The Best Moss Killer For Lawns In The UK (2021)

Best Moss Killer For Lawns Reviews

Last Updated on September 22, 2021

Moss thrives in damp conditions and can spread quickly in your garden, lawn and on hard surfaces like driveways and roof tiles. And that’s not the worst, left unchecked, moss will disease your plants and soil beds and weaken the natural environment.

Our review of the best moss killer for lawns covers great products that you can use to eliminate moss infestation.

Our Top 3 Moss Killer Picks
1. The Best Moss Killer By Westland
2. The Best Long-Lasting Moss Killer By Pro-Kleen
3. The Best Moss Killer That Promotes Grass Growth By Westland

The Best Moss Killer For Lawns Reviews Of 2021

1. Lawn Sand Moss Killer For Lawns By Westland

Lawn Sand Moss Killer For Lawns By Westland

The best moss killer for lawns you can get is the Lawn Sand Moss Killer For Lawns By Westland. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Looking for a no-brainer lawn soil and grass treatment method? Need a practical, cost-friendly solution for removing moss from the lawn soil? Wish for quality lawn soil/grass fertilizer and moss killer for grass? Try this product. This moss killer is a traditional lawn treatment option that’s been used for years, and Westland makes some of the best qualities of these products.

Elixir Gardens Westland Moss Killer offers a simple way out for lawn moss eradication. This product features a tonic fertilizer that supplies the lawn turf with moisture and essential nutrients that it needs for healthy growth. Easy to apply and very affordable, this is the best possible fertilizer for lawn soil and moss killer for traditional enthusiasts.

It offers the easiest method of controlling moss, and you don’t have put in too much effort to get impressive results. This moss killer is an iron sulphate based moss killer, and its formula combines ferrous sulphate with nitrogen to achieve the required dual purpose.

While the combo enriches and nourishes the soil and grass, it does the exact opposite of moss. This iron sulphate formula makes not only the product an effective lawn soil fertilizer but also a very potent moss removal option. This moss killer is also very rich in nitrogen, ensuring optimum grass growth.

This garden product also helps to improve the drainage lawns, mainly growing in heavy soils. This is most appreciated when you remember the bag is enough for you to be able to treat 200m² of lawn adequately!


  • Strong iron sulphate moss killing formula
  • High nitrogen content for optimum growth of green lawn grass
  • Great for use all year round
  • This moss killer is easy to use and apply, especially with a spreader


  • This iron sulphate moss killer works most especially for moss.

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2. Premium Iron Sulphate Lawn Tonic By Pro-Kleen

Premium Iron Sulphate Lawn Tonic By Pro-Kleen

Second best moss killer to use for lawns is the Premium Iron Sulphate Lawn Tonic By Pro-Kleen. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Every lawn owner knows iron sulphate is an essential component of lawn moss products. This is what makes this product so unique. Being almost wholly composed of ferrous sulphate, it makes a potent all-purpose lawn problems solution.

Tradefarnmi Premium iron sulphate powder offers you the flexibility and control you desire when treating your lawn. This product provides you with the purest of iron sulphate for green lawns you can get; be it garden or commercial. This powder is for all intents as well as purposes, and with just one tub, you can explore a variety of options for lawn management and treatment to keep your garden in check and always green. 

These moss killers include specific plan instructions so you can learn various lawn soil management procedures such as greening, moss killing and grass feeding. You can even employ it for tuft hardening, and worm casts reduction. This level of flexibility is rare amongst moss killing products and this is what makes this one so unique.

It also makes it appealing, especially to die-hard DIY’ers to who the control is paramount. Its large applications are covered conveniently by the manual and in a very easy-to-understand form. You can make a moss treatment solution suited for any specific purpose from the same tub, whether soil fertilizing or treatment.

Another feature is it can be used either dry or wet. You can apply the moss killer powder directly to the lawn soil and still get great results. You can also dissolve the highly soluble substance in water to make a potent moss killer spray.


  • Pure ferrous sulphate powder that covers an extensive range of lawn management uses
  • The quality premium 3-in-1 formula to use for lawn feeding and moss killing
  • This moss killer allows both dry and wet application requirements
  • Works best in spring and summer
  • Dissolve it in water to make a potent moss killer spray


  • Instructions may seem difficult for new users

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3. Aftercut All In One Moss Killer By Westland

Aftercut All In One Moss Killer By Westland

Third best moss killer to use for lawns is the Aftercut All In One Moss Killer By Westland. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

When seeking for an impressive, top-quality lawn grass fertilizer and moss killer, you can’t go wrong with Westland. A renowned name in homes all over the British Isles, this product delivers every time. Westland Aftercut All-in-One lives up to its reputation as a ruthless moss killer for a lawn.

