The 10 Best Quiet Kettle Reviews For UK Kitchens (2021)

Best Quiet Kettles Reviews

Last Updated on September 1, 2021

Whether you’re a tea or coffee person, a hot beverage is a perfect way to start the day. But don’t let a noisy kettle ruin the tranquillity of your morning. Meet the top silent kettles that will serve you the best tea without grating on your sound-sensitive nerves!

Our Top 3 Quiet Kettle Picks
1. The Best Quiet Kettle by Hommak
2. The Best Quiet Kettle With Limescale Remover By Russell Hobbs
3. The Best Quiet Kettle With Rapid Boil By Russell Hobbs

The Best Quiet Kettles Reviewed In 2021

1. The Best Quiet Kettle by Hommak

the best quiet kettle

This handsome glass kettle won the top spot. Sure, you know it’s quiet and looks amazing but why is this kettle the best of them all? Let’s dive into its amazing features to find out.

First off, a lot of kettles are made from materials that are not safe. But the glass and food-grade stainless steel make this a non-toxic option for the whole family. It also boils up to 23 percent faster, saving you time and money and safety features like boil-dry protection and automatic turn-off keeps your kettle protected as well.

Other features also include a washable filter, non-drip spout, and 1.7 L capacity.


  • Stylish design.
  • Boils quietly and quickly.
  • Safety features.
  • Protects against limescale.


  • Needs to be cleaned regularly to keep the glass clean.

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2. The Best Quiet Kettle With Limescale Remover By Russell Hobbs

Quiet Boil Kettle By Russell Hobbs

If you live in a hard water area, a limescale-prepared kettle is the only thing that stands between you and tea that tastes horrible. In this case, you get a kettle that filters hard water so that you can enjoy the best taste hot drinks have to offer. The filter is also removable and washable, saving you expenses in the long run because it never has to be replaced.

What other great features can you look forward to?

The kettle is easy to use, has good temperature control, and boils quietly. The kettle’s design produces tiny bubbles which reduce the sound of boiling by up to 75 percent. The jug capacity is also 1.7 L (enough for up to 7 cups) while the 360-degree turn base makes this kettle suitable for both left-handed and right-handed people.


  • Boils quickly and quietly.
  • Beautiful kettle.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Removable limescale filter.
  • The kettle is resistant to discolouration.


  • The lid release mechanism might get stiff over time.

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3. The Best Quiet Kettle With Rapid Boil By Russell Hobbs

23211 Luna Quiet Boil Electric Kettle

Are you in a hurry in the morning or just hate standing around waiting for the kettle to boil? If you need a quick cuppa, this reliable kettle has a great feature just for you. The rapid boil option can heat water for a single person in just 45 seconds.

Equipped with a concealed heating element and ideal pouring water spout, it is a very elegant kettle that goes well with any kitchen. You can also count in cups to ensure you always have enough boiling water to cater for everyone. These efficient cup settings will save you up to 66 per cent energy while boiling water for one cup rather than at full 1.7 L capacity each time.


  • Boil dry protection.
  • Boils quietly.
  • A 45-second boiling option for a single cup.
  • Can measure water in cups for energy-saving boiling.
  • Removable, washable filter.


  • Not suitable for hard water areas (it is prone to limescale build-up).

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4. The Best Silent Kettle With A Retro Look By Tower

Silent Bottega T10020 Rapid Boil By Tower

Step closer retro fans. This kettle is amazing with its modern features and old-school design. Resembling your grandma’s tea kettle and complete with a temperature gauge, it will certainly be the main attraction when friends visit your kitchen!

You can expect a powerful kettle that boils rapidly – and quietly. This makes it perfect for offices or meetings. Another thing that makes it suitable for groups is its 1.7 L capacity that can boil water for 7 cups at once.

Other features also include boil-dry protection, easy cleaning, and auto shut-off.


  • Safety features like boil-dry protection and auto shut-off.
  • An attractive retro design.
  • Easy to use and clean.
  • It is certified by Quiet Mark as one of the best quiet kettles on the market.


  • The rose gold addition might flake off due to overuse.

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5. The Best Cool Touch Quiet Kettle By Arendo

best quiet kettle with cool touch

A quiet kettle is one thing. But are you also tired of scorching your hands when picking up a kettle? This silent kettle is crafted with double walls to give you a “cool-touch” body that will never burn you when you accidentally touch the main part of the appliance.

The stylish kettle is safe in another way – it does not release micro-plastic or chemicals into the water (it is BPA free). The kettle is easy to fill up and you can actually adjust the temperature settings to boil the water to the heat you desire. It also comes with a “keep warm” function that will boil and then keep the water hot for 30 minutes in case you happen to be distracted elsewhere in the home.


  • Boils quietly.
  • Cool to the touch.
  • Different temperature settings.
  • Keep warm function.
  • Buzzer can be switched off.


  • Smaller water capacity (1.5 L).

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6. The Best Quiet Cordless Electric Kettle By Stellar

best silent kettle cordless electric

If you love brushed silver appliances in the kitchen, then this quiet kettle could be the best choice for you. But smart looks and low-noise levels aside, what other benefits does this kettle offer you? Let’s look at its top features!

