10 Best Outdoor TV Aerial For Freeview Reviews In The UK (2021)

Best Outdoor TV Aerials For Freeview Reviews

Last Updated on July 17, 2021

Freeview is an excellent platform that luckily still works with aerials. Whether you live in a populated city or a remote region and you’re experiencing trouble with getting a good tv signal, an outdoor antenna might be the best choice for you. Let’s see which of this year’s top aerials are the best for your home!

Our Top 3 Outdoor Aerial Picks
1. The Best Outdoor Aerial By Chaowei
2. The Best Compact Outdoor Aerial Kit By SLx
3. The Best High Gain Outdoor Aerial By Labgear

The Best Outdoor TV Aerials Reviewed In 2021

1. The Best Outdoor Aerial By Chaowei

Exceptional DVB66 TV Aerial Chaowei

This stylish outdoor aerial won the top spot – and it’s not hard to see why. Besides looking very modern and stylish, it offers you plenty of great viewing perks. Let’s see why this is the top aerial for many homeowners.

First off, the aerial is reliable and gives you high-quality service while broadcasting uncompressed full HD channels. The 360 omnidirectional VHF and UHF receiving components make the device improve its reception when it’s placed on a metallic base. You’ll also find that it’s compatible with both Freeview and DAB broadcasting.

The aerial is also easy to assemble and install. Moreover, the durable coaxial cable is built of a solid centre conductor, dielectric insulation, and three layers of aluminium shielding, making it not only affect the picture quality but the overall longevity of the device as well. Lastly, this antenna is also suitable for any digital TV in your car, boat, van or motorhome, so you can take the best entertainment with you wherever you go.


  • Produces HD quality.
  • Reliable and durable.
  • The surrounding cable in the aerial for tv is 2 metres (6’5”), so moving the device around to your preferred position won’t be a problem.
  • Easy to install.
  • Compact.
  • Waterproof.


  • The aerial works best in windowsills that face transmitting towers, so placing it on other locations might cause the loss of some channels.

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2. The Best Compact Outdoor Aerial Kit SLx

Excellent 27900KTR TV Aerial By SLx

Are you looking for a deal that includes not just a fantastic aerial but also all the bits and bobs you need to install it successfully? We found this fantastic kit and here’s why we feel it’s better than most other kits. Hint – you can look forward to an easy installation and a great signal.

The handy fold-out design and all the included parts will have this aerial in place in no time. Once installed, you can expect this powerful receiver to pick up locally available programmes even if you live in an area with a weak signal. The integrated 4G filter also combats interference caused by mobile phones and other digital devices.


  • The screws, brackets and cable come packaged with the aerial and the assembling instructions, so the whole installation process is easy.
  • Picture quality is splendid
  • Often restores missing channels.
  • Firm and durable.


  • Some customers have reported that the aerial needs extra brackets to protect it against windy days.

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3. The Best High Gain Outdoor Aerial By Labgear

Reliable LAB450T TV Aerial By Labgear

If you are struggling with a severely weak signal, you need a high gain aerial. This is the best that we could find because it’s so versatile. Operating with a 14.5 dBi forward high gain, it’s ideal for medium, weak and fringe areas. This makes it perfect if your TV struggles with a weak signal or one that comes and goes.

To increase signal strength, the aerial is designed to limit bandwidth between 470 – 790 MHz to counter interference and channel loss on TVs caused by 4G mobile phones. Besides offering you reliable viewing, the compact folding design makes the aerial easy to assemble and install. Overall, you can expect a stable signal and a no-fuss aerial that is not difficult to adjust or maintain.


  • Compact.
  • Strengthens the signal in weak, medium, and fringe areas.
  • Easy to install or adjust.
  • All installation parts are provided.
  • Blocks interference by other devices.


  • Some customers have reported that they had received slightly damaged packaging after ordering this aerial.

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4. The Top Versatile Digital TV Aerial By SLx

Versatile 27887K4 Digital TV Aerial By SLx

Another excellent TV antenna by SLX is this model which specializes in high picture quality. Indeed, it receives all locally available digital TV signals, either on SD, 4K or HD. This outdoor aerial also contains an integrated 4G & LTE filter to block interference from mobile phones and other technological devices that often cause channel loss or reduced picture quality.

