The 10 Best Patio Cleaner Reviews For UK Homes (2021)

Best Patio Cleaner Reviews

Last Updated on September 21, 2021

Have you been thinking about spending more time in your garden but the sight of mould algae, or lichen is putting you off? It’s time to take back your yard with the best patio cleaner on the market.

These cleaning products effectively remove all that nasty stuff, improve the appearance of the patio and make it less slippery. Check out our review for more information.

Our Top 3 Patio Cleaner Picks
1. The Best Patio Cleaner By Defenders
2. The Best Patio Cleaner For Black Spot And Lichens By SmartSeal
3. The Best Biodegradable Patio Cleaner By Wet & Forget

The Best Patio Cleaners Reviewed In 2021

1. Black Spot Patio Cleaner By Floorseal

Black Spot Patio Cleaner By Floorseal

The best patio cleaner is the Black Spot Patio Cleaner By Floorseal. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

Everyone who has a patio knows how much of a headache controlling black spot lichens can make, especially on sandstone. This is why a patio cleaner like this exists. Floorseal Patio Black Spot Remover Plus is specially formulated to wipe lichens off sandstone surfaces. This strong and one of the best cleaning agents is most ideal for use on York stone, Indian stone, concrete and rock pavers.

It is fast-acting, highly potent and produces impressive results where other black spot lichen removers have failed. Hardly would you not see this beautiful product mentioned in most patio black spots remover articles. If you use these products in combination with a pressure washer, the outcome will be perfect every time. This 5-litre product boasts of combined agents, which make it 5 times stronger than most black spots lichen removers.


  • The product is specially formulated to attack black moss, lichens and mould
  • Use it in combination with a pressure washer for the best outcome every time
  • The best patio cleaner is 5x more potent than standard black spot lichen removers
  • This product will work wonders when used on natural stone surfaces
  • This product is everything you want and need – easy to mix and apply
  • You can also use this product without a pressure washer


  • Some users don’t like that spots may require little brushing for best results

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2. Patio Clean Xtreme 5 L By Smartseal

Patio Clean Xtreme 5 L By Smartseal

Second best patio cleaner you can get is the Patio Clean Xtreme 5 L By Smartseal. We gave it a 5/5 star rating.

That Smartseal Xtreme comes second in our review. Its high-quality performance is why it is one of our best patio cleaners. Smartseal Patio Clean Xtreme combines 4 super active ingredients specially designed to burn through surface dirt and grime.

It’s highly effective formula clears moss, algae, lichen and black spot off your patios in less time. This product is a great way to maintain an attractive look on concrete, limestone, Indian sand stone and block surfaces. These products clean patio often avoiding the need for pressure washing. Fast, strong, affordable and easy to use, Smartseal Patio Clean Xtreme is a must-have for you. Its efficiency does not depend on using a large volume, with a dilute ratio of 1:1, you can clean up as much as 40m² of patio space.


  • Fast-acting 4-ingredient formula cleans dirt off patios in less time.
  • Cleans patio often avoiding the need for pressure washer
  • This product is effective for porous external surfaces
  • This product needs very little water pressure
  • Kills moss, mould, mildew, algae, green, white, yellow and black spot lichens


  • Not the best to use for asphalt surfaces or driveways
  • Highly contaminated areas require longer time or reapplication

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3. Moss Mould & Algae Remover By Wet & Forget

Moss Mould & Algae Remover By Wet & Forget

Third best patio cleaner is the Moss Mould & Algae Remover By Wet & Forget. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Wet & Forget is not one to slack off when it comes to delivering the best. Its best quality assurance and the best performance rate is recognized on a worldwide scale. It performs efficiently in removing moss, mould algae stains off your patio. Its gentle cleaning action ensures the cleaned surface never sustains any chemical damage.

As the name implies, you need no scrubbing, brushing or rinsing to get stains off your patio. All you have to do is apply and forget! Its ease of use, biodegradable selective surfactants and 100% efficiency makes it one of the best patio cleaners you can ever buy.

