The 10 Best Mini Washing Machines In The UK (2022)

Best Mini Washing Machines Reviews

Last Updated on January 11, 2022

Mini washing machines are extremely popular with campers, boaters and those with homes lacking the space for a regular-sized washing machine. Without further ado, let’s meet this year’s top washers and discover which one has the best features for you!

Our Top 3 Mini Washing Machine Picks
1. The Best Mini Washing Machine By Hughdy
2. The Best Mini Washer For Camping By Delaspe
3. The Best Twin Tub Mini Washer By OneConcept

Product Testing & Comparing

The world of mini washing machines is awash with bad products. Our review team adhered to strict guidelines to find the best small washers for our readers and ranked each product according to these important features.

  1. Capacity.
  2. The power source.
  3. The washer’s size.
  4. Special features.

The top priority will be different for everyone. Some of you might be looking for a portable washer that can handle a decent load for a medium family (and we included some of those!). Others might prefer a manual washer that needs no power or a semi-automatic. We also looked at the individual machine themselves to see what each one has to offer you and listed those special extras under their “special feature” bullet point.

But at the end of the day, despite how we rank them, these 10 mini washing machines are the top of the crop and we proudly present the results of our in-house reviewers who had a great time checking them out for you.

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The Best Mini Washing Machines Reviewed In 2022

1. Hughdy Portable Washing Machine B08FC7VYG5

The Best Mini Washing Machine

best mini washing machine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity: 0.8 kg.
  • Power source: Electric (automatic).
  • Dimensions: 35.1 x 33.7 x 14.5 cm.
  • Special feature: Foldable design.

We picked this unassuming bin as the best mini washer. Sure, it looks like it cannot compete with a washing machine. But wait until you see what it can do!

Our team put the small tub to the test and agreed that the portability is amazing and highly suitable for anyone who wants to do washing in a small apartment or a caravan. Moreover, you can use this washer for normal clothing, baby clothes, delicate items, towels, underwear, and even toys.

Do you hate complicated washing machines? Then this one-button operation should appeal to you as well. Simply push the start button and the washer will perform a 14-minute cycle that includes ozone generation for the best results.


  • Easy to store and portable.
  • Generates ozone for deep cleaning.
  • Cleans most types commonly washed laundry.
  • One-button operation.
  • Perfect for camping, dorm rooms, and small living spaces.


  • Cannot clean large and heavy items.

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2. Delaspe Mini Portable Washing Machine B08LCBJVCX

Best Mini Washer For Camping

best mini washing machine for camping

Product Specifications

  • Capacity: 3.8 kg.
  • Power source: Electric (Automatic, USB-powered).
  • Dimensions: 18 x 18 x 18 cm.
  • Special feature: Runs quietly.

When you go camping, packing space is often not something that you can freely waste. We selected this tiny powerhouse for our readers who are also campers. You don’t have to worry about wasted space because our reviewer could fold it and stow it away in a handbag!

The washer does not use a motor or a traditional machine. This makes the device exceptionally durable and quiet. The tub uses ultrasonic vibrations to simulate hand-washing and cleans underwear, baby clothes, T-shirts and more.

It does a particularly good job with underwear. Not only does it remove odours but it also kills any bacteria and mites that might be lurking in the fabric. It’s also great when you want to disinfect your baby’s items.


  • Suitable for travelling, dorm rooms, RVs.
  • Very durable.
  • Works quietly.
  • Washes with ultrasonic vibration.
  • Particularly good with cleaning underwear.


  • Can only wash a few items at a time.

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3. OneConcept DB003 Mini Camping Washing Machine

The Best Twin Tub Mini Washer

The Best Mini Washing Machine By OneConcept

Product Specifications

  • Capacity: 2 kg.
  • Power source: Electric.
  • Dimensions: 35 x 57 x 58 cm.
  • Special feature: Twin tub.

This is also one of the best portable washing machines for camping, small apartments, and travelling. The blue and white colours look fresh and modern, while our reviewers also found that the twin tub does a sterling job. Specifically, we voted its top feature as probably its capacity of 2 kg, which is great in the world of camper washing machines!

The twin tubs consist of a washtub and spin dryer. The tub relies on hot water from the tap or kettle for the best results and the machine also drains using gravity.

Even when the family is sitting in the middle of nowhere, you can rest assured that everyone will enjoy a clean wardrobe. This portable washing machine works with a camping inverter, delivering a rinse and spin cycle that cleans laundry well.

Overall, this is a dependable little guy that’s handsome, hard-working, and easy to use. 


  • Washes and dries.
  • Weighs 10.6 kg.
  • It works well with camping inverters.


  • Draining the water levels is sometimes a little slow.