Finely formulated and made with super quality ingredients, Westland Aftercut rises to the occasion whenever it is needed. The potent lawn moss killer combines quality features to exterminate the unwanted growers while keeping your lawn green. This moss killer protects the turf from these suffocating plant pests and stimulates their growth at the same time. 

Westland Aftercut All-in-One gives you high quality and excellent results, all at a very fair and affordable price. This moss killer is perhaps the most balanced moss killer for lawns. Its formula contains a high level of nitrogen which controls the growth of lawn turf. Also, the blend works in opposition to moss growth because of underlaying compacted soil or poor drainage, suppressing theirs to eradication and working to prevent them to grow back.

You will enjoy a product that offers both quality and pest control at the same time. This moss killer works best in spring and summer, and when applied to the lawn at this time, you experience a lush, green grass in the space of just seven days.

Also, it is super easy to use as well as apply and is best applied with a spreader. Once done, all you have to do is relax, leave it for a few weeks, and rake down and voila! A greener, moss free lawn.


  • This moss killer has strong but balanced formula
  • High nitrogen content to use for controlled growth
  • This moss killer effectively covers up to a 500m² lawn area
  • This moss killer works best on spring and summer grass.


  • This moss killer stains concrete area, tarmac, paving and other surrounding areas if it gets wet
  • These moss killing products require raking in order to keep your lawns in check

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4. Iron Sulphate Pure Lawn Tonic By Pro-Kleen

Iron Sulphate Pure Lawn Tonic By Pro-Kleen

Fourth best moss killer one can use for lawns is the Iron Sulphate Pure Lawn Tonic By Pro-Kleen. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Tested and trusted by almost every professional in the UK, Pro-Kleen Premium Iron Sulphate is a useful product. This moss killer is employed by all who aim at maintaining small lawns of superior green grass quality. This long-lasting iron-rich lawn grass fertilizer is specially designed to guarantee healthy growing grass in a short time.

Pro-Kleen Premium lawn tonic is specially formulated to kill moss, enhance your lawn and give it a vibrant green look. This lawn tonic moss killer offers several applications depending on the purpose of purchase. If its optimum health conditions you seek for your lawn, then Pro-Kleen Premium is a perfect choice.

Speed is what puts Pro-Kleen Premium on the map. This moss killer offers an impressively short period to give results. Once applied to the lawn, users experience the best results in as short as 2 days after treatment! For a product with quite an affordable price tag, this feature is a huge bonus.

Pro-Kleen Premium contains iron sulphate powder that employs a powerful 3-in-1 formula which kills weeds, mosses and nourishes grass. This moss killer also guarantees long-lasting effects after treatment, keeping your grass-fed and healthy the whole time.

Also, it comes in powdered form that can be applied wet or dry, though wet is best advised. The former option allows you to make an effective liquid solution for spraying once in mixture with water. You can use it for a wide range of lawn maintenance purposes such as moss killing, lawn feeding or grass greening. This product guarantees you satisfactory results at all times.


  • This moss killer contains high quality, 3-in-1 iron sulphate tonic
  • The best powdered form allows both wet and dry applications
  • This moss killer can be used for several of lawn management procedures
  • This moss killer comes in an easy to store container so you can use it effortlessly
  • Use it as an effective liquid moss killer solution for spraying once mixed with water


  • This iron sulphate moss killer stains hard surface areas like tarmac area and patios when it comes in contact

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5. Complete Moss Killer Spreader By Scotts Miracle-Gro

Complete Moss Killer Spreader By Scotts Miracle-Gro

Fifth best moss killer to use for lawns is the Complete Moss Killer Spreader By Scotts Miracle-Gro. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Scotts Miracle-Gro presents another amazing liquid iron sulphate moss killer; the Evergreen Water Smart. This excellent lawn feed is also great at tackling moss on the garden. Evergreen combines quality moss killers with a rich blend of essential nutrients to keep your garden in check, fresh and green always.

The best lawn grass feed methods require speed, effectiveness and affordability. Evergreen meets all these demands, making it very appealing. Looking for how to kill moss in your grass effectively and make your grass grow on a low budget? Then use one of these top quality moss killing products.