This Wet & Forget product is mild but powerful, and that is why you can use it on a wide range of surfaces including asphalt, limestone, upholstery, garden furniture, sails, textured finishes, tiles and even painted surfaces. These products offer perfect outcome every time when used along a water pressure washer, but they can also be used without the pressure washer. It is non-acidic, non-bleach, and non-caustic, with no shelf life, and it continues to reactivate upon touching water long after application.


  • This Wet & Forget product is extremely easy to use. Just wet the area and leave.
  • Incredible cleaning potency lasting up to a year after application.
  • These products offer perfect outcome, used with or without a pressure washer.
  • This Wet & Forget product is what you want and need, and it is made with biodegradable materials
  • 5ltrs make up to 30 litres of the cleaning agent; enough to cover up to 300m²
  • Applicable to an extensive range of surfaces, including organic materials
  • No shelf life


  • Takes time to remove tougher dirt and stains

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4. Patio & Driveway Cleaner 10L By Pro-Kleen

Patio & Driveway Cleaner 10L By Pro-Kleen

Fourth best patio cleaner is the Patio & Driveway Cleaner 10L By Pro-Kleen. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Tackling green mould algae on the patio becomes a walk in the park with Pro-Kleen. This highly effective solution is a sure way to remove dirt and grime without stress. Pro-Kleen Driveways & Patio Cleaner revitalizes driveways and patios that have been abandoned for a long time. Maintaining a clean patio no longer stays a dream with this product in your arsenal.

It will work efficiently when used in removing dirt from block paving, driveways, steps, garden paths, and of course, patios. Set at a price that is worth the buy, Pro-Kleen is also easy to use as it is actually most efficient when applied neat. Once applied and left for the stipulated time before washing down, your patio comes up looking as good as new. These products can be used in combination with a pressure washer for result that looks amazing. It comes in two 5-litre bottles, with one bottle enough to effectively clean up to 40m² on your patio!


  • Best potent and effective formula to take care of your patio.
  • Use this patio cleaner with or without a pressure washer.
  • Easy to use, no mixing fuss; apply, wait and wash down
  • Easy to apply directly with a watering can or a pressure sprayer
  • This product gives you what you need and want, also providing great value for your money


  • This patio cleaner cannot be used on tarmac and similar dry and hard surfaces

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5. Spray & Leave Concentrate Cleaner By Jarder

Spray & Leave Concentrate Cleaner By Jarder

Fifth best product you can get is the Spray & Leave Concentrate Patio Cleaner By Jarder. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating.

Want great value for your money as you teach those patio outgrowths a lesson? Then, look no further! The new Jarder Spray & Leave is a top choice for making your patio surfaces look spanking clean with minimal effort. This fantastic cleaner employs a biodegradable PH8, non-bleach formula that guarantees you excellent results with every use.

Mix, spray and leave for 2-3 days to dry and return to a driveway that is hard to recognize. Also, it keeps acting for up to 6 months, or even a year in some instances! These products eliminate the need for a pressure washer. For the price it is set, you get four 5-litre bottles of compelling patio cleaner solution in your shopping bag. It is perfect for all kinds of stone as well as outdoor hard surfaces, and very efficient in treating artificial grass, leaving it lichen, algae and moss-free.


  • Super sturdy, easy-to-mix and apply the concentrate
  • This great product will work wonders when used on all hard surfaces
  • This patio cleaner is 100% biodegradable and safe once dried
  • The best continuous growth prevention for up to 6 months
  • These products provide great value for money eliminating the need for a water pressure washer.


  • It takes 2 to 3 days to dry and see outcome you want. In some cases, maybe a week.

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6. Patio Cleaner & Algae Remover By Ultima-Plus Xp

Patio Cleaner & Algae Remover By Ultima-Plus Xp

Sixth best patio cleaner is the Patio Cleaner & Algae Remover By Ultima-Plus XP. We gave it a 4.5/5 star rating. Remember to check the price and details on the Amazon site links below.

