Top 10 Best Power Shower Reviews In The UK (2021)

Best Power Showers Reviews

Last Updated on May 4, 2021

When it comes to having a long day at work or a moody stay in bed, a delightful long shower is a perfect way to ease up and just relax. Showering is understood to have several positive effects on your body and your mind. Moreover, since showering is essential to maintaining overall good hygiene, it’s one of the most important investments we can make. Whether you’re someone who likes cold sharp showers in the morning or long, burning ones before sleep, read below to discover the best power shower (UK) reviews of 2021. 

Meet The 10 Best Power Shower Reviews Of 2021

1. The Best AS2000SR Silent Running Thermostatic Power Shower By Triton

The Best AS2000SR Silent Running Thermostatic Power Shower By Triton

The best power shower of 2021 is Triton’s AS2000SR power shower. Featuring a Quiet Mark approved technology that kicks relaxing washings up a notch, this silent running shower is the perfect choice for those people who have to deal with low pressure plumbing systems on their bathrooms. Offering minimum noise pollution levels, you can safely enjoy your thoughts while you shower since this power shower emits as little noise as possible. By offering excellent thermostatic temperature control and operating with a flow rate of 14 litres per minute, this power shower yields a continuous running water flow, so you won’t have to wait around for your family members to finish their business.

Thanks to its multiple cables and water entry points, as well as its large footprint; this device makes an ideal replacement for existing power shower installations. For the power shower to properly be installed, hot and cold water supply is required from a cold water cistern and a hot water cylinder. Thanks to its start/stop buttons, you can easily switch the shower on and off without the need for changing temperature settings. This electric powerful shower also contains a rub clean shower head with three spray patterns, a feature that ensures your preferred water pressure levels.


  • The power shower is very easy to install.
  • Its adjustable maximum temperature stop reduces the risk of accidentally turning the temperature too high.
  • Triton offers a one-year part and labour warranty period.
  • The water flow pressure feature doesn’t lose durability over time.


  • Due to its built-in pump, this power shower can’t be installed on pumped systems, only on electric ones.
  • Because this shower is lined with stainless steel, it might be prone to some soap and dirt stains.

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2. The Fantastic 1.1532.400 XS Event Thermostatic Power Shower By Mira Showers

The Fantastic 1.1532.400 XS Event Thermostatic Power Shower By Mira Showers

With the continuous innovative programmes employing a creative integral pump, this model of Mira Showers ensures that you’ll instantly feel the refreshing kick to your showering process, even if you live in a household with low pressure water systems. This power shower supports thermostatic temperature control for safer showering as well as separate flow and temperature controls to help you fine-tune your perfect shower.

Moreover, its large 11cm containing four spray options shower head with rub-clean nozzles promotes higher energy efficiency and easier cleaning procedures. The flow rate in this power shower goes up to 16 litres per minute, whereas the temperature stability maintains a good 6°C. This device is easily installed as the inlet connections are on the left-hand side, at 28mm pipe centre – properties that match most costumer’s needs. Lastly, this line of electric power showers doesn’t need prime while containing removable filters as well as check valves.


  • The power shower can maintain durability even after years of use.
  • It has a one year guarantee warranty period.
  • The water reservoir where hot and cold water is mixed is very large.
  • Due to its powerful pump, the water jets maintain high pressure on all your washings.


  • Some consumers reported that the coating of this power shower makes it look rather tacky.
  • The chrome bar of the shower head might be difficult to put in place.

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3. The Prominent 1.1532.401 XS Event Manual Power Shower By Mira Showers

The Prominent 1.1532.401 XS Event Manual Power Shower By Mira Showers

Another great product by Mira Showers is the 1.1532.401 XS model that also promotes powerful showers at your desired temperature, taking its place among the best power showers currently on the market. The Mira Event XS is designed for use within households who employ a mains voltage supply system, as well as gravity-fed water supplies. This power shower also provides a flow rate of 14 litres per minute, thus promoting a relaxing experience each time you shower.

What further makes this power showers one of the best product in the market, lies on its logic power shower fittings. These fixtures include an adjustable spray handset that engages four different spray actions including start, champagne, massage and economy features. Moreover, the packaging comes with external accessories such as a flexible hose, slide bar and supports, hose retaining ring as well as a wall-mounted soap dish. Moreover, this line of power showers best fits the requirements of those residing in homes with low water pressure, as it mends the effects of poor water flow.


