The 10 Best Portable DVD Player Reviews In The UK (2021)

Best Portable DVD Player Reviews

Last Updated on June 16, 2021

There is nothing like a mobile DVD player to keep the kids quiet on a long road trip. If you’re looking to purchase your first or perhaps to get a better deal, there’s no need to waste hours online to separate the gold from the rocks. We’ve done the homework for you!

Here are the best portable DVD players of the year.

Our Top 3 Mobile DVD Player Picks
1. The Best Portable DVD Player By Boifun
2. The Best Portable DVD Player With Rechargeable Battery By Apeman
3. The Best Portable DVD Player With Eye Protection By ieGeek

Enjoy The Best Portable DVD Player Reviews Of 2021!

1. The Best Portable DVD Player By BOIFUN

The 17.5 Inch Portable DVD By BOIFUN

We picked this powerful performer as the best portable DVD player. Are you ready for a lot of perks and benefits? Here they are.

Besides being a portable DVD player with large screen entertainment (44 cm), the screen doesn’t cause visual fatigue. This is great when you need to occupy your kids with several DVDs during a long road trip! The swivel screen accommodates the passenger’s position which makes viewing so much easier.

The controls are user-friendly for children and adults alike. The battery lasts for up to 6 hours and when the power runs low, you simply plug it into the car charger. The portable DVD player also accepts most disk formats and multimedia files from USB sticks and SD cards.

The built-in speakers will also provide a quality sound experience. A remote control also gives viewers easy control if they watch the DVD player when it’s attached to the back of a front seat. There is no need to reach forward, the remote will adjust the volume, pause and play the movie.


  • Perfect as an in-car DVD player.
  • A long battery life.
  • Supports CD, DVD, and other formats.
  • SD card slot.
  • Anti-shock function.
  • A large portable DVD player.


  • The portable DVD player cannot support a larger capacity than 32GB USB and SD Card.
  • It does not support Blu Ray.

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2. The Best Portable DVD Player With Rechargeable Battery By APEMAN

Portable DVD Player With Built-In Rechargeable Battery By APEMAN

The best portable DVD players have a swivel screen, long battery life and a large screen. This portable DVD player certainly brings this triple threat to the table. Now you can keep the kids entertained for as long as 4 to 5 hours at a time and let them watch their favourite movies on a screen that measures 10.5 inches.

But what else does this 12.5-inch portable DVD player have to offer?

The button panel is easy to operate. There is an option to show subtitles that you can easily turn on or off. Just like you would expect from the best portable DVD players, this one also has a high-resolution screen and immersive sound quality.

But this device is not just for car trips. It can also be connected to a projector or TV. This makes the DVD portable player perfect for anyone who wants to share content on a larger screen, either at school, at a function, or to keep the kids entertained at a family gathering.

The split-screen function also allows the same movies to play simultaneously on two DVD players.


  • The product measures 29 x 19 x 4 cm.
  • Kids DVD player (portable).
  • High-quality audio and video.
  • It can be connected to a larger screen appliance, like a TV or projector.
  • Split-screen function.
  • Games.
  • Suitable for car use.


  • The AV cable is not included.
  • HD, Blu Ray, MP4, Dolby Sound, Bluetooth, and mobile power devices are not supported.

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3. The Best Portable DVD Player With Eye Protection By ieGeek

Portable DVD Player With SD Card And 5 Hours Battery By ieGeek

What can we say about this dark beauty? Plenty, in fact. Besides its good looks, this portable DVD player is perfect to take along on road trips or to bring movies to small places like a dorm room and caravan.

The battery has enough juice for 5 hours and in case it gets a little thirsty, you can just plug it into the car charger. When it comes to sound, a pair of built-in speakers will suit everyone in the car. But if you want to watch a movie without distracting the driver, you can simply use the earphone jack.

This portable DVD player won’t strain the kids’ eyes, either. The HD Eye-protective Screen is designed to alleviate eye strain, while, at the same time, also providing gorgeous HD screen quality. You can also look forward to the full-screen rotation, region-free movies, and folding the player in a way that prevents toddlers from getting fiddly with the buttons.


  • Eye-protective screen.
  • AV cable is included.
  • Two quality speakers.
  • Supports all regions.
  • SD card and USB port.
  • Suitable for car use.


  • No remote.
  • No split-screen function.

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4. The Best User-Friendly Portable DVD Player By DBPOWER

Portable DVD Player With Remote Control By DBPOWER

The best DVD players, portable or not, are user-friendly. This is immediately clear with this particular player, which has a simple and yet sufficient operating panel. Anyone, even young kids, can control the volume, pause or play their favourite movies.

But wait, there are plenty more features to enjoy with this 12.5-inch portable DVD player.