This popular product has been featured in some of the best patio cleaner reviews around. ULTIMA-PLUS XP is a complete package to remove dirt, moss, algae and green mould, keeping your patios pristine. Its professional-strength fluid works on a wide range of hard surfaces, including stonemasonry, asbestos and terracotta pots.

This pet and environmentally friendly patio cleaner contains neither bleach nor acid and doesn’t discolour surfaces. ULTIMA XP is the ultimate moss killer for garden paths, patios and other hard surfaces, creating a protective shield around it long after drying. The fact that you don’t need to rinse after using it on green moss is a massive plus among users.

It uses a maximum-strength formula that eats through and virtually disintegrates moss, as well as algae. This makes it a highly sought-after patio moss killer for both home and professional garden maintenance. ULTIMA-PLUS XP is highly potent, requiring just a little of it to gain maximum results. 1 part fluid with 9 parts water means you get 95 litres of solution from a 5 litres bottle. The result is enough liquid to cover up to 400m² of space!


  • Super concentrate formula that gives you more solution with less fluid
  • This product has the best dilution rate which means it is really good
  • These products eliminate the need for a pressure washer.
  • This patio cleaner Suitable moss cleaner for use on all hard surfaces
  • 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly patio cleaner after drying
  • Does no stain surfaces applied to and will keep your patio looking like new and clean from algae.


  • More dilution of this algae remover probably will not work as you want in some cases

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7. Simply Spray & Walk Away Cleaner By Pro-Kleen

Simply Spray & Walk Away Cleaner By Pro-Kleen

Seventh best patio cleaner is the the Simply Spray & Walk Away Cleaner By Pro-Kleen. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Pro-Kleen is renowned for making quality solutions for moss removal from garden paths, which is why it’s featured on some of the best patio cleaner articles. The Simple Spray & Walk Away concentrate is a highly potent moss and algae remover. It is specially formulated to tackle green mould, algae and moss on most hard surfaces, leaving excellent results.

It’s also effortless to use – spray and stroll away! Pro-Kleen is valid on wood, decking, PVC, concrete, terracotta, glass, plastic, tarmac and many other surfaces. This fluid is, in fact, one of the most effective ways to remove moss, mould and dirt from the patio. Its easy use makes Pro-Kleen Simple Spray & Walk Away from one of the best-selling patio algae removal fluids available.

Its super effective solution blesses you with little application requirements eliminating the need for a pressure washer. All you have to do is spray and leave for a few days to dry and rejuvenate your patio. An outstanding feature is how effective this patio moss cleaner still is even after dilution. At a mix ratio of 1 part solution with 4 parts of water, Pro-Kleen still delivers fantastic results. It continues to prevent moss, mould, algae and lichen growth on your patio for up to half a year!


  • These popular products are very easy to apply – no need for a pressure washer, spray and leave to dry
  • Intense, yet biodegradable deep cleaning ingredients
  • Ideal green mould and algae cleaner to use for all outdoor hard surfaces
  • Non-acidic, non-caustic and no bleach content
  • The best product is pet, plant, and environmentally friendly once dry and will keep your patio good looking and clean from green mould and algae


  • Profoundly affected areas will need a second treatment of this green mould and algae remover
  • What users don’t like is that dark slab stains may need to be pre-jetwashed

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8. Patio Cleaner 2.5L By Patio Magic!

Patio Cleaner 2.5L By Patio Magic!

Eighth best product you can get is the Patio Cleaner 2.5L By Patio Magic!. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Patio Magic! Patio Cleaner is a great pick for when cleaning a patio seems like an expensive ordeal. A high price isn’t just the only thing pushing this patio washing agent. Its highly concentrated, long-lasting solution is a fantastic treatment for green mould and algae.

Patio Magic is also highly effective on a wide range of outdoor paved surfaces, including tarmac patios and Perspex. Robust, efficient and biodegradable, Patio Magic! did a great job releasing this patio cleaning agent on the market. In addition to being an efficient removal of green mould, dark mould, algae and lichens, it also doubles as a pre-paint fungicidal wash.