The 12 dB high gain tv aerial is designed for easy assembly. You will get a tilting aerial clamp, a large cranked pole, a mounting bracket, a 10-metre digital coax cable and clips as well as a coax plug. Moreover, this device is one of the best energy-efficient outdoor aerials that you can find, since its A+ energy rating ensures that the aerial only consumes an annual 0 kWh in a TV that operates for approximately four hours a day. 


  • Works efficiently in sheds and other enclosed areas
  • Easy to assemble with all the materials and instructions are provided.
  • Energy-efficient.
  • Great picture quality.


  • Because the aerial is rather lightweight, it might not be a good choice for windy areas.
  • The mounts that are supplied within the packaging are aimed for attics, so you may need to get an additional outdoor fitting kit.

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5. The Top 4G Filtered Loft & Outdoor Aerial By SLx

Prime 27884D4 4G Aerial By SLx

If you grew to like the previous model but was disappointed to find that it isn’t quite fit for outdoor areas, then this aerial might be the best choice for you. The aerial promotes a full reception scale while being suitable with Freeview, so you can easily get a good signal with 70 TV channels, 15 HD channels, and more than 30 radio stations, all with no subscription.

With overall dimensions of 50 x 30 x 30 cm and weighing 1.6 kg, this tv aerial is durable as it is functional while withstanding wind, rain or heat outdoors. Furthermore, the 4G filter ensures that the interfering signals from mobiles won’t get mixed up with the tv antenna, thus maintaining good sound and picture quality at all times.

This A++ rated device is also very efficient, with minimal annual energy consumption (0 kWh). 


  • Operates with capacities up to 790 MHz while maintaining the high gain aptitudes.
  • Suitable for Freeview channels.
  • Suitable for outdoor conditions.
  • Energy-friendly.


  • If your living space has to use a horizontal signal, then the heavy rainfall might get clogged into the terminal box which will cause the aerial to break the connection.

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6. The Innovative Outdoor TV Antenna Receiver By 1byOne

The Innovative Outdoor TV Antenna for HDTV/DVB-T Receiver By 1byOne

This sleek aerial not only looks great but it’s so sturdy, you don’t have to worry about weather damage, It can withstand rain, snow, wind and heat. Thanks to its anti-UV coating and waterproof design, you can rest assured that you will get the best TV signal for a long time.

Additionally, the integrated LTE filter blocks all 3G and 4G signals from your electronic devices, so you can enjoy a noise-free non-breaking good signal at all times. Another feature you might like lies in the fact that compared to traditional aerials that are too large and complicated to install, this guy is to mount on your roof. balcony, living room or attic. 


  • Thanks to the convenient holder, the direction of the receptor is adjustable.
  • Blocks interference from electronic devices.
  • Weatherproof.
  • The device works perfectly even when positioned between other houses.


  • Not suitable for areas that don’t have a transmitter in their line of sight.

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7. The Best Indoor/Outdoor Digital TV Aerial By 1ByOne

The Functional Indoor/Outdoor Digital TV Aerial for HDTV/DVB-T Receiver By 1ByOne

If you liked the previous aerial but prefer a white model, then this is your best bet. It’s also easy to install without any special tools. All you have to do is to connect to a digital TV that employs a built-in DVB-T tuner or receiver using a coaxial cable. The whole thing is also remarkably weatherproof.

The sleek receiver also picks up both Freeview and Analogue digital TV signals. Generally, the aerial works best on strong to medium signal receiving regions and then it will provide a crystal clear reception, high-level picture quality and exceptional sound. 


  • Weatherproof.
  • Looks stylish.
  • Easy to install.
  • Great picture and sound quality.


  • If you position this aerial outside of the line of sight towards the transmitter you might need an amp to block out interfering signals.

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8. The Solid High Gain Freeview TV Aerial By August

The Solid DTA250 - High Gain Freeview TV Aerial By August

This lightweight and compact-sized aerial is perfect for receiving HD Freeview channels on digital TVs. The great quality signal can be obtained within the first minutes of getting the aerial, thanks to the easy installation procedure that usually takes a short time to complete.

Furthermore, the magnetic base successfully improves the reception thanks to its large metal surfaces that amplify the signal. Due to this feature, you won’t need to buy additional intensifying products like amps, since the aerial provides those functions within itself. You also get 1.5 metres of cable so that you can have some flexibility with finding the perfect spot for your new aerial.