Evergreen water smart offers users an added advantage to its fast-acting formula blend. This moss killer not only kills moss quickly and supplements grass effectively but continues this for up to 1.5 months afterwards. You will love knowing that one treatment can last that long and enjoy the convenience that comes with this. Its effects are not just fast alone but also long-lasting.

One major outstanding feature in Evergreen is its in-built spreader. This moss killer comes in a container that allows you to apply it quickly and conveniently directly. You don’t need to buy a spreader to apply it; just open and apply to your lawn. Also, you will like its fast-acting formula, which guarantees greening effects on your lawns within 7 days after treatment!

This product comes with an outstanding water smart formula that helps grass resist drought, heat and other related stresses. Also, its 4-in-1 combo comprises MCPA, ferrous sulphate, mecoprop-P and nitrogen in an organic seaweed extract. This results in a super potent grass food which kills moss and boosts greening of the lawn. However, this sulphate based moss killer requires raking after using.


  • Impressive, organic 4-in-1 formula with triple action function
  • Water smart formula that fights drought and heat stress
  • Long-lasting protection against moss re-growth for up to 6 weeks after treatment
  • This best moss killer comes with an in-built spreader for easy application
  • Works best when using with spring grass in order to keep your lawns in check


  • This moss killer requires raking after using

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6. Organic Lawn Fertiliser By Viano

Organic Lawn Fertiliser By Viano

Sixth best moss killer for lawns is the Organic Lawn Fertiliser By Viano. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Easily the best moss killer for lawns on the UK market, MO Bacter makes number 2 on our list. This product is an excellent choice for supplying lawn turf and keeping lawn moss in check. MO Bacter is a perfect blend of lawn soil fertiliser, moss killer and humus maker. Its organo-mineral formula makes it one of the best products for killing moss.

Set at a very affordable price that matches its quality, MO Bacter is an excellent choice. Supplying lawns with the essential nutrients for optimum growth has never been more convenient. This moss killer employs an organic chemical formula that is very friendly to surrounding surface areas. You don’t have to worry about staining tiles, concrete or terraces surrounding lawns when they apply. 

The good organic-based lawn grass fertilizer can be applied without worrying about staining any other area, should it spill on them. This moss killer contains Bacillus subtilis SP, a bacterium that decomposes dead moss material into humus. This really good feature gives MO Bacter a great advantage when it comes to supplying lawn turf.

The bacterium feeds on dead moss and organic matter, therefore decomposing its structure and transforming it into organic manure. Also, high potash content destroys moss and will work to prevent them to grow back, making it one of the best effective moss remover that requires no raking.


  • This great product contains a decomposing bacteria that turns dead moss and organic matter into organic manure.
  • This moss killer does not stain surrounding areas like tiles, terraces and concrete
  • This good moss killer requires no raking
  • You can water the lawns after a few days of using this product


  • This product takes time to see results after using

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7. Complete 4 In 1 Lawn Care By Evergreen

Complete 4 In 1 Lawn Care By Evergreen

Seventh best moss killer to use for lawns is the Complete 4 In 1 Lawn Care By Evergreen. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Evergreen 4-in-1 combines a ton of impressive features that make it an efficient lawn grass fertilizer and moss killer. Made with the highest quality and performance assurance, this product is a top contender on the market. Evergreen 4-in-1 employs unique methods that keep your lawn in check and looking Eden green and moss free.

It ensures the turf is fed, and the moss eradicated. Evergreen 4-in-1 comes in an easy-to-use package and at a high price, considering all it has to offer. The product is fashioned to ensure to reduce moss and killing moss becomes easy as eating pie.

To add to the lawn feeding and control moss, it presents an incredible Water smart formula. The highly effective lawn care pack protects the turf against heat, drought and other water related issues. That is why it is one of the most sought-after products in the market right now.

You will like its outstanding lawn improvement tracking time frame. Once applied, you can monitor the progress as the effects take periodic steps to complete. After one week of application, the lawn becomes significantly greener. In two weeks, moss blacken and die, and between 3 to 5 weeks, overall control of moss is achieved.

Also, when applied as per instructions, Evergreen 4-in-1 effectively covers a whooping 400m² area. To top it up, the good package still comes with a 10% free bag, giving you more value for your money.