  • This manual power shower delivers a powerful and exhilarating spray, even at low pressure settings.
  • It’s supplied with a four-mode 110mm showerhead with rub-clean rubber nozzles for easy cleaning.
  • Comes with a one year warranty period.
  • The water hose in this Mira product has a protective polythene sleeve that promotes better and safer water flow.
  • Separate temperature control knobs, that are ideal for senior citizens.


  • Since there is no on/off switch, the flow rate is set automatically causing more water to be wasted.
  • This power shower is noisier than the other Mira showers products.
  • The temperature settings are not as stable as the updated Mira versions.

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4. The Incredible 1.1746.008 Sport Max Electric Shower By Mira Showers

The Incredible 1.1746.008 Sport Max Electric Shower By Mira Showers

The enhanced Mira Sport Max 10.8kW product is one of the best power showers (electric) that promotes ideal water pressure levels while maintaining minimum waste. Thanks to its airboost technology, this power shower unit increase the water flow by up to 30 per cent, serving a water flow of 14 litres per minute – without using an extensive water supply.  Moreover, this power shower best performs under its advanced pressure stabilised temperature control that keeps your selected showering temperature consistent. This means that you won’t freeze to death if someone turns on the tap in the kitchen! Working towards maximum functionality, this line of electric showers provides separate power and temperature controls including an on/off push button.

Another great advantage of this line of power showers is the patented technologies they hold. Firstly, its sensi-flo feature helps prevent scalding if the shower head or hose becomes blocked. On the other hand, according to the manufacturers, the clear scale function cuts limescale build-up by half for longer-lasting power showers. Additionally, its large 110mm four spray shower head will perfectly fit over holes left by a previous shower kit, so if you’re using this power shower as a replacement, that will be one less problem for you to worry about.


  • The power shower promotes a two year warranty period.
  • The power shower gets delivered on the day after the initial order (excluding weekends).
  • It’s very easy to be installed, especially if you previously had a Mira product.


  • The airboost technology makes this power shower run louder and emit more noise.
  • Since it doesn’t have a built-in pump, the shower relies on the main pressure that can sometimes be frustrating.

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5. The Exclusive 1.1532.353 Vigour Thermostatic Power Shower By Mira Showers

The Exclusive 1.1532.353 Vigour Thermostatic Power Shower By Mira Showers

The Mira Vigour model employs a thermostatic mixer that incorporates a wax capsule smart sensing unit that maintains a flow rate of 14 litres per minute. As you might know, standard showers have hot temperature spikes when others in the house turn on taps or flush the toilet, which can be very frustrating. Thanks to its thermostat control, this shower will hold its temperature levels steady at all times due to the mixing operation that manages the water pressure modes in all plumbing systems.

Intended to be surface attached, this line of electric power showers comes with a spray handset that operates by employing three different settings. Moreover, the accessories include a flexible hose, an adjustable slider, sliding rail, soap tray and an extra bracket. According to the happy customers, just one session underneath this power shower will leave you feeling vigorous; full of energy for the day ahead or ensuring you finish a hard day with a relaxed set of muscles. It can be safely said that this powerful shower blends superior performance with an excellent low price point, creating the ideal product for just about anyone.


  • The nozzles in this shower can be cleaned with a simple rub, keeping limescale at bay.
  • It is compatible for use with gravity fed cold or hot water supplies.
  • It contains a maximum temperature override for added safety.


  • It is not usable for high water pressure households.
  • Some consumers have reported that the blanking plates in this shower don’t stay put.
  • It is relatively louder than your standard power showers.

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6. The Great HY POWSHX W – Hydropower Thermostatic Power Shower By Bristan

The Great HY POWSHX W - Hydropower Thermostatic Power Shower By Bristan

The Bristan Hydropower model is one of the best power showers in the market because it offers the advantage of being able to switch from an exhilarating power shower to a relaxing water-saving one with the simple press of a button. With a flow rate of 10 litres per minute, this thermostatic power shower is designed to be used on certain water systems that have a low water pressure rate of between 0.1 and 1.0-br. It additionally has a neat flat riser rail and three functions headset, on top of the redesigned on/off and temperature control handles.