Its antibacterial formula disinfects surfaces, keeping them free from organic grime and eliminating the need for a pressure washer. You can use Patio Magic indoors because its biodegradable composition makes it an eco-friendly cleaning fluid. Also, you can use it outdoors, and it requires no patio cleaning brush for effective results.


  • The highly concentrated patio cleaning agent that works in days and lasts in months
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor surfaces and will keep your patio clean from green mould and algae as well as good looking
  • With these Patio Magic products you don’t need a pressure washer.
  • People like that you are able to use it as a pre-paint fungicidal wash
  • This great Patio Magic product works on a wide range of surfaces, including tarmac
  • This patio cleaning agent is an environmentally friendly patio cleaner once dry


  • We found that this Patio Magic algae remover is not so useful on residual black mould stains
  • Users don’t like that it could take longer time to show results

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9. Brick & Patio Cleaner 5L By Bostik

Brick & Patio Cleaner 5L By Bostik

Ninth best patio cleaner you can get is the Brick & Patio Cleaner 5L By Bostik. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

An almost unrivalled patio acid cleaner on the market, Bostik Cementone Brick & Patio Cleaner is worthy of mention. This acid-based cleaner is handy in removing general dirt off patio surfaces. Bostik Cementone cleaner is ideal for tackling limescale and is an efficient patio green mould and algae cleaner.

Simply use this fluid with a patio scrubber and see the wonders it performs on your pavement. Bostik Cementone deserves to get a spot in any patio cleaner reviews for its high-quality performance. You will like its performance when it comes to treating brickwork and block pavements.

Its antibacterial formula disinfects surfaces, keeping them free from organic grime and eliminating the need for a pressure washer. You can use Patio Magic indoors because its biodegradable composition makes it an eco-friendly cleaning fluid. Also, you can use it outdoors, and it requires no patio cleaning brush for effective results.


  • Strong acid-based formula will keep your patio looking great as well as clean from green mould and algae
  • This green mould and algae remover is very useful on block and brick surfaces
  • Fast acting with results in less than 3 days
  • People like that it is superb for removing limescale
  • The best algae removal product will work most of the time on driveways without a pressure washer.


  • People don’t like that it requires stiff brushing with soap and water

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10. Organic Path And Patio Cleaner By Algon Ltd

Organic Path And Patio Cleaner By Algon Ltd

Tenth best patio cleaner is the Organic Path And Patio Cleaner By Algon Ltd. We gave it a 4/5 star rating.

Algon Organic cleaner is a fantastic garden path and patio cleaner which effectively takes out algae, grime, dirt and moss. A potent concentrate, Algon Organic cleaner is tough on grime but gentle on your garden path and patio surfaces. Its environmental-friendly formula makes it safe for pets and children after drying.

Using the Algon Organic cleaner is the best way to clean the patio when on a low budget. For a cleaning fluid of its size and price, Algon Organic Garden Path & Patio cleaner gives you quality results at little application effort. Start by applying this liquid is always straightforward- with just a garden sprayer, soft broom or even a paintbrush. After that, you leave it to do its work and dry: no need to rinse off.

One major outstanding feature is that it keeps acting on your patio for up to a year after application. This doesn’t harm the environment as the patio cleaner is very safe for children, pets and even wildlife. Also, Algon Organic Path & Patio Cleaner is perfect for cleaning greenhouse and polytunnel.


  • Keep your patio looking like new as well as clean from green mould and algae by using this strong concentrate solution
  • Organic, eco-friendly ingredients
  • This algae remover is diluted with 1 part Algon and 3 parts water.
  • Easy to apply and use with no need to rinse off
  • People like that it keeps protecting for up to a year


  • This great algae remover might not be very efficient in some areas when diluted

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Patio Cleaner Buying Guide

A Sunday afternoon relaxing on your lawn with your family while the kids play on the trampoline and the adults sit on an inflatable hot tub is bliss. But it can be a nightmare if the patio is infested with moulds, algae, and dirt, or ants have taken over the grass in your lawn.