  • This moss killer is using an amazing 4-in1 formula for useful lawn feeding as well as moss control
  • Extra 10% free bag in combination with its efficient 400m² grass product bag
  • This good moss killer has an easily applicable granular form
  • You get a clean green garden area when you use this best moss killer.


  • This moss killer requires strict use and adherence to the instructions given; any deviation could prove counterproductive. It also requires raking the lawns after using in order to keep them in check.

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8. Moss Killer Lawn Tonic By Maxicrop

Moss Killer Lawn Tonic By Maxicrop

Eighth best moss killer to use for lawns is the Moss Killer Lawn Tonic By Maxicrop. We gave it a 4/5 star rating. Feel free to check the price and details on the links below.

Our best review list will not be complete without featuring a liquid moss killer, and it is our job to suggest the best. Well, we give you Maxicrop Moss Killer and Lawn Tonic. This lawn tonic product combines quality organic ingredients with useful weedkilling components to provide you with amazing results. Efficient, fast and simple to use, Maxicrop lawn tonic is undoubtedly the best liquid feed for lawn and moss killer.

With top-notch production materials and superb result delivery, Maxicrop lawn tonic is the most ideal for home garden use. Its quantity, chemical composition and price make it the perfect moss clearance solution for treating home garden lawns. With its attractive features and quality production, Maxicrop is an ideal choice for maximum protection of your home lawn.

Being a liquid moss killer, Maxicrop lawn tonic saturates moss quickly, allowing it to eradicate them with high speed and keep your lawns in check. Many users have reported results on moss extermination to have come within 48 hours! It also makes it quite simple to apply, once mixed with water, you simply douse the lawn with a water can or sprayer.

Maxicrop Moss Killer and Lawn Tonic are majorly organic. This fantastic product is specially formulated using a blend of seaweed extract, nitrogen and ferrous sulphate. The seaweed extract and nitrogen combo rejuvenate and revitalize the grass while the ferrous sulphate compound fights moss.

Also, it comes in a portable, easy to use and apply container. Once the simple instructions are followed strictly, you just turn the contents into the sprayer or water can and apply to your garden in order to keep it in check and green. The convenience of this moss killer is worth every penny.


  • This iron sulphate moss killer is using a strong, organic-based liquid formula
  • You will start to see results within 48 hours after the use of this lawn tonic!
  • This moss killer is made using a natural seaweed extract that can easily green up the grass
  • Use this good lawn tonic product to get a quick, efficient green grass vitalization and moss eradication
  • It also makes it quite simple to use and apply once mixed with water


  • This iron sulphate moss killer kills less entirely than granular moss killers

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9. Weed Feed And Moss Killer By Elixir Gardens

Weed Feed And Moss Killer By Elixir Gardens

Ninth best moss killer to use for lawns is the Weed Feed And Moss Killer By Elixir Gardens. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Amazing quality and superb performance are some of the reasons why Elixir Gardens Complete Lawn is top on our list as one of the best moss killers for lawns. This effective moss killer comes as advertised in every way, making it the ultimate choice. This product gives all the great features you look for in a lawn feed and more. Worried about weeds and moss on your green? Then get this ferrous sulphate moss killer to keep your lawns in check.

Elixir Gardens Lawn is easy to apply and comes at an excellent price. Its formula combo is specially designed to tackle an extensive range of lawn weeds or moss while keeping your lawn nourished. If you’re looking for the best moss killer for lawns, you just found it.

Elixir Gardens Lawn is highly effective, and this has a lot to do with its design. This moss killer is made in cooperation with one of the top grass fertiliser manufacturers in the UK. This gives it best quality and performance, making it the lawn moss killer to beat on the market. Users enjoy the highest of quality at less application effort.

You will like the amazing composition of this product. It mixes a unique selection of weed killers to create the ultimate moss control formula. A combination of iron sulphate, Dicamba and Mecoprop make it extremely tough on plants regardless of the weather. This moss killer controls lots of broadleaved weed species from Common Dandelion to Creeping Buttercup, Bird’s-foot Trefoil and Mouse-ear Chickweed.