The screen swivels to allow perfect viewing angles, especially for car passengers or bed-bound patients. Indeed, as one of the best players, it can also be attached to the headrest to entertain those in the back seat. The dual sound system is clear and loud enough to play sound throughout the car.

You can also look forward to 5 hours of battery life and the car charger can give this portable DVD player a second wind.

Similar to other portable DVD players, this one is not chained to car duty. It can be attached to TVs and projectors to show movies to larger groups in a room. It is also a region-free player, so you will never get country-blocked movies again and there is also an SD card slot.

For those who love reading, they can enjoy their favourite E-books on this portable DVD player as well.


  • The product measures 26 x 18.2 x 4 cm.
  • Easy to operate.
  • 10.5-inch screen.
  • A quality sound and video system.
  • Long-lasting battery life.
  • Supports most multimedia formats.
  • A remote control
  • Suitable for car use.


  • It does not support Blu Ray.
  • It makes a loud sound when reading the disk for the initial 15 seconds.

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5. The Best Portable DVD Player With HD Screen By DBPower

best portable dvd HD screen

As one of the best portable DVD players on the market, it can certainly spoil viewers with its endless perks. With the ability to perform a 270° rotation and 180° flip, the screen can face anyone in the car. Those who prefer to attach their DVD player to a headrest can do that as well.

The HD quality of the video, along with great audio and long-lasting battery, will make sure that the kids stay occupied on a long trip.

One noteworthy feature is the break-point memory. Sometimes, one must stop watching in the middle of a movie. This feature allows you to switch the device off to prevent the battery from running empty during your absence. But incredibly, the DVD player remembers this break-point and the moment you switch it back on the player will resume the movie where you left off.

Other great features include region-free DVD viewing, E-book support, dual speakers, and user-friendly controls.


  • Suitable for children and seniors.
  • Plays most media formats.
  • Region-free.
  • Can connect to a projector.
  • Can sync with a TV screen.


  • It does not support Blu Ray.

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6. The Best DVD Player With 6-Hour Battery By Cooau

best portable dvd player long lasting battery

The average hours a portable DVD player can play before it needs to be recharged is 5 hours. If you want a little bit more time, then this might be the player for you. The in-built rechargeable battery can last for as long as 6 hours.

Besides offering a great battery life, this device is also region-free (a good thing if you are traveling between different regions). But wherever you go, your family can view their favourite movies on CDs, DVDs, or formats stored on a USB stick. The user-friendliness doesn’t end there!

The screen can swivel to give the viewer more comfort, the controls are easy and intuitive, and offer outlets for game controllers, earphones, USB devices, and SD cards.


  • Region-free.
  • Supports most disk formats and media files.
  • Suitable for gaming.
  • Long-lasting battery.
  • Anti-shock.
  • Offers breakpoint technology.


  • Does not support Blu-Ray.

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7. The Best Portable DVD Player With Carry Bag By Naviskauto

dvd player with carry bag

Here’s a handy package deal. You get a great portable DVD player with useful features – and a quality carry bag to both store and transport your new device. But besides the bag, what other treats can you expect with this player?

Well, you also get a remote control with intuitive and clearly-marked buttons. The battery is also a great deal if you loved the 6-hour battery of the previous review. The player also displays high resolution with a wide variety of media files and disk formats, giving you a very flexible device for all your disks and USB files.

You also get HDMI input, gaming features that include compatibility with Xbox, a quality vehicle charger, 270° rotation and 180° flip features, and slots for SD cards.


  • Ergonomic carry bag.
  • Accessories include a remote control and car charger.
  • High definition viewing.
  • Supports most media files and disks.
  • 6-hour battery.
  • 10 x 5 x 10 cm.


  • Does not support Blu-Ray.

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8. The Best Portable DVD Player With Accessories By Tosuny

best dvd player with accessories

Everyone loves accessories! This portable DVD player offers plenty for you if you love getting extra stuff that includes items that makes charging and maintenance easier. This is also an offer that might please gamers.

Let’s start with the DVD player itself. It’s great with TVs, coming with features that can preset hundreds of channels. It also has HD display, clear sound, a built-in card reader, and plays all disks in all regions.

The extra accessories that you can expect include a game pad, car charger, remote control, all cables, a game disk, and antenna. The antenna helps you to listen to radio stations on this DVD player but in case you want to listen to your own music, just use the USB ports to play your music list!


  • 21 x 16.5 x 4.5 cm.
  • Allows gaming on car trips.
  • Intelligent power-off feature.
  • Compatible with TVs.
  • Radio stations.
  • Several useful accessories.


  • The battery time is 2 hours.