An ant killer will effectively remove the ants while a pressure washer can clean the patio. However, a patio cleaner will resolve a variety of issues at a go. You can simply use it with a garden hose to kill moulds and algae and remove dirt and stains from the patio. But you need the right brand to achieve the best results and we will show you how to get it.

How Infested is My Patio?

Before selecting a product, ask yourself if it will be efficient enough in both quality and volume. The higher the infestation, the more solution you might have to apply. In most cases, getting a highly concentrated patio cleaner might be the solution you need. If the level of patio stain is very intense, go for a product that is specially designed for heavily contaminated patios and garden paths. Concentrates tend to produce excellent results as they can be diluted and still won’t lose effectiveness.

How Powerful is this Cleaner?

Some are far more effective than others. The strength of a patio cleaner determines how well it will clean up the surface of your patio. While most patio cleaners are potent, some of the best focus on a specific group of patio grime. Most black mould algae patio cleaners are exclusive, therefore very effective in treating such.

Other best patio cleaners are majorly efficient at achieving lichen removal from the patio. If you’re focusing on one or two types of infestation, select a product specially formulated for that purpose. Not all ‘All-purpose’ patio cleaners are truly all-purpose, so it’s usually best to purchase a product that will tackle the significant problem head-on.

How Does It Work?

Patio cleaners work in different formats and whichever you pick depends on certain factors. If you’re looking for a solution that would require minimal effort, you should purchase a ‘Spray and Leave’ product. These best patio cleaners only require you to apply to the affected areas and leave for a stipulated time. While some promise results in under hours, others might take days, but eventually, you wouldn’t have to do anything yourself.

Other types might require minor scrubbing to agitate the result, so go for those if that won’t be a trouble. Also, some still require a little more work- light rinsing or sometimes, a jet wash. If you ask us for advice – we recommend you to choose based on how much time and effort you know you can afford to invest in treating the patio.

What Kind of Surface am I Treating?

Patio Cleaner Buying Guides

This might be perhaps the most crucial factor to consider before getting a patio cleaner. Generally, the best patio cleaners are designed to work most efficiently on specific surfaces. There are patio cleaners for concrete, limestone, wood, decking, block paving, tarmac and many others.

You need to put the kind of material the surface is made of into consideration before you buy a cleaner. This is because the composition of cleaners specifically designed for concrete might damage a sandstone surface.

Moreover, a block surface might not be efficiently treated if the cleaners employed are fashioned, especially for wood decking or glass.

Also, there might be some chemicals in the cleaner that might react negatively with the surface applied to. Patio cleaners containing bleach would damage wooden patio surfaces, and sodium hydroxide can be unsafe for uncoated surfaces.

How Much Space am I Working On?

If you’ve set out to get the ultimate cleaning fluid, ask yourself if the bottle you’ve purchased will cover your entire patio space. The density in the solution of patio cleaners vary greatly, and this determines how much of the material you have to work with. The denser the cleaning solution, the smaller the area you can use it on.

Also, many best patio cleaners are concentrated and as such, can be diluted. Be sure to check the step by step instructions manual if you’re purchasing such and stick to the recommended mix ratio for good results. If your patio is large, search for heavy concentration products. When diluted as per instructions are given, they give more volume of solution for broader coverage.

Is it Eco-and Pet-Friendly?

Just as you consider the power, potency and surface of the patio before getting a cleaner, also consider environmental safety. Patios are exposed to the outdoors, except for indoor patios. As such, they are exposed to nature as animals, and even pets are constantly exposed to them.

Fortunately, best patio cleaners are made with pet-friendly materials, but it doesn’t hurt to double-check. Environmentally friendly patio cleaner usually advise that you wait a stipulated time before letting your pets and even your kids on the patio. They’re also entirely biodegradable.

How much can I spare?

You also have a factor cost when purchasing a patio cleaner. While many are quite pricey, this does not in any way indicate their level of potency. Make sure you analyze the features carefully, deciding if each one checks off on your list before paying for it. Also, if you’re working on a budget, go for a patio cleaner that offers most of the features you desire at the price range you can afford.

What are the different features?