  • The 3-in-1 chemical formula that is extremely lethal to moss
  • You can use these products with a lots of lawn moss species
  • Effective supplement to use for lawn turf
  • This moss killer is very easy to use and apply


  • These products might take a long time to see results

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10. Child & Pet Friendly Lawn Feed By Westland

Child & Pet Friendly Lawn Feed By Westland

Tenth best moss killer to use for lawns is the Child & Pet-Friendly Lawn Feed By Westland. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

If you’re deeply concerned about the environmental impact of your lawn treatment option, well worry no more! Westland answered the call for an eco-friendly moss killer with the 100% natural, SafeLawn. This product for killing moss combines every powerful feature required in a moss killer with natural ingredients that are beneficial to the environment.

SafeLawn offers you the option to kill moss without worrying about polluting your surroundings. A unique blend of ingredients and components make SafeLawn the ultimate pet safe moss killer for lawns. Its environmental compatibility does not compromise its potency in any way. This, combined with quality features, sets it up as one of the most powerful lawn soil fertilizers in the UK market.

The organic nature of its main ingredients makes SafeLawn completely child and pet-friendly. This is impressive as most moss killers require you stay off the lawn for some time. SafeLawn however, poses no threats while still in effect. You will love this nature-friendly feature, especially if you have children or pets.

It comes in granular form, which is known for efficiency and consistency in lawn feeding. Also, its natural ingredients thicken grass, making them grow bigger, better and full of health. This allows them to kill moss by outcompeting them naturally. It contains eco-friendly bacteria that decompose dead moss matter into humus, enriching the surrounding soil for a grass full of health.

What’s more, SafeLawn contains added grass seeds that germinate to fill up thin areas left by moss after eradication. Its effects are also fast; usually takes up to 7 days to see results. The granules are tough on moss but gentle on your grass.


  • 100% natural, eco, child and pet-friendly ingredients
  • This moss killer employs natural means to kill moss
  • Eco-friendly bacterial content increases soil fertility by decomposition of dead moss for healthy grass
  • This moss killer does not stain surface areas
  • This moss killer contains grass seed


  • This moss killer takes longer time to kill larger, thick weed plants

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Moss Killer For Lawns Buying Guide

Having moss growing on your lawn destroys its appearance. A petrol lawn mower and cordless strimmer only trim the grass. They do not get rid of the moss at its root. A garden rotavator is used to prepare the land for planting grass and flowers, and will thus not be effective in separating the weed and moss from the mature grass.

To get rid of moss in your lawn, you need the right solution. Some weed killers and patio cleaners may eliminate moss, but your best bet is using a moss killer for lawns. We will guide you through choosing the right brand.

What Type Do I Need?

You need to consider several things. Moss killers basically come in three different forms; solid granules, liquid solutions and powders. The solid granules can be applied by hand or conventionally. This allows their easy application by watering can or sprayer, and they’re well-known for fast-acting and quick saturation of moss. Powders can be applied either dry or dissolved in water.

Our advice – your choice should depend on how much convenience matters to you, how small or large your lawn is, and how quickly you want results. While granules are the most efficient, powders are the fastest-acting while liquids are the easiest to apply.

Is Specialization Important to Me?

Most moss killers are multi-purpose; offering triple or quadruple action features. Usually, these revolve around moss killing, weed killing, lawn feeding and lawn greening. While this seems like an enticing offer, it doesn’t apply to all users. Other moss killers are particular; usually offering one or two of these features- usually regarding treatment. Of course, all moss killers are lawn feeds as well, but some are most effective on moss than weeds.

While most powders are termed ideal for all-purposes, it takes a certain level of skills to brew the perfect mix. And while many 3/4-in-1 products are beneficial, they’re more likely to be on the steep price end. Plus, you might eventually discover you never really needed the multi-purpose feature. So, make sure you do before you pay for it. And if you don’t, choose a more specific product that suits your requirements.

What about Quantity?

The size of your lawn will determine how much moss killer you need. The trick here though is. Usually, you don’t need to buy a lot of it to meet up. Powders offer you more quantity when dissolved, as do liquids when diluted. Granules might be required in large amounts, but many products carry detailed instructions on a practical application to save costs.

Am I Bothered about Surrounding Surfaces?

Many moss killers are not hard-surface friendly. The chemical composition might react with hard surface areas like tarmac and concrete upon contact, causing discolouration. This is most especially when the product is wet. Look out for such warnings and search for hard surface-friendly products if this is important to you. You might end up spilling some over surrounding surface areas, so you need to be sure it won’t be an issue and avoid ones that stain hard surfaces.

Is Eco-friendliness Important to Me?