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4. Tine Mini Washing Machine B089W9BFLV

The Best Mini Washer for Camping

best mini washing machine by tine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity: 4.8 kg.
  • Power source: Electric, (semi-automatic).
  • Dimensions: 59×36×36 cm.
  • Special feature: Environmentally friendly.

Our review team was impressed with the big capacity of this portable machine. Even though you can add up to 4.8 kg of laundry per cycle, the washer is still small enough for restricted spaces. We also loved the fact that it saves both water and electricity, making this a great choice for our environmentally-conscious readers!

The washer is also made of durable ABS plastic which is corrosion and wear-resistant. The timer also helps you to select the cycle duration for both washing and dehydrating the laundry. Another great design perk that you can look forward to is the straightforward operation and that dirty water is easy to remove via the provided hose.


  • Washer and dehydrator.
  • Big capacity.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Reinforced plastic.


  • Clothes are hydrated only, not dried.

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5. FitnessClub Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine B07L89RRFP

The Best Twin Tub (Large)

The Best Twin Tub Portable Washing Machine By FitnessClub

Product Specifications

  • Capacity: 4.6 kg.
  • Power source: Electric (semi-automatic).
  • Dimensions: ‎60 x 37 x 73 cm.
  • Special feature: A+ energy rating.

This washer is another good choice if you have limited space and larger bundles of laundry. Indeed, we could toss up to 4.6 kg of clothing into the washer and 3 kg into the dryer. Overall, this unit is a great gift for anyone who needs a washer in a caravan or small apartment.

For starters, it’s simple to use. Just fill with water, chuck in the powder, set the timer, and off you go! If you also love environmentally friendly products, you’ll be glad to know that this washing machine does not use a lot of water or power. The fact that the washer and spinner can run simultaneously also saves you time!


  • Exceptionally energy friendly.
  • Portable.
  • It can deal with bigger loads of laundry.
  • The washing and drying tubs can be used simultaneously.


  • Like most other portable washers, it doesn’t completely dry the clothes. It squeezes out most of the water.

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6. Display4top Portable Washing Machine B0747P1W7V

The Best Portable Washer and Dryer

best portable washing machine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity: 3.2 kg.
  • Power source: Electric.
  • Dimensions: ‎75 x 56 x 42 cm.
  • Special feature: User friendly.

We had a fun time investigating this unusual-looking tub and was pleasantly surprised to learn that it both washes and dehydrates clothing. To switch to the drying stage, all you have to do is to remove the basket inside the washer. The rotary knobs also make this machine child’s play to operate.

It also comes with a drainage tube, stable feet, and automatic stoppage when the washing or drying cycle is completed.


  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Washes and dehydrates.
  • User-friendly.
  • Suitable for camping and boats.


  • Only dehydrates clothing, it doesn’t completely dry fabric.

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7. Zerodis USB Desktop Washing Machine B08WRS6JQ2

The Best Desktop Washing Machine

mini washer desktop

Product Specifications

  • Capacity: 3.8 kg.
  • Power source: Electric.
  • Dimensions: ‎17.3 x 17.5 x 17.4 cm.
  • Special feature: Eliminates mites and odours.

This ultra-compact device can indeed sit on your desktop! Or the counter of your RV or even outside on one of your camping tables. Either way, you can look forward to a lot of great benefits and functions.

The washing machine uses shock wave technology to dislodge dirt and churn out fresh, clean laundry. You also do not have to worry that a washing cycle might overflow during operation. The design includes a safety-guard buckle that prevents the water from spilling out.

Other benefits include super-quiet cycles, energy-efficient washing, mite removal, odour removal, and perfect cycles for underwear and baby clothes. Once you are done, the washer is easy to wipe dry and small enough to store in a closet.


  • Stylish design.
  • Quiet.
  • Spill-proof.
  • Easy to use, clean, and store.
  • Suitable for dorm rooms, camping, and RVs.


  • Can only take a few items at a time.

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8. Leisurewize LW569 Eco Washer

The Best Energy Saving Washing Machine

The Best Energy Saving Washing Machine By Leisurewize

Product Specifications

  • Capacity: 5 L.
  • Power source: Manual (hand crank).
  • Dimensions: ‎37 x 35.5 x 35.5 cm.
  • Special feature: Requires no electricity.

In all honesty, we thought that this product looks like a small laundry basket and not a washing machine! But don’t be fooled. The small wonder can wash and dry with the best of them.

The dual-function single tub can squeeze into a tight space including tents or apartments. During a single cycle, it can deep-clean the clothing of up to four people. This ability to handle big loads makes this portable washer a welcome guest during family trips when the regular washing machine just cannot go along!