Patio Cleaner Buying Guide

Many features on most patio cleaners are considered very handy, but only a few attract general appeal. One of these is the versatility of the cleaner.

While many users seek the best patio cleanser the market has to offer, must keep in mind how much they can do with it.

Patio cleansers that offer effective control over virtually all sorts of patio discolouration and infestation tend to get a second glance from customers and even recommendations when they deliver. This also comes in handy when the cleaner can be used effectively on a broad range of surfaces.

Another handy feature is environmental and pet-friendliness. Most users enjoy not having to worry about polluting their surroundings or poisoning their pets and kids. As most patio cleaners promise this, it gives the product a retail advantage.

Patio Cleaner Buying FAQs

Q: How to clean patio paving slabs

A: Simply use the stiff brush broom to agitate the moss and weed growth or apply a vegetation killer before cleaning the patio paving slab. The latter can take up to two weeks for full results. Then, make a mixture of warm water and patio detergent, apply to the stone paving slab in small quantities and scrub the solution gently into the stone paving slab surface. Once finished, rinse off the solution with cleaning water, preferably from a garden hose.

You can also use a slab cleaner or a power washer, though you should avoid constant use of the latter.

Q: How to clean a patio without chemicals

A: You can use vinegar to clean your patio. Cleaning patio slabs with vinegar is not complicated; mix in water or use neat and apply with a squirt bottle, then scrub gently after about 20 minutes. You can also spray it off with a power washer.

Baking soda is also useful for cleaning a patio. You can mix with vinegar, make a paste, apply to the stain and scrub off after a few minutes. You can also mix with equal parts of water and salt, spread all over the area, leave for some minutes, then scrub.

You can also use hydrogen peroxide. Put in a spray bottle and apply all over the patio surface, let is set in, then scrub gently and flush off when you’re done.

Q: How to clean a patio

A: This depends on the types of patio surface. For decking or fencing, simply use a leaf blower or a stiff broom to clear up debris from the decking. Pavings require regular scrubbing or a good patio cleaner. Use a washing solution to wipe cast aluminium surfaces clean. Cast and wrought iron can be cleaned with a good rub down with wire wool. Detergent solutions or a mild bleach solution are suitable for resin while tubular metal can be washed down with warm detergent solution. Hardwood can be wiped over twice a year, usually with oil while softwood should be adequately varnished.

Q: How to clean paving stones without pressure washer

A: You can make a cleaning solution by mixing water with baking soda, vinegar, patio detergent, or hydrogen peroxide. Apply to the paving stones with either a mop or a stiff brush broom. After scrubbing gently, flush off with a garden hose. You can also use a fungicidal wash or bleach. Apply to the surface of the patio and after scrubbing, in the case of bleach, flush off either one with a garden hose.

Q: How to clean a patio with a pressure washer

A: First, clear the patio of garden furniture and decorations. Then, apply your selected detergent or pour into the pressure washer- be sure to use protective gear in such cases. Point the pressure washer towards the surface of the patio and cover in entirety with sweeping motions. Be sure to focus on grimy areas.

Q: Best way to clean a patio

A: First, clear the patio of debris. Then, using a sprayer or a watering can apply a patio cleaner to the surface, concentrating more on profoundly affected areas. Then, after waiting for the approved duration, rinse off if required.

Q: Best pressure washer for patio cleaning

A: Currently, the best patio pressure washer is Karcher K7 Premium Full Control plus Home. Close to it is the K4 from the same brand, and STIHL RE 98 comes in third for average users. These tools are recommended for the best pressure washing for patio.

Q: What is the best patio cleaner?

A: As far as our analysis is concerned, Wet & Forget- Moss Mould Lichen & Algae Remover is the best patio cleaner on the market. Details of its features are listed in our review above.

Q: How to remove moss from patio

A: Any good moss killer or patio washing agent can effectively remove moss from a patio. Just make sure the product is eco-friendly.

Q: Can I use any detergent with Karcher

A: While it may be possible to use any detergent with Karcher, it is usually recommended to simply use Karcher-compatible washing agents instead.

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