  • Efficiently receives DVB-T HD DVB-T broadcast as well as FM / DAB radio.
  • The aerial is suitable for any location, like bedrooms, living room, windowpanes, campervans, boats or cars.
  • Weatherproof.


  • If you live in a fringe reception area, the areal might not transmit all the channels provided by Freeview.
  • The aerial doesn’t provide with a good (or adequate) signal when placed against posts that are not metal.

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9. The Compact Indoor/Outdoor Digital TV Aerial By 1ByOne

The Compact Indoor/Outdoor Digital TV Aerial for HDTV/DVB-T Receiver By 1ByOne

Do you need something really small and discreet? We get it, those massive or ugly aerials is so yesterday. The good news is that you can get a lovely and powerful aerial that measures just 24 x 17 x 11.5 cm and looks very stylish, no matter where you install it.

The aerial is easily assembled and installed. You also get all the tools you need for mounting when you purchase this aerial.

This aerial has a built-in LTE filter that obstructs signals from mobiles, tablets and wireless networks to ensure a stable TV watching experience. Since it is also protected by a waterproof coating, anti-UV layer and a strong outdoor bracket, you can rest assured that your device will continue working through all sorts of weather.


  • Weatherprrof.
  • The device can pick up the signal even in regions that don’t have a TV tower within its line of sight.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor locations.
  • Easy to install.
  • Small and discreet.


  • Unless you install it upright the ‘bulb’ of the aerial can fill with water and cause the device to malfunction.

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10. The Best Indoor TV Aerial By Easing

best indoor aerial

This indoor aerial adds style to the room but also improves your viewing experience. Indeed, the detachable amplifier effectively improves tv reception while delivering a 1080p picture quality to any digital TVs, that are also compatible with 720p, 1080i, 1080p or ATSC.

The biggest advantage of this aerial is its ability to receive the signal from a transmitting tower that’s positioned as far as 80 km (50 miles) away. This makes it perfect if you are stuck in a remote location or there is no nearby tower. Additionally, the long coaxial cable makes it easy to install the ultra-thin, flexible antenna near the best tv reception area, including a flat or curved area, walls or windows. 


  • The installation process is very simple.
  • Looks stylish and compact.
  • Provides quality TV viewing.
  • Due to its simple design, the aerial is easy to adjust for optimal reception.


  • The device is essentially made of plastic, so it might be prone to damage and/or malfunction over time.
  • If you live in a rather crowded area, you might experience that most channels come in standard digital quality as opposed to HD.

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Your Buying Guide

Buying the right TV aerial can provide you with the best entertainment and bonding time with your family. It’s essential to pick the right one to avoid disappointment. Here are the best tips to find your perfect aerial.

Best Outdoor TV Aerials Buying Guides

Indoor VS Outdoor

Consider whether you want an indoor or outdoor aerial. This is entirely up to your preferences and situation. But generally, an indoor aerial is better when the weather tends to destroy anything you’ve installed outside.

Indoor aerials can normally receive the signal from transmitting towers that are as far as 25 km (15 miles). These devices are easier to install and usually don’t require mounting. On the other hand, an aerial that’s constructed for outdoor areas can obtain signals for distances as far as 50 km (30 miles).

Amplifying and LTE filtering

If you live in a region that’s heavily crowded by other houses, hotels, shops or internet towers, you are more prone to experience interference with your TV signal. It’s best to look for features that block them like an amplifier or LTE filters.

Gain and Directivity

The aerial gain or directivity refers to the sensitivity of an antenna towards a specific direction. The higher the gain of an aerial, the more it can pick up signals from different locations. This gain is operationalized in a measure called decibel (dB).

According to aerial companies, this ratio that’s measured with dB varies alongside the comparability, so a 10 dB value could be the same as a 12 dB, depending on the antenna gain they’re compared to. Luckily for us, most manufacturers specify products within low, medium or high gain variables.

A general rule of thumb is to compare your environmental factors with the requirements you have. If you live in a region where interference is customary or you’re further away from the transmitting tower, then you should get a high gain aerial that can pick up signals in fringed areas.


Q: Do I need a special aerial for Freeview HD?

A: Generally, most modernised aerials are manufactured with components that support HD quality pictures, whether they’re provided by Freeview or other platforms. But if you want to be sure, you should look for a high-performance DVB-T2 model that is specifically optimized for HD reception.

Q: What is the best aerial for digital TV?

A: The best aerials for digital TV in 2021, including Freeview, can be found on this list.

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