namely, electric, battery-operated or cordless and petrol hedge trimmer long reach.


What features a trimmer offer is important. Here, you need to take your time and really think about what you want. Consider things like blade quality, pole length, motor strength, weight, and battery time.


Among all things to consider, safety is the most important. Only choose a trimmer that protects your hands and back during operation and has some kind of locking feature that prevents accidental activation when not in use.


Q: Is there a petrol long reach hedge trimmer that is lightweight?

A: Yes. There are modern brands that have lightweight options to make the work easy.

Q: How often do I need to oil my hedge trimmer?

A: Some hedge trimmers automatically oil the blade. It’s best to get one from the start so you don’t have to worry about this.

Q: How should I oil the blades on my trimmer?

A: That will depend on the type of hedge trimmer you have. For an electric trimmer, spraying is most ideal. The cordless and petrol hedge trimmers require dipping the blades into the lubricant.

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