Moreover, to ensure maximum safety, the automatic shut off feature is activated if the water supply is interrupted. What also makes this product a fantastic power shower (electric based) is the number of commodities stocked in a single package. Specifically, the Hydropower comes equipped with a slide rail kit, a handy soap dish, and a 1.5-metre shower hose that’s attached to a three-mode massage handset. This accessory features a rub-clean facility that further prevents the build-up of limescale, thus increasing its performance and working experience.


  • Installing this thermostatic shower is simple, due to its multiple rear pipe entry options and its 15mm push-fit pipe feeds.
  • The power shower has a five year warranty period.
  • All plumbing, electrical and wall fixing matches the previous Bristan model, which might come in handy in the case of a replacement.


  • Some consumers reported that this power shower suffered some leakage after some years of use.
  • The unit was also reported to be quite noisy.

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7. The Notable MOSV01SG Seville Universal Electric Shower By Triton

The Notable MOSV01SG Seville Universal Electric Shower By Triton

Convenient to use and economical to run, the Triton Seville line of electric showers are great in the fact that they heat cold water instantly and do not rely on the water pre-heated by your boiler. The inbuilt heating elements ensure that hot and refreshing showers are available whenever you need them, at a water flow of 8 litres per minute. The five electric cable options and water entry points allow for maximum versatility when fitting as a new installation, or security while matching up existing plumbing and wiring if being implemented as a replacement.

This product serves as one of the best power showers since it’s easy to use thanks to its numbered temperature control dial and three power settings that allow versatile use. The high power setting uses a high level of water pressure for a more strenuous wash, the economy setting works perfectly for summertime use, whereas the cold setting is great for simple rinsing.

Moreover, the scale resistant shower head can provide five different spray effects, from a wide gentle spray through to a vigorous jet pattern.


  • All Triton electric power showers are covered for two years parts and labour for domestic use.
  • The power shower is very easy to install and to fit.
  • It is among the best budget-friendly products that promote excellent features.
  • The machine is very quiet and efficient, emitting as little noise as possible.


  • The shower head in this power shower has a very small and simple design, so it doesn’t promote the best water flow.
  • The hose might be prone to leakage after some time.
  • Some consumers have reported that a faulty solenoid coil was developed due to overuse as well, so you might be put on a position to replace some parts in the long run.

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8. The Reliable TESKIT01CH Kito Luxury Electric Shower By Triton

The Reliable TESKIT01CH Kito Luxury Electric Shower By Triton

This Triton Kito chrome effect electric shower is one of the best power showers that are budget-friendly and a great run for the money. With a water flow rate of 8 litres per minute, this power shower also offers five spray patterns and three power levels, operated by variable power control. It’s worth mentioning that what cons this product as one of the best power shower, is the separate temperature and flow control; so there’s no more burning yourself to death while trying to raise the water pressure.

Moreover, thanks to its phased shutdown feature, when the shower is turned off the water will continue to run for a few seconds to flush out any preheated water so it can prevent possible limescale build-up.

This is also great for instances where water residue ends up leaking everywhere, in which case you’d end up with loads of hot water wasted. The packaging comes with a soap dish, riser rail kit including brackets as well as a 1.5 m anti-twist chrome hose that avoids kinks and strains. 


  • Due to its chrome lining, the shower head is incredibly easy to clean.
  • The electric power shower includes two-year parts and labour warranty for domestic use.
  • It is designed with ease of installation for quick, hassle-free fitting.
  • It is a very reliable shower as it preserves durability even after years of use.


  • Since it supports high water supply, the flow rate settings might not work very good with low pressure households.
  • The interior of the material linings is plastic coated in chrome, so it might be prone to flaking on certain areas.

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9. The Genuine BL3105 B Bliss 3 Electric Shower By Bristan

The Genuine BL3105 B Bliss 3 Electric Shower By Bristan

Being a viable contender for the best power shower product on the market, the Bristan electric shower has been designed to meet the requirements of many existing installations – so if your current shower is from a UK brand, your new Bristan product should match the water and electric inlets, as well as cover any existing fastening holes. More specifically, this device comes equipped with a digital display indicator and touch button power selection equipped with three settings; starting from cold, warm/eco and hot as the maximum temperature.

An additional advantage lies in the fact that the power shower has a warm-up mode that will show a light flashing until the water is warmed up to the ideal temperature that’s previously set by you. Most importantly, this power shower that’s equipped with a flow rate of 5.6 litres per minute is only suitable for mains hot and cold feed with a low water pressure of 0.7 bar up to 10.0 bar.