Moss Killer For Lawns Buying Guides

Though moss killers attack weed and moss but not the grass, this doesn’t automatically make them safe for other organisms. Many products carry warnings announcing its hazardous nature to aquatic life, human skin or even household pets.

So, if this is something you wish to consider, then organic moss killers should be your choice. Many are made purely of natural ingredients and components that are very safe to the environment.

Some moss killers and grass feed even come with matter-decomposing bacteria and compounds that improve soil structure. Others carry new grass seeds for automatic reseeding. And there are some which do not restrict access to the lawn while still in effect.

These family-friendly moss killers are available in the markets around. And although not as fast as their harsher counterparts, they always give impressive results.

Understanding the Jargons.

Iron sulphate: a chemical salt often used as a lawn soil fertiliser and acidifier to kill moss on alkaline soils.

Dicamba: a chemical herbicide used mainly on broadleaf and woody weeds.

Mecoprop or Mecoprop-P: a general use herbicide for controlling broadleaf weeds.

MCPA: an acronym for 2-Methyl4-Chlorophoxyacetic acid; a powerful and widely used herbicide. It is very selective and acts, especially on broadleaf weeds.

What are the Different Features?

Moss Killer For Lawns Buying Guides

Many people usually consider three handy features before purchasing moss killers. The first is its specialization. Most users go for all-purpose products more than specialized ones as they believe it gives more value for money.

They also think it is a wise investment, in case a problem arises on the lawn. 3-in1s and 4-in1s enjoy massive patronage because of this.

Another handy feature, usually considered by the vast majority is quantity. People prefer to get more at less cost. This is why most users quickly purchase powder and liquid products because when you mix them with water, you get more volume. This also proves to be cost-effective as they can cover more lawn area.

Moss Killer For Lawns Buying FAQs

Q: How to get rid of moss in a lawn

A: There are multiple ways to remove moss from lawns. The most effective way, however, is to use moss killers, which are available in different forms. You can also employ cultural practices such as raking up plant debris, improving soil drainage and reducing watering. You can also make a homemade moss killer with water and dish soap.

Q: How to get rid of moss on the path?

A: You can use a scraping gardening tool to scrape the moss off hard surface areas. You can also increase the acidity of the corners and damp areas on the path. For this, apply undiluted acetic-acid vinegar (20%) can be used in practical quantities with a sprayer. Saturate these corners and areas to increase the soil acidity. If you notice any trees or branches create too much shade over damp patches within your path, cut them off.

Q: When to apply moss killer?

A: For a more effective result, it is advised to apply moss killer either in late winter or early spring. The cause of this is – moss releases reproductive spores during the spring season. Applying moss killer at this time would ensure they never make it to the growing season.

Q: Reseeding lawn after moss removal

A: The best way to reseed your lawn after moss removal is overseeding. To do this, you need to make sure you scarify around spring and autumn as these are the best periods for grass germination. You should also select the right lawn seeds, preferably the same as the species already on your lawn. After that, ensure regular watering to guarantee seed germination and growth.

Q: What does a scarifier do?

A: A scarifier or lawn scarifier is like a mower with a reel and knife edges lined on it. It is used to aerate the soil and remove plant debris. Scarifiers are run over lawns to remove moss, sometimes even after eradication with moss killers.

Q: Can you scarify a wet lawn?

A: Scarifying a wet lawn is ill-advised. Doing this may result in uprooting the grass instead of just removing moss or thatch. If you must water your green garden, do it a couple of days before you scarify in order to keep it in check.

Q: What is iron sulphate used for in the garden?

A: Iron sulphate is used as lawn grass fertiliser on garden, used to improve growth and green hue of plants. It can also be used as a moss and worm killer on garden soils.

Q: What does lawn sand do?

A: Lawn sand is a combination of fine sand, iron sulphate and ammonium sulphate. It is a very effective way of preventing and controlling weeds and moss growth on lawns. It is also a good stimulant of grass growth and encourages the green.

Q: How to care for a lawn?

A: Regular watering, moss control and lawn fertiliser application are proper maintenance techniques. Rake up plant debris, thatch and moss to prevent it to grow back. Also, use high-quality moss killers and lawnfeeds. And practice periodic scarification and overseeding, preferably in the fall or spring.

Q: When to weed and feed lawn?

A: The most appropriate time to weed and feed lawn is in early spring or late winter, before the growth season. This will not only wipe out the weed population before the growing season but will also sustain your lawn during that time.

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