You can also look forward to owning an eco-friendly appliance that uses minimal water. It’s also perfect for situations where there’s no power because this washing machine doesn’t require any electricity. The lid allows a turning motion that can both wash and dry the laundry.

While the washer requires more elbow grease than other models, it’s priceless when the power’s out, the area has no electricity, or you don’t want to use electricity where it comes at a premium.


  • The appliance is very eco-friendly.
  • A beautiful look.
  • Works without electricity.
  • Stabilized with floor suckers.
  • Energy rating A+.


  • The machine wobbles when the dryer function is active.
  • Not suitable for consumers who hate doing their laundry manually.

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9. JYDQT Washer Bucket B082TMWS2B

The Best Foot-Operated Washer

the best manual foot operated washing machine

Product Specifications

  • Capacity: 14 L.
  • Power source: Manual.
  • Dimensions: 34 x 34 x 50 cm.
  • Special feature: Foot pedal.

If you loved the previous product for its portability and electricity-free washing but don’t particularly fancy the hand crank, then our reviewers have found another gem. This washer bucket cleans a decent amount of laundry – and dehydrates fabric – simply by stepping on the provided pedal.

To be fair, our reviewers agreed that the physical effort is a slight minus but this washer offers you clean clothes in places where there is no power (like camping sites or when the power is knocked out for weeks in your neighbourhood).

You can also look forward to a compact design, tough plastic, and a handle to carry your bucket.


  • Requires zero power.
  • Cleans a good amount of laundry.
  • Dehydrates.
  • Strong and ergonomic design.
  • Suitable for camping.


  • Only dehydrates. The clothing still needs to be air dried or tumbled.

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10. Laoli Mini Turbo Washing Machine B087RCBLTC

The Best Foldable Mini Washing Machine

The Portable Mini Washing Machine With Foldable Tub By LAOLI

Product Specifications

  • Capacity: 10 L.
  • Power source: Electric (USB powered).
  • Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 6 cm.
  • Special feature: Foldable.

A common problem many travellers face is that they need a washer but do not have room for one in their luggage. The good news is that you can choose between several foldable washing machines that need minimal space. We chose this appliance because once you completely fold it up, you can easily carry the washer in your pocket or handbag.

The tub’s ultrasonic vibrations treat clothing and even delicates with care, including baby clothes and underwear. The break-resistant washing machine also saves a third of normal water usage and doesn’t gobble up power like a deranged appliance. An auto shut-down function also ensures that the cycle doesn’t run longer than it should.


  • Made of environmentally-friendly material.
  • Auto shut-off.
  • Works with high-frequency vibrations.


  • The washing machine can only handle 1kg of laundry at a time.
  • A cycle lasts about half an hour.

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Your Mini Washer Buying Guide

This nifty appliance can make laundry day easier, especially when you are on a camping trip or you need a stand-in because your regular washing machine broke down. However, not all mini washers deliver great service. Here are the top tips to ensure that you buy the best appliance for your home.

Mini Washing Machines Buying Guide

A Mini Washer Must Satisfy Your Needs

Here’s the first step. Be certain of all the reasons why you need a small washer. Sure, you might want one for those family camping trips or dorm rooms but think more specifically.

How much laundry do you want to do at a time? 

Some washers can only handle 1 kg. Others can wash up to 8kg. Another thing to decide beforehand is whether you’d like an automatic or manual machine.

A Mini Washer Must Be High-Quality

Low-quality products can lead to flooded floors or a product that breaks after a few cycles.

The safest bet is to choose a trusted brand with a guarantee. But if you like an unknown brand or want to buy online and cannot inspect the item in person, then read reviews. Other consumers will often offer invaluable advice.

Purchase With Realistic Expectations

Mini Washing Machines Buying Guide

Mini washers are invaluable in some situations. But they have their limitations. They cannot do huge loads of laundry and normally lack the variety of programs that regular-sized washers have to offer.

Another difference between small and big washers is that the minis work with gravity to flush used fluids. In that regard, make sure you have an elevated spot to place your portable.

Another big difference is the dryer. Portable machines rarely parch laundry so that they are completely dry. The items are more likely to come out a little on the damp side. Most need time on a washing line to air dry.


Q: Are Mini Washing Machines Any Good?

A: Mini washing machines are good for several reasons. They are priceless in situations where the home has limited space, a person cannot handle a regular-sized washing machine, or a family needs to take a portable washing machine along on a trip. Although they handle smaller laundry loads, they do the same washing and drying jobs as large washing machines.

Q: What Is The Smallest Size Washing Machine?

A: The smallest size washing machine is not a single unit made only by one manufacturer. Many brands produce standard sizes for the best portable washing machines and some of the smallest, if not the smallest, are on this list.

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