The kettle has a wide mouth, so it’s easy to fill and it also boils rapidly. The auto shut-off ensures that your kettle doesn’t over-boil and the limescale filter makes your tea taste delicious. The 1.7 L kettle also has a highly visible water meter so that you can select the right volume and also never overfill the appliance.

Other perks include drip-free pouring, a swivel base that is great for left or right-handed individuals, a cordless kettle for easy handling, and a durable stainless steel body.


  • Attractive stainless steel look.
  • Boils rapidly and quietly.
  • Easy to fill, use, and clean.
  • Limescale filter.
  • Swivel base.
  • Boil-dry protection.


  • Condensation tends to get trapped in the water gauge.

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7. The Best Multi-Function Quiet Kettle By Duronic

best quiet kettle multi-function

This kettle is a good option if you have not yet found what you are looking for on our list but you love several of the features that we have discussed so far. Let’s see what this kettle has to offer you – and it’s really a multi-function character!

Apart from boiling quietly, it offers you different temperature settings. This is great if you prepare teas or different types of coffee that has different heating requirements. You can choose between 40 and 100 degrees Celsius.

Other top features include a keep-warm function, cordless kettle, a swivel base, safety features (auto shut-off and boil-dry protection), a clear water gauge, easy to clean and descale, and a notification beep for when the water is done boiling.


  • Quiet.
  • Variable temperature settings.
  • Beeps when water is ready.
  • Safety features.
  • Suitable for left and right-handed people.


  • No limescale filter.

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8. The Quiet Legacy Electric Kettle By Russell Hobbs

21888 Legacy Quiet Boil Electric Kettle By Russell Hobbs

This kettle is another great choice if you love old-school designs with all the best modern features. It boils water rapidly, especially if you want a single cup for a quick drink. It also offers a keep-warm function if you want a second cup or a family member also wants to make their own cup of tea.

This quiet kettle offers you a decent 1.7 L capacity, making it the perfect centrepiece the next time you entertain a group of friends or visiting family. You can also expect a full-swivel base, the base also stores the cord, there is a washable filter, and a dribble-free spout.


  • Removable, washable filter.
  • This kettle reduces the boiling noise by up to 70 percent.
  • Drip-free spout.
  • An exceptionally stylish kettle.


  • The kettles’ interior is made of (detachable) plastic, so there might be an aftertaste.
  • Needs to be descaled monthly.

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9. The Top Electric Cordless Quiet Boil By ASCOT

Electric Cordless Quiet Boil By ASCOT

If you’re looking for a kettle to enchant your kitchen with trendy retro-chic, then this product is just what you need. Thanks to its stylish combination of high-quality design with lacquered stainless steel, the 3000 W kettle is a real eye-catcher anywhere you place it.

Moreover, this kettle is made of food-grade stainless steel and BPA-free food-contact materials, so no plastic is in contact with hot water. The powerful, concealed element can also boil the full 1.7 L capacity in just 5 minutes. You can walk away to focus on other things due to its auto shut off and boil-dry protection function.


  • Anti-scald handle.
  • Durable design.
  • Easy filling and serving.
  • Spout filter.


  • Prone to limescale build-up.

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10. The Whisper Boil Kettle By Dualit

best quiet kettle retro look

This kettle comes with a water gauge marked in volume and cups. Just to give you an idea of how fast it boils, you can expect two cups’ worth of water to boil in less than 90 seconds. But whatever volume you choose, the kettle has an exceptionally low noise level.

The kettle consists of stainless steel (so no weird plastic aftertaste), copper trimming, and an ergonomic handle for an easy grip. The spout is also designed not to drip, which makes this a safe kettle. The element is also replaceable while the removable lid makes it easy to fill the 1.7 L kettle.


  • A stylish kettle.
  • Safe handle and spout.
  • Quiet boiling.
  • Two water gauges.


  • No removable filter.

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Your Quiet Kettle Buying Guide

Kettles are one of the most important appliances in the kitchen. A noiseless kettle is essential if you hate the ruckus of boiling water. After all, we brew a lot of tea or coffee during the day!

Our guide provides you with all the tips you need to choose the perfect kettle for your household.

Quiet Mark

Check for a Quiet Mark certification. This international approval award programme is associated with the UK Noise Abatement Society charitable foundation and identifies appliances with the lowest noise output.


Quiet Kettle Buying Guide

Only invest in high-quality materials like food-grade plastic and stainless steel. If the kettle has a glass body, only choose one with borosilicate glass (they are shatterproof).

Kettle Capacity

Most kettles have a 1.5 or 1.7 L capacity. Choose something that suits your family’s needs at maximum capacity and also a kettle that can safely boil enough water for just one cup. That way, you’ll save energy and time.

Limescale Filters

If you live in a hard water area, you must get a kettle with a limescale filter – it will make your water taste better. Choose a kettle that has a removable and washable filter to save yourself the expense of replacing the filter.


Q: How does a quiet boil kettle work?

A: Most quiet kettles have a special design that includes an element that doesn’t exceed 100 degrees until the water is very close to boiling temperature. Now, the noise that some kettles make, is caused by tiny steam bubbles that form and collapse on the surface of the element. A quiet kettle serves the purpose of blocking these bubbles from forming, therefore causing less noise.

Q: How can I make my electric kettle quiet?

A: You can make your electric kettle quieter by removing limescale buildup. You can also opt for a rubberised undercoating spray to reduce noise.

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