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9. The HD DVD Player With HDMI Input By Naviskauto


Here’s another top pick if you fancy two things – that synchronizing feature and the carry bag. You’ll get both with this portable movie wonder.

Indeed, you can rely on the HDMI input function to sync your device with others. These include old favourites like Firestick, Xbox, PS3 and 4, Raspberry Pi, computers and mobile phones. The carry bag, which can also store the player safely, is a quality item with a comfortable handle and zipper.

As a bonus, this device is very user-friendly, comes with a 6-hour battery and a big screen. The sound and video is also HD quality. It can be charged with the vehicle cigarette lighter, has anti-vibration technology and shock resistance, and its USB port and TF card slot allows anyone to use their personal library of movies, series, music, and photos.

The screen also swivels for comfortable viewing.


  • The product measures 35 x 9.5 x 34 cm.
  • 16-inch screen.
  • The HDMI feature allows the player to sync with other devices.
  • Suitable for car use.
  • Includes a high-quality carry and storage case.
  • A 6-hour battery.
  • USB slot.
  • Supports most playing formats.
  • Auto resume function ensures you’ll start a movie where you left off.
  • Eye protection.


  • The HDMI cable is not included.
  • A few consumers have experienced reduced sound quality.

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10. The Best Portable Blu-Ray DVD Player By Fangor

the best portable blu ray dvd player

You might’ve noticed that the one drawback that keeps appearing on our list is that most portable DVD players do not support Blu-Ray disks. If you love the amazing clarity of Blu-Ray and you have a large library of such movies, then this player is the best option for you.

The player also comes with a handle that makes it easy to steady while you watch it in a car. The controls are also easy to use and include treats like slow-motion playback and zoom.

But here’s the good news. This player can also play your normal DVDs and CDs. This makes it truly the best choice for anyone who has all 3 disk types.

Other benefits include anti-shock technology, 270-degree rotation and 180-degree flip features, a remote control, USB and SD card support, a car charger, 4-hour battery, and last memory function.


  • Supports Blu-Ray.
  • Plays DVDs and CDs as well.
  • Jacks for USB devices, SD cards, earphones, and more.
  • HD screen.
  • 36 x 26 x 7 cm.


  • The battery lasts 4 hours.

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Your Portable DVD Player Buying Guide

Mobile DVD players serve a wonderful purpose. Not only do they keep kids occupied during long trips but they also entertain those needing to pass time in hospital. They also educate classrooms or show a movie to a room by hooking the device up to a big TV.

Such a useful appliance can bring hours of fun but buying the right one requires some savvy. We’ve gathered the best tips to help you find the right DVD appliance for your family.

DVD Players Must Suit Your Needs

Portable DVD Player Buying Guide

Are you buying for yourself, a sick relative, or your kids to keep them occupied on the road? If you’re buying for children to watch on the road, then one must consider whether the device can be attached to the headrest and comes with a remote so your child can operate it from a distance.

There are also players that come in pretty colours and designs purely to please the young ones. If you want to get one for yourself or somebody in bed who will use it on their lap, a remote might not be necessary.

Look For All The Best Features

Before purchasing, consider what these players have to offer.

Some have bigger screens than others. Which ones are HD and have the best speakers? Look for the ones with long battery hours and easy recharge options (especially if you need one for the road). Some of the simplest models only offer a DVD drive but there are players with ports that allow you to watch all the movies and series you’ve collected on a USB stick or SD card.

Other things to look for might be Blu Ray support, the ability to sync with other devices, and the different playing formats that are supported by each model. Some players even come with a carry case that doubles as a storage bag. A final pointer might be to consider the players that are very user-friendly.

Only Consider Quality-Made DVD Players

Portable DVD Player Buying Guide

Erm, yeah. It’s not going to sit well with your kids when they’ve been promised their own players on the day you set off for a road trip – and the devices do not work properly. Instead of hours of peace, you might get hours of complaining.

For this reason, it’s very important to invest some time to look for decent DVD players. Look for a trusted brand, warranties, and positive customer reviews.


Q: Are Portable DVD Players Obsolete?

A: No, portable DVD players are not obsolete. In fact, they serve a very special purpose. They can be taken on road trips, used to keep a patient occupied in bed with a lightweight lap device, or even to bring movies to those who live in small spaces like a dorm room or caravans.

Q: What Is The Largest Screen Portable DVD Player?

A: The largest screen portable DVD player is not a single model. Many manufacturers produce models with the same sizes but if one must mention a specific player, it will have to be the COOAU 17.9“ Portable DVD Player with 15.6″ screen.

Q: Where Can I Buy A Portable DVD Player?

A: You can buy a portable DVD player in most real-world stores that sell technology. You can also purchase a wider variety of portable DVD players online from major retailers like Amazon.

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