Moreover, thanks to its performance indicator – you’ll be able to keep your shower in tip-top condition thanks to its visual reminder to clean the external filter and handset; thus promoting longer-lasting shower performance.


  • Its anti-limescale feature reduces the build-up of limescale by flushing cold water through the shower after use, prolonging the life of the shower.
  • The adjustable riser is equipped with brackets that are ideal to cover existing holes and tile joints.
  • Supplied with the Bristan two-year manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Some consumers reported that the temperature levels in this shower started fluctuating after some time; indicating that the thermostat might become faulty.
  • The power shower was reported to suffer some leakage if the hose wasn’t properly fitted.

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10. The Solid 8.5kW Aspirante Gloss White Thermostatic Electric Shower By Triton

The Solid 8.5kW Aspirante Gloss White Thermostatic Electric Shower By Triton

This Triton electric shower is elegantly designed with a glossy white finish, featuring a multi-function shower head with reversible left or right water inlet. The thermostatic control this shower employs is ideal for family bathrooms, as it allows the user to safely control the temperature without compromising on pressure performance. Moreover, this model has a delayed shut down feature which ensures safer showering.

Additionally, thanks to its low pressure indicator light, this shower doesn’t run when the water pressure is insufficient to not waste water on an unpleasing shower. As noted on the manufacturer’s website, the minimum flow required for this power shower to operate is 1.0 bar. The shower cover is lined with a ribbon cable to the circuit board which has two powerful relays for each element and generally looks a lot safer and better laid out than its previous models. With this shower, you will not only please your own needs but you’ll make your bathroom look great on the process.


  • The Triton shower includes a one-year manufacturer warranty.
  • It contains a stylish riser rail kit with adjustable fixing brackets.
  • It’s very easily installed, especially if you had a previous Triton product.


  • The shower head holder was noted to be rather stiff, so placing the showerhead in it might be somewhat of a challenge.
  • Some consumers have reported that the heat adjustment dial is difficult to operate with wet hands.

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Buying Guide

No matter how good your shower is, you should keep in mind that it is inevitably bound to wear out after some time. The best power shower can live up to 10-15 years being fully functional if you ensure the right specifications. With that in mind, it is implicit that a power shower is a long term investment that needs to be chosen very carefully. What are the most important things that you need to consider?

Water Pressure

Water Pressure

The main buying reason for a lot of power shower costumers is the low water pressure settings in their homes.

People whose main water supply functions with gravity-fed plumbing that retracts the water from the mains cold feed generally ‘suffer’ from low pressure levels that can be very annoying when you just want to have a good, lasting shower. Striving to aid those people, power showers use integrated electrical pumps to modify the low water pressure and increase water flow. 

By doing that, each manufacturer defines the specifications of pressure levels that are compatible with each power shower. You should always read them carefully, as you might have pressure levels that aren’t low enough to match the tool, causing you to be displeased with the product.

Power Ratings

Power ratings in water showers include the wattage with which the device operates to amplify low pressure in water supplies. The lowest power rating usually starts at 7.5kW while the highest is generally 10.5kW. More power means more vigorous water flow, that’s usually measured with the amount of water spent in each cycle. Most showers usually spend up to 14 litres per minute, but that’s not always the case. More litres usually mean more power spent and more water wasted, so you should keep the most efficient option in mind. Generally, a device that uses about 10 litres per minute should be sufficient at serving your showering needs.


Q: What is a mixed shower?

A: A mixed shower is a type of shower that connects to both cold and hot water supplies in your home. They operate by mixing the existing hot and cold water supply in a separate valve before sending it on to the shower head, where it bursts with more intense pressure levels.

Q: What is a power shower and how does it work?

A: A power shower is a home appliance that usually uses an integrated pump that’s installed in your shower. The pump takes water from your hot and cold water supply and intensifies its pressure so that you can have more vigorous showers.

Q: How to make an electric shower more powerful?

A: If you’re not ready to invest in a full-power shower for your bathroom, then you could make the electric shower you already have more powerful by purchasing an external water pump. You can choose between a fully functional water pump that will supply the whole plumbing around the house or a smaller booster pump for the shower alone. These pumps usually work by modifying the existing valve pressure, to slightly increase the low water